“I don’t want to campaign against her, I’ll know by tomorrow evening where the votes lie”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 16-30-23-957_jpg

4:28pm Vanessa and Becky
Becky – I would slam moonshine, the bacteria is growing
Becky – I’m going to be remembered the patient
Becky gets called into the diary room for painkillers and antibiotics.
Feeds have been down for awhile.. They had an announcement about take out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 16-54-16-162_jpg

4:50pm Becky is happy now drugs have taken effect

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 17-22-35-742_jpg

5:21pm HOH Julia and Liz
LIz – zero f***
Julia – not even one ounce of you feels bad?
Liz says if it was her toe she wouldn’t make a big deal about it.
Liz – it’s a f**** toe get over it
Julia says he’s been creeping hard on everyone eating using the HOH camera . “Not even pregnant just eatin good”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 18-01-37-285_jpg

5:57pm Jmac and Vanessa
Jamc says he’s out of his funk now he’s either going home or staying he’s cool with it.
Vanessa – like I said in the beginning of the week I think Johnnymac is going to be OK

Vanessa – what sent you into your funk
Jmac – when Clay and Shelli first went up.. I was like WOW the people I’m working with everyone is after

Vanessa – have you talked to people asked if you have their votes
Jmac – na, I don’t want to campaign against her, I’ll know by tomorrow evening where the votes lie

Jmac goes on to talk about his crushing student debt.
Vanessa talks about her time living in Montreal, “Looks like you’re in Europe”

They talk about the debate that happened when the feeds were cut. Production asked them what they wanted for take out. Jmac and Vanessa wanted “In and out”
Jmac says everyone in the house is “So granola”
Chit chat starts…
Jmac – if the zombie Apocalypse happened I would be ready for that RRWwwwhaAAAAAA rwhHAAA
Jmac – I would need a six shooter and a sawed off shotgun I would need to know how to use them because I have no idea RRWwwwhaAAAAAA rwhHAAA
Vanessa- I would need a bodyguard.
Vanessa – I would need a mansion on the high ground so you can barter safety.
Vanessa says she wants kids by the time she’s 45 she’s going to adopt.
She’s open minded about the age, “I feel bad to the older ones”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 18-34-33-208

6:33pm Rubbing away but as long as we see their hands it’s all good…
Liz looks up at the HOH screen “What the f*** Steve is massaging Julia”

(It’s slow.. We have take out (In and out) and bowling coming up later tonight. I don’t see any play being made

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 18-39-00-061

6:38pm the Massage

Steve tells them he asked production if the have nots can have a meal other than in or out. Just using the food in the house right now. They told him NO.
Steve goes to massage Julia’s neck give her a tickle (See gif)
Julia “You should be treating me like a queen”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 19-13-19-939_jpg
7:21pm Playing Celebrity 20 questions
James had no idea who Steve Jobs was..

They’re wondering where the food is. Meg is really hungry but knows once she sits down it’ll come
Austin – It’s coming, In and Out takes forever

7:44pm Still waiting for their take out… (Slow)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 19-49-04-535_jpg
7:48pm Kitchen Steve, Liz and Austin. Steve “Bros don’t let bros wear ponytail beards”

8:02pm feeds out probably for take out

8:57pm Feeds back it’s BB bowling time

9:20pm BB Bowling

[envira-gallery id=”129435″]

9:44pm The customary Chocolate battle after the bowling game.

10:00pm Production told them to clean the house

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 22-12-27-133_jpg

10:11pm HOH Liz and Austin
Talking about how Vanessa is “Starting again”
Liz saying the best final 5 is them with the goblins “We would have so much fun”

[envira-gallery id=”129445″]

10:55pm Chit chat..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 23-04-03-530_jpg
Steve and James bury Julia in pillows
Julia – STEVE I’m actually going to throw up
Julia- You can’t sit on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Julia- JAMESSssssssssss owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Jamessssssssssssssssssss
Julia – I feel like shit, thank you In-N-Out

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-19 23-19-39-935_jpg

11:08pm HOH Twins
Julia says Becky Can;’r compete in the next HOH
Liz – She’s targeting me
Julia – She annoys me

Julia- She can’t play tomorrow
Liz – She on their side she’s coming after me
Julia- I don’t even feel like she’s coming after Vanessa anymore

They agree Becky might not be able to win HOH but come Saturday she could be able to win Veto.
Liz – Johnnymac is not going to beat James
Vanessa joins them warns them that Johnnymac is outside playing chess with Steve.
The twins start complaining about Becky playing up the tow injury
Vanessa saying it might be the better play to keep Becky because she’s not going to be able to compete physically.
Julia says she saw the toe “It’s HUGE”

Liz says Becky is playing it up.
Julia says if Jmac wins HOH he’ll put up Meg and James’ and Becky will put them up “Becky needs to go”

Austin comes in, they form a goblin circle (See image)
Vanessa tells him Becky can’t win the HOH competition.
Austin – if she recovers and Jackie comes back in
Vanessa thinks the toe is legit because she got antibiotics and Vicodin.

They’re going to ask Jmac a deal to protect them all next week if Jmac wins the HOH. They have the votes to keep him.

11:13pm Bedroom Becky and James
Becky says her toe is sore… too sore to campaign.

11:30pm OH Twins, Austin and Vanessa
Talking about winning the HOH on Thursday not being the best play. Austin says if it’s endurance it’ll come to Jmac and James anyways. Austin had gone out to grab Jmac and Steve. 10 minutes pass and they still don’t come into the HOH. Austin points out how funny it is that Jmac is on the block but won’t come into the HOH to talk to them until after he’s done his Chess game, “we have the votes right here to keep him”

11:43pm Vanessa, Austin, Twins, Steve and JMAC
Austin says Meg and James are probably going to vote the other way because Becky is hurt and can’t compete. Austin adds they all want to keep Jmac
Austin tells him they want to make a deal they will not be front door backdoor targets.
Jmac- Ohh nice, ya, I’m down
11:57pm HOH Twins, Steve and JAmac
Telling Jamc Vaness had orchestrated that whole deal they just offered him.
Austin – she’s throwing it tomorrow 100%
Austin – She (Vanessa) finally thinks everything is good
Liz and Austin say that Vanessa was bringing up flipping to keep Becky when she first came up to the HOH tonight.
12:08am Jmac and Steve leave..

Austin and the twins go over their stories so when the goblins come up they can explain what the conversation they just had With Jmac and Vanessa.
THey have to go over it many times as Julia is messing up.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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Poor Meg took it hard to the head on tonight’s episode lol.

Jmac still throwing comps so late in the game when he’s not in a position like a player like Derrick or Andy is mind boggling to me.

I think Austwins may have made a mistake of keeping Vanessa in the game, because she may just target them next week.

It’s ironic how Austwins have Floated their way into being a powerful trio in the house. I wonder if people are afraid to target them because they’re afraid they may lose 3 jury votes.

This Show is Sooo BBaaadd

Anybody else changing channels. Watching this show is like having your toenails pulled out. What’s the point when every week it’s a predictably pathetic race of bad acting to throw the game first, and suck up to power?Meg injuring herself for her excuse to lose, while all the floaters & coasters talking heads proclaim their wisdom in sucking up to freaks geeks is nauseating at least I’m not the target guffaww. Geeze, this is entertainment? Starting with the charade of ramdom selection in POV player cheating with the same old scriot, Meg JMAC how do you pick me every time? Austin how did Liz find your name? Lucky me Houseguest Choice! Everyone reads with the Braille chips CBS clearly has no shame, I’m sure the ratings reflect. and more proof Production scripts this whole mess.

Since they’ve killed all the usual luxury comps, Twists and Takeovers, nothing is happening so the only redeeming clips are those that make Austin Steve Vanessa JMac look bad. Still no reason to root for any of these losers, as if you needed more evidence. More Vanessa crying victim, more paranoia, manic depression, Austin picking his nose and humiliating hickies, Twins juvenile whining screeching, Steve acting creepy poking sucking Vanessa’s butt under the hammock, JMAC sounding an a$$ with his grunting wimp strategy. CBS makes these houseguests look creepier than American Horror Story. And unless they all die at the end, I don’t want to watch.

Seriously, JMac, you don’t want to campaign against Becky? Some big favor now. You never lifted a finger for anyone except Vanessa, the chick you say you hate…better not make her mad, better not get caught with an alliance, better not sound like I have a brain. Steve with his glasses skidding up his nose, JMac with that rediculous idiot laugh and flopping around every comp like a fish? You never supported her, not when she was HOH, not when Goblins were in power, not with advice about getting out Vanessa, don’t pretend to be her friend now. And everybody had told you you’re not going. Duh. You’re just like all the other floaters coasters who think ending up at finals by hiding is a strategy. Not for getting my vote, or even to bother watching this schlock.


Um. Maybe just stop watching then and reading the feeds if it’s so bad. Pretty simple solution!


A million thumbs up!! Just stop watching….for your own health!


You mad, bruh?


well said

I get pretty tired of the conspiracy theorists, including the ‘the name chips are engraved” bs. they are not engraved, why would they be engraved, when all they would be doing is some kind of laminated tape kind of thing. tonights episode they even seemed to make a point of clear close ups of the damn things. people really think they have someone engrave names, permanently can’t be used again. on these things, just one name per piece. or maybe they think if one gets damaged or messed up, they do 2 of each, one spare just in case. compared to strip tape name tags adhered to the pieces? which, if they get damaged or lost, they just print up and stick on a new one? that doesn’t make sense, but engraved pieces where the HGs can feel up the number of letters makes actual sense to them?


Vanessa showed them how to “read” the POV chips in the first week. Shelli Clay passed the tip along. We’ll known trick. Not random. On video. Check flashbacks. Notice they edit heavily so you don’t see them feeling around. JMAC pulled Meg 4 times, coincidence right? House guest choice pulled every time. Don’t hate the messenger, hate the game.

GeekSquad McGee

Actually what I noticed in the POV selection is that there was always a cutaway shot. It shows someone reach in the bag, then it would cut to James on the couch or something, and then cut back to the person pulling out the chip. Every time, it did this.

It’s edited to make it look like the chips were pulled sooner than they were. It could have taken 15 seconds for someone to reach in the bag and pull out the chip, but with very obvious editing, it’s made to look like it’s done very quickly.

You never see someone reach into the bag and pull out a chip in one continuous shot.


Lose your sense of humor. I laughed my ass off. Read on, no one likes likes show, ratings are lowest, and he said he stopped watching like everyone else on this site who say they’ve tuned out this week for a hundred different reasons. If they’re still watching they’re disillusioned about games, Production interference in DR with JMac etc., Julie making promises she doesn’t deliver & rewriting rules so Vanessa can split winnings. Read how many people want to change the game because it’s boring, contrived, predictable and floaters don’t play. Multiple points of view, even from frustrated fans, is the purpose of the comments section right? Production might want to know how to stop losing viewers.

PS Players have talked about being able to read embossing during POV, if labelers used or letters raised. Vanessa said longest is Houseguest Choice, shortest is Meg, She said she can feel V for Vanessa. Steve said no kidding, he’s been using it too. Comps have also changed, Steve said there used to be more endurance comps for those to demonstrate who really wanted to win like standing in one position, or holding button, you know, something Meg or Julia could win, maybe even Austin. (Even though Steve JMAC James would still throw it.) Now back to watching bowling after dark, zzzzzzz. Works better than sleeping pills.


It would be nice if the houseguests would show some gratitude for the luxuries they are given by production. When I saw them complaining about the food from In-N-Out Burger, it irritated me. If they didn’t like the food, that’s fine, whatever, but they didn’t have to throw In-N-Out Burger under the bus on BBAD. They should have kept their opinions to themselves out of respect. They should have been thankful to In-N-Out Burger and production for being nice enough to provide them with food. This is only one example out of many examples of the lack of gratitude and respect shown by the houseguests this season. I wish BB still had the havenot competitions, where the houseguests have to earn every single bite of food they receive. I wish BB was more like Survivor when it comes to luxuries. I wish the BB houseguests had to earn pillows, blankets, all comfort items, all recreational activities (pool, hot tub, weight bench) and everything else they have been given. Maybe then, if they had to earn everything, they would be more appreciative instead of acting spoiled and entitled. If the cast of Survivor was given In-N-Out Burger, they would happily eat every bite and kiss Jeff’s feet for giving them the opportunity, because the Survivor cast spends their entire game as “havenots.”


Telling people to not watch hurts all of us BB fans.

Nobody Told You Not to Watch

The first line says…Anybody changing the channel like me?…And a million people said yes they tuned out, boring week, don’t watch shows, AND JAMES SAID CANCEL YOUR FEED SUBSCRIPTION CBS MADE THIS TOO BORING EVEN FOR US. in a democracy, and capitalist economy, votes change things for the better. All people are writing are ideas to improve, if they want our advertising dollar. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, they blew their wad on redecorating the sky bridge, dumped half the comps and got producers to recruit crazy character types to read the scripts and dress up to create the illusion of random experimentation. It’s still cheaper than producing content during summer or another CSI your show isn’t going anywhere, we just hope they make it better. We do this by changing the channel. Look at ratings.


Strange season. I can barely watch the show or After Dark at all yet I find it more interesting than the past two seasons. Maybe because they mostly seem dumb as rocks but aren’t sheep. Most of them have no strategy for beyond five minutes and loyalty is non existent. But, once veto ceremony has been set it gets incredibly boring. I’m afraid they have allowed Vanessa to stay long enough that they now recognize the threesome as biggest threat and will let Vanessa win. And I don’t get all this “blood on my hands” stuff. The more people one maneuvers out, the more impressive the resume. They think jury members are bitter but I think they vote fairly according to who played the game the best.
I was hoping for Vanessa to get booted next week but now I think I want to see Austin and Liz on the block and Julia as replacement. Let everyone vote however they choose.


I think many of them have given up and are just waiting to see what happens. They know they messed up on the HOH and are doomed.

Pinocchio Obama

Tomorrows HOH competition is going to be fun. I bet it will be cutthroat.


The Twins are so unnecessarily bitchy. Becky’s toe is obviously messed up. If you’re going to vote her out fine, but saying you have no empathy for her? Really? The HOHitus is so strong this year.


Meg! Seriously? It’s SAMUEL L. JACKSON! You’re killing me, Meg.


Keep Becky she’s injured, advantage everyone else.
JMac is by far the stronger competitive on the block, smart to boot him now.
Julia is the better twin with character and she’s funny.
Liz is so ugly now, what a brat. (Body still cool) 🙂
Becky @-;—–


Ugh, feed me, get me a glass of water, rub my back, treat me like a queeeeeeen….for the love of God, can somebody put these two on the block? Not one person has mentioned it, have they?..final two will be the sinutab twins, just watch.


Hahaha, Sinutab twins ^.^!

Too Funny

Oh noooo not pot bowling again on after dark… snooze!!! I do feel bad for becky but glad she has antibiotics n shld feel better soon. I hope jmac or vanessa win hoh n make some good moves…

Also funny

Or James. It doesn’t matter who he puts up it’d be a fun week.

Sizzling Wok

Confucius say….dirty hands make your nose itch


And now Steve might be thinking he can dip his hand in Julia’s honey hole! I doubt it. Surprised he can even touch a girl without having an accident. Julia also appears to have a little more class/respect then her sister. At least on TV where her parents can see her that is. Liz…………………. not so much 🙂


Wow! Liz still has no sympathy for Becky. After seeing her pulling that black facial mask off I would have thought she understood pain a little better. But nooooo,


No IN & OUT here, only 5 Guys. Not even close.


In-n-Out is so overrated. Tommy’s Original Hamburger is 1000 times better!

Chill this Town

to each their own, I just wish people would be honest about it

if you really think its overrated…cool, but most who claim such REALLY deep down…just wish they had a location near them. its fresh and local ingredients, they might have the best fast food staff in terms of production, cleanliness ETC. I mean they really do it right…

its a bit like waffle house for me, I don’t have one in CA, but I sure as heck wish I did. I won’t claim its overrated though, I don’t dare say such things.

Another Terrible Broadcast

Boring week


Boring week. Can’t wait for tomorrow HOH


But we know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Austin wins?


Told ya


is there anyone who would put up the austwins? jmac’s got tunnel vision for vanessa and everyone else seems to think they’re in good with the austwins. i guess maybe jmac puts one up next to vanessa, vanessa wins veto, and one of the austwins goes home could happen, but is super complicated. i just want someone to put any two austwins on the block and then the third should veto get used.

maybe the returning jury member will knock some sense into these morons.


I think James would put up Vanessa & Liz and if Vanessa won the
Pov I think he would put up Austin or Julia .


Austin that was definitely not a death stare from Jmac…. Austwins can be a little too dramatic for me sometimes


Yeah, their mentor/handler taught them well.

Sick of Judas

Otev was incredibly annoying this season.


I threw up in my mouth a little every time Austin said “I have the butter of [insert HG here].”

Nice editing

Could thoughts BB episode have been more edited???!!! Austin and Liz were made to appear humble’ish. We know better. Yuk. Please God let someone win and make heads roll…..preferably twin heads.

The Butttaaa

Who was the voice of OTEV tonight?

Min O'Pause

My guess would be Garrett Morris wearing a pair of nipple clamps and a two sizes too small butt thong.

Clay Aiken


Min O'Pause

My guess would be Clay Aiken wearing a pair of nipple clamps and a two sizes too small butt thong.


The staff member named “fan” is the voice, apparently it’s another one of their favorites.

It is what it is

I don’t know, but the voice was annoying after awhile. SMH


wanted to scream every time he/she/it said butter


Sounded a little like Kathy Griffin to me.


Hope James or JMAC win HOH or Meg(I can’t even type that with a straight face). I had to boycott the live feeds this week can’t stand the moron triplets. Sad to see bikini Becky go.

Valentina Corleone

You know it’s a slow week when we commenters are saying the same thing basically. The sadder thing is we keep saying it over and over again. Get rid of Vanessa, breakup the twins – god, it is asking too much for someone to grow a pair and actually do it? And I feel terrible for Becky. I’m not a fan, but I’ve had a broken toe, and it was excrutiatingly painful. So an infected toe with part of the nail missing must be godawful. Hope she heals in the jury house.


Mon/Tue/wed are always boring days. Thursdays are good.

Butters Mom

Getting take out goes against the pain and suffering of being in the big brother house… isnt the point to make you miss the outside world and go nuts while playing the game? They have gone so soft on the house guests this season… the have nots is almost a joke at this point and the rewards are flowing with Outback Steak dinners and now take out? What happened to sardines and slop …. now we have slop and pork chops and candy and popcorn. They arent just acting like its summer camp…. IT IS SUMMER CAMP!


If CBS decides to do a BB2016, I hope they will re-vamp the comps, have-nots, etc. Get rid of BOB, offer prize to HOH and possibly 2 and 3 place. Remaining hgs must keep kitchen and bathroom clean for the week. Have penalties for hg not keeping things clean with a possible fine for breaking rules. Fines would be deducted from the $500K prize money. Go back to having comps for house food or comps for a weekly food budget. All hg must then decide how money is to be spent. BB could also have a random draw for havenots. Production could also have comps during the week so that people are not sleeping so much.
The entire show needs re-vamping.

Chill this Town

no BOB for sure, all of that, yes. but I think we really need ALL STARS. give me Zach Rance in a house with Amanda Zuckerman.. ETC

just no Frankie. in any way shape or form. no. no. no.


Good ideas, I hope they hear you. Cash prizes to the HOH would help to eliminate hgs from throwing HOH competitions, something really irritating to watch. There should be some sort of competition every day. The first hg out of each competition would be a havenot, but they could win their way out of havenots by winning the next competition or buy out of havenots by doing household tasks for a period set by the HOH. They could also set it up so HOH is the one each week to assign tasks to houseguests and have the HOH able to reward hgs for tasks completed well, or to assign hgs to the havenots for tasks not completed or well completed. It could make for lots of drama and make things move a lot quicker during the week.


the bob is about the only thing making the midweek of the show interesting, because it is an extra comp. when they took that away combined with the stopping of the Takeovers now they have left the remaining HGs with nothing but the usual comps. what makes it interesting is random challenges with additional sponser treats. BBCAN3 was pretty great for doing that, it probably kept the feeders tuning in, tho i know comps are down times, but before and after prep is more than playing chess, pool or sleeping. then on the show, is a bit more going on. plus, there are more ‘winners’ so to speak thruout the show, which means two things: ppl start talking like they do with becky ‘oh she already won 10k, which is more than 15 other ppl will walk out with and 2nd that so many more ppl are winners of things, whether the prize is a trip, cruise, money, or just 2 minutes with a family member.


This is the most boring week in BB history.


Its sad that the austwins trio pretty much controls the game from here on out. The only chance of getting the three of them out is if the person re entering from jury actually teams up with goblins steve and vanessa & jmac to make a temporary strong alliance to get them out. But it wont happen. I predict jmac and goblins out next leaving us with the barf squad


I would not mind if a twin or meg go.

Yo Yo Yo

Austin is starting to speak (whine) like the twins now – OMG.


Vanessa uses her tears as a manipulation. She did it at the beginning and she’s doing it again. Glad Becky is feeling better.


Omg plz after 17 years I’m loosing hope this season. Can someone please put Austin and Julia on the block and let Liz win VP and let’s see what loyalty is to these three morons. Plus Austin has never been on the block


16 years actually. There are 17 BB seasons because of a winter edition (Baller won). But I know what you you mean jelly bean.

Smart Guy



Honestly it seems like becky is playing it up. I have RA and a compromised immune system. I get infections frequently and it’s never been as painful as she has been saying it is (although that could be because i find the joint pain much worse lol). With that being said it wouldn’t hurt for the rest of the house guests to be nice to her and if they can’t do that then just shut it.


Boy leaving the twins in from the start was a dumb move, everyone seems scared to put them up. The only hope is James wins a HOH and has the balls to put Austin and Julia and back door Liz.


I hated Wednesday’s episode of BB. It was so boring when the show featured the twins and Austin for most of the show. All time least favorite players of BB.


Austin, liz, Julia are sitting pretty and could possibly make it to final 3….

You have John who wants to target Vanessa…. James wants to target Vanessa…Meg wants to target Vanessa….so as long as vanessa doesn’t win POV (if james,john or meg win hoh) those three sitting pretty heading into the next following week….

You have Steve who doesn’t seem to understand as to what is going on in the game and would rather target James and Meg …which keeps Austin & twins safe for another possible week…

You have Vanessa who doesn’t seem to mind the fact that she is at the bottom of their alliance and would rather get James, Meg, or John out next week…..

You also have Austin/Julia that could possibly win HOH and those 2 and Liz could also pull off the veto win….

When the Jury Member comes back “IF” Vanessa still in the house doesn’t look like any of the jury members would target Austin/Twins

Remember Everyone other than Steve is Vanessa’s target next week….


Why is everyone saying James will be the one to put up the twins? Again, I am hoping Vanessa will win HOH tomorrow and everyone will go to her with information on A/Twins. She will get it done. Those twin’s parents must be proud. Liz, isn’t a nice girl at all, she basically, I don’t want to say it, but I’d be a little embarrassed if she were my daughter. Julia, isn’t half as bad. Mean mean girls. I so can’t wait for the twins and Austin to be on the block and targeted for the rest of the game. The house doesn’t have a lot or time to keep 3 strong players in the game. Please BB hint to the hgs how we really feel about their game play.


Austin needs to get booed when he leaves and final 5 with austwins and goblins would be the worst


Nobody needs to get booed. I really hope that Vanessa is gone next week.


I think booing people is part of the game if we cant show how we feel what’s the point?

I don’t agree with hating on anyone but booing them for not liking the game they played is okay in my book,


James and jmac needs to win hoh and shake things up.


I wish they would but they will throw it like idiot quitters.

Beardy Tail

I think the twins are incredibly self-centered and act entitled. The minute the other HGs suspected there were twins, way back a few weeks ago, they should have voted Liz out- no jury, no chance for her twin to come in. They did not think this through-there is NO way a twin would vote the other out, and with Liz cozying up to a guy and forming a fake showmance, there is a strong alliance of three. Now they are essentially stuck with this trio. So by not getting rid of Liz early on, they sealed their fate.

Not so sure

Liz is getting increasingly frustrated with Julia slipping up about who they are working with. Liz has commented more than once about how she wants to win. She is the bitchy one, so I could see her cutting out her sister if it was going to hurt her game. I wouldn’t have thought that a few weeks ago, but Liz is really showing her true colors this week.


“11:43pm Vanessa, Austin, Twins, Steve and JMAC:
Austin tells Jmac they want to make a deal they will not be front door backdoor targets.”

These people are so stupid. There are 8 left in the game (after Becky gets evicted), and 6 of them agree not to frontdoor or backdoor each other.
Only 2 aren’t part of the deal: James and Meg. So if they actually wanted to stick to the deal (we know they don’t), they’d have to put James and Meg up. If J or M won the veto, they’d have to backdoor one of them. It’s not possible for this deal to be held up.
If Vanessa doesn’t realize this is obviously BS, then she never was the smart player people describe her at.


Yes!!!!! I do not understand the big groups trying to work together right now- you need to align with a small group now with so few people left idiots


The only one that matters to Vanessa in that deal is Vanessa. Once she has their word she can do whatever she wants. Whoever win the veto will have Vanessa all over them and if she wins it she’ll be all over everyone to make a deal for next week to not use it. Vanessa creates catch-22’s to insure she can say something negative about someone else to put the threat on them. She did it with JMac this week because he wouldn’t roll over for her.


I woud pay to see Austin and Liz on the block against each after veto is not used on them. Would Austin still be Liz’s meat shield and sacrifice himself for her? How hard would Liz campaign against him and throw him under the bus?


Austin and Liz make mne want to stsb myself in bthe eye! They are so full of shit and for the love of God make that prancing bowed up egomaniac put on a shirt!!!!!! Gross!!


FRENCHIE…If as you say one of their alliance would be put up against either James or Meg in the event one won the Veto, they would still have the votes to keep their alliance member.


Austin and Liz make me want to stab myself in the eye! They are so full of shit and for the love of God make that prancing bowed up egomaniac put on a shirt!!!!!! Gross!!