Vanessa “Will you do me a favour? Can you make sure everyone doesn’t hate me too bad?”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-10 10-25-06-887

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10:20am – 11am Austin, Liz, JUJU and Steve are now awake. Liz is cleaning up the kitchen saying they ants are in everything. Austin complains of having a leg cramp. Big Brother asks Liz 3 times to put her microphone on. Austin asks her why won’t you put it on? Liz says she’s going to go on strike until they clean up the ant problem. She then puts her mic on. And then “kisses Austin’s leg better”. JuJu says they’ve got 2 weeks left with the ants. You’ve just got to live in harmony with them. Johnny Mac joins them to have breakfast. Julia starts talking about Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) and how he loved bacon. Julia says she’s going to be pumpkin head for Halloween. Johnny says you know how ugly he looks? he looks like an alien. He doesn’t look like a pumpkin! A really big ugly alien. He looks like ET but 10 times scarier! The conversation turns to talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Vanessa joins them. She talks about never gambling when she is drunk but would with $20 just to f**k around. Steve says he would never gamble with $20.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-10 10-59-41-519

10:55am – 11am Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return all of the house guests move up to the HOH room for the HOH lock down. The boy gets in his corner. Vanessa tells Julia – JuJu I’m going to miss you! Julia says I know, I’m sad! Vanessa says maybe I’ll be the next one out right after. Will you do me a favour? Julia says yes. Vanessa asks can you make sure everyone doesn’t hate me too bad? Julia says yes. Vanessa asks can you tell them I’m a good person. Julia says I’m going to tell them, I don’t know why you all hate her so much but she’s a really good person. I swear! No, I’ll get the low down. I feel the only one that would hate you would be Becky. Vanessa says but even Becky should realize I’m a good person. They head into the HOH room and Vanessa says “Steve you suck!” (Because he brought up her stuff but left it outside the HOH room door.)

Big Brother then switches the feeds to the live feed highlights.

1:10pm Still blocked..

1:15pm The Live feeds return to all the house guests out of the HOH room. The lock down is over. In the bathroom – Steve comments on how he wants to throw up because the havenot room is officially locked. Vanessa starts cutting Johnny Mac’s hair. She comments on how he has a forest on his back and says she’s not cutting it. Julia says they’re probably going to have a button in the havenot room. Didn’t they have pandora’s box in 15? (BB15) Austin says no, they just locked the havenot room.

1:30pm – 1:35pm In the kitchen – Big Brother blocks the feeds. And then switches the feeds to Austin and Liz in the kitchen. Austin says you’re scaring me, I thought things were happening. Liz says I get excited about things like that. Austin says he’s nervous. Liz says that she’s nervous too. Julia comes in and asks did you kiss and make up? Austin the meany head. (Not sure what they’re talking about. Possibly about the havenot room being locked.)

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-10 13-26-35-036

Steve says he’s nervous about the havenot room being locked. I don’t know what they’re going to put in there. Julia says it could be nothing like what Austin said.

1:50pm – 2pm Julia and Liz go into the comic room. Liz says you need to talk to Johnny Mac. Austin says like .. if he wins HOH and tries to turn it around he can’t have anything to do with us .. its like just you doing this just looking out for him. Julia says honestly I’m not like friends with him. Liz says please. Julia ask why do I care about him. I have no concern for him. Liz says its not about you though its about me. If he wins HOH he is going to come after me. Julia syas okay so just be like I want to let you know that… I just want to confirm that you’re voting to keep me … and I just wanted to let you know that Vanessa and me had a final 2 deal. And I don’t think that you could really trust her. Liz says say that… Julia says this is so stupid. Liz asks why its for me. Its not going to hurt you in any way! Just be like I was kind of manipulated by her in that veto thing and I just don’t think you should trust her. Julia says okay. I will do it but I just hope it doesn’t backfire. Liz says if he wins he needs to know that going in the the HOH. If Austin and I try to tell him .. then he will get manipulated by her again. They start practising their speeches.. Austin joins them and Julia tells Austin what she is going to tell Johnny Mac.

Liz comments on how while the feeds were blocked they were told they have to wear athletic gear (for tonight’s HOH competition).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-10 13-48-55-278

2:05pm – 2:10pm Big Brother calls Steve to the storage room and he finds his stuff teddy bear. He says oh I get to keep him. (He left the bear in the HOH room because he thought he couldn’t keep it.) Julia asks do you actually sleep with him? Steve says yes he sleeps with his teddy bear and has no shame. Julia says oh my god .. I can’t!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-10 14-09-21-431

2:20pm In the cabana room – Liz and Julia continue to practice their speeches.

2:20pm – 2:30pm In the comic bedroom – Steve asks Johnny – I don’t creep you out do I? Johnny says no. Steve says unlike James. Johnny says HA! Pen!s jokes! Steve says compensating. Johnny asks how do you know? Steve says that James compensating? You don’t know what happened up in the HOH room John. Things happened. We don’t talk about them. We don’t talk about what happened up in the HOH room that night. Much like camping. That was the first night the camping joke started. When I introduced that joke camping had nothing to do with $ex that was 100% James.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-10 14-25-13-052

2:35pm In the bathroom – The twins are getting ready. Liz says she’s nervous about the HOH comp and hopes its not the shovel comp. Julia tells her to go slow. Meanwhile in the living room – Johnny mac is vacuuming and Vanessa is straightening up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-10 14-27-48-329

3pm The house guests continue to get ready for tonight’s eviction / HOH competition happening tonight.

3:20pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the live highlights. The live feeds won’t be back until after tonight’s Eviction / HOH episode. Julia is supposed to be evicted tonight which will be the end of the twins. Who do you want to win HOH tonight??

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Vanessa actually means she wants Julia to convince the jury she should win because she got so much blood on her hands by protecting them all. (sarcasm)

I just vomited a little in my mouth.


UGH with this witch. YOU ARE NOT a good person and all the manipulation in the world isn’t going to change that. I’m so sick to death of her fake crying and playing the victim. The Jury has every right to be bitter b/c you played every one of them. Becky should get an award b/c she at least tried to get this bully out.

the coreys

I’m not doctor or anything but I feel that if you need to constantly (50 times a day) remind people you are a good person then perhaps you are not.

Also, I believe it falls into a category of constant need of reassurance by others that they like you.

I’d consider her words just game talk it wasn’t literally 1 of 3 things she always says. She needs therapy.


You may not like her tactics but she’s one of the best positioned players in the game.


I defiantly don’t like her either. I think if they don’t get her out with the next HOH, she’s not going anywhere and that SUCKS!

Positioned by Production

You cant really believe this celebrity grifter just happened to fall into a house of thumbsucking recruits who never heard of BB? If she was so smart would she have to cheat and bribe people to let her win? Kinda like Trump pretending to run for president hiring actors to show up at his speeches, while he’s booed out of every public venue. Hater cheater briber gonna get elected to the Oval Office too. Doesn’t mean it’s right.

Biter Dependocrat

Deal with it because Vanessa is going to win.


Neither Vanessa nor the morally, cerebrally and financially bankrupt hairpiece will get enough votes. They’re laughingstocks whose purpose in the the world is to establish boundaries for how low humanity will not go. Shock value is shallow, so is doing whatever you can get away with, as if rules don’t apply to you. Can’t bribe a vote out of most people in this hemisphere showing utter contempt for flawed arguments presented and mean spirited bullying in the ridiculous scam game show or running a country. Can’t be considered a success if their own alliance or party hates them.

Narcissistic pathological cons serving themselves alone unable to feign interest in others while regarding humanity as tools for furthering themselves cannot expect to get popular votes, unless they redraw electoral boundaries, fix competition or buy it off in a corrupt environment. Sorry, Not Sorry. Vanassa isn’t even stupid enough to bet on hairpiece to win.


Skeve: John do I creep you out?
John: You mean talking about penises?
Skeve: James got me started, I can’t even tell you what he did in this room!
John: Well he did habce Herpes. What did he do.
Skeve: Production won’t let me tell you.
John: Are you okay? You’re acting too nervous. Do you really need your Teddy Bear?
Skeve: I’m going to break down the HOH door if they don’t give it back.
John: Did you take your Adderall?
Skeve: Depends on the comp. My friend doesn’t take his if he has to be creative.
Julia: OMG is everyone needs drugs, Skeve is ADD and pacing again
Skeve: Thank god I’ve got you back Coco

And scene. Seriously, who’s doing the mental evaluations for this show? You agree to be locked up in this asylum without a chance of meeting anyone normal? Social experiment is endurance, how long can you last surrounded by psychos, pervs and screamers. No wonder John hides with a blindfold on. Like One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest with Jack Nicholson crazy eyes teeth clenched staring at you all day. Should there be a limit how often you go to DR or hide there begging for help from Nurse Ratchet?

Steve's big sister

Thanks for the LOLs.
Priceless dialog ripped from the live feeds. 😉

Chill this Town

this is where we differ.

I blame those who let her do it. if she cries all of a sudden over some BS, stop letting her get away with it. MAC and Becky were the only ones to really do that. but its hard when you are the only ones willing to really say something.

its just like using the “I was treated differently because I am gay”…its not remotely true, and whether or not Vanessa believes it is totally irrelevant to the game. its 100 percent within the rules, and its 130 percent the fault of the HG’s who let her get away with using PC topics to make people uncomfortable. that is her game, she makes you so uncomfortable about a situation/conversation that it ends in her favor, and no one wants to rehash it.


I have not cared much for Vanessa’s type of gameplay because she never “owns” her style of play. Lies, manipulation, psychological coercion — do it all to win, I don’t care. But own it in the DR sessions… talk to us and confirm what we know– that you are a BEAST. Don’t cry in the D.R.’s and act shocked that the HG’s are figuring out your lies and complain to yourself (us) that you are trustworthy and have integrity… because in that house, you don’t have integrity and in that house, you are a liar. And that is OK. You are playing a game and your actions in that house do not reflect what kind of person you are in real life. We aren’t dumb.

Own your shit and I will love you as a HG. Own your shit and I will think of you as a great player-you aren’t exactly E.D., Dr. Will or Dan… but you’d be top 6 for sure. If you don’t own who you are in that house, I will continue to see you as a Derrick—- a super intelligent person but an average BB player playing the game with a house full of half-wits.

1000% agree

I absolutely think I would respect her more if she did own up to what she does. She believes whole heartily that she has done nothing wrong to anyone and portrays herself as a victim not only to all the other HGs but to all of us in her DR sessions.
I hope this is why the jury doesn’t vote for her.


BB has had a ton of gay HGs, and it never affected whether they could pair bond or get along with others. It never meant they would be targeted because they were gay, considering there have been gay winners.

Plus she didn’t grow up gay, she grew up straight with BFs and got married, up until only a couple of years ago where she discovered she was in denial about herself. Hardly the lifestory of someone who grew up isolated due to sexual orientation. & gay is such a not a big deal now it is hard to believe she is trying to play that card. considering there was another gay person in the house and a TRANS gender person, both of whom trump your sad i’ve been gay for 3 years and hard done by story.

Chill this Town

you miss the point and the bigger picture

it doesn’t matter. at all. she could be straight and claiming she is gay, and honestly it still would not matter. when she realized she was gay, all of that is irrelevant. UNLESS you are brainwashed in the PC think like most people under 30 and allow such tactics to work.

I give her all the credit in the world for using anything and everything legal. I do not agree w/ offering HG’s cash, or any of that. but using their insecurities and fear of how they will look against them? brilliant. good for her.

I just wish she would own it in the DR, but since they edit the heck out of multiple hour DR sessions, its hard to blame her as much for that.


You’re delusional. Becky is a _CUNT. She has no reason to hate Vanessa . She’s just jealous that she has no game. Folks… Vanessa is the only one who has played this game with skill. Stop being haters and just accept that!

No One Likes an Abuser

Becky had every right to hate her abuser, she got the most bullying of any chick. Jealous Vanessa couldn’t stand anyone calling her out, refusing her deal or walking away during a slanderous tantrum. She proceeded to lie about the entire encounter cashing Becky a bully, and her med psycho drama routine backfired and everyone caled her crazy. Vanessa extortion 101, give me what I want or die. Becky put her up and everyone’s sorry they thought Van was a basket case aND Shelli was more devious. You haven’t been watching the show. Get ready for a big disappointment when your mommy doesn’t win.


I’ve been watching since season 1. Unlike you, I’m a fan of skill not like ability. Vanessa did nothing to Becky… Becky out her up because she said she felt like Vanessa controlled the house. That’s fine, but then the b!tch started slandering Vanessa, calling her all kinds of sh!t. Vanessa was offended but didn’t understand. The b!tch didn’t even have the balls to talk to Vanessa as to why she put her up. The pu$$y bitch just got up and walked away. That’s because she had no reason. Then… when the b!tch got evicted and Julie asked who she would work with if she got to go back in the house; she said probably Vanessa. That was so she didn’t look like a douche on the live show. Then… In the jury she has been the most outspoken about Vanessa not winning. She’s a jealous b!tch and an ugly one at that!


Yea, I feel you on the Vomit in the mouth. Haven’t bothered to watch anymore, I occasionally read this site. But Vanessa is a sad case, she says what a good person she is so much, she doesn’t even believe it. Anytime someone has to continue to repeat such statements as she as about being good, tells me, she knows she’s not, she knows others know she’s not, and she is trying to convince them as well as herself.


Watch Vanessa give Julie cash to pass around the Jury House. Watch the homeless hobos they cast with the millionaire grab it and read the cads that say she’s a genius. CBS Moonves doesn’t like her or this season. Overmedicated mental illnesses, cheating and bribes are the headlines. No emmys for the tailor made emoji comps and false adverts about Twists & Takeovers. You know you effed up if the CEO says it’s a casting nightmare. Producers heads are gonna roll for lying to him about the stability of these lunatics. Thank goodness it will change next year. Julie can’t stop insulting them either. They gambled and lost on this cast of manufactured characters. I’m not evil. I’m good. It’s the meds. It’s my period. I’m gay. I’m rich. I’ll give you $10,000 my stipend if you go on the block, I’ve got integrity. She’s the most hated and if hate is how you win this game because they removed comps she wins. She’s gonna get put on the block evicted and Jury won’t vote for her unless production scripts & pays them off to save face. Fake celebrities who think theyre producing the show like Van, Austin & Frankie killed it. Recruiters handlers who direct moves from the DR so obvious expect the expected–cheating & bribes to keep watching.


I knew Austin and Liz would chicken out on telling john and Steve about Vanessa. They are having Julia do their dirty work. I also think it’s pretty selfish of Liz to stay and have her sister evicted.

have some morals

Last night she swore on her mother,Mel and God after the veto…wow now that’s a little disturbing…it’s a game but come on…

Steve Coming On to John

That “do I creep you out?” convo Steve starts with John is so telling. Steve then talks about James penis size for the 100th time and the sex going on in the James HOH room. John not biting and tries to get Steve’s Teddy Bear and meds for him. How does he stand it in there?


Now, Vanessa is telling them what to do and say in jury? OMG that woman!!!!

Double D

Rooting for Ausin/Liz to win HOH and nominate Vanessa/Steve. She has got to go. They won’t win against her. She deserves to win, but will be the most hated winner of BB.


I would love for Vanessa to win, While twins were summer camping, Vanessa was scheming. While Austin was lusting, Vanessa was strategizing, While JMac was sleeping, Vanessa was running the house. and while Steve was talking to himself, Vanessa was plotting. The woman deserves to win.


Thank you Puppet master! Well said! In a nutshell that summarizes why Vanessa should win! Haters gonna hate while Vanessa laughs all the way to bank! Vanessa for the win 100%


Couldn’t have said it better myself. This isn’t a popularity contest. If it was, dumbas$ Derick wouldn’t have won last season. People need to stop hating and respect her amazing gameplay. She’s actually VERY loyal. If Austin wouldn’t have lied to her, she would have had his back till the end. Everyone else is scheming to get her out, but they never the intelligence to get the job done. RESPECT her game, even if you don’t like her personality!


I respect the fact that she has been able to dupe everyone but I DESPISE her way of playing the game.


I wouldn’t say she deserves to win. Maybe she has out smarted everyone, but at a high cost. She has shown over and over what a horrible person she is. I hope if these morons don’t take her out…that the jury doesn’t vote for her because of her tactics.


How does lying and manipulating while playing BB make you a bad person? Its not her fault she is the only one in the game actually playing the game. The move she did to make the twin pick Austin was priceless!!


Pay offs and cheating is Vaniacs only strategy. She was staged to win by casting of people who never saw the show. Cry lies to the judge in court, ooops you don’t have a law degree. Cry slander on poker tv, ooops you don’t have a show or contact. Scream orders on Amazing Race, ooops you got rejected. Nope, we got stuck at BB listening to her bully children in the pram and when that didn’t work, cheat in all the comps and pay people off, and get caught, like when she got kicked out of law school. Van deserves to try that with real adults. Ooops, game theory says…no one’s putting money on you, shop your I’m not evil shit somewhere else. She’s trying to convince herself she’s not evil, consciousness of guilt. Get back to scamming suckers online and bully Mel around. Julia better get some more bribe money to play her social game for her, since all she makes are enemies.

Murphy's Law

Yep…I agree Vanessa will probably win because these wimps are too afraid of pissing her off & dealing with her manic outbursts. I used to enjoy this show so dang much; now I just watch because I’m frustrated, hoping someone will break the predictable patterns. Wishing for future BB shows, they would just throw a bunch of strong personalities together so they aren’t intimidated by each other!!!!!!


I knoooowwww! Hopefully, Julia will remember who told her to pick Austin in the POV, and will tell the others in the House, how Vanessa played her at the most vulnerable minute in the game when Julia was so nervous. Yes, it was smart gaming on Vanessa’s part. But, I too am so sick of her repeatedly putting on the tears and saying “she is a good person”! Since BB wants her to win and has been guiding her in this game, you would think they would tell her how the viewers are tired of her saying that. BTW…I hope Austin sticks to telling Julia to make the House aware of her game tactics….at least that is what he said he would do.


Julia talking to Johnny Mac is going to look like such a setup by Liztin. What she should do is talk shit about Vanessa in her eviction speech in front of everyone. May not work for Liztin but at least the show will be entertaining. And Julia would have had a moment finally in this season instead of looking like Liz’s reflection.


Let’s just hope Dr. Will is tutoring the jury again this year and will point out that Vanessa is being sneaky about that.


The script they gave dr will last year was lame.

Grandma G

LOL. Julia is the wrong person to campaign for you. The first person she talks to in jury that says anything negative about Vanessa her response will be “I knooowwww. I haaaaate her.”


Just wait until which ever twin goes they’ll get the real scoop on Vanessa in jury. Lol

Spectacularly Stupid

The “real scoop” being Vanessa is good at Big Brother and helped a set of TWINS make the F6 this year?

The “real scoop” being that the jury house is full of people just smart enough to know that they were tricked, but far too dumb to figure out how. James/Jackie/Meg are probably still Nancy Drew-ing the Mystery of the Secret Alliance, you remember the one that the sunglass wearing blanket explicitly warned them about 2 months ago. So far they have eliminated themselves as suspects, but alas the case remains unsolved.

I also love the idea that the Austwins think Jmac will be outraged by Vanessa’s veto manipulation. If Vanessa hadn’t done so Jmac could easily have ended up on the block! That move will only strengthen his loyalty to Vanessa not cause him to inexplicably join forces with a showmance. Jmac is probably the one person not being manipulated by Vanessa. He is under no illusions that she makes moves out of anything other than her own self interest and he is using that to his benefit right now. She has single handedly gotten him through the last 3 evictions and I expect he’ll ride that horse for at least another week if he can.


I truly cannot stand Vanessa. I get the whole “its just a game” mindset, but she is horribly manipulative and I get the feeling she’s that way in the real world. Crying at will, playing the victim when she’s really the bully, Many commenters have stated this, but if there was ONE intelligent person in this house, Vanessa would have been exposed and evicted weeks ago. Its been years since I felt there was anyone to actually root for in the end. I wonder if this show has run its course? Or maybe they just need a new casting director?


Kasting is broken but the fix is simple. No recruits next season just Fans who applied to the show.


I actually read they BB is considering an All Stars for BB18.


Yeah let’s do an All Black All Stars.
Maybe people will watch, Lord knows no one will watch all black newbies or will they, hmmm


Anyone, except Frankie. NO MORE!!

Backseat Driver

Oh good…..a big ego-fest.

double d

NOW Vanessa’s trying to work the jury. And get Julia to do it for hr


How stupid are they for keeping Liz she a multiple winner
she is better than Julia ??? Yea keep the stronger player in the game!!!

Double D

Neither twin can win the physical comps.




Hope Vanessa is the next one out the door

Vanessa's Broomstick

The only way she goes is if Liz or Austin win HOH and Steve wins veto. I won’t believe anyone targets Vanessa until I see it.

Be smart

I know that it is too late but the smarter play would be to get rid of Liz, she’s a stronger competitor.


Yes, maybe in comps, but as JMac has pointed out that he thinks Julia is actually the stronger one, she just hasnt won anything yet. Liz won comps that most people have been throwing. Also Liz isnt as stunned by Vans mist as Julia is. Its really six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Chill this Town

such a mistake. you get rid of Julia? the weaker competitor, the perfect final 2 companion….to keep Liz? a 3 time HOH winner with a boyfriend in the house? a boyfriend who doesn’t get along with Julia….

I have been one to sit back and appreciate Vanessa’s gameplay, but this…she is forgetting what game she is playing. I get it, she is thinking 2 v 2, she rides with the next HOH winner….good luck with that. she is counting on winning comps, yet she is keeping Liz over Julia? its a mistake. only MAC benefits from this, as he becomes in the minds of HG’s the obvious final 2 companion.

Better Than Last Year

Van wanted Liz out……she had already set it up w/JMac. Austin was supposed to be the only vote for Liz to stay.

Then the twins decided who THEY wanted to go…..Julia. They went to Van & asked her to vote for Julia to go. She was upset at this change in her plans but realized that if she went against what the twins wanted….there goes 3 jury votes! So she got on board & dragged JMac with her.

The twins ACTUALLY screwed her………..but they’re too stupid to realize it. This move may be the only one of the season where Van didn’t get her way!

James for AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma G

Vanessa screwed herself and everybody else. It was Vanessa who told the twins they could decide which one went. She thought she could control their decision. Once they told her their final decision she tried to tell them it was up to Steve but JMac was right there and let Julia know Steve didn’t care. He had already talked with Steve about what Vanessa had done and he was protecting Steve. Vanessa, Steve and JMac all cared but couldn’t undo what Vanessa had done without making themselves bigger targets. Vanessa then tried to tell them it didn’t matter which twin left. It does.


i think alot too was that since austin didn’t go out as she planned, she felt the bond stronger with Liztin than with Jutin, and she could wedge between the obvious pair that was left of Austwin. she could easily work with Julia and everyone else to make sure austin went up and out, and that on Julia’s HOH. She knows there is no way she can wedge Austin & Liz.

It was a miracle that what she was saying didn’t work, that Julia would get further as a F2 option because she hasn’t won as much, which is partly true. She focused on that while the others were expected to not realize that Jutin was just as hard a target as Liztin, always seen as a pair to take out or weaken, always seen as a pair who won’t target each other. once they figured that out, it made more sense to them (and vanessa did herself a disservice as mentioned by saying to them to work it out, they’ll do what they want, and then leaving them alone while she worked on the others under the assumption it would be Liz going) she didn’t work out the ‘numbers’ that seem to exist only in her head, where they would figure out what she was doing benefited everyone except the austwin mix.

Liz has a better shot at winning first than Julia does, is what it comes down to. beside steve, Jmac and/or Austin. probably not beside vanessa because for obvious reasons most will see her as being there and having actually been behind everything that happened, plus her wins. in fact, there is no way vanessa will want Liz to make it another eviction, of the two, this decision actually works out better for austin to stay in the game, while people try to take liz out instead based on vanessa’s manipulations.

well once Julia goes the most gullible of the HGs will have gone and vanessa’s powers diminish. It reminds me of Dan and Danielle, like here, do this thing that will actually do you the most damage, to prove you trust me. then she does it and everything blows up


I hope Juila is just saying that to Vanessa. Although she is so stupid I bet she will genuinely do what Vanessa asked.

Nessa for the win.

Love you babe – Mel


Oh god. Has production given Vanessa wifi in the house now, too?


In the of chance that you really are Mel, which you aren’t, but if you are. You need to run.


If anything Julia will reinforce the anti Vanessa sentiment in the Jury House and in the end give her NO chance of winning the $500K.


Exciting HOH that will turn out terrible. I’m hoping Vanessa wins just to see her nom Steve/J Mac personally so the one that stays knows exactly where they sit. We are likely to get Liztin as HOH but I really want Johnnie to win HOH giving Steve a better chance to stay.

Favourite evictions of the season
Meg- saving Van was best for her game….hehehe
Juju- any old twin in a storm
Then there were 11- get me to the jury….. should have been a lot more strategy/risk taking with the stipend in their pocket. As I have been fond of pointing out same money 11th as 3rd as……………
Jackie- another fool who flipped saving Van.
Shelli- if she and Van were not on the block together she could have gone far.
Becky- tried to play and targeting Van the smartest thing this season but as we all know Goblins suck!
James- was more of go along with Meg as far as save Van goes. He was good for the season IMO. AFP almost a rape as long as J Mac keeps sleeping.

Megs influence, of all the dimwits ever, fundamentally set the direction for the season. It amazes me to this day that Shelli was seen as more of a threat than Vanessa by the nooblins. Shelli was partially crippled with the lose of Clay……. ect ect
One more eviction after Juju then it’s win and your in time with F4.
Who takes who F2. I’m presuming Steve evicted next.
Van takes 1) Liz 2)J Mac
Austin 1) Liz 2) J Mac
Liz 1) Van 2) Austin( I know strange call)
J Mac 1) I really don’t know how he’d think this through. He might have drank the Koolaid and take Van he’s so non gamer
At this point my thinking is that if they get Steve and J Mac out 4th and 5th Liz sits F2 whether Van or Austin win. I think Liz would take Van over Austin strangely enough. It also appears that perhaps J Mac sits F2 if he can get Liz out F4. I don’t think Van or Austin will take each other. If Van and Austin are F3 the 3rd person gets 50K IMHO.
Note: at this point last season we all knew the out come so at least there are still possibilities for this season.


All that needed to be said was your last line, “Still possibilities for this season…”


I appreciate the longer posts, often very useful recaps. Thanks, ‘Anon’.


Impromptu opinion poll:
Which houseguest (evicted or remaining) do you think has played the game with integrity?
(Not Van’s definition of the word)

Pinocchio Obama



^^ none of the above^^
Of those left J Mac might be closest but throwing comps is hardly integrity and BB just don’t go together. Steve doesn’t qualify either Liztin no as well. you could be any HG’s biggest fan and be hard pressed to argue integrity with any of them.


Vanessa is one of the more interesting villains of all time. Unlike her past counterparts, you don’t even love to hate her. You simply hate her and don’t want to even look at her. Robyn Kass did another terrible job casting this season, and time is beginning to run out. Next summer has got to be better or I feel even loyal Big Brother followers will move on. Season 14 was the last season with people you could root for down the stretch. Real shame too, because go back a few weeks ago when Becky was HOH and this had the makings of a good season. Oh well I guess.


Julia was the nicer of the two 🙁

I miss Scary James

Did anyone else notice how bad of an actor Steve was last night? During the veto ceremony, he “acted” surprised that Austin would use the veto on himself. Then he “struggled” with nominating JuJu as the replacement. Bad acting. And, as mentioned in prior post, what’s with the repetitive hand gestures in DR? He looked so desparate to be voted AF. And (last one, I swear) during the dental conversation with Jmac last night, Steve asked what an oncologist was. Really? You’ve never heard that term before? Trying being real for once, Steve. You would have a much better chance at AF if you would drop the crocodile tears act.

Whats th issue?

I don’t undersnd why Vanessa is referred to as a bully or master manipulator. Its Big Brother.Be the manipulator or be manipulated. Its the nature of the game, no? Her game is quite similar to Derek last season… but because she is an emotional person…as she has admitted… she is called a bitch or a bully.


I’m not at all a fan of Vanessa, but if they are stupid enough to let her manipulate them then it’s their own fault. It’s play or be played. James for America’s Favorite Player!


She is a bully b/c she coerces people into doing her bidding. Remember a few weeks back in the Cabana room she confronted JohnnyMac after the Clay “fight” thing and Johnny couldn’t even get a few words in. He finally did and she cut him off and started berating him and he called what she was doing bullying and she got all offended. She does this constantly she berates people endlessly and then ends everything with “but I’m a REALLY GOOD Person” BS.

Look how she played Julia in the Veto (then took no responsibility for it) then after telling the Twins she would vote however they wanted forced Liz to agree to her laundry list of demands to not vote her out.


I’m sorry but the “Vanessa’s a bully” thing is getting old. There is no threat of physical violence from her. People just need to put on their big boy/girl pants and stop doing what she wants them to. The thing is, people also benefit from her game moves, she’s done a lot for Austin and the twins. Calling out a player on BB for lying, manipulating and playing both sides is like handing out speeding tickets at a Nascar race.


I can’t speak for everyone, but the issue I have with her is that there is absolutely no one that she is loyal to, and she has no integrity with anyone. There is not one other player that she has even been mostly honest with. She’s completely selfish and has no genuine regard for anyone other than herself. Derek may have told some half-truths or even lies during his tenure last season, but he was always honest with Cody, from day 1, and he was mostly honest with and genuinely cared for Victoria. I’ve spent the entire season feeling sincerely sorry for her girlfriend, who probably endures this psychological warfare on a daily basis. She already has money from her gambling endeavors, so she’s really just selling her soul for the sport of it.


I like your post but I’d like to add this. It’s hard to like someone or even respect them when you cannot see the good side in them. Very few people are pure evil but there are a few. She needed someone to play off of for us fans. It’s hard to stay on top of her strategy as she maneuvers one target then another. I think she would be seen in a better light if she had a running buddy. I think in JM’s case he’d be seen less favourably with all the throwing comps talks that would have inevitably happened. Steve trying to do through solo camera talks not working well either. Not many buying the Skankmance so really James/Meg by default though unlike many I thought Clelli weren’t terrible.

Haven’t written this much either…. It’s a social game. I wrote the other day I thought Austin was set up pretty good with the jury if he can F2. When not skanking his social was decent. Steve and JM nope. The twins a hot social mess within the house. Van talks to everyone. But the manipulation I don’t see as social. Not a stellar year for that side of the game.


If she’s anything like Derrick…he’s the good cop and she’s the bad cop. He uses being nice to everyone to his advantage and Vanessa will knock the shit out of you with a phone book and yell in your face to get what she wants. There really is no comparison.

Completely Unlikable

Vanessa is incapable of carrying a conversation that isn’t self serving and pathological in lying when unnecessary. She overstates her prowess and insults others intelligence due to hyper competitiveness and extremely low self esteem. It doesn’t matter what the topic, she one ups, rolls her eyes, discounts and barely tolerates anyone else. She avoids contact except to use others as tools or give the appearance she cats only to turn the conversation back to get mastery, others fucking up and need for her tedious advice or they’ll continental to live their useless lives. Everything shevdoes, did, would do, thought, felt, ate, experienced is better. She’s brainwashed everyone they’re stupid and about to die, so they follow her like zombies. They dont hang with her to relax, because she’s fun, or interesting. When her mastery of the material world has bored everyone to self evicting, she preaches her known it all word vomit pretending to know the Bible better than God. She’s not helping everyone like an earth mother, she’s a motherfucker her favorite word for everyone else. Derrick, while manipulative, actually carried on conversations and was genuinely interested in someone other than himself.


Time to act smart, HGs.

Two against two is better than keeping a wildcard in the game.

If Austin/Liz pair with Steve/JMac for one week, they have a 75 percent chance of winning HOH (Austin, Liz, JMac v. Vanessa). At that point, JMac as HOH nominates Liz and Austin. Either Liz or Austin as HOH nominates Steve and JMac. Veto is the play this week — and if you get together, you have an 80 percent chance of winning that — and putting up Vanessa as a renom and booting her out of the house.

Of course, everyone wants be be able to play for Final Four HOH, so I wonder how many of these people will throw tonight’s HOH comp. Perhaps Vanessa is feeling secure with so two hands in everyone’s cookie jars.

Either way, I expect Austin to gun for HOH tonight, with Vanessa as his final target.


The correct deal which won’t get made is as follows if Van is the next target. 2+2 get together agree Van must go up initially. This gives her only control of her POV. She cannot get the person not on the block up as she could if not nominated. Steve/J Mac side noms Liztin(1) plus Van. Anyone but Van wins POV Nessa goes home. If Nessa wins POV the understanding is the non HOH team loses a person. They can then take a second shot F4 unless Van flips them.
Anything that leaves Van off the block makes no sense when all play POV. At some point you have to declare intensions and we are definitely there.
Glimmer of hope Austin is serious about going after Vanessa. I think it’s mostly production pushing to get footage unfortunately. At this point I think everyone’s trying next HOH. Liztin actually nominating Van I highly doubt it. That might blow smoke up our collective butts about blindsiding her. Steve/J Mac going up IMO unless JM wins HOH. If either wins POV then maybe Van goes up and out. No ones growing a pair to front door her.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Vanessa is a shit person from the inside and from the outside.

The show is SUPER-BORING right now and to push it deep into the second half of September was a major CBS mistake. The ONLY interesting question is whether or not James will take the AFP title. The rest is totally irrelevant: boogereating failed engineer Sssssteve, or the poker player –human filth– Vanessa, whorish Jiz sister, despicable Austin or whacky dentist — ultimate floater — Johnny wrhaarhaaaa Mac… completely ludicrous.


Every week we say

If Vanessa doesn’t go this week, I’m done with this show… Hahahahahahahah!! Fuck you CBS!!


I read about BBC All Stars 2 Google Julie Chen announces the biggest shock of all Big Brother all stars 2
This was written on August 6 2015


Steve has top many weird personality defaults to list, but why does he sit in the corner up in the HOH room?

And I don’t know what’s worse than a stage 5 clinger, but whatever it is, Austin is it. He’s so fucking gross and insecure, he can’t ever let Liz be more than 2 feet away. He has to follow her and watch her brush her teeth? Does he do the same thing when she uses the restroom? Better hope you win that money Austin or Liz will be doing the nasty with Jeff at the wrap party. That clinger shit gets old, real fast. I’m shocked that she hasn’t already told him to back off and give her some breathing room.

Kayla K

I read about BB18 All Stars 2 Google Julie Chen announces the biggest shock of all Big Brother all stars 2
This was written on August 6 2015


I really wish someone would do a “Tell-all” for what really goes on behind the scenes of BB. This show has gotten so scripted it’s ridiculous! Vanessa will obviously be the winner of BB17.

Chill this Town

its amazing to me that in a season where such strong competitors went early, that suddenly the 2 weakest(meg, Julia) were targeted and voted out instead of going after a bigger threat.

Meg and Julia….unbelievable. meanwhile MAC ATTACK sits there and wonders why people are paving his way to F2 for him. I laugh every time there is an argument or game discussion, and he just sits there. MAC is basically a viewer who is placed in the house to give commentary on the actual game.

Double D

Winning this HOH sucks because next HOH is guaranteed final 3


Only if you survive this week. This is why John threw the last HoH. He knew he was safe with Steve last week and that the remaining Austin/twin would probably put Steve and John up if they won. John wants to win this week and I’m guessing take out either Austin or Vanessa…only two people vote and John as HoH would be the tie breaker.
I think he knows that the veto winner during the following week (final 4) decides who goes home.


One of the people posting on this site who’s name is “Anonymous”, not sure which one, works for CBS and is trying to do damage control.. They have lost tooo many live feeders and their television audience is dwindling. Julie Chen is OUT next season!! This should be good!!


Considering Julie Chen is married to Les Moonves, I doubt she’s going anywhere unless she wants to. Everyone else gets fired first.


You took the bait!! Haha

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts

13 DAYS LEFT !!!


Would love to see Steve and vanessa on the block. Why didn’t they just give vanessa the other show? Why did she need to be on BB to get it?


Julia whats 2+2 ? Potato ? Um no Hun we were looking for 4 … Oooooooooooooooo .


Hoping the HOH tonight is won by JMac, he puts up Austwin. One wins Veto, Vanessa goes up and out the door next Thursday. Not that I hate her, just like to see some gutsy move.

Vanessa deserves this

I’m sorry… I was so annoyed with Vanessa for awhile, but the fact that this girl was able to get Julia to pick Austin in the POV and cover her butt after with all 3 of them – the girl deserves this money! Yes she’s annoying, crying all the time… But she’s REALLY playing the game! Rooting for Johnny Mac but if Vanessa won I wouldn’t be upset – she’s manipulated the entire house, which IS big brother.


Vanessa is playing cut-throat. But it’s very uncomfortable to see a woman lie, deceive, manipulate and trick people (in other words, play BB). The only way a woman should get this far in BB is to play nice and dumb, flirt, and get dragged to to the end by a big, strong, smart man.


Oh! You mean Liz.


They know as a group they could scamper – call a quik meeting. – realize as a whole they have an 80% chance of winning hoh over Vanessa – the one guy who may do sumthing shady can’t play – after all fuckin this misguided shit – throw her up – if she vetos it ……. Welp . Not one of them wants to go any further with her .. They are all so stupid it makes me so fucking pissed . Make her earn it dude ! I could not imagine looking into my dads eyes coming home from this while #1 strongest person ( right or wrong ) just skates by ??? Like dude they are not even fucking trying ????? Now they will help her with jury. ?? C’mon !!! Where’s ur spirit ? Gameplay ? Baffled . It’s got to be fucking fixed . If not they all suck and took spots from people that would have died for the opp . Shameful fucking pussies.

Just saying

Steve acts like Bobby Boucher from the Waterboy…

Raid endorsement

Seriously. Did they build the house on top of a giant ant hill? Every year the ants are the only HG not evicted.

Maybe the ants are a secret twist? WAIT! I’VE GOT IT! The ants are Team America! Mission? Annoy and disgust all HG while being more likeable than anyone who remains.


Grandma G

There was a made for TV movie about 40 years ago called Lakewood Mannor (CBS maybe) and they were excavating a piece of land near Lakewood Mannor and it angered all the ants that had lived there for years and they became killer ants and attacked the people inside the mannor. Maybe this is our final twist and promotion for a new movie and the ants will kill the final 2 in the BB house .

AKA Twistin'...

At the risk of being ostracized here, I am going state the case for those people in the house being called idiots for letting Vanessa get away with her shit, and here it is:
This game started out years ago as a social experiment with a prize and is still considered a social experiment with a prize. 16 strangers from all over move in to a house and attempt to live amicably together for 3 months. It is surely about the game and how much wheeling and dealing gets done but the social aspect of it is still a really important piece. I get frustrated watching some of these HGs let her run all over them too and think if it was me I would set her straight…but we have much more insight into her character than they do. It’s easy for us to say they should do this and do that but they just don’t know all that we do. I don’t think any of these people are idiots though I might have called them that a time or two…but in the literal sense? I don’t think so at all. All of these people are degreed and one of them is a dentist. They are no dummies IMO. Even the twins are both degreed.

Think about it like this: you have that co-worker in the office who just works your #$(#*%* nerves for whatever reason…you can’t just go up to that person and call them out on it. Instead, you meet your peers at the water cooler and talk shit about that person when to his/her face you are nice and professional. At home, “she’s a bitch” or “he’s an asshole”…same conceptual social dynamics in that house. I’m not gonna call my co-worker out because it might cause me trouble on the job. I’m not going to call Vanessa out because then she would be after me….

I will say that what you see is what you get – after 3 months of being in that house, you can believe that any fasad these people were trying to pull off about their character flaws has long been exposed. Vanessa is a nasty, conniving, delusional bully…the twins are trashy party girls who, Steve is extremely intelligent but absolutely does NOT want to hurt anyone’s feelings which makes him look cowardly…and so on and so on.

Idiots these people are not. But I couldn’t necessarily align with many of them as friends on the “outside” world. I’m way to cool for all that drama. 🙂 All this to say… I’m just saying! Take it or leave it.


I read a lot of comments about how to make the game more interesting. Why don’t they have the competitions rig so that one predetermined position in the competition will be on the block except the winner and runner up. The audience will know before comp but the houseguests don’t. The second place will be a have not with his choice of have nots. Only when HOH says his nomination will the other one be announced. Of that position changes with each competition.

Vanessa's Broomstick

If the loser was on the block automatically it sure would get rid of people throwing the comps all the time.


Not really once the first person is out…the others can still throw it.


Some comps are done individually so it would sure work on those.


with finale of 2 shows people cantsee what going happen next week on BB rating wars~


dawg simon will there be a special veto be p;layed next week with 2 other shows on finale night?


well with masterchef and agt both on finale night and bb better on something special beong played


just saw dawg
9/2 – Wednesday 8/7c
9/3 – Thursday 9/8c – Double Eviction
9/6 – Sunday 8/7c
9/9 – Wednesday 8/7c
9/10 – Thursday 9/8c – Live F6 Eviction
9/13 – Sunday 8/7c
9/14 – Monday TBD – Feeds go down to tape eviction
9/15 – Tuesday 8/7c – F5 Eviction episode
9/15 – Tuesday TBD – Feeds return
9/16 – Wednesday 8/7c – Special Live F4 Eviction
9/17 – No episode – Thursday night NFL
9/20 – Sunday 8/7c
9/23 – Wednesday 9:30/8:30c – Season Finale, 90 minutes


i belive venssa will throw hoh tonight
I belive Austin will win hoh tonight

Vanessa's Broomstick

I hope you are right on both counts and Austin bounces Vanessa.

Roll Tide

Austin does not have the balls to nominate Vanessa. He is all about entertaining the folks at home, so he can get a show. Nessa will spew her venom mist right after he wins then he will do as his master says. Austin is a follower. Not a leader.


does she really think when you know rthere something big going down next week anyways?

twistin with the twins

I think Nessie asking Julia to manipulate the jury may have sealed her fate. Usually the past juries appreciate game play but in Nessies case I don’t think that’s going to work. She is really an unpleasant person on so many levels. Unfortunately she is playing with a bunch of people (Becky not included) that have allowed themselves to drink the koolaid rather than deal with her. It would have been epic to see someone like Evil Dick put her in her place. I’m still holding out that she will get her just do. Not too many people get under my skin in BB because they are playing a game but Nessie just makes my skin crawl.


i wouldnt wanna hoh next week if there going be special kind of veto be played next week because of 2 show are in finales~


Just saying: we are watching BB, expect the unexpected. So each houseguest comes with their own qualities, some have strong leadership, some are followers, some are oblivious, kind of like the real world. With the exception of not being able to leave and to win money in this social game. Like the real world we have the good, bad and indifferent. IMO: players who are able to take charge, change situations, under mind the authority of the leaders, and still be socially accepted, (still in the game) the unexpected is that we on the outside believe those on the inside have to follow the same social rules from the outside, they don’t they are playing a game. To be the last person standing because other houseguest could not figure out their creative living amongst strangers: it’s a game best person wins. Like it or not it’s a real window into real people…… Please no flack on my opinion, just me


Wow there going to evict another victoria. Are these people are idiots evict meg then julia. I cannot believe that the final 5 is going to be intense with everyone. If I was austin, liz, or jmac its the time to send vanessa to go home. It pointless to keep her the final 4 the veto is the only that counts. I felt that steve and jmac should have final 4 with james and meg because they weren’t mental competitors it was cake walk. Oh well steve was dumb.


people forgot there could be a diamond or golden veto could played next week?


Hey Dawg/Simon. I couldn’t afford much but you got your tip. Thanks for all you do. I had to cut my feed time down to just checking in when Austwuss/Liz Ho had the HOH. The fact you guys managed to watch THAT earns my Respect–and concerns me a little…
Also thank your families and those who love you enough to still be there when summer’s over.


Vanessa if full of herself. she does things only for herself. but that julia vs austin in the veto thing made sense. bc picking austin and austin throwing it to her means she gets through to next round and then the other people kncok themselves out and best case her next challenge would be liz.. but the stupid gorrilla is full of shit too “oh im trying to save us all” cough cough bull shit bull shit. and did u see mr pectacular give austin the loser eye cause austin wants to be him so bad. a real wrestler. and mr pec knows austin is a rat and could steal liz away from her np what a goof

Rotten Tomato Meter for BB16 Houseguests

I would say 35%. To be nice. I like others am really torn on Vanessa’s gameplay. I also wish she would own the crazy she is being in the DR. Miss me my goblins, although I can also admit they were clueless. So who for the win? I am going to say Nessa, so the fans can get pissed off and hopefully production will get the hint to make some MAJOR changes next season. The laziness of the big brother takeover is laughable. They totally dropped the ball…I am a first time big brother viewer (got hooked and watched about 5 other seasons in between this one) and much thanks to dawg and simon! you made working in a call center less horrible by allowing me to read and laugh at all the things these HG’s have said over the last 3 months!


I would love for John not to throw the HOH, and win it. Would love for Liz and Austin to go up and Vanessa be the replacement nominee if Veto gets played!