“She’s Going to win, She played an untouchable game, I’m applauding it”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 19-59-21-005

7:37pm bedroom Steve and Vanessa
Steve hopes he’s positively received by the fans he doesn’t care if he’s America’s favorite just hopes he’s not hated.
Jmac joins them.. they start chit chatting about recording equipment.. Steve has a tascam with 8 analog inputs…

7:59pm Chilling (Image above)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 20-05-22-523

8:04pm bedroom Julia and Austin
Julia says Steve is acting weird.
Julia – is anyone flipping the vote
Austin – if she flips the vote she’s f***g herself with us
Austin – Julia.. when are you talking to John
Julia – tomorrow

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 20-08-53-928

8:04pm Hammock room Steve and Liz
Steve asks for a favor if she wins HOH and he’s on the block could she break it in her favor
Liz – Yes.. I was thinking something along those lines to
Steve – you have every right to be upset with me from a strategic level.. is that a reasonable thing to ask
Liz – that’s a reasonable thing.. I’m not swearing on my family

Steve – I’m sorry I was delusional that morning.. I Should not have done that, that was 100% my error. i’m sorry I did that it was a result of me being delusional..
Steve says he understands she’ll nominate him if she wins HOH.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 20-13-13-333

8:20pm Bedroom boy and Austin
Chit chatting about Vanessa and the POV.
Austin – She’s really good, she’s Going to win.. if she’s in final 2.. I think she might.. She played an untouchable game, I’m applauding it.
Austin points out that before jury Vanessa held much of the power in the house. Austin stresses Vanessa is going to win this game.
Steve hopes Liz makes a decision based on game and not based on personal reasons.
Austin says she will be game focused with him in the game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 20-40-29-428

8:38pm Twins and Austin
Austin says jmac and Steve will say they’re against Vanessa but if she wins HOH they’ll be with Vanessa.
Austin tells them they have to play nice with Steve he can’t play in the HOH but he might win the Veto.
Austin says they have to win the HOH.
Liz says Steve is terrified of her and rightfully so.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 20-45-30-159

8:44pm Chess…

[envira-gallery id=”132923″]

8:53pm Liz tells Austin she wouldn’t be attracted to him if he was as tall as her.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 21-32-56-802

9:34pm Pot Ball Begins

10:13pm Pot ball ends. Team stiz wins.

10:22pm Boy and Julia giggling around. Steve chases her around grabs her and threatens to tickle.
Julia hides in the bed with Liz and Austin.

[envira-gallery id=”132932″]
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 23-03-37-848
11:01pm major chess tournament winner gets a box of candies from steve .

11:20pm Liz and Julia beat Austin.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-09 23-37-38-081

11:37pm CHESS!

11:51pm Twins practicing their speech in the Hammock room.
Julia wanted to say “Welcome to the block sissy”
Liz doesn’t like that says she’s not the block expert like Johnnymac and she hates “Sissy”

12:00am Austin beats Steve in chess.. the twins continue to practice their speeches

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-10 02-51-53-038
12am In the kitchen – Steve asks Austin you do understand why I had to put you up next to her right? Austin says because if I had won the veto and saved her. Steve says exactly. I’m pretty sure its the exact same reason you wanted to put me next to Johnny. Austin says yeah, its fine. Steve says we did it to each other. There’s no betrayal of trust or anything. Austin says no, you told me and I told you. Steve says you know about the family thing I asked for? It was tacky and I don’t even remember it. Its smart for what is going to get her further and not for vengeance. Austin agrees. Steve says I’m just nervous about the comps coming up. Austin says If Johnny Mac wins we can make it work the three of us guys. I think if Vanessa wins she still has to go for Johnny Mac. But who knows during her last HOH she wouldn’t even put him up. Steve says I think she put up Julia only to make sure Meg went. Austin talks about how during the veto comp Vanessa told Julia to pick him. Steve asks you’re worried she wanted you out this week? Austin says maybe, I hope not. I don’t want to get paranoid and over think things, it could have been an honest mistake. Austin says I am not Clay. Don’t get me wrong if I won I would spend lots of money on Liz. Austin talks about the he and Liz being an unexpected blooming romance. Steve says it was because she had a thing with Jace. Austin says he forced it on her. Steve says and Jeff. Austin says he forced it on her too.

12am – 12:25am In the cabana room – The twins continue to practice their speeches but decide to sleep on it to figure out exactly what to say.

1am Steve, Julia, Austin and Liz are horsing around trying to scare each other and fooling around. Then Austin tells a “scary story” in the bedroom.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-10 03-13-07-762
1:40am – 2am They head to the bedroom and Austin and Liz start studying the days.

2:40am All the house guests are sleeping

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Thank God Vanessa wasn’t around in the 1940’s she would of told Hitler that she had ran the numbers and if he wanted his final solution he needed to listen to her and her only.

Yes I went there


Hitler wouldn’t has listened to Vanessa, she’s gay. He sent gay people to the gas chamber, along with 4 million Jews. So much for your attempt at humor.


Learn your history – it was 6 million Jews – and I find your comment offensive…


What I find offensive is all the thumbs down for stating a fact. Yes, Hitler murdered 6 million Jews. 11 million people in total. Including gays and the mentally challenged. As a historian of WWII history I don’t think it’s funny at all. Some people choose to be ignorant…


Learn your history – it was 6 million Jews – and I find these comments offensive…


It was 6 million Mr history buff, also Hitler was part Jew


She’s a Jew so I don’t think she would have anything to do with him.


Where have you heard/seen that Vanessa is Jewish? Not that it matters, but I thought she was French Canadian, which more than likely equals CATHOLIC. Regardless, Hitler would’ve euthanized her for being gay, being a woman, and being mentally unstable. You should see the types of “places” the Nazis sent the mentally ill! It was all about eugenics; Hitler wanted to wipe out any “imperfection” he saw in the human race. Good thing he offed *himself* in the end!!! He erased a main sourse of evil there. Sadly, he was not able to eradicate evil altother. We see it all around us. I am personally subjected to evil every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. CBS tortures me with mind-numbing, embarrassing, inane episodes of Big Brother 17. That’s evil. I must be a masochist. I keep tuning in and subjecting myself to it!


Vanessa SAID on live feeds last week that she is part Jewish. So did Austin and Steve in the same conversation and said another HG was too. Not that it matters but just clarifying


LOL ….. I can’t stop laughing.. People have become SO funny…. My mother was Mormon, but I’m 100% Christian… Religion is a Choice, you are or you are not… But that was a good laugh…

Well, stop laughing...

Judaism is a heritage as well as a religious faith. My father and his ancestors were Russian Jews. My mother is Irish Catholic, converted to Jewish. If I chose not to worship in the Jewish religion, Judaism would still be part of my heritage.


In answer to your question, the girls were talking one night (Vanessa and the twins) and were talking how they and Austin where all half Jewish and had that in common.


I read somewhere Vanessa has dual passports for France and USA. Her girlfriend is French Canadian. I think Rousso is an Italian name.


There are lots of Italian Jews…


There are lots of Italian Jews…


Steve and Vanessa had a conversation about how both their parents were one Christian and one Jew.


I’m not sure why almost every time I post, the post doesn’t go through to the message board. Then just to be sure it’s not a screening delay, I’ll wait 15 minutes, and refresh the page. But often, my message is still not uploaded. So then I’ll repost it. Just afterwards – several minutes after my 2nd posting is published saying the same thing – my original post shows up! Then I have two posts saying the same thing but slightly different. It makes me look like a bozo. It has happened to me a couple times this season and last (I don’t post much). Is it my iPad? Or is there an issue with OBB? Do you pre-read the posts in case they’re not suitable for publishing? Why is there a delay at all between “post comment” and seeing it in the thread? If my other post recent doesn’t show up here (that I supposedly uploaded 20-30 minutes ago), I’ll have to try to remember all that I wrote and I’ll repost if I can remember. It probably was unimportant, anyway. I was adding a little about Scaressa.


Comments are moderated (but not heavily I think). It can take some time for a post to show up. You just have to wait a bit, they will show up.


Comments can take few minutes to several hours if it’s during a time when Simon and Dawg are being slackers and sleeping or earning a living. They are just two people having to listen to some of the most boring and inane chatter in the BB house so we don’t have to.
They should have gotten a medal for last season…

What A Season

I’d normally be pretty offended by someone using Hitler references in relation to a reality TV show.

But Vanessa fanboys rationalizing and coming up with “reasons why not”… someone was awarded the Irony Cross tonight..

Ian's lament

Things seem to be getting way off topic tonight.


So true, forgot where I was for a minute.


Still tickets available to the BB Wrap Party if you wanna show up and kick these players in the nuts in person! Let’s go!


Vote out Liz FFS


Listen People, if you’re sure Vanessa is going to win the game, VOTE HER THE HELL OUT! What are you waiting for. I can’t stomach Austwits either, but SHE’S GOTTA GO.


LMAO! That’s been their dumbass strategy/logic all season long. I couldn’t tell you how many conversations I heard this season about so in so is a threat in the HOH comp but I’m still gonna vote out the other person. Lol. I’ve never seen anything like it. In years past they would’ve just voted out that person then you don’t have to worry about them winning HOH if they’re not there. DUH! This cast is unbelievably ignorant. It’s quite sad, really.


I agree, and it was the same way last season as well. I told my wife that I hope CBS starts casting more competitive people….people that are genuinely there to try to win. This is two seasons in a row with no truly big moves until the very end…with those running the game rarely if ever even strongly considered for nomination. Going back 3 seasons, with Helen and her “it’s too soon….everyone should vote with the house”, we’ve been stuck with relatively dull, safe gameplay for the most part. Too many playing to be safe for one more week without looking at what they are facing two, three, or more weeks down the road if they don’t make a meaningful move. Perfect example is the Goblins this year. They screw over Becky to evict Shelli and save Vanessa….a few weeks later, Becky and all three Goblins are gone.


Did everyone forget that shelli was playing with the same side as Vanessa so it really didn’t matter which one they would have taken out the same scenario would have happened


Same ole same ole tired posting about Shelli and Vanessa. They were working with the same people and the only difference now would’ve been Shelli would’ve been in the game instead of Vanessa. The goblins would’ve all been gone. You just get Vanessa hater/lover vs Shelli hater/lover vs goblin haters ranting and raving about something that would’ve made no difference to the goblins.


No, your wrong! Shelli was 100% with Johnny Mac and Steve. She was actually going to target a person from each side of the house had she stayed. She was going after Austin and James. So, no it would not have been the same if she stayed. She most likely would’ve linked up with Jackie and Meg at some point bc she liked them.


Austin got his taking points from production, just like Becky and James & Meg Clay & Shelli. If they want their stipend they have to read from the cards in DR & out. Vanessa is a master watch her this fall on CBS new show Poker Face. Can you keep a straight face when you hear her say integrity or lecture from the Bible.

Liz & Judas talk the Vegas pay off trip & BB scams he’ll run, sell all our clothes on eBay, he’s highjacked potball, and if you send him a picture playing at home, he’ll send an autographed picture. He’s even selling his Judas Hat. Can he keep his head on winning money here or has he given up like James?


Big Brother is not a game show; it’s a comedy series. Everything’s scripted. It’s been written so it shall be done: Vanessa is the winner with John being AF. Look how it’s been edited. Vanessa as the genius gamer and John as a fun loving goof. No other outcome could’ve come from this except for Vanesa as the winner


Vanessa has slowly started to disgust me– more than Jiz and Austin making out!!!!! I cannot believe she continues to say, “I’ve kept my integrity throughout this game.” THEN she swears on her lover and family that she meant nothing by telling Julia to go up against Austin in the POV. She has reached Dan & the Bible Status!!!! And watching the show really made me feel bad for Austin! The stupid idiots actually believed Vanessa (Don’t tell me they went to Loyola Univ. because if they did, that school just went down 100 notches in merits).

I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM ABOUT TO WRITE THIS… BUt…….. I actually want Jiz and Austin in the finals with JMac. I have changed my mind several times… but, I think I am done… THAT’s who I want…!!!!!!!!!


I agree, but for me to be fully on board they can’t just accidentally be forced to evict her, they have to start focusing on her as their #1 target. they say all that stuff, and then they go, oh, but steve/jmac for sure FIRST. like, really, in what scenario do you want to keep in someone who is a for sure f2 with everyone except liz going to benefit any austwin or anyone other than vanessa?


Austin is saying that in order to get into Steve’s head that he should drop her. He’s planting seeds that she will win regardless of whom she’s against. He’s afraid to be blunt as he still fears Steve will run back to Vanessa and relay the conversation. He’s subtly feeling Steve out and attempting to make Vanessa a target.


Hey Austin: Stop applauding Vanessa and try to win you dumbass!


These people are pathetic….they are still playing this game and giving up already to Vanessa….uh she won’t win if you idiots wisen up and get her out! Never seen so many spineless people in my life. Vanessa def has more male parts than Austin

They Just Heard Van Got Her Own Show

All the living at home with Mommy losers just heard Van’s getting her own show so they’re lining up behind the so-called master for a job. Like the one she offered Jason. Production had to let that one slip so Van didn’t get evicted. They save her every time her crazy gets her back in trouble. She used to sob cry tantrums and accuse dealers & house in poker too. She has crazy reputation which is what CBS is banking on. That’s why they canceled all the comps twists takeovers this is a scripted drama. When does mommy come and pick up Skeve?


So it is a official everyone has deals with everyone going into tomorrow. Only tight alliance is Aus/Liz. Otherwise everyone else will do whatever it takes to not be evicted.

I think I'm done with Big Brother

I thought last years house guest were the worst ones yet, but this years take the cake. This has been the most boring and annoying group to date. I don’t even care about them enough to dislike them or even care who wins. I have watched every big brother to date and the show just keeps going down hill. With so many interesting people out there, these are the people they chose? I don’t get it. Who is in charge of picking the house guests- I think maybe they should be fired. I don’t even watch the show anymore, I just occasionally look at this website just to see who is still in the house. I think they should just end the show or get a different staff to run and choose the guests. I think I may finally be done with BB. Kinda sad after all these years.


no season is worse than BB16 for universal unlikability of cast.


Hey Coco you obviously did not see season 9 an incredible group
of assholes.


was season 9 the one where the winner invested the $ in the oxycontin trade? 2 of the dudes went to jail and a female was giving bj’s in the house ?
yes…im surprised BB wasnt cancelled after that!


OMG…Season 9.
Crazy James, Chelsea, Amanda, the huge backyard fight all in addition to Natalie giving Matt undercover (pun intended) bjs.


true that


Did anyone watch that season? Lol…it was the absolute worst I couldn’t even get through the first episode and I’ve watched every other season all the way through no matter how bad it sucked!


I agree, season 9 was the worst cast full unlikeable people. Season 16 had the most boring group.


Totally Agree! i couldn’t watch it, and didn’t watch any until BB14 again. I went back and watched seasons 10-13 after but that half season of BB9 killed BB for me for 3 years.




If they choose a houseguest with a brain that isn’t pliable, they run the risk of having one that they cannot script. The network knows this very well; which is why they choose the people that they do.

It becomes a revolving issue because certain pliable behaviors are pushed by production. Any person who came into the cast ignorant of that either learns quick or gets a quick tide turn against them. After a few seasons of fans seeing people act like idiots and they barely need coaxed into doing it when they become a cast member.

That is probably why so called “super fan” cast members like Steve keep saying how good of a player Vanessa is. She would never compare to even mediocre real gamers but compared to the whining simpletons or pliable survivors in the house… he thinks she is good.

Like damn bruh

Who watched the show tonight? Wtf is up with Steve in the diary room?


Uh…I think that’s Austins hint we got to take her out next. If you don’t and I’m in the jury, you’re not getting my vote.


Lol, I can’t with Steve in the DR. And he’s so expressive like he’s some mastermind when Vanessa has her hand in his back.

Double D

Last nights show was the best in years. With all the drama, and Vanessa’s move and then watching her get away with it. Not a vanessa fan, but man she is controlling this house.


I agree I have not laughed so hard at an episode the entire time I have watched and I have watched every season. JMAC’s commentary was hilarious and Austin going into “roid” rage during the Veto was top notch TV. If only every episode was that funny.
Too bad they are so stupid that they believed Vanessa’s reasoning for why she told Julia to pick Austin.

Lights, Camera, Stage & Script

This is not a reality show. Talkin heads, comps all scripted. Feeds completely different than broadcasts. Casting characters who never saw show can be manipulated. Recruits and prepping contestants by cameramen, producers, handlers. Rules only apply to some guests lIke returning Jury members disqualified, while others cheat bribe pay off gift bully flagrantly. Cross show marketing, tailor-made comps gimmicks editing with chosen winner changing clothes several times during fake filming.

At the end of the day

Quite similar to the world of wrestling.


I agree LOL Vanessa is a genius! I don’t know why everyone hates her so much?? She is playing an incredible game. I agree she needs to shut down all the “integrity” talk, but whatever, it’s working in the house. We can all sit back and be armchair quarterbacks and talk about how poor everyone’s game is and how boring the cast is but I’d like to see you all try it! No way i’d even last a day in that house I don’t think. Gotta have nerves of steal, a very good poker face and definitely leave your morals at the door. It’s a game, not “how nice can you be to your fellow housemates”! Of course she’s going to lie and manipulate, THAT’S THE POINT OF THE GAME PEOPLE!! sheeesh!!! LOL


Vanessa is controlling the house – and she’s not even in a duo. That’s why I’m a fan.

April has left Paris

Can’t wait to see the dragon’s jaws drop when they realize they are the last to know all the things they think they are going to reveal to JMac. NO ONE will vote for you ever outside of each other


Whether vanessa is liked or not should not be a factor on the fact that she came to play. She does not need the money ;so she has played just for the game. Which is why she has been so cutthroat but no matter how much we dislike her she has managed to get this far and put the fear in hearts so she could stay. We may not like how she went about it(which is kind of ridiculous) since it is big brother. You have to lie, make deals and do what you have to (hell evil dick knew that) It’s about getting to the end by any means which have used like lying about a wife having a disease in order to move forward. So what she has done is what worked best for her. She deserves to win


Scaressa has been bribing houseguests with prize money, cars, gaming stakes, bullying them, lying while swearing with bible in hand, getting clues from home, supposedly, in her HOH baskets and help from production , I can go on and on…all the while self praising her loyalty, true heart and integrity .If you challenge her in the slightest, she goes ballistic or cries hysterically NON STOP and badgers each and every HG without ceasing. ENOUGH OF HER!


Okay. Turn off your monitor…and step away from the computer…It’s a TV show that you’re taking waaayyy too serious..how about a hobby called get a life!?


Yeah she’s not like you see on the main show. That’s why people still like her.


CBS has really done a lot of editing this season. No one in this cast is as they seem on the TV show. If I hadn’t been reading the spoilers I would have felt sorry for Liz last night. Did not show her truly selfish meltdown. And I don’t remember hearing any of the nasty things the twits have said about others.


Agree….I did spend a lot of time laughing and rewinding Austin’s win in a tutu! I just couldn’t take his “Judas” intensity seriously. It was embarrassing! I LOVED the comment “Austin, you have a lot of work to do!” His jealousy was a little scary when it came to Mr. Pectacular…….Austin, has NO CLUE how to be a boyfriend. He doesn’t even know how to kiss…..


Hmmmm let’s see now…

If James won:
James promised Jeff a truck
James promised Meg a year of paid rent
James promised Meg gifts

If Austin won
Austin promised the Twins to split $ 3 ways (lie)
Austin agreed to hand Vanessa a portion for stakes gambling $

If either Twin wins:
Liz splits $ 3 ways (promised to Austin & Julia)
Liz splits with Julia (1st or 2nd place)
Liz buys Julia a car
Julia promises same to Austin & Liz

So what’s the difference between them? Nothing – they all are making these deals – not just Vanessa!

I don’t doubt the rumours at all that Cody received a secret side deal from Derrick to up his 2nd place $. Caleb received a car from Derrick’s Dad. What was the purpose of doing that? Was that why Derrick is mad at Caleb? Is it just anger between Derrick’s Dad & himself like he claims or is it that his gift deal was exposed by Caleb? No one can say with truth so I tend to lean towards secret deals

I would place bets that many HGs (past, present and alumni) have secretly made $ or gift deals to get to the end. Prove me wrong!

Cheating is Cheating

Vanessa Cheated from day 1 at everything. James, Twins filed suit after Vanessa bragged she was a millionaire & had jobs, cars, cash, trips, splits, stakes, and actually asked CBS to write the contracts for her and check on legality. If her bribes were allowed why did get called into DR over and over return to the house and say I can’t offer that, I can’t give you $10,000 for going on the block Julia, Liz, I made a mistake like I do in poker, I got in big trouble, I got my last warning.

She cheats she gets caught she gets legal final reprimands from CBS on film on the record with apologies to the cast. Accept her personality flaws, her lack of mastery her inability to follow rules because she’s smarter than CBS, producers, cancer doctors, and Les Moonves. She gets blacklisted from casinos for counting cards and cheating at dice. Own it. Her wins are tainted, she’s unlikable, unrespectable. You can PR rep Lance Armstrong too. Work your NLP on someone else.


Oh please. Stop with your nlp bullshit. Get a grip. They listed several valid points, all of which are true and your response is they’re using some mindf*ck bs. Lol get outta here with that.

And Vanessa never once told any houseguest she was a “millionaire”. Now your just exaggerating to try to prove a point. Which your point is irrelevant in the first place. You’re not even answering any of the points brought up in the comment you’re responding to. You’re just rambling about Vanessa and mind control lol.

You sound a little coo coo yourself.


I don’t care who does it they all should’ve all been booted out for cheating Van, James, twins and Austin.
Its made the game a total joke you all go on about who has the best game but don’t care if they cheat? WOW

Go play a poker game with Van after the season is over for 10k let her have her team helping count cards and send her signals see if you like cheaters then.


You nailed it bbfan! Vanessa is awful. Last night I dreamed about bb, (may be too caught up these days). I dreamed that Boogie showed up in the house and blowed up Vanessa’s game. BB needs to go back and revisit old seasons – It doesn’t seem as real as it use to be, and the houseguests not as interesting or memorable. I’ve said it before, they should cast from the live feeders. All Superfans, and let them play without interference. Lately seems like I might as well watch a sitcom, or Dumb and Dumber.


CBS = cheating bribing station. Lost lots of respect & viewers.


They know Vanessa is playing everybody and she’s going to win the game but yet they won’t do anything about it…wtf…the chick deserves it compared to these folks.


Do you really think they are that dumb or is production telling them?
It seems production is playing them?
With all the hate they are going to get leaving the house this could get real ugly.

April has left Paris

All these pics-Austin is so Svengoolie! and I guess that makes the twins rubber chickens.


I am so ready for this season of BB to be over. Finale night hurry up and get here. I am ready for Survivor.


Austin is telling Steve that shit about Vanessa to get in Steve’s head. Would you want to take the person everyone is so sure would win? Well, maybe Steve would. Let’s see if Steve has any self preservation.


Hope JMAC and AUSTIN start working together.


Why would JMac do that? Austin will always be more loyal to Liz. JMac needs to work with whoever to split those two up.

Guy From Canada

I have to thumbs up this comment only cause they are my last two players in my BB pool lol!


I haven’t heard anyone say they are targeting Vanessa. Saying she going to win and she’s untouchable. Its like they are all trying for second place. What is wrong with these people? They do know they can evict her, right? Cuz it sure doesn’t sound like it. Its like they are all willing to lose as long as they have her approval. Everybody apologizes to her when they’re the ones on the block,she put them there but she’s the one crying. What is up with that, it just blows my mind. How were they able to get a whole house of people that could be that easy to manipulate? Great job BB.


Van is borderline emotionally abusive. The guys are all afraid of dealing with her crying, screaming and blubbering for days on end. Why they can’t just tell her to STUF, I don’t know but I am willing to bet that dealing with Vanessa’s intensity is much more difficult then it looks.
Liz, on the other hand, only cares about ensuring that a woman wins, even though she has Austin. *facepalm*


They can’t evict her, production will not let it happen……..that’s the only reason I can come up with, because NOBODY is this dumb, right?

Pot Kettle Black

I’m beginning to wonder myself how stupid these people are. Who gives a crap if Vanessa has another melt down… just ignore her. A week of hell is worth a half mill. Get. Her. Out.


This season certainly has been dumb,dumber,dumbest and boring.


This season just shows how casting should choose a more varied demographic of people; different age groups, backgrounds, etc. not just all twenty somethings who, at least with this cast, do not have seasoned life experiences and are a so gullible and easily swayed.


Maybe cast people who want to play the game, not trying to make a tv career out of it. This cast is trying to get jobs out of it, so more tv time the better. Sad thing is, they don’t have any talent to offer anyone. Even Jesse wasn’t impressed with Austin. I want to see people play because of the game and actually make big moves and think for themselves.

Pot Kettle Black

I doubt that we will have a another great season until CBS and Allison Grodner change things up a bit. The show has become so predictable…they knew what comp and when… they were pretty sure when it was time for double eviction. They need to have an All-Star season next, then revamp. Come up with some new comps. This season was all about twists…that lasted only 3 weeks. It’s too tired and boring. Maybe they need someone new heading up the details. I look forward to summer and guilty pleasure BB. Make it exciting again. Another let down year…


Okay. I loathe Vanessa… But that push for austin at the veto, she could win on that move alone. Julia is a kid, as it wasnt long ago Mommy and Daddy were calling all the shots. If she had some life experience, she would have only had to think about it for 20 seconds (tops), to let her brain catch up… Instead, she just jumps up and yells austin, all bright eyed and bushy tailed…. Deer in headlights.


It’s not hard to trick Julia. i think she is the WORST player who’s had ZERO knowledge of the game to date. There has been some people who played bad strategically (Devon from BB16) but at least he knew how the game goes and could win shit. Julia has been carried and coached what to do the entire game. I thought when she entered the house as herself she could venture out and talk game with the other side of the house that Liz couldn’t do because she was in Austins death grip. But NO! She decides to be a 3rd wheel. It’s not just what she did in the Veto. This week she was joking to Liz that they should practice holding hands going on the block together, not realizing that Liz would be already sitting on the block. (and who needs to practice holding hands? it’s not rocket science) And i believe last week she (might have been Liz) was gonna threaten Jmac if he wins VETO and uses it he’ll go up..ta fuck? I know Liz is a bigger threat but i want Julia out just for the fact she doesn’t know anything about this game and i’ll lose it if she’s in Final 2 and gets money for being nothing more than a DUMB whinny bitch!

I’m curious if anyone else here has a better pick for Dumbest house guest who doesn’t know the game from previous Big Brothers.


That is why they need older contestants, more life experience. But CBS picks the vacant pretty people they see on Tinder.


Wow Austin’s GF sent out a letter on social media its crazy she said she’s banged all his mates and says to ask them for the pics. She’s maxed all his credit cards sold his gear and is going on a holiday.
She’s taken the pets too.


HAHA Don’t shoot the messenger its on twitter lol


Well…if it’s on twitter, it must be true.


I never said it was 100% her but it could be I thought people would like to know.

I agree don’t believe everything you read


Has anyone else noticed that after the comps vanessa goes into that one room and stands there with that look on her face as if she is listening to the conversations going on. I wonder if you can hear things from that room or does BB have a bug in her ear. Cuz it really does look like she is listening very carefully with her eyes darting back and forth. Watch for it if you haven’t noticed it.

Guy From Canada

And the green beanie is the antennae 😉


Actually the walls are pretty thin on the set and I do recall someone in the house saying in certain rooms you can hear conversations in the next room. Not all of it, but you can pick up words here and there.


Here’s hoping CBS has one final twist…….when whichever twin is voted out tonight, Julie announces that since you originally came in this house together as one person you both are now evicted as if you were one person.


Now that would be AWESOME!!!


That would make me so happy and be a great twist fantastic idea 🙂

Good God...

So. I decided to learn a bit about Vanessa… Google for insight kind of thing.
Here’s a 2011 article about Chad, her husband, getting cancer:

The first sentence is: “There was a time when Vanessa Rousso would flash some of the worst reactions in the game ”
Next paragraph: “Gone is the girl who would shriek and sob about relatively little things like the turn of a card.” Wait, no… Vanessa is a master strategist or something, no? Always has been? Still is?
Next sentence: “In her place is a woman who understands there are more important things than poker; one who has found an even keel as a result” Yup, that’s where she’s at now.

Here’s some copy and paste from the ESPN article. Take it for what it is.

“I went and Googled every term used in every report and kind of became an expert,” Rousso said. “My uncle is an expert and when I read some of the terms to him, he wasn’t really familiar. He thought it was hysterical that I got a medical dictionary and learned about everything being written. All of that came in handy when we were making our decisions. I knew as much about it as the doctors. I was debating with the doctors. With cancer, it’s not cut and dry. The specialists were saying things that were contradictory. It’s kind of like debating optimal poker strategy.”

“I was better equipped to ask the questions when we met with the specialists. Otherwise you had to take their word”
“It was more important than any game I’ve ever played.”
“It’s awesome. It’s better. I have a better outlook. It’s more balanced. It’s better. I was still playing my best, but I was freer. Now, it’s just a game. There are bigger things. It gave me perspective. It’s just a game. It’s just money. Just a job.”

Just Curious

People on all the spoiler sites talk about production rigging the game and HGs getting hints in the DR. I wonder why no past players ever refute or confirm that. They probably have to sign a confidentiality agreement but they can come on anonymously and tell us the truth. I’m sure some past players check out this site all the time.

BB Historian

Evel DIck talks all the time about how production manipulates the game. I’m sure others do, too, if you follow their social media.

Just Curious

Thanks, will start checking some out.


The boss of CBS has said in his latest interview he’s not happy with this cast but didn’t say who?
Maybe Van wont be getting a show after all.
If he’s come out and said he’s not happy I’m sure someone in casting is getting the boot. GOOD

Guy From Canada

They contract out through KASTING INC…….they do work for CBS but are they owned by CBS or independently contracted?


Les Moonves is the “boss” at CBS as youu put it. And he NEVER said he wasn’t happy with this cast. I challenge you to post a legit article where he says this. Oh you can’t? Utu take your made up stories elsewhere.
You are a troll. And 90 percent of what you post is made up drivel. Take your little hater fake crap to another site. This is a respected BB fan site. I will end with that and not further dignify a troll.


You asked for an article where Les Moonves says he’s not happy with this cast. You’re right, he never said he wasn’t “happy” with this cast, but he does say it isn’t a great year for casting and that there are five or six disappointments. This is a legitimate article, so perhaps before calling someone a Troll you should do a little research.

In a rather stunningly blunt assessment, Les Moonves, the chairman and CEO of CBS and husband to Julie Chen, offered pointed criticism of Big Brother 17 as part of a wide-ranging interview with Vulture’s Joe Adalian. Here is that exchange, with Adalian in bold and Moonves’ responses following:

Adalian: And yet you’re still involved on a micro level with a lot of decisions. I’ve heard you still play a role in signing off on the cast for Big Brother …
Moonves: By the way, this wasn’t a great year for casting on Big Brother.
Adalian: Early on, the cast seemed pretty promising!
Moonves: I agree. Usually you have one or two disappointments. I think we had five or six disappointments.


Here is that exchange, with Adalian and Moonves’ responses following:

A: And yet you’re still involved on a micro level with a lot of decisions. I’ve heard you still play a role in signing off on the cast for Big Brother …
Moonves: By the way, this wasn’t a great year for casting on Big Brother.
A: Early on, the cast seemed pretty promising!
Moonves: I agree. Usually you have one or two disappointments. I think we had five or six disappointments. Another discussion.


This is a quote from his interview from vulture.com

We chatted twice, by telephone, for a total of just over 90 minutes, and covered a broad range of topics: the rapid evolution of the TV business, the rise of Netflix, the flux in late night, the FCC’s regulation of sex and language, and even the disappointing casting of this year’s edition of Big Brother.

Not a troll 🙂
He did say more but others have covered it already.


I’m sure lots of people like them this season it has had good ratings.
I liked the ones that got evicted first. I think if Jace, Da’vonne, Audrey ,Becky, James, Jackie and Jeff stayed a bit longer it would of been way more fun.
Steve, Van (only because if the bribe stuff) J-mac, Jason, twins, Austin, Meg, Shelli & Clay were boring duds.
Anyway I’m glad you liked it Simon because this site is great 🙂


Actually Les Moonves said that there were about “5 mistakes” in casting this season. One would think he was referring to the non factor players Johnny, Jason, Jace, Becky, Meg.

These five he probably thought would do more than they did in house. All five were horrible game players.

Corruption in Casting

5 Corruptible Casting Mistakes:
1) celebrities with PR, agents, and lawyers negotiating in DR as Co- producers rewriting rules of conduct
2) patients with active mental illnesses requiring multiple psychotropic drugs
3) houseguests seeking airtime producing their own show from the house using BB platform for their businesses PR
4) cross marketing multiple shows, CBS employees, hiring rejects from other shows, recruits who never saw show, creating characters with costumes, props and canned pre-written types
5) casting superfans with significant ties active communication with past players current CBS employees past rejects from casting and sequester
+6) eliminate bonuses for recruiters, producers and handlers for HG length of time in the game to prevent rigging, cheating, hints, tip offs, suggestions, leading, scripting. Interviewers talking heads corrupt game favor players.

That means Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Clay, Audrey, Meg, Jeff, Jackie, Jace were mistakes. Go back to application process & doctor vetting, eliminating so-called tv personalities, Tindr, Grindr, what show is this, Survivor friends, Amazing Race, Fight Girl Cub, tv & social media personalities, pop star siblings and serious mental patients should not have been hired. Moonves knows BB is in trouble, laughing stock, low ratings.


Good, what took him so long to realize casting for BB has gone down the shitter? He should of complained about it already a season ago when we were dealing with the borewhores and Frankie Grande.


I can’t stand watching Liz and stinky dirty Austin but I’m starting to think they’re cute together. Ewww Look at the 3 pics of them above, Liz clearly has real feelings for him. I hope she’s prepared to be cheated on by the POS.


Grown-ups should not use the term ‘I am being bullied”, especially on a show like BB. Vanessa didn’t bully anyone, these people are just weak. She is ONE person, just stand up to her.


I see the confusion … You’re mistaking these people for grown-ups.


Oh man, I really need to remember to not eat prior to watching BB. Liz and Austin just really turn my stomach!! And the twits, bless their hearts, don’t have a single working brain cell together. I don’t believe I’ve ever see anyone this stupid. But then again, Austin isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier either.


I thought Austin had legitimately won the VETO but JohnnyMac threw it to him.
First red flag: anyone comfortable with throwing a comp this late in the game is feeling pretty safe. Why?
Still not sure when JM went from winning comps to throwing them but kudos for the funniest line in the show saying Austin looked like a gorilla playing the comp.
Austin looks like a dirty homeless person and his reaction when “winning” was 1000% douchebag with a splash of asshole.
Seriously, you know you are a douche when Mr Pectecular is looking at you like WTF?

Judas Is Better Than Austin

The only reason Mr. Pectacular looked confused was because he watches the show probably and didn’t think Austin had it in him to grow some balls finally. Austin had every right to think there was a conspiracy at that moment and I was glad to see Judas.


Steve is funny. About Liz to Austin, “she had a thing with Jace – he forced it on her, because she had a thing with Jeff – he forced it on her. I call bullshit.


Steve is making a lame effort as usual, to undermine the bond between Austin & Liz since he was unable, despite all of his subjugation to the scamper squad, get Liz evicted. Due to his people pleasing co-dependent personality, he is unable to say what he really means, offer deals or elucidate common threats. Instead he makes half-hearted backhanded insults to weaken Austin’s trust in Liz to increase his own esteem.

He’s far too subservient to question Vanessa’s motives or attachments, so rather than work with Austin and Liz as a thinking adult, he falls over himself apologizing to Liz for nominating her, then asks for protection, then insults her to Austin.

That’s where Van’s & CBS strategy of surrounding herself with witless puppets fails. They make stupid reactionary decisions, insecurity, paranoia and distrust sets in. Steve’s big move to save his HOH and game? Keep the AusTwits up late, tickling them and telling bedtime stories so they are sleepy for the comp. How many more obviously brainless useless players did CBS have to cast to make Vanessa appear talented? Her biggest fear, they’re too stupid to follow their script, forget they’ve been paid off or have an original thought. Hopefully she gets a makeup artist and wardrobe for her new show. Maybe even a new beanie. Won’t be watching though til they get better scriptwriters and better actors that can read.


I left after week 2 saying V will win the whole thing. Now…seeing that everyone in the house is still eating out of the palm of her hands. Worst BB players ever…WoW


As much as I hate to say it, maybe Vanessa deserves to win. She appears to be the only one who came in that house to win. Do I agree with some of the things she’s said and done? No, but look at the rest of them. They either came in there to promote themselves and hangout or get out of working this summer. After watching last night’s show and seeing how she manipulated them and then played victim and they’re still not targeting her, is beast mode. And by the way, Jase nor Jeff forced themselves on Liz. He is the by far, the biggest jackass and idiot to ever be on BB. There’s a difference between being a romantic and being a stupid jackass! All I see when I look at Austin is, dumb dumb and dumber!

To frustrated

That’s because Simon and dawg and other things to do in their life besides sitting here waiting to approve every single comment as it goes through. The rest of us don’t have a problem waiting for our comment to be moderated, how about you just chill out a bit.

To frustrated

A couple weeks ago I would have done cartwheels if van was evicted. Now I really, really want her to win. Nobody, I mean nobody, else this season deserves to win. So I must now openly admit I’m team Van!!!! Kick some butt. I had high hopes for John when he came back in but we all saw how that worked out. Next season I’ll watch the first couple episodes but it those houseboats are this lame then I am out.


Guys just come to terms with it, Vanessa is going to win this season… Just please stop with your this person needs to do this or that to win. Your’re just embarrassing yourselves…


Next week Van will be evicted. Production helped plant seeds to Austwits of her double dealing.

They will make it difficult from here on out for Van to win.


Austin convinced himself that Jace and Jeff forced themselves onto Liz… I’m pretty sure he was her last choice and forced his feelings on her. She finally just gave up and now is starting to like him because they are stuck in a house together with no contact from their outside worlds. Sad. She has actually stated that Jace was her type and that she thought Jeff was hot.


Exactly! Liz would of been with Jace if he was still there, or Jeff. Austin is the default guy left in the house. And Jace and Jeff did not force themselves on her, she was way willing.


Vanessas no master manipulator for gods sake she told JUJUto pick austin. Its easy to look like a bb master with these airheads


Vanessa is a master of manipulation and yes – she uses bullying as one of her tools. I like her ability to play BB with strategy and less on emotion. Recently a few HS even said she had a “mist” referring to Dan’s game. She has a great mix of credentials to play BB. Much like Derrick had the benefit of undercover prowess in BB16. Personally I enjoy watching this kind of player. The one thing about Vanessa’s game play that I find offensive is when she goes into victim-mode. It’s always the same – are u kidding me – I would never do that – do you even know how loyal I’ve been – all I have is my integrity – yada yada yada. She turns on water works way better than the Belligeo in LV. And those eyes that become 10x larger and begin moving as if morris code was being used to put someone in a trance! Suffice it to say that after experiencing a Vanessa reaction, you want to avoid that at all costs. The only time I saw her back down a little was on this last POV master move of telling Julia to pick Austin for the next round. She used her normal MO on the twins who ate it up (ants & all) but when she saw how upset Austin was she modified the script. She can adapt her intensity. Some of the best examples of bad behavior on her part was with Steve/Julia/Meg who are easier to manipulate and she pounced on them hard. Love her, hate her, she is playing a good game and will win if the don’t vote her out. Can you imaging what her F2 speech would be? Using her lawyer skills she would deliver a power point speech without the software.

We’re almost there and anyone of them could win based on these final comps!


Has to be one of the dumbest group of people ever on Big Brother. The twins and Austin are just entitled brats who “can’t stand” anyone; Vanessa is a master manipulator and cry baby; Poor Steve goes around apologizing for playing the game and is treated terribly by the twins who apparently don’t recognize his personal awkwardness with anytype of empathy; and I still can’t figure JMac out – but he does make me laugh! As much as I can’t stand Vanessa – she’s played the game the best and should win (cringing thought though)….with everyone just wanting to roll over at this point (well except JMac) maybe they should just end this season and give her the money and let’s be done. Hey CBS next time please find a better group of intelligent people who know how to really play this game and maybe I might pay money and go back to the live feeds! Your casting is becoming just pathetic as the seasons progress and this group is a joke!


No need to post this comment online. I haven’t been able to donate to tip jar in the past but this year I was able to and I also made $60 purchase on Amazon link. Thanks so much for great site!!!


So they are not targeting Vanessa and by that I mean everyone this week?? Are Austin and the twins really thinking Steve over Vanessa and is Johnny Mac really thinking either Liz or Austin come on people get with it the biggest threat is Vanessa she will win this entire game! Come on Austin win it and make a BIG move! And yes I can’t believe I am cheering for Austin right now but while I love Johnny Mac I don’t think he will put up Vanessa!


James would have made this season worth watching


Vanessa and the twins were already up to something shady. Vanessa telling Julia to pick Austin was already in the plan. The twits just pretended to not know what was going on. Nothing genius there.

Chill this Town

stop. this is 100 percent false. they are not smart enough to be part of/follow through on such a plan.

they also lack the acting skills to cry on command.


I don’t like Vanessa. I want Austin to win.


IMO he has played a good game better than Vans


Ok BB. Wake those lazy campers up. Give them chores today and wear them out. They have been lounging and primping all season. They should not have it so easy in there. They should have to be toyed with for our amusement. Give them punishment comps each day.


Maybe the HGs left, can’t help how they look..or talk..or their bad game strategy,,,,but DANG,,can’t they have better table manners and more cleaniness while in the kitchen?????? They are constantly wiping their nose or mouth and then handling food they are preparing for others. Asstins making chicken tacos(or whatever)the other nite,,licking their fingers and then using that finger to get the sour cream or guacamole off the spoon THEN sticking the spoon back in the bowl!!! They stuff their mouth full and then start talking or yelling. I bet Steve rubbed his nose 20 times before handling those crab cakes!! I dont think I’ve ever seen any of them use a napkin or a paper towel. Come on…..REALLY???


I agree with you, Jan. They are extremely uncouth. I wouldn’t last an hour in that sty.

jmac attack

Please win next HOH, and put up Vanessa and AUSTIN…Liz will evict Vanessa, and Steve will evict Austin, and you can decide who goes home…preferably Vanessa…Then you can have a final 2 deal with steve…Otherwise no one is going to take you to the final 2, because you will win… You have to win the next HOH! don’t THROW IT!!


Steve is so creepy.


The problem with trying to cast “normal” people is that normal people with jobs can’t afford to take off more than 100 days in hopes of getting the 500k. There are few jobs that will allow you to return, Donny from last season lost his lawn maintenance job but was able to get a janitorial job with the school system. No idea if they transferred his seniority.
So we are left with young people (mid 20’s) as the largest pool of potential players or people who are trying to move into some type of entertainment job. Shelli this year talked about wanting to be an actress, Cody last year was going to model, Caleb was trying for a singing career, Mango was trying to be some kind of performer, and several others were talking about wanting to do the other shows to make a career out it. Much like Jordan and Jeff.

You also have casting trying to build a cast using the templates for the most talked about players of the past but fail to realize they weren’t playing a character just another side of the real them. Who’s the Dr. Will of this season, who’s the flamboyant gay guy, who’s the jock, or who’s the sweet, nice person everyone likes? They think if they can cram people into those roles that they’ll get the combined reactions that all of those people evoked from the viewer. So people then try to fill those roles like Zach last season was playing the role of wild child which James filled this year after Jace got tossed. Liz and Austin get to play the parts of Cody and Christine and be the couple everyone cringes at and hates when they are on screen.

I think if they retooled it and went with fewer players and a shorter season you can really add some spice. More regular people could afford the risk to be on the show and you can find some real gems in the casting. Ignore the folks trying to be on TV and find the ones that want to be on Big Brother. Stop trying to find characters to be on the show and find real people who happen to be characters and you’ll have a great show.

another name

I took a few days away to clear my head. I watched the episodes of the things i already knew had happened, but have mostly avoided feeds and updates for a few days. I’m halfheartedly playing catch up.
I get a laugh when people are called to the d/r, and within a half hour of returning have an epiphany about what is going on in the game. It’s not so much that the d/r fairies are outright saying anything. They don’t have to. Just ask some particularly leading questions to get reactions, then let that brew in the hg’s head when they send them back into the environment. This is the part of d/r that has somewhat annoyed me since they went from the confessional type d/r to the interview type d/r. But it’s part of the game now, so accept it or stew. Is it “fair”? no. But who said big brother was a fair contest?
What i would expect in the coming week is for the next hoh to be thrown by half the house. Nobody wants to go into final four ineligible to play in the hoh. If they were smart, one of each pair would try, while the other makes a deal for safety next week. But nobody in the house actually honours their deals so crap shoot it is.
With that said, If Vanessa were to win the hoh, i would expect her to nominate one person from either side, ie/ Austin, Jmac. If one of them wins, replace them with the person closest to them to open a bidding war for who has the best deal for Vanessa. If someone else wins the veto, put up one side of the house and say she had their back all along because she’s the deciding vote. it’s the Vanessa thing to do. She’ll break a deal saying she felt like the bottom of the totem pole to everyone, tears in her eyes.
I’m not expecting much more out of character behavior from the rest of them. if Austin wins he’ll be the same deal breaker. He’s been a snake every chance he’s had. Of course he’s on to Vanessa, he’s doing the exact same thing. He just hides behind an alternate personality to say he’s not a douche it’s Judas. Same jerk, different accessories. The one thing i would ask is that Big Brother stops playing sentimental music when Austin and Liz are together. I’m probably not the only person that is thinking more along the lines of the friday the thirteenth soundtrack to be more appropriate.
Jmac will 40% throw. he thinks he has his bases covered with everyone but the twin, but thinks they’d evict Steve over him anyway. He’d more likely go for the veto. That means he can play in the final four hoh, and knock out one of the power players.
The remaining twin will do whatever they’re told, by the last person to speak to them. Independent thought isn’t either twin’s strong suit. First impulse will be to nominate Steve. If Austin gets to her Steve and Vanessa. If Vanessa gets to her, Steve and Jmac. If Jmac gets to her look a shiny object rrawrjhkd rraaa.
Maybe i’ve taken too many days away, and things have changed more drastically than i believe. Part of me still thinks Vanessa leaves in 5th position if production is trying to influence a parity with last season. Another part of me is getting past the point of actually caring about any of these people in terms of who wins. I’ve never really liked most of them, and they’re all really starting to get on my nerves. I’m invested in seeing how it ends, but don’t really care how it ends.