“Under no circumstance would she ever nominate me so I have to make it make sense to her why I’m nominating her. “

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Claire going up. They are going to say X is the target.

12:30 am Backyard Xavier and BIGD
Xavier is mentioning how Azah suggested the vote be 3 to 2. As someone on the block he doesn’t want it to be that close just in case Claire caught on to the cookout and got Alyssa to flip.
X – my a$$ will go home it needs to be 4 to 1
DF – I’m not thinking about throwing Claire anything

DF going on about what he would do if he won HOH he would put Azah and Tiffany as a have nots so they are stuck together.
They agree putting Tiffany and Hannah as have nots would mean they would just Scheme.
X – 3 to 2 that’s way too f***Ing close I was going to say 4 to 1 but really this shit should be unanimous

X – I’m done with people not willing to contribute
DF goes on about what he’ll do if he wins HOH. Ky and Alyssa or Hannah and Alyssa.
Xavier – you know how many stories I’ve had to fabricate for hits cookout? To keep people off
DF – excoally us three. at the end of the day.. hannah’s been good with giving information but Hannah at first had a big F***Ing mouth so that was her problem.
X – Hannah’s come a long way
They agree Azah is more emotionally stable now that Britini has left.

X says he can’t tell anyone this. Ky told him in secret. Ky said to Tiffany that X has been throwing competitions for the cookout since week 2. Tiffany’s response “it was his own decision to throw competitions”
X – I was like DAMN BRAH.. that is when I got to the point.. tempted if I won this veto to use it on Alyssa to f*** her sh1t up

Tiffany joins them.
DF – we’re just talking about life sh1t.. I feel that being in Philadelphia.. it’s hard..
DF tells Tiffany he was “Sweating for her” and “I almost had it almost” (POV)
Tiff – it wasn’t meant to be
X – everyone has your back
DF – we’ve been doing so good.. I hate seeing you know any of us in the position where they got to put their friends up
Tiff – the hardest part will be telling her.. I’m more of an up-front person. I have to be comfortable enough to bullshit her and I’m SO not a bullshiter.
Tiff – If I could just tell her HEY look you were going to go home this week and I was trying to not have you go home so I won this HOH but you have to go home anyways.. I could do that but I’m not. I can’t
Tiff – I have to go all the way around it that is the hard part for me.

Tiff – it’s not the vote I’m concerned about it’s keeping everyone else concealed. I don’t like to hurt anybody and under no circumstance would she ever nominate me so I have to make it make sense to her why I’m nominating her.
Tiff – I don’t believe myself so it’s not easy for me to get her to believe me.
Tiff – I know the plan.. I know she has to go. I just wish she knew she had to go anyways.
DF says he could give two sh1t now if everyone figures out the cookout.

Kyland joins them.
Tiff – I did this myself this is no one else doing. Nobody has to take the fall but me. I stand on my own sh1t.
DF tells her to say what she has to say “At the end of the day they’ll all find out when they get to jury”

Tiff – It’s classic Big Brother you are my ally and friend I need you to be a pawn. She knows there’s so many other scenarios we can run through for someone being the pawn
Tiff – if it was me I would be talking myself outta that.. It’s a no it’s a HELL NO
Tiff – at which point will she me like why the F** does it have to be me
Tiff – Claire ain’t f***ing stupid

They start talking about what are the deals Tiff will say she made that forces her to put Claire up as a “Pawn”
Tiff – we have to start with who are we (her and Claire)) are being targeted by
Tiff – I put you and Alyssa on the block so I must have felt targeted by Y’all. Unless you go home I will have both of you guys after me in this house I need to make a deal with both of you to keep me safe. Both of you have ample reason to come after me.
Tiff – I made a deal with you and her.
X – this week or last week?
Tiff – couldn’t have been last week cause I put you guys on the block
Tiff will say that Derek wants her gone but she made a deal with him. She will keep him safe this week if he keeps her safe during the double.
X – Azah is attached to BIGD
Tiff – I made a deal with them when I won HOH that I would not nominate them.
Ky says that leaves Tiff with Hannah, Claire, and Ky as people open to being nominated.
They talk about saying if Ky goes up against X then Ky will likely go.
X – the narrative is the best way to get me out is to put Claire next to me. That’s the best angle.

They talk about telling Claire that X will have BIGD, Alyssa’s vote. Claire will have Ky and Azah’s vote
X – I will go home.
Tiff – Azah has to be onboard with telling her she has her vote when she doesn’t
X – I’ve already told Azah that
Tiff – what did she say
X – I said you probably have to do some lying this week.. straight up. She was like I’ll do what I have to do
Tiff – I just have to make ya’ll lie.. I just don’t want it to be a crazy a$$ four days. you all have to convince her she has the votes to stay.
Ky – won’t be him and Alyssa
Tiff – what will Alyssa think?
X – I already have that covered Alyssa will think I am the target.

Tiff – when does she realize she’s going home
Ky – when do you want
Tiff – that’s not just a decision for me.
Tiff doesn’t want them all promising Claire their vote then they burn a jury vote when Claire gets evicted.
DF points out that if they get to final 2 will all have lied it’ll balance out.
X – we lied to every single person in that jury.. they have to vote for one of us
DF – they’ll have no choice
X – someone black will have to win you’ll have to deal with it.
Tiff says she’s never told Claire she was safe last week “I jumped up and down told her she was safe”

Tiff says she’ll tell Claire she made a deal with DF and Azah they would not touch the block this week if she was kept safe during the double.
Tiff – in order to keep me safe I promise you two you would not go one the block
Tiff – If X or Alyssa stay in this house I am f**ing screwed I need X to go home and I cannot play around with putting anybody on the block that will go home over him.
X – that’s why Ky’s not going up
Tiff – Ky does not have the votes to stay Ky will go in a heartbeat
Tiff will add that Hannah is “Sneaky” and she suspects her working with Xavier.
Tiff adds that BIGD, Azan doesn’t trust Hannah. Alyssa will never vote against X so she can’t put Hannah up as the pawn.
Tiff – you (ky) will leave for sure and hannah will leave for sure (against X) and I cannot go back on my deal with Azah and DX.
Tiff – you Claire have the votes to stay, Hannah, Ky, Azah will keep you in this game.

Tiff – when does she realize she’s going home?
Ky – we see how the week plays out. the swing vote will be me I’ll let her know right before me
X – I say Thursday
Tiff – that’s fine..
X – that’s when DX found out that’s why Sarah Beth..
Tiff asks when will she find out that Claire is leaving
X – at the vote she’ll probably tell you
Tif – am I panicking am I freaking out what do I tell her?
Ky – we can talk in the backroom in storage. say we’re having a long conversation you are trying to flip me back

Tiff says she can’t cry because Claire will know it was even more fake after she figures out the cookout.
X- I cried over Christian those were real thug tears
DF – I cried over being f***ing fat
X – so it’ll be 4 to 1 possible 5 to 0
Tif – no I thought it was going to be 3-2
Ky – she’ll think it’s 3-2 but it’ll be 4-1 because X is up there.
X – I would feel more comfortable with a 4-1
Tiff – just in case
DF – everyone gets a one. Sarah beth got a 1, DX got a 1.

Df – we have to make sure Hannah knows (the plan)
Tiff – Hannah is down for whatever, Hannah is a f**ing thug
DF and Tiff do some role playing to practice Tiff telling Claire she’s going up as the pawn
DF – Tiff, what are you going to do about these nominations?
Tiff – I’m f**ing screwed if X does not go home this week I have X and Alyssa two people I just told I am plainly targeting them coming after me. So under no circumstance can X stay in this house. The only thing I can do is put someone on the block that guarantees he goes home. I can’t use Ky everyone will send Ky home. Even if you vote for him. You will be the only person voting for him. DF will send him home. Azah can’t stand him. I know Hannah is closer to Xavier than she is to Ky. Ky doesn’t have the votes to stay and that will put us in a messed up situation.
Tiff – Hannah can’t go on the block either. Hannah will go home and then me and you will have nobody but ourselves. We
Tiff – Derek is going to f**ing go home, Azah will go home to. I have played these scenarios in my head
DF – why do you think BIGD or Azah will go home.. TIFF..
Tiff – if BIGD touches the block and he doesn’t go home people will realize he’s this ultimate pawn. BIGD you already know you and Derek were debating sending him home next to Britini. DF touches the block we all know he has to go home.
Tiff – in my one on ones with them I made them at deal I wouldn’t put them on the block.

Tiff will add that her whole goal when she was in the endurance was to win the HOH to keep them safe. “We’ve been targets for the last three weeks” (even the week when they were HOH’s.. lol)
Tiff will tell Claire she has Ky, Azah, and Hannah’s votes.

Tiff – I know this week is my fault. It is a tough spot to be in. I’m not asking for anybody to do it for me. I will fully handle this myself I would however like to ask whatever goes on next week with having to get whoever you plan on getting out I do not wish to be the pawn in that situation.
Ky – you are talking about Alyssa
Tiff – YES. I don’t want to have to go up to get Alyssa out. I’m as stressed in this game then I’ve ever been. You win you are going to have to put someone else up.
Tiff – I will not expose the cookout. I’m not trying to give away anybody’s game. I am going to handle this situation with Claire solely on myself. For that, I would like to ask I don’t be the nominated or the replacement nominee
X – I can’t win
Df – it’s really just me and Azah.. and Hannah (So just Hannah)

They start talking about how to get rid of Alyssa. Do you put her on teh block to start?
Ky doesn’t know. DF says yes.
Tiff – I did that this week and she came off
Tiff says if X is on the block and Alyssa wins Veto she’ll pull him off
X – so I have to go on the block a fourth time?
Tiff – you know you aren’t going home
X – so I am on the block the fourth time and she’s not sitting next to me?
X – she wins the veto and chooses ..
Tiff – she has nobody else she will safe you
X thinks it’s best to put Alyssa up with a pawn. If Alyssa wins Veto a cookout member is leaving
X – if you want to put her up next to me that’s something I would be open to. I don’t really want top see the block for a fourth straight week but she is my person I will do it again.

Tiff – this is your first week be nominated..
X – I’ve been on the block 3 weeks in a row. Nobody nominated you last week and nobody nominated you the week before.
Ky – he’s not talking about resume he’s talking about discomfort
Tiff – ohh I understand that. you saying you’re on the block like you’ve been nominated to be on the block
X asks at what point does he get a damn break from being on the block.
DF points out Hannah, X, Ky, and himself have all been pawns. The only two that haven’t were Tiff and Azah.
DF – I feel that the fair route.. that’s just me looking at the fair route if we’re all trying to be fair to one another. One of you two should go up as a pawn.
Tiff – you’re ok with putting Azah up as a pawn
DF says he is he’s told her she might have to go up as a pawn.
Feeds cut to Azah in the bathroom with Hannah saying “There’s no other options”
cuts back to the backyard.

2:24 am DF, Azah and Xavier
X – why is Ky up in Tiffany’s room after we had this long a$$ discussion?
DF – I dunno. She’s probably worried cause I said I would put her up next week
X leaves..

Df – me and you have been in this game together. I’ve had your back and I’ve looked out for both of us. I hope you know what. If you don’t feel that way tell me.
Azah – I’ve had your back as well
DF – I’ve been doing the lying and manipulating for the both of us. If you want it to be 3-2 then talk to Tiff and X. He’s the one sitting on teh block.
Azah – I have talked to X already about it.
Df – let me talk right now gamewise.. everyone in jury right now is sitting in jury (game)
DF – you have Britini, DX, SB.. okay.. they are all sitting there trying to figure out why they got there. then Claire walks in.
Azah – don’t you think they will be confused with a 4-1 vote.
DF – we can do 3-2 I don’t have a problem with that.
Azah – it seems liek you have a problem this was about the vote and it turned into something else. So get off your chest whatever you feel that you.. like anything that you feel like let me know we can talk it through.
DF – Azah, I love you and you know that I will always have your back. I don’t feel no type of way. This is how I feel. I feel as though.. we are at a point now in this game where.. lets say you played an honest game to this time. You made it to the final two saying I played a honest game I kept everything honest. But you rode on my cocktails to get there cause I lied and manipulated everybody. (yes he said cocktails)
Azah – okay that’s how you feel
DF – that’s not how I feel.. I’m painting a scenario
Azah says she’s been saying for the last two nominations they should come clean about the cookout.
Azah says she would rather not lie to Claire. “Put it out in the open and let us all get the blood on our hands”
DF goes on about everyone playing their role in the cookout.
DF – I have to lie and if I don’t lie baby the plan doesn’t get executed.
DF – if I didn’t care about you why did I sit my a$$ on the block for you. You could have sat next to Briniti.
Azah – BIGD I appreciate that with the bottom of my heart I was ready to go on the block.

Azah starts to get a bit heated.
Df tells her he’s been with her since day one and plans to finish the game with her.
DF – I know you’ve been doing work I’m not saying you haven’t. What I’m trying to get is that I’m trying to figure out.. I have your best interest at heart always.
DF says outting the cookout right now takes away from the two people at the end to have the chance to say “this is what it was”
DF tells her about the plan to get Alyssa out next week. He doesn’t feel X should go on the block again. “For me personally I would rather Tiff sit on the block next to Alyssa”
DF – hey girl you didn’t do what you were supposed to do last week so sit on the block and play your roll like the rest of us”
DF – I never said YOU have to go up I said you two were the people that haven’t had to go up.
DF says he’s putting Tiff up next to Alyssa.
DF now says “I put this team together and because I put it together I have to lead by example and show everybody HEY it’s okay to be a pawn. Be a pawn and trust your numbers. that is why I did it the first time”

They head into the bathroom.
DF goes on about how Tiff F**ed up this week. Next week it’s not fair for X to go up. The fact that X is willing to be nominated and take one for the team makes him think that other members of the cookout should play their parts.
Df again mentions the cookout was his team he put together.
DF points out that Tiffany is still HOH so they can’t just sit here and tell her she needs to take teh fall they have to play along with her.

2:21 am – 4:00 am Kyland and Tiffany
Snuggle time

3:37 am BIGD and Azah
BIGD says Tiff making the move she is this week was good because it reminded them why she has to go first.

4:15 am Tiff and Ky
Something was going on..

4:00 am Ky and Tiff finally go to sleep.
7:07 am zzzzzzz
9:19 am zzzzzzzz

10:25 am Houseguests getting up
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Claire i believe is the strongest female there, it makes sense to re-nom her


I’m so excited for the double eviction back to back
we’re like 3 weeks away from finale


What in all delusional hell?? I cannot wit couch.


I cannot with tons of people here calling him Couch this entire season.

I pity him when he comes out and looks at sites like this!


Ugh over it …I like the concept of the cook out but these girls are dumb…they need to think about the individual games and not the 6 still have floaters like derrick and aziah in there and HUGE threats in X and Ky..
Dumb move but oh well…they should just do one huge challenge and take out 5 people LOL

Lorrene Kohnhorst

Tiffany is trying everything to make it look like she was a do-gooder towards Claire, I hope they don’t keep her and I hope KY tells Claire about the alliance in his good by message like he did to Sarah Beth and DX

Just Sayin'

I swear the goodbye messages and bitter jury were the reason josh beat Paul. In every goodbye message Josh told the person what had happened but Paul just lied. Kyland is playing the ae game by having the jury members think well at least he didn’t lie in his goodbye messages


X has got to go at some point. DF too. Do they know what they are saying? Misogynistic delusional pieces of crap. I get so angry reading their “carry” dialogue. I didn’t think it was possible to dislike players more than “don’t talk to them for the rest of the week” Derrick and in a lot of ways, bully Paul, then they start talking. It’s so ugly. Keep carrying the load guys all the way to jury.
Then I wonder if maybe X knows what to say to get DF going. So is it gameplay? DF says it to azah’s face! Good lord what a piece of work. I hope azah is the one who puts him up and sends him home.


The only person making rational, logical sense is Azah. She is 100% correct. There is no need for extraordinary measures to keep the Cookout secret at this point in the game. What are Claire and Alyssa going to do? Claire’s getting evicted. If Alyssa wins HOH, she’s putting up two CO members. Well, she’d be putting up two CO members anyway because they are the only HGs left.

P.S. – Couch is that guy at work that takes credit for everyone else’s ideas and accomplishments.


Tiffany just told her you and your allieance are racist and hate white people. Because this is the only way to guaranteed a POC winner.

Jaymie lee

Shell say to clairec orry claire no whites allowed. But oh yeah were not Racist or anything. Were good still right!? I just cant have anything to do with you, your the wrong colour. But this isbt about Race right. CookOut cant be racist there Black.

Buh Bye

Got it. You’ve said this a dozen times already proving you have no idea of the meaning of the word ‘racist’. Yes, you’ve been repeatedly told this. Beating a dead horse isn’t going to make it get up and walk. Turn off the show, delete this page and your delicate sensibilities won’t be so tragically harmed. Seriously …

Hypocrisy At Its Finest

After reading everyone over and over either complain the Cookout is being racist or it’s not racist because they are Black and how apparently all other large groups with predominantly white people were racist in voting out POC in previous seasons.

It can’t be both ways. If you say they are not acting in a racist manner, then you cannot claim that all groups in the past were. Vice versa, if past groups were being racist by voting out houseguests of a different skin tone, then the CO absolutely is as well.

We cannot speak to anyone’s internal motivations unless they are open about them, and even then we can’t really know. Trying to think of any group in BB history that their vocal mission was to vote out anyone not in their race and I can’t think of one.

If a sign stated Blacks not allowed that would be racist. It is also racist if a sign stated Whites not allowed.


I need help—I don’t get it—What is the reason for not just telling Claire and Alyssa the truth? They have the numbers. They can’t be stopped at this point. There is no battle back.


To me it seems like X feels embarrassed about it. Azah is all for it, Big D doesn’t care, Ky’s already telling everyone in their goodbye messages, Tiffany probably would prefer to be upfront with Claire about it, and Hannah is probably embarrassed too because she doesn’t want to be called out for her lies.


I don’t think X is embarrassed, I think he doesn’t want to tank his votes in jury!


OMG! X and BigD are so full of themselves (sh!t). Of course, BigD has been that way from the beginning but X had me fooled. All the CO guys are so self-absorbed. I know many think Tiff is foolishly throwing away her personal game by sticking to the CO’s original agenda but I have nothing but respect for her. Knowing that she is jeopardizing her winning, she is choosing to put an important cause before her herself. The greater good!! I see a strong woman.

Having said that, if she gets wind of just how willing the guys would be to cut her before the 6 and, given the opportunity, decided to take one of their a$$es out, I would cheer her on without losing any respect.

I realize that there are many who hate the CO and everything they stand for (and why). You can rant and rave, try to justify yourself, take it out on me, etc. Whatever floats your boat!

Have a good day!


I agree that CO-supporting viewers would respect Tiff’s move to cut a CO male this week. She won’t do it because she’s been committed to a CO F6 for the entirety of the game, but she would be fully justified to do it.

I also agree about DF and X. DF’s delusions are nothing new, but X put-on a good show for much of the season. Now, X is acting like a martyr who sacrificed life and limb for the CO when he was the one who tried to keep his entire team (Kings) safe when DX was HOH. How was protecting the Kings part of the CO mission, exactly? As of this week, I’d actually rather see X cut than Ky, and that is saying a lot!


Same here. I switched from Ky to X.


“You play to win the game!”
It’s pure stupidity for Tiffany to backdoor and backstab Claire this week. It is bad gameplay by Tiffany. Tiffany is giving the men of the cookout the game by doing this. That is horrible gameplay, because those boys are sticking together.They can’t stand how rude Tiffany acts towards them.
Derek F and Xavier were talking last night about how Tiffany needs to be the first person to go out of the six. Thats why this backdooring Claire is horrible gameplay by Tiffany. Strategically on a game and on a personal level there is no rationale to take someone out in Claire who wants to take you to the final two and in no way would ever put you on the block. Instead you want to take Claire out when there’s 8 houseguest? What Tiffany’s about to do in betraying Claire is the exact reason why you don’t make decisions based on race!


? agree!


I don’t get it. Own your moves. You wanted a POC to win and it’s pretty much guaranteed at this point. Mission accomplished. At this point Tiffany’s game is over either way. I wish they would stop with all these manipulative twisted angles and say this was our game. It’s getting really confusing trying to follow this ridiculous storyline they are trying to spin. The CO alliance lasted and worked for them. It’s hard to respect them now with how they are trying to keep it on life support. In the end I’m not so sure an alliance with people you don’t like just for the sake of making sure a POC wins really worked for some of them. The odds a POC would win were much better anyway since we had such a great diverse cast. DF and Azah just road the CO to the final six doing absolutely nothing. Let’s be honest, if they all were actually playing with people based on who they liked and trusted those two would have been gone long ago. Tiffany wouldn’t be in this spot right now. For me the issue with the CO is they made a pact with people they probably otherwise wouldn’t have worked with and now it’s blowing up Tiffany’s game. I wasn’t a huge fan of hers but her ability to manipulate is what this game is about and now she can’t get herself out of this corner.

Game fan

excactly! been thinking that the entire season.
ky ,hannah , tiff and X could of done the same/better without the alliance.

BB fan

Claire took the same nomination last week to be loyal and help Tiffany out her number one ally since day 1 her final 2. Now Tiffany is backdooring Claire with eight people left committing the ultimate betrayal! To think it’s because Claire is white and what she looks like?
Oh this going to be one of the biggest backstabs we’ve ever seen in this game because there’s no justification or strategically reason for Tiffany to backdoor Claire with 8 people left when she was never going to put Tiffany up and take her to the final two! Derek X if you ever had a time to redeem yourself look at what is happening to your ally Claire who was crying over you leaving and dont vote for Hannah and Tiffany in the end! If Derek X does that means he approves of shady ass gameplay himself and playing that way condoning backstabbers.


What feels slimy and icky is how Tiffany convinced Claire to play in the coin of destiny so Claire couldn’t be eligible for the next HOH AND on top of it got to keep her original nominations. I feel bad Claire really trusts her as her ride or die. It’s more than typical BB backstabbing and game play. Claire literally never had a chance and Tiffany used her.

Game fan

writing was on the wall it was gonna happen
but it happend in the worst way possible.


The justification and strategic reasoning is the cookout

BB fan

Not with all the men in the alliance want to take you out next! Tiffany is showing horrible gameplay committing the biggest backstab of the century in taking out Claire!Again Claire would never put up Tiffany while Xavier and Derek want to put up Tiffany first chance They get!
Horrible gameplay by Tiffany.


1) Just wait until DF finds out they have already been outed by Kyland in his goodbye messages
2)X & DF are forgetting about jury management and they are creating a bitter jury meaning that, if somehow it is Azah & DF as the final 2, Azah wins


DF’s claim to fame is voting for those they agreed to send home. He doesn’t have an original thought in his head. He’s a floater/coat tail rider, but thinks he’s a player (eat, sleep, talk…rinse & repeat). Nice guy, but should he manage to make it to finale night he’ll assume it’s because he’s an effing genius. My surfboard could play BB better than him.


The cats and dogs up for adoption (when the feeds go down) have shown more creativity and energy this season than DF.

Another Dixie

I don’t think he’s a nice guy. I think he hates women but pretends to be their buddy. He was pretty brutal when he told Azzah that she didn’t have a chance with X. Personally I think he wants X for himself and if he can’t have him, no one can. He’s always saying nasty stuff about Claire & Tiffany and lets not forget all the hate he spouted about Brit. He is totally a waste of space & oxygen.


He calls them all b****es, so no he’s not a nice guy!


Tiffany screams desperate

another name

Wondered if I just dreamed that Ky spent the night cuddling with Tiff n the HOH.
Still ewww. Still ptui ptui. Still criiiiinge.

So, If Tiff does what the mission demands, Claire is nominated tomorrow.
Claire gets evicted. X follows through on his plan. Tiff is evicted.
Social media excuses X because of rationalizations.
Social media gives Tiff robbed queen title.
The same fanbase know that this is what will happen.
So, with X already stating that Tiff should be going home next, why is she still expected to get rid of her defense instead of getting rid of one of the people after her?
If X has his way, she’s out the door next, so are mission followers expecting her to sacrifice herself?

That’s been bothering me since last night.
Maybe it’s because X just told Ky he wants Tiff gone next, then Hannah, then Azah, then Alyssa.

JR Ray

I was like was this really happening when I saw Tiff and and Ky! Right before they went to sleep for real was interesting. Ky’s hand disappeared and Tiff was moving funny, removed her mic and covered her face. Idk..


I’m so frigging pissed off right now —

If TPTB don’t want this to be the X dictator (let’s make a mockery of the CO mission) show they better get some people in the DR or send some production assistants to the backyard with bull horns & out this asshole.

All he’s done all morning is trash Tiff left right & center — his move appears to be find a way to turn everyone in CO on Tiff but Azah even isn’t buying it & I think Ky has to be reeling at that order – Azah & Ally want Ky out FIRST so why the F would he want to go with them to F5 & believe he even makes it that far?

I really despise Xavier b/c his actions make me think he jumped on “the mission” only to get him this far with NO INTENTION of ever honoring it. He’s searching for reasons to blame Tiff & they’re all looking precisely like what they are — an excuse to do what he wants with his non Cookout squeeze.

When has he EVER fought as hard for anyone in the CO as he has for his NON CO allies other than SB b/c she was closer to Ky?

Which is fine if he’d own it but he’s putting it all on Tiff for a few simple reasons -1) she won’t bow & kiss the ring 2) she almost cost him losing the girl he’s lusting over & intends to take to F2 & 3) he’s scared of her b/c SHE HAS played a better game than him AND been more loyal to the mission he pretends matters to him.

Get that misogynist, control freak, arrogant asshat out of there this week!

another name

Pull up pics of the Grod edit boys and the Grod boys that have won the game.
X fits right in with his attitudes.
She has a type.
When they keep discussing the Brigade and Brittany and how she wasn’t a bitter juror.
She was pissed.
She had no choice because both finalists were Brigade.
She has become a posterchild for idiot game moves and a warning to all women BB players.
But sure… humiliation is fine as long as it fits the mission.
Season 24 is going to be UG-ly.
I mean… ugly. And calls about racial profiling in targeting black houseguests are going to be met with remember the cookout?
Again. By design. Because what is the big albatross bb has been lugging? Racist casting and Prejudicial profiling. What does acceptance of validity of the cookout doing the exact same do for future games? Takes away the validity of future calls of racist or prejudiced production. Now it’s just strategy form past experience…. exactly what the cookout is designed for.
24 IS going to be ugly.

BTW, totally called the Tiff thing for Ky. LOL.


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Okay, my bad. DF isn’t a nice guy… I stand corrected. I’m guilty of trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.