Tiff “If I go on the block I’m not remaining loyal to anybody except you.. unless you put me on the block.”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto: Alyssa
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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7:13pm HOH room. Hannah and Tiffany.
Hannah – what did you think of X’s plan? Tiff – I had already come up with that. Its cool if he had come up with something different but I mean .. informing her that I would need someone to be a pawn .. I mean that happens in this game. You’re my ally, I need you to be a pawn for me. I need you to make sure my target goes home. That is classic Big Brother. I thought he had a golden coin or something.. another veto or something. Hannah – as far as Alyssa is concerned.. what if we let Alyssa think that she is the one that came up with this plan to use Claire as a pawn. And you’re going to think that Claire is just the pawn and X is going home because that is your objective for the week. But I flip, keep X and Claire goes home and this way she isn’t coming after you. And then the four of us could solidify a final four. You, Me, X and Alyssa. Obviously that final four wouldn’t hold weight but.. Tiff – sounds good. I am more so thinking of myself for next week. Me having to be in the position that nobody else in the house has to be in which is to nominate their person to go home and to send them home. I am only asking that I am not nominated next week. I am not to become anybody’s pawn to send Alyssa home. Hannah – MMMmhhmmmm. Tiff – however they got to send Alyssa out of this house.. they will have to figure it out. If I go on the block I am not remaining loyal to anybody except you .. unless you put me on the block. Hannah – I will not be putting you on the block. Tiff – whoever puts me on the block .. is my target! I don’t care what kind of pawn I am. I did put myself in this situation but my loyalty to the six should be in front of that. So however they got to get Alyssa out next week, just like however I’ve got to get Claire out this week… is on me… that is on them. Hannah – fair enough. But right now I kind of see the Cookout as being divided between me, you and Ky … and X, Azah and Big D. Because at the end of the day those three aren’t coming after each other. I am not coming after you or Ky and you’re not coming after me or Ky. And hopefully Ky isn’t coming after me. Tiff – no Ky is not coming after you. Ky wants me, you and him in the final 3. As loyal to my word that I have to get Claire out .. I am loyal to my word that you are my final 2. If this doesn’t show anyone that I don’t keep my word .. then I don’t have anything else to offer. What I don’t like about X’s pitch was that if I don’t do it I lose 5 or 4 votes… like it was never an option for me to send out someone in the six. So you don’t have to convince me of jury votes to get me to nominate Claire. I said what I said because I meant it. I said I am in this position if I f**k up and Alyssa comes off the block and I have to nominate Claire then I have to do what I have to do. So don’t nobody got to hang jury votes in front of me to get me to consider what I said I was going to do in the beginning. He could have kept that part to himself. Hannah – I didn’t know that was part of his pitch.

7:35pm – 7:53pm Dinner time..

8:13pm Bedroom. Xavier and Azah.
Xavier – She is moping around like she got nominated. Azah – who? Xavier – Tiff! Azah – I know! Xavier – I don’t know.. its hard to have sympathy when you did it to your f**king self. I spoke to her earlier to tell her an idea I had that would help her. Azah – what idea. Xavier – just to put up Claire … that is the best shot she’s got. Put up Claire and tell her that out of everybody in the house you’re the only person I could put next to X to ensure he goes home because right now Claire thinks that Alyssa and I are the target. Put up Kyland and Kyland would go home next to me. Azah – she is going to say one of us. X – this is where you’re taken off the table. She made a deal with you and Big D she would not put them up because shes afraid of the double. And because doubles happen so quick she wanted to make a deal with you, Big D. And they would take a shot at Alyssa and Ky. I think this is the best way that she can frame it to still receive Claire in jury and also not expose the Cookout.

8:50pm Kitchen. Claire and Hannah.
Hannah – would going to the end with Ky be something that you’re interested in or no? Claire – not really. I could see him winning. I don’t want to go to the end with Ky but its hard to know jury votes. Hannah – Does Ky take a shot at …. lets just say we were to take out Alyssa in the double. Does Ky take a shot at Azah and Big D before he turns on us three? Claire – I think he takes a shot at potentially Azah. Hannah – and he puts up me but I would have the votes to stay. Claire – yes. Hannah – if Alyssa stays she goes after Tiff and Ky. And I would hate for you to end up on the block next to Tiff. Claire – the two of us on the block next to each other is worst case scenario.. anything else we would have the votes. Hannah – we just have to take out Alyssa because Azah is more likely to do that. And Alyssa’s proven to be a strong competitor. Claire – I could see Alyssa trying to work her way in with Azah. I don’t think Azah really trusts Alyssa but I could see them working together to get out Ky. Hannah – but at the end of the day we have Azah. Claire – yes. Hannah – she has her allegiance to Big D but if you take out the head X… then she has no choice but to align herself with us.

8:56pm – 9:05pm Bedroom. Alyssa and Azah.
Alyssa – when Tiff talks to you.. I think she wants X out which is fine but we want to make sure you two don’t go up because then we would have 3 votes for X. If you guys are wanting to keep X. I can guarantee you that I am not coming after you and Big D. And I can guarantee you that X is not putting you guys up at all. I swear on everything. Ky cannot say that. Claire cannot say that. Hannah cannot say that. Tiff cannot say that. If you guys could go to Tiff and say I don’t want to see the block. I want to break up that strong duo of Alyssa and X… It really doesn’t matter who X sits next to.. I don’t want to be on the block. You have my and Big D’s vote against X. If you put up someone else, we have the votes regardless. That way she doesn’t put you two up and she will probably put up Kyland thinking that she has the votes. And then its me, you and Big D’s vote to get Kyland out. We all know that Kyland would put you and Big D up or one of us honestly. Azah agrees to talk to Tiff tomorrow. Alyssa – and then its four against two going into a possible double. Azah – no yeah, I am down.

9:25pm – 9:40pm Hammock – Alyssa and Hannah.
Hannah – congratulations on the veto! Alyssa – thank you. How is Tiff doing? Is she stressed? Hannah – I think so. So here is what I have been thinking. You and X are my best chance at getting to final 3. Alyssa – you don’t think its Claire and Tiff? Hannah – not after this week. I think Tiff will be taken out and I am not sure Claire would want to work with me because if we sit next to each other in final two we are splitting DX, we’re splitting Tiff, and who knows who SB votes for. You and X are strong enough competitors to get to that point and to be able to take one more person with you because between the three of us we could probably win every single type of comp. And once we do get to that point I could see X taking you and X taking me for different points. Hannah brings up if Tiff put up Claire as the replacement. Alyssa – Tiff wouldn’t put up Claire. Hannah – she would if she thought she had the votes… unless I flipped and blamed it on Azah or Big D. I wonder if there is a way to get her to put up Claire in order to make sure X goes home. Alyssa – it has to be her idea. Maybe talk to her after she talks to Azah and Big D. Hannah – I think if someone could steer the conversation in a particular direction.. to her feeling safe enough to put up Claire.. Alyssa – that’s why I went to Azah and Big D .. and told them to not focus on anyone in particular going up just that she has their votes if they don’t go up.
9:43pm – 10:15pm Alyssa and Hannah. Alyssa – are we making this official? Final two? They shake on it. Hannah – what should we call ourselves. Alyssa – our number one’s left .. what would we call ourselves. Hannah – the women scorned, two pigs in a blanket, the fri-enemies.. Alyssa – we’re each others sloppy seconds. Hannah – that’s kind of funny. If we are able to get Claire on the block then maybe on Monday you, me and X sit down. If not then.. you know where my vote lies but if its Azah or Big D .. then X goes home. So then Azah and or Big D really need to sell it tomorrow. They are the most crucial part of this. Alyssa – I know. That is scary! Hannah – X’s fate is in Big D’s hands. Do you know how terrifying that sounds?!

9:50pm – 10:15pm Bedroom – Xavier and Azah.
Azah – y’all don’t want to just rip off the band-aid? Xavier – what are you talking about? Azah – alright here it is .. all the black people are working together. Here we go! Xavier – are you serious right now!? Ummm let me ask you .. if Brit was here would you have said that? Azah – let me ask you Brit was the last one, I would have. Xavier – you would have been we’re all working together. Why the f**k would you do that?! What?! What in the hell!? What show are you on!? Azah – weren’t we considering doing that when Brit was here? Xavier – that was show our cards.. not all the ****** are working together.

10:17pm Bathroom – Hannah and Claire.
Hannah – what did you learn from Ky? Claire – I think that X. Hannah – why do you think that? Claire – because he told me that. They both laugh. Claire – he is pretty sure that he is going to hit the block this week. Hannah – that would be a stupid thing to do because right now Ky is probably Tiff’s biggest shield. Claire – yeah. They run through possible scenarios for next week. Hannah – okay be honest who do you think are the two people that are most likely to get to the end? Being completely transparent. Not what we want to happen. Claire – I think Tiff goes out before then. I don’t see a world where Tiff makes final 2. Hannah – I don’t see a world where Ky makes final 2. Claire – they would have to win it. Hannah – and I don’t think its ever been done before. Claire – no. I think its a shot that its some combination of you, me, Azah, Big D and then one of those. Claire – Tiff will go at the double and if not then at six. I don’t think I will ever have to target Tiff. Hannah – I don’t think so. The two that sit in final 2 are not going to be the two dumbest competitors or the two biggest threats or targets. Its going to be a battle kind of like season 17.

11:15pm Living room and Kitchen. The house guests are chatting about random things.

11:40pm – 12am Backyard – Kyland is quizzing Big D on the days / events of the season.

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Alyssa earned her veto win, so good for her. I give credit where credit is due, and Alyssa saved herself from eviction.

I have no doubt that Tiff will nominate Claire as the replacement. Tiff has said many, many times in her talks to America that she is putting the CO before her own game. Tiff has now confirmed her intention to nominate Claire in her conversation with Hannah tonight. The only part that I don’t get is the need to concoct a story for Claire. Tiff simply needs to say to Claire, “I made an agreement at the beginning of this season to not put-up a Black HG, so my only choice is to nominate you.” Claire will say, “Okay,” and pack her bag. End of story. Claire knows exactly what is going on, despite her acting stupid. Tiff will probably still have Claire’s vote if she makes it to F2.

So, the only real drama this week (IMO) is … Will the rest of the CO give Tiff the same courtesy and cut Alyssa next week during the DE? X and DF are talking a lot of s%@t about Tiff as they sit on their high horses of moral superiority tonight, but let’s see if they hold up their part of the bargain.


And Claire is suppose to be okay with putting her life on hold because Tiff had an agreement? Get out of here with that! They are all sociopaths to look a friend in the eye and lie, game or not. They all came for the same reason. Hey Claire, I swore an allegiance to you, but I want a POC to win. That’s fine but don’t friend her and act like she’s your number one, cause you a POS! I’d vote for pathetic Big D before I gave my vote to Tiff, if you send me out! Sorry, not sorry!

BB fan

Exactly! If Derek X is alright and wants to vote for Hannah and Tiffany who are complete back stabbers who are going to back door one of Derek’s biggest allies in Claire then that would speak poorly of Derek X. Because what Tiffany is about to do to Claire with 8 people left backdooring her is the complete definition of backstabbing! Let alone her going home off of it being physical appearance.
It doesn’t get any more of a backstab than what we’re about to see this week to Claire!

Claire was crying her eyes out that she had to be next to Derek X, and him being backdoored. If Derek X still wants to give a jury vote for Hannah and Tiffany after this week with them doing Claire his ally member this dirty who was heartbroken over Derek X leaving. That would just prove that Derek X condones gameplay of cold hearted back stabbers. It would show how shady DX really was as a game player. That is not somebody who should be rewarded as America’s favorite player


Dont play the friend card and then say …..
Ya but I am taking other people who are not a friend like you because they have the right skin color and you dont, but your still my close friend…..
such BS!!!
How did 2021 turn into pre-1960’s BS!!!
Most people who are non-POC if approached and asked …
Do you want to join this alliance and we can get all POC in this house first??…..
Would have said F#*%~ off!
As it should be.
CO doesnt know what a true friend is evidently.


The thing is that Claire will not show any sign of dislike for going on the block if Tiff tells her about the CO. Claire is a super fan and active on BB social media. She knows that she will be cancelled, harassed, her employer harassed, her friends and family harassed, her life would be destroyed outside of the house if she doesn’t show support for the CO cause. So, Claire will take her place on the nomination chair, pack her bag, go to jury, and go home with her life still intact.


That is not right, it sucks that she won’t be able to show her disappointment because of that. It’s all good, but if I were Claire, I’d never speak to any of them again. They want to act like that, I hope the 6 get canceled and harassed as well. Racism is racism, doesn’t matter the side you on. It’s all disgusting.

Jaymie lee

Except on here and yt im told they cant be Racist because there Black. As the kick out the Whites chinese indian spanish and everyone who doesnt have dark black colour. But not racist right. Free pass because no one wants to calk them out. Julies cool with too wants to be hip and be sjw with the cool kids. Except shes the wrong colour too.

Game shows lover

This game doesn’t come with friendships. this is BB and this is not the first or last time we will see backstabbing like this.
There is NO sociopath in the CO alliance but BB game players. Tiffany came up with each CO member to have a plus one and it is time for her plus one to go, fare enough for the CO. Derek X in the jury house is impressed so far of the alliance, why? Because everyone in the BB game are liars and backstabbing players including himself, he knows this is the game play. Same old game with best alliance so far and Tiffany deserves to be AFP and win it all.


I’m sure he won’t be impressed when he finds out he was voted out cause of his race.


I’m not saying that Claire is supposed to be okay with it. I’m saying that Claire will be okay with it. There’s a difference. As for the reason that Claire will be okay with it? Well, Claire isn’t stupid. She knows what’s going on. She’s known for weeks. She also knows the BB Twitter fandom. Claire will not say one negative thing in reaction to leaning about the CO (in fact, she’ll probably say, “that’s so great! It’s historic!”) because she knows that her life will be ruined outside the house if she dares to do or say otherwise.


The problem with Claire finding out the truth now is that it will be a long week and Alyssa will also find out the truth.


It’s part of the BB game! Only 2 people make it the end and they don’t do it without breaking their word or telling lies. It’s a game of deceit. They are not sociopaths. It happens every season.


Those jerks know they can’t win against Tiff. It’s gonna make me so mad if they backstab her.


Oh but they will! Claire would fall on her sword for her, that’s why she’s sad! She knows they gonna boot her next!


Yeah, I think Tiff should just come clean with Claire. I think Claire will understand. I’m not saying it wouldn’t sting.

BB fan

OK yeah, I’m Claire being completely betrayed and backstabbed by my day one – number one ally with eight people left who I wanted to take to the final 2 and instead Tiffany wants to back door me with 8 people. Though she’s my final 2 yea ill Understand?!? What are you thinking?
If that is your opinion doggie then you really are an old dog off his rocker that lives in outer space!
If you think for one second that Claire should understand and be ok with Tiffany her final 2 -day 1 – #1 ally backdooring her with 8 people left then you are clinically insane little doggie! I mean good lord even Paul wasn’t that cold with Alex in BB 19 even with how unlikable those two became. Tiffanys is freaking backdooring her albus dumbledog!! It is the ultimate betrayal and backstab!

There is a reason why Danielle Reyes did not vote for Erica in final 2 on big brother all stars season 7 after Erica back doored her! Same exact reason why Davonne voted against Paul for backdooring Day and voting for Nicole F to win season 18!

Robbed Tyler

Alyssa won the veto while on slop! Proving your previous slop comment about her completely wrong!


Or she knew what was up and started with an offensive plan “I’m too weak, its not fair” so everyone would underestimate her.


Alyssa is playing the Nicole Franzel game. Meat shields, poor innocent me, smug little camera flashes when she gets her way, crying & complete eruption when she doesn’t get her way (I.e.: “But I was tolllddd…”, & my favorite: “It’s not faaaiiirrrr”, again anytime anything goes off-script. Alyssa is playing same game plan to a T.


I never said Alyssa wouldn’t be able to win veto while on slop. I said it was ridiculous for her to complain about having to compete while on slop. Her win actually proves my statement to be right, since being on slop did not negate her ability to compete.

Robbed Tyler

Not a chance lol you were completely off-base with what you said. You said that houseguest should do Alyssa a favor and send her to jury where she belongs ASAP. You wanted her to go to jury!
While you went on and on about Alyssa complaining about slop trying to make her look bad and making sure that she doesn’t have to focus about her punishment and playing the game anymore. You were completely referring to alyssa as a inferior game player.Now you wanna act like you were right because she won the veto while on slop? There is no way you in any universe that you right with your previous statement. Considering all the other times you said Alyssa was worthless and how this past time you said the houseguest should do her a favor and send her jury! She proved you completely wrong lol and in no way were you even close to being right about her.

another name

Imo X isn’t looking to get rid of Alyssa until 5th.
Why would he? Once they crack the seal on getting rid of a cookout member with X claiming it was the evicted cookout member that broke the deal so it’s just dessert, he’ll keep trying to keep her around. Why? Even if someone puts him on the block he’s got numbers. Or if any cookout still hold true to the mission, they will go after her instead of Him. It keeps the women in check fearing Alyssa will target them, allowing the boys to get two steps closer to winning. You know, because those women have had it so easy. Yes, he said that.
If I’m in X’s head, this is what I’m thinking.

X just openly said to Couch, lets ditch Tiff at 7 because keeping Alyssa keeps the others busy. They’re running scenarios to see if they can make it work without looking like it was them that broke the cookout deal.
Tiff has interrupted their kill Tiff plotting to come up with a kill Claire lie that Claire will buy without anyone being uncomfortable for 4 days.

Jaymie lee

So as ive been told the Cookout cant be racist?!. But Claires sole reasoning will be that she isnt Black. Explain that away. And a commenter said she has to accept that no matter what. So voting solely because she is not the right colour is not racist. And im supposed to believe that because its Blacks doing it. The Cookout knows its getting away with it and is proud of it.

Buh Bye

Got it. You’ve said this a dozen times already proving you have no idea of the meaning of the word ‘racist’. Yes, you’ve been repeatedly told this. Beating a dead horse isn’t going to make it get up and walk. Turn off the show, delete this page and your delicate sensibilities won’t be so tragically harmed. Seriously …


X really thinks Alyissa is attracted to him? He’s so desperate, and hard to watch. Like she is gonna go from Christian to X. Playing pool he just asked her, “ are you talking to me or Christian”. Get your head out your butt and buy yourself a clue.


As the season progressed he’s become repulsive. Was a favourite to win at this point he needs to go. Whines for everything that isn’t going his way. Wanted to save his players but no other person in the CO is allowed to do /feel the same for their plus ones. He’s demeaning, delusional and disgusting.


He’s a lawyer


Goes to show, no matter the profession! Tiff has him figured out!


For sure!


Typical pretty boy lawyer


Point being


I have to agree with you BlueBee, very likable in the beginning! Now he just acts entitled, waiting for his dinner like he’s the master of the house.


This!!! Yes!!


Exactly! He wants to front and say that he’s not interested in anyone in the house; yet, there he goes being desperate. Then again, he has a clue, just doesn’t care. He did say from day 1 that she was attractive. However, I feel he’s just acting “desperate” because in the event when and if she leaves, he has her jury vote. It’s all calculated. lol!!!


BigD eating cough drops like candy, I guess it’s one of the things allowed as a have not. Hopefully no one needs one! Allyssa sure pepped up after winning that HOA, eating that slip like a champ!


Hannah is probably the biggest sociopath on this show. She can look at Claire and lie with no guilt or remorse. She lied to her #1, I bet DX feels like a fool. That’s the thing this season. They made fools out of their so called #1s. I’m truly disgusted and sad.

BB fan

In the event, that Derek X continues to be so blinded by likes of Hannah and Tiffany continues to be there voice and tool in the jury house saying why those girls should win. Then Derek X is he just further proving that he supports bold liars face and cold hearted backstabbers with shady ass gameplay including himself, which doesn’t not warrant DX to to be AFP! If Derek X doesn’t wake up and realize that he was played like a fool by Hannah and Tiffany. Then he doesn’t deserve the respect and title of being Americas favorite. Consequenlty, Derek X would fully expose himself as a puppet who condoned and fully supported jealous petty black woman who are backstabbing their firm ally member because of what she looks like.


Aww, c’mon. Baby D was just sweet, naive, & surprised that people would just flat out lie to him. Give the kid a break.

Buh Bye

Derek X hater is back!

BB fan

You make everybody dumber with your post. Alyssa was a zero star player??
Please Alyssa with her gameplay has completely ruined Tiffany’s game by exposing tiffany in creating one of the biggest betrayal we’ve ever seen! All from Alyssa winning the veto this week and pulling herself off the block getting blood on her hands! Alyssa ruined Tiffany’s game getting no blood on her hands!
Alyssa a zero star?? God you are as clueless as Derek X with his BB bucks. Sucks to suck when your favorite is foolish enough not to be a certified dumbass and not listen to production giving him SEVERAL HINTS to play highroller room when he didn’t use his big brother bucks to save his own life. Alyssa Completely outplayed Derek by a WIDE FREAKING MILE even with DX being a lying double crosser! Even Tiffany and Azah agreed that Derek X completely double crossed Alyssa. Alyssa kicked his ASS!

At least I’m not blinded like you to not see that if Derek X continues to support Hannah and Tiffany. Then he is a puppet he cause those women are about to pull the biggest Backstab in the history of this game backdooring there ally member Claire with 8 people left because of her race over a couple of black men who want to take her out next!

If Derek X is completely ok with tiffy toes and Hannah betraying him and CLAIRE with their secret alliance based on race and then yes Derek X is shady! It would fully expose himself as a puppet if he Leads a jury charge for a couple of jealous petty black woman to win the game!! Who again are pulling the biggest backstab in arguably the shows history in backdooring their ally member Claire with 8 people left because of what she looks like since she is white. Claire was crying over
Derek X leaving and if Derek X thinks that it’s great game play for Hannah and Tiffany to backdoor Claire and do her this dirty then DX is not somebody who should be America’s favorite – wake up and get a freaking clue!! The hatred you are projecting is in you and the people you like- wake up!

another name

I’m utterly confused and need some help.
So please, anyone, I’m completely admitting i don’t understand what’s going on.
X inferred to Alyssa that Claire could be the renom.
Alyssia goes to Couch and Azah trying to get Ky to be the renom. After X has told her that Claire might be the renom she’s still going ahead with the Alyssa masterplan of trick Tiff into thinking the house will vote out X if she noms Ky. huh. For why?
Couch tries to make an excuse that sounds like Tiff is turning on Claire and Hannah because they want Ky out and Tiff doesn’t.
Alyssa goes to Azah to push for Ky.
Why am I finding this so confusing? I don’t know. But I totally don’t understand this.

Meanwhile Hannah. Don’t get what Hannah is trying to dig out of Claire. Who would target the Claire Hannah and Tiff? Can Azah be trusted more or less than Ky? But I didn’t get why Hannah was burning her vote with Alyssa before the veto. Unless Hannah had advanced knowledge of what was going to happen in veto that made no sense. That last bit was conspiratorial… don’t take that seriously. Though Hannah HAS been getting a lot of insight post D/R visits. Like… a lot.

another name

Don’t worry about it. Hannah has got Alyssa on the Claire train. As long as it’s Tiff’s idea and they lie to Tiff about the votes.
Alyssa has to be saying Tiff can’t be that stupid.
Personally, if the entire alliance wasn’t so invested to save Alyssa to take out Tiff, They could have actually swung Alyssa to use the veto on X. Saying X vs. Ky who knows how the vote really goes, but everyone keeps you Alyssa over Ky because you’re honest and he’s a creep. But, they are totally following X’s edict. Like good little koolaid drinkers.


And the entire DE is set up b/c Ally has X, Hannah F2 just shook on & PROMISED both she & X would not put either of Big D or Azah OTB in DE.. So Ally wins HOH next week & will nominate Tiff & Ky and I hope when she does they both call out X for using the Cookout when he had no intentions of honoring it (b/c he’ll THROW her HOH).

Funny — didn’t X say he was able to CONTROL Ally but didn’t trust that Tiff could do that with Claire (who just proved last week she could). But there’s Ally ignoring him saying “no don’t do that” (push Ky) doing PRECISELY that minutes later.

Let’s hope Tiff recognizes just how much sh*t she is in — & makes a deal with Ally to not nominate/renom her at F7 if X stays b/c she can ensure that happens.

Then she’ll put up Claire – Ally will think it’s BS & X is leaving but when X is calm all week will she clue back into X, Big D, Hannah ALL telling her what if it’s Claire?

If I’m Tiff before the renom – I pull in Big D & tell him I’m well aware you want me gone first of CO— numerous people have already told me. I won’t ask you to shift your position but I’ve shown you loyalty two weeks in a row never touching the block & talked Claire out of putting you up last week too. So I hear a bunch of people are going to throw HOH next week – even though I made sure you were safe through those 3 HOH’s & will put up Claire this week to honor the CO can I ask for one week’s grace at F7 no nom or renom.

It’s fine Hannah is making the fake F2 with Ally (protecting her ass for DE) what I don’t like is it feels like she’s trying to make it look like let’s punk Tiff & this pitch is also painting an even bigger target on Tiff’s head. Let’s see if Hannah tells X they confirmed the F2 — will that impact him at all? That the girl he’s fawning over & trying to break up the CO for doesn’t even want to bring him to F2. Also, does Hannah not see if Tiff goes next week she’s likely gone at F6 or F5?

X is gearing up to take Big D, Azah & his true F2 Ally to F4. He’s so sure everyone will kiss the ring he believes none of the Cookout would vote against him — public image or not – I’m not so sold.

Amanda Chandler

Y’all WISH Alyssa was that stupid.

another name

I wish no such thing.
I do wish she’d stop being a whiny entitled little shit…
but I don’t wish she was stupid.


Allison is still clueless to the CO, she even made a joke to Claire yesterday in front of X asking if she realized she was the last white person left in the game. To which she laughed cluelessly, that made X very nervous! Then she said, huh there are no white men in jury! Ding bat

another name

That wasn’t yesterday, was it? that was before the HOH i thought. it was about SB about to be evicted, wasn’t it?


yup middle of last week

BB fan

Derek X was the most clueless there was.
Derek X did that three weeks ago in front of multiple cookout members!!!

Omg how horrible Alyssa was with her number 1 ally left in the game Xavier and the only other white person Claire?!
Oh God that is nowhere near that terrible because If those two decide to rat out Alyssa for that comment take Her out next then Alyssa should just walk the door out right now with the DAMN GOLDEN VETO IN HER HANDS because this season was not meant for her. I mean hello Alyssa openly admits that she wants neither of them X or Claire out ! Let alone judging off Alyssa’s physical appearance and with all of the asinine moves that Derek X did when he was in power that aided the cookout while taking out the resistance and constantly being a huge problem Targeting Alyssa and kings for the wrong reasons screwing up any threats for the cookout only because it was what the cold hearted backstabbers in Hannah and Tiffany wanted. Nobody should feel more foolish than Derek X- Ding Bat! The only time you should use that expression is when you are referring to him. Derek X not using his BB bucks just the epitome of how awful of a decision maker Derek X was. He constantly was being manipulated by people who were nasty and if he can’t see that then when it comes time to vote for jury then Derek X was the clueless dingbat that was always being used as a tool for Hannah and Tiffany! That’s not somebody who should be America’s favorite!

If Derek X votes for Hannah or Tiffany in the end. When they are going to completely have the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL IN GETTING OUT Claire in becoming the games biggest back stabbers this season. If Derek X goes through with wanting those women in Hannah and Tiffany and being their voice for why they should win with the Jury. Then Derek should lose every bit of his dignity and should not be Americas favorite because he got played so hard !!!! Since Derek X would have prove himself to be the player that condones backstabbing and the ultimate betrayals! He basically is stating that Tiffany and Hannah can do no wrong to him when clearly they don’t deserve to win the game because they are back stabbers!

If Derek X Won’t change his mind about Hannah and Tiffany. In how dirty they are about what their about to do to his ally Claire. Then it would just be proof that the guy got a huge dose of his own medicine! If Derek X votes for Tiffany and Hannah with voicing them to win then He totally got what he deserved with his back door! America’s favorite player shouldn’t be someone who’s supports the biggest backstabbers in the house and he’s cool with the ultimate betrayal‘s to somebody who wanted to take him to the final four and was bawling her eyes out over him leaving. If Derek X goes through being a cheerleader for Hannah and Tiffany would just further emphasize that he is the clueless dingbat!

Buh Bye

DX hater is back!


I think Alyssa just can’t fathom Tiff betraying her so-called “Number 1” like that. Like in a “She could never be THAT stupid or be THAT backstabbing” type way.

Also, I kind of hope Azah goes rogue and tells Claire and Alyssa about the cookout. I would very much love for X to be exposed, lose his shit and blow his fake suave cover lol


Yes! Azah, it’s time to make your move, and this is it. Go rogue!


Azah baffles me b/c most of the time she doesn’t seem to get it at all but occasionally she says something that resonates.

In this situation she does have a point. She was super close to Brit & losing her devastated her – – and at that time there was talk of exposing the CO b/c they had the numbers & had reached jury. Now she’s watched 48 hours of Big D & X trashing Tiff for her “selfishness” after spending all season not only never having a choice but also never being asked her opinion (except by Tiff/Claire/DX & recently Hannah).

Immediately after POV she had to listen to another paranoid rant from Big D about him going up & how he’s going to rip the house apart b/c she’s (Tiff) not going to stick to the 6 — and this after days of hearing that is precisely what he intends to do to Tiff at F7.

Upon learning Tiff in fact IS LOYAL like she always said she was to the CO & will put up Claire – Big D is right back into I’m winning F7 and NO ONE IS SAFE (read – he intends to go for Tiff not Ally) & X is outside all smiles flirting with Ally.

Soooooooooo my guess is Azah is actually in her feels recognizing how the guys had less issues with Ky doing this weeks ago & were only mad about Tiff b/c it meant Ally was more likely leaving. She knows Tiff will do the right thing & is hurting & can’t imagine how hard it will be for her but there’s X only worried about how it reflects on him moving forward (ALL WHILE SHE KNOWS THEY ARE PROBABLY GOING TO SCREW TIFF NEXT WEEK). This is her way of saying – I lost Brit for the cause & you guys ranted for 48 hours about Tiff not being true to the 6 — but she is — so she’s taking a hard hit for the Cookout – why can’t the CO stand up after Claire goes up then & spell it out.

There is only one reason why – b/c neither Big D or X intend on honoring it. (IMHO)

Carlito's Way

It will never happen. Azah is all in with the Cook Out as she has no other option than being dragged to final 3 or 2 with them. She is also lovestruck for X. If she were smart, she’d team up with Tiffany, Claire and Hannah to start knocking the guys out. I feel certain we will be left with the most worthless 2 in the final four – Azah and Big D. Yuck


Yes, she is crushing bad on X but he is not attracted to her. X and Kyland were talking in the kitchen about their last few girlfriends being white. That’s some irony right there.

another name

Devil’s advocate moment #2 or #3… I don’t remember which.

So, looked on twitter. I’ve been doing that less since the unfortunate incident where my reply wasn’t something nice enough about Hannah and her posse took offense. I think I said she needs to start making moves more to have a chance to win. It was week three.

The general theory expressed is cookout supporters saying Claire will be alright, it’s for a bigger cause. Stop that. The same has been said about each non cookout member.
In my estimation, will Claire be bitter? No. She’s aware it’s a game. She’s already suggested that savage moves happen in the game and she appreciates it. She’s not going to be bitter in my estimation. She’ll realize she got played because she didn’t play for herself most likely. But if she were bitter? Does she lose the right to own her feelings because of the cause? That’s a problem.

The jurors are most likely not going to vote bitter. One or two may or may not say take a fricking leap post season if contacted by a cookout member, but they most likely aren’t going to vote bitter. They know their social climate, and know if they vote bitter they are going to be labeled as being micro-aggressive and racist. Don’t. We all know the land of social media, and know that to be a true statement. Though if the choice is two cookout members, and they were bitter against the person that betrayed them most, what’s the problem? Think back to bbcan9. the juror that voted for the other guy to win. She’d already said things that were called micro-aggressions. But her vote for the other black final 2 member got her called racist as well. They were both black in the final 2.

The idea that they don’t have the right to feel any damn way they want about the game annoys me. They have to accept that the season is about a bigger cause? No. they don’t They can feel any way they want. IF they want to feel that they were prejudged by the cookout members because of their flesh? That’s what they feel. If they feel that there is no issue? That’s what they feel. There’s list after list floating around of how many black players have played without a winner. Think about that and the incongruity of saying a houseguest this season has to get over it, denying them the outlet of feeling any way they feel is very problematic.

From my vantage of looking at the house as 16 people playing Big Brother, and The cookout is an alliance that formed week one to infiltrate and evict all the non alliance members I don’t see a problem. Just say that and they owned their game.

From their vantage of trying to use semantics to not own their game, and expressing guilt for essentially judging others based on their skin? That’s where I say, the jurors can feel any way they please.

Jaymie lee

Its okay friend ive been told because there Black what thete doing is not racist. Solely voting out all the Whites because they dont have Black skin and nope not Racist. But if an all White alliance formed for the culture or race or pride Cbs would take it off night 1. And now Whites have to be ok with it??? Give me a break. Blacks=never racist
Whites=automically racist no questions asked. Thanks for clarifying.

another name

that’s not what I was saying.
What I’m saying is that the jurors don’t have to give up the right to their feelings because there is a mission.

Buh Bye

Got it. You’ve said this a dozen times already proving you have no idea of the meaning of the word ‘racist’. Yes, you’ve been repeatedly told this. Beating a dead horse isn’t going to make it get up and walk. Turn off the show, delete this page and your delicate sensibilities won’t be so tragically harmed. Seriously …


So sad but true


I’ll bet that Tiff is really sorry she won this HOH about right now…


I think our only hope that X could go out, is if Ky tells Tiff that X said he wants her out next week. We know DF and Azah won’t tell Tiff. Ky could do it because he wants X gone and might take advantage of the situation. I think DF should go up with X.

If Tiffany puts up Claire that will confirm Claire’s suspicions. Tiffany could pull Claire in to now start a girl’s alliance. We already know Azah has said she wants a black woman to win. I know Tiff always said CO comes first and that is how she played her game. But, hopefully, Tiffany will put the $750,000 ahead of CO and start changing her gameplay. Maybe Claire will put the women’s alliance idea in Tiffany’s head to send Z home. Everything is dependent on Tiffany learning that X is coming for her next week.

If she sends Claire home, all hell is going to break loose in that Jury House. All of them will be pissed that they were played by all their POC friends, including SB finding out Ky betrayed her. The fact that Tiffany sent Claire home could lose her those 4 jury votes.

Aren’t these people even considering there will be a DE and both Claire and Allyssa could go out at the same time?


Want more proof for what a jerk Xavier is…

Hannah, Azah & X discuss how to make Ally think it’s her idea to convince the “stupid Tiff” (oh Ally – Zing Bot was right) to put up Claire. Azah questions immediately after Hannah leaves why she is the one talking to Ally & X explains how close Hannah is to Ally.

So we get the Hannah/Ally chat with Han pushing to keep vote close…

Hannah: Let’s just assume that somehow we are able to convince Tiffany to put up Claire and Claire ends up going. The vote would probably be
Ally: 4-1?
Hannah: I wouldn’t be able to convince Tiff that two people flipped.
Ally: You’d want it to be 3-2?
Hannah: Mhmm

And Azah saying the same…

Azah: (to X) I think personally the vote that would be best for jury would be 3-2. If it’s 3-2, Claire can still be wondering. If it’s 4-1, that won’t be good

And then we get further insight to the asshat Xavier who would love for a unanimous vote to satiate his ego AND to further remove any shot of Claire voting for Tiff in jury (if he can’t cut her next week).

AzahWhy is Hannah convincing Alyssa that she will flip?
Xavier: Cause Alyssa thinks that her and Hannah are like this (crosses his fingers) Truthfully, it could be unanimous

X is NEVER satisfied — first he buys Ky’s bullshit about Tiff wanting to try to get Ally to use POV on him saying it’s Tiff’s idea. X never clues into the fact that it’s Ky who pushes this concept on THREE occasions but Tiff NEVER BRINGS IT UP — she just says I’ll do what’s right for the Cookout. The guys particularly X & Big D are displaying their true selves. Yes, Tiff prob shouldn’t have won HOH but she knew if she didn’t Claire was gone for sure. The ONLY reason the guys were mad was b/c X wasn’t getting HIS WAY — & DF who b/c he feels Ally will save him but Claire won’t — that my friends is a self motivated cause — so in essence they are saying WE CAN BE SELFISH but Tiff cannot.

We got hours of X ranting about how he’s given up so much & Big D ranting about going on the block & now that Tiff has confirmed she’ll do the CO right they aren’t consoling her – – X is hitting on Ally still hoping he has a shot with her, & DF is parroting how everyone needs to throw HOH to him next week & how NO ONE is safe (read: I’m taking out Tiff, breaking up the CO but it’s okay if I do it). If X throws HOH & Ally or Big D go — can I ask will either of them face the same vitriol Tiff has this week?

The other very annoying thing is X is furious about the “messaging” that will be given to Claire. Gee Xavier could you be any more obvious that now that Tiff is screwing her game for the Cookout you need to find ANOTHER REASON to actually fracture the CO & still blame it on her?



Like I said I am prejudice against lawyers, I so do not want him to win.


The problem with everyone throwing the HOH to BigD is that he is usually one of the first ones out.

Carlito's Way

Me too. X and Big D are the worst. They have revealed themselves. The way they bash Tiffany behind her back, expecting her to jump at their commands all the while planning on ousting her next week. Total egomaniacal jerks. Wish these women would WAKE UP to their assholiness. Tiffany needs to learn their plan. Getting rid of X is crucial if the women want to win $750,000! My preferred order is X, Big D, Azah (because she contributes NOTHING), Alyssa, Claire, Hannah – final two Kyland and Tiffany. Not my favorite people but they have played well. I would like to see a POC win – it is high time. I would also like to see a deserving win, and both are deserving (although Kyland is also a huge jerk and then there is the SB thing….ugh). I would like to see Tiffany win. I have had a love/hate relationship with her throughout this season but at this point, I hope she gets the $$. Wake up ladies!!


If there is one positive coming from this day for Tiff (and there certainly aren’t many) it’s that Ky, Hannah & Azah are all more likely to try to win DE HOH now. Tiff has to know X wasn’t really committing to her not going OTB next week — what he said was half hearted and he is DEFINITELY THROWING HOH with the hopes that Ally wins it.

Ky pushed the whole let’s try to get her to use the POV on X scenario — b/c he knows now that she isn’t that close & if he doesn’t know yet he will about her plan to try to get him up versus X. That means he can’t afford for her to win HOH. Likewise, hopefully Hannah sees all the negativity STILL being directed at Tiff which means X really wants to keep Azah/Big D & Ally over her, Tiff & Ky which should also shift her vying for HOH.

Azah is growing more and more annoyed as the night progresses between the Zing Bot calling her desperate (for X — getting rejected), X pushing that Tiff HAS TO USE WHAT HE WANTS as her story to Claire or be labelled a traitor, watch X all smiles flirting with Ally & then to top it off Hannah/Ally all buddy-buddy. I think that will find her also gunning for HOH – hey stranger things have happened in DE (the least likeliest often win).

Azah would put up Ally/Ky (Hannah re-nom), Ky would put up Ally-Azah (Big D re-nom) & Hannah I’m not too sure but I’m guessing Big D/Azah & back door Ally maybe or one of the Jokers with Ally & say she’s got a back door plan to Ally.

Tiff is very intelligent & reads a room better than anyone – she lashed out at Big D (then apologized) — he of course only shared the lashing out part (DICK). She saw how ANGRY X, DF were (but also saw Azah/Ky not really have her back either). Hannah is her blind spot (I think). Then she saw everyone celebrating about the POV & no one came to console her like they’ve done in the past for others. It sent a very strong message & she is feeling very much alone — hence why she said to Hannah – I’m doing what they want so I shouldn’t go OTB & if I do then that person becomes my target.

I’m praying that Ally/Big D do NOT win DE HOH b/c I want to see the head on Tiff vs. X battle. I really dislike X now that his true colors have shown but I still want to see Tiff, Hannah, X & Ky get the furthest in the game b/c they’ve played IMHO the most complete games.

I wouldn’t mind Ally lasting longer than Big D & Azah (just like I would’ve preferred DX to be in the house still) but those 4 of the 8 still standing would make for a more intriguing final few weeks.


If Tiff wants to have a real shot @ winning BB23, this is when she takes X out! Stop the nonsense of not putting a black HG up, you’re playing to win the whole game for yourself, smart up! She has the best resume out of all the girls so far…they should join forces and get rid of X. It would be seen as a great winning game move by the jury.

Jaymie lee

Except there playing for 6 people to win. Thry havent yet figured out only 1 can win. They want to be awrded the trophy for having black skin instead of playing the actual game. But Not Racist right. Keeo saying doesnt make it true. The logic only makes sense if your Black you cant be racist but god help you if youre White youre an automatic Racist.


“Great winning game move”
……. Not back in the real world would be looked at as betrayal
to the cause of an all Black final 6. She would have a difficult time going home. She has to wait till Claire & Alyssia are gone to make that socially accepted move.


And THERE IT IS — X is pitching they take out Tiff in the DE … His reasoning — b/c then it would make it easier for everyone at 6 b/c Alyssa would still be the target.

Other perfect examples of how much Tiff is in his head:

“Tiff would’ve been gone by now anyway if it wasn’t for the Cookout”

“I don’t like when Azah & Tiff talk about not going on the block. F*ck what y’all want”

He also said he felt the CO was DONE when Tiff won HOH — really — she put up Ally & she’s going to put up Claire so non Cookout player is leaving. This only confirms he needs to have complete control or he’s not satisfied.

Xavier keeps this sh*t up & he’s going to find himself losing all kinds of fans (if he hasn’t already). How do you make such a stink all week spouting “the mission” & as soon as your girl is safe do PRECISELY what you were crucifying Tiff for even though she didn’t do it? I’m DISGUSTED by him.

AND he’s complaining that Azah suggested a 3-2 vote.

He’s a f*cking ass that isn’t satisfied by getting to keep his girl crush in the house — he wants to RUIN Tiff with a unanimous vote, & take her out next b/c he KNOWS she’s a better overall player & he can’t stand she won’t kiss the ring.

He also isn’t found of Ky but makes excuses for him (b/c he’s a guy) & Big D /Azah are just plebs to be dragged along.

X: “Ky was allowed to win the HOH cause he could have put up anyone.”

(But X — Tiff IS PUTTING UP CLAIRE — again what is your issue?)

He’s been transparent for weeks & I can’t recall ever liking someone initially and completely shifting to disliking them this much.

X is having HOHitis on someone else’s HOH & already thinks he’s won the game – just needs to get out Tiff.

One can only hope DF is stupid enough to tell Azah or Ky these things were said – so they see Mr. misogynist, hypocrite has no intention of letting Ally leave. He seriously is so smitten with Ally he can’t stand the thought of losing her. Imagine — he KNOWS Ally made a F2 with Hannah NOT WITH HIM but that’s okay. TPTB better not play ANY MORE of his bullshit about a mission or POC DRs b/c he’s a self serving, egotistical, arrogant, f*cking liar. AND HE’S DOING THIS WHILE STILL ON THE BLOCK — that’s how much he thinks he runs the show!

So disappointing if this happens b/c Baby D will win AFP in a land slide & the best player of the season is going to get torched for staying loyal to the CO.

I know the backyard yellers were sent cease & desist orders this season & they’ve upped security but PLEASE if you’re out there find a way to warn Tiff b/c if they’re going to f*ck her — then tell her before Monday so she can put up DF & take out X – screw him!

another name

Ky and Tiff are talking. X has said twice why are they off talking. Like nobody can talk right now without his presence.
Tiff says X doesn’t have control of Alyssa or he wouldn’t have told the two of us if Alyssa wins we’re going on the block. Unless he wants her to.
Tiff tells Ky that X wants him out because the road gets way smoother for X without Ky in the way.
She jokes about putting up the couch. (feeler to see if Ky would say let’s do it?)
She’s worried about just how many lies she’s going to have to keep straight when talking to Claire now.
Ky and Tiff are cuddling now. EW. Cuddling and talking about SB. Ewww. ptui ptui… yuck.
As Tiff says that if Dx came back she wouldn’t hesitate to throw Claire out the door with Zingbot, you can see why I said all of Tiff’s pandering to the cams earlier is 100% horse manure.

Azah suggested just telling Alyssa and Claire the cookout truth. To Hannah. I think Hannah just about lost her hair with how quick she was saying we can’t…. it’s more humane to let them think they have a chance even though they don’t. Sideye. Reality: Hannah’s getting closer to that final 2 with X to match the final 2 with Tiff and doesn’t want to screw that up by Alyssa finding out Hannah’s full of shit.

Tiff and Ky are spending the night together in the HOH. A sleepover. Criiiiinge.


Wtf well she has wanted him since the start

another name

Tiff and the cookout men construct the lie to tell Claire:

  • X has to go.
  • Tiff made a deal with Jokers, if one of them goes on the block both are after Tiff.
  • Hannah is sneaky and working with X (saved him with veto).
  • Ky doesn’t have the votes to stay. Neither does Hannah.
  • So Claire has to be the pawn but totally has the votes to stay…..

See the problem yet?
If Hannah is working with X and Alyssa is working with X and the jokers will target Tiff with Tiff telling Claire for the last 2 days the jokers are working with X…
HOW does Claire have the votes to stay????
That should not work at all. Because of what Tiff was telling Claire when she was sure Alssa was leaving. It should be a lead balloon due to what Tiff was telling Claire for the past 2 days.

But I’m sure after a nice long D/R call Claire will say “Okay Tiff I totally trust you.”

They’re going to sit her down as a group and tell her she’s leaving Thursday. but still keep the cookout secret. blink. blink.
Claire is already saying something is completely off and she’s getting that weird feeling again.
She said this to Ky earlier. Ky just cautioned Tiff not to cry, because if she does Claire is going to feel even more betrayed when they tell her she’s going.

The dry run play acting bit between Tiff and Couch…. cringe. Like. Cringe.

Really, Tiff should be honest: If I don’t sell you down the river everyone in the house is after me next. Sorry.

Jaymie lee

She should just say its only about colour this year and White aint it. Oh but its not Racist to vote out on skin colour. It cant be racist were Black its allowed. No one will call us out on it. Free pass.

another name

Bias. Prejudice. Racist.
The three words have differences.
This is where you are hamstringing yourself.
Is the cookout being prejudicial in determining worth and value by skin color? Yes.
This means that their bias is being exhibited as prejudice.
The reason you are getting blowback when you use the term racist is because of the inherent. The inherent in racist is the use of power to maintain superiority over a minority or marginalized part of the population. It’s this concept of superior and inferior in the term racist that is the prolbem with calling the cookout racist.
They aren’t operating from an entitled place of superiority trying to keep the inferior in their place. This is where prejudice and racism differ. They are operating out of prejudice because they are judging based on race.

Buh Bye

Got it. You’ve said this a dozen times already proving you have no idea of the meaning of the word ‘racist’. Yes, you’ve been repeatedly told this. Beating a dead horse isn’t going to make it get up and walk. Turn off the show, delete this page and your delicate sensibilities won’t be so tragically harmed. Seriously …


I agree w/ many peoples thoughts. Claire is going to have a field day with Tiffany in the jury house, so she won’t win. I doubt she’ll make it to the final two anyways. She tries to hard to be likable in front of the camera’s, so it’s all show to me.

Couch is nothing more than a throw pillow.

KY in 5 words or less? Super annoying and no!

Xavier? Just tell Alyssa you’re a lawyer and she’ll drop Christian in a heartbeat, lol. Am I saying she’s materialistic, yes! 100%

Hannah…Why do they call her Chaddha? Can someone please explain that to me? Possible winner

Me personally? I hope Derek X comes back and he knocks a couple members of the BBQ out. I’m not about the racism crap, You win, you win, it’s not about color, race or creed.

Last thought…Remember 9/11? If you recall the six months after that, there was such a sense of calm and the Country was united. Isn’t it sad, we need an event like 9/11 to come together? I hope as one people we can come together again because we need to focus on the positive and good things.

I’m not taking the Pollyanna view, I hope.

another name

Chaddha is her last name. She says most of her friends call her by her last name.


I can see Hannah sneaking in with the win.


Maybe the funniest comment all season by Derek F : “Man Derek X Was a complete dumb ass taking the latrine punishment while giving Sarah Beth 5K. What was he thinking ?” Sara Beth completely played DX like Nintendo giving him the backdoor! Truly a classic ending for DX, and to think he had all those BB bucks as well. He couldn’t of made the right decision even if it hit him in the face.

The Beef

She really “smoked him like a cigarette” didn’t she?


Once Big D learned he was safe he stopped whimpering, threatening to blow up the house & Tiff’s game for having the audacity to not be loyal he settled back into his egotistical arrogant self.

He told the hamsters he’s the “A” lister of this cast & expects to be seen as such outside the house – there was a Kardashian reference even.

X & he discussed Big D winning – – of course with the caveat people have to throw him the HOH — thankfully I heard both Azah & Ky say if it’s a DE we’re all gunning for it Azah specifically said we can’t be throwing if it’s a double (even though Azah may be smitten she has been privy to far too much trashing of Tiff calling her selfish & sees that X is so happy now that Ally is safe & I personally believe she recognizes X is into Ally (watch how she looks at Ally & X interact when X is trying to flirt with her — Azah gives the same steely eyed stare she used to give to Whitney).

During an X & Big D talk X told him to stay cool until after veto ceremony & then they (he & Big D) can treat them (Tiff/Azah) anyway they want. There was an implication that Tiff needed to be put in her place by X & Big D kept saying he wants her gone. He brought up them talking in storage room when Tiff put him in his place b/c he never truly apologized for what he did (and fwiw X completely agreed at that time b/c it was about Christian — so yeah HIS AGENDA) & said Tiff took advantage of him b/c he was on the block & couldn’t speak up — For anyone unaware HE approached her for this talk on Weds night (a full week after he was rude to her & ONLY b/c he was on the block b/c he wanted to ensure her vote). Big D intends to put Azah/Tiff on slop but not with Hannah so they’re all alone in have not room & also intends to take out Tiff — (yeah Mr. I’ll blow this f*cking house up if she doesn’t stay true to the 6 wants to take her out at 7)

Early in the morning – Big D told Azah she’s ridden his cocktails (he meant coat tails) through the entire game never having to do much while he kept her safe. They revisited this several times with Azah trying to get him to acknowledge things & just b/c she doesn’t keep lists like he does such as “I went on the block for you” she has those moments as well like offering to go OTB instead of Brit. (she essentially clocked his bravado but he never really gave her any credit heming and hawing — deep breaths & laughs) I don’t know if he really believes this sh*t but he seriously implied she is only there b/c of him & that he will win this game – no one can beat him. I guess he doesn’t realize the jury will laugh their asses off at him if he makes it to F2 & tries to take credit for running this season.

Azah brought up why was it okay for DX to go out 5-2 but it’s not okay for Claire to go out 3-2 — both X & Big D want a unanimous vote (again – this is to hurt Tiff) . Sort of funny how they both think it’s okay to be 5-0 versus Claire but NOT okay to out the CO or deliver any verbiage that X doesn’t agree to be said.

X also played into his ego tonight saying he thought they just used DF DR clips as the zings b/c he was sure the nasty one to Azah was created from something Big D said. Funny X could remember everyone’s but his (probably b/c it had something to do with his arrogance & Azah’s also implied X rejected her.

I’ll be holding out hope with AFP is announced that Big D is NOT in the top 3 — We know DX will win by a landslide based on both casual & feedster polls but I’m really hoping the other two are the names I’ve witnessed typically in the top 3 which is DX/Hannah & typically Claire or Tiff. I want Tiff to be in the mix b/c I think she’ll get done dirty but also b/c her making the list & DF not making it would tickle me funny bone b/c the couch is a horse’s ass.


I really hope top 3 for AFP is DX, Claire and Tiff! That would surely slap X and DF in there faces!


Sorry, that is suppose to be their faces, not there!