“I am putting Claire on the block and sending her home for this [CO]”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Claire going up and is the target. The maneuvering within the 6 is in full force.

10:20 am X and Ky
X says Tiff is in no position to make demands. Citing the one she made the last night about not going on the block next week.
X says Tiff has two options She sends Claire home and take the jury vote hit or sends a member of the cookout home and be guaranteed there is no chance she’ll win.
X – making demands last night when you haven’t seen the block.

X says if Alyssa wins she’ll put up Tiff and Hannah.
Ky says the vote would be 2V2
X – Tiff’s going home
Ky – no if it’s Tiff and Me
X – Tiff’s still going home

Ky says Azah dislikes him and Tiffany equally. he’s worried about him going up with Tiff.
X – I told BIG this right now we have to tell her whatever it is she wants to hear cause she has to put Claire up. After that I don’t give a f***
Ky – this week has been.. we’re good on the Claire thing.
X says the plan they came up with last night was the same plan he had figured out but they had to talk it through with Tiffany because she wanted to take credit for coming up with it.
Ky – some of the things she said have made me feel… I don’t trust people I trust people to know who they are.. Not who they are. I trust people to be who I know them to be. This has highlighted things and so I am trying to understand.. with you I would love to know what do you see right now as a preferred order after next week.

X – the first chance Tiffany gets she’ll take one of us out
X – after this week if Claire goes on her HOH I don’t know if she’ll have the Jury votes she’s had before.
X – so it might be beneficial to keep her around but after this week I’m like f*** it if you want to play that selfishly.
X says Tiffany’s explanation why she went for the HOH “Doesn’t make sense” she “did this to herself”
X – BIGD brought up some good points. When there are fights and drama she’s involved..
X – IF Alyssa wins in the double Tiffany goes home.
X – If Alyssa goes and Tiffany doesn’t win that next HOH .. If Tiffany or Hannah don’t win that next HOH then she should be the first to go.
Ky – What if Tiffany wins the veto.
X – Hannah then you but I won’t lie to you that you wouldn’t be on her radar.
Ky – Tiff is 6 then from there?
X – Hannah has proven herself to be strong. If we want to ensure you, me, BIGD make it to the final 3 then we bring Azah.
X – You, me BIGD make it to the final three.
Ky – if it ends p being the three of us we can essentially build it like BIGD is more JC than Victoria

X – If Tiff wins 6 and she takes one of us out her incentive to take the other one grows
Ky says he wanted to be the first African American winner of Big Brother. Says after the 6th week he realized that an African American will win.

10:55 am X and Alyssa
X says they should try and make a deal with Tiffany.
Alyssa – why would she put up Claire. YUs making a deal why wouldn’t she put up Ky?
X – if we make a deal with her and she puts up someone she thinks I will go home against she’ll feel she’s covered all bases in the event I stay.
X says if she puts up BIGD or Azah
Alyssa says Tiffany thinks X is leaving. “I gave her a sweet deal about me not coming after her next week and her having four votes her way in Jury and all she had to do is to convince one person to win this game. She didn’t care. I think Ky is her Shield. I don’t think they have a deal. The Jury hates Ky the only vote she would have against her is SB
Alyssa – I think Ky will go home
Alyssa goes on about having the jokers sell to Tiffany that they want X out so she puts up Claire.
Alyssa – she really needs to sell the fact she wants you out.
X – it’s believable because of the ZINGbot sh1t she’ll want to keep her distance from me it was rather embarrassing
Alyss – if she puts up Claire.. knowing Tiff she might.
X – she’s been in power for two weeks shes thinking her sh1t don’t stink

11:20 am- noon Tiff and Azah
Tiff – it can’t be my decision to tell Claire.
Azah – everyone has to agree.. I’ll talk to DF more
Tiff says when she walked in and say the cast she knew they had to stick together.
Azah – same thing.. X said you see how many people are in here right? I said absolutely. I remember saying if someone is on the block absolutely not I know what I need to do.
Tiff – If Derek wants to take credit for us all working together that’s fine but.. All of us have had a part in us coming together and sticking together. this was not easy.
Tiff – it was not easy to move covertly it was not easy to put our personal game aside. Britini would have rolled with you to final 2. Claire would never have considered putting me on the block. We can have our people but we all .. I am putting Claire on the block and sending her home for this
Tiff – I might be right after her. I could easily sit in Jury saying I should have just kept Claire. If Alyssa stays I don’t see X putting.. I don’t know if his personal game is still on the side after that.
Tiff – if he get to ride with Alyssa than I get to RIde with claire.. sh1t she’s still here.
Tiff – my goal is to get us as close to that 6 as we can.
Azah – Same.. everyone wants to sit pretty. Me included. In this next HOH and no one really wants to go for it because everyone is salivating about going after each other.
Azah – Kyland don’t want to go for it. I Don’t want to go for it. X is back and forth
Tiff – he would have to put her up the same position as me.
Tiff – this next HOH everyone got to gun for it.
Tiff – I’m f***Ed I’m probably going on the block.
Azah – if I win you won’t go up
Tiff – the risk of everybody, not gunning for it and the risk of her winning.
Tiff says she’s been hiding in the HOH because she doesn’t want any questions from Claire, “I know she knows something is wrong”
Tiff’s speech to Claire (Prodivded the Cookout votes to allow it) “Claire, you’ve been a target for the last four weeks. Ky put you on the block at six. SB put you on the block at 7. I won at eight you know you weren’t being put on the block. If I hadn’t won you know you were going on the block and you were going home. I wasn’t supposed to win this HOH but I was trying my best to keep you safe. I have tried for the last 2 weeks to keep you as safe as I could. Now that Alyssa has won the Power Of Veto. I don’t have any options because. I have made a promise to Xavier, Kyland, Azah, Hannah, and DEREKF that I would not put two of them on the block at the same time.
Tiff – I was never trying to send you home I won because I wanted to keep you safe. Alyssa was my sole target to get out of this house. If that means I am working with everyone else. I am working with everyone else.
Tiff – she’s going to know the truh anyway.
Azah – people we got to get on board are X and Kyland.
Tiff – Claire has been my right hand like Brit was yours. If you had to put Brit on the block how do you explain that to her. (yikes)
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
Azah talking about torching Jury votes for the cookout at this point of the game is stupid. “All the votes you thought were going to you will go with the other person”
Azah – Brit will be like F** Azah.. sh1t I hate Kyland but let me vote for him.
Azah – X thinks he has Alyssa, Alyssa will be like F*** X
Tiff – as loyal as she’s been to him.

Azah brings up how X’s plan to make Alyssa “fake” be part of the cookout then they “Doublecross her next week”
Azah – that girl has been double-crossed four times that’s why they call her dim-witted”
(Alyssa’s Zing mentioned her being Dimeitted. Azah’s zing mentioned her lusting over X. X likes Alyssa or at the very least is not romantically interested in Azah. Azah loves X)
Azah – she got double-crossed by DX, Frenchie the clown the first week, you know..
Azah – I want to win this game. I do.
Tiff – if we promise her anything and she stays X has a guaranteed person. us at Six really have nobody.
Tiff says X is going to end up in the final 2 with Xavier. “He was so happy when she won yesterday”
Azah – I know, Even if he chooses her actually you can get her out.. get one of them our then the other (Jillian and Emmette BBCAN1 won out)
Tiff -that’s not true they can be Holly and Michie (Yuck )
Tiff – he can win and she can too.

Tiff says Claire is going to ask when she made the promise to them all not to put two people of them up. “Claire thinks we have a final 2”
Tiff – me trying to weave this web of lies to her (Claire) is not going to work when she’s starts to unravel them I will start to unravel.
Tiff says she would rather go home than be the person that sends CO member home. She’s not ok with Alyssa still being in the house and someone sending out a six.

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You play to win the game!

How is Alyssa a zero star player when she giving us the most drama of the season to completely expose Tiffany, because Alyssa never would have gone after Claire. Alyssa winning the veto has completely ruined Tiffany’s game. This week in backstabbing Claire, this is where Tiffany is going to lose the game for herself. Tiffany is giving the men of the cookout the game by doing this. Little does she know Xavier and Derek F are totally going after tiffany first out of the six. You want to take out a final 2 now with 8 left for some guys that want to take you out by 6? There is no way Claire will vote for Tiffany or should ever talk to her again after being completely used. Derek X you better have Claire’s back after this in jury. Tiffany ratting out Claire to Kyland about the coin of destiny making Claire look bad to Kyland with Claire playing dumb in front of Kyland about renoms when he knew. When it was Tiffany’s plan to keep Claire coin of destiny win a secret. Tiffany convincing Claire to play coin of destiny so Claire couldn’t compete for any power during the week in which Tiffany is going backstab her! Claire has every right to be bitter and shouldn’t vote for Tiffany or Hannah or ever care to be around them ever again. Just bad gameplay were about to see by Tiffany betraying Claire over a couple of men who cant stand Tiffany’s attitude and want to take her out next week by 6. Why you don’t make decisions based on race? Look no further than what Tiffany is about to do Claire.

BB fan

Especially because Tiffany will have lied to Claire for this whole game. 65 days acting like she was Claire’s ride r die and wants to backdoor her with 8 houseguests. Lane didn’t even want Britney to leave over the Brigade at the very end and this is only halfway through the game Tiffany backstabbing Claire after she was 100% loyal to her. Poor Claire this is a betrayal of epic proportions what we are about to see. This has to be one if not THEE biggest backstabs we have ever seen in Big Brother!

Game shows lover

Alliances comes before individuals. Simply and backstabbing is part of the game. Coming into to game and not saying your real job is the beginning of backstabbing so all Tiffany needs to do is tell her the truth and the game keep on.

BB fan

Not when all the men in your alliance are coming after you next week!

Christime Ahrens

Tiff is going home double eviction. Next week and she is not Claire’s friend she lies


100% agree. This racist season has been the worst. I used to be obsessed with BB. Hardly keep up. Don’t care who wins.

Sassy White Label

“This racist season has been the worst”….these kinds of comments kill me. Why is it racist…because the POC are sticking together like the Caucasians usually do, i.e. Level 6 and every other alliance in BB history? Fun fact – there has NEVER been this many POC in the BB house together, ever. That in and of itself speaks volumes of the new casting team. The house is full of thinkers and strategizers this season, people who have more going for themselves than wanting to be on a soap opera, an Instagram Influencers, etc. BTW, I think the Marcellas or Dan G. backstabs are THE biggest backstabs we have ever seen in BB to date.

The funny thing about your kind of comment is that people usually out themselves without even knowing they are doing it. Poor you. If you want to see the same old BB we’ve seen for the past 22 seasons with the same type of narrow-minded and clueless players, watch some re-runs. I’m trying to help you…

BB fan

Not even close, Tiffany as HOH backstabbing Claire with 8 people left in wanting to backdoor Claire, someone who wants to take her to final 2 is at very top of the list for ALL-TIME BETRAYLS! To make matters worse its a foolish move by Tiffany. She is making it off of race and keeping players in Xavier and Derek F who cant stand her and want her out next week at 6 people left.
After all Claire did to stay loyal and keep Tiffany’s nominations the same.
Look at what Tiffany did to Claire making her play coin of destiny and exposing her coin of destiny to Kyland. Tiffany has put Claire in a horrible position where she had to lie to Kyland and couldn’t even fight for her own safety this week!
This weeks backdoor coinciding with what Tiffany did last week to Claire is the complete definition and video highlight of THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL!



I’ll agree it’s not a racist season. I’ll go a step further and say 21 wasn’t a racist season either. But you clearly see there is a double standard going on between the seasons. It’s going to be a historic season and the folks at CBS are going to celebrate it. But let’s be honest 1 maybe 2 of the CO members are going to be worth celebrating at the end of this and not a single one of them will have to answer to any of their actions because people will be celebrating instead being honest that there is a double standard going on.

P.S. This season was not full of thinkers and strategists and that there maybe crux of this historic season. Not the double standard.

Deborah Knox

Sorry. You are wrong. I am a black woman. This alliance is totally based on race and not on game play.


would you admit that if past alliances said we need to stick together because we are white, that it would appear racist? So if people call it like they see it so be it. “poor you”, now how is that helpful?


You still poking yourself with your tricycle

Jaymie lee

Its the double standard really. An all White alliance would never be allowed for our Culture/Pride. But for the CookOut who stated the want to go after the Whites and now everyone that doenst have Black skin. We have to pretend its not racist. They are voting based on skin colour, that is Racism. And the comment that Claire will have to ‘get used to it’ why because she is the wrong colour give me a break. And no one can explain ehy its Whites =racist Blacks=not racist.

Buh Bye

Got it. You’ve said this a dozen times already proving you have no idea of the meaning of the word ‘racist’. Yes, you’ve been repeatedly told this. Beating a dead horse isn’t going to make it get up and walk. Turn off the show, delete this page and your delicate sensibilities won’t be so tragically harmed. Seriously …

Aunt cece

Remind me when an alliance was made based solely and openly on skin color. Please share any group that targeted people specifically because they were the wrong color.


Only the Cookout…


I have watched every season of Big Brother, some of them twice even. Never before has someone been put on the block or voted out purely based on the color of their skin. Yes, there have been a tremendous number of all-white alliances, but these alliances were not formed with an explicit focus on race, nor were people excluded because of their race. It is long past due for a person of color to win BB, and i hope it happens this season. That being said, how and why is it suddenly ok to target an individual purely based on race, and also exclude them from groups purely based on the color of their skin? However justified they may be in their actions, The Cookout alliance is racist because they are knowingly targeting and excluding people based entirely on race.

Game shows lover

The same reason you was obsessed with prior alliances and players are the same reason more blacks are cast this season. So others can be obsessed too.

The Last Neanderthug

Best season since BB20! X for the win!!!


My heart is broken for Claire! Seeing her cry, she is too nice!


I completely agree, Claire doesn’t deserve to be backdoored by her final 2 ride or die with 8 players left. It is a complete backstab, and Claire deserved a lot better then to be stuck with someone as shady as Tiffany who’s getting rid of her because of her race being white. It’s not right how dirty she is doing Claire, because it is a stupid game move by Tiffany.


Yes, stupid if Tiff wants to win. If she wants ‘the mission’ to win, she is on track.

Christime Ahrens

You know tiff don’t care.
She lies right to your face and besides if she was in f2 she would lose alyssa is way smarter than tiff by landslide. She dont get nothing she was suppose to throw the cp she didn’t and guess what double eviction in week tiff will go home cuz she can’t ay in next comp. Claire will be going home cuz alyssa wins veto


X: Tiff is so selfish. She’s only playing for herself. She was supposed to throw this HOH. She better put-up her best friend in the house.

Also X: Tiff needs to go before Alyssa. Cut Tiff, Hannah, then Azah, and use Alyssa to get us to F3 with DF. Oh, and I’m not selfish at all. I’m sacrificing everything for the CO.

This man is serving up the biggest steaming pile of $H*T of the season. His dislike for Tiff has gone far beyond gameplay. He really does hate her. But remember, everything he does is for the CO. GTFOH.

another name

And yet,
Social expectation is still that Tiff follow the plan and then get sympathetic robbed queen status when X backstabs her. To a Large part of the bbcommunity.
Sure, he’s getting momentary heat, but once he’s gotten closer to the finals, the tune will change again, and people will be posting X for the win. He’s getting plenty of heat. Irrelevant heat, imo.
Remember when X gave the little semantic speech about cookout not targeting based on skin, but just agreeing not to target each other?
Do you know how many people posted that quote as a pinned post?
Answer is lots and lots. It’s absolute semantic crap, and the people that posted it are aware it’s absolute semantic crap. But they posted the spin that he outright said was spin and point to it as the actual mission.
X is a chauvinist and he’s quite filled with prejudice and quotas and ego that the entire cast has been feeding for no reason…. but he’s still going to be cheered in a week or two.
I would LOOOOOVe to be wrong. Boot his ass. But, not happening imo.
Okay. this season has thrown out the pattern twice now (week five and week eight didn’t do what they’ve done for the last 6 seasons), but I don’t see them turning on goldenchild.

So what happened to Ky and Tiff’s talks weeks ago about mission is good until we hit jury then we did our job? What happened to Muffy, the moodswing that was all about her own game? What happened to Buella, the mood swing that wanted to keep herself ahead and flip votes without damaging cookout directly but giving herself an advantage?
The D/R calls after each of those things is what happened.
Can’t have a cookout member go off script if goldenboy is going to be in trouble.
Grod has a definite type. X ticks the boxes of Grod’s type.
Changing the casting diversification didn’t change Grod.
Oh look. Claire cam talking. I think she’s been to D/R because the cam talk is the most bubble headed dip shit oblivious crap drivel ever. mmm. Koolaid.

Look at X totally manbabying about exposing cookout. i actually saw him stamp his feet.
oooooo… he’s going to have an earful for Grod later.


That’s why, at this point, I don’t care if Azah wins Big Brother. One of the women has to win over the guys that are left. He is talking about Tiff and jury votes when he forgets what happens during many seasons: Bitter jury members


Agreed! He’s disgusting.

I’m also so disappointed in Azah. BigD literally called you useless to your face and Zingbot called you delusional and you’re STILL going along with what X and BigD want? All she has to do is tell Tiffany what’s been going on *facepalm*


Yep! I sure pegged him wrong.


At this point I don’t like anyone in the cookout. But sadly one will win. Who’s the least offensive? I thot it was azah but she’s turning into a racist unlikable pos. Just distribute the money to diff animal rescues and call it a day!

another name

Xavier’s No Good, Rotten, Horrible, Very Bad Day

X went to bed nonplus that Tiff and Ky were talking alone together. It offended him that he didn’t know what they were saying to each other.
X woke up and pretty quickly went back to his let’s evict Tiff and keep Alyssa to four plan… To Couch and then to Ky. eyebrows were eyebrowing on Ky’s end.
X then found out that Tiff was considering telling Claire the straight shit, and not lying. He found this out from Azah.
Poutpoutpout and steam ears.
X has been told no and openly disagreed with three times since he got out of bed. Has the D/R just decided not to reeducate them? Or are they spending all their time removing what’s left of Claire’s brain???
Now he’s making the rounds about how horrible it is if Alyssa finds out (read wait until I get her to fool around, I’m so horny… she’ll take out Tiff for us and I’ll get off…. don’t tell Alyssa).
That’s not getting traction… and now he’s learned Ky’s been prepping the jurors in his gbms. snicker.
We’re gonna need wet wipes and a new diaper for X. The look on his face is mid poop in his drawers.
So… X will allow Tiff to tell the truth as long as Claire swears not to tell Alyssa? Why would Claire keep that promise??????????????????????????????????????

Reminder… this asshat is still going to be on the block all week while he’s spent the last 2 days plotting to overturn his alliance and evict the current HOH who is IN his alliance.
And EVERYONE KNOWS he’s done this.
On a regular season, that chump’s ass is grass mission shmission.

Aw. Now he’s telling Azah he’s been getting screwed over all game… and jumping on her on her bed flirtatiously to get her on his side.
Eyeroll to the tenth power. Fuck X.


100% Fuck Xavier and I DEFINITELY said that shit!

Carlito's Way

X gotta go. He he horrible. How can they not see it?


X talks about Tiff not getting any jury votes, does he think he’ll get the women’s vote if he sends them out one by one? They’ll be very bitter about it and vote despite his resume.


WTF is X trying to do right now????

Ky, Azah, Hannah need to STOP & figure out X is literally going rouge right now.

Also Big asshat screwed up last night by going in too hard on Azah telling her he’d carried her through this game – the power tripping DF & X are doing right now has the potential (HOPEFULLY) to blow up before the day is over. X is being very demanding & dictatorial.

While couch is also pulling his typical nonsense & showing his lack of game sense. He was shaking in his boots when Ally won going on rants of I’ll blow her (Tiff) f*cking game up if she doesn’t stick to the 6.

Like clock work the second he learned he was safe he was right back to trashing Tiff. The difference this time is X has jumped on that tangent & it empowered Big D. He then went off on Azah like she was some useless ottoman his big couch had dragged through the game.

The way he acted & spoke with her after she’d sat for days hearing them trash Tiff & now seeing what X/Big D are doing isn’t sitting well with her.

X isn’t open to a 3-2 vote, he isn’t open to outing the CO b/c of Ally — umm THINK people — X isn’t open to this b/c X ISN’T CUTTING ALLY at F7 — & if he’s not OTB with her he’ll gun for POV & use it on her – get his ass outta there — HELLO HE’S ON THE BLOCK!!

Ky wake up you know better, Azah trust your gut — what you’re thinking right now is CORRECT. X needs to go b/c he’s trying to break apart the CO for a girl & Big D has no currency in this game & ignorantly believes X will bring him to F2(and keep Ky) to F3 — HE WON’T!!!!