Tyler “I DIDN’T F**KING get her out!? Who got her out? BRO SHUT UP! Don’t start that sh*t.”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David, Kevin, Ian and Tyler
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony – Da’Vonne used the veto on Kevin. Ian nominated in his place.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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8:22pm The live feeds return.. Memphis and Christmas in the lounge area outside the HOH room.

Lounge room. David and Tyler.
Tyler – Kevin said he’s feeling good. David – you’re feeling good. Tyler – about me staying. Yeah. Tyler – I haven’t talked to Day yet. David – I’m scared of you Tyler. Tyler – You’re scared for me or of me? David – of you. Tyler – you should be. David – I literally told you ..the words out of my mouth were I want you and Bay to be cool … and then you got her out. Tyler – I DIDN’T F**KING get her out!? Who got her out? David – you were part of it. Tyler – BRO SHUT UP! No I wasn’t! Don’t start that sh*t. David – its the truth! Tyler – don’t start that now that I’m on the block you’re going to give me a reason?! David – na listen! Tyler – I thought I was and I tried to fix it. David – by that time the game play had worked. Tyler – I know and I didn’t get her out. F**King it wasn’t me! David – it wasn’t you directly but it was you indirectly. Tyler – and who tried to leave because of it?! So it wasn’t indirectly. David – none the less you’re here. Tyler – are you giving me a reason why you’re voting me out? David – I am talking to you. Tyler – yeah and the first thing you start with is a reason why you want to vote me out. David – the first thing you should tell me is a reason why you should stay. Tyler – because I f**king had you since the beginning of this game even when you threw my sh*t out and tried to f**k me up in this game. David – I didn’t try to f**k you up. You know my intent was not to f**k you. David – when I came to you telling you I want Bay to stay ..you never had a follow up conversation with me. Tyler – I had a follow up conversation with her and everyone else to see if we had the votes to stay. YOU voted her out too! David – I did but none the less you never came back to me to follow up on that conversation. If I am your guy .. you would come and talk to me. Tyler – BRO you never came and talked to me! David – I initiated the conversation. Tyler – are you voting me out or are you voting out? David – are we going to have this conversation? Tyler – I am just asking Bro! I’m your f**king guy! You know your my f**king guy. I didn’t treat you like this when you f**ked me over! Don’t be coming in flexing on me. David – I’m not flexing on you. I am trying to figure out why things went a certain way and why there was no communication. Tyler – because I wasn’t worried about you! I was worried about f**king Bay! I’m worried about how Day is going to feel about me.. That is why! You’re one vote. David – why at various points in this game have you not come to talk game with me? Tyler – we voted the same way every week. David – why would you have at least not come talk game? Tyler – I’ve wanted to go home the last two weeks! Big Brother cuts the feeds. Tyler – I’m on the block now because of you and your power. And I’m the one that told you to start telling everyone that it was you because everyone thinks it was you. And you’re over here lying saying you’re playing chess.. you’re playing F**king checkers BRO! You’re playing f**king hopscotch! Everyone knows that sh*t was you.. You better start f**king telling everyone it was you. And I’m on the block because of you .. and you’re coming at me like this. You’re voting for me or not!? They continue to talk it out and then hug it out.

8:30pm – 9pm HOH room. Dani and Day
Dani – Oh no like I am so worried Day! I just don’t want him looking dumb. Don’t! Don’t Ian! Like how do we prevent this from happening?! Because I just don’t want you to look dumb! We all like you and respect you. He is so worried and keeps talking about how he is going to be so embarrassed and this is going to prove to people that he’s not a good player and I am like Ian .. you won this game and you beat DAN! Day – Done PERIOD! Dani – I keep telling him he is one of the best big brother players of all time. That is my true honest opinion. He is so good at this game. He is like the way I am going out and I am going out now .. this is humiliating! And this is going to prove to everyone that I’m not a good player. I’m like this is all stars and when you go out .. this isn’t prejury. He is losing it and I am so scared of what he is going to do tomorrow .. for himself .. you know what I mean?! Big Brother cuts the feeds. Day – are you going to use your thing.. the thing thing? (Power – to play in the HOH) Dani – I don’t think so. Day – WHY not!? Dani – Because I don’t want to be up here again. Day – but it protects you. Dani – I don’t want to be up here again to be honest. This is what I am thinking. If I don’t use it this week. Because I need to get out of here and get the spot light off of me. Depending on who wins next week .. tomorrow… what if I f**king use it against them. Sabotage them because it will be a whole David thing .. where they are like I didn’t do it .. I didn’t do it. So they look like a freaking liar and an idiot .. it would just build a huge target on someone .. it would be hilarious. Depending on how it is. Don’t tell anyone. Day – that would be great actually. Dani laughs about how funny it would be to do it to David. I wouldn’t do it to you or Nicole unless you wanted me to. I am afraid of Christmas ..she’ll strangle me in my sleep. Who would you put up if you get it? Day – Kevin would kill me but he owes me. Dani – he would kill you. You wouldn’t put him up. Who would you put up Kevin and Tyler? Day – probably. Maybe Christmas and Kevin. Dani – you’re crazy!!! Day – he owes me! He owes me! Like I told you there is no agreement between me and him.

9:15pm Lounge room. Tyler and Enzo.
Tyler tells Enzo about his conversation with David and how he came at him. Enzo about David – YO Day wanted you out! Tyler – I didn’t even tell him that. We had your back and you screwed me. I was like are you voting for me or not?! He wouldn’t answer me and then talked to me for another 20 minutes just to waste me time. Tyler – Day knows too much .. she has to go. I don’t want it to be 4 – 4. Enzo – it should be 5 – 3. Tyler – did anyone else tell you what they’re doing? Enzo – Day won’t tell me. David is up in the air. And Kevin won’t talk to me about it either. Tyler – I would be careful with that Ian sh*t. She might be up to something.

Bathroom. Ian and Cody.
Ian – I think I can get the votes but I need you. Cody – who do you have? Ian – as bizarre as it is I think I can get DaVonne. I think I can get Kevin. I think I can get Nicole. Let me have the four vote and then let Dani f**king break it. I don’t care where the f**king four votes come from. I don’t care if David votes for me.. he told me he is 60/40 for me. I don’t know what the deal is and if you have something with Tyler. Cody – you know I have a good relationship with him. Ian – I can get four votes but I need to know that I can get you and obviously Nicole. No one is going to know where the four came from. Lets just go. Cody – how confident do you feel with Day and Kevin? Ian – Fairly confident. They said they are 100% but that they don’t think the votes are there. This is the pivot week. The house doesn’t know what the f**k its doing. The house is changing its mind every 30 minutes from what I can tell. Please! Please I want to f**king stay here. If I f**king lose .. yeah I will go to jury .. and yeah I’ll sit there and vote for the best player to win. I ain’t going to f**king die. But I WANT TO BE HERE! Its not just about winning its about going far. I want this sh*t! Keep me here! Don’t forget the four prime. Cody – yeah. Ian – if I tell Day and Kevin that you’re voting to keep me .. then they won’t. If you truly want me to stay you tell Enzo .. that you’re unsure but leaning a certain way.. then an hour before .. tell Day, Kevin and Enzo that everyone is voting to keep Ian. Cody – you don’t think if I tell them last minute .. they won’t flip? Ian – no.

9:38pm HOH room. Nicole, Ian and Dani.
Ian – here is the thing.. I need four votes! I don’t give a sh*t where they come from. If I have to get Kevin’s vote .. or .. I don’t f**king care! Dani – you need two votes. Ian – here is the thing… Day and Kevin don’t think I would have Cody’s vote ..which is a good thing because they don’t want to do what Cody wants to do. But I know I have Nicole and Cody’s vote but I can’t say that outright. I need them to vote for me but I need someone .. basically I need to have 5 votes because Cody’s vote they won’t want to go with. By getting their vote .. I lose the other two. I am not going to roll over and die! I do not want to go to that F**King JURY HOUSE! Do you have a better idea. Nicole – I don’t think Day and Kevin will vote to keep you. Ian – do I roll over and die then? Dani – no, do you want me to talk to Cody? Ian – I already did. I can do this .. please just don’t lose faith in my ability to stay here. Dani – no one is losing faith .. she (Nicole) is just sad. Ian – I can do this! Dani – don’t get frustrated. We’re all in it together. If there is a way .. we will find a way. David is for sure out .. don’t waste you breath on him. He said he wanted to vote you out to spite me. Nicole – he did say that to me. If you want his (David’s) vote tell him that you’re going to go after her (Dani). Dani – this is getting crazy. Ian – obviously that wouldn’t be true.

9:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..
10:09pm The feeds return..
10:10pm Havenot room. Day and Tyler.
Day – I feel like you deserve to be here. I will definitely be giving you my vote. Tyler – I appreciate that. Day – and I will talk to Ian. I’ve heard he’s been freaking out lately.

10:20pm Bedroom. Nicole and Dani.
Nicole – everyone is voting him (Ian) out. If I don’t give him a pity vote he is going to scream stuff as he goes out. Dani – he said this? Nicole – he 100% will. Dani – no, no he won’t. Nicole – yes he will. Dani – you literally think he would do that to you? Nicole – yes. It doesn’t even have to be me .. if someone just votes to keep him.. he will think its me. Dani – I am going to yell at him tomorrow. I am going to say stop talking and threatening Nicole. I am sick of this crap. Its childish and selfish. Like I am not going to go to jury. Then why did you come here? The only option you has was win or go home? No you’re bing a sore loser. And why did you come here if you thought your only option.. to win or go home? Nicole – he (Ian) is so angry and ready to take his 40K and leave.

10:45pm HOH room. Ian and Dani.
Dani – I will talk to Cody and Enzo okay. Ian – I don’t know ..maybe I can do it. Dani – we’re all fighting for you but you really need to be easier on Nicole. She was like crying to me. Ian – I know. Dani – I understand your position but Nicole is doing everything that she can. Ian – I know. I know. It hurts her game. Dani – you can’t do that to her though. You have to respect that you can’t tell her to do things that are going to hurt her game. That’s not fair. Ian – I understand. Dani – she is literally crying because she is like I don’t know what to do. Nicole has your back more than anyone is this whole house. She would never do anything to screw you over. We’re all fighting for you. Ian – I’m going to pull people into the storage room before Rich calls us in. Dani – everyone? Ian – everyone. Dani – together or separate? Ian – separate. Ian sits and pouts for awhile in silence then leaves. Nicole joins Dani. Dani tells Nicole about the conversation she had with Ian. Dani – Ian is being the biggest poor sport I have ever seen!

11pm HOH room. Tyler and Dani.
Dani – Ian is driving me insane and really stressing me out. Please know that no matter what happens I will put myself in the freakin death line and I will vote out Ian. If need be .. if it comes to that. I don’t think it will so don’t stress out. Tyler – I am not stressing out I swear. I am fine either way honestly. Dani – you freaking new to win HOH. Like its do or die! I am so nervous for HOH. Tyler – if he says that Comity when he leaves then we have a problem.

11:30pm Lounge room.
Ian to Cody and Enzo – I am going to put the full court press on David. I know that inaction is going to do nothing. Me sitting on my hands is going to make me the first juror. And I’m going to be wasting the next 6 weeks of my life painting and doing garbage sleeping. The harsh reality is I ain’t going to bed tonight till I get David to say yes. I am staying up with David. Me and him are talking ..and I am going to make sure he votes for me to stay. If I can flip him.. I come to you tomorrow and I say I got him flipped would you vote for me. Cody – would you believe he wouldn’t just say yes. Enzo – see what he says .. I think he will tell you. Ian is relentless yo! Cody – I know that.. he is going to do whatever he has to .. I respect that.

11:45pm Lounge room. Ian and David.
Ian – I need votes. I don’t want to go to that jury house. I don’t want to go. David – you’ve had a lot of people say yes? Ian – I’ve had more people than I need votes say they’re a maybe. Memphis told me that I will not get his vote. Ian – you remind me of me playing with other players and returning players. If its me and you in the end you’re getting 500k. And I wouldn’t even fight that hard for it. I want to go deep in this game and I want to go deep in the game with you. I am willing to shake on final 3 as a minimum and final 2 we ca revisit at a later date. That means if I win HOH .. complete protection. If you’re on the block and I am not and I win the veto I will pull you down. YOu’ll have a vote to stay .. unless the situation that maybe maybe you’re up against Nicole. And that’s just a maybe because I don’t know that I could even beat Nicole in the end because she is super well connected and came in here with more friends than anyone. All you have to do is tell Enzo that you’re keeping me. I am a loyal guy and right now I need votes and you need an ally. It feels like you’re just fighting week to week. I don’t think there is a better story than me and you. You take home the big cheque and I take home the medium big cheque. We make this happen and we f**king run this thing deep. Ian – lets keep this rolling. David leaves. Ian – you still got it Ian.. you still got it! Come on lets f**king do this man!

12:37am Living room. Enzo and David.
David – What do you want to do? I think the house is keeping Ian. Enzo – keeping Ian .. I don’t know man?! I think Ian is gone yo! I don’t care who goes. I don’t give a f**k yo! They’re not coming after me so I don’t care yo!

2am All the house guests are sleeping..

7:47 am Sleeping yo

10:25 am some housguest are up.. mostly chit chat

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OMG there’s a possible flip happening for Ian to stay.


God I hope not. How terrible. Nicole would be getting her way yet again and have yet another layer of protection. I swear if she wins this season I am never watching US Big Brother again.


ok never mind it’s a shit season nothing will happen.


expect the unexpected! wait not this lame season LOL


Goodness people Dani and Cody need to be put up together with they’re flirty banter and Enzo and Cody Memphis come on these idiots are gonna skate to the end!!


Is this the start of the flip?!

Another C

Tyler is a sociopath. He’s no different than Paul. Only difference is, Paul was upfront about being a dick. Tyler tries to hide it with his fake nice guy antics.


I disagree. Tyler is pissed because he’s getting blamed for Bayleigh’s eviction when he was actually the one that told Bay and Day that Dani was going after them TO HELP THEM OUT. They ended up running to Dani to “fact check”, to which Dani obviously lied and said she was never gunning for them. That’s why he thought that he was the reason they went up which actually wasn’t true because the real reason they went up was because Bayleigh told Christmas her “untouchable” was Da’vonne and Christmas used that info against them.

The mixture of already not wanting to be there and feeling bad resulted in him telling Bay and Day that he would self evict. Then production told him he wasn’t allowed to quit without forfeiting his money most likely which would have been a waste of a month so he obviously wasn’t going to do that. Combine that with the fact that Christmas reassured him that he wasn’t the reason they went up as well as hearing that Bayleigh said she still wanted to come after him, Tyler changed his mind.

And we definitely can’t forget David almost completely screwed Tyler’s game in the beginning. Again, Tyler tries to help someone (David) out by letting him know Da’vonne was attempting to flip votes to get him evicted (WHICH WAS TRUE) and what does David do? He not only tells Da’vonne what Tyler told him, BUT HE ACTUALLY SAYS THAT TYLER SAID IT.

There are multiple instances where Tyler is actually the one getting fucked over for helping people in the game. It’s actually kind of sad when you think about it. Yet, there are still people hating on him, saying he’s a racist and using Black Lives Matter to further his game. These are serious claims that can actually hurt a person’s reputation in the real world. I don’t think Tyler’s a sociopath at all. He’s honestly just human. He makes mistakes. He gets angry. He changes his mind. It’s normal.

The Beef

The only thing you say that I disagree with here is “Tyler changed his mind”. Tyler didn’t change his mind. Christmas decided NOT to use the veto and put him up. Big difference there. His attitude did change afterwards, when he found out Bayleigh still wanted his head on a platter, even after he offered up his own game, so that both she and Day could continue to play, but that didn’t really happen until after his initial discussions with Christmas, where he tried to convince her to use the POV and put him up. He did NOT back out of the deal before the POV and tell Christmas NOT to put him up. That never happened, at least as far as we know, because there was some feed blockage during that time.

C. D.

Tyler was playing them both Day/Bay against Dani and the others. Just because he used the truth when he talked to Day/Bay he told lies on them as well, And yes, they fact checked him. Agree with it or not, but based on Tyler’s history with Bay why would she trust him? Now Tyler is using his privileged mindset to blame David for him going on the block. David has a right to save himself. How tone deaf can 1 person be? He is not the great guy that he wants everyone to think that his is. I too would respect him more if he just owned it. Tyler is not on the block because David used his power. David is OFF the block because David used his power. Tyler is on the blocked because of what he did to Dani. He is on the block for playing messy with those girls. He told Day/Bay what Dani said not to save them but in hopes that they would get each other out. Dani put him on the block to get him out. Remember her original plan was to backdoor him, then she got cold feet. That’s stupid on her part because Tyler will not forget this in and out the house. He is just as petty and bitter as he likes to claim Bayleigh is.


Pitting people against each other is part of the game. And I’m not saying Day and Bay were wrong to fact check but hindsight 20/20, Tyler was telling the truth. I agree that he shouldn’t blame David for being on the block but he’s gotta be frustrated with David. David is complaining to Tyler how Tyler never talks game to him anymore when David was the one that broke the trust with his sloppy play.

Tyler (and everyone else) is also probably annoyed that David didn’t just own up to the fact that he won the power and saved himself. Instead, he went around asking people if they saved him, faking tears, thinking he’s a genius. Personally, I actually like David but he really doesn’t really have a strong understanding of the game.

The Beef

“Fact check” my ass! They went straight to the person Tyler told them was after them, and asked her was she after them! What did they expect her to say? “Yeap! He’s right! I’m going to get one of you two out of here and turn the other into my puppet!” Dani straight up lied to their faces, so their “fact checking” was completely wrong, which lead to both of them getting even more bitter towards Tyler. Of course he was trying to get them to go against Dani – that’s part of the game – but he was doing it with truthful information. If you “fact check”, get lied to, and can’t tell that’s the case, then fact checking isn’t really much good is it?

As for Tyler blaming David that he’s on the block, I’ll have to agree with you there, that’s a load of BS. He’s on the block because he pissed Dani off, plain and simple. But Dani overestimated her power within her own alliance to sway people to vote him out (not to mention production interference and their desire to keep Tyler in the game for a while), so she then had to quickly pivot to Ian as plan C. I don’t think she got cold feet, I think production stepped in to change the direction she was going, plus Cody, Enzo, and Christmas were NOT keen on getting Tyler out just yet, so she f’ed up her own game a little bit by moving too fast too soon. It remains to be seen just how much she messed it up, depending on who wins HOH this week.


You left that Bay trusted Christmas and told Christmas she would put up Dani and Cody or Dani and Nicole. Christmas told Nicole who told Dani… and that is also why Bay had a huge target on her back. It had nothing to do with Da’Vonne other than Day was supposed to be the next to go… until Christmas, Dani, and Nicole blew up Bays game.

This week makes no sense… Dani could have put up Memphis… fearing the alliance exposed this week is stupid… who cares? What would really happen? They would become Enzo’s targets???? Come on. The rest of the house wants Cody, Tyler, Christmas, Dani, and Nicole out anyway. What are they afraid of losing one guy?


Yeah, Tyler should have never mentioned, or inferred to Day that he understood she was there for a bigger purpose (her wanting a black person to win). I think that will come back to haunt him in the real world. But I don’t believe he said that for game, I believe he really felt that way.


Tyler told Dani that Day and Bay were coming after her as well (not alie). He was being sloppy trying to pit them against each other never thinking they would fact check because he knows Dani is playing a game he knows he could play better but doesn’t have the sheep to do it. Getting Bay out was personal for Tyler even though he spews it differently. He knew his alliances weren’t going to allow it to happen.


I hate how Memphis and Tyler talks down on David. .


“talks down”, hey bro ya jive turkey f o

Always Write

Love it. He’s a rookie. Not an all star. Doesn’t belong. Memphis is just trying to push him to prove he is good enough. David has no big brother game period.

Michelle Hoskins

You do know this is a game right? They all have to be that way to play the game. Tyler in his normal life seems like he’s a good person, don’t label him a sociopath because of how he has to play BB.

Dean Gulberry

Is it just me, or does Cody look like a young John Travolta?


I’ve always thought that too. Even back on his season I thought that.


Ian needs to go. Spoiled bratty.


I remember a house guest mentioned he looks like John travolta and Devon looks like the rock


Absolutely. I thought the same thing since the first time he was on.


he actually looked like waldo (where’s waldo) in that knit beanie he wears!


Cody is so freaking sexy

Mel B

Tyler To David– I’m on the block now because of you and your power. And I’m the one that told you to start telling everyone that it was you because everyone thinks it was you. And you’re over here lying saying you’re playing chess.. you’re playing F**king checkers BRO! You’re playing f**king hopscotch!

The best analogy ever. Too too funny. Sadly for David so true. He is so out of his league.


In a season of sloppy play, David is the sloppiest.


Does Day think Tyler is staying? Cause Dani just asked if she would put up Tyler if she won HOH

Game fan

yeah i got really confussed by that too
because dani it telling kevin that ian is staying


I was wondering if Dani is messing up again by spilling info to the wrong people and if so did Day catch it


Ian needs to get Nicole, Kevin, Day and David to vote Tyler out, tell Enzo he can vote either way, If it’s a tie Dani is keeping Ian.

The Beef

Dani’s not keeping Ian. She knows her alliance wants Tyler over Ian. She also knows production wants Tyler over Ian. Ian’s ass is gone.

Game fan

yeah but he is trying the other way around
kevin and day also belives ian is the one they need out
they are clueless

C. D.

Exactly, but I don’t know why Ian can’t see this. Maybe Ian has his on biases as well. He seems to want to do anything but work with the black people. Well, young ALL Star they are the only ones that will really vote for you. A great player in his position would know that they are being played right now. (EVEN KEVIN SEES THIS) Ian has more information than most people in the house. He is privy to the alliance and the wall yellers and the banners.. yet he just cant believe that he is being played. IAN GO TO THE OTHER SIDE. GET THEM TO VOTE FOR YOU TO PUSH A TIE. FORCE DANI’S HAND. He might think they are weak, and they are, but better to be a leader of a weak team still in the game vs being in the jury house not playing at all. One HOH win from the other side and the committee is done.


Ian said to Dani that Day, Kevin and David are inferior players

Lucy in the Sky

I think Snicole misted him. He can’t believe (or more likely, won’t believe) his bestest friend the hot blonde girl ( i just threw up a little in my mouth) would ever betray his friendship. Remember Paul’s friendship. He threw every one of his “friends” off the island. With no remorse. Snicole learned this at the knee of that little bridge troll of a man.


Blah blah blah…sums up this season


I have to say, Nicole is looking fiiine this year. She reminds me of a young Margot Robbie.

Victor’s nightmare in Ubly

Uhhh…..not even close


Said no one ever

NicHoles whiny voice

Get your eyes checked.



C. D.

LOL!! Clean your glasses.

PAblo BB Fan

Margot Robbie is not fake and a bully
Don’t insult MR
Look talking she doesn’t look like a sssssscole

Big Baby

Paul pulled a Cody when he took Nicole to the final two in BB 18

For all your unoriginal ssscole talk
you might want to look the other way because if she goes to the end again your left crying like a little doggie.


Lmaooo. You just put that comment to get people worked up. Good one!!!

Just Sayin'

Sarcasm? Because I never want to shame anyone, and nicole does have a good body I’ll give her that, but seriously her face is just woofin’….

Nicole's Nostrils

I will ruin your image of Nicole’s beauty by simply telling you to look at her nostrils. Once you see them, you can’t unsee them.


Not even a little.

I miss the bearded gnome

Nice to see Victor on this blog. Welcome aboard Victor


are you blind ?

Sheila Schepp


another name

There’s a reason they waited until tonight to have the 1/2 way instead of yesterday when everyone expected it.
Feed shenanigans before the vote.
Nothing major is happening, but lots of minor things are coming out into the open.

  1. David’s frustration being on the outside of everything is coming out lots.
  2. Christmas ticked that Dani is a human broken telephone. Wants a split vote so Dani can get hit in the face with a bus? Didn’t 17 Becky already patent that?
  3. Ian deathspiraling and looking for hail mary’s…from all the wrong people and saying he’ll target 3/4 of the ones that would save him. oops.
  4. Tyler frustrated he has to campaign. sideye. tell me i’m wrong.
  5. Da’vonne trying to bond with Dani again. She’s known about Dani’s power since the Sunday feed block. Bond but they are both sporting shovels to dig graves for each other with every word.
  6. Nicf playing wounded (hope the sponsors are seeing this?)
  7. Cody is still ranting about wall yeller number one that production has told everyone to pretend never happened. I still say don’t create a pregame Manson family alliance then.
  8. Grampa thinks the vote is a clean sweep because he told everyone how he was voting (aw, Gramps is off his meds being borderline again thinking HE is the house).

Not sure why either Tyler or Ian care about staying in the house since they aren’t in the pregame already promised to win group. Can’t they just go out with a little bit of class like Jenelle and Kaysar? Have some good conversations, catch up with some old friends, and call it a day? They are both making themselves look even worse than they already did.


Kaysar went out with class? You and I definitely have a different view of the term “class”


Totally. Kaysar has slept through 3 BB seasons.


Dawg, Simon, if allowed, here is a link to an article about Angela Rummans allegedly contacting the FBI about fans making threats on Twitter about her boyfriend Tyler

PAblo BB Fan

I mean Angelo was one of the most hated for being a racist but there’s no excuse for people Harrasing her if that’s true.

Bb fan

Angela would smoke you, break you in two, and destroy your man hood if you were to play against her.


Lots of fans are in an uproar on Twitter about Memphis allegedly almost calling David the “N” word. when he was in a conversation with Cody. They want him expelled!

another name

As much as I dislike Memphis (and believe me, I dislike Memphis a whole lot)
I’m of the opinion that in this case he was going to say ‘an idiot’. with the context of the sentence that makes more sense. I don’t know why he stopped himself. Okay, I admit, I have such a strong aversion to that word… that I don’t even want someone I wish wasn’t on this season to have begun to say it.
They can’t expel someone for almost saying a word. If the re-enactment of the slap on the shoulder and yell in the face thing was accurate and didn’t cause a problem… not saying a word completely out loud is not getting traction with production. It just won’t.
And I’m loathe to say that because I REALLY dislike Memphis’ personality and demeanor.
Like… he’s on my nope list.


I listened to it a couple of times and could not make out what he ALMOST said but that in it self is a problem. How can you condemn someone for ALMOST doing something. How do you prove what didn’t happen? Seems like things/people are going off the deep end everywhere these days

O.J.'s glove

I love Memphis actually. But I have good ears. He totally said the N word lol.

The Beef

Yeah, no he didn’t. I have good ears too, and he totally didn’t say that.

C. D.

Where is the clip?

Joanne Mcd

Where’s the clip

Joe Hiden

They bleep it so there is no way to tell what he said.

BBAS2 baby

He also called him a coon this week


No, he absolutely didn’t. He said “Louisiana coonasses” which, to a person from Louisiana, is saying “Louisiana cajuns”. Get your facts straight.


Where Memphis & David are from (Tennessee & Georgia) Coon Ass has an entirely different meaning. I don’t know when it came about referencing African Americans but I know it’s been, at least, 55 years. I’d never heard it referring to Cajuns until yesterday. I haven’t listened to Memphis’ conversation so I have no idea how he used the word. (I have no desire to know either.) Knowing he’s from Tennessee, my guess would be he was using the southern meaning.


No! My brother in law was full blown Cajun and Memphis is no where near a Cajun. If my bro in law said “coon” he meant the “N” word




A wolfwoman and a mind reader. Impressive.


Sure did

The Beef

This is lol hilarious! People want to crucify the man for what they think he was going to say! But but but, he didn’t actually SAY it, he was just “fixing” to say it, as one twitter user said on his tweet.

I don’t know how you can know what someone is “fixing” to say, when they don’t actually say it. You can assume something, which you know what people say about doing THAT. But until somebody actually says something, I think we should hold off on the crucifixion of Memphis. He didn’t call David anything, much less what he’s being accused of on Twitter.


He said “David is a Ni*” before Cody stopped him from saying the rest of the word


Maybe he was gong to say a Nice guy.

Quick to Judge

Would you want to be judged on what you didn’t say?


He did say the last syllable because Cody stopped him


Not sure what his intent was…only he does. But some people you just get a feel they’ve used the word frequently in private conversations. Memphis is one of them unfortunately. I don’t think he should be expelled though. Just hopefully exposed eventually.

I see your true colours shining through

I knew he was racist. I just didn’t want to say it prior to now as race is a hot topic. He is just a horrible person all together now add his true views and it really shows how much of a POS HE IS. His treatment of David was always unwarranted. David is not a good player but didn’t deserve to be targeted from day one for no reason. They should kick his ass out.

BBAS2 baby

Please let the flip happen! Tyler is a coward that never owns up to things he says or does just so he can keep his nice guy image
F outta here




YES!! And Tyler having to sit in the jury house for 6 weeks would be BB gold!!
I liked him the first season. This time he came in as a underdog with all of the prior house guest bonding (HG had years to bond, then the pre gaming, which I believe happened) It has been interesting watching someone that is use to getting their way, not be able to and spin. It is almost the revenge of the nerds type entertainment.

Toasted Ian

Lets just say you are going to be disappointed. Rock on.


I find 2 things interesting. First the house guests love making up lies and causing fake fights to get people on the block. It’s been discussed ad nauseam. David is just simply telling Tyler what he thinks and he’s just awful. I suppose the truth is worse than a made up fake fight lie to get someone put on the block.

Second, when Kevin said he was low key threatened by Ian for a vote, everyone thought Kevin was a horrible drama queen making up crap.

Now that Dani screwed Ian and talking Nicole off the ledge, she is saying she will tell Ian to stop threatening her. Wait I thought Ian would do that?

I can’t deal with the double standards.

I like how they are “ALL” seemingly at risk with 8 people and the block only has 2 seats. Spare me the melodrama


Kevin is Endangered

Kevin is a terrible person and a crummy Big Brother player. He might be a good juror though.

another name

Did anyone recognize the words that Da’vonne used with Tyler when she told him he had the votes to stay? Think back.
She just quoted back parts of Tyler’s conversations with Da and Bay, and said them back to him a week later.
Yeah… he doesn’t have her vote.

another name

If Nicf is so heartbroken and inconsolable that Ian is leaving…
why is she chuckling and laughing with Enzo in the storage room about ‘you don’t have the votes’ not being a good enough excuse for Ian?
Oh I guess sponsors don’t watch Storage room cam?

Daisy mae

This season of big brother should be called second chances because I don’t think half these people are all stars. David, Bay, Memphis, Dani, Kevin and even Christmas are not all stars. If you want to have all stars bring back winners of all the past seasons. Those are all stars.

The Beef

It’s truly funny that Dani and DaVonne can sit there and have conversation with each other and lie to each other’s faces. Day, who just took Kevin off the block, because she “doesn’t want to lose one of her numbers” now says she will put Kevin up if she wins HOH. Now this is LOL hilarious, and Dani would have to be a complete clownboat imbecile to believe that lie, but apparently Day has no problem saying it directly to her face, and doing so without so much as even smiling about it, because “he owes me”!

Does Day think Dani is that stupid? Is she so afraid to mention any other member of the power side, that she thinks a clown answer is better than no answer at all? I guess so, and maybe she’s right. Not sure how I would answer the question if I was in her position, other than not answering at all, but to answer with Kevin’s name after just taking him off the block, and giving the reason that he was one of your numbers (which of course is true), it just doesn’t make much sense to then turn around and say you would nominate him to me. Of course Dani knows she’s lying, which makes it just that much more interesting I guess. lol


Day doesn’t think Dani is dumb. She’s just throwing back at Dani what’s been thrown at her. All fair in lies and fake alliances with make up issues to make people fight. They both know each is lying so I do agree with you it could be very interesting to see who gets to fact check who in the end!


No Day is just that stupid.


i want to see someone tell Ian “Get to Steppin” as he walks out the door.
when Dani nominated him she should’ve said “Ian pop a squat”


I know Ian is going and he’s won before, but the mother in me just wants to give him a hug and tell him it’s ok. I’ve watched him rock and fight all night and it’s just heartbreaking. He doesn’t need people lying to his face right now. Just be up front and tell him he doesn’t have a chance. The lying makes it worse *sigh*

Just Sayin'

Does anyone else think that Ian plays it up slightly? His personality when he got on the block changed dramatically, he is dropping fbombs every other word now. Im not denying that he has issues but he is also very smart…..


See… and I thought about that too. But in a conversation he had with Kevin right after the veto, he said that he got on the show to prove that he could handle losing. So thinking he has had a long history of acting out when he is losing that viewers never got to see before?? But yeah…if that is what you were going for Ian ….Sorry buddy but you failed that test ..still hate to see anyone so conflicted. I’m just a softy. Lol


Tyler is no different this season than his last season. He is a snake that plays all sides. He does dirty but tries to act innocent. I don’t know why Cody isn’t thinking a little about the comps and how it would be better for him if Tyler goes. Cannot stand who is left in this house!


Last night as me and my husband caught up here, since we haven’t watch a single episode and gave up the live part subscription also after Kaysars eviction. We had a discussion on the players and had similar thoughts, that we’re glad that non of them are our friends, or neighbors. BB has shown one thing in these so called “All Stars” is that non can be trusted they are all into themselves and will step on not over you to get their ways by any means. They will lie and cajole their way to the top with no second thoughts on hurting those under them. They are spoiled brats and after seeing and reading about their words and actions would not want an outside the house association with them if they were friends or neighbors. I could never trust their words or actions, ever.
My husband said why don’t we pick the 3 best, and ones we would trust and would want for friends, or neighbors. So we each took a stick-em note paper and each wrote down 3 names. Amazing we came up with the same 3 names, Keesha, Janelle, and Kaysar who we would like to know, be neighbors to, or have as friends and trust.
As to who we would consider winning this game and who we consider the at least evil, playing the game least a little with a little integrity and believe me neither really like, we both wrote down Tyler. It had to do with his Baleigh, Day, and David conversations and we felt he was ernest in why he wanted to leave.
As to Ian, had hopes, but don’t whine to stay in, win a competition. I really expected more from him. Nicole is using him now to get a vote if she is in final 2. Seeing her play this season makes one wonder how she ever won. If there’s one name that describes a floater, it would be Nicole.
These are our thoughts and thought we would share.

another name

Ian campaigns to David. Here’s the bullet point.

Ian: Hey David, let’s make a final 3. OH I know, you me and Nicf. Sounds great right?
I’ll even take you to final 2. Over Nicf. Put er there buddy.
David leaves.
Ian: I still got it.

Yeah… ummmm if David takes a deal where the person in the position of weakness that requires help is dictating the third member of their team and setting parameters… he deserves what he gets. I mean… really fool?

I’d have been laughing so hard in Ian’s face. My reaction would have been “okay, let me get this straight, you need my vote or you’re out of here, and you’re setting terms doing me a favor by telling me we should work with the only person throwing more comps than you if you stay and you’ll take me to final 2 over your universally known f2? And she’s not here because she’s too busy sucking up to all the people that put you on the block that she’s in cahoots with? How about this deal: fix stupid or enjoy jury house, clown.” Wouldn’t even take a wine cooler to say it either.


Like when Hillary wanted Obama to step down from the race and just be her VP.
Obama was like?
“Now why would someone who is in first place take second place?”
The nerve!!!! ….CLOWN!!!!
I hollered! Thanks for making my day

Save the All Star Season

Smacks of 21 – Cliff to Michie – you take me but I’m taking Nicole. Oh yeah sure!


Hahaha, you tell ’em another name!
Btw, I enjoy your posts. You have more patience than I to dig deep into this, so I appreciate your insights.
Do you know what happened to Granny? I miss her comments this season.


memphis Cody dani scole and shiitmas has then responsibility to be honest with Ian and tell him str8 bro his face they won’t vote for him. Thats the least they can do for mocking his autism. But let’s be honest I feel memphis is an a….. out the the house and has anger issues, scole is fake like a Gucci bag made in china, Cody is en entitled brats who believes he is always right and deserves to win anything without any effort, dani believes she deserves the best without any work done, and shiitmas should we start first talking about her botox to see how genuine and honest she is?This season should have been called no all starts but most fakes and floaters.

  • Respect Ian day and the rest of the floaters sorry but you guys wait til you get picked one by one by the strongest. You should have layout a game since day 1 but you guys didn’t. sorry but not sorry

regarding Mrs Angela pls send his back to his hubby Angelo,


Ian, up until being put on the block, hasn’t done ONE thing, except hide……now SUDDENLY he’s all up in the air about going to the jury house. Come on, bro, you’ve won once….how did that happen? You haven’t done ONE SINGLE THING to deserve to stay!

Save the All Star Season



#41 we keep you alive to serve this ship!

PAblo BB Fan

Her Simon did you see TMZ is reporting someone heard Memphis saying the N word towards david and Cody was trying to stop him to do some damage control. Would I believe it? Probably yeah. From bully to racist congrats Memphis you are turning into another Angela.


Is there something going on with Twitter about Dani, Memphis, Christmas, Nicole
Making fun of Ian, and Nicole lost some sponsors??


I saw an article on Google saying she lost her Olay sponsorship and another (can’t remember name) as well. Ouch, and just before her expensive destination wedding to Victor. Double ouch.


“He is so worried and keeps talking about how he is going to be so embarrassed and this is going to prove to people that he’s not a good player and I am like Ian .. you won this game and you beat DAN! Day – Done PERIOD! Dani – I keep telling him he is one of the best big brother players of all time. That is my true honest opinion. He is so good at this game.”

I though CBS doesn’t take the cheque away? So, now it bothers him that his win is not percieved as a legitimate winner. He’s not wrong in his thinking that he’s not a great player. Great players walk into the house with a huge target, and Dan was able to secure a F2 by being picked as the person to sit next to. What has Ian done this season to even be considered a good player? He’s a voting number for a majority alliance but not a party of it. In fact he’s not in any significant alliances, and he’s hiding behind Nicole, a player that has a M.O. of using shields. And now if he goes he wants to show his hissy fits as a sore loser.

another name

The fact that Ian is clinging to Dani, Nicf and Cody, knowing one of them put him on the block, and knowing what the others in the house have said about alliances in existence, and knowing what the wall yellers said: this is reason enough for him to be evicted.

Tyler’s new storyline? Not buying it. Sorry. I’m not about to wait for D/R so that he can explain what he’s actually doing / who he’s targeting at this point. Like D/R is believable anymore as anything other than production agenda. Is he just being a good little puppet now?


Ian , you have done absolutely nothing t76his season, stop whining…your plan of hiding blew up, bc you havent talked game to anyone, you serve no purpose to help anyones game, so I now that youre up against a committee member, you are going home!!! as useless as Kevin and David are its finally geting interesting that others are being evicted besides the usual suspects

another name

What’s at play right now?
David, Kevin and Da’vonne think Nicf is voting out Tyler, so they plan to vote out Tyler in order to make it a tie and get blood on Dani’s hand breaking the tie.
Reality IMO : Nicf will vote out Ian, tell Da and Kevin that David sketched and didn’t tell them.
Ian gets some votes, and will also blame David for his eviction.
Da and Kev are sketched… but I don’t think sketched enough not to fall into the trap.
Not sure. There is always the possibility only David votes out Tyler, and Nicf gets the blame for a 7-1. I don’t see production doing that, but I do see production pushing for the 5-3 we’ve been hearing about since Monday.


Hmmm. David did a little celebration dance in the kitchen after informing Tyler he had thrown Ty under the bus with Day. I thought then and now David was faking being naive, and believed then and now David artfully and deliberately did Tyler wrong. Later when Tyler decided to warn Bay and Day that Dani had, in fact, spoke of Bay and Day as pre-jury targets for eviction, something referred to as “fact check”, and, “reveal the source”, came into play, which further eroded Tylers position in the game. Finding himself betrayed by the only three people he actively tried to help by providing confidential warnings, he found himself on the outs with all three, as well as the people he had warned against.

Anybody that will blow up your spot in the world when you try to help them, anybody that cannot be trusted to keep confidential information and secrets to themselves, is social and career suicide to be associated with.

It is a lesson to learn from watching somebody else make the mistake.

If you can not be trusted to verify info on the down-low and surreptitiously, you ought not be trusted with the information to begin with.

From the feeds, at the outset of bb22, before any of this transpired, the only person Tyler approached and initiated a final-two deal with was David. It was huge game-strategy, what David did, betraying Tyler, and blaming it on being naive and getting cornered while “fact checking”.

I know an actor has to be super smart to play naive. I feel that seems to be David. Furthermore, regardless of where anybody believes his game knowledge was, halfway through the season, he is no longer the new guy.

What I saw when Bays “fact check” resulted in Danis successful attempt to get xmas to nom Bay and Day, was Tyler trying to fix the backfiring of his attempt to help in the first place, was his decision, considering what ever he considered, was to go up as the renom, and go home.

As for intent, the only alliance Tyler initiated and asked for, was with David. I felt that Ty was at that time 100% committed to go to Final Two with David.

As for Ty and his confession to Bay and Day, I thought he was extending Davids personal goal of being the First Black Winner Of Big Brother USA, to both Bay and Day.

That is my take on what I saw on the feeds. If you find me dumber than a box of hammers, thank you for noticing. On a personal note I feel there should be zero credit given for knowing the word has four-letters if you spell it, “dumn”.


I don’t like that Tyler said he was on the block this week because of David. He’s on the block because of Dani and his own assurance that if he goes on the block he wouldn’t be mad. David earned himself off the block for getting the power.