“If I go because of white wine coolers I’m going to be pissed”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David, Kevin, Ian and Tyler
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony – Da’Vonne used the veto on Kevin. Ian nominated in his place.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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11:25 am Ian and Nicole
Ian – do I have the votes?
Nicole – I have no idea, I haven’t talked to anyone about that today.
Ian – If I go because of white wine coolers I’m going to be pissed.
Nicole – you have to talk to everyone..
Ian – I need, Cody, Enzo, You and Christmas that’s it.. And Dani.. is Dani mad at me
Nicole – I haven’t talked to her I don’t know
Ian – If I go because of these f***ing wine coolers I’m going to have a kanipshin conniption
feeds cut
When we’re back
Nicole – tell her you are really sorry you didn’t mean that stuff…
Ian – I should know better than to say something like that to someone that has been drinking at the same time..
Nicole – thats how you felt I get it
Ian – F***Ing white wine Coolers
feeds flip to Dani, Shitz and Enzo in the photo room. then feeds cut..

11:30 am Dani and Ian
Dani – I’m so sorry I genuinely care about you if I didn’t care about you I wouldn’t care like so it affects me that’s all.
Dani – I’m not mad at you at all i’m really sorry..
They hug.
Ian – I care about you a lot..
Dani – it sucks.. there’s a lot of people in this house that wouldn’t care and this really affects me. everything you said is right

Dani = what’s going on with Kevin
Ian – F*** Kevin.. F*** him
Dani brings up Kevin being snippy to her this morning “Whats wrong with you”
Ian – he’s been acting weird. He thought something happened
Dani – you’re not going to ask me what happened you hate me now
Ian – Its f***ing Kevin he’s a f***Ing a$$hole.. F** that guy we don’t need his vote. We need four and you
Dani – yeah
Ian – as long as we have Nicole, Cody, Enzo .. we have Enzo right
Dani – as far as I know
Ian – and Christmas which I think we have it’s all good we have nothing to worry about.
Ian – If I stay there’s two people in there that have really pissed me off in the last 3 or 4 days. BIG TIME. I offered David Safety in exchange for voting for me to stay he’s continue to kick the tire. If I stay I’m putting his a$$ up his power has already been used and he’ll f**Ing go.. Or Kevin! I would be thrilled with Kevin going really.
Ian – he’s really pissed me off
Dani – he’s shady as hell too
Ian – he’s super shady I don’t even want to deal with him.. I’m tired of his F**ing petty.. I’ve had it..

Ian says Kevin is “trying to play cute and he’s trying to f*** you over because he hates Cody”
DAni – and he hates me now apparently too, If he wins he’s putting up Cody, Nicole and Me..
Feeds getting blocked a lot as Ian explains if he gets booted “i’ll fight like hell and demand to see my cont…. ” Feeds cut.

11:50 am Memphis and Dani
Dani says she feels like she’ the number one target with the people on the other side.
Memphis – I feel the same way
Dani – only David..
Memphis – not the way Da’Vonne has been acting.. I think everyone right now.. (Thinks they are going up)

12:11 pm Ian and Enzo
Ian says he’s smoothed things over with Dani.
Enzo – it came out of left field you going on the block.
Ian – I know man..
Ian – I need your vote.. I need your vote for sure. Dani will break the tie in my favour.
Ian says they have no beef they have their final 8 deal we’re good to go.
Enzo – did you talk to Dani
Ian – she will break the tie in my favour. the reality is i have a good relationship with you I hope you would vote for me to stay. If I were to win HOH you are no where near the top of my list..
Ian says he’s targeting the people that are “tire kicking” (not telling him where they are voting)
Ian – you are not even in my top 5 or 6.. the people that are in trouble are the ones that said or shook on voting for me to stay and then they go back on it. they’re a$$es are going up
Ian – I feel like COdy is probably on my side. I think Nicole will be
Enzo – I’ll talk to Cody too see where his head is at
Ian – Christmas said she would vote for me to stay. Day also did and Kevin did but I hear Kevin is getting a little bit skittish
Ian – anyone that flips on me that’s who I am coming after..
they shake “that’s my pitch man”
Enzo – it’s too much in this house YO
Ian says once they had alcohol it went off
Ian – Dani said she would break the tie in my favour we’re Gucci on that front.
They agree to just chill today
Enzo – I’m staying out of trouble..
Ian says he can’t trust Kevin.

12:30 pm Ian and Kevin cam 2
Ian – I’m going to ask for the handshake
Kevin – you need it from not me
Ian – I know I need to have some basis
Kevin – are you in an alliance
Ian – if I were you think I would be up right now?
Kevin – nows the time to go to your people
Ian – I wish I had people
Kevin – you need to join an alliance after this
Ian – I need to stay in order to do that. I’m working on it OK
Kevin – the people you think are close to you are the people playing you
Ian – I know

12:47 pm Ian and Nicole
Ian – I talked to Kevin, He’s saying that People you think are close to you are playing you .. I think he referring to you and Cody he’s trying to throw you under the bus
Ian – he hates you both remember that
Ian – I’m trying to play it that I’m distant from you a little bit but I’m 100% with you.. he’ll go up if I stay
Ian – he’s saying I’m being set up to go
Nicole – that makes me so mad
Nicole asks if she can tell Cody what Kevin said that.
Ian – the other thing he said to me is Tyler is acting way too comfortable.. people are campaigning on his behalf.. David probably

12:51 pm Nicole and Cody
Nicole brings up what Kevin told Ian.
Cody says he’s going to call out Kevin
Nicole – they are going to vote him out it’ll be 8 to zero (Da’Vonne, Kevin, David)
Cody says Kevin is proving he’s F***ing clueless.

1:36 pm Cody and Dani
Dani – so did Nicole talk to you.. apparently Kevin said..
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
They’re talking about having a ton of proven people that win competitions in their group.
Dani says Nicole will be shook tomorrow.
Cody – you have to use your power
Dani says she won’t

2:15 pm Nicole and Tyler
Nicole says she’s voting to Keep Tyler “This week Ian is leaving he’s the one person I’m closest to in this house”
Nicole – I am going to have to lean on other people now I want to be closer to you. Work with you closer. I want to mend that little mishap
Nicole – it’s good that people think we don’t talk. Please trust me do not throw me under the bus. If you throw me under teh bus again
Tyler – then we’re done
Nicole says Dani made it seem like he was throwing her under the bus.
Tyler – I absolutely was not I swear
Nicole – I was like he knows we’re close and it would get back to me I’m confused…
Tyler – what would be the point i’m up on the block.
Nicole – why would he say something bad to me about you .

(Feeds are blocking every couple seconds to every couple minutes)

2:59 pm Dani and Ian
Ian says he’s excited to sleep in a non have not bed tonight.
Dani – I hate those cots everyone tries to say they’re no big deal.. I hate them
Ian – really
Dani – they hurt my back (A marble underneath a mattress probably hurts Dani’s back)
Dani – I woke up in pain every day
Ian – compared to the ones on 14 they are luxury living
Dani – it is nicer than the one we had in 13 to.
Ian says on season 14 they had flimsy IKEA mattresses for regular beds. Says they’re not far off from what they are using as have not beds this year.
Ian – they got the cheapest..
feeds cut..

3:03 pm Kevin and Dani
Dani – why are you mad at me
Kevin – I’m mad at you
Dani – Kevin stop.. don’t play
Dani – when I walked down the kitchen this morning.. I was like what did I do..
Kevin says he had he was just up early “I had heard the tea there was some drama last night and was wondering what’s wrong with you”
Dani – it was a bad night.. Ian got really upset. I just didn’t want to hear it you know what I mean. I called him up here this morning.. I said I got really upset with you last night because everything you said is true and I didn’t want to hear it. I don’t want to be told I’m a piece of crap
3:05 pm Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Kevin – are you cool with Christmas
Dani – I’m cool with her
Kevin asks her if the plan is still keeping ian. Dani says yes, “If Ian goes this week is a complete joke”

Kevin – that wasn’t your intent?
Dani – for Ian no..

3:16 pm Nicole and Ian
Ian – if I go home on someone elses blunder.. like..
Nicole – how much time do you have left to campaign?
Ian – a day. Let me ask you this. Right now do you think I have the votes?
Nicole – I think you could potentially get four votes
Ian – so I don’t have them
Nicole – I don’t know..

Feeds cut for over an hour.

4:50 pm Ian is campaigning to Christmas conversation around David being a liar. Cody, Dani, Enzo and Tyler Broing out
Enzo – Highschool was a blur I was f***ing blazed ..

4:53 pm Nicole and Kevin
Nicole saying that Memphis already told Ian he’s voting him out.

5:16 pm Christmas and Ian
Christmas mentions to Ian that they get a party today “yay”
Ian – I really really hope that I’m hear tomorrow
Christmas – I do to
Ian – I want to win HOH to keep you safe.

After Christmas leaves.. Ian looks at the camera “I’m probably going home”

5:30 pm David, Kevin and Da’Vonne
David is saying the only way they can disrupt the house majority is to win HOH. Kevin says there’s other things they can do they can not do what the house majority wants. They can win POV and make the other side make tough choices.

Kevin thinks that the other side wants them to think Tyler and Dani are at odds.
David says without HOH there’s no way they can do anything without numbers.

5:45 pm Ian and Dani
Ian – I’m pretty sure my game is over.
Dani – why are you saying that
Ian – I had a game talk with Christmas and I don’t thin kit’s going my way.. very vague.
Ian – she said yesterday I was good but I thin it’s flipping
Dani – did she say why?
Ian – she didn’t confirm.. I could just tell
Ian – heres the thing.. I’m not going to panic I still have 24 hours to turn this sh1t around.
Ian – I will try zany sh1t to stay (I’m down for that)
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Ian – i’m pretty sure i’m going tomorrow
Dani – have you talked to Day
Ian – I haven’t talked to Day. It’s really David and Kevin that are the ones making this push and Day is going with them.
Ian – I’ve made it very clear my targets are Kevin and David
Ian – I’m about 85- percent to 90 – percent sure (going)
Ian – I need Nicole, Cody, Christmas and Enzo to stay. Memphis has said no we know where David and Kevin are they’re the ones spearheading this whole thing
Ian – honestly I would prefer I am getting played this whole time
Dani – played by who?
Ian – like if you Nicole, Cody and Tyler were playing me the whole time I honestly prefer than going out by accident by the hands of F**** Kevin and David.
Dani – how
Ian – I’m being fastidious. The way this feels I Feel like I’m getting ganged up on by inferior players.
Ian – I’m getting ganged up on by shitty players.
Dani – you gotta talk to Day
Ian – I’m gunna

6:22 pm Feeds on pound puppies for the 1/2 way party. Apparently they are getting alcohol so no feeds for you.

6:57 pm no feeds 4 u

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Golden Gate Granny

I want some WIN coolers! I keep getting Loser hots. *snicker*


Did Ian just say “we’re Gucci on that front”?

Must be the wine coolers…


They all do it! It’s so annoying…

Golden Gate Granny

Titles are special. I’ll be sure to yoink yer chain as soon as I see title typos. So you can be fix on the quick… got yer back YO! 😉


i have been a fan since season ONE! I even suffered through OTT… I just cant this season. its awful. boring. predictable. they should just cut to the chase – have a one month show and only invite all of the bros on to duke it out…. dont waste our time with the first 6 weeks of watching the tylers and codys of the world get rid of the non cool non bros one by one until all that is left is the jock itch crowd

Tick Tick Bottom Feeders

It looks like they are going to need a hammock at the jury house this week. How do you know that Dani has jock itch?


This is the first time in 17 seasons I didn’t finish a season. I think I gave up after episode 3 or 4. I still like to come here and read all of the comments though.


To be frank, with the great job this website does I don’t really watch the show either, but if I do, I fast forward through the fillers of the episode and watch game talk only. I don’t understand the people that watch the episodes live, it’s so easy to put in on ~40 minutes into the show and fast forward the commercials and the fillers of the episode, or stream it after it airs and do same.


Me too,I watched the first 3 shows and was done. I wonder what the ratings are. I’m too busy and tired to look it up.


thumbs down


But that’s life, this started as a “social experiment” and I guess it shows that people always naturally gravitate to “their own”. Some manage to be in between the “outcasts” and the “cool kids” and they can make it far ie Kevin on his previous season. Don’t forget this is a TV show and at the end of the day, the “bros” take over after “outsiders” are gone based on competition and a different drama ensues once the drama with the entire flock of players dissipates. BB 101!

Meow Meow

Dani, Kevin and Da’Vonne are the worst! It will be fun watching them whine in the jury house.

Meow Meow

I’m really looking forward to Dani using her back to back power so her entire alliance will know that she is full of Schiff.

Golden Gate Granny

She won’t. She’ll let it expire. It’s “a trash power.” Who was it that let a power expire last season? (My mind is almost done erasing that hawt mess)

Tick Tick Bottom Feeders

That is interesting. I can’t imagine her passing up a chance for power but you may be right.

Golden Gate Granny

A mere 4 minutes later Cody tells her she needs to use her power and she said no.

She’s my #1. Of being completely predictable.


Didn’t Tyler not use his power in his season? He ended up runner up, not $500K but still more than the rest of the house guests.

Game fan

True. No one did actually.
They played bailey , so she felt safe and didn’t used it. Tyler didn’t need it . And sam had people scared enough that she didn’t need to play it .. it was played automatically on Kaitlyn , but didn’t help her , just embarrassed her LOL

Golden Gate Granny

You are correct, Jarik. He didn’t use his Cloud App power. And, it was a no nom power. He played such a tight game he didn’t need it.


she’ll probably play up how she bad her hoh has been and had to nominate “half the house” and say she isn’t using. I believe she can use the power on someone else, so she could use it on whoever wins next week. Maybe she could even use it to stay off the block–like don’t put me up and i’ll use my power to let you play in hoh again (probably wouldn’t go over well with the ‘committee’, but who knows…)?


Why is no one beating on Christmas for having the power.

Deal With It!

Seriously? You have Menphis, Ratcole, Cody and Halloween, but you complain about Kevin and Da’vonne?

Lady E

Halloween LOL

Nicole's Beak

I think Day is going to end up on the block for using the veto on Kevin. Get ready for a lot of victims tears next week.

Master Plan

Everybody but Nicole was putting her anyways before she used the veto. If she throw the HOH again it’s gon be real victim tears lmao. I won’t forgive her


She’s going up if she used it or not. This way at least she improved her odds of staying another week by having a 3 v 6 for HOH and not 2 v 7.


Exactly. I don’t understand why anyone still thinks she wasn’t going on the block regardless? Go down swinging I say..


Dani warned her

Night Nurse

What choice did she have? I’m pretty sure she would have ended up on the block regardless.

Tyler on Top

I would love to see DaVonne and Dani on the block against each other.


Too early for that for the Committee, you run into another situation as this week.(Losing a number that votes with you)


I want to see Dani and Nicole on the block, that would be interesting watching them turn on each other.

Game fan

On tyler hoh it would probably happen

Master Plan

Nicole, Dani, and Cody are sad to watch ?? they straight up lying to each face other acting like Kevin didn’t put they whole scheme on blast.

Ian is even sadder to watch cause he really thinks he has the the votes and Kevin is out to deceive him. He ran straight to Nicole and Cody (the ppl about to blindside him) and snitched. Kevin did his lil digging around the house and knows the votes aren’t there. And Ian just throwing him under the bus all day ???.

I feel bad for Kevin because it’s puts an even bigger target on his back, but they are gonna up regardless if they don’t win HOH.

I do hope I’m wrong about Ian and he is trying to plant seeds of self guilt in Nicole to tell him the truth. But I doubt it

Tick Tick Bottom Feeders

I don’t think Kevin could be a bigger target. They all hate him.


“Kevin did his lil digging around the house and knows the votes aren’t there. And Ian just throwing him under the bus all day ???”

Where have we seen this before? Oh, yes, Nicole A and Janelle.


exactly what I was thinking.

Game fan

Ian truly believes Nicole, cody , even Christmas ! Has his back. Poor kid..

Jacobs 28

My guess as of now is that Cody or Enzo may win this thing.


If jury is bitter Enzo take it in that F2, but if the jury respects the game, they give it to Cody.

All Stars???

If they respect the game, it should go to Enzo. Cody is part of a ore-game alliance… a CHEATER.

The Beef

If it comes down to those two maybe, but as far as planning, scheming, and pushing for all of the people that have been evicted TO be evicted so far this season, I have to give it to Dani. Seems to me she’s done a lot more than Cody game wise as far as influencing the game. She’s the one that’s interacted with Day. She’s the one that pushed so hard to get Janelle and Kaysar evicted, although that wasn’t very hard because their entire alliance was behind her, and the sheep gladly followed along. And now, she’s the one leading this weeks moves, that will end up likely getting out a previous winner (production interference duly noted), although she may pay a price for that. It just depends on who wins HOH next week whether or not she has to pay that price, or she gets some time for things to cool down a bit.

I’m not a big fan or hers, but she is playing the game, as much as anybody inside the house (as much as they are being allowed to play it).

Game fan

True. Maybe memphis as runner up.

Golden Gate Granny

AHA! ***I was beginning to wonder if Ian actually drank last night and found my answer tolerating Xmess & Enzo @ 12:54. Nope. Just popped his cork, sober.

I Miss Janelle

Kevin is becoming just as annoying as he was on the season 11 with Natalie. Remember them marching around in their king and queen robes?


Did Ian really say “win coolers” or is that a Vancouver Island typo?


Where on the island?

another name

Dani admits she started yelling at Ian because everything he was saying is true and she didn’t want to feel bad. Okay… so it was Dani that escalated things? Someone tell Christmas because she’s spinning a whole different vibe.

Everyone is blaming the wine coolers. So that’s a thing. One cup of wine cooler? Are you kidding me? wine coolers are typically 4-6%. And they had one each? mmmhmmm.

Kevin let the cat out of the bag, that Ian’s ‘people’ are the ones playing him… and Ian goes to Nicf about it. This is my reticence about Ian. He will constantly and consistently believe Nicf, even though he is aware from yellers that she has another number one.
Nicf now thinks it’s 8-0. Pity vote is coming in my opinion.
Kevin is going to catch hell for telling Ian the truth, and Ian being an idiot to how his ‘people’ have historically played the game. Sounds about right for this season. LOL.
I still feel in my gut that Da’vonne votes to keep Ian. Mostly her fear that too many people want her to keep Tyler is the reason. Da’vonne is one of those people you can’t tell, you have to convince, or make her think it was her idea.

Kevin and David, that were the targets going into next week, are more vigorously the targets going into next week. So the whole now we have to get Kevin out thing is… ridiculous. He was already the target.

Enzo saying ‘f**k it, I know what I’ve gotta do.” What is he talking about, his next target… or his vote

Is there a universe where they accidentally evict the wrong person because of hinkiness, image protection, and stubbornness? Normally I’d say no. This season I’d say it IS a chance. Not a huge chance… but a chance.

Something I notice. Multiple people in the house avoid having conversations with any more than one of Da/Ke/Dav at the same time. So they aren’t totally isolated singularly, but they are more isolated en masse, meaning that they are more likely to have a conversation that is just the three of them because nobody is going to approach them when they are together… but then the house calls ‘scheming’ when they are in proximity. They’ve set up a sub group isolation within their community, but get upset when the subset commune. Odd.


Let everyone come after me….Wine Coolers suck!!!!

Golden Gate Granny

I was born/raised in Napa and all wine is just rotten grapes to me.


Sorry to hear that..youre missing out on real wine

another name

Well, there goes our fun.
Nicf has told Tyler that she’s voting to keep him. She’s then gone to Enzo and Xmas to tell them that Kevin let the cat out of the bag, so they should just tell Ian he doesn’t have the votes to stay.

Backseat Driver

i’d like to see one of the “underdogs” win HOH Thursday night…..it would be a great week of the sh*t hitting the fan watching the “cool kids” turn on each other!


Are they all lying to Ian at this point?


Dang it. I could understand doing that to a big threat but to have Ian, who isn’t a big threat, surprised on Eviction night would really suck and could actually affect his vote during finale night

My 2 cents

Except Kevin and he’s being run over by an 18-wheeler for it.


That has been the main problem this season. The out group doesnt have winners and just cant win anything. Davonne and Kevin are historic floaters and while a broken clock is right twice a day, the chance of them winning a comp is slim. The people who had winning potential are gone (Janelle, Kaysar, Baligh). Only the floaters are left. If the outgroup cant get power, there just isnt much that can be done.

At least in season 20, FOUTTE kept things interesting by winning. They were outplayed, but they won quite a few of the HOH’s.


“At least in season 20, FOUTTE kept things interesting by winning. They were outplayed, but they won quite a few of the HOH’s.”

That was TV gold. Who flipped?


Who flipped????

Save the All Star Season

Scottie flipped!


That was one of the better seasons IMO. I was hoping this season was going to be like 20.


season 20 was so good because Level 6 were SO good that they managed to control the game without even winning challenges.
That is not the case with this cast

Game fan

They won veto each, and day came second to Christmas . They can definitely win hoh. (If it’s not the slippery one.. 😉 )


Well said PSV!! I have said this in my few posts. Season 20 was so great because you did have 2 big Alliances going after each other. Both lost members before Jury but it was a fun season. I don’t even remember Kraken being mentioned. I’ll admit I am disappointed in this season. But regardless at least we still got a season of BB. And, for me even if he isn’t playing as good and smart as he did on 20. I’ll still root on TY. What I don’t like is all the hate these house guests are getting on the outside. I watched a blog by Angela. Yes the same Ang from BB20 and the one most of you hate on this site. But, the hate she has got is so bad for her and TY. She had to call Law Enforcement including the FBI. To sum up even if the votes flip and Ty goes home. I’ll still watch because I love this game. Just wish everyone would remember it’s a game and not bash them so much. Just wanted to add my humble input. One last thought I miss Houka’s comments. What I like about them. Is no matter how far fetched they may seem to the rest of us. He/she never waivers on what they believe.


I’m praying one of them win and let the hang of 8 sweat a bit!

White wine cooler?

Wtf happened with Ian Dani and white wine coolers?


A friend of mine requested a refund for the season and they credited back her card AND allowed her to keep the season pass until the end of BB, due to the feeds being blocked for every major conversation (and every 2 minutes).

Hopefully, if a lot more people request refunds, it will come down on Allison Grodner because the way that she’s running things it’s losing CBS money.

another name

The excuse we all clung to in BBCan was feeds are free…. and while hours long feeds cuts pissed everyone off it was a get what you pay for vibe.
What are they going to say to paying subscribers that only get about 60% of the feeds they paid for?


Apparently a few ounces of wine cooler can make some people lose their minds.


It’s a joke how much they cut the feeds.


New symptom of Covid19 It turns all-stars into lousy game players


these “all stars” are playing some of the weakest bb ever. this week it’s ian’s turn to show us all how poorly he’s been playing. he hasn’t done anything to show he’s a gamer worth rooting for, he’s in an alliance that isn’t real, and other than nicole he’s given nobody a reason to have his back or fight for him. he appears to not even try to win hoh or veto or anything else for that matter. his so called alliance is lying to his face and due to his lack of any real game he’s too blind to see it coming. he’s just been sitting back doing nothing hoping nobody would pay any attention to him and he could just slide on by. now he’s on the block trying to cut deals, and running around acting like anyone who lies to him or turns against him is in real big trouble if he wins hoh!!! yeah ok ian got it.


Maybe next time they should fill the house will all “type A” personalities. May get something entertaining to watch.

Feeds suck

The feeds this season are completely unwatchable with as many times as they block them. Thank you for breaking down the conversations as best as you can bc it is insane this year

Team New School

Simon or Dawg: Who do you think is leaving tomorrow? (Or is it too close to call?)

Starry night

Looks like all of them should’ve handled it the way Memphis just did . Memphis said to Ian … I’m not voting for you I’m voting for Tyler… and Ian respected that shook his hand and that was the end of it. Ian is going to lose it when they finally come clean.

Lady E

If Memphis makes it to Final 2, I wonder if Ian will give him his vote.

The Beef

Depends on who he’s up against. If he’s up against someone who lied to Ian, like Cody or Enzo, or Dani who put him up, he just might.

another name

Side note.
I don’t hate Enzo’s game.
He’s doing a modified float strategy that has successfully kept him miles from the block for six weeks.
Good for him. Seriously. From a strategic assessment: good for him.
The yo’s gotta stop.
The comp wins comp wins comp wins stuff has to stop.
Why? His performance in season 12 comps.
He regularly ran about even with Kathy. Kathy. Stuck in the caramel Kathy. fell on the grass after the comp was over covered in caramel and couldn’t unstick herself after ten minutes Kathy. That was Enzo’s comp rival in season 12. I meaan… Enzo can’t compete in a comp without trying to find a cheat or a hack, or have someone throw it to him this season. Fuggedaboudit.

Backseat Driver

The constant cutting of the feeds clearly shows production is interferring. Glad to hear people are getting refunds.


Where can you complain to CBS re the constant interruptions with feeds going down? It’s hardly worth All Access!


I know it’s wishful thinking on my part, but I truly hope and pray that Da’Vonne win HOH tomorrow to really shake things up for the Committee and the Core Four!! Then put Tyred (tired) and Shitmas OTB, then Shitmas uses her power to pull herself off; and put either Ratcole or Coldy OTB next to Tyred. That way, one of their numbers twindle. But in order for this to happen, Da’Vonne, David, and Kevin need to pull their heads outta their asses, realize they’re being played, and start to win the next HOHs before they’re sent to Jury. But I know it’ll never happen because they’re stupid and the rest are playing a pre-game game because of Dan and Derrick! BTW…Dunny, Mumpus, Ratcole, and Shitmas ought to have their asses kicked for making fun of Ian being on the autistic spectrum!! Remember when Adam (BB9 winner) made fun of autistic children calling them retards? He paid the price for that comment and so far Ratcole lost some sponsors, Mumpus has gotten scathing reviews for his restaurants, Shitmas’ past for assault is biting her in the ass, and Evel Dick is berating his daughter’s actions on the show!!


Christmas can’t pull herself off the block . She can only block a renom after the veto is played.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

If either of Day or Kevin win HOH they are putting up Cody with one of Dani or Nicole and the other is the renom. They already discussed it.

If David wins – it’s less certain. Although he & Memphis have said they will target each other there is a low key let’s play this up thing going on. Memphis wouldn’t likely honor it but by the same token I could see Memphis putting up Kevin & Day (he’ll use the excuse of her using the POV which DUH she had to) as the reason & then David would be the renom 99% — He doesn’t want to ruin the Commity so he’s not likely to veer from that although he’s annoyed with both Dani/Nicole I still don’t think he’d go there.

David also likely puts up Memphis with one of Dani or Nicole as the other nom/renom b/c he’s dying to be in an alliance with the guys — yeah STILL lol


I also hope Dayvonne wins HOH. Anything that manages to get Cody out is fine with me. There are only a few left that I am rooting for at this point

Michelle Zurch

So I cant seem to grab hold of which way the house is leaning who’s going?


Is Ian pretending to not know or does he really not know that these people are not voting for him. Why in the world does he think he has Cody or Xmas vote? If he really thinks that he deserves to go because he has a terrible read on the house.

another name

In the future, if anyone asks you about season 22, this is my suggestion in regard to what you tell them:

bb22 reason.jpg
another name

1/2 way party is tonight I think.
Expect feeds to go down for hours.
Fair warning.

another name

make sure the shrine comes with a helmet and oven mits.


Viking, Medieval, or mop bucket helmet?

another name

hockey. with tassles and a full face shield in case the bus crashes into a dumpster like someone gave the keys to Arraignment Day.

My 2 cents

Bahaha! Arraignment Day!! Helmet needs to also have a wig attached for Edna. Isn’t that Kevin’s bad b!tch alter ego’s name?


What are we going to do if David stumbles into winning this season?

another name

Laugh our asses off when he tries to evict himself to flush out a power.
Oops. I misread. thought you said HOH. my bad.

My 2 cents

I would LOVE seeing Darth Derrick being bested by a newbie who never played a full season!!


But Dayvonne is on a roll winning comps though. She has momentum going into the HoH. Let’s see if she can make it 2 for 79!


Grod won’t let David win HoH… she won’t put her poster boy Cody at risk. It sucks she has her favorite guys.

Master Plan

Ian- “I’m getting ganged up on by shitty players” lmao yea get this guy out the house bro. He is oblivious and of course the POC catch the blame. “Kevin/ David are leading the flip” bro your besties set you up to take the fall. I’m actually happy now he is going home. He thought he could ride Nicole and Cody coattails til the end.

Worst season ever

Agree. Hearing him talk sh*t about the only people actually considering keeping him (Kev, Day, David)…. like GTFO. Dude had so many chances to align with the “underdogs” this season but instead decided to align with snakeole

another name

Enjoy my rendition of Big Brother 22 week 6 in one image.


OMG, again tears in my eyes


It has been puppies and kitties for awhile now… did they throw in a comp to save Ian or Tyler???? There is nothing left to film… unless Ian lost it and he was removed and that forced Dani to nominate Enzo… what is happening?


LOL maybe pandora’s box?! J/k Its blocked for the half way party..


I don’t know, there is two of Grods Angels in the house and one is on the block. Cody and Tyler are two of her favorite boys. You know that she rigs things for certain guys… like a Jeff, Cody, or Tyler… I think Dan was another guy she really liked. You know production is guiding them in the room for who to vote for. Mark my words next week Tyler and Cody are getting powers.


Thanks for all your efforts to keep us updated. They way they keep blocking feeds, I feel for ya both! BTW, what happened to the “thumbs down” option?

My 2 cents

This is the season of redemption, so we are all practicing positivity for once. Deal with it.
Ha Just kidding. There was a glitch apparently – per Simon.

another name

Feeds return to David and Tyler having an argument.
David feels Tyler disposed of him weeks ago (he did)
and David feels Tyler is part responsible for Bay going home (he is… what he suggested it to Christmas originally).
Tyler does not like being put into check by David.
Tyler complains that he’s spent the whole game trying to make Da like him… he tried to weaponize her to go after Dani (if that’s what he means about like then okay).
David is fightin monsters in the house now. oi. buddddy. *Note the house is complaining about how dirty the kitchen is… David is the only cleaner left, they evicted the others and he’s a have not so…. slobs. those monsters? Stuck on grease and grime on plates?
Tyler has told David he isn’t playing Chess, he’s playing hop scotch. (I said peekaboo but okay). David is not telling Tyler he has his vote for sure (because David is tired of Tyler playing him and expecting David to be a good little toy. I’ve said a million times that Tyler lacks the ability to maintain his toys).

Meanwhile I think Da’vonne is telling Dani she doesn’t want to put any of Dani, Da, Kevin or David in a bad spot. I think they are discussing Christmas’ assertion that Da is salivating to make the vote a tie to make Dani look bad.
Dani tells Da she told Nicf not to throw a pity vote. The two think doubles won’t happen untill the powers are done. Dani mentioned her power to Da I think. When did this happen? She said she doesn’t want to use her power i think.
So the two women are going over the whole if you shoot – can’t miss list. It’s going to be most of the house. Memphis first.
Da’vonne joking to Dani she’d put Kevin on the block because he owes her… yeah… Dani hasn’t had THAT much to drink. Dani is trying to get names from Da’vonne. what is she getting Kevin and Christmas mostly. So she’s going to spin this because Dani has brought up the names Memphis and Tyler twice. Prepare for the retells. They’ll be some extra special whoppers.
Dani is really digging, and I think Da’vonne can see the shovel… but will she pull a patented Da’vonne and give up too much as the conversation progresses? Let’s see.


This is what I think was going on when feeds returned.


Davonne was and is always going to go up. Games such as this one end up mimicking highschool reality (stereotypically speaking). Day is considered a useful acquaintance (tool), not someone worthy of legitimate or longtime allyship. As a viewer, her gameplay is really sloppy. When things don’t go her way she has an attitude and its palpable to everyone, and here’s a fact in these games, even if your opponents can rightfully guestimate that you are pissed, you need to hide that shit.
Davon and Baileys’ made good and valid points in regard to the way Black contestants are related to, on the show and in life. However, as a fan of the gameplay, I understand both women (but mostly Bailey) have not been good in the strategy, social, or physical department of this game. If you haven’t tried to work out an alliance in week one, you’re on the bottom. No one has approached you about an alliance in week 2 you’re on the bottom. When you decided to form the Black coalition within a game that needs more tthan 2 ppl to get you to the end, Bottom. When you are provided info but decide you want to have an attitude for no reason, you should also take accountability for your blunder.

I know neither of them except within the context of the games they are on and what I’ve noticed is they aren’t in the “popular” click even though they would love to be. They continue to make the same mistakes and they seem to take EVERYTHING personally

Davonne using the veto this week was the best move and I’m glad she did. I’m also glad that she’s learning to check her emotions until her “antagonist” is out of the room.

They must have been struggling for cast for this season to have brought these 2 back.

The game also needs some restructuring and reanalysis of casting, it has become way too predictable and they keep casting the same characters. over it!