Tyler “I can tell that Memphis is annoyed that one I won it and two I am not doing what he wants.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Cody, Christmas
Nominations – Kevin & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Kevin, Tyler, Dani, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Nicole
POV Host: – Cody
Power of Veto holder – Tyler
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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3:15pm Backyard. Memphis and Christmas.
Christmas – She (Nicole) out of the blue started pitching for Kevin to go. Memphis – This morning to you? Christmas – yeah. Memphis – She said Kevin should go? Christmas – yeah. Memphis – we’re going to nip that in the bud quickly then. This whole situation shined a lot of light. Christmas – Dani same thing .. never even a question. Like hard core. Then I had another idea. That would help us in jury. Somehow.. Memphis – let talk later I can’t hear you .. you and Dani .. I can’t read lips. Christmas – do you think we somehow let Day know that Nicole was the flip vote? Memphis – no what would that help.

Bedroom. Kevin and Day.
Kevin – The more I think about it .. the more I think you’re going to stay. Day – why? Kevin – I think you have the votes. I don’t have peoples. I think right now its get rid of house guests without people .. then we eat our own. Day – well if its not this .. its next week with the double. Kevin – but its not this one. Day – I don’t know.

Tyler and Dani.
Dani – I promise you I was not trying my hardest. I was not not trying but I wasn’t trying my hardest. If noms stay the same what do you want to do? Tyler – I want to do what everyone else does. We almost have to work to drive David on to an island by himself. Like why are we not splitting up Kevin and Day!? Dani – but also do you not realize that Kevin and David are a lot closer than DaVonne and David right?! Tyler – no. Dani – They are .. I promise especially after the vote .. DaVonne hates him. Tyler – Kevin is the same way. I want Day out personally but I will do whatever the group wants. But either way it doesn’t matter .. whatever we do this week we will do the same thing next week. Dani – I know I agree. Tyler – I don’t care what you do. I personally want Kevin gone. Kevin is way better at competitions. He’s come in like second it all the competitions. And he is actively coming after you, Cody, Nicole and me probably. Tyler – so is Day and she is out making alliances with everybody. Dani – I also think that Day’s chances of winning are smaller than his. Especially if its in a double. Tyler – I agree. The way I see it anyone could win anything at anytime. I can tell that Memphis is annoyed that one I won it and two I am not doing what he wants. He is already annoyed with me about the whole thing with you. We just need to win next week. Dani – and the week after and the week after.. Memphis – so what is our play here so that the committee stays strong. Do I just say okay lets just run with the noms … we need to get rid of all these people anyway. It doesn’t matter .. there is not reason to change anything. Tyler – as long as we win next week we are fine. She also said that Day and David are not close. Kevin and David are getting closer by the day. You could use that as a building block with Day. Memphis – what building block.. Day is going home this week or the next.

4:35pm HOH room. Memphis and Tyler.
Tyler – I was talking to Dani. It is way worse than I thought. Memphis – she is a good player .. that is what is so weird to me. If she is that good .. why is she being so stupid?! Tyler – because she thinks she can play it up. Memphis – she is being so obvious. Tyler – she is being crazy obvious. Memphis – that is what is so odd to me. Tyler – I started playing the angle like I don’t know if I am going to use it .. I know it pisses Memphis off .. I am trying to act like we’re going to have a division. But dude she was literally like suggesting me to use it on Day. Memphis – what she doesn’t realize is that we know. Tyler – she said that if you piss off Memphis this week you can tell him that next week you would for sure come after David or Kevin .. and not Day. And I am like you’re not even going to say Day’s name for next week!?!?! What?! It was crazy?! It was insane! Memphis – she is slipping. They agree that Day needs to go. She is the bigger threat. They agree to tell Kevin that he has the votes and to just remain chill. Tyler – and it will come out that way and he won’t be mad. Memphis agrees and Tyler leaves.

4:40pm Lounge room. Christmas and Day.
Christmas – I just wanted to check in because I am feeling a little distant from you and I wasn’t sure if it was legit or if its something for the house to see. Day – what do you mean for the house to see? Christmas – to keep up appearances. Day – No, I don’t care. We down to the last .. I don’t care about that. Christmas – I am asking because I thought that we had squashed everything and I am just feeling a little distant from you. Day – oh okay no. I don’t feel like that. Christmas – that’s why I wanted to check in. Day – no there is nothing. We good! Christmas – the reason that you gave (to make her a havenot) seemed off. Day – you have this thing that you do and this is the second time where you will snap. Christmas – its fine.. I let it go.(Clearly) The block reference really confused me. Its what we went through and squashed. Day – we did squash it but you did put me on the block. Its one thing if I put you up because you put me up.. Girl I put you on slop. Christmas – just curious.. because after that you’ve seemed a little distant. IF its in my head then its in my head. Day – girl no we’re fine! No worries. Christmas leaves. Day leaves with a what the f**k was that look to the cameras..

5:50pm – 6pm The house guests are relaxing in the backyard. Meanwhile David and Day are chatting on the hammock. David tells Day that he will need some acting and coaching after all this is over. Day tells David that the whole house knows his bio said that your special skill is that you can cry on que. David – I can control my tear ducts but that’s not acting.

6:50pm Working out with Christmas in the backyard.

7:06pm Day and Dani.
Day – I am just trying to figure out what is going on. There are so many layers. I am just trying to figure out how it got to this point. I know me being on the block has zero percent to do with me using the veto .. I am on the block because of this vote. Dani – Mmmmhhmm. Day – and I am just trying to figure out like whats the tea. He (Memphis) told all you guys to go for it right .. then came right behind you guys and told me and Kevin that he told all of you to throw it. So there is a plan .. in motion to get me and Kevin on the block. Tyler gunned for it so that he could win the veto. Memphis is acting like oh I don’t know if he is going to use it. I told him to use it .. bla bla bla.. Dani – I feel like that was his original plan to go after David.. unless there is a bigger picture. Day – I think so..

7:15pm Storage room. Kevin and Memphis.
Memphis – I don’t think Tyler is going to use it but I think you’re sitting pretty. I am saying that out of pure just like friends. Tyler thinks that Day is a huge threat. He brought it up and the consensus of all people is that the focus is on Day. Kevin – oh wow. Do you think you can nudge it in my direction. Memphis – I don’t even think you need it. Just do your thing .. campaign. I am agreeing that Day should leave too. Kevin – she has been telling me that she feels like she is going home. Memphis – this wasn’t the plan but I think you’re safe. I am pissed at Tyler because he’s said he isn’t going to use it. But as pissed as I am he won it and if I wanted my plan to go through I should have won it. His prerogative is that he wants her gone too. Kevin – I will talk to him too. Memphis – if someone asks me I will tell them that I am leaning towards Day leaving to. Kevin – okay thanks.

7:55pm David and Christmas.
Christmas – I think it will come down to who had better relationships with who. And more reasons to stay over the other .. rather than that one needs to go. David – I like them both. This year the lines are so blurred there is no difinitive .. how many women are left in the house? Christmas – four. David – not that I am thinking about that but sometimes the game gets so lopsided near the end because guy just start running sh*t. Christmas – well I definitely don’t want to be picked off. I want to play .. play as much as I can. David – who can you beat? They agree Kevin has done well in the comps. Christmas – Day showed that she has some skill. She does well with questions and memorization.

Bedroom. Nicole and Christmas.
Nicole – she said that Memphis told Day that he told us to throw the comp. Christmas – who told you this? Dani? Nicole – yeah so I don’t know if she is trying to cover .. I’m trying to figure it out. Memphis came in here before and told us to throw it. Then DaVonne came in after and asked what he said and I told him that he said to gun for it. So did she tell DaVonne or did Memphis? How can we figure out if this is true? Christmas – that doesn’t even make sense. Nicole – why would he talk to them. Unless it was to be like the plan was to backdoor David and someone screwed you over .. sorry! Would he say that? Christmas – no, no. Nicole – if she (Dani) is lying to me .. then she is playing me real hard. I need to figure it out. Day knows that I know and she says its from Memphis. Christmas – f**k .. that’s not good. Nicole – I don’t think its from Memphis at all.

Lounge room. Nicole and Day.
Day talks about her conversation with Christmas earlier. Nicole – and honestly I don’t think she would put you up at least not in the near future. Day – Well shoot if I’m here.. I don’t even know what is going to happen this week. Nicole – the veto is probably not going to get used. Day – no. Nicole – have you talked to Tyler? Day – I have and he doesn’t seem like he is going to use the veto. Tyler is aware that Memphis had a plan to backdoor David. That was supposed to be the plan. You guys said that he told you guys to gun for it right? Nicole – yeah. Day – he came and told me and Kevin that he told all of you to throw it. Nicole – who told you that? Day – Memphis. Nicole – really?! Day – exactly! Nicole – that is weird. Day – after I went up there and he said well clearly that didn’t work. Nobody threw it! Those girls didn’t throw it. Tyler didn’t throw it. Nicole – yeah that is so weird. And clearly if we threw it we wouldn’t be getting in the 2’s, 3’s and 4’s! So if they want to backdoor David they can still backdoor David. Day – I think Memphis wants to backdoor David but Tyler is going against it because of that vote.

Big Brother gave them alcohol..

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I can’t wait until double eviction. My favorite week all season.

Golden Gate Granny

Memphis is such a legend.

In his own mind. *facepalm*


I love when Nicole was talking to Memphis, and she looked like she pooped her pants. Lol

Roisin Dubh

Knocksville screwed the pooch. He should’ve laid low for at least another week. He stopped an all out war and he was sitting pretty sippin his coffee.


It’s funny that Da’vonne still trust what Nicole says, especially after their past!! Dani and Nicole are evil, and the flip vote thing is not even necessary. I wish Da’vonne would direct that negative energy towards the other side.
Nicole and Dani just sit there laughing while Da’vonne and David argue.
Meanwhile, Tyler and Enzo are playing pool outside stating their next target is Dani and Nicole, and their tired of xmas.
Lol, this season is a hot mess!!!!
Pretty soon it will just be all guys in the house.

Michele Smith

They only had a couple girls I even like.
Janelle, Keesha, & DaVonne. At this point I’m rooting for Tyler

Jan Nan

Watching tonight’s episode makes me dislike Nicole, Dani, and Christmas so much more than I thought I could. I know David isn’t all star material, ( who really is this season),but he has things figured out 100% more than Kevin, and Day.


yeah, Kevin seems to be completely clueless from what I’ve read

Bb 22

Nicole and Dani deserve credit for that lie especially the fact that it’s causing dissension amongst Kevin Davonne with David that truly is a brilliant strategy by Nicole and Dani and proves that they both are great game players and deserving to be in the house this season.

David screwed himself over when he didn’t own up to his power and it’s coming back to bite him right now.


Yeah, David trying to play transparently dumb about using his power was an epic fail. Because, no one believes anything he says right now.

It’s really sad because David, rather than being an all star, has never gone through even one season, so he’s basically a neophyte when it comes to this game. Didn’t he at least study and re-watch some of the season? One hopes so, but right now seems doubtful.

The Beef

Does it prove they are great game players, or does it just show how dumb DaVonne is for not being able to figure it out?

Let’s examine recent events….Dani/Nicole and the whole crew beg Day NOT to use the veto on Kevin, because Dani has enough blood on her hands and doesn’t want to nominate another player. They promise promise promise that TYLER will be voted OUT over Kevin, if she doesn’t use it, because Tyler is the target anyway, so there’s really no need for her to use it.

To her credit, Day uses the veto anyway to protect her friend and her “number” and takes Kevin down. Ian goes up in his place, a supposed pawn, very close to Nicole, and likely safe if the “plan” was to get out Tyler anyway. Seems to me the likely scenario in this situation would be an 8-0 vote to evict Tyler, unless someone throws in a “hinky” vote!

But no, all of a sudden there’s “movement” in the house, and only the 3 POC with Nicole now want to vote out Tyler! Dani magnanimously says she will take the blood and break the tie and vote Tyler out to Day and the others voting with her (except of course Nicole). When the vote takes place, only 3 vote Tyler out, yet DaVonne can’t figure out who flipped or who’s lying to her.

It doesn’t take a damn brain surgeon to figure this shit out. If DaVonne would only think about it a little bit, she would know that Dani and Nicole had lied to her for most of the past two weeks! Maybe the lying is good strategy, but damn, you’ve got to be able to think a little in that house and figure things out, or you’re nothing more than road kill, which is basically what DaVonne is now.

Roisin Dubh

Just goes to show, Crazy knows it’s own.


True, but figuring things out better than Day or Kevin really isn’t saying much for David. I am NOT rooting for Dani and especially not Nicole, but it was a smart game move. They didn’t know that Day would say derogatory things about David and race. That’s on Day.


How can Day trust Nicole. I hope
She rewatches this once this is all over and see how dumb she looks.


She said earlier that she never watches her seasons, so her learning anything is doubtful.


I don’t think it is right that all the popular people Al ways stay together and the un popular people are always picked off. I understand its a game but every session I watch it happens all the time and I definitely don’t care for the community but I don’t care for Christmas, Nicole, Cody, Menphis, Dani, Tyler


its just human nature


Because the “popular” players stick together and they “unpopular” players in fight and betray each other trying to suck up to the “popular” players or just plain can’t win comps so aren’t seen as valuable early on. I don’t really see it as “popular vs unpopular”

Shirron Sue Stone

I am with you 100%


I think if Derrick can send them in with a game plan that seems to be working, it’s time to change up the game so the same strategy can’t be used year after year.


I hope they never do an all star again. This is so boring and predictable. Tired of the whiney “committee” members!


Meh. It all comes down to casting. I think a season of dan vs Derrick could be interesting


Dan would outwit Derrick with his hands tied behind his back.


How many quarters do you have to stick in Nicole’s nose before she hands you a Coca Cola?


It looks like she only accepts dimes…

Golden Gate Granny

If Xmess was a smarter player, (rather than a man’s Honey Badger), she’s do a sneaky muscle wrecking workout with the hamsters the day before Comps that Ibuprofen barely helps. Not a bright bulb, that one.


Yeah, I’ve always semi-questioned players’ workout regimen. You can generally predict when the comps are and I think resting the day before would be prudent

Fessi's Telletubby

Granny sounds jelly.

Dixie Rekt

Dani is playing a killer game right now. How she turned the tables on David with the vote things was genius.


Except everyone is onto her, she’s playing too hard and now everyone is onto her so it’s biting her in the ass….so no, not a genius.


I think her game has been sloppy and she soon will be a target.

Tammie Davidson

When are they introducing the legend houseguest living on site?


Think it was zingbot for the veto. They said bb legend not legendary bb houseguest iirc

David’s Acting Coach

After tonight’s episode I’m compelled to resign as David’s acting coach. Maybe I can focus on being Kevin’s math tutor (he thinks 5% chance Nicole flipped)


Yeah that was hilarious. He figures it out then says but only a 5% chance of that. Like what??????


I really dont like Dani, she is the worst i bet she wont even make it to final 4


I struggle to see her getting past six. Cody, Tyler, Memphis, and Enzo are all already plotting against her


The reason i hate dani is she could have ended Rachel’s (who i can’t stand) season when they played together but she was afraid to send her out when she had her hoh and instead they voted out their own alliance member, lawon, with this insane idea that he would battle back “with a super power .” With that stupid plan, lawon went out and dipsh!t brendon battled back in and it just sucked to have them back in the game together due to her stupid game play.


I think Lawon wanted to go. Another David, who didn’t know what the heck he was doing.

Roisin Dubh

Don’t doubt Harely Quinn. If she wins the next HOH, Memphis or Enzo is going.


Who is Harely?


What happened to Skeletor?


Anyone else think that Cody and Christmas came out looking like spoiled babies when they were put on slop? Plus Christmas on the balcony listening to Day/Kevin. As they say, she’s not getting a good edit.


I didn’t understand why Christmas said she made me a have not because I put her on the block like that was atrocious or something. Why wouldn’t she????


Any one else think that Cody and Christmas came off looking like spoiled brats tonight when they were made Have-nots? Plus Christmas listening in on the balcony was awesome. As they say, she’s not getting a good edit


There are 4 females in the house. The female alliance of only 3 shows how the TRUE racists of this season slither around the edges.

Excluding the Black female from the female alliance is front up racist.


OK Karen


That was a pretty strange analogy, right? There are 121 lite brite bulbs in the wall.

PS: Nazis.

Shirron Sue Stone

I am glad someone else sees this. I was so pissed.

Fessi's Telletubby

Xmas, Dani and Nicole are good players. Why would they want Day? Day is a liability.


Shitmas will turn on the girls she will stick with the guys.


The female alliance was Dani, Nicole and Day. The girls don’t want to lose Day, but the “boys” are tired of her lies. This has nothing to do with race. Day continues to show racism.


Looks like everyone predicting the guys to the end as usual are as correct as this is akin to being a disappointing BB Allstars. Good reads everyone!

In the end 3 guys and a Brittany (probably Nicole) and we ride off into production sunset of some heroic or “all stars” moment of disappointed who is at the end.

So who does everyone think and or want to be in the final 2?

For my own entertainment I’d like to see Nicole and David. Not because I am convinced of their gameplay but because I’d love to see a jury try to justify the two being there and see all the bitterness it would cause knowing THOSE 2, were final 2.

Cody seemed sure to get to the end with all of the pre game stuff so for that reason alone I just don’t want him there. (But probably does get 1 of the 2 seats)

I just can’t stomach Christmas so No.

Day and Kev made me sick with telling people all of their game moves then blamed David for their inadequate read on the game. They are out pretty much so no need to count them in thr end.

Dani has been on Enzos radar as being messy for a minute and the guys will band to take her out. Hopefully they don’t flub it.

Tyler and now oddly Enzo are the 2 that I can see in the 2 seats.

Wondering what others want to happen or think will happen for the end of BB?


I wouldn’t mind Tyler and Enzo in the Final 2.


I’d be happy with Tyler and Enzo for a final 2! I think they are both playing a pretty good game so far!

Billy’s Big Bottom.

Kevin is THE worst waste of a place in this house of, mainly, game nonentities. He spends hours thinking strategy and always makes the wrong choice.

What is Da’Vonne’s trouble? She’s an awful tactician and strategist, and this is her 3 go at it!

poor season.


Kevin runs back and forth too much so no one can trust him.