Ty “If I could speak for everybody, if you’re not here, we all have a better chance of winning.”

Fake double results

Jed was evicted 3-0
Ty wins the HOH nominates Tera and Beth
Breydon wins Veto doesn’t use it.
Tera evicted 2 -0
Tera and Jed now compete to see who comes back.
Tera returned and Breydon won HOH.


10:20am Thursday 22nd Bathroom Beth and Tera.
Beth – the end is near. Tera – no matter what whether you’re here or your there .. two more weeks. Beth – yup! I know. Isn’t it weird in normal times we would be looking forward to seeing our families in the audience? Tera – its really weird that there is no audience. Beth – it would be really cool if it was like Ellen and they had the screens with the audience? They’ve got to do something. Like when the winner walks out .. it can’t just be the jury that hates you. She laughs.

10:40am Bedroom. Ty, Jed, Beth and Keifer.
Jed – this is going to be a move that is regretted .. like it doesn’t have to be done. Like I am going to go the jury and explain this story and it is just going to look so bad. Like it just doesn’t look good. Like they’re going to be like ..WHAT?! Vic is going to be like told you so! Did the same thing to me .. KARMA! You know what I mean? She’s going to be like oh Tera got you out. She said she was going to get you out the whole game. Beth – Keif, I did just say that straight up this is not to be pinned on your two. I have been in every conversation. I have been deliberating with you guys. I am telling Jed that straight up. Ty – you two are trying to convince us that you’re not coming for us? Beth – I just want you guys to know moving forward .. that Jed isn’t fully with me if he stays. That I am telling you .. and Jed straight to his f**king face that us three have been in rooms… I have been in rooms with Keif alone .. I have been in rooms with you (Ty) alone. And we have been talking about keeping Jed or sending him to jury. I don’t want you guys sitting here thinking Jed is going against Ty. Or Jed is just going against you (Keif). Jed – no it literally is not the case. Beth – I have never been that player here. I have always been straightforward. I have 100% been talking about getting Jed out this week. Jed – yup. Beth – because I just said it .. your memory is f**king unreal! LOOK AT YOU! I can’t beat you. Jed – yup. Beth – you win the game. Jed – Mmhhmm. And I understand that. I know. Ty – I think if you stay after making this move.. there is a really high chance you win the game. I think I could beat you BUT I think I could lose too. Jed – I mean you could lose to anybody. Ty – I could. Jed – but it is like.. Ty – what does having you here do for me? Jed – moving forward? Ty – yes. Aren’t you going to come for me? Jed – right now? Ty – why not? Why wouldn’t you? You’re going to wait a week to come for me? Jed – no. I’ve literally pledged my loyalty and allegiance to us to the end of this game. I’ve never faltered from that. And my move is weak if I haven’t shown that and I don’t know what would. Like literally. Like I literally thought it would be us getting to the end and then at that point someone wins. Whoever wins, wins at that point. I thought that was the goal ..hence why I made this move. Like it was a move for us. If I didn’t want to make this move and I wanted you to go home .. I would have just used the veto on myself. And then pushed for people to sway and get you out ..but I didn’t do it. You didn’t want to go on the block so I made sure you didn’t go on the block. I didn’t want you sitting beside Beth because I didn’t want one of you going home. I made it happen. So if that doesn’t show that I didn’t want us to go after each other then I don’t know what else would. You know what I’m saying? Beth – I know. Jed – anyone can be beaten in this game. Like I can be beaten. You have all beaten me in memory comps and before/after. I am not unbeatable. Ty – No one is saying that. No one is calling you unbeatable. Jed – well it sounds like that’s what it is. It sounds like you guys don’t believe in yourselves enough to beat me. I feel like any of you guys can beat me. Ty – I just think the consensus among the group if I am not lying.. if I could speak for everybody.. if you’re not here.. we all have a better chance of winning. Jed – is that the way you want to win?? Ty – what is the way you want to win mean? What does it mean anymore? We all aimed at each other at one point. We know its inevitable. We know we’re going to have to .. its a matter of when. But we already did so it makes me question whether we aim at each other going forward or not. I don’t believe we don’t and there is nothing you can say to change my mind. I don’t believe it.

Keifer – in 16 days I am going to be on a plane to my family .. if I get second or first place .. my life changes A LOT more than yours. If I win first place I can help my mom get out of debt, I can pay off my sisters student loans.. big brother cuts the feeds. Jed – ..I wasn’t the only one that put you on the block. Keif – but you’re the one up right now. Jed – at that point, don’t bring your family into it then. Don’t bring your kids into it. Keif – its too late. Jed – because that’s dark. Keif – its dark as f**k. Jed – that’s all I have to say.. Keif – poor people have always done crazy sh*t for money Jed and that is never going to change. Beth – don’t bring that sh*t into it Keifer! Jed – the life of your kids.. Big Brother blocks the feeds again. Jed – that sits weird man. Ty – so Keif swore on the life of who? Jed – he swore on his kids that if given the opportunity to save me .. he would. Ty – you? Jed – yeah. Ty – just you? Jed – yeah. So moving forward I don’t know what you guys are going to do .. it seems like all bets are off at this point. There is no such thing as loyalty in this game and I would find it hard to trust anybody in this house at this point. I wouldn’t have any best case scenarios to win other than yourselves honestly because look what happens.. I thought I was with a solid alliance in this game. I literally put my life on the line for you guys and this is how you repay me? Just for some money. That you’re not even guaranteed. Beth – it is absolutely disgusting. Jed – like this game clearly isn’t for me because this isn’t how I do things. This isn’t how I live my life. I don’t do this kind of sh*t for money. Like these are relationships that I wanted to have.. Ty – you still do. You don’t have to be done with us because we cut you in a game. We’re going to have to cut each other anyways. Jed – yeah but this is different. This is personal. This really is personal. Beth gets called to the diary room. Jed – The way this is going on .. its literally like a personal attack so now its like how do I get over this? Keifer – you humiliated me last week. Jed – how?! Keifer – you put me on the block. This move wasn’t made for me.. You said I was never touching the block. This isn’t a loyalty thing for me. I was never going to touch the block. I felt is was the only thing I could do .. and I was only going to do it once. And I got permission from my girl to do it.

11am Thursday 22ndBedroom. Breydon is practicing his eviction speech with Tera. He then talks about how Beth told him it was such a hard decision. Breydon – so if I was going it would be so easy for you?! Tera – yeah. I didn’t like the way she said that. I don’t like how our feelings have always been discredited. Breydon – its like we’re not even here. I think that is the thing that I am most annoyed about with Jedson. I am not even mad about him campaigning against me.. what is irritating is he keeps saying that I don’t deserve to be here. I didn’t play the game. That is the part that I am annoyed with. Tera – I would hate that too because I hated it when people said that about me. Just because I didn’t want to play with you doesn’t mean I am not playing. Breydon – that’s what I am saying. The fact that you take it there. Tera – just know that its not true. Breydon – oh I know. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

2:55 pm Thursday 22nd Still blocked. Feeds will be blocked till after the eviction episode..

9:00 pm Thursday 22nd Feeds have been down

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another name

preamble: It’s been a while since we had an old fashioned cut throat week on Big Brother… let’s see if they had the fortitude to actually do the deed?
There was a pretty promising spoiler… but I don’t know about spoilers this year.
The big fake out of the season. Fake Double Eviction.
Arisa: Vote one. New HOH and Veto… and an eviction BUT Tonight’s 2 evictees battle.
Beth D/R: screechy cackles. What are they thinking?
Jed D/R: risky but great for my game.
Brey D/R: acting. If this pays off it’s back flip time.
Tera D/R: risky to risk Brey, but if Jed goes yippee.
The celebration clip released earlier today:
Ty D/R: everyone celebrating for different reasons. May be time to cut Jed.
They are thinking they’ve snowed Tera. Sideye.
Beth and Brey talk. blowing smoke up Beth’s ass. He’s playing on that nobody respects her game thing she has going. This talk was at Beth’s request.. a couple of hours after the veto ceremony.
Ty and Jed talk about having each others’ backs in the game.
Ty D/R is unsure if he can do it. This is an interesting spin.
Beth D/R. Beth senses a flip. Beth and Ty talk. This isn’t really how it happened.
Beth sent Brey to find out if Ty or Kief would flip, and was shocked to learn they would. Especially Ty.
The Flip talk.
Beth D/R. Becoming impossible to split emotions. This isn’t how it happened. She tells Ty she’s been faking it with Jed for 53 days.
Jed D/R: alliance is turning on me. Gotta figure out how to play this smart.
Jed goes to Ty about block paranoia. Pulling the heartstrings. The tears.
Ty D/R: yup. telling him what he wants to hear: It’s endgame.
Beth D/R: heartbroken. I wonder if she played this music in her head while she was acting with Jed for her image over the last couple of days. Aw. Her tears are so sad… Nope. This is acting. I believe her first reaction over this post D/R melodrama.
Arisa: 2 weeks ago we shook the house with a double… now we fake em out.
Vic saw a snake. Vic says way to go Beth.
Rohan is sad he didn’t have time to campaign. Vic wanted Ro to win.
The triangle has a clear path to the end.
Vic and Ro are enjoying their time. Tina is relaxed and weightless at being evicted. Tina was a floater. Tina says Kiefer is a strong contender. Vic thinks Beth is playing well, so does Ro. They make a Jed joke.
Arisa: Things in the house are changing minute to minute:
The talk from this morning. Kiefer says loyalty got compromised by Jed putting Kiefer on the block. Jed is saying how can you live with yourselves basically: the moral question.
Ends with a just think about it.
Breydon: Experiece of a Lifetime. This is a pivotal moment. No hard feelings if I go.
Jed: I’m loyal and trustworthy. You my people. I’m a fighter. Keep me, vote heart.
Kiefer: Jed Ty: Jed Beth: Jed. Vote of 3-0 Jed is evicted. + 35 minutes into the episode.
Name day it happened.
1: Day 6. All Correct. 2: Day 48. Ty Beth Brey correct. 3: Day7. All Correct. 4: Day 38 Ty and Beth correct. 5: Day 9 Ty Kief Brey correct. 6: Day 46 TY HAS WON HOH.
Unknot the rope. HIt the button. BREYDON HAS WON VETO.
Breydon isn’t using the veto. Tera says her words match her actions. Beth says she is the honest one. Keep me.
Kiefer: Tera. Breydon: Tera. Vote of 2-0 TERA is EVICTED.
Tera is PISSED.
The feeds will be down Arisa announces.

bbcan9 fake DOUBLE EVICTION.jpg

My prediction
Jed is HOH nominates breydon and Kiefer
Ty has veto doesn’t use it

another name

Not the truth the whole truth, nothing but the truth.
Preamble: 840 pm. Been sitting on a spoiler for close to 24 hours because it’s a new source to me. If it’s correct, then my final 4 prediction is fukakta. But consider this a test for a future source (I really miss having a disgruntled friend employed by the enemy, we’ll see how this new source works out, only had Thursday information Said Tera returned).

Emotional Jedviction. Ty gets phony crown. Brey is apparently high strung in the veto.
Revival and announcement: Jedson v. Tera.
Toss in some screechy cackles at end of recap. Gee wonder who that was.
Post Eviction
D/R Cackles Screeches like a foghorn.
D/R Ty talking about Tera’s huge resume.
Clip from the Veto released on ETCANADA.
Girls make a deal if the veto is used. Tera reveals it was all Kiefer’s plan.
More Beth D/R. Tera knows she’s done.
Ty is pushing for Beth to go. Questions if they have a F3.
Kiefer D/R prefers Beth goes.
Breydon D/R justifying.
Screeeeeching again.
Tera D/R being consoled by Jed post eviction.
Tera keeps repeating please say we’re both safe.
Jed D/R.
The trapdoor, it was everyone involved. It was Kiefer’s idea with Ty. Beth knew and pitched to Breydon. They’re all slimy. Tera got used. Tera was a willing participant.
They’ve already made the assumption the showmance is back together and regretting taking Beth out.
Roll balls up ramp one at a time to sit on the ledge.
Beth D/R survivor David v. Goliath.
Jed is going off the bumpers. Jed has 2 balls.
Tera wins. Tera gets pretty cocky in D/R again.
Jed D/R is dejected losing to Tera. He’s not dying. He’s going to jury. He had a problem being cut throat.
Ty thinks his HOH was a waste. Tera said it took her two shots to get him out.
25 Minutes Into Episode.
D/R Beth pissed. Now she’s pissy. Says she can’t be fake. Tuesday to Thursday says differently…. and according to her the last 53 days as well. PARASCAM DELUSIONS OF A PupPeTmAsTeR.
Tera is playing nice.
Beth is pissy.
Tera doesn’t reveal that Jed knows EVERYTHING about TRAPDOOR.
Why everyone isn’t shaking at the thought of Tera. Ty says he took the lead, and everyone followed his direction. Tera is asking if they can just get Beth out.
Beth is saying she can’t be fake because entitled means can’t really accept when she doesn’t get what she wants.
Beth gets ANOTHER miss Jed Parascam. With tears. Oh ffs. Gee, they gonna give her HOH too?
Beth after commercial gets MORE time. Ty lies and says he didn’t know it was the plan from the veto on to get Jed out. Asks about Kiefer.
TERATIME: feels like she’s defeated and always fighting to stay.
Tera is upset about Beth tossing her under a bus. Tera says she only trusts Kief.
Ty and Brey chat again. Ty calls Brey an investment. Creepy considering the fauxmance talk from a couple weeks ago. Cringe.
Brey says he needs to win.
So. skip the dishes saves a hg from slop… so we’d know who was a have not… process of elimination for who is hoh? Not checking. I don’t vote on it, don’t even know how to find it.

Ty hosts. Tera D/R, Beth D/R up to 5 chips start with 10
1) 35 loved ones tina or vic 4th. a: Tina. brey beth correct.
2) minutes vic in drop in bucket. 77 or 88 minutes. a: 88 minutes brey correct.
3) should hear name LaToya Julie: a Latoya all correct.
4) Teams 13 or 15 days: a: 13 all correct.
5) minutes austin 60 or 68 minutes. a: 60. all wrong.
6) 2 or 3 never have not. a: 3 brey kief beth all correct.
7) haves served have nots 30 or 31st day. a: 31
Tie: Brey and Beth 28 chips.
Tiebreaker Question:

bbcan9 WEEK 9.jpg

I don’t like that big brother is being sponsored by the OLG.. gambling is ruining a lot of people’s lives
.. they can’t get anyone better to sponsor them ?


I didn’t even know what OLG was until I googled it.

That sponsor sucks.

Bring back the Ramada guy.

Guy From Canada

The brick guy or wasn’t Sleep country a sponsor at one point?


comment image


not really into Gambling. Kraken however….


It does, but at least is Pubblicly owned and its one of the biggest revenues generators for the health system in Ontario. At the end if iflt didn’t exist gambling would just bring money to private companies.


Funding healthcare through addiction. At least smokers have to physically go and purchase their passive suicide products at a store. Olg will satisfy your addiction 24/7 online. This RN is calling BS.

Topaz’ Vote

I am a gambling addict (clean for 7 years) and it really irritated me when I saw the room on this year’s first episode but alcoholics have to deal with beer ads and food addicts have to deal with Fadt food ads (Wendy’s) and people who miss travelling have to deal with the Expedia lounge so when I thought of all that I let my resentments go.


Agree! Maybe these rich shows during each comp can donate with the winner choosing a charity during this crisis.. but the rich cares about the rich and want us to just destruct ourselves so it’s more revenue for the big coprs!!


Completely agree. During a pandemic with people loosing their minds locked the house, not even playgrounds for children. Adults are resorting to alcohol, drugs, gambling to fill the anxiety depression and suicidal thoughts, abuse in the home etc. I now am 20k in debt from gambling don’t judge, doctors unavailable, No help in community’s nothing! People are just falling apart in different ways and I agree 100% maybe they can let the winner donate to a charity to help community’s during a crisis!!!!


There’s also the fact that most money raised by charities doesn’t go to where we think it goes…most goes to paying salaries of those who run and organize the charity (many 6 digit salaries), not to the actual needy.

Topaz’ Vote

Keifer had to had that idea at 4:30 am didn’t he….

or did production plant that idea in his head?

who do I cheer for at this point if Jed goes?

Tera gives me bad vibes

Breydon is a waste of space

Tychon agrees with everybody to the point of confusing himself

Beth irritates me so much I can’t even articulate.

and Keifer well.. enough been said in this forum I don’t need to elaborate..

I predict Jed goes, and beats whoever follows him (probably Tera) in the fake double eviction battle… then he comes back into the house ruthless and bitter and plays for himself and trust nobody the rest of the game … that’s the only outcome that makes for good TV even though he’s a complete dumbass for falling for the shenanigans


I think the only scenario where Tera gets evicted is if Kiefer wins HOH or veto. Otherwise, everyone will want Kiefer gone. Statistically he is most likely to win challenges (so he is the biggest threat) and no one will beat him in final two and they know it.


And then he drives off into the sunset in his Mercedes that his daddy bought him.

eddie taylor

And we can’t u bcuz ur a Moron


Good for Jed to let them know they are cowards for voting him out. I hope he comes back and wins. Ty and Keif are doing him dirty if they go through with it.


Wasn’t he a coward for not using the veto on Latoya? Wasn’t he a coward for evicting Victoria for exactly the same reasons he’s being evicted for? He’s a dumb ass who thought he was untouchable. He deserves to go and be laughed at by the other jurors.


I get where you are both coming from, I haven’t been a fan of the sunsetters but I do want to see Jed come back and have Ty and Keifer freak out and be scared lol.

I don’t believe Victoria was in the same category as Jedson, because she (vic) was playing both sides while he (jed) has been proven to be loyal to his trio, to his detriment. I do fault TY because he has been a solid part of the Trio and there are a few other players to eliminate before jedson. Kiefer I can’t fault because Jed did strike first and stupidly enough took it back last week.

My least favorite player is Kiefer but from a personal point of view, I do however think he has played the best game from a game point of view and find it ridiculous Ty is more threaten by Jed someone who stayed on the block so you wouldn’t go up instead of Kiefer who has also been playing both sides. Ty is voting out of fear and even with all his stupid chess metaphors, I think voting jedson out this week only hurts him but helps kiefer, tara, & breydon.

New Kid

I 100% agree. Jed was stupid for not using the veto on himself but atleast he did it for a good cause. He was loyal to the trio and had way too much faith in them. With Jed gone theres no one else left to root for. Out of everyone Ty is the absolute worst. Jed literally saved his ass twice (once when he could have saved Latoya but decided not to since Vic threatened putting up Ty and 2nd when he decided not to use the veto on himself this week since Tera threatened to put Ty up as the replacement nom) and Ty repays him by stabbing him deep in the back. Such a dirty move. Can’t stand Beth either, she’s frickin annoying thinking she’s this great player when she’s pretty insane. Breydon is definitely a waste of space (he’s lost all chances of winning the game). Keifer is probably the only player left who deserves to win. He’s set himself up perfectly to the point where I don’t think anyone would ever go after him. Whichever returns Tera/Jed, I hope they get Ty and Beth out of the game! That trio had potential of being one of the strongest alliances but due to Tys stupidity and the fact that he agrees with whoever’s the most popular person in the room and Beth who played way too hard too fast, the trio sunk their own ship and now either a floater or Keifer will win the season.


He’s been loyal to his 3 and sacrificed his game to further the 3 and they turned on him. Vic was doing everyone dirty and in terms of Latoya thats not fair to say as there were a lot factors at play, like TY going on the block. I thought he handled getting scumbagged by Ty and Keif with class. I agree with the post below, Keifer is playing the best game.. but without dignity and respect and I hope he loses. I’d be happy if breydon wins.


Jed won the veto. He gave it to Beth thinking it would make him look good. Everyone knows you never give the veto away to another House guest if you are on the block. He has only himself to blame


I really thought I would never see that move happen.

another name

Chicken and the egg. The trio made the move against Kiefer. They didn’t pull the trigger. They made the move. If you take aim, take the shot is the lesson there.

The idea of ‘you should keep the strongest people to go against in the end instead of taking the win nothings because you can beat them’ concept that Jed proposed to Ty and Kiefer would be laudable, if his reasons for getting out Kyle, Austin, Vic and Ro weren’t because they were too strong. It’s hypocrisy to say keep the strong when it’s a sunsetter, including LaToya, on the block, but evict the strong when it’s anyone else. It’s also hypocritical because he expressed sacrificing Ty over Beth to both Kiefer and Beth in separate conversations.

The argument can easily be made that Jed’s veto move was about his own ego and wanting to create a legend status. Otherwise, why has he been talking about winning veto and using it on someone else since week 4. So 4 weeks ago he started talking about how GOAT it would be to use the veto on someone else and stay in the game. Did it coincide with Kiefer’s plan that he’d be saving his showmance and his supposed best bro? Yes. That also played into Jed’s ego. Dude was set up. He fell for it. Either Jed (house threat) or Beth (house annoyance) were ALWAYS going home. Jed made the decision easy by going for the ego move. He also revealed just how far he’d go for Beth. She was his biggest concern. Not Ty. He did say if Tera was lying about putting up Breydon, and put up Ty instead vote out Ty. I didn’t know he brought up the swearing on kids. But I do remember him saying they’d have to sacrifice Ty, not Beth to Kiefer in the event that Tera was lying.


He really needs to play up like “we just did the unthinkable, we got terra to put up bray! From now on out my future comes down to my closet alliance! We have it 100%! This was genius! If you guys don’t you snaked me and I’ll never forget it ( he needs to stop this, ahh it’s okay it’s game) because that’s why they will vote him out. Take a stand with the lil balls you have and say if I get voted out I’ll know my ride or dies stabbed me in my back and I can’t see after everything we been through you guys doing me so dirty like that . And leave it at that. Then if they do, hopefully he comes back in and just dominates the game lol that would make good tv, team up with the oddballs and get his old team out cause that trust is done! And he knows he can beat the others. I’d love to see him send Beth home right after the fake eviction, ohhh how poetic that would be hahaha


My prediction is the show tonight ends on a cliffhanger. Feeds stay down until Monday with a leak somewhere during the weekend to give us a tiny spoiler to post.

another name

the leak will be a two second shot of the ball pit… with nobody in it.
We’ll all be convinced there’s a power.


Nailed it! It was so frustrating as a viewer, 30 min into the ep you knew there was no way you were going to see how the fake DE was going to shake out. Feel like bbcan had TV gold there if they had a two hour ep where we got to see everything play out. Now it’s the worst because we get nothing until Monday. Ridiculous.

another name

Trying to be analytical.
Jed in the game:

  • won a veto, that he was tricked into not using to save one of his allies.
  • Openly started mocking the alliance name and games of most of the jury.
  • won an HOH, where he nominated Tera and Tina, Tera being target and told as much, with the option of renomming Breydon, who knew he was the renom option, before renomming Kiefer, Kiefer being target and told as much, before deciding to take out TIna.
  • won a veto, that the house social gamed him into using on his showmance and staying on the block himself.
  • Started saying two potential jurors didn’t deserve to be in the game and didn’t deserve to win.
  • Even if he is evicted and comes back. he was still evicted.

Be a Juror. This is what is known to the jury.
I’m not sure I can justify being a juror and voting for a Jed win.


Oh man I can’t believe they kept Beth…grrrrrr!!!! I wanted her and Jedsen to have to battle it out!


Seriously what was the point in that??

another name

They all figure she’s hated by the jury, and respected by nobody?
She’s the Sabrina (season 2) lay up?
Or they think Tera could win final 4 HOH or Veto more likely than Beth.
That’s the only thing that really makes sense to me.
Ty and Kief: hedge bets: now they have 2 final 3’s that they don’t think would ever take each other.
Brey? Seriously he must REALLY believe in that Final 2 with Ty, OR he feared if he kept Tera they’d cut him next? I dunno. Brey’s motivation is beyond me.


The irony of course is each of Ro, Vic, and Tina have given her name as the second most deserving to win with Jed/Keif each ranking at the top.

This seems to happen every season when someone is underestimated inside the house and viewed differently outside it.

Then again, TPTB has made such a concerted effort to present Beth in a very different light from her true character on the national broadcast, and equally quick to pull her into the DR to enforce a shift of character/plot (the spin doctoring of her this season has been perhaps the most annoying of all the many ways they’ve interfered).

So, the hamsters speaking of her in such a strong light aligns with ‘production’s plot’… I mean I get why Vic would say Beth since she got her out but by the same token after Vic said ‘the show is totally unscripted and real’ I haven’t believed anything she says is genuine or unscripted.

another name

My trust in jury statements has been weak after Season 3 houseguests later talked about just how produced the jury segments are.
Interview Vic, still spouting “this game is so real, it’s not rigged at all” was at least more honest about her feelings regarding potential winners.
Two weeks later her heirarchy is upside down.
Then again, there’s Tina STILL going on about Kiefer. Doubt that will change. He could be evicted and she’d still try to vote Kiefer at the finale.
The fact that three wannabe mastermind SOCIAL players put so much value on comp wins is disturbing.


That was my dream scenario.


Can someone plz explain this?????? I’m soo shocked I can’t even think lol they had her on the block no campaigning and readyy to go!!! Wth is going on?? Why get rid of terra???? Especially after ty put her UP?!!? Wth someone with some logic explain?? This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen, that was super easy for Ty/kief to keep the “floater”with low risk. Now they screwed that. Wth


Surprised Brey voted Tera hw could have saved her and got out another Big target. I Hope Tera comes back and wins HOH and puts Keif and Brey On the block and if one comes down put up Ty

another name

So, what happened to make Breydon vote out Tera? Eyeroll (yah. it makes zero sense… I got nothing… did the three of Brey, Ty and Kief decide Tera last night during their final three talk? Or is this just another one of those sideye gee i wonder if… not saying it… moments).
This confuses me.
Oh well. Most of the decisions made this season confuse me.
If I cut out confusion and just think logic:
Nope. Tera getting sent to jury doens’t win Brey any jury votes…
Nope. Keeping Beth doesn’t keep Brey safer moving forward.

Does he really believe in his final 2 with TY that much?

another name

For those of you that think part of the storyline is reflected in D/R involvement… here is where we stand:
Kiefer has 95 to 100. closer to 95.
Beth 75-80.
Tera 75-80. I think B and T are close to equal.
Jed 70-75
Breydon 60-65. He had the least D/R involvement this week and was on the block.
Ty 45-50. Massive jump this week for Ty. Most D/R this week, huge jump. He had less than Latoya last week.


I think production had a hand in this somehow


I completely agree

another name

Well that’s what I meant by gee I wonder if… not saying it moments.

What I’m sort of needing to know: Did Breydon do the math from last night’s convo and realize that Ty and Kief were voting out Tera, and keeping her meant putting Ty in a bad spot, thereby making him the house enemy?
Or did we miss something during feed block.
But yeah… I’m thinking it would be too good to be true to actually get screechy cackles off our screens.


I suspect you’re right that it was a production plot-directed shift as well as Brey’s belief in the Keif/Ty/Brey F3. But, if I put on my blinders to ignore TPTB continual manipulation and absolute gaslighting of this season I can come up with a list of reasons why he might’ve shifted.

Tera would bring up two oddballs getting to the end but not once did she suggest to Brey they make a F2 deal. He also knew the week Austin left it was Tera who worked the hardest to shift keeping her instead of Brey. She had made an effort to talk game with Austin/Ro/Kyle/Keif (and even Vic) but never him until this week.

In fairness, they are both guilty for that decision but it also ties back to the early weeks of the game when Tera couldn’t keep things to herself. That created conflict that Austin/Brey discussed (referring to her/Beth as the loose cannons of the house).

Brey knew Tera wanted out guys which meant she would work with Beth moving forward. He also knew that meant Ty/him would be her noms since Keif was NEVER an option to go up this past week. Not to mention she promised him safety and then put him OTB w/o a real conversation of his comfort in doing so.

Losing Beth would result in Tera/Keif building a stronger bond and he already has to worry about the Ty/Keif bond. Whereas losing Tera would likely pull Beth to him given the ammo he has that Keif/Ty said about her plus the drama of Weds night/Thurs morning and things discussed between Keif/Ty/Brey when feeds were down (no doubt a plan was hatched).

Tera made two big mistakes on her HOH – one: was not securing any safety from Ty for keeping him off the block. The second was telling Jed the decision to oust him was the plan all week. It was the wild card Tera version from the early game and likely ticked everyone off. She should’ve saved it for the GBM (or as it turns out the HOH pre-battle back convo). That second decision, in particular, could’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back — stranger things have happened this season so her telling Jed could easily have been all it took for Ty or Keif to change their minds — which put Brey in jeopardy of being evicted.

The Beth/Keif/Ty trio had already shifted the target onto Tera but it seems they knew it was a DE (shocker) my guess is Keif/Ty were worried Tera would tell Beth everything which could make them her targets instead of Tera.

Finally, I suspect Brey has put some thought into the dynamics of the house and the end game. Brey and Tera were the only two who weren’t part of the other side so if he can add a few comp wins & get to the end w/o Tera it’s possible the oddball members might be bitter and willing to vote for anyone not in the trio whereas sitting beside Tera she gets the credit for Jed (remembering he didn’t know at the time of his decision someone was returning).

As a side note- I’m not saying these are logical choices given narcissist Beth, untrustworthy Keif, and solely self-motivated Ty are the hamsters we’re discussing — but by the same token, I can see how Brey could rationalize them.

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Thoughts. Been mulling it over.

So. Breydon has been trying to get in with Ty and Kiefer for a while. He’s got some sort of fake final 2 deal with Ty. Made some flimsy final 3 with Kiefer and Ty last night.

Breydon is Tera’s closest ally that told him he was safe, then put him on the block, showing him that his life in the game was of lesser value than the others. She spent very little time managing the voters, meaning that Breydon had to manage the majority in the voting pool for himself at night in their bedtime stories.

He saves Tera, knowing from last night’s conversation that Ty and Kiefer want Tera out fearing her comp record and resume. that shoots his final 3 hopes with Kiefer and Ty, shoots his final 2 hopes with Ty. Kiefer goes on the block. Pissy Kiefer. And stuck in a ride or die with Tera, that just showed him his life in the game is of lesser value.

He doesn’t save Tera with veto, but votes to save her? Causes a split vote. It looked like there was muttering and faces from Ty and Kiefer and Breydon meaning a decision had been made by two of them and the third was being informed. Don’t know when or how. It just looked that way. What does a split vote do? Causes Ty to get dirty. Breaks apart the final 3 and 2 Breydon hopes for… and Tera still goes.. his disloyalty to the three possibly moving Beth up the roster more reversing places with her in the heirarchy.

Conclusion: Just like it was stupid of Rohan not to use veto in week 5, it’s stupid of Breydon to not use veto now.

He’s now stuck with the sunsetters and the trio and the showmance again, or he’s stuck with the sunsetters and angry Tera.

I can see why he might not use it… but fail to see not using it getting him further.
He’s guaranteed the majority of the final 4 are an alliance from week one…. and he knows they’ve been an alliance since week one.


Been saying since week 3, this season was going to be a stinker with a group of JV’s combined with the always in your face production which resulted in many decisions not making sense early on, even for the group of muppets hand picked for the year of diversity….It’s ok, being ahead of the curve opens one up to ridicule, but I digress…..Great season, *cough, cough*.

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he should of veto her and got rid of keifer !


Nope, couldn’t watch this shit any longer! Keif is so smug – where’d he get all that swag from anyways? He doesn’t sound as poor as he’s leading on ‘pay off moms debt, get sister debt free in school’ .. shit, if you were as poor as you’re playin to be you’d have your OWN bills to pay… I just don’t like when ppl play the ‘I need the money more than you’ crap card. What a waste of a season – know ones actually talking about kweef and all the shit he’s saying to each side.. how is he the only one who doesn’t get ratted out by HG’s? Blegh – I’m having heart palpitations over here ..


YES!!! exactly how are they not onto this guy yet and as much as i dislike him he is playing the best game thus far in my opinion.

Would love to know what Tara told Jed, during that time in the HOH room after they were both voted out. She kept apologizing and had said I have so much to tell you…..I want to know what she has to tell him lol (i hope its about kiefer)


It’s gotta be about keifer – he played tera hard and she fell for it! If she goes back there’s no doubt she’s most bitter agains kweef and goes after him


Battle back comp was hard to get a great visual on – it looks like they might have to roll the balls & get them into specific holes on the board (I’m guessing). Will trick shot Tera be able to beat Jed? That would be the real shocker since this was all orchestrated to save Jed.

What we do know — Tera entered the HOH crying & said to Jed – I have so much to tell you.GUARANTEED she told him it was Keif’s plan and that they ALL knew from the start with Ty playing a role to get Jed to use the POV on Beth.

The question is whether she’ll out Beth & how she wanted to take out Jed from the very beginning. Based on Beth’s BS eviction speech my guess is YES she does spill ALL the tea b/c Tera won’t appreciate Beth putting her on blast on national TV & bringing her kids into it after all the lies Beth has spewed.

Soooooooo depending on who returns – what does this mean

If Tera comes back she won’t trust anyone but I think she’ll believe what Brey tells her b/c he is the best at keeping it real. He’ll probably tell her Keif told him Tera had to go & b/c the next HOH was F4 he was worried if he didn’t keep noms the same Ty/Keif would target him.

The reality is Tera would be DONE with Keif. There is no way Keif can salvage their relationship after saying “I only have you two (Tera/Brey) to game end. Tina said we have to work together” There is no walking back that betrayal – none. Tera would also be furious with Ty – she just saved him & he puts her OTB as the target.

A Tera battle back followed by F5 HOH win would mean Ty & Keif go OTB. If one of them won POV my guess is Beth would be the replacement but the target would remain whoever stayed up & Tera would keep Brey safe with the promise he would vote how she wanted b/c she would break a tie.

The more likely result is Jed returns and he’ll have issues with everyone left. The question is whether he would LISTEN to Tera to recognize Beth is equally culpable. Pretty sure if he won HOH his noms would be Ty/Keif (no clue who his preference would be since Keif masterminded the plan but Ty was the one who sold it to him AND the one who lied/denied the most about it being the plan all week). Replacement nom for Jed is where things might get interesting.

Would he work with Brey just to screw his original alliance? Would TPTB come up with some BS kumbaya walk back? I mean production’s hands have ruined the season with all their interference so nothing would surprise me at this point.

Fake DE fall out:

Did anyone else notice Keif was the only one who remained seated when Arisa told them about the fake DE? He KNOWS his game is screwed — either way. B/c he shafted both Jed & Tera. Is this TPTB ultimate payback to Keifer for threatening to self-evict before the nominations the week Tina left? Or maybe it was simply a self-fulfilling prophecy b/c he spent the past 30ish hours doing his ‘woe is me’ act on how his game was screwed to ensure Beth/Ty wouldn’t target him as well as Tera/Brey.

Now, all it will take is one quick convo with Ty and/or Beth to learn Keif wanted Brey targeted this week. Likewise, Brey could spill tea to Ty about how similar conversations were happening on the other side of the house with Tera/Brey that they had to target Ty next.

F5 HOH win by… (means)…

Beth: after Ty put her OTB he’ll be her main target regardless of who returns & my guess is Keif sits beside him.

Keif or Ty: assume they both put up Beth/battle back winner. There is a slight possibility Keif tries to rebuild favor with Tera & puts up Ty/Beth (especially if Tera returns & tells him Jed said Ty was taking Beth to the end & Keif is his target).

Brey winning is the one scenario I’m not sure of. He seemed locked into the F3 of Ty/Keif — BUT he also was anti-Beth and yet he voted to save her (why? — is it b/c she is so unliked & is easier to beat in comps or does he believe they truly have a bond). Now that he’s won a comp he’s got as many wins as Beth & if he won HOH he’d be tied with Ty so that narrative about him being useless would go out the window. Guaranteed he’d get an earful from everyone — Beth would tell him how Ty/Keif debated if Brey or Tera were the next target — Keif & Ty would download how Beth said he’s useless, hasn’t played the game & doesn’t deserve to win. As for the returnees, I think Tera might be able to forge something with him especially since she would tell him she had a F2 with Keif. Jed would go OTB so he could only forge something with him if Brey wasn’t HOH.

Who gains leverage b/c of fake DE?
It does feel like Beth is the big winner of the fake DE, and to an extent she will be since either returnee would put Ty/Keif ahead of her on their target list. Brey could also be a benefactor — since he had the least to do with the “grand scheme” and had to sit beside Jed. Although TPTB has manipulated so much I wouldn’t be surprised if their next plot twist is to have everyone reconcile & target him.

The hamster profile:

Personally, this season was already lost for me based on the over-manipulation of TPTB so I don’t really care who returns – they’ll be drama either way. As for the hamsters if I had to cheer for one I guess it would be Brey almost by process of elimination:

Keif (POV, 2 HOH) has played the best overall game (manipulation, alliances, wins, strategy) but he’s unlikable and untrustworthy.

Beth (HOH – thrown to her by Jed) is completely unlikable, the screeches, obvious lies, self-importance, and narcissism is next level, Plus I abhor TPTB editing people as what they aren’t.

Ty (POV, HOH) like Beth uses the flirt game & his “bro-game” to gain loyalty while his strategy is driven only by staying off the block and cutting big targets to make it easier for himself to win.

Jed (2 POV, HOH) his ego and waffling were his downfall leading to his exit. He’s TPTB pet and if he returns will have a great shot at winning. There is the debate of whether he should win based on being evicted once (the purists of the game will say NO).

Ditto for Tera (POV, HOH) – she was evicted. I enjoyed her HOH for the most part but she made two vital errors — 1) telling Jed the plan existed (that could’ve been saved for the GBM) and 2) not getting commitments from Ty, Keif & Brey to keep her safe this week. If she had gotten Ty to offer her even one week of safety to keep him off the block then Brey is the one playing Jed right now likely.

Of them all, Brey (POV) is the most likable and via a process of elimination who I typically root for to do well/be safe. He’s the ONLY one capable of being OTB without losing his mind. I like his ability to smoothly shift conversations to get his desires, plant seeds or get someone on his side.

In closing:
A funny side note of this season is how much emphasis is placed on comp wins. Tera went from being a useless player to the most dangerous b/c she won two comps (much of this narrative is planted by Keif, Ty & Beth). As of today, they all have won something

If there was one player I’d be pulling for to win out it would be Brey just to make the self-entitled group eat their words. I mean how satisfying would it be if Brey won a comp in each of F5 & F4 and then the two parts of F3 to finish with five comp wins?

For now — we wait to see who won the battle back and the fallout. Not hard to guess what’s happening in the house — Keif is losing his mind trying to pull in Ty to take out Jed if he comes back, lying to Beth about wanting Jed to come back & trying to pull in Brey to make sure he has him.

Who do you want to return, target and why?

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A while back I made a season list of unforced errors.
This week alone adds so much to that.


  1. Week Two vote flip stupidity. It takes 6 votes to flip the vote week 2. How many sunsetters were there? 6. They tried to get cute with the vote, and it got out because with 6 members in the alliance and 6 votes in the SECRET vote to flip it… they suddenly needed 8 people so 2 could vote with the other side… in a SECRET vote.
  2. Rohan and Kyle fall for the pantry set up. Sideye. If someone is listening outside the door and enters as the situation is deescalating, to further ignite the situation, and lead the confrontation out into public space and audience… you have fallen for a setup.
  3. Kiefer stays with the people that voted for him to leave instead of making a final 2 with Vic immediately and decimating the 3 that turned their back on him. He knows he’s number 4 in the heirarchy, and is made a visitor to his own HOH room.
  4. Austin throws HOH to a non ally in week 4.
  5. Victoria nominates 2 people that wouldn’t turn on her instead of a trio, that has a member that she considers her sworn enemy at that point (Beth).
  6. Rohan doesn’t use veto in week 5 to at least attempt to save both of his allies.
  7. Jed and Beth set up house, and make it noticeable that they’ve set up house to their allies, making Jed’s final 2’s distrust that he’s still a bro’s bro. FOR THREE WEEKS.
  8. Kiefer gets caught for playing both sides by both sides, causing distrust with Tera, who says she will advocate against him in jury if he does her dirty again.
  9. Jed gives three different houseguests the ‘you are going home’ speech in one week, breaking his alliance, but not evicting the alliance member he betrayed.
  10. Tera tells Breydon he’s totally safe and not going to touch the block in the am, then tells him he has to go on the block in the pm.
  11. Jed gets convinced to use his veto on Beth instead of himself.
  12. Tera puts Breydon on the block. Shows him his life in the game is not of equal value to the others.
  13. Breydon doesn’t use veto, instead letting Ty and Kiefer control the vote where he will end up with three sunsetters.
  14. Tera in her salvation plea says she is a woman of her word and worked to keep some people safe… but one of the 2 voters is the person she broke her word to and put up as a possible sacrificial pawn.
  15. Kiefer and Breydon vote out Tera over Beth. Tera is the definition of bitter juror.

One third of the unforced tactical errors in the game happened JUST THIS WEEK.


On a side note — Breydon was trending on Twitter in Canada so I wonder if TPTB will finally catch a clue & stop trying to only help the SS and trio.

Guy From Canada

I think someone from production is on this site….the comments about boycotting Monday episodes and now we have to watch to see who wins the double fake ha ha.

another name

Well… refuse to eat Wendy’s or drink that whatever it is liquor and refuse to use expedia or OLG until Monday then. LOL. fire with fire. hehehe.


refusing Expedia that’s what I pledge.


I think jed and tera are talking back there, he is going to come back hot and if it were me I would put keifer and ty on the block with brey going up if one of them pulls themselves off. He can win against any of them. Jed will win against beth oh can you see her groveling!


Totally agree with this!!

big brother fan

yeah i belive beth is safe with them. but if keifer or brey wins hoh
she is on the block.
by the way , i think because it was fake , ty deserves to play in the next hoh

Manfrom TO

This whole season has been one big dumpster fire of stupid decisions and unlikeable cast members. I genuinely don’t care who wins at this point they are all terrible. THEY REALLY KEPT BETH?!?


Before yesterday’s episode, I was low-key lusting about a Tera win out in comps scenario just because it’s the most ridiculous thing I can think of.

big brother fan

there was a lot of dumb desicions , but we do have to remember they dont
know about the battel back , so going agaisnt tera after her last mental wins , make sense.


What an episode! Gotta say I am rather annoyed that we will have no feeds until after the episode on Monday!?! Like WTF!? The main reason I hate this, is that this is when I feel production interferes with outcomes.

My rant: I have been a Sunsetter supporter from early on, but not a trio supporter, I always thought of them as a four. I know I am rare in wanting Kiefer to win, but he has truly played an amazing game, IMO. No one else seems to have been able to build such solid connections on both sides of the house. I find it so frustrating that it is now clear that the Sunsetters was not a thing!? It has always been the trio/duo, as per the BB Can narrative. I do feel both Kief and Ty see that it is a duo of Beth and Jed, not a trio. Once the trio tried to evict Kief and talk about how no one else deserves to win, yada, yada, yada…that was annoying. I get it is a game but those three are so full of themselves it is painful to watch. Jed guilt tripping them was so hypocritical, seeing that he put Kief on the block just the week before. He has no right to talk loyalty unless he flat out tells Kief that the Sunsetters meant nothing to him, and it was always about the Sauce/duo… I feel Ty has always been about the four, not just the sauce, so that is why he voted against Jed…the move to nominate Kief made him notice that Beth and Jed would cut him easily as well. Ty is doing the right thing for his own game by cutting the strong duo. The fact that BBCan is so focused on the trio, not the final four, tells me they want one of these three to win, maybe? Lol I do not know but it is annoying me! Haha

* Side note: I am sure Kief is not as poor as he likes to make it out…and yes this ‘strategy’ of his is frustrating to say the least. However each person in the Big Brother House this year has had something about how they behave and act that have annoyed me…ALL people are annoying nowadays…lol 😉 Literally NO human is perfect…we all get to choose what type of people we hang with so no need to hate someone who is different, just move on and pick your crew and show kindness to all.*

Hopes for Mondays episode:
Tera wins the battle back.
Kief wins the HOH
Nominates Tera and Beth.
Neither win the POV and whoever does win does not use it.
Beth evicted.

Final four would be Kief, Ty, Tera and Brey – From here it is a free for all! Two Oddballs, two Sunsetters…whomever wins the most win Big Brother! Ultimately, I want both Beth and Jed gone…their behaviors over the last two weeks have sucked and IMO they do not deserve to win. I do want Kief to win but would be happy for any of these four won. While different game styles have been played by each of them, they have all played a good game. If they hadn’t, they would be gone!

Why did Brey vote out Tera – Good questions!? Haha As I see it, he has floated all game, saying little, barley able to communicate in full sentences, and is just sticking with that. I am sure he wants to sit beside a Sunsetter at the end. What other option did he have? He sees Tera is playing a similar game as him, with some wins, so why keep her. He wants to be the Oddball at the end with a Sunsetters. I feel he knows that each Sunsetter is assuming that taking an Oddball to the end is an easy win. Brey has done the math and, like myself, believes they will be a bitter jury and all he must do is make it to the end and he wins. At this point it is about who wins comps…everyone is a target! I feel Brey has the best odds of winning this season since someone will take him to the end assuming an easy win. I am still hoping Kief can win all the comps and does not take an Oddball to the end and will win! Haha

Going to be a boring weekend without feeds! Haha 😉 All in all I have enjoyed this season and look forward to seeing how it ends! I am sure things will not turn out as I want them to, but will try to be happy for whomever is the winner! haha

big brother fan

i dont feel like the jury is bitter at all. brey stand no chance.

Feeds Gold


“no feeds for you”



Feeds Gold

haha whenever you list the time and say no feeds i think of that seinfeld character

so monday 9pm ep we get thurs afternoon to friday night or saturday morning action depending when noms happen…

double fallout and flashback any quick important convos just before/after double hoh and veto comps, jed/tera hoh convo sharing info, battleback comp(and loser interview?), winner returns, fallout, hoh, nom discussion, wendys, noms

then feeds likely return after the ep monday 10pm meaning we miss almost 4 and a half days of feeds(over 100 hours of feeds) so at that point the veto comp and veto ceremony will have already happened

Denise Mason

I am done don’t even want to know who goes back in although fully believing it’s going to be Jed.

another name

Wait a minute.
The return comp rolling three balls up an approximately 12 foot inclined stationary table?
That doesn’t automatically mean Jed wins.

I say this now because I’m still in a wee bit of disgust over screechy cackles “oh yeah they will” as if it was a done deal.
Her Paras edit (game and tbh personality on feeds not matching show edit) is still bothering the heck out of me. I mean, multiple times in episode reviews I’ve had to stop and say ‘but here’s what really happened’ because the disparity is so great. I mean, in episodes she’s the loving and devoted girlfriend… on feeds she’s O Little Town of Beth Lay Them… from Hell. She’s already been given her gift: an edit that doesn’t show her real personality… at. all.
Well, couldn’t strain out all the scum. Let’s consider her save me pitch. There was nothing about why she was good for them to keep, it was all slag Tera on live TV. What is Beth so pissy about with Tera there? Beth has been bringing up to Tera taking a shot at the boys since Vic brought Beth into the Pink Ladies on week..4 was it? Checked the charts it was 5. More of Beth’s ACT-ing for Edit. Notice, less than an hour after the tear fest that Jed was leaving… she’s singing and dancing and jumping up and down that it’s final four.

Given the edit of the last 3 weeks (since invisible feeds week), I’m going to make this assumption:
if Kiefer wins he puts up the return and Breydon. (just fits the edit). Beth renom.
if Ty wins (if he is allowed to play) he puts up the return and Beth. hopes to hell for no renom. Chances he is allowed to play? close to zero but you never know (invisible week precedent be damned precedent means nothing on BB).
if Brey wins he lucked into it because ain’t no way prodo wants Brey to win it.
if Beth wins she puts up return if Tera and Brey, or Kief and Brey if Jed returns. Ty renom.
if Jed returns and wins he puts up anyone but Beth, most likely Breydon (‘cus he would because edit) and Kiefer. Ty renom (he’ll try to get tricky because his ego will be huge).
if Tera returns and wins she puts up Kiefer. the other nom doesn’t matter. She will want Kiefer’s head on a platter.

I’d prefer Tera to return… partially because Jed is one of my nopes (with Kiefer being the other), and partially because I’d enjoy not having to watch any more of that complete bullshit d/r coaching act like you care about Jed bullshit. We SAW her true feelings.
Jed is likely to return, not because of the style of comp (that’s one of the comps Jed called a fluke win) but because of the storyline.


I have been thinking about why Brey, Kief and Jed all voted out Tera and now think it is since they all seem to be feel that the jury votes will depend on stats (comp win, etc.). At the time of the vote they did not know one of them is coming back. So all of them wanted the person out that they felt they could not win against in final two and since Tera got Jed out on her HOH they all feel like they cant win against her. I don’t know, but makes sense to me. Granted I don’t think Jury votes will be dependent on stats…lol…we will see!?

I am no fan of Beth but her behaviors seem normal to me and I do think she has actual feelings for Jed and it goes both ways…hence all the crying this week. She is playing a game, Jed got voted out, they didn’t vote her out over Tera, yes she is happy and jumping around. Why is that odd? Did you think she would cry and just be sad about Jed, until they vote her out to go be with him? I agree her edit has been ridiculous…but I feel that way about all of their BB Can edits! If you don’t watch the feeds you will never really know what is going on or who these people are. This is why it is so annoying that we will have no feeds for four days?! GRRR Getting the BB Can edited version on Mondays episode will be nothing like what really happened.

I hope Tera wins and comes back and Beth get voted out next…then it is a free for all with the final four being Jed, Kief, Tera and Brey… and comes down to who wins what to make it to the end!

another name

Beth’s reaction to Jed leaving would be normal IF she hadn’t pulled the entire I’ve been faking it with Jed for 53 days conversation added to the entire flip off and dirty looks she gave Jed after he left the room to shower… before having sex with him when he returned. The INITIAL reaction (I think Monday night? Could have been Tuesday night but I think it was Monday).
She gave literally ZERO fuqs whatsoever about getting rid of Jed until an afternoon D/R call that resulted in Beth suddenly being heartbroken and having to confess to Jed that the boys were turning on him. She went from the conversation agreeing it was good to cut Jed and smiling ear to ear, to getting called to D/R, to beelining it to Jed with the concern and confession.
That’s the real Beth. The just been using him, snide commenting and gestures girl. The other? Fits the Parascam (heavy on scam) edit they are giving her.


You have clearly made up your mind about the people you put on your ‘nope’ list. lol I can tell that no matter what I say you will be unable to see it the way I do. Relationships in life can be complicated. IMO, trying to have one in the Big Brother house would be extremely hard! She has had people in her ear saying no one will choose her to win since she has been carried by the boys. IMO, the boys have not carried her. She has been/is conflicted, and her emotions have been/are all over the place. However, I still feel they are real and normal behaviors for someone under the pressures and stresses that she is under. Beth has been playing hard and due to that I feel that she is being misunderstood. She is all over the place, making it hard to tell what is game vs. what is her being as honest as one can be in the Big Brother house.

I find her game entertaining and I if she somehow wins, great! I find this entire season entertaining, including the comments on this site! 🙂

another name

Y’know, week two and week three I gave Beth some latitude. I was doing the same for Ty. By week 4 I stopped making excuses for them and let what they said on feeds, and their behavior stand alone without making justifications for them.
Beth is the anti girls girl that has a toxic personality. If she wins good for her, but her show edit will still not match her feed behavior in the slightest. And she’s still not on my nope list. she’s been on the edge of it 4 times. hasn’t gone far enough to go over the line yet. I just have absolutely no respect for her personality, and know by her microexpressions when she’s being authentic and when she’s being fake. Tuesday to Thursday this week had A LOT of fake.

That doesn’t mean I don’t see her game moves for what they are. Factually though, most of her game talk on cams alone stuff is her fantasy talk. It isn’t what she’s done in the game, it’s what she’s talked about doing in the game. 2 very different things.
When she has made moves independent of Ty and Jed, I’ve commended them… as long as she didn’t run straight to Ty and Jed to tell them. In doing that, she shoots her own game as a stand alone in the foot. She rarely keeps her solo moves to herself.
Her BIG move of the season… there’s an argument to be made that it wasn’t even her move. Her original nominee discussions: Ro and Tera with Tera as target.
She was manipulated with a couple brain worms feeding her ego by Breydon to think bigger and aim for Vic instead of Tera or Rohan. Essentially, she was tricked into targeting her alliance’s ally and not Breydon’s allies, by Breydon just with seed planting, then coming back occasionally to blow smoke up her ass about how great she was.
That’s her big move. She took out her alliance’s ally, instead of the other side.
Ty and Jed ate it with a spoon because it meant THEY wouldn’t have to do it. Kiefer tried to keep focus on Rohan and save Vic until the veto, then tried to get Beth to target… Tera not Vic for a day and a half before flipping course because it was a losing battle.

Realistically, I’m not trying to change your mind, or even debate. I respect that your opinion differs from mine, so that I have to consider my position.
I enjoy that we don’t like the same people. I think it probably provides a more well rounded comment reading experience.
For a laugh: Here are my nope list people from past seasons. Season 1 Tom. Immediate gut reaction. Season 2: Adel. It wasn’t him, it was the edit he was receiving. It felt like manipulation. Season 3 Zach. Production pushed him WAY too hard as some posterchild hero. It was propaganda level to me, The third Zach commercial in the first month really made me say no. Season 4 (everyone hates when i say this): Cassandra. I just didn’t like her. At . All. It always felt like she was trying WAY too hard for cam time. Season 5: toss up between Darth Vulgar and Neda. Season 6: Paras. Edit didn’t match feeds, felt the fix was in during episode one. Season 7: Adam Schlumpy Eeyore. Sam Mark and the sure you’re 29 year old psychic got close to the nope line. Season 8: again if i get hate i get hate: Kyle, gut reaction and Jamar trying too hard for camera time.
Season 9: Kiefer and Jed. But.. each of Kyle and Tera and Beth and Ty were at one point in contention to be first nope along with those two at certain points before they crossed the line for me week 4.


I think it was Ty that dropped something to the effect “Tera being the next biggest target after Jed’ solely for that one HOH move. So that thinking may have been spread around.

I kinda want to watch the episode now. I always bank on another name’s recaps but seeing how everyone is talking about how absurd the edit is. Makes me want to watch.. lol

another name

Searched out and found the conversation I’d thought happened, but couldn’t remember totally.
When the TERA decision was FIRST made:
TUESDAY defender room conversation explains when and why Ty and Kief decided to cut Tera.
She knows her days, ticktocks, havenot order, order of eliminations in veto comps and who picked whom for veto better than Kiefer. He couldn’t beat her in a days comp at final 4.
Kiefer said his knowledge level was on par with Breydon’s, but both were short of Tera.
Kiefer says he needs an end of season comp win or his resume is shit. If Tera can beat him in the comps he is supposed to be best at? Tera gotta go.
At that point they had also decided that Beth was the best bet to take to final three because they could both beat her. Ty should be wary of this. Taking BabySabs to the final 3? Ty… Kief wants you to play Neda in that scenario.
Ty is quietly more in the camp of taking Breydon, becaue he believes both Kiefer and Breydon take him if he fails to win the final HOH. After this conversation that was more the vibe he was giving in subsequent conversations, but not pushing because of the fear that He and Brey would be considered a duo (because that was the narrative that Beth and Jed were trying to manifest throughout the the two days of filibuster).
Kiefer pushed the three sunsetters in the end crap. You know… his greatest alliance of all time argument… that he subsequently abandons to Jed in his little hissyfit.

!00% honesty: Sunsetters died in week three. A defection and an eviction made the group a trio and a tagalong.

East coaster

Another name

You calling Beth screechy cackles is my favorite thing about this season ! She will forever be screechy cackles in my mind. Makes me laugh every time I read it. I hope the next update is ” screechy cackles joins jed in jury ” lol

another name

Imagine a day where we don’t have to constantly adjust feed volume because somewhere in the house she’s a moor full of banshees?


Kiefer doesn’t need to win BBCAN9 he’s famous enough already for all his legendary moves.

The Tera move is making more sense to me now.

another name

It makes sense why Ty and Kiefer did it. I’m going to need a fill in conversation for Breydon’s reason tbh. I’ve got tons of potential reasons that have a level of logic and rationality to them… but will need an explanation.
I mean: put me on the block after promising me you wouldn’t; campaigning against me twice (Invisible HOH and Jed’s HOH pushing for Brey renom); the final three with Kief and Ty; the final 2 with Ty; being third wheel in the Kief Tera deal (Kief was never a block option, that says Brey you’re third wheel); can’t beat her resume;
All are rational to a point and logical to a point: but gonna need some actual confirmation on what his brain said.


I take this show for what it is…just mindless entertainment. I know the story is never what they show on TV but don’t have much time to watch the feeds, so I appreciate coming here once in a while, thanks!
I got hooked on BBUK and BBAUS yearsss ago, (I am Canadian east coaster) and so prefer that format, I really wish they would incorporate some of the mind tactics that they have into the CND/US shows. If you were a fan of Tim or Nikki (RIP) I encourage you to watch their seasons! The UK shows had you glued to the TV, they were not allowed to talk about alliances, or who they were voting to go on the block and would get punished if they were caught. They never knew who put them up or who was on their side. Production was part of the show in the DR and would often show the house clips of what others were saying about them, etc and work on their emotions and the public voted not the house. Often those who were voted out were sent to secret rooms to watch the remaining houseguests and then were sent back in with secret knowledge, it was awesome! So riveting to watch people spiral hehe maybe that is mean but the psychology of it was far above just watching people non stop talk about the same thing or alliances over and over.
I really miss it since it was cancelled (I watched on youtube, they had an hour show 6 nights a week)


Ugh Tim’s AUS season was epic


Glad you agree! I was up every night until the wee hours binge watching, was addictive, maybe I might go back and rewatch again sometime 🙂


…also…I watched so much I found myself talking to people in an accent hahaha…my husband would come home and say “you’ve been watching Tim again…. “Nah!!”

Feeds Gold

new australian bb season starts monday


seriously…how did I miss that LOL thanks! 🙂

East coaster

How can I watch BB Aus ?


I watched it on Youtube! I am sure you could still find old seasons, I am not sure about the 2020 season right now though, they are pretty swift at blocking accounts on there when it is recent, but usually there are diehards that get episodes on there the same day or after 🙂

As for BBUK, I also watched mostly from youtube, but if I watched a season as it was happening, you can watch UK TV live from a couple of sites, so that was fun! (also BBBots, which I loved also!)

Feeds Gold

use a vpn and watch on 7plus australian site, same time it airs in australia or eps posted there soon after airing

season will be mon, tues, wed 3 eps per week for about 7 or 8 weeks

eps air at 7.30 pm sydney time, so 5.30 am usa/can et or stream on demand about 3 hours after that

Feeds Gold

first week is mon/tues/wed eps, looks like the week after it will be sun/mon/tues

12 enter in ep 1, and 8 more enter in ep 2


This is great thanks! Who needs to see family anyways haha


I have no idea why Kiefer and Breydon didn’t vote out Beth. Unless they think she’s easier to beat. I think Breydon, Kiefer, TY, and Beth should remain the final four. This fake eveiction and battle back is bs. Suggest production is playing the game and giving certain players an advantaage. Clearly they want a couple Jed and Beth as final two. UGH. .


All anyone has to do is go back and watch the episode right after Tera & Beth beg to stay. Camera is panning lands on Ty he looks at Keifer and says Tera. Keifer tells Brey who in the hallway. That is How they picked Tera over Beth. Go back and Watch I did today and it’s right there. do full screen. Keifer was not happy about it. Brey is rolling with Ty & Keifer he is a dummy okay. Brey should have pulled Tera down that would have force Keifer up & the should have voted Keifer OUT.

Topaz’ Vote

Yes yes yes exactly !!!

Feeds Gold

in the ep i think it will be…
jed returns
keifer hoh
jed/beth noms

when feeds return my guess is we will find out the following happened…
jed wins veto
uses it on himself this time
brey goes up

later in the week i predict…
jed votes brey out, ty votes beth out, keif breaks the tie to send beth out

then its jed vs ty/keif/brey in f4 hoh/veto to see who makes f3

whilst keif/ty think beth is easier to beat in f3, i think they take her out rather than brey if jed wins veto as they wont want a f4 with the showmance

it might work out ok for brey as he could well have been cut by keif/ty at f4 with those 2 maybe wanting to go against beth in f3…but with a decent chance jed returns and the showmance continuing, keif/ty need brey

if jed returns could it be pretty much the showmance vs ty/keif, with both pairs trying to take brey f3, and him only going up at f5 if one of the noms win veto?

if beth goes, production will get an all poc/indigenous f4

Feeds Gold

wow amber borzotra killing it on the challenge with ct

the reunion show looks like fessy getting absolutely roasted haha


As much as I like rooting for the underdog, Tera is better off gone. Obviously she has no friends in the house. What was Breydon thinking? At this point Keiffer is a ?. Cannot be trusted by anyone. Jed will get back, the showmance continues and they throw everyone out and are the final 2 and Jed wins. Shows over. You can stop watching.


I already have. Stopped 2 weeks ago. No olg, Wendy’s or Expedia (during a pandemic lol) for me. They put no money or effort into this season. A few hundred dollars worth of plastic foliage from Dollarama wooohooo thrown around. Big woop.

another name

Big guess:
followed his game plan. In conversation with Austin (yeah way back) and this week when talking to Ty, Breydon mentioned that anyone that puts him on the block he has zero problems putting on the block or evicting.
Following what he ‘thinks’ he’s done in the game, he may well believe that he has socially engineered that the person putting him on the block has gone on the block a week later.
When Vic put him on the block, he did put the idea into Beth’s head to target Vic the next week.
When Kiefer put him on the block, he got a heads up from Beth, then went to Jed and introduced earworms that maybe Kiefer’s game was too strong, and he needed to be put on the block. Result: Jed’s confidence is boosted about putting Kiefer on the block the week after Kiefer nominated Breydon.
When Tera promised he was safe and put him on the block, he told Ty that’s reason enough to evict her. Result: He wins veto, doesn’t save her, and votes her out, keeping the person that promised he wouldn’t be nominated, and kept her word (Beth).
Does Breydon believe he can sell to the jury that he used social game in order to ensure that anyone putting him on the block found themselves on the block or evicted the very next week without exception?


Why didn’t they vote out Beth???? Lmfaoooooo this game is too rigged. That was superrrr easy to not have her campaign and have her get the boot fast for all the crying like she had no input with Jed leaving.. what the heck ppl??? Why did they vote out terra?? When Ty put up Beth???????? Anyone??

Feeds Gold

i think ty/keif/brey preferred f4 vs beth rather than tera as tera is more likely to win a comp at f4

also ty/keif maybe wanted to take beth over brey to f3 for same reason

they didnt know someone would be coming back…if they knew that, i would say its likely they would have got out beth in the double so the showmance couldnt potentially reunite

another name

What I’m really going to need to know…
What was the point of hiking up the pants like that?

Rewatched a clip of the vote. Last moment before Kief goes to D/R to vote, He sits next to Brey, whispers something looks dejected, Brey looks over to Ty. Ty looks at Tera and mouths Tera to Breydon. Kief gets up to vote, Breydon is open mouth staring wide eyed at Ty. The camera follows Kief.

By the way. Beth has done the impossible. BBCAN twitter AND BBCAN facebook agree that they don’t like her….
So… umm… I’m guessing Hell now rents ice skates.

Oh. and don’t believe the wikipedia article for the season. At one point it had Tera listed as returned to the game, after it had previously had Jed listed as returned to the game. The purple returned to the game box has been blank again for a few hours.


I went back to watch the episode & paid attention to the nuances. In doing so it changed how I read the situation, particularly Brey’s vote. Clearly, his initial choice was to keep Keif safe and respect Ty’s noms b/c he was sure Beth was the target.

I can’t recall a DE or TE ever occurring when they didn’t go to commercial break immediately after HOH/POVs finished. Those chaotic chats are essential in DEs.

Like most things this season it felt uber shady by TPTB b/c if Brey knew Tera was the target I think he first tries to shift it onto Beth but most importantly having that information prior would’ve allowed him to save Tera. As soon as Keif told him & Ty mouthed it to him – his mouth dropped open & stayed that way the entire time the camera was on him.

Sure- he might not have done anything different but I’m not convinced of that. If Keif would turn that quickly on Tera why wouldn’t he also do it to Brey? We know Brey was ticked at Ro not even trying to save Austin which is another reason I think he’d make the move with all the information.

In fact, a commercial break would’ve allowed Brey to work some magic. First, fill in Tera & confirm they’d vote out Keif b/c otherwise both Ty/Keif would be gunning for them and also that they can’t tell Beth she wasn’t the target b/c then she’d only run back to work with Ty instead of them for saving her. Then get Beth to confirm the F2 she promised him — on her Dad — since she loves to force others to promise on family. Brey could’ve turned a commercial break into cementing two F2’s plus made a big resume move.

Even with the battle back I think Brey could’ve fixed the situation with Ty by saying he did it to protect Ty based on what he learned Keif was doing & if Keif won the battle back get Tera to call him out which would focus them on taking out each other. Brey might’ve increased his target but I think it was a risk he would’ve taken.

BUT of course, TPTB made sure none of those things could happen by not having the typical commercial breaks.

another name

What we don’t know, because it wasn’t “live” is exactly what editing cuts were made between the win and the veto ceremony. It wasn’t one shot. So there could be a few minutes on the editing room floor that would have given us such answers.
Let’s remember, we’ve seen them edit entire people out of conversations (BB18 and BB22 have great examples of that), so snip snip here and there and it’s one three minute arc in the episode.
We will get a D/R explanation most likely. Not that a D/R explanation is going to actually tell us anything… given D/R is the realm of the prodogremlins.
What I actually want to know: whose voice was heard saying Breydon in a rather agressive tone after Kiefer voted and Breydon was heading to the D/R to vote. Prodo calling him to head to the D/R or Ty?

What is abundantly clear: They allowed about 14:20 minutes of the episode for the second eviction including a 2 minute commercial break.
They could have trimmed the 12 minute ham fisted segment with the showmance salvation edit they were giving Beth in the second block.
The jury segment could have likely been put in the Wednesday show.  A DOUBLE EVICTION WITH A BATTLE BACK… AND THEY INCLUDE JURY SEGMENT IN THE THIRD BLOCK OF THE EPISODE (different blocks in episodes actually can have different ad rates btw, so they were trying to justify higher rates by showing jury… what does that actually say about their confidence in the hg’s still in the game to help revenue?).
All of this was intentional, including the cliff hanger. Jed was evicted at the 35 minute mark Right at the end of Block three.. You know, the prime ad rate section, that meant the fourth commercial block could also have heightened rates.
SO, they get ad revenue increases in two blocks instead of one… and we get a feed block for days. This is some “for the fans” bullshit.
It’s become more and more clear that TPTB aren’t fond of feeds. Firstly, feeds help the watcher to point out the difference between what happened and the edit.
Second, they are probably patting themselves on the back for this whole “no spoilers” drop in feeds for 4 days. But hey, the only reason they still tolerate having feeds at all, imo, is bbcan is a fan of the ad revenue it gets from people clicking on the feeds button and watching commercials that always seem to pop up just when someone is about to say something important to the game instead of insipid schlock. I’m actually hoping everyone remembers this feed block in particular the next time Global is considering cancellation. It was the online feedback that kept it on the air. The online feedback of predominantly feed watchers.


To keep it real, I don’t give a shi*t about this season or the BB Can version of the franchise moving forward. I’ve reached my threshold of being treated like we’re ignorant.

To your point – it was the OG fans that helped keep BB Can alive & yet they treat that segment of their fanbase the worst.

I can’t say I won’t watch b/c I know myself. I’ll be mildly intrigued regardless. I enjoy interacting here with you & fans but I can’t lie I’m pretty disgusted by how the BB I love has been ruined. It’s not even close to the show I fell in love with & I’m too annoyed by the lies production tells. Numerous people have asked why many of the hamsters aren’t liked or on your “no” list. And as I read those I think to myself much of the problem with the show is the false narratives the show is trying to sell.

Frankly, I think I’m just really fed up with anyone/anything that tries to sell me a set of lies (I’ve also reached my threshold with that nonsense). I’m in desperate need of a world where honesty is the priority including in my reality shows (after all — they are supposed to be “REALITY” shows).


I’m done with BBCAN9 as well. 4 days without feeds this deep in the game. I don’t have energy to follow and try to figure out what happened.

another name

Well tonight (Monday) ET Canada clip shows that after veto, but before veto ceremony there was a cut to the edit.
OLG room. Ty telling/asking (more telling) Breydon not to use the veto. Cut all emotions.
Breydon says he can beat Tera in the next HOH but he doesn’t know if he can beat Beth. Ty says we can beat her. So Ty has indicated that Tera is the target, and Breydon is attempting to switch the target weakly. Kiefer enters the room deer in headlights (thinking Breydon is going to use the veto) Ty again says don’t use the veto.


This is what I would want happen, Jed comes back with a lot of info from Tara, he throws keifer and Ty up and if one of them wins veto throw Beth up if it is between keifer and Ty send keifer home, if it ends up keifer and Beth that’s s toss up either could go, in the end would like to see Jed and Breydon with Jed winning.. I don’t want to see any of the other three in second place they don’t deserve it . I mean I would like to see Beth stand before the jury and tell them ” every move in the house was made because of me” with the jury saying ” what and for that reason you don’t win! Wouldn’t she look stupid! She already does but that would be the icing on the cake!

Feeds Gold

if he returns, how much do you think the following impacts jeds win % chance if hes in f2…

  • used veto on someone else when hes on the block leading to his eviction
  • got a 2nd life very late in the game

Can someone explain to me why kiefer is so hated? I don’t watch enough live feeds to know.


I have no clue why, on this site, so many hate Kiefer!? I am team Kiefer and so are most of my friends and family watching from all over Canada.

Kiefer is a boisterous, loud and I feel this some how offends people? People do not like people who are different or think different, then themselves, nowadays. I am surprised you have not gotten a reply with tons of ‘examples’ that people think are terrible about Kief…lol Just ignore all the hate you see! As far as I see it Kief is a good guy 🙂

He has played an amazing and managed both side better than anyone…I do think he will need to win pretty much everything to make it to the end. I think he can do it! Team Kiefer for the win!! 🙂


He’s a braggart. He burps constantly and brags about farting. He looks filthy. He’s sexist.

The Foosa

I am biting my tongue on this one to the point I need to head to the hospital for some assistance. Let’s just say here in West Vancouver, Keifers are a dime a dozen at Park Royal Shopping mall…..They are the only ones that don’t have to work during the day, but seemingly have endless funds to buy another pair of China made Lebrona James “Nikeys” and plug up the McDonalds drive thru, even during non peak times…..Yeah, Keifer is one hellofva dolt.

On a very positive note, BB Australia starts tonight and based on last years revamped format, it’s infinitely better than BBCAN and BBUK (sorry, don’t miss ya). No SJW BS, and racial profile of the contestants are based on actual demographics (incl Indian, SE Asians, and “African” Australians-aka Australians). BBCAN is a lost cause. Next yr, look for no token, evil hetro white guys…RIP BBCAN, like seriously. Anyone smart enough to have cut the cord and has IPTV can watch BB Australia….


he says things and then contradicts himself right after, he becomes friends with someone and talks smack about them to another person
he’s like BB15 Andy but dumb and delusional


My dislike for him stems from him being sexist, he is totally a guys guys but takes it one step further even calling a girl in the house a bitch. He is always crying about being poor, and hates people who are wealthier than him, Rohan case in point was hated by Kiefer because he has money. Kiefer is a sore looser, the week he was on the block he threaten to self evict and then before that happened he was boasting to everyone about how he was going to win the game so cocky as well (Jed isn’t the only player with a big head). That being said, I do think he has played the best game tbh but on a personal note I don’t like him, there are other reason but those are probably my main reasons to dislike him.

Feeds Gold

at times breys voice reminds me a bit of trevor boris aka marsha the moose haha


I been noticing that for a while.
its exact the same lol

Feeds Gold

i enjoy the ‘previously on’ voice over guys of bb canada(not sure of his name, if anyone knows, let me know) and bb usa(clayton halsey, who also edits the ‘previously on’ video montages he narrates at the start of episodes)…it would be hilarious if they ever used their bb voice over style in real life scenarios, say they went to dinner at an italian restaurant together…

waiter: welcome back to big marios, i remember you both from last week
bb can voice over guy: the waiter-man stepped out of the kitchen and took our orders
waiter: please dont call me waiter-man, my name is bob
bb usa voice over guy: then tension ensued when we had to wait an hour for our meal
waiter: that was not my fault sir we were very busy
bb can voice over guy: how many chefs can one waiter-man throw under a bus?
waiter: we explained why your meals took so long
bb usa voice over guy: and an epic battle and struggle for power began with the manager
waiter: we gave you a free dessert to make it up to you
bb usa voice over guy: and game breaking deals were made
waiter: hopefully we can make your meals alot faster today, what would you like to drink?
bb can voice over guy: TONIGHT…we will go with the HOWWSSSE
waiter: what is the howwssse? why did you emphasise tonight?
bb can voice over guy: a glass each of howwssse wine
waiter: ohh the house
bb can voice over guy: remember you spilt the red wine last time?
waiter: yes it was my first day
bb can voice over guy: looked like you had blood on your hands
waiter: sorry about that, so what would you like to eat?
bb usa voice over guy: for entree to share garlic bread and a BIIIIIIG SALAAAAAD
waiter: ok, and for mains?
bb can voice over guy: i love the spaghetti here so much ITS PASTA POINT OF NO RETURN
waiter: ok one spaghetti bolognaise…why do your voices get louder halfway through sentences?
bb usa voice over guy: i will have a pizza, a BIIIIIIIG PEPPERONNNNNNIIIIIIIIIII
waiter: is that all gentlemen? any dessert?
bb can voice over guy: no dessert, thats everything thanks
waiter: so 2 glasses of wine, 1 big salad, 1 garlic bread, 1 spaghetti, 1 big pepperoni pizza
bb usa voice over guy: no thats incorrect
waiter: what do you mean?
bb usa voice over guy: and this great meal will be consumed in under an hour, babbbyyy
waiter: chefs will be as fast as possible
bb usa voice over guy: yes 2 delicious meals leave the plate, evicted into our mouths tonight
waiter: i will get your wine
bb usa voice over guy: all this right now at BIIIIIIIIG MARRRRRRRRIOS

(and yes im bored…this is what multiple days of no feeds does to me haha)

Feeds Gold

if bbcan 10 next year is all stars i hope its a 20 player, 14 week season (mid feb to late may) with 3 double evictions…they could fit 20 in the house if they had 6 in one room, 8 in the other, 1 in hoh, and 5 in havenot room

having said that i would probably still prefer an all new player season

Jay W

Worst idea ever to cut feeds till Monday
Now I won’t watch feeds ever again bc of this

another name

Here’s the biggest annoyance about the feeds outage:
They’ll expect us to buy the episode edit on Monday as Gospel since they’ve closed the return desk, and won’t be offering any rebates or exchages… because none of us will have any receipts.

Think about the episodes. Think about the edits we’ve been seeing and how they’ve been skewing events, conversations, motives…
and that’s ALL we’ll have to judge what’s going on. Skewed events, conversations and motives.

THAT’S what’s pissing me off. They’ve proven their edit to be a dishonest representation of facts, but now we will be forced to accept that edit as factual.


Soooo, are we watching tonight’s episode or not? I just can’t stomach watching it if I don’t know what’s happening first – I’m not about wasting my time like that


AAAAAHHHHH OMG!!! Yes I’m so happy with this outcome!


So glad Tera won the battle back. DO we know who the Noms are and who won veto?


I think Kiefer(?) and Beth are nominated.

another name

Did I hear correctly? Beth is saying her week has been worse than Austin’s invisible week nom, and did Kiefer say he almost quit AGAIN???


I heard him say that.. of course, he’s trying to quit again.