Beth “It’s okay, I promise! I love you Jed! Its okay!” Jed “I love you too.”

Head of Household: Tera
Nominations: BETH Breydon and JED
POwer of Veto Winner: Jed
Power of Veto Ceremony: Jed uses the veto on BETH
Have nots : Beth, Ty, Jed

11pm Bedroom. Beth and Jed.
Jed is upset. He lays down with Beth. Beth – what happened? You just come from DR? Jed – yup. Beth – okay. Its okay baby! Its okay, I promise! I love you Jed! Its okay! Jed – I love you too. Talk to me. Are you okay? Jed – yeah its just talking about you in the DR tears me up. Its just been so long. Beth – what has? Jed – just in this house with you. Beth – oh me. Jed – yeah. Just answering questions about you. Beth – me too. Jed – I could just barely answer. Beth – I’ve got you baby. Jed – thank you. Beth – it should be me. Jed – I just want you to win.

Games room. Keifer and Ty.
Ty – are you being serious? Keifer – no I’m not being serious. Ty – oh you scared me .. holy sh*t! Keifer – I wouldn’t pull off this elaborate plan.. he would come for us with everything he had.. and he would get one of us because both of us can’t win the veto. Ty – unless one of you guys try to make nice with him last minute and me act like the a$$hole. Keifer – oh I think it would be kind of impossible for me to make nice. We’re in too deep. Ty – oh I know this. Keifer – do we go talk to him? Ty – I think so. Its too deep .. we can’t turn back now. Keifer – no we can’t. They’re going to say goodnight house guests in fifteen minutes. Ty – its just like there are no more discussions to be had. Keifer – just tell him to his face that we’re voting him out. Do we owe him that. Ty – yeah. Keifer – f**k we do.. I was hoping you would say no. Keifer – how can we not do it. I would never want to go out without you guys telling me. Why would you guys not tell me.. that would be my question. Just so I wouldn’t pitch to you anymore. Keifer – he is never going to talk to us again Tychon. Ty – why its just a game. He says that its more than that to him .. but is that just part of his game? Keifer – I don’t know man. It felt like my whole world was broken when he put me up man. I’ve never felt like that before. Ty – I get it but you feel like that because you’re here and this is all you have right now. Keifer – I know. Ty – I don’t think he will talk to us for a long time. He pitched his heart to me .. he said yo this is what gets me in trouble in real life. I put others ahead of myself.. and I did it here. The problem is he keeps doing it and doesn’t learn his lesson. The real lesson learned is a hard lesson to learn.

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Guy From Canada

Barf emogi


Return of the jed-i


Be real funny when Jed comes back into the house after he gets evicted.

Yes I agree

Cmon production get busy and keep Jed!

Feeds Gold

for ‘the sauce’ its pasta point of no return…hang on a minute, its likely jed will return…out via the trap door then right back in via the fake double eviction battleback revolving door

after a very messy but entertaining week of feeds these are my fake double eviction day predictions…

  • jed evicted 2-1(beth votes for him to stay)
  • queefer wins double eviction hoh
  • beth(target), tera(pawn) noms
  • ty wins veto(doesnt use it)
  • beth evicted 2-0
  • jed beats beth in battleback
  • tera wins next hoh later that day or next day

simon, another name, ttotambz, tina and anyone else if you wanna do predictions like last double eviction day i would be interested to see what you are all predicting…


Feeds Gold, Why is everyone calling it a fake double!? …and why does everyone, on this site, think this is to save a Sunsetter!? Did you watch last nights episode, very obvious that BB wants an Oddball to win. Guaranteed BB Canada never imagined that Tera would win this HOH…the double was to give Tera and Brey a chance to come back. If Ty, Jed, Kief or Beth would have won, Tera and Brey would be gone.

Regarding predictions, I predict the same as you! haha I feel it will be Jed and Beth battling back and Jed will come back in and the Kief and Ty will very sad and surprised! Will be great TV! 🙂 …and yes if Tera is still there I believe the HOH will be her win.

I do not think Tera or Brey will work with Jed so even if he comes back I think he will be out right away again, if he does not win the HOH or POV? …not sure if the returning player will be playing the HOH or if they will get some safety!? Who knows, but it will be great to watch!

While I know Jed would be mad if he gets evicted and returns, his best move would be to suck it up and stick with Jed and Kief…I truly believe that a Sunnsetter will not win if they are sitting beside either Tera or Brey at final two. If an Oddball makes it to final two they win. Period! …but I see a bitter jury and most are Oddballs so they will vote for an Oddball to win if one makes it to final two. We will see how this plays out!! haha

I am still team Kief for the win! IMO, he has played a good game and managed to make good connections on both sides of the house. As long as he is sitting beside Beth, Jed or Ty I feel he will win!


Jed’s being evicted and the feeds will be down those are for sure 😉
-> Jed evicted
-> Kiefer wins HOH
-> Beth and Tera nominated
-> Breydon wins Veto doesn’t use it
-> Tera evicted
Feeds down until MOnday
-> Jed returns
-> Breydon wins HOH puts up Kief/Jed

Feeds Gold

Simon was closest so far, everything right except hoh winner


ohh man I was close! Why the hell did they keep Beth.. WTF!

Feeds Gold

haha i know


If somehow Jed stays I predict the following:

  • Brey evicted 2-1 (I do not see Kief voting against Brey)
  • Keif wins double eviction hoh
  • Jed(target), Beth(pawn) noms
  • ty wins veto(doesnt use it)
  • Jed evicted 2-0
  • Brey beats Jed in battle back (Brey will win with help from BBProd…)
  • tera wins next hoh later that day or next day (…with help from BBprod)

I am convinced BBCan wants an Oddball to win and is going to do everything to make this happen! I mean last night episode was so funny to watch…making it out like Tera is some amazing player…HAHA

Any way it turns out it will be very entertaining TV to watch!!


What will happen…

1st evictee is Jed by 3-0 (Beth told Tera she’s voting him out too – although I thought she’d give the sympathy vote – apparently not).

I’m assuming TPTB has given Ty the answers to the first DE HOH. Keif wants to believe he’s safe with Ty which was the reason for his overplay Weds night/today to ensure he’s safe on ALL sides. So, if he sees Ty ahead in HOH he’ll throw anyway bc then he can gun to win F4 HOH which is what he wants (and b/c the hamsters don’t know it’s a fake DE).

Ty noms Tera/Beth
POV won by Beth (b/c that’s just how TPTB set it up) Brey is renom & Tera is voted out

Battle back – Jed wins

Real HOH won likely by Jed who targets Keif once he learns Keif was the one who came up with the master plan. So Keif/Ty OTB

What I WANT to happen...

Brey wins HOH AND POV — welcome to giving everyone a reason to STFU about “dragging you to F2”

nominates Beth for sure. I’m torn on whether I want him to keep Ty safe or not since he hasn’t been OTB & b/c of how suspect Ty/Keif were acting Weds night/Thurs morning. I don’t think he puts up Keif though. Either way he would get buy in from whoever is off the block to vote out Beth (which she is 2-0). As much as Beth is annoying I’d almost like to see Keif taken out so it’s a true battle but I don’t think Brey would do that.

Jed clown shoes the battle back & Beth returns (yuck) but who cares b/c she goes right back out with the real F5 HOH when Tera wins & puts up Ty/Beth

Regardless since this is what I WANT to happen — it won’t.


Do you think we will find all this out tonight?


Nope – we know the two evictees but not who is coming back either via a feeds slip or else we have to wait until Monday


What the hell is up with Keif’s pity party this morning?

He is the one who came up with this grand plan in the first place. He has F2 deals with Ty, Tera, Beth & Breydon. (Hello – that’s everyone left in the game).

He’s acting like he’s OTB & leaving tonight. This whole woe is me act is very annoying.

Sure – I feel bad for Jed that he tried to make this big baller move (and trust that he would’ve been bragging had it worked out for him) but you don’t leave yourself OTB when you have the option to get off especially for a girl who didn’t really have his back.

BUT — I also feel for Breydon who went up so Ty could stay safe (and sorry Ty has won ONE POV — & had a trio & all these allies protecting him all game) & so Keif’s plan could be put in motion & NONE of them are even checking on Brey or realizing how much stress he’s had to deal with this week.

Meanwhile, Keif/Ty/Beth are reaffirming their alliance to stay together just b/c it’s eviction day (read: they’re scared to go OTB). Meanwhile, all the banter about taking out Beth has suddenly switched to taking out Tera & Brey instead of Beth. Sorry, this feels like TPTB pushing this mandate b/c that way they keep Beth in the house tonight during a DE & Ty can return so the showmance is still in the house & the trio & SS.

I really hate how this season has played out – & I hope Jed clown shoes it tonight in the battle back.


Keif knows he can win beside any of them.

Brey wants to take out Beth — BUT if he knew how Ty/Keif were talking he might be better served to put them up if he won HOH.

Beth will pull her nonsense but she should want to go with Tera/Brey to F3 (as should Tera) but will she stay loyal to Keif/Brey which is what Tina wanted her to do?

I’m not sure what Ty or Keif would do if they actually won the DE HOH – I guess we’ll see — but I’m hoping Brey or Tera aren’t the 2nd players to exit – I’d rather see Beth & Jed have to battle OR Jed/Ty –just so the trio gets broken up.

The only way that happens is if Brey wins HOH — & Tera wins POV — OR if only one of Brey/Tera are OTB & the other wins POV to save them.


Can someone plz fill me in.. I keep seeing comments about feeds cutting anytime it’s on breydon, does anyone know why?? I mean he’s more interesting than a lot of the cast this season.. when you think of Tina, terra etc

another name

a lot of that feeds cutting on Breydon is me. I’m exaggerating a little but not completely.
But. They do have a habit of doing feed cut on Breydon.
His first time talking to the cam about game: cam follows Tera down the stairs after 30 seconds.
The houseguests do a joke about seeing how far they can put a banana in their mouths, keep the cams running while Vic does it, cut cams when Breydon does it.
Beth and Jed talk about sex… cams run for a bit. Breydon talks about sex, cams cut much quicker.
There does seem to be a lot of cams change when Breydon is involved unless he’s being side person to someone else talking.


What I don’t understand at all is why people trust or believe kweef?!? Are they blind or ignorant? To not be able to call him out on playing every side possible and being so blatant about it … disgusts me! Can’t even watch anymore, its just a joke at this point! How has kweef not been called out and sent home?


Have non of them noticed keifer running in one door and then into another playing side against side all game maybe it worked for them they got the info from him but why keep him now? no reason, send him packing thanks for doing all the work keif we got it from here.

another name

Does this morning’s airing of grievances change the vote?
That’s a question that’s been on my mind.
I don’t think so but I don’t know for sure.
I STILL can’t get to 90-95% that Jed leaves for some reason. I can get to 75-80, but then I get antsy and start hedging and fall back to 70%.
Maybe it’s because he’s on my nopelist, and I fear the BBGods will notice if I get confident and ACME anvil me over the head with a heaping dose of suck it, hater?

The sunsetters all talk a ruthless game, but they lack the ability to look their target in the eye before they pull the trigger. How long did they let Vic dangle while she filibustered?
How long for Jed?
They seem to be mad at Tera for letting the cat out of the bag. How were they going to claim the move if nobody wanted to admit to it?
The showmance would still be the showmance, and Jed would still, in their minds, be the head contender to win because they all seem to base game on comp wins not social game… but want social game credit (i dunno how their minds work in their configuration of who wins).

So, anyone else thinking Beth’s entire act the past 48 hours, in order to protect her image, has been hinted because her initial reaction and subsequent behavior for a night when talking to Ty did NOT go over well on ANY social media? Just a question. It fits with the Global article. It will fit with the edit (ugh we’re gonna get tinkly piano showmance segment). But is it believable given her initial reaction? Not to me.

I don’t really know who wins that fake HOH on the fake double. I still think Kiefer throws (he’s been salivating for the final 4 HOH too much to gun for the final 5). Everyone else… I think they go for it.

I’m preparing myself. I don’t know this. I haven’t heard this. I have no reason to suspect this other than it’s BBCan and BBCan BBCans… I expect feeds to be blocked.
I don’t know why. I’m thinking they cut the feeds for a long ass time. I’m not sure if they cut them for the entire weekend… but there is an odd suspicion in my brain I can’t shake that the initial feed outage for Invisible Week (as in invisible feeds for vast periods) will seem like a cake walk. I COULD EASILY BE WRONG. NOT A PREDICTION, NOT SOMETHING I KNOW… just a suspicion.


Beth grosses me out, her weird looks, her high kicks and that she thinks she is so smart and running this game. Duh? I wanted to know where tomahawk Alberta was because I have never heard of it, it is a hamlet of 63 people. She says on her page she is a homeless support worker. They have a homeless problem in a hamlet of 63 people? She she makes things up to build herself up. I hope Jed comes back and turns his back on her or takes her to the final two and rips her season apart.


If Jed gets back in or Tara are they the HOH for the week?