“Jed wanted to make a big move that’s all he wanted, he was jealous of my big move “

Results from what we missed

Tera won the competition vs Jed and returned to the game.
Breydon won the Head of Household
Nominations are Beth and Tera
Have nots are Beth and Kiefer (Skip the dishes)
Power of Veto winner: Breydon did not use it

10:00 pm Kiefer and Beth (this may be a punishment. Racoons pop out from the props. Sounds like they are counting as part of a punishment)
K – you guys were in the HOH for 2 weeks in a row you know
Beth – I got V out that’s the best thing I ever did. No regrets
K – I got put up 4 days after a double
Beth – Jed wanted to make a big move that’s all he wanted, he was jealous of my big move that’s what I think. He wasn’t happy Tina on his was going home on his HOH then he realized it was a stupid

Beth wonders if she goes straight to the hotel on Thursday.
They talk like Beth is getting evicted on Thursday.
Kiefer – there’s nothing clean about this game.

Ty works out in front of them.. lol
TY – why aren’t you being my friend
Beth – cause you are voting me out on Thursday

10:50 pm just chit chat….

11:03 pm

11:30 pm Beth and Kiefer

They have to count the jumping raccoons. Kiefer has to go to the bathroom.. Runs for it as Beth’s nervous she might lose count. They can jump pretty quick.
Kiefer says he needs to use the washroom
Beth – you’re going to leav3 me now?
Keifer – Can you handle it?
beth – Run.. 414.. run Keifer I’m begging you.. KIEFER!
Kiefer is back.. 470 ..

11:50 pm

All cams have been on the backyard centered around Kiefer and Beth. Sounds like Tera, Breydon and Ty are in bed. Kiefer and Beth continue to count Raccoons

Beth – 515

12am HOH room. Keifer, Beth, Ty, Tera, Breydon.
Beth – welcome to big brother paranoia. Breydon is rubbing Ty’s back and arms. Ty to Keifer – so did you win the money? Keifer – what money? Ty – the BBQ. Breydon – it wasn’t for that. Keifer – its for a BBQ. Like for all of us. Ty – I pictured when you said a BBQ .. I was like oh you win a BBQ. Keifer – no. Breydon – Keifer would have been going wild! Keifer – that’s why I was wondering why you guys were trying to distract us. We’re trying to win this for you too.. even though you just ate steak. Ty – who me? I wasn’t trying to distract you.. I just wanted to hang out. Keifer – when am I going to be on the right end of those?

They head to the Destiny room. Keifer talks about how they get a BBQ tomorrow. Beth – If we don’t get a BBQ tomorrow .. I’m eating (she’s a havenot). Keifer – don’t matter to me .. I’m already on slop.

9:40 am Tuesday – houseguests are waking up. No updates planned until tonight.

6:17 pm Just turned the feeds on… Chit chat..

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Please vote her out Thursday Ty. I beg you!!


Hope Tera wins POV .

another name

So Kiefer threatened to quit again. THERE’S THE DOOR ASSHAT.
So we’ve got Carol and Screech the abandoned mattress in the backyard counting stuffed racoons. Because… reasons. They thought they were getting a movie.

Can y’all just save neither of them with the skip the dishes bullshit?

Here’s the issue with the episode edit: Beth saying she couldn’t be fake. So, in other words, Beth is unable to play the social aspect of the game unless everything goes Beth’s way and she is in the power position lording it over everyone. She was fine being fake and two faced when she was in the power position for 6 weeks. So…what, she grew an ethical conscience or she’s a poor sport?

So, I’m guessing since Thursday, the have nots have actually had to be on slop more than 2.5 days. That’s new for Beth and Kiefer. Must have been a Jed contract rider.

We’ve apparently missed Beth being bitchy for days. We’ve apparently missed Kiefer being a whiny Carol for days.
Okay. I’d have muted a lot of it anyway.

Honestly, If Kiefer and Beth were on the block, I’d let BedBethandbeyond act as immature as she wants. I’d still vote Kiefer out likely. Especially if he tried to quit again.


They’re both entitled brats if you ask me – the threatening to leave thing is just embarrassing! I’d rather watch a two year old throw a tantrum! I just about diiiiiied when Beth cried over missing Jed – like – b!tch PLEASE – you could have saved him!! You cheered when he left?!! Get your lies straight ! At this point it was so cringe to watch tonight, I won’t be watching again – just living through the spoilers

another name

Production Worker :
Have you read our twitter feed? Those feedwatchers are reeeeeallly pissed at us.
Plotline Supervisor:
Should I come up with something special to earn back their love?
Production Worker:
Naaah, we’ll just return feeds to Eeyore and Schreechy screaming out numbers like the Sesame Street Count genetically spliced with an autotuned billygoat… all. night. long.
Plotline Supervisor:
Oooooh, smart. They’ll never question our authority again. Did you see, I made all but three of the bbcan award nominee videos about a sunsetter. the other 3 were victoria with sunsetters in the background.
Production Worker:
I knew you could do it. Is Breydon in any of them so the viewers ask who’s he and why is the video still running, shouldn’t it have cut off by now?
Plotline Supervisor:
Great Idea… I’ll fill out the Beth dances video with some Breydon.
Production Worker:
Breydon danced? Should I have cut that?
Plotline Supervisor:
laughs, Don’t worry… we cut most of his HOH. Evil grin.


Did they say on the feeds Keif threatened to quit again? Or was it your new BB deepthroat? — and that’s a reference to Watergate – not me being rude in case others get offended.

Please share any insight you have regarding Beth’s & Keif’s actions during the feed lockdown. — curiosity killed the cat (MEOW).

another name

Only stuff I had was Thursday information that was told to me on Sunday. It wasn’t expected, it’s just something that came up while I was doing an online check in proof of life chat with one of my friends in Toronto.
Nowhere near as close to the level of info i used to get about how the staff felt about some of the more… difficult cast members in seasons 4-7. But that source moved to another show / network / side of the country.
The Beth behavior Thursday? didn’t need an editorial by anonymous to know she was going to be…. Beth.
Kiefer said he almost quit again while in the chairs with Beth.

eddie taylor

You think he’s serious about quitting hes top 5 give ur head a shake too much whining U should Quit lol


“Carol and Screech the Abandoned Mattress”–hilarious morning chuckle.
Thank You!!


Omg Tera must survive

another name

I don’t think she’s on the block. Beth said Ty and Tera are voting Beth out.

another name

Then again, maybe she is on the block.


At one point in the feeds last night (when Tera and Ty were doing their planks), Beth said “they’re the ones who are voting me out this week”. So Kief and Beth are def on the block.

Game fan

They are letting keifer survive the block twice?!


Well, well, well…

My observations from the show and opinion on what will happen.

First – so there was a discussion about POV and we’re shown a bit of it. I’m not convinced Brey didn’t try to sell that harder (and if the noms are accurate Beth/Keifer) that sort of confirms my belief.

As soon as Jed had two balls & they cut the video inside the house – I KNEW it was Tera returning (such an obvious production trick). If they’d done that when Tera had two balls & Jed knocked one of his two off then I’d have believed it was Jed returning.

Brey was dead on the money when he said to Ty – Tera is easier to beat (it was Beth who tied him in the tiebreaker).

Beth acting like a moron & Keifer pouting like a child — BOTH aren’t surprising.

I bet Another Name was laughing ass off over the feeds being down on Brey’s HOH — it just fits the entire season of him being muted. Right?

Sooooooooooooooo — early still in terms of the target but for one of the few times this season I’m interested in learning what the plan is from the feeds.

My guess is Brey knows Beth has a better chance of Ty/Tera or Keif taking her to F2 – hence his preference for Tera. Also, Brey will be able to tell Tera that he DID want to keep her, but Ty/Keif didn’t.

I said it this weekend — I KNEW Tera wouldn’t be happy about how Beth went below the belt about her kids on national TV – and sure enough, that was true. I think Brey will push with Ty to bring Tera to F3:

1) she won in a battle back which real BB players wouldn’t reward with the win
2) he prob will make a deal with Tera this week to take him to F2,
3) Brey will tell Ty – look the best at dates are Beth/Keif so we need to take one of them out to increase our chances of getting to F2 together

The point I made about competitions this season is playing out — with Brey winning HOH he now has 2 comp wins that ties him with Tera/Ty and puts him ahead of Beth who has one comp win that was thrown to her. Keif is the only one with 3 wins (2 HOH/1 POV).

If he’s able to reach a F2 chair he’ll likely have to win another (F4 POV?) to get to F3 & could easily win 2 of the 3 to be the selector.

And, his argument now is much stronger – he lost Austin at F10 and had to navigate being in the house w/o a partner or alliance he could trust. He was the one who planted getting out Vic to Beth, the one who had (IMHO) more sway with Tera to put up Beth instead of Ty beside Jed initially. Was the person Keifer spilled ALL the tea to about the other side. And is liked (my guess) the most of everyone in the house.

Dan Ghessling used to say how you treat people in the house resonates in the jury house & Brey as been the kindest to everyone. That could pay dividends.

What I’m eager to see is whether Beth spills some tea. Will she out to Brey how Ty is just playing him & they laughed about it. It would be really harsh for him to learn that but not something I’d be surprised for her to do.

So – dying to hear Another Name, Fool’s Gold, and any of your input on this — but will the POV be a timed comp? (read: TPTB will PICK the winner) And, do we think Keifer’s constant threats to leave are wearing thin on TPTB? This is what? the second or third time it’s happened. If that’s the case then watch for production/DR to start pushing for a Keif oust.


I have a gut feeling they’ve already played the veto comp. I’m not sure why but my gut thinks Tera won which might explain Beth’s comment about going home Thursday and Keifers smug attitude that he isn’t. Total speculation on my part.


You’re correct as according to BBCAN 9 Wikipedia page Tera was nominated alongside Beth and she won POV. Therefore, Breydon had no choice but to nominate Kiefer as a pawn making Beth Theo’s week’s target. Next week’s target is Tera unless she wins HOH/ POV or she cuts a deal with one of the boys to evict Kiefer as he also has a great track record.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm — I’m confused Prince b/c there are varying reports.

I saw on social media it was Tera up and I also saw it was Keif up.

I thought there was some substance to Keif being up b/c Another Name noted Keif threatening to quit again. What doesn’t add up is Keif telling Brey he wouldn’t force him to break a tie, wouldn’t say Tera’s name again and him/Ty confirming Beth had to go this week. None of that is possible if Keif is OTB.

Edited to add: Keif & Tera talking in the kitchen this morning with her saying I’m good right? She’s not going to pull something that’ll change things. So it seems Beth and Tera are post POV noms. (so the stuff below is kind of a moot point now).

IF however, Keif is on the block it was a wise move by Brey to keep Ty safe & prove his loyalty. This was the type of thing Ty spoke about all season with the trio (to others). Although Jed & Beth weren’t going to put Ty in harm’s way they were always willing to sacrifice him ahead of themselves which was proven last week. But Brey keeping him safe means Ty will feel certain he’s Brey’s ride or die (and it wouldn’t be surprising if Ty would take him ahead of Keif or Tera given their jury arguments).

Although, I’m not convinced Tera would take Keif since he cut her so easily and was in on the decision to do so. He never fought it happening – only Brey did. It’s why I’m annoyed we missed all those HOH chats and now have to rely on the heavily edited versions we’ll get.

PLEASE let the feeds show us someone telling Brey how Beth said he doesn’t even know there’s a game going on & hasn’t played the whole season -he’s just been carried along.


In the kitchen this morning Keif & Tera are talking and it sure sounds like Tera/Beth are OTB.

another name

How did you know? I thought I put it on here as a joke during the Thursday episode review that if feeds are down for 4 days that MUST mean Breydon won HOH… but I must have edited it out. LMAO.
Kiefer threatened to quit week 2. week 3. week 7, and this week, week 9.
So. Kiefer threatens to quit every single time he is nominated. He said it was strategy in week 4 to act like he wanted to leave in 2 and 3. I think that was bravado to cover his Eeyore tendencies for the edit. Personally I think it’s more humiliating to be the season Carol than to be evicted. But… I’m sure Kiefer fans would say I’m just missing some subtle nuance to behaving like a big baby.

If I were production, I’d take him up on his offer to quit and give the feed watching fans a vote at the end of the game. But hey. Just me.
4 out of 7 final 5 HOH’s have made final 2 in BBCan. 2 of those 4 won. So about 29% of the time, but… 50% of the time when a male is the final 5 HOH, he wins. Means nothing. but it’s numbers… if someone that understands numbers finds solace in those stats.

I think we’ve got a head scratcher about who goes this week. Is it Parascam PupPeTMaStEr edit recipient or is it Mastermind Mulletman (they called him that as a… good… thing) Golden edit recipient? Or do they pull a Pam and Bobby from Dallas, and Jed will walk out of the shower, and we’ll learn the last episode was all a dream?

East coaster

I just flipped on the feeds after the weekend away. Had to turn them off as listening to screechy cackles cackle and keifer screaming at the raccoons for less that 5 minutes was 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Super pumped that Tera made it back only because I thought for sure jed would come back for the showmance. Ideal world for me keif and screechy go next. Also super glad that Tera told jed what a POS Beth is. Hope he believes her, guess he’ll know when he watches back. Good for Tera to not let them know that she told jed everything too. Smart on her part. Overall pretty happy with tonight’s episode and I was totally ready to be ragin lol

another name

hmm. Kiefer is telling Ty he will vote Beth out. So…. he’s not on the block?
Okay… so he’s big babying over something commm-pletely different this time?
Kiefer says he can’t imagine saying Tera’s name in the D/R again.
So Breydon has repeated Ty’s nominations, hoping for the opposite results?

Beth’s goodbye message. She never ever did anyting against Jed in the game and she loves him and hopes he goes to jury and does everything to tell them all about her game so she can win.
Jed is going to the jury house with: Rohan, who Beth approached to take out Jed and Ty… Vic, who Beth approached to take out the boys… and Tina… who was in an alliance with Beth and Tera and VIc whose sole purpose was to take out Jed and Ty.
Um. check please.


You just gave me my best belly laugh in weeks AN 🙂

I guess the option we didn’t consider is Brey put up Beth/Keif to start? (doubtful though)

I mean there is no reason for him to threaten quitting unless it’s some minor thing like him being mad he had to do a full week of slop unlike Jed/Beth last week. If that’s what it is — this from the man who had no issues keeping Ro on slop week after week after week.

My guess is production read them the new plot & he wasn’t the star in it so he pulled a hissy fit.

another name

If I were to hazard a guess, totally tainted by feelings regarding houseguests:
Since feeds were down, this is the version of reality I choose to support.
In my version of events that coulda happened:
Kiefer got suspicious that he may be used as the ‘pawn’ to take out Beth and took a complete toddleresque shit fit, as he does, went to production and threatened to hold his breath until the plan changed.
So prodo, who is weary of Kiefer but being told to keep him docile, let him pass out first, then called Breydon and said put someone up besides Kiefer, he’s kiefing again.
Tera and Ty were called in, had them look at the puddle of drool forming around unconscious Kiefer, and asked for a block volunteer.
After Tera said fiiiiiiine, I’ll do it. Everyone was given some new d/r lines, told how to play it up… and a newly awakened Kiefer stood behind the prodo workers being all tough and shaking a fist at the sky.
Since feeds were down… can anyone convince me that ISN’T what happened?


For sure Ty is safe & you’re right about POV having been played.

One oddity is a ton of people on Twitter are saying Breydon also won POV. Wonder how that’s possible unless they allow HOH’s to start playing POV at F5 — and even then they didn’t let Ty play in the fake DE (so – weird if it’s true).

Also on social media, I’ve seen some say it’s Tera & some Keif who are sitting OTB beside Beth —– BUT it would seem more likely it’s Tera given other conversations tonight.

1) Primarily Ty & Keif agreed they need to take out Beth (ie: they are the ones voting)
2) My assumption (no proof) is Brey nominated Beth/Tera & whether he or one of the guys won POV they kept noms the same.
3) All season the trend Keif specifically spouted the most is that “we” honor what the HOH wants.” Keif pushed that about taking out Kyle not Austin, Ro – not Brey & Ty pushed Tera instead of Beth. So if Brey kept the guys safe this also makes sense they would do what he wants.

Some will ask why wouldn’t Brey take out Keif instead. But Brey is pretty astute & he knows Ty might be tempted to take Beth to F2 &/or Ty/Keif take her to F3. Whereas they will NOT want to keep Tera over him.

Again, Brey saw how well Beth knows her dates (better than Tera) so although he’s taking a calculated risk with Tera/Keif I think his preference is to go with the guys to F3. I’m annoyed we missed all the convos with Brey the last 4 days b/c it would’ve been enlightening to hear (unedited) Tera/Brey’s convo specifically. Hopefully, Brey worked that situation to pull her closer to him than Keif and told her that he fought to keep her but Ty/Keif said no & since Ty was HOH his vote didn’t matter.

A few weeks ago I decided my preference in this overly managed season was for Brey or Tera to win b/c I’d had enough of the gaslighting, the trio, the SS, Eeyore, and specifically screechy cackles. If Beth leaves this week this F4 is at least more palatable.

Of them all, Ty needed to win the F5 POV the most for his jury argument b/c his resume isn’t as strong as Keif, Tera, or Brey. But they all have arguments they can offer.


Ty did play in the fake DE veto


Sorry — I meant the “real” F5 POV

And Ty does have an argument – never being on the block, winning 2 comps, and taking out big targets. I just think he needs to pad his resume a bit.

Game fan

Ty is also a final 5 hoh winner LoL
I guess ty and brey can easily make it to final 2

eddie taylor

Blah blah blah blah blah



another name

Don’t quote me on this.
I think Breydon won Veto?

His conversation with Tera, Ty and Kiefer. He said Even if Beth had won HOH, he’d still have won veto. THIS IS NOT CONFIRMATION.

If so… winning three comps in a row (fake de veto), hoh, and veto… is a choice. Not a totally smart choice, but a choice.

Kiefer seems to be saying HE IS NOT on the block. Kiefer has told Brey he WILL NOT make Breydon break a tie, that he will vote out Beth over Tera?
I was pretty sure he was saying he was quitting earlier this week because he was on the block… so.. why did he want to quit THIS time?

I don’t know. This is all odd. It’s like one of those 1 hour 45 minute feed blocks where everyone has changed personalities…. only… it’s been days. Beth is under the impression Brey will keep her in a tie.
Ty and Kiefer agree Beth gotta go and they can’t let her into their heads. They also BOTH say they want Breydon as their third in their final 3 deal.

Beth jokes that she’s probably in BBCAN porn on the Internet. Brey says: One Night in Bethleham…
It’s like he’s the voice of twitter again.


Feeds being down is allowing for two different scenarios being spouted.

I initially thought the same & asked how Brey could play in POV. Prince (above) is saying Tera won & Brey re-nomed Keif — but none of that made sense given Ty/Keif’s conversation about voting out Beth.

I’m confused lol.

Just a girl...

So I went on a cyber date with someone who claims to be on the production team for the season – everything checks out except they dodge the bullet when I ask about productions control over the winner (naturally)… also – tera is so gullible – I knew instantly she would take kweefer back despite telling Beth that he was the one of really sent Jed home and it was all his idea … her return was hard to watch – all that shit talking about Jed when she just got played by her own alliance .. and now it’s happening again ?????????? I can’t with this girl


The pic of Ty with his hand on Brey’s back makes me think that Brey is Ty’s younger brother and it is part of a BBCan twist. Lol


Why have all the comps been word or number comps, no physical comps at all this season? No standing against wall with paint being thrown at them, they have just been easy comps. So Beth can’t be fake do we take that as I’m going to be mean and nasty to tera all week? There are enough beds in the house why is she sleeping next to ty? I would like to see tera win this season.


My guess is it’s partially a pandemic thing (they need more staff to put up elaborate comps) and perhaps partially a budget thing. (but that’s a guess).

Beth trying to get close to Ty shouldn’t surprise anyone – she “wants” to be the black widow — and she may be an insect but I doubt it’s a spider (shade — sorry to Beth fans).


CONFIRMED – Tera is OTB with Beth (convo in the kitchen with Keifer)

And (of course) Keif is saying it’s 2 vs. 2 next week (him/Tera vs. Brey/Ty– right Keif, okay).

another name

Well, I’ll tell you one thing:
BBAUS first nomination challenge wasn’t a booth.
I’ll tell you another, no ninja were called on to release the eels.
Realistically, they took out the alpha male on the verge of joining a showmance but not with his ex that is also a houseguest… at the first eviction. North America would never.

Jed before leaving the house: Beth, whatever you do don’t get with Ty.
Edit Beth after Jed leaves, dons a mourning veil and surveys the house through her inconsolable tears from her widow’s walk.
Real Beth after Jed leaves, does a speedy gonzales dust cloud running toward the bedroom to do a round off double back handspring double pike into Ty’s bed…. only to land on Breydon… who says guuuurl, get yer own (tongueclick) periodt.

another name

Jedviction Tikjocktok says Jed always planned to take Beth to final 2.
His night one final 2 with Ty, and his first full day day one final 2 with Kiefer were nothing compared to the true love he has found.
Jed’s mother when she watched: let me SEND him the damned receipts, oh when he gets home, no way that hussy gets within a mile. Telvin… Telvin, get my mace and taser.

another name

Well. I think last night’s screeching reached hypersonic levels. I could hear the neighbor’s dog whining loudly. I muted the feeds. It stopped. I turned the volume back on low… the dog started howling.
Today’s Tera and Ty chess game… well. First of all, Tera, you’re on the block, stop interrupting people when you ask them a question. Let them answer instead of feeding them the answer you want. Secondly, don’t pump up your tires so much, you’re on the block.
Beth is taking her chance to campaign to Brey, the HOH that only votes in event of a tie… against TY… who isn’t on the block. Toxic gonna toxic. But at least someone told Breydon that Ty is using him… even though she likely won’t be believed because toxic.

another name

i think it was about a 3 on the sabrinacan2 scale of screeching… and about a 5 on the vanessarousso scale of annoying.

East coaster

I missed feeds earlier. Did Beth really tell Brey all the deets of Ty just leading him on and then laughing about it ?

Please let screechy join jed lol although yick the jury will have to deal with her then. Wonder what jeds reaction will be when he sees her again lol I hope he is like ohhhh hellllllllllll no !! Realistically he’ll buy her lies lol until his mom and bro fill him in.

another name

She has told Breydon that Ty isn’t actually interested in him, and he’s playing him.
At some points it seems like Breydon believes her to some degree, because she’s been bringing it up more than once to Breydon today.

She has admitted alone she’s just screwing with Breydon to cause chaos on her way out the door.


How did Brey get to play PoV ? Thought the HoH couldn’t play in the POV .

another name

in season 7, the original season where hoh couldn’t play in veto, that ended once they reached the final 5 houseguests. They’ve followed the same pattern. Just like Ty played in the fake double veto as the HOH when there were 5 houseguests before Tera returned to keep it at five houseguests.