“It’s highly likely my closest ally since a week ago is going on my HOH. I am going to be the bad women of the season” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner: Monte
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

1:30 am Monte and Taylor
They start kissing Monte mentions that Terrance always wanted it to be a “Family reunion”
Monte – some uncles don’t get the invite
Taylor – some uncles get banned
They briefly talk about their game history together and how they were on opposite sides.
Taylor – we were playing against each other from the JUMP
Taylor – it’s wasn’t only you gunning for me
Monte – it was the circumstances with Girls girl and everybody not liking you because you were a pageant girl

Taylor says with Jasmine is was because of that one girl she knew in High School “I don’t look at one version of a person and extrapolate that to everybody”
Monte – yeah it’s one experience. I think people are just too lazy in their thought process that they settle with whatever is easiest to believe. It’s a challenge to beleive there’s more people that are better than the people you’ve met.

They crack open a cider “Cheers final 3”
Taylor – we were literally at each others necks at the beginning of the game.
Monte – I love that I love doing what people don’t expect.
Taylor – you can call it beauty and brawn we naturally should have been locked in. Ameerah got there first
Monte – That was because of Paloma and ALyssa wanting to work with us
Monte says he never proposed any alliance to them. “I’ve always just had some brought to me”
Taylor says she had something with BRittany and Michael before the leftovers.
Taylor says it sounds like now that she wasn’t as in with Michael and Brittany as she thought. “We weren’t as lockstep as a trio”

Taylor brings up Brittany going to Turner that one night to get “Intel” Blew up on her.
Monte – yeah
Monte about Turner – he doesn’t have a bone in him to create stuff and elevate it to something it is not. Every time I’ve had a conversation with him it’s been pretty clear cut whatever it is it’s always fresh off the press. I can always tell when he’s lying. Everyone can tell when Turner’s lying.

They start going over the last month of Brittany’s game.
Monte says Turner and Michael were telling him Brittany is doing something suspicious he thought if the two people closeted to her are saying this she must be doing something “Off putting”
Monte – and for the following week during my HOH for her to come in here and…
Taylor – MOB BOSS you?
Monte – not even that even the night before when I mentioned all of this stuff she didn’t deny anything she just said she didn’t think it was worth sharing because it was all fluff
Taylor – she told me the same thing
Monte – she was sitting here threatening me and on top of that bringing up personal shit and solidifying how you feel fine winning second place against me. All that stuff was super sketchy
Taylor – she told you today all of that was so she could protect Michael’s game which doesn’t make sense.
Taylor does feel for Brittany a bit after having Michael throw her under the bus. She had a similar thing happen to her with Joe.
Taylor – I am still having a hard time believing that the person I knew since day 2 in this game has run around intentionally trying to set up final 2’s and try to throw me under the bus..
Monte – people in this game setting are willing to do whatever they need to. Just like Kyle I never thought Kyle ..
They talk about Kyle would say some of the most “Laughable shit ever”
Monte – Kyle you’ve seen Terrance telling you directly he’s coming for me.
Taylor – the number of ours I sat in this room talking about them coming for me.
Monte – and Jasmine/Indy both Told Michael they wanted me out. what else do you need to see?
Monte – I would have never expected that from Kyle until the week of your HOH when he wanted to keep alyssa..
Taylor – that is when we started talking game.

Taylor says that Alyssa had no game. She could have been in the same spot but she wasn’t. Taylor brings up the “Hot girl trope” and how they usually get taken out early or are dragged to the end.
Taylor – Unfortunately Alyssa..
Monte – she got dragged into that
T – it’s hard to see.. really hard to see that is not how I want to women in this house to be. She deserved better
Monte – it’s about being naive
T – she’s a naive girl.. she knows that. Believes in Santa until she was 15
Monte – Kyle is a STUD I don’t see anything wrong parlaying with him but at the same time?
Taylor – All your eggs in that
Monte – the language she was using made me so sad.. You are depending on this man to make sure your game..
Taylor – it was interesting she was a fan of Big BRother. Alyssa very clearly loved the love stories all the love stories. That is all she talked about all the showmances and how she loves them and follows them.
Monte suggests ALyssa try and be single for awhile “just love yourself”
Taylor agrees “get a great viberator if you are going to be single for awhile you will need it”
Monte – she said she had never been single for longer than 4 months it made a bunch of sense why you continue on this trend

They talk about jury votes. They are sure Joe will vote for them over Turner but Terrance is a toss up.
Monte grabs another cider from the fridge.

they talk about The Kyle incident. Taylor thinks people will forgive Michael easier than Kyle.
Monte – to me dependent on what is shown from those conversation between Michael and Kyle depending on what is shown with the conversations between Michael and Brittany when they are going to share this information.. That could be a very criminalizing thing for both of them.
Taylor – I debate on whether to tell you this. Michael wins Veto and we know that it is doomsday. You are going to go up instead. I go in the back and I am talking to Michael in the ballroom. I’m like you know that game I play I don’t lie in this game. I stay quiet if I feel uncomfortable. I go to Michael and am like this might be it this might have to be when we come up with a lie to get Kyle on the block. Get someone else on the block.
Taylor – I was like I don’t know what lie we can create to avoid Monte going up or me going up or whatever the f*** is the case. Me going home or Monte going up. so what do we have?
Feeds flip to Turner sleeping (Ohh of course) When we’re back.
Taylor – they were like we need to talk to you immediately we go up stairs and have that conversation
Taylor – it never sat right with me knowing I talked to Michael the night before and I was like what is there that exists that can come to light.
Monte – they were willing to go to the grave never telling anybody and they said that very directly in the living room. If Kyle went home that week we didn’t feel there was a need to share it.
Monte – what! this wasn’t a morale thing
Taylor – the only thing I will say to defend that if you in some capacity believed that racism has not been fully brought into the game you don’t want to be the one that brings it into the game.
Feeds flip to Turner sleeping. When we’re back
Monte – what he told me from week three his HOH he had to apologize to family members how much he stood up for Black lives matter.
Monte – and his girlfriend is of another ethnicity (Turner)
Taylor – I love that kid.
Monte – I am very happy for him.
Monte called to swap out his Microphone. When he comes back Taylor is saying if Brittany doesn’t get to final 3 she will be seen as a ‘bad woman’
Taylor – I’m the only woman to win two HOH’s and both times a woman went home. It’s highly likely my closest ally since a week ago is going on my HOH I am going to be the bad women of the season

Monte goes over all the girls games this season, Nicole was emotionally bat shit crazy, Ameerah was playing bully ball and everyone was a pawn to her, Indy didn’t like Taylor because she thought Taylor was pursuing Monte, Alyssa and Brittany weren’t playing their own games. Jasmine said things about Taylor day one.

2:50 am They decide to take a shower together and “Condition his beard” Feeds cut.. then flip to Turner sleeping for an hour.

3:51 am bedtime

4:00 am zzzzzz

7:11 am Zzzzzz
10:00 am ZZzzzzz but lights are on downstairs.

10:18 am Monte and Taylor in the HOH
They’re talking about getting Michael out
Monte knew he was going to slip up eventually “he’s not perfect”
Taylor – I hate that the belt broke but… it worked out for us
Monte – I still don’t see .. that’s a …
Taylor – he broke the belt
Monte – he broke the belt and it’s not like the thing malfunctioned on it’s own. The fact that they said that before the comps started means there was a potential for that to happen so running out and yanking at the belt or yanking the rope probably wasn’t the best idea. I think he was you know a little frantic as well with everything
Taylor – you know I had a speech ready if I had won that veto

11:20 am Brittany has been coughing a lot.

11:26 am Brittany and Taylor (Brittany talking like a crazy person)
B – you are set in stone it’s either Monte, You, Me or MOnte, You, Turner.
B – if he plans on bringing you in that scenario .. if he wants to bring you to final two which I think is a great thing for him to do you guys have a relationship, you’re friends it makes sense to him. WHY wouldn’t he just statiscally make easier to be able to bring you to the end?
Taylor – I know
B – He’s literally just making it harder on himself if you were the plan to bring to the end. If you’re not the plan to bring to the end
T – There it is
B – There is it
B – I started looking at the MATH it’s STUPID MATH if you look at the past competitions how much of a sure fire thing it would be getting to the end competing against me than Turner.
B – he’s got two BIG MOVES..
Brittany goes on about how Monte made no big moves in the game. (veto win during the double?)
B – where are Montes? he has the opportunity NOW (to take out Turner)
Brittany says if he takes out Turner and wins the final HOH he’ll win the game. “No matter if he brought you no matter if he brought me”
Brittany goes on about how Monte hasn’t done anything Big compared to Turner. Turner was HOH during Ameerah, Kyle and Michael’s eviction.
Brittany wants to talk to Monte to explain to him his best chance to win is to take out TUrner.
Taylor – Take your time with it. we have all day we have all week take your time with it.. massage it.
B- I want to have that objective commentator conversation with him
T – he’ll love it you know he wants to be a podcaster

11:55 am Taylor outside with Monte.

Something Brittany said definitely got Taylor thinking.

12:10pm Backyard – Monte and Taylor.
Taylor – the fun we’ve been having.. Monte – oh the two of us? Taylor – yeah. It will be interesting how .. I was just thinking about that. Monte – yeah I don’t know if I am looking forward to that.. but that is why I am just not going to be on BB twitter. Taylor talks about her HOH letter and how her mom / friend were texting every day. She wonders if they’ve been watching the last week. Monte – people have to understand what this environment is. Taylor – yeah, can’t flirt, can’t date, can’t f**k! Monte – yeah that is just unnatural.

The house guests are lazing around in the backyard.

2:40pm Suntanning and working out..

3:20pm Taylor playing solitaire. Turner listening to the HOH music.

3:46pm Bedroom – Brittany studying the days/events/comps with M&Ms.

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Captain Kirk

“Monte – it was the circumstances with Girls girl and everybody not liking you because you were a pageant girl”

IF Monte’s assessment proves true to the end, it will gross him the 750k, less taxes ( of course).

Uncles WILL be present one way or another, whether Monte likes it on not, but this uncle’s name will be Sam, not Terrance.

But MAYBE, just maybe, Monte tries to pull a Richard Hatch on the uncle (by not paying Sam his cut). Then Monte will again be locked up in a house—in a much bigger house. lol




Pageant girl? Yes, but when she came in the game she hung with the guys, posing, the other girls are familiar with the type. Why she was shunned in the beginning. Can’t trust a b like that.

Captain Kirk

She gave us the reasons to form the basis of our opinions.

Captain Kirk

“Taylor – I am still having a hard time believing that the person I knew since day 2 in this game has run around intentionally trying to set up final 2’s and try to throw me under the bus”

Hard time believing that? lol
It’s hard for us to believe that line when Taylor was doing same, if not more often than others.

It’s safe to say, at least, more often than Alyssa because, well, Alyssa just didn’t know HOW to go about setting up F2s for herself. She was barely trying to figure out HOW to “play the game”


yeah, alyssa badly misplayed her hand to turner appealing to trick him to let her stay. i think there was a way to do it, but the begging for a sympathy vote came off as fake and desperate. she really just needed to sit down with him and brittany and get the three of them to make a final 3. yes, the probability of brittany screwing it all up was high, but the one on one went pretty badly, so what did she have to lose?


You are so butthurt! Lmmfao

Captain Kirk

For all of you who have expressed concerns for racial “optics”, you’ll have to root for Turner to win the next HOH. He will keep it ” fair and balance” and will keep Monte for F2.

It’s understandable that Turner’s choice of “colour” is zero, but he’ll stay true to his poor choices in the “game” (as well as in life), and will pick Monte.

It seems as if Taylor, given her hood-like tendencies, personality, character, etc., will NOT have enough votes to pocket her fees for “whoring”.

Now, what about if Monte or Taylor wins the next HOH? Does anyone, ANYONE, feel them two will care about the “optics” if they choose NOT to pick Turner for F2 ? NAH !!!!!!



You savage Cap-i-tan Kirk!. And true but still savage. Everyone is played on Taylor being “I’m not voting out a black woman”, and “Kyle is not a racist” but it seems like he is. (He is not, I would have been weary also of CO2.0 just because its a year removed). Thank God I do not play Big Brother and have no social media so no bone in the fight. Winners Cirlce (Cody/Derrick) even showed a feed Michael having concerns about a CO2.0 to only Kyle when Kyle realized he was overthinking. Monte gonna pay taxes. Civic duty bro.


Agree. CBS should be ashamed. This is the last Big Brother I’m watching.

Trenton Makes

Awe poor baby. You lost your pacifier again?

Just my two cents

“hood-like tendencies”????? REALLY???? Please, someone tell me what exactly qualifies as “hood-like tendencies”????

And “whoring”???? She’s a whore now? Why exactly? Because she liked one guy [Joe], but is kissing another [Monte]?

I ask EVERYONE to remember that this is a just a GAME with $750,000 on the line so there will be lying, cheating, scheming, plotting, etc., etc., etc. NONE OF YOU know these people outside of the game of Big Brother so let’s hold off on the name calling. Judge them as Big Brother players and leave there characters alone. Un-freakin-believable!!!


Agree with you totally. Taylor has shown alot of class and compassion in this game.


Disgusting women are assumed whore’s because they kiss a couple a guys in a house for 3 months. I’m sick of women being slut shamed. f-off.

L j

I am officially leaving this site!! Most of the comments are not game related, but misogynistic and bigoted.


It’s like a Trump and Q convention!

uncreative department

I noticed comment brigading beginning here and elsewhere, probably from FB groups as the participants all seem elderly, after Michael exposed Kyle and Kyle fans got upset. Most probably won’t be bothering us here next year (though it’s obviously some of the regulars being gross, too), so consider returning then.


Bye! That is exactly what CBS has created and hope the show tanks


Kyle doctrine did prove! Brittany left her closalky to form an all white alliance with Alyssa n Turner


Seriously none have played the game least of all Turner, I hope Monte wins and takes Taylor it will serve the coward well, because of his stupid game play.


Best thing Monte can do in final 3 is throw it. And when they are giving the pitch why they should win that should be part of his speech. He set himself up to be in final 2 no matter what.


Although these 2 together are cute…the timing does seem a little off. It looks like someone is sleeping her way into final 2.

eat it


Captain Kirk


For the sake of “FACTS” (as Turner might say…lol), consider the final data for 2018 from CDC on births by unwed mothers:

For all racial and ethnic groups combined, 39.6 percent of births in the United States were out-of-wedlock (incidentally, isn’t that appalling?). For Blacks, the number is 69.4 percent;; for Whites, 28.2 percent; and for Asian Americans, a paltry 11.7 percent.

Soooo, back to the “game” strategy of SOME of these contestants, one could reasonably say that some of these contestants may choose to be “game” themselves in an effort to win the “buck” (no punt intended) at the end of the contest.

Why would that premise be so beyond anticipated “plays” based on the statistics above?



what I thought from the beginning. She doesnt have anything else to offer

Carlito's Way

And his way, too?

The Kats Meow

Are any of you are getting laid on the regular? You need something to take away this bitterness toward a single woman having sex. Why not call out the men too. Weren’t they equally as guilty?


Takes two to tango.


Julie Chen Moonvees??? Lol!


She won HOH OVER BRITTANY! She earned it! She is playing her way to F2!!!! Alyssa n Brittany couldn’t win one HOH! Stop discrediting her accomplishments!


Yep that’s what she’s doing. Movie stars have done it for years and now it’s been picked up by BB.

Captain Kirk



You do know she won HOH so she is getting to final 3 her own merit

Carlito's Way

Looks like Taylor threw up her hands about Brittany. She is not working to get Monte to bring her along final three as she promised Brittany she would do. Someone they could both beat. Bugs me that Taylor thinks she is so strong and independent, but is easily led and manipulated by men. The last two weeks and she threw her game away for a man and has apparently handed him her unquestioning trust. Taylor has committed to Monte final 2 but does anyone know, has Monte committed to a final 2 with Taylor? I have not heard him say that. I think he is still planning on taking Turner.


Monte is a Bro. A Bro before a “whatever” great player. Remember the Pound. You Pound out until you Bro out. Monte is straight up set. Prep the F2 speech, it’s yours to lose. He gets F2, resume speaks. Pay those taxes, cuz he is awesome.


During his HOH last week when they discussed her being the re-nom he told her that Turner did attempt to make a F2 with him W8 when Turner was HOH. He said he didn’t really believe it since Turner hadn’t shared he had a F2 with Kyle (WTF? seriously Monte did you run around the house & share your F2 deals? – ugh). Anyway, he told her then that he didn’t owe Turner anything & would be taking her to F2.

eat it

Threw up her legs

Captain Kirk

“Threw up her legs”….& “eat it”

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Perhaps Taylor believes that Britney voted against her. And she did.


“Condition his beard” is euphemism for going down on her. I’ve heard the same metaphor. Please finish up, BB24.

Captain Kirk

Amazing Race is the best show out there within the genre


So sick of Taylor AND Brittany!

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Nothing bad about sending Brittany out the door. It is truly a great thing.


Does anyone else find their showmance a little odd?
I just feel like they’re both in it to get to final 2


This whole season has been a major letdown. Glad I have other seasons (like Season 16) to re-watch and enjoy. I honestly don’t care who wins….they are all unlikable at this point. ????


Dont care who wins at this point…just not Taylor…dislike women in there that use their body to get dragged ahead. Common slut…plain and simple…dislike or not. At this point Brittany winning would be a kick in the face to the others lol

The Kats Meow

Quick questions? So two single people (after 70 days in the house) have sex in a bed and you find that slutty on her part? Were you equally offended when Alyssa and Kyle had sex on the floor on a pool floatie and in a room while others were sleeping? Was she also using her body to get dragged along? Also are the adult men who happily engaged in sex with the women also getting your ire?

Captain Kirk

“you find that slutty on her part”

“very (slutty) people on both sides”

Captain Kirk


“a promiscuous person : someone who has many sexual partners —usually used of a woman;
a chiefly British, disparaging : an unclean or slovenly woman”


Common Slut?? Wow!! So you definitely didn’t like Alyssa being a slut on the floatie!!! You must be the “Perfect Patty” slut shaming people. ???


Alyssa was in a relatively long term showmance, they both expressed their love for each other, had sex. Did I approve? Nope. A slut? Nope.

Taylor jumped in bed with Monte when it was to her advantage to get herself to Final 2. At this point in the game? Taylor used her body to get ahead in the game. A slut.

Captain Kirk

Your point is well taken.

BUT, some may still legitimately argue that Alyssa’s behavior ALSO falls within the parameters of the definition of “slut”.

Captain Kirk

Hey, Gloria has her opinion and you have your.

“What a country!”


This is why most all Female alliances don’t work. People like you who are jealous of a smart, intelligent woman, how does what is happening with Taylor & Monte make her a Slut???

Alyssa came into the house with a boyfriend outside of the house, she said this herself last week, Alyssa was all over Kyle, practically begging for 10-seconds of pleasure, you didn’t call her a slut!!!

Are you aware Alyssa was turned down when she applied to be on “Love Island” ? Alyssa said this last week when she was talking with Brittany, and feeling sorry for herself. Have you ever seen an episode of Love Island?

That is a show I’d say for hookup’s, all about sex, a bunch of male and female sluts!!!

Taylor has done nothing on this show to be called a Slut, stop being jealous of Taylor, if you were locked in a house, can’t date, go out, what’s wrong with kissing, cuddling etc.. with another Adult, you are not getting married, just looking to feel normal, release some stress.

As I said earlier, it’s women who think like you, this is why all female alliances don’t work!!
Jealous, petty, narrow minded, mean girl attitude, behaviors, kills an all Girl Alliance. This happens every year, same story, same ending, women seem to drag each other down.

Taylor has given 100% in all comps, with the exception of the Veto last week, she was not comfortable being in the dark, crawling around in slimy crap, I can understand that.

Taylor does not depend on anyone dragging or carrying her along in this game, you have to give her credit, she always gives 100% to advancing her game, and all competitions.

Captain Kirk

“Are you aware Alyssa was turned down when she applied to be on ‘Love Island’ ?”
“That is a show I’d say for hookup’s, all about sex, a bunch of male and female sluts!!!”

So, let me try to follow this line of thought for consistency (just trying to understand):
1/ Alyssa applied to Love Island. We don’t know if Taylor has in the past.
2/ Love Island show attracts nothing but “sluts”

QUESTION: Do you think a Leave it to Beaver’s type mom/woman would have applies to Love Island? HUUMMM….


You’re wrong, and I used to respect and admire Taylor. She has clearly used sex as a way to have Monte keep her in the game. And if the message she wants to role models to young black girls watching this is that, then it’s on her shoulders.

Alyssa and Kyle might have been disgusting with the floatie but it was a sex relationship that wasn’t based on anyone gaining from it. It was cute, even childish at first but no one gained from it.

Taylor has moved lower than Turner, if that’s possible.


If her goal was to represent her race in a proud way, she’s failed miserably.


Dragged ahead by who? She won HOH lol


If Brittany gets evicted today, she’s coming to your house until it’s time for her to appear with the Jury for Finale night



The Kats Meow

Here, here, I’ll bring nachos lol


Now you’re talkin’ !!!!!!


Hey Simon! There are non-stop flights from LA to the island. Short trip for you or Dawg to pick her up when her fright land.

Captain Kirk

We will hear from Brittany (and Michael) again on The Amazing Race.

Ravens Pacemaker

Monte and Taylor are the classier, upgraded and tolerable version of the low down Baleigh & Swaggie-poo


Monte Taylor are the first BB showmance that makes my skin crawl from every fiber.

To see Monte go from sanctimonious high horse to ga-ga eyes. Ick.

I think he functions emotionally on a superficial level where he is truly kidding himself.

if Taylor were to ever violate his rigid life code, he’d get over his assumed feelings for her really quickly.

I think they both got horny and it was way too convenient for them to not hook-up in terms of proximity and opportunity.

I do not believe this was a game move. I know people are going to jump in with that. No.

Cee Dee

Right. I don’t like them for each other either. I see no feelings just sex. They have been deprived from sec for awhile and had a few to many drinks one night while sharing the sane bed and it happened. They both seemed pleased with the result. ( apparently it was longer than 10 seconds) it will continue to happen until they get out the house. I think Taylor really like Joseph. Unfortunately she is still under the belief that he betrayed her and talked badly about her during direfest. She thinks he was not who she thought This is what Turner, Allysa and Kyle told her while laughing at how hurt she was. If Allysa really wanted to stay she could have told monte and Taylor the truth about direfest and about Turner ( how much he was really involved) and tried to leverage that but she doesn’t know how to play. Everything she did try to do Brittney told her to do. Anyway,it’s funny how people think Taylor is a slut but not Allysa? I guess a white women that has never been 4 months without a man can’t be a slut. And oh Men never get critized in these cases. Even when the men openly talk about sleeping with the women to trick them or to get further ahead or to control the women they get applauded for that but if a woman, sorry I mean black women has sex with a guy for love, strategy or just being horney and needed some affection they are a slut. People on here still talking about bayleigh and swaggy? She was a “slut” to. But they are married with child right now, and living their best life in Puerto Rico. Lol. So why are people bringing them up? People just can’t see their own unconscious biases. Monte is would not be my choice for Taylor if she was looking for a serious mate. And I think once she finds out what he said about her I think the will be the end of this relationship. I think it will end anyway as soon as this show is over. The unfortunate part is she made this decision based on the lies she was told about Joseph and this will be the end of them too. The thing with Taylor is 50/50 at best when it comes to reading people and reading the room. I’m not sure why she would ever believe kyle, Turner, allsya and Terrance that Joseph would betray her. Why would she continue to believe it after she found out about kyle? The best move for Monte and Taylor is to take Brittney. Monte is scared to take Brittney who they bothn can be in comps and votes. So he’ll take Turner and it will be a toss up with him. If they want to win. Take Brittney and have a much easier walk to the finish line.


Taylor is trying to sleep her way to a F2. Great representative of her race and gender. NOT!

Captain Kirk

Monte will never take Brittany, and maybe not even Turner.

Monte is focused on the “optics” of his decision rather than the logic behind the choices. He probably stands to lose votes from other Black contestants, as a consequence of his choice, if his “wrong” choice appears nothing but a”betrayal” and abandonment of the mission.

oklahoma gal

what lies about Joseph? He did tell them 3 had a F3 with Britt and Mike

Captain Kirk

Monte was faking his persona (or at least THAT much).

Strange that he sleeps with his glasses on. Wow….lol


Taylor upgraded? Hahaha have you seen Bayleigh? She is downright gorgeous. Taylor is a little pretty, but nothing in comparison to Bayleigh. Now Swaggie, he nasty. Monte is definitely an upgrade to Swaggy.


Can I see a show of hands who believe Monte and Taylor will be together (for very long) once BB is over.


Sorry there’s nothing classy anymore about Taylor.


These comments being left are such a major let down. The jealous, lame, comments are dumb so dumb and needlessly ughhhhhly! They are about the same as a f*rt in a car. I commented before on different feed but I will reiterate:
Taylor to Brittany “I know you voted to try to get me to jury.
I know you tried to get Turner to vote me to jury.
I know you bold faced lied about conversations you said you never had but you did.
I know you Brittany. Just stay here in my HOH room. Chill. Listen to music. Don’t let anyone see you cry. The door locks I am the ONLY one who has the key. Cough your fake germ cough in my face all you want. I love you.”

un autre nom

So I was away for the better part of a day…
My only thought about this season while I was having fun was on my way back home when I was asking myself: So what do the finalists think the jury is thinking?
We have exit interviews (which are post debrief, as we know from glowing Taylor comments made by jurors that couldn’t stand her), and we have a jury house clip which again is prodo inspired fed line for storyline filler more than anything else. The houseguests don’t even have that.
A couple of weeks ago they thought Alyssa had jury votes from her friends Indy and Jasmine along with Kyle. That was their reason to make sure Alyssa never made final 2.
DO they still think that everyone that hated Taylor will vote against Taylor?
Do they think the jury is voting big moves or over all game?
Do they think Kyle would only vote for the white finalist? (ed. not my opinion, a valid question given events).
Who do they think will be bitter? Against who?

Btw, anyone understand why I wanted a chaos veto win at 4 yet? because since season 20 the winner of final 4 veto has won the season, and I wanted that pattern to break? RIGHT.

The Kats Meow

I really think that because they’re so isolated with their own thoughts and paranoia in that house that they truly believed Alyssa had the votes in the bag. To be honest I did too, especially Kyle’s and the bitter betties duo Terrence/Indy. I never liked Jasmine and honestly never got a read on her that was clear enough to know if she would be a fair or bitty jury member. I suspect Alyssa would have had her vote had she made it to F2. At this point after they’ve had time to think about game and not personal feelings, I still believe Terrance in Indy will be bitter and nasty toward Taylor. Those two and Jasmine will be bitter and nasty to Turner. The other voters are up for grabs.

un autre nom

Here’s the thing: Indy is not a girls girl mentality person. She always wanted to go to final 3 with Monte and Joseph. Her support after eviction was for Michael before the Kyle reveal. Indy votes male, anyone that talked to her long enough knows this. If it’s 2 males? who least offended her or least betrayed her personally.
Jasmine will always vote how production wants her to vote in her talks with production. In her last talks with production she went to interviews talking like she and Taylor were kindred spirits and long lost sisters. She’s the season 18 Da’vonne vote where we ask well how the hell did that happen until we see Jasmine popping up on other shows then we say…. oh, got it.
Joseph? Doesn’t vote Turner because he didn’t want the season to be about everything that Turner does as gameplay. However, he will vote Monte not realizing that Monte created the entire bullying aspect of the season through his witchtrial strategy to get house concensus to target Monte’s targets.
Michael will say it’s game, but his ethical interpretation of game as a loophole in order to hide a bitter vote.
Terrance votes male. Terrance votes black. Terrance votes Monte every damn day all day long.
Alyssa? votes with the majority thinking she’s finally part of something.
Kyle? How-EVER production tells him to. They’ve been protecting, shielding and telling houseguests not to discuss you know what… and prepped him for his exit interview and jury house strategy even thought everyone already knew about the wall yellers. He votes redemptive see I’ve learned the error of my ways because production tells him that’s how they can spin it if he’s asked.
Britt? Votes Taylor. If Taylor isn’t there? She doesn’t care.

Monte Turner or Taylor as final juror? Whoever knocked them out loses their vote, likely didn’t have their vote anyway. They vote a half hour after being evicted. They aren’t thinking game they are bitter.

Captain Kirk

“Jasmine will always vote how production wants her to vote in her talks with production”
Soooo, outcome determined by production? Rigging the votes? Where have we heard THAT before?

On another note (voting), i agree that Terrance votes Black, but just like Jasmine. She will too regardless of sex.

Brittany votes White (which is what you were saying but were afraid to state it).

Joe and Michael leans male, but for different reasons.
Further, Michael may lean W and Joe may lean B.

Indy is questionable. I tend to classify her leaning male, but can easily vote female regardless of B or W.

un autre nom

Production writes the questions they ask on finale night.
Production has urged voting in the past. The jurors can choose to disregard, or hold out for offers of appearance on other programs to play along.
Big brother is not held to the rules and standards of game show regulations since the 2019 court ruling.
Terrance votes male first, black second.
Britt votes female first, not white first.
Joe leans male in his week one and two talks.
Michael leans Monte or Taylor.
Neither Michael or Joe vote with racial bias.

Captain Kirk

Thanks for the response. I’ll research that court opinion. I’m assuming it’s an appellate state court opinion (action perhaps initiated by a former contestant??)

un autre nom

wasn’t former contestant. viewers filed complaints with broadcast standards and practices. The main thing i remember is the case was actually years in the research, and while the case was ongoing, there was less overt manipulation until the ruling that stated because the show is classified as reality entertainment programming, not a game show, it does not have to meet the same standards.

Captain Kirk

I see.

However, the distinction between “game show” and “reality show” seems rather thin to me. I may be motivated to do a little legal research on that.

The whole notion of a “game” (as BB is routinely identified to be by all of the postings here) where a group contestants are competing for a grand prize requires a fair and level playing field for all participants. One would think, right?

Thus, by allowing and permitting production to essentially manipulate and influence voting (voter manipulation) and outcome, it not only seems outrageously unfair but also violative of protective laws against unfair trade and deceptive practices.


A very superficial cursory search only yield a civil action that was filed by a former contestant over an incident whereby another contestant put a BUTCHER KNIFE to the victim’s throat. WOW.


Pretty sure Kyle would vote for a Black HG as part of his redemption arc. He doesn’t need production to tell him that.

Taylor vs Monte, not sure where he would go with that one.

un autre nom

70/30 Monte. Pound. night 2 agreement. It would be like his initial instinct to pair with Monte was correct. Would be viewed as game long loyalty spin along with, “look my redemption is complete, just like they’ve been telling me in my sessions with the production team…. see? That’s not how I think anymore.”
But the question is: Does the HOUSE think Kyle votes white. Is that what Monte, Taylor and Turner would think?

Captain Kirk

“But the question is: Does the HOUSE think Kyle votes white. Is that what Monte, Taylor and Turner would think?”
Where is he from? Utah, right? Most likely registered Republican. Most likely would have congestive heart failure if Terrance takes him on a tour of the SouthSide of Chicago. He votes WHITE, but if F2 are Monte and Taylor, his vote might be dictated by the “bro” factor OR a flip of a coin.

un autre nom

because i missed most of a day I wanted to know what the houseguests were thinking in terms of who had who’s vote.
I think everyone is getting a little off track, me included.

Captain Kirk

Well, i think the discussion is, at worse, premature by a week, but it’s still very relevant, and on-point.


Depends if taylors dress gives him a boner.

Captain Kirk

Not even with 10 viagras will Kyle get up for Taylor….lol

Where have you been? lol

Captain Kirk

But no redemption (really?) if Monte and Taylor F2. No choice but to vote for a black finalist UNLESS there were also allegations against him for sexism. THEN you could say redemption.


I think Kyle has learned from the experience and that he will not factor in race. My guess is his vote woukd be for Monte.

un autre nom

So does the house think Monte has Kyle’s vote?
This is what I’m wondering.
They could think he votes with his final 2 that was forced to nom him but wanted to keep him.
I don’t know.


Yes I think Monte does have Kyle’s vote. Michael was very pro Monte in his interview and he liked him as a person and his gameplay and I think the rest of the jury would see this.

I’d feel good about Monte winning BB. I fear though that Taylor who has now become the worst role model for girls in America, will somehow win.


Taylor says she’ll be “the bad woman of the season”. Taylor you’re not that clever or important enough for that distinction, girl — it’s down the final four for God sake whereas it’s every man or woman for themselves.
You should have been working hard ALL season for that illustrious “bad woman” title. Get over yourself !


HaHa! Taylor has developed a very unattractive sense of self importance. And sleeping her way to F2 is not a good way to represent her race or her gender.

Captain Kirk



Here’s that boot list from Aug 19th. I couldn’t foresee the Taylor-Monte hookup, so that’s one of the wrinkles. But still confident about the final two and the vote split. “Monte for the win! Boot list: Kyle-Terrance-Alyssa-Taylor-Michael. Final 3 Brit-Monte-Turner – Final 2: Turner/Monte Votes for Monte 6 to 3” Not enjoying the
hoh show. Glad it’s over in a week.


SO AM I!!!! I was done when Michael left. The remaining are pitiful. Taylor has replaced Turner as bottom of the barrel.


Brittany did have that one brief moment of glory. Voting out Taylor was a bold move. It didn’t work but it made Turner look dumb. He was crying because of Brittany’s evil ways or maybe it was sour grapes.


Yes, I have to give credit to Brittany for that one smart move.
And now Taylor has degraded herself to sleeping herself into the F2. Truly when you think about it, she has nothing else to offer at this point. I used to think she represented her race well, that ended. And she no longer represents females well either!!

And yet, this degraded person will probably win BB.


She’s won two HOH’s tf you talking about she’s sleeping her way to final 2


When she knew she was a risk of going and Monte had the control, she started the sex relationship with Monte. That’s sleeping her way to the F2. I think she would have slept with Turner if F2 was her perceived end result!


No one needs to be represented each person is an individual and should be seen as such. Not categorized


I Loving this Monte n Taylor late steam roll!!!!

Captain Kirk

“Monte n Taylor” OR Monte in Taylor??

Which it b ? lol


Why are you folks so MAD??? Taylor won her way to F3!!! Your favorite didn’t! Get over it! Giver her credit for beating Brittany head up! You folks always try to know others accomplishments



Ursula Wikson

So I’m hearing people say Taylor is a whore, has has hood like tendencies. How dare anyone judge her when they don’t even know her. It’s so wrong that everyone judges her for everything and gives the rest of the house a pass on everything they do. To all the bullies who have attacked Taylor in the house and all the people who wartch and attack her……shame on all of you. Why are women always called whores? Is Monte a whore too? All this bashing of Taylor is so wrong and uncalled for. All of you need to remember that this is a game. This is a game for 750. Stop acting as if you all have a personal relationship with Taylor. She’s playing a game. So many people have said horrible things about her since day one. I feel sorry for all of you because when you judge someone, you’re showing the kind of person you are and it’s not looking good.



It may not be fair, it may not be equitable, but since the beginning of time men are considered ‘studs’ while women who give it away to quickly or freely are considered whores (your word not mine). From the 1st episode Taylor was over-the-top flirtatious and posing sexy when her attention was on the guys while playing pool. Apparently the dye was cast immediately as far as her BB reputation was concerned. I’m not necessarily saying you’re wrong about what you wrote, I’m just trying to explain where all the Taylor-bashing originated from and apparently there was no turning back.


You revealed your own bias by stating that a woman gives it away too freely.

As well when you say over the top flirtatious.

I won’t explain why as it’s time for people to simply listen and learn. These conversations have been all over social media if people are willing to absorb and think on it.

Captain Kirk

“a woman gives it away too freely”
Give what away?

Captain Kirk

” women who give it away to quickly or freely”


Giving what away?


This has to be the most boring season. These people were never able to play the game with CBS interference, first the besties, and then the bs painting Kyle as a racist. He was just suggesting the possible alliances and after the genius move of the cookout no one was crying.