“I did my job. Like you needed me there this week I’ll need you there next week” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner: Monte
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

1:00 am Monte alone waiting for Turner

Monte – All I have to do is win that Veto comp.. I have to make sure Brittany doesn’t win the veto comp. I had a great conversations with Taylor how she still wants to take Brittany to final 3 which I understand because what that will lead to if she has a decision to make to final 2 she’ll pick Brittany cause it’s a easy DUB call it a day.
Monte – However I respect the gangster is not what’s best for me what’s best for me is to take her and Turner to the final 3 although Brittany will be somebody I can beat in a physical comp I think she is smart and witty enough to potentially win some of these mental comps that being said She’s a higher risk of a lot of these mental comps that we have. So she must go.

Turner joins him for a game of pool.

Monte – Here’s the thing.. America has got to not stand Brittany. Look at her BB comic and zingbot.. I mean
Turner – BB comic, Zingbot that whole Kyle thing
Monte – that’s what I’m saying. I don’t think umm.. I don’t think America likes her a whole lot
Turner – I don’t either holy shit
Monte – or production she hasn’t been getting a lot of love on these outward reflections of her game.
Feeds flip to Taylor in the HOH bathroom. When we’re back
Monte – I was thinking about the damn Veto.. Three to one. I feel good about my conversation with Taylor about the three of us. The fact she was willing to put up Brittany was a good sign.
Turner – we talked about our final three. She said at first I was uncomfortable going to the final three with you. Your resume is way bigger than anybody elses but I’ve seen the way myself, you and Monte operate and you are the only people in the house I want to be in the end with.
Turner – I Don’t think my resume is any bigger than either of you to. I don’t think my jury management is as good.
Monte – it’s got to be reassuring to hear
Turner – she was like if I wasn’t committed I wouldn’t have named it. I said Two girls one guy? she said ‘NO Guys Girls’
They laugh
Monte – The crazy part is that you know how we all got here started from a large Paranoia from Kyle and I think it came from people not necessarily sharing what the hell was actually happening like when it came to that whole Old Skool thing. I come to find out that wasn’t actually a thing. Quite the discovery. I find no reason for Alyssa to lie about that I still want to hear from everybody after the show this sh1t was actually not something. Kyle made it seem like it was a thing. Even Joe said that Jasmine filled him in on Old Skool when they brought him in.
Turner – When I went inside Taylor was Screaming upstairs she was like ‘NO’
Turner – I’m dying to know what that was about
Monte – she has a flair for the dramatic

Taylor joins them says she was singing to Beyonce. “I’m not even a Beyonce stand but this b1tch is in the f**ing bag damn”
Monte – I would like to hear it

Brittany joins them. starts swaying from side to side. They talk about the turf in the backyard.
They bring up how the tight rope is gone. Feeds cut. When we’re back Taylor and Brittany head inside leaving Monte and Turner to their pool game.
Turner and Monte talk about how Turner broke a pool stick and production never said anything about it.
Monte – Unbelievable

Monte – Brittany is walking around in there doing nothing
Turner – the only reason she came out is because I was out here and Turner was out here.
Monte – she’s the only person she feels comfortable speaking to is Taylor. Even then Taylor must be doing a good job duping her. I think Brittany has to know especially after noms that Taylor not believing whatever the f*** she’s saying
Turner – yeah BIG time
Monte – if she did believe her she wouldn’t have put you up
Turner – it was a satisfying moment seeing Brittany’s face up there first..
Monte – I was worried if I say you face first I would be next.

Monte about Brittany “I don’t trust her and you’ve been clearly sabotaged by her or an attempted sabotage”
Turner – she must know how much pressure there is for her to win this comp
Monte – it’s really for everybody but for her especially it’s do or die. If I am deciding it’s pretty clear what the hell has to happen.
Turner about Brittany – if you make a move like that at least look me in the eye and talk to me not like ‘HUH i’m sorry you feel that way’
Monte – yeah
Turner – it’s so frigging UGH
Monte – it’s really bad.. to me being a GOOD Big Brother player doesn’t mean you make overtly obvious manipulations and lies or whatever. Your sh1t should be subtle at least. It’s so obvious at this point
Turner – for weeks
Monte – FOR WEEKS.. She’s not very good at playing the game. I think honestly her dependency on Michael throughout the game I think has led her to believe she has to play this hard for her to get some sort of street cred or jury cred whatever the f***. Clearly just misplaced. we have one job and one job only win a competition
Turner – we’ve done it many times
Monte – we’ve done it when it was needed most
Turner – with more people
Monte – 12 days till freedom
Turner- 12 days until me your or taylor are f**ing rich
Monte brings up that second place gets 75K

Monte – Honestly to me the money like I’m going to figure that out. i almost think it’ll add more stress. Not like a MO Money MO Problems thing more like a.. do I have to think differently about the people around me because I won this 750K.
Monte – for you.. you know thankfully you have a loving girlfriend who was with you before you got that you know what I mean. now I have to think about you know am I getting attention for the wrong reasons?
Turner- that’s true Mo Money Mo Problems
Monte – Mo Money Mo Problems, I would rather have that problem than not having it.
they laugh
Turner facts
Turner – that 75K that can be produced within a year it’s a nice advance
Monte – knowing it’ll be in good hands regardless is what give me peace
Turner – For sure. just the thought of me you and Taylor all good people whoever wins I am f**ing stoked about
Monte – right right very much so
Monte about Brittany – we literally talked about Daniel doing this to Michael. Why would you do this to your damn self?
Monte – the fact that she did that shows she’s sketchy
Turner – BIG TIME… did what?
Monte laughs were you not paying attention.. how he (daniel) needs the money and Why he needs to be in Jury because of it.
Feeds flip to Brittany wandering around. When we’re back
Turner about Brittany – she really put all her eggs in one basket. What does she think will happen if one of us wins?
Monte – yeah, Honestly this is a sign of desperation. You have to think about it what was her game before when Michael was here? Let Michael win and save me every time. That was essentially what her game was.
They talk about Brittany asking Turner for a final 2 out of the blue, “it was desperation man”

Feeds flip back to Brittany staring at the wall. after 5 minutes we’re back to Monte and Turner

1:50 am Turner and Taylor chit chat about various topics like the amount of water is used in the production of Almond Milk.
Monte – I watched something on Netflix about the water crisis.. I was definitely High when I watched it the sh1t but. Apparently there are parts of the world some places where there’s civilisation where it’s hard to um.. get ample supply of water.

2:11 am Monte and Taylor
Taylor says she’s going to de-glam and go to bed “I’m cuddly tired”
Monte – That is the best kind of Tired
The camera zooms in
Monte – and the camera is zooming..
Taylor – enough
Monte – did you get what you wanted for tonight?
Taylor – no they did not
Monte – live feeders
Taylor – nosey mother f***ers
Monte – we see you see us
Monte – how you doing?
Taylor smiles “Good chilling.. I’m not leaving this house until finale night”
Taylor is happy she’ll never see the Jury house
Taylor – you’ll never see the Jury house
Monte – I’m not going to say that
Taylor – I did my job.
Monte – when things are high pressure I tend to figure it out somehow. I think i’ll do it (Win veto)
Taylor – good. need you there.. Like you needed me there this week I’ll need you there next
Monte – I’ll make sure to be there.
They had briefly talked about meeting up tonight.


Taylor – Come here..
They start to make out. Taylor says ‘not making a move until week 11’
Monte – means we can both here here for it
Taylor yes ohh my god.. to the end
Taylor leaves “I’ll see you upstairs later”

3:40 am Taylor waiting for Monte


3:46 am Taylor gives up waiting for Monte. It’s hard not to notice the movements under the sheets for a couple minutes
at 3:49 am Taylor “Ahh yes”

4:02 am Monte finally makes it up to the HOH.
Monte – sorry I came up so late Turner was up forever. I almost slipped and fell asleep..
Taylor – you made it
Monte – I did make it

Feeds flip..

4:16 am periodically the feeds flip for a second to the HOH where Monte and Taylor are cuddling

4:38 am Kissing and talking about getting out of the game and adjusting to the outside world
Taylor – make sure you stay in LA after
Taylor – I think I like you Monte
Monte laughs “I do to”
They talk about when they can stop hiding their showmance. They plan to wait until after the veto is played.
Taylor – since day one.. You’re a patient man.
Monte – I like to focus I don’t want to give people a reason to target me
Taylor – I don’t think you are a Kyle. Please don’t have s$x with me then lie to me about the game.
Monte – I told you want time it was
Taylor – I trust you
Monte – what we talked about on the couch is exactly how I feel
Monte says he needs to “Pee real quick”
Monte start looking for his underwear “it’s helpful to keep underwear on one leg. It’s easy to find” (BB Protips)
Feeds flip. When we’re back.
Monte is telling her about when he started liking her it was during Big BroChella.
Monte – yeah.. seeing you in your natural hair is like seeing you in a different light I just .. i don’t know what it is I am a very.. I can see you doing very well in a photo shoot where it’s a forest and you are there with you natural hair down. It’s very RAW and very adam and eve-ish. that attracts me.. that’s good stuff right there. Also us spending more time together. there is a side of you that is.. told bitchy side you embrace I also know there is another side..
They kiss more.
5:15 am Still up kissing and chatting
Monte brings up smoking weed “all sensations are heightened. Like if you’ve had a climax then you’ve not had a climax until you’ve had one when you’re High”
Monte – It is like something you don’t forget just believe. Especially with me I’m not going to sit here and brag but you;ll get to some place you’ve never been before.
Monte – it’s ready and available. just a new experience I think would be fun

6:00 am zzzzz

7:20 am Lights on!
Monte is the only one out and about. He’s doing laundry outside.

8:30 am Feeds go to pound

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Mr. Jackson(played by the super talented John Witherspoon): Now Marcus, I hear a girl down at the office got you p*$$y-whipped.
[Smacks on fingers]  You got to reverse it. Don’t be p*$$y-whipped, whip that p*$$y. Like this here, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

Taylor is smiling and glowing like SUPER BIG.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

I hate HATE showmances. And to start one in the last two weeks. Seesh.

Captain Kirk

“Monte brings up smoking weed “all sensations are heightened. Like if you’ve had a climax then you’ve not had a climax until you’ve had one when you’re High”

Nothing new there, fur sur, other than giving the online psychologist / sociologist / or PhD candidates working on their thesis, some dort of material and context for comparing and contrasting “Hood” vs. “Suburbia” (“showmances”), and how the two sides approach financial planning differently.


What do you mean by “hood” vs “suburbia”?


Taylor- I am flirting with the idea of I dont nominate you in exchange for if I win the veto, you keep Brittany. Monte to Taylor- If it’s up to me winning competitions, I will bet on myself and I will bet on me picking you 100% over Turner. There is no situation where I prioritize Turner over you in some sort of final two. That’s what I am locked in to….. Turner what the hell were you thinking keeping Taylor? 6 rounds – 6 evictions in arrow Turner has burned a jury vote. Keeping Taylor all for her to want you out at F4 while losing your ideal F2 with Monte is stupid. You don’t keep players at eviction who want you out next. It is a joke to see Taylor fans say great job Turner. After he clearly made one of the stupidest moves ever and they can’t see that. Taylor fans clearly dont care or understand strategy.

Not Jason’s Holly

So the scenario of Brittany winning veto, taking herself down, Monte has to go up with Brittany deciding who to evict has not been mentioned much.

Who do you think she would vote out? I think Monte would be gone because of the showmance. Only Brittany cares about that!


I think she sends Monte home.


brittany needs to figure out if turner or monte would be more likely to take her to final 2. i think the showmance makes her opt towards eliminating monte though.

Game fan

yeah i think she would vote out monte as well , cause she also said she would do so if he doesent show her loyalty and take out turner at 5.


I think she’d vote out Turner. She likes to think she’s strategy but her self awareness is offfff. I think she’d vote out Turner because I don’t think she can hack openly being called out and enduring hostile vibes. She’s desperate. So she’ll keep whoever seems in good graces to her. Plus I just think she’s petty and still can’t get over her rivalry with him.


Monte likes Taylor when she is natural that’s actually really sweet, and it makes his black snake moan!

Baby Name

Taylor + Monte = Tante



Don't Shoot the Messenger

TayTay, since they’re both Taylors.


I was a big fan of Turner and Monte at the beginning of the show, now I’m Brittany for the win. The trio of Monte, Taylor and Turner have become so pompous they are painful to watch.


Monte n turner are becoming so unlikable with the constant Brittany bashing. She can’t even walk outside without them trashing her. Sadly I’m sure prod/grod already has her pet f/2- monte/Taylor.


Omg turner & Brittany playing for third. I sure hope one of them win veto and make the right call.. vote Monte out of this house.

Not Jason’s Holly

Turner won’t vote out Monte.


Did everyone (especially Taylor) know that Brittany was going to vote Taylor out?


Crap all the air has been sucked out of the game. I just feel disconnected from these people. Turner is crying cause the train just hit him. Boo hoo you suck up. After you. No after you.

Mad Max

sorry but I find this totally disgusting……I’d kill my kids(even if they were adults) for acting like this!


Wtf, psycho mommy

The Kats Meow

It’s just a tv show damn.


you’re so cringe…

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Turner please win veto and send Brittany home to save the season

un autre nom

Don’t care that they are having sex (other than whether or not either is using it tactically as a game strategy and owning it). Still bothered that She’s unknowingly sleeping with her bully. Sure he apologized for believing Paloma over her, and for being a part of the mob… but he was the leader of the mob, and she doesn’t know that. That’s cringe. Even the support of the Leftovers about anti-bullying was a red herring in order to keep numbers for the pound (as stated during the Monte, Turner and Kyle conversation during Turner’s last full HOH).
Before anyone shakes a fist in the sky at me saying Daniel, Nic, Paloma. Who started the ball rolling? Monte. Because he’d convinced Daniel to put up Taylor as renom, and now needed house concensus on target. Who kept the ball rolling by telling everyone not to speak to Taylor at all, and not to tell her anything? Monte. Repeatedly. Who told them to shit on her in goodbyes so she knows what a rotten person she is to put her in her place? Monte.
Who gave Daniel permission to push his agenda? Monte. Who kept everyone focused on the Taylor agenda? Daniel and Nic didn’t have the juice, It was Monte.
He apologized for being part of the mob? He was the agent provocateur ring leader. And why? Because she spoke to him like an equal week one.
Others can come up with cute names and gush about this… sorry won’t be joining you on that one. To me it’s just one more thing he has to apologize for, gaslighting her with a partial apology that downplayed his role in her abuse, then making her the movie of the week starlet in a role where the beauty queen with a tragic past is unknowingly seduced by her attacker.
Come on, they’ve made that movie of the week at least a dozen times with a dozen different actresses. Let’s move to the 3/4 point in the show… she gets out and finds out just how much of her poor treatment was masterminded by Monte and feels she looks the fool. Anyone who is her fan should not want this for her. I’m nobody’s fan and I’m embarrassed about it.

Captain Caveman!

Thank you, i thought i was the only one who felt that way.


Exactly I’ve never been a Monte fan. He definitely misread the information those first couple weeks and then lead an inappropriate response. I have no respect for that sort of behavior.

Carlito's Way

It seems like it happened overnight, but now I am rooting for Brittany. I had a lot of trouble tolerating her previously, but now I want her to win. I loathe the endgame of Turner, Monte, and Taylor. It brings me back to the beginning of the game when they showed their true colors, bashing Taylor at that time. Not they can’t stop bashing Brittany. It is so ugly, nasty and egregious. And the irony of them talking about how they are the “good people” and deserving of the win. We good – Brittany bad. Taylor is letting her hormones rule her decisions. Let’s not forget, Taylor had a crush on DANIEL and wanted to make out with him (some throw-up just came up in my mouth) – all the while when he was hating on her. Then she switched to Joseph and now this cringey liaison with Monte, who has spoken despicably about Taylor since week one. WHY TAYLOR WHY? What is wrong with her? She was also quick to drop Brittany like it’s hot the minute Monte came sniffing around. Could they not wait two weeks? This hook-up seems like a game move on both sides and honestly it’s just stomach turning and cringey. Can’t stand the way they think we love watching their “sessions” and Oh the irony of Monte and Turner talking about America hating Brittany. The nerve, the gall – please just get over yourselves. Good game went out the window when Michael left. If only Brittany had won that HOH, what a different game this would be. I would find the greatest satisfaction watching Monte and Turner groveling at Brittany’s feet. But now we are stuck with an ugly and aggravating finale. Can’t believe I am saying this but, GO Brittany? Don’t think she has a chance, but go Brittany go.

Captain Caveman!

Some of my best relationship started out with us literally hating each other. Sometimes it just pans out that way. Believe me when i tell you Monte will not get a pass once he gets out on how he degraded Taylor and his not so flattering words about the cookout. The vultures are circling social media waiting on him to get out into the real world before he gets torn apart. However, Brittany is getting what her and Michael were dishing out just a few weeks ago. Its just coming full circle. I did not expect Brittany to turn her back on Taylor though. I however hope that Taylor and Brittany do make it to the end though with Taylor winning.


Lol, I’d be quick to drop Brittany too. Look at that mess of a game. It’s cringe to watch.. and then hear her cry about it all. I don’t like when people get too cocky either, and I could do without that trio.. but Brittany has been a HORRIBLE game player.

Side note, it must be something about the house that gets people in their minds about being good and bullying people. It’s so gross, and it ALWAYS happens.

Avid watcher

Naw. She’s done. Facts!


Brittany for AFP!!!! Let Turner, Monte, and Taylor rewatch the show through that lens!


Based upon everything I’ve read here from the start about what people think and say about Brittany there is no way she’ll be voted AFP. No. Way. I doubt she’ll even be named in the top 3.


True, BB definitely went out the window when Michael left.


Definitely!! I stopped watching when Michael left cause these pathetic people are offensive to watch. He really played BB like the champion that he is. These people are nauseating to listen to.


Not that it will happen but I’d love to see the expressions on the loser trio if Brittany won afp.


I hope Brittany wins veto Monte goes up and gets voted out then Brittany or Turner wins HOH and Taylor goes. After that hopefully Brittany wins cause Turner has kinda turned into Monte ‘s puppet. Please no more Monte and Taylor sucking face makes me nauseated. I can’t believe Turner and Brittany don’t know about them.

Mike Honcho

Britt does. Alyssa spilled the beans catching them in bed. She should have told Turner and Britt’s reaction in her meeting with Turner.


Monte won the final Veto! Welp! It’s Bye Bye Britt!! I have been waiting for this day a long time!!

un autre nom

Looks like Monte won veto.


Soooo….at 3:46 am is the author implying that Taylor was masterbating?!?


Ummm. I don’t think there was any implying involved 🙂


I think Monte will vote out Turner


Monte won veto !!
Bye bye Britt — done deal.


UGH – so a whole week of misogynist Monte & hypocrite Turner berating Brittany’s existence & why she’s not deserving of being in F3.

Taylor/Britt needs to come up with something to shake Monte to the core — to make him believe that Turner intends to cut him if he gets to pick F2. Is there a world where they can convince Monte that Turner was the one who made the F2 deal with Brittany? Doubtful – he’s such a chauvinist & so stubborn I just can’t see him shifting even if TPTB try to pressure him.

I think they’ll need something big to flip him from keeping Turner. Oh well, I need to focus on work anyway so I guess it’s not a bad thing I won’t be tempted to watch BB anymore.

un autre nom

Britt crying to Taylor.
owns keeping the reveal information secret because she was protecting Michael, and didn’t know how to get out of it once she started lying.
Is this 100% true, no. Is this 100% false? no.
Britt was the one that wanted to reveal the info in week 6 before the house split. Michael didn’t want to give up his middle position, thought Kyle would wise up. Britt is the one that wanted to reveal during the house split. Michael fresh from d/r didn’t want to reveal it. Britt fresh from d/r returns to the conversation agreeing that they should wait and see but still consider hinting. At this point the house knows about the wall yellers. When they finally revealed it, as part of Michael’s plan to save both Monte and Taylor, Britt was worried they’d waited too long but wanted to do the reveal.
So yes, and no on the truth scale. Gamewise? It finally separated Michael and Kyle, a goal she’d long coveted.
Doesn’t cover any of her other lies since. LOTS AND LOTS OF THOSE. But then, half of the things that the house determines to be lies aren’t exactly kosher. Monte wanted Britt as public enemy number one the minute she said Monte and Turner had a final 2 (how did she know that, she’s gotta go), and Turner twisted every conversation to be far worse so that he looked better (poor victim minding his own business wasn’t even part of the conversation when big bad Britt threatened him and spoke in tongues like possessed by a demon threatening his immortal soul). She’s lied plenty, and stupid lies. However… this IS the same burn the witch routine that Monte and Turner have pushed all season long without question. She just made it easy for them.
Once she warned people they were targets in week one and nobody believed her, she was labelled the house liar. She was telling the truth back then. Even when the Pound boys admitted she warned them and was honest about it, they still looked at her with suspicion.
It was always going to be easy to paint her as worse than she was.
She’s been a hyperhypnotoading freak. She’s told a lot of stupid lies that didn’t need to be told. That’s 100% true. BUT… she’s also been gaslit to be worse than what she was, and everyone buys it.