“Truce man, you are going to stay in this game”

Big Brother Spoilers – Mark on the block sounds like he’s going to jury.

10:00pm Kyra and Dane
Talking about getting Mark out this week. Dane says he can get Anthony on board. Doesn’t think Anthony and Mark are that close
They bury the hatchet. Truce real truce.. swear..

Dane – truce
Kyra – Truce man
Kyra – you are going to stay in this game

they hug it out
Dane – I love you man.. love you buddy

10:40pm – 12:40am Adam and Mark.
Mark challenges Adam to a Cherios stacking game. The first one to stack 15 wins. Adam – F**K! This is driving me insane! Mark – oh I found a strategy.. I’m going to win now. Adam – what are you licking them?! Mark – no, I’m going for the fatter ones. Anthony – okay guys, the object of the game is to stack the Cherios. Adam eventually cheats by using a noodle in the center of the o’s to stack 21. They fool Anthony into thinking he had actually stacked them.

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another name

Hey Simon and Dawg
I think the veto ceremony has happened and Mark is now on the block in Adam’s place (for the sake of the header on the home page)

Guy From Canada

Apparently there was some good talk today stated by another viewer of your blog. Is Dane really set to stay? I watched the first conversation with Anthony and Dane…Anthony genuinely seemed like he was reviving it, he didn’t use his BS responses like I’ve seen him do with Adam. As for the rest, I had to garden for 8 hours so I missed it all….is there a hope for Dane to stay now?


Would Love to see Dane stay, win HOH and put up Anthony and Kyra . .and have Adam vote out Anthony !!!!!!! He, he, he . . . . .can not stand Anthony !!!!!


can not stand Anthony either, he is just trying to be a nice guy. He is from Toronto, I am too, but he does not deserve to win. He is a dumb bell. I hope he is outed. He does not deserve a price at all.

another name

Real question:
What’s the deal with former Edmonton Radio personalities being on Big Brother Canada?
Kevin Martin. Joel Lefevre. Chelsea Bird. Mark D.
Additionally… with full knowledge that some of them have worked for Corus in the past, have all of them?
Seriously. What’s the deal?


Lmfao I’m sooo confused.. is she delusional?? To think she can screw over 2 people and have them ok with her next week when she can’t play HOH lol lol!!! Or did….. production keep close tabs on social media and see that the fans are pissed off? ? this show is all over the fckin place!!


If Mark is indeed going to jury, how @$)?! Stupid is Kyra.
Wit Adam and Dane she has no chance of getting to final 2 unless these guys turn on each other.


That’s awesome for Dane and Adam!

I'm livid

as long as mark and anthony don’t win, we’re gucci

I'm livid

oh thank god I hope Mark goes!


What did I miss that Anthony is campaigning to keep Dane? She has no chance to keep Dane and win against Adam or Dane. What’s in it for Anthony? I must have missed something.

another name

Something entertains me. Well not capital E entertains, but at least held my interest for a minute:
Now that the veto ceremony is over… Kyra still thinks they have power or sway in terms of the vote.
Seriously? Sure, Eeyore gets the tie breaker vote, but that’s only if the boys allow the vote to go to a tie. Any other opinion Kyra has about which to keep is irrelevant.
The mom (and friend) visit.
cute in that which one would you evict first if they took their kid’s place kind of way. I know. I’m heartless. but family visits are always so blahblahblah to me. Of course their mama is going to like them.
petty thought in my head: how much is Anthony going to hold it against Kyra that Kyra got the one minute visit with her mom.
You know dang well if it was the houseguest’s choice they’d all have given it to Anthony. Because why stop the free ride now?

another name

serious thought: how good is Anthony’s game if his allies hadn’t won 6 hoh (seven if you include Mark’s hoh)?
how good is Anthony’s game if his allies weren’t constantly pushing everyone to keep anthony safe and trust him because of that alliance? One can say who pushed the alliance members to hold Anthony in such high regard… but that’s pretty much what alliance mates do. Yes, he was able to play with his alliance mates brains, but their sense of alliance first is what gave Anthony that ability.
As much as people say master manipulator: what level of juice does Anthony have without the two allies that have kept him safe because they were in an alliance? Every week, the two people that were most influential in terms of social dynamic were ensuring that Anthony would be beyond reproach because they were in an alliance.
Even his thralls Cory and Kyra were originally pushed to trust Anthony by others to whom he was aligned.
I contend that, Yes, Anthony is able to spin a yarn and twist perception to a high degree, but his general trustworthiness has been a question in everyone’s mind until his alliance members quashed the question, and pushed them to listen to anthony and trust him implicitly.
Because of this i think much of Anthony’s game is free ride.


Dang I wish she had put Anthony up! He is sooooo annoying, I can’t stand any of the air time he gets! I can’t wait for them all to watch it back to see what an asshat he really is…and that they all fell for his dog and pony show! Kyra wouldn’t win no matter who she sits beside, she should have just stayed true to Adam and Dane and hoped for the second prize, better than nothing and also then wouldn’t be labeled the worst player of all time, a flip flopper and loyal to none! If somehow it’s her and Anthony in the finale I’m not even going to watch, I seriously could care less about the outcome if it’s one of them! So glad Game of Thrones was so frikin awesome last night, cause this season of BB Canada has been a snooze-fest!

another name

Why am i still not buying that Mark will leave?
I mean, other than my long held concern that Mark was cast as a production plant that failed to entertain as they thought he would, and as a production plant has to be eliminated by the finals… what actual game sense does it make for them to keep Dane?
The supposed mental comp guy of the alliance has performed as badly as Anthony in three out of the four mental comps. Mark is easier to beat. by everyone. hands down. he’s a less toxic goat than kyra, but he’s just as much a goat. Taking Mark to the finals is a sure win, and he’s easier to drag.
It’s Monday. I’m still being hyper vigilant of conversations that happen after d/r visits (I can’t help it, I don’t trust production).
Note: early today after a d/r Kyra expressed her concerns about getting rid of Mark to Anthony.
Now Adam and Anthony are planning to tell Mark in advance that he is leaving. On Wacky Wednesday afternoon. Something smells fishy.
I don’t have it in me to change my mind about Dane being in more danger than Mark from a strictly game based perspective.