“I’m evicting the one person I can win against for sure”

Spoilers – Original plan is to have the vote be a tie and have Kyra evict Mark. This may be changing as Anthony doesn’t want to “humiliate a legend”

5:08pm Kyra and Dane

Kyra – so my mind was racking all night I slept like maybe 2 hours
Kyra – I’m evicting the one person I can win against for sure which might be stupid but I need to get to the end
Dane – If I leave it’s Adam vs Anthony and if Adam wins… (shakes head)
Kyra – I know Mark will not take me to the final 2 anymore and now he realizes I’m going win and he doesn’t like me enough to take me. if he’s going to get 20grand he’s going to give the first place to someone he thinks deserves it more.
Kyra – I believe you will take me
Kyra thinks Anthony and Dane have a better chance to win Big Brother Canada against them than against each other.
Dane goes on about him mom saying to him “do what it takes” like this was her way of saying final 2 with Kyra
Kyra – Mark won’t help us take out Adam..
Dane – he won’t
Kyra mentions that Mark “knows” he’s not going to win.
Kyra – he doesn’t deserve to be here
Dane agrees says the rest of them do.
Kyra – our better odds are keeping you and take down Adam
Dane – we have a better chance us three
Kyra – nobody will beat Adam he’s going to be very suspicious when we keep you
Dane – he wants to vote Mark out but he doesn’t know why

Mark and Anthony have a conversation about Campaigning. Mark pleads for Anthony to help him saying “now is when I need you man”

8:00pm Talking about boring the days are

Kyra – you’re leg looks so long and skinny..
ASdam – muscles.. hard as a rock
Kyra – I mean more the bottom half of your legs
Adam – oh yeah I know

9:05pm Dane and Mark
Mark – like good move by Kyra man
Adam – they thought I was super close with Adam
Dane – out of the four Adam is the biggest target
Mark mentions how seeing Anthony breakdown was upsetting, “when he hugged Adam”
They go on to talk about seeing family today and how they are pretty sure that “pretty boys’ is well known. (They were locked in the archive room while family members got to move around the house?) Dane says it’s nice now that when they retell BB stories to family they don’t have to explain the environment because they’ll have an idea already by visiting.
Mark brings up Kyra saying they knew about the boys alliance since week 2.
Mark – I knew..
Dane – no you didn’t
They talk about getting stoned and watching the entire season.

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Kyra if they wins will pull out the greatest win.

Blows up pb’s and they walks away with the money.

Well done.

They played such a good game compared to the pb’s


No they didnt


Why is it always “they or them” when it should say kyra? Is it because she doesn’t want to be called she or he?? lol someone plz answer!?!

another name

Kyra identifies as gender non-binary (I actually don’t completely understand whether or not gender non binary is a social construct or a categorization created by psychologists, sorry). Kyra’s prefers the pronoun they or them.


I wish someone could create a new word for them to identify with. I find reading they very confusing when we are only talking about one person.

another name

i’ve taken to mostly not pronouning kyra and writing kyra over and over instead of he/she/they, unless i’m in a mood, or kyra has said or done something that i find offensive in which case i usually say schlumpy eeyore. while i’m sensitive to and understanding toward many lgbtq issues, i’ve yet to actually get a full understanding of gender non binary that gives me the place to really say much. For instance i don’t know if gender non binary is just a new assessment terminology for the concept of asexual identity.
I do get the feeling that Kyra used the pronoun in order to use another checkmark in a box in the failing quest to be underdog and gain sympathy. It isn’t out of Kyra’s wheelhouse to use every difference in their character not as a strong representative to that community, but as a weakness to be pitied. You know as well as I do that a Kyra final two speech would be a collection of ‘i was a target and an underdog from week one because i’m a gender non binary lesbian with borderline personality disorder, and since that’s the case i walked into the game with the cards stacked against me so you should vote for me.’ take the practice speech plea for the blood veto on feeds, tailor it to jury.


Lmao at how funny it is on how kyra thinks she can betray Adam and Dane and than say “now i want mark out! are we cool, guys? Ok, good we’re a team!” Lol like what does she expect when they are fighting to STAY!?! Of course they will say anything you want to hear! Ohh I can’t wait until her or Anthony go home next week lol if they don’t I’m so done with whatever little is left of this garbage!


I’m so disappointed with this cast and their lack of a working brain!! Can anyone think for themselves and their game instead of others?? Seriously, just a bunch of follow the leader (Anthony) bunch of “YES” men! These are the perfect candidates for mind control cults lol now let’s go and use what little marbles you have left and get out these 2 morons!!!!!


BBCAN 7 Family search youtube if you wish to watch the family visits, there about 10 vids, half on the moms going around the house, and half on the hg’s reactions. Not sure if there is a vid on kyra meeting the moms, haven’t seen one yet


Anthony is a legend in own mind…simple


The original plan was for Kyra to break a tie and vote out Dane, not Mark. That plan has changed.


Kyra is upsetting me on another level. Adam keep saving and protecting her and the first chance she gets to stab him in the back she is doing this bug time.