Adam wins Power of Veto

Adam wins the power of Veto.

10:55pm Bedroom. Adam and Kyra.
Kyra – I am sorry. I was the only way I felt I could get Dane out. Adam – I understand, I do. It was a good game move. You had to do what you had to do. I just.. Kyra – feel betrayed? Adam – I just was just shocked because I actually thought… Kyra – what we had was real. What we had was real. And I was loyal to you .. and I am. Adam – I thought Dane was too. Kyra – You know as much as I know. How many times… he also proposed final 3’s with other people. It became clear that he wanted a truce because it was good for him.. but he would have gotten me out week two. Or again after he won week four. The only reason he wanted a truce with me was because he saw me as weak and easily manipulated. And I make decisions for myself. I couldn’t trust Dane. Dane was willing to turn on the person that he was most loyal to.. Este. You fought for Sam. He was ready to roll over and let her go. He was okay with it. He threw the veto. If he was willing to turn on her of course he would turn on me. And yes he was with you boys and he is most loyal to you. Adam – I don’t even know if he is that now. Kyra – he was trying to get me to think Adam is the better player.. who can you beat? Can you beat Adam in the end? But I never intended to get you out this week. Adam – I know. Kyra – my loyalty to you is genuine but to work with you I had to pretend with Dame. I never trusted Dane. Adam – it all worked out. Who are you thinking of putting up? Kyra – I’m going to put up Mark. Adam – yeah I didn’t think you would put up Anthony. Kyra – I feel good with Anthony. Adam – you don’t feel good with Mark? Kyra – I don’t not feel good with Mark. Mark is probably the only one I could beat in the end. They talk about past events of the season.

1:33am HOH room. Kyra and Dane.
Kyra – I want you to know.. this … seeing your face outside tonight.. yes this is game .. but that’s real pain I’m causing. And I want you to know that I’ve looked up at you as a player. This is purely a game move. Dane – I know. Kyra – and part of me feels guilty. I just want you to know that I am sorry. I look up to you. Dane – i look you to you too. Kyra – I care about you. Dane – I care about you too.

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Goodbye Dane.


Kyra delivered pizza to Dane & told him “it’s just a game” & assh*le Anthony is already starting to trash Adam to Kyra/Mark now that Adam is off the block. Couldn’t be more obvious. As much as I hated the PB alliance I actually feel for Dane who did so much to keep all his alliance safe and NEVER put any of them OTB but will be the first to be evicted from the group.

I don’t like interference generally but I sure would love it if the producers would decide to do something whether it be leaking film in the box room while Adam & Kyra are in there to see it something like Anthony cutting up both Adam/Kyra & laughing about how he ran the HOH & of him calling Kyra useless/how he would ruin her in front of everyone to shut ‘them’ up & Adam being a girl & disgusted by how he acted with Sam- that sure would be nice so they both vote to keep Dane OR EVEN BETTER let Dane find some special power allowing him to put Anthony on the block & Adam & him come together prior exchange all the sh*t the self proclaimed God/BBCan 7 winner & agree to take him out.

I’ve watched every season of BBUS (except that winter one where everyone was having sex – I just couldn’t get interested & I even was able to get through that really disgusting season of racial commentary & different seasons with bullying tactics at their worst) plus all BBCan seasons but by FAR this season has been IMHO the most disappointing & Anthony for me is my least favorite cast member to ever play the game in Canada for sure & definitely top 3 if not the top one in both US/Can.

So if production interferes this time it won’t bother me at all, in fact, I’d find it hilarious if he found another blood/special veto especially on Kyra’s HOH who got the original one & didn’t use it out of pettiness all b/c Kiki refused to make out with her — Except make this one that he’s allowed to replace the nominee which would mean Anthony would HAVE to go OTB with no other options (cue audience erupting in raucous cheering) he has to learn beforehand everything Anthony said so that he & Adam vote HIM out & not Mark.

Hey, a lady can dream right?


I dont like kyra at all. There game or lack of game play bothers me. Even more that they thinks they are all that . Wish dane finds a special power and can pick anyone including hoh yo go up and out. They should have been gone ages ago


Thank god! I will not watch if Adam or Dane don’t win! The others are not worthy!

another name

one of the two was staying this week regardless. they can only vote out one of them this week.

Thea Pierrot

I wonder if Adam still feels so loyal to the guys after they lied about not suggesting Kera go on the block. He pretty much knows that Anthony got Kyra to put him on the block rather than Mark. Even though Kera put him up it is possible Adam will choose her over Mark or Anthony to bring to final 2. His final 2 deal was always with Dane.


I’m getting close to being done watching this joke of a season, i just have hopes that Adam can pull off the next HOH.

King Silva

I would be shocked and SO disappointed if Adam didn’t win at least one of the two challenges next time to ensure his safety and spot in the final 3.

I really want Anthony gone but the only scenario I can see him leaving in 4th place would be if Adam is the sole vote to evict meaning he wasn’t HOH and either won Veto or somehow was left off the block.

Kyra would likely vote to evict Mark and maybe Adam over Anthony. Mark would evict Adam and Kyra over Anthony and of course if Anthony wins HOH/Veto he is safe.. Ugh..

another name

So now adam has a justification for taking out kyra in the future. He didn’t have a way to keep his loyalty good guy edit if he took out kyra before (if i’m thinking d/r curtain monkey thoughts).
I don’t see Anthony being replacement. Unless toxic goat gonna toxic goat (like that’s gonna happen); barely even a 1% chance that happens. I admit, I was surprised Kyra put up Adam to begin with, and I honestly haven’t been surprised by much this season, so that was a nice change. But Anthony could sit down and tell Kyra how many times he called them ‘thing’, lied to their face, told everyone else they were a ridiculous follower coward…. and Kyra would apologize to Anthony for it.
Why the push for Dane to go? Dane played a manipulation game, not to the same level as Anthony, but successfully for weeks, and additionally has comp wins. That is dangerous for Anthony in a finals situation. The fact that Anthony switched from Adam to Dane on a dime as target after a d/r session… those aren’t the droids you’re looking for.
How Dane believes he can get Anthony’s vote… that’s… odd. I don’t get that thought process. Unless he pulls out the big gun and says Mark will campaign for you in jury, I’ll campaign for Mark and Adam against you if you break your word to me… he’s got nothing.
I always laugh when one house guest with multiple final two deals gets morally outraged when another house guest has multiple deals: newsflash… everyone but adam has a final two with everyone else. I think the only reason Adam doesn’t have final 2 deals with everyone is he wouldn’t be able to keep his stories straight. He made a final two deal less than an hour after entering the house, checked that off his mental to do list… and that was that. He’s allowed others to think he’d go final 2 with them, but he’s yet to confirm another final 2.


Hey Another Name,

First great call (and early on the production/Powers That Be manipulation all season.

As for your question about Dane thinking he had Anthony’s vote – it was mentioned way back but I forgot. They made a F2 at the kitchen counter apparently on Day 2 where Dane wrote in water on the counter F2 & they shook on it I think.

If you think back to whenever Dane had conversations with any of the side alliances (Kiki, Este, Damian) he didn’t only make sure he was good he ALWAYS focused the target on others & if a Pretty Boy go mentioned he would push them toward Mark. Several times I recall him saying “no Anthony’s good – he’s good with you, loves you- he would never put you up & I’m solid with him so he can’t go up”. Occasionally if he was worried about Adam (especially after Sam left & the Cory vote out) he also tried to keep Adam safe. He worked overtime to always make sure only PB (IF ANY) would go up to ensure they could vote out whoever else sat beside them.

Thank about it he threw POV to lose Este b/c THAT’s what PBs & Anthony primarily wanted, he put up Damian knowing he had him 100 & that Damian would put up Mark/Kyra.

AND if you recall the DE HOH – he said to both Mark & someone else “go get Anthony” so the only person he asked to have sent in was Anthony.

So yeah if we look back it was all very obvious that Dane’s TRUE number 1 ride or die was Anthony. Obviously he wanted to go F4 PBs & F3 with Ant/Adam (thinking they’d both take him).

Instead he got screwed by his ride or die.

Anthony was crying tonight – BOO HOO – he just screwed the one person who protected him the entire game & went above & beyond & his f*cking reason is b/c he didn’t tell about voting out Cory. UM HELLO Dane CONSTANTLY said I think Cory should go she’s strong & I can’t beat her but I can beat Kyra, Este & Damian.

The irony is Anthony repeated called Adam a b*tch over the Sam situation but his pettiness to cut his ride or die b/c he wouldn’t stack the game for Anthony to be guaranteed a F2 chair is as insulting as he’s been this entire game.

My “my word is my honor” I’m all honesty, loyalty, respect is going to get booed so loud on Thursday when he votes out Dane. Can’t wait for him to see that Mark was planning since the beginning to break up the PBs & NEVER wanted to go F4 with them.

Guess we’ll have to sit back & see if TPTB/Prod can come up with something otherwise these feeds won’t even be worth watching. …

*Mark reciting a poem he can’t recall when it’s needed
*Kyra talking about what a genius “they” are, always knew about PBs & it was ALL “THEIR” move to take out Dane
*Anthony spouting how he controlled the entire game & didn’t have to do dick except stab everyone in the back & cut up their character while spouting “loyalty, honesty, respect. I’ll beat you all, I control you all, I made this season”
*And poor Adam sitting stunned in the corner realizing what snakes he’s been working with all season & that he has to win out or has no shot at hitting a F2 chair. He’s $100k richer if he gets there b/c NO ONE except Dane could’ve beat him & even that would’ve been a coin toss.

another name

I really think Dane has been trying to have his cake and eat it too. I think he is equally ride or die with either Anthony or Adam. To the point that he’d try to get final three with Anthony and Adam, and throw final HOH in the belief both would take him to the end. If he did win final hoh, i do believe he’d choose Anthony over Adam, believing his comp wins would tip the scale in his favor.
While i’m aware that Dane and Anthony have had a final two since early on… the reason i’ve been confused by Dane’s belief he has Anthony: he can’t honestly believe that Anthony had nothing to do with the nominations. If Anthony was willing to risk Dane leaving by pushing for Adam Dane noms instead of Mark hitting the block, Dane doesn’t obviously have Anthony’s vote. That’s where i find the logic error in Dane’s thinking.


yeah – but I don’t think he originally believed Anthony pushed for him to go up OR if he did he thought Ant did it to take out Adam. Yesterday was the first he knew that Ant had turned (OR he’s playing us) b/c in the bathroom he looked at the camera & said he wasnt done. I also think he wanted Ant/Adam F3 that was clear but I think he would’ve been fine winning & cutting Adam (maybe not).

The one thing about Dane is he always had the I stayed true my people in the order of the deals:

1) PBs
2) Anthony
3) Adam (of note 2/3 could be reversed
4) Este
5) Damian
etc so in his mind it would be similar to what he said to Este–I was 99% honest with you & had your back but something came before you & I.
And he had the story to go with protecting all the PBs & each of his sides until they absolutely had to go (ie Damian over PBs)


Oh how awesome it would be to see Anthony leave this week! Kyra is too dumb to put him up on the block; but I never saw it coming that she would nominate Adam…. so things could happen? One can only dream of a good BBCan ending…


Love it


Hahaha kyra – “ I want to be a LEGEND!!!” Lol lol she’s going to get a reality check when she gets out of her bubble of DELUSION!! Lol just saw her big brother introduction page online.. what a joke!

another name

but… she will be a legend, in that remember when the delusional creepy one in season seven hated the bisexual woman for turning down their advances, inferred that they didn’t have the right to refuse, then stalked the pretty blonde woman, tried to come up with a plot to get her drunk so she wouldn’t say no? It will be the legend of double standard production bias. Sarcastic Yay… bbcan has an even creepier stalkerier version of bb caleb… without the redeeming folksiness.


OMFG did Dane just call Anthony….PAPI??? Lol on Bbcan Twitter Lol what is up with these men acting like little b*tches??? Haha where did casting find them?? Lol geez get a backbone and be a man!! Get the tail out from between your legs!! Bring back the women to do the job here because obviously the men are a bunch of sissy’s lol I’ve never seen anything like this amount of a$$ kissing from grown men lol you can work your jury votes without calling another man papi and humiliating yourself on tv lol


The f*cked up part about what Anthony is saying to Dane is 1) he did have a F2 with Cory & 2) does have a F2 with Kyra, Mark & Adam but he’s raking Dane over the coals for saying yes to Adam. Anthony hasn’t told Dane about any of his F2s so wtf? On top of that Ant is grilling Dane & this move is all about Cory getting ousted b/c Ant wanted to go deep with her he NEVER intended to give her up NEVER even over the PBs. But the fact Dane gave up Kiki, Este & Damian is totally being ignored by Anthony. He THREW POV so Este would go, he PUT Damian on the block for him to be voted out for the PBs. He ALWAYS would say to Kiki, Este, Damian – Anthony is good we keep him, so this whole thing is disgusting. Who the f*ck does Anthony think he is reneging on his F2 deal with Dane when he’s done MUCH worse & MORE?

another name

You know… there’s not a moment we’ve seen from Anthony all season that would lead us to expect anything other than what we saw in the Dane / Anthony exchange. Despite what the episodes say: Anthony has not shown us any positive personal character traits. I’ve tried to be careful about the difference between dislike and hate, but dislike isn’t strong enough to describe my feeling about Anthony’s personality. Game: no problems with a social manipulator villain game when they own it. Not sure he really owns it. He owns the social manipulator part. I doubt he has the self awareness to look beyond his own ego to own the villain part.
Dane’s game problem: As an hoh, Dane was never the master of his game, he constantly tried to gain consensus so that he could skirt blame. Instead of suggesting, he would say ‘what do you think’. As a voter, he was only ever the master of his own game for one vote: the vote Anthony holds against him. Again, Dane consistently tried to gain consensus to follow, rather than lead. Dane didn’t push for his own interests, instead deferring to the interests of others. How many times did he say he should push for one thing, but for the boys he’d do the other. At every turn. Dane’s lack of courage in showing any conviction whatsoever… that is, to me, his flaw in the game. If Dane is leaving it’s because he failed to act with self interest and self determination when he had power.


Yeah – you’re dead on the money. I’m definitely not fond of Anthony but I’m equally not a fan of Kyra. I find them almost as offensive. They were downright cruel to Kiki & made disparaging comments about Este acting like “they” were so superior. For someone who claims to have social anxiety issues (or whatever the F they say is wrong) I found that equally distasteful. “They” vacillate between the whole “I’m on the outside” (poor pity me) role into the superiority complex as if they’ve been running the show & knew all along what was going on.

As for Anthony showing any semblance of a soul- apparently, he was crying last night after he talked to Dane (so at least we now know he has some sort of conscious or perhaps it was guilt?). Maybe he’s crying b/c he knows what a dick he’s going to look like for taking out his supposed true ride or die when all Dane did was protect him all season while Ant is crucifying him for doing precisely what he himself did but just didn’t get caught. I found it very interesting he was using the Cory F3 thing but adamantly denying he wanted to take her to F3 (so who cares then b/c Dane had him covered with Damian & Este) & props to Dane (when Anthony called him out for F3s with Este & ?? & Damian/Adam) for responding RIGHT if they were real then why did I throw POV & why did I nominate Damian/Kyra instead of Kyra/Mark at DE?

Adam also who was leaning toward buying into Anthony’s BS about Dane seemed to change his mind b/c during the comp the interaction between Ant/Kyra/Mark gave it away they were working in concert. The three were all huddled tying something (head bands maybe?) & then when Dane fell Kyra told Mark/Ant to quit b/c that was the plan now that Dane was out they (meaning the trio they, not the puppet ‘they’) could “LET” Adam win. And he implied the 3 were all celebrating Dane lost. For someone like Adam who is so loyal that would disgust him. Plus, even though Adam appears “slow” at times that kind of shows him he has to win out if Dane leaves. Especially when Dane told Adam that Anthony is voting him out b/c he didn’t tell him about Cory & Ant is holding it against Dane for not telling him & not keeping her. That is different from what Ant told Adam so he’s piecing it all together.

That also prob ticked off Adam who went through so much BS over trying to keep Sam right? AND he was also really ticked at Kyra for saying “see I told you that you’d be fine” as if “they” had anything at all to do with it. He told Dane like if I hadn’t won & you had who do you think was leaving?

Kyra is working overtime too – telling Dane “you’re a legend” & telling Adam she loves him but just couldn’t trust Dane. The problem with what Kyra did was in that convo with Adam right after POV without saying it specifically it was implied the F3 was NEVER real to “them” so that means “they” can’t be trusted.

another name

Given Anthony’s personality and his tendency to have a lesser opinion of women: do you think the knowledge that Kyra (who, face facts, Anthony considers a woman) plans to humiliate a man (Dane in this case) will cause Anthony some sort of indignation?


Damm that was spirited and right on…Kraken


Dane’s conversation just confirmed he’s gone b/c his true ride or die (Anthony) is reneging on their Day 2 deal. I feel so bad for him right now. I sure hope his eviction speech goes something like this:

All season I did my utmost to keep the Pretty Boys safe. I won comps, worked side alliance to put targets elsewhere & let my side alliances go without complaint all to ensure our safety & I made sure that each of my side allies would never put up 2 PBs at the same time but ALWAYS especially made sure Anthony would never touch the block. Now my Day 2 ride or die is going to evict me b/c I voted out his side alliance while I not only got mine voted out I even nominated one of them to protect the PBs. Anthony got to sit back, throw comps, sleep & only got up to deface whoever he wanted out next. I knew how dirty he was doing every evictee & how he spoke about every single one of you but he was my ride or die so I ignored it – figured he was just blowing off steam. To learn how dirty he did me this week truly broke me.

He is grilling me for agreeing to other F2s while I KNOW for a fact he has F2s with every single one of you. Just know boys he intends to take Kyra b/c THAT is who Anthony is. He uses words like honesty, loyalty & brotherhood but has no idea of their true meaning. He should stick to smaller words that match his true character like liar & hypocrite. Adam, you deserve to win & I hope Mark is seated beside you b/c you will always be the PBs. It was my honor playing with you two. Kyra no hard feelings Ant bragged how he ran you HOH & I believe that is the one truthful statement he made this week making sure you took out his Day 2 ride or die. Finally, I did one thing this season I’m ashamed of – I made a promise on my father which I reneged on bc Anthony asked me to. As I leave this house I plan to correct that. For all the things I did this season for the PBs & for you, Anthony I have one last mission. I pledge to get the other 3 votes necessary & make sure if Anthony slithers to a F2 chair I will have the 4 votes to crown whoever sits beside him the winner. Since you’ve proven to not respect honor, loyalty & honesty I’ll make sure on my Father someone who does value those qualities & what I did for the PBs wins over you.

King Silva

I’m SO happy Adam won Veto. He really needs to win this season.

If he gets to final 2 (I can see him winning there too) I can’t imagine him losing.

I'm livid

I just hope Dane exposes Anthony when he comes to the jury house


By far Anthony is the absolute worst BB player. Yes its a game but Anthony needs to be booted out sooner rather than later. He doesnt deserve top 3.

Guy From Canada

What he is doing is great game play manipulating people….what isn’t great is how he is doing it. Watching bits of the feeds he is ugly, mean, bully, intimidating…..I have to turn them off when it’s too long on him. He is playing a solo combo of a Andy/Paul game trashing people, and ratting them out when the time is right. Yes, this is good effective gameplay but it’s just not enjoyable to watch. Kyra is the worst player for several other reasons already posted here.


I have watched Big Brother for over a decade and have never wanted a game to be rigged so much as this one in favor Adam and Dane. The rest of the house is vile, especially Anthony who is a disgusting POS and is definitely IMO the most unlikeable BB player I have ever witnessed. I am beyond irritated that Adam and Dane did not take their shots at Anthony and Mark just to show allegiance to the PB, when this would not have been reciprocated had the opposite been in power. I know Dane was worried about jury votes, but what’s the sense if you are not making the moves to ensure you get to final two? In regards to the jury voting, I think it should be switched to the viewers voting instead. It appears nowadays that the jury votes bitterly as opposed to great gameplay. Perhaps if that were the case then the players wouldn’t be afraid to get blood on their hands.


I think no matter what happens Kyra has second place secured. Any of them would be stupid to take anyone else.


Not like Mark would beat anyone either


I think Mark is going to be final 2 with Kyra because he knows his dates better than anyone. He will probably try to take credit for talking Kyra into the only big move of the season. He also will lie about being faithful to the PB’s which may get him 3 votes and Esti will vote with Dane. It will be sad ending no matter who wins except Adam. It was a really poor season. Adam played the most loyal and comp beast game, while Anthony played a very good game with his gift of gab and the stupidity of the house. No blood on his hands and no time on the block, it would be pretty hard for whose left to beat him in the end except Adam. I can’t stand Anthony but you have to admit he was quite the puppet master from the sidelines. If its not a bitter jury it’s Anthony’s game if Adam gets evicted for sure. The only way for Anthony not to win is if Mark takes Kyra which is the only way for Mark to win.

another name

Mark knows the dates if he has the time to find the correct verse week. So, if a date comp in the final 4 veto or part 2 of final hoh is a timed physical mixed with dates as per the standard… he may have the tools, but can he build the beast faster than people that are five times faster, but less knowledgeable?


I am finally interested in this game!!!!! Go Kyra! Respect!!!!!!!!

another name

special advisory notice:
everyone slow your roll.
don’t get excited about a target shift on a sunday, even if they are doing the veto ceremony a day early.
they don’t vote until thursday.
seriously. i’m not trying to rain on any parades. I’m expressing caution.
Yes, Anthony is currently weighing his options.
Yes, Adam is expressing his preference for Dane staying.
Yes, Mark and Kyra think it’s a done deal, and would enjoy if Dane got the hook right now.
It’s sunday. There has been a ‘maybe shift’ before veto ceremony five times this season.
I’m not just saying this because i’ve predicted Dane is in more danger than Mark. I’m saying this because it’s the usual pre-veto ceremony mental gymnastics.



Sure hope you are around Another Name – Dane just proved how SMART he is!

Remember last night when he told everyone he’s really an engineer?

He SHOWED ANTHONY HIS STUDY BOARD & told him (ON HIS DAD) that he (Anthony) is his true F2 b/c he made it first & he would never turn on that. He told him that Ant NEEDS Dane to make sure he gets to F2 b/c all of Kyra/Mark & Adam know dates better than Ant but that Dane knows them forward & back. He also said look either of us can beat Adam in physical but only I can beat him in mental dates & I promise on my Dad I’m taking you & if Adam wins I’ll tell him to take you b/c he won’t.

Dane goes on to tell him just like Kyra is doing this she’ll cut Ant b/c all “they” talked about is how Ant is loved by everyone. Dane implies Kyra would take Mark & vice versa (which is spot on the money) & he says Adam would never take Anthony. Dane says I know we didn’t always agree but I was NEVER going against our F2 ever!

Dane also smartly use the sports reference of Shaq & Kobe not always getting along but winning championships in spite of it. I write about basketball for a living (so that was a superb analogy to use with a basketball fan like Anthony). Then he also points out that if Kyra takes out Dane on her HOH “they’ll” be seen to have made the biggest move in the game by the jury.

Anthony says let’s talk in an hour. Then in talking to Kyra, she paints a picture to Ant about coming comps & how so many are date related & how he doesn’t have to worry bc people will keep him til F3 (note she doesn’t say F2) versus Mark b/c of how good he (Mark) is on their dates ditto for Adam & her. In essence, Kyra just made Dane’s argument even stronger. LOL

This is absolutely crazy.

Edited to add:
Then Ant goes to Adam to paint some story about how DANE was the one who wanted Sam out all along & how Mark/Dane were the ones always pushing this & how close they are.

The problem with this is Adam knows that Dane has always said Anthony can’t go on the block. I’m not sure if Anthony is truly thinking Adam will believe him or trying to using reverse psychology on Adam b/c for SURE Adam knows Dane wants Mark OTB & that Dane wanted to protect Anthony & that Dane NEVER nominated Sam so if he wanted her out he would’ve put her up or backdoored her. AND the big thing Anthony is forgetting is the fit he threw in HOH with Anthony screaming at him to take out Sam.

B/c Ant buys his own lies I’m not sure if he really buys his own hype OR if he is smartly doing this to ENSURE Adam keeps Dane & he will too given the promise Dane just made him (which isn’t something Ant has with Kyra or Mark & definitely not with Adam).
Anthony “Dane is not the type of guy who would be loyal to PBs he was never ride or die with PBs” Adam KNOWS that is bullshit.
Anthony “Dane knew 100% that Este or Damian were putting you up:

Okay now for sure I’m thinking Anthony is doing this with Adam to ENSURE Adam keeps Dane b/c he knows Damian had the F3 with him/Dane & that Este/Sam/Dane/Adam had their deal. It’s like Anthony (knowing that Dane has ensured him he will take him F2 that it’s better to ride with the 2 beasts b/c it’ll ensure him F2 b/c Anthony is telling Adam way too many lies that Adam knows FOR SURE are lies.

Again – this is f*cking crazy.

Of course in my perfect world Dane stays – Adam wins HOH, Dane wins POV & votes our KYRA LMAO & then Adam wins FHOH & Dane tells him to take Anthony & he says nope I’m bringing you & Anthony gets the worst loss walking out at F3.

Again – a lady can dream.


1. kudos to Dane for swaying Anthony
2. Not sure if Adam really believes all the BS Ant told him (but for him it’s better to bring Dane along b/c he DOES know Mark knows dates & will keep Kyra/Ant)
3. not sure but I’d lean toward Dane really keeping his deal with Anthony

And finally – I don’t even care if this means Anthony gets to F3 (I’m less excited about him getting to F2) but at least if this happens the 3 best players this season will get to F3 & I can live with that (as long as Anthony doesn’t win the big prize lol -one step at a time!

another name

as i said above: it’ sunday. move forward with caution. we’ve seen too many sunday flip flop mental cartwheel target shifts that revert back on tumble tuesday and wacky wednesday to take anything said on sunday as a given.

another name

watching the hoh comp. on the episode
uh…. that edit.
if i weren’t a conspiracy theorist before. Was I supposed to believe that?
the answer to the name of a comp will never be “after” or a number.
THAT comp smells like week old trout.
The lesson of the have not prank: if you whine and complain like a big baby, you’ll get a reward.
I’ve been doing life wrong.
Are they going to exclude Anthony taking over Kyra’s hoh… and go with the silly ‘i’ll control my own game’ narrative? as of 42 minutes into the episode the answer is yes.
Wanna have some fun? for every awards option: always choose the non pb option. just to screw with their minds.


It is painful to watch kyra on episodes.. her inflated ego is astonishing! (Same with mark & Anthony ) Lol at least admit to coattail riding to the end of the game and that if it weren’t for them you woulda been gone ages ago! And that you betrayed every alliance you ever had lol she is the definition of weak minded and easily manipulated. Girl shut the f*ck up!! They shoulda tossed your a$$ day 1!


I still cannot believe Anthony has made it this far!! It just shows the characters of WHO he’s been cast with, really. Does big brother not see how absolutely stupid it looks though to show clips of kyra being called weak/useless by him and that she’s caught on to his ways to NOW being up his a$$ and saying final 2?!? What!?!? Lmfao he’s someone who has NEVER fought for her or tried to keep her safe , just disposable! she knows this! But ppl who did fight for her or won hoh and kept her safe she stabs in the back?? Wow! Sorry kyra you won’t be the legend you want to be, you’ll be a joke to everyone who’s followed this stupidity!! I can’t watch these 3 anymore, It’s just too much stupid..


I’m sure Dane looks up to. Kyra, let da mist begin