Jmac’s tells Steve if he won HOH “Vanessa and a twin up, or Vanessa and You”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 16-51-15-552_jpg

Sleeping _______ ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 16-52-40-554_jpg

4:50pm Steve and Vanessa
Vanessa – Jackie took it so well, she smiled and walked out it was crazy
Steve – ya, yes it was
Vanessa – that’s how I want to be
Steve says even though it’s day 62 he’s still having these moments, I’m still in awe that I’ve walked into this house.. I never should have been put here and because of some freak accident here I am, it’s so crazy.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 17-21-19-549_jpg

5:13pm Jmac and Steve backyard
Jmac says they have to take out Vanessa next week they have to make sure the goblins stay in the house. hopefully the person coming back wins HOH and goes after the other side.
Jmac says they’re in a position where they have to win to stay in the game.
Steve says this week was revenge week. Austin/twins and Vanessa are close and Becky went after Vanessa.
Steve – I’m glad you have the votes.
Jmac says he’s got no problem making a deal with Vanessa for next week and if he wins the HOH he’ll still take her out, “She’s done me wrong”
Steve asks if Becky comes back in who is she going after
Jmac says Becky will got after Austin and the twins before Vanessa.
Steve – jackie
Jmac- Austin and the twins
Steve – Shelli
Jmac – that’s the wild card she’ll hook back with Vanessa.. She’s the worst case scenario
Steve- really I thought you were closest with Shelli
Steve asks him who he thinks is coming after them
Jmac- no one now but if we don’t play our cards right next week we’re the targets

Jmac says the competitions for the Jury will be either a crapshoot or endurance. If it’s endurance Vanessa won’t come back

Jmac says they if they put up Vanessa and Meg, Austin and the twins might take out Meg
Steve- they trashed her (Vanessa) pretty hard last night.. you were there
Jmac – that was last night.. they might think about game
Steve – than who should the pawn be
Jmac suggests they use each other as the pawn or Austin/twin
If they put Austin/twin up they will secure the votes to get out Vanessa.
if they put up James or Meg, Austin and the twins will take out the goblin
Steve – do you really think Austwins would keep Vanessa over Meg
Jmac – they might.. Meg is going to work with who comes back

Steve asks him what he thinks if the goblins form 3 again
Jmac – that’s fine, they’ll go after Austwins

Steve says they might want to keep Vanessa around because she’s such a HUGE target “I feel Vanessa will be such a good target for the person that comes back “
Jmac doesn’t agree says it’s all about numbers people are going to keep her around “THe longer she’s here the bigger we are as targets”
Steve – ahh because she’s on her own
Steve asks what he would do if he won HOH
Jmac – “Vanessa and a twin up, or Vaneesa and You”
Steve – are you really going to nominate me
Jmac – I don’t want to, we can think of something better. there’s no way in hell they will get rid of you
Steve – Why
Jmac- you did them a solid getting rid of Jackie
Jmac is worried the goblins will come after them over the Austwins

Jmac says there was a divide with the goblins, Becky and Jackie wanted to take out Vanessa the other two wanted to get rid of SHelli,
“Becky took all the heat and James and Meg didn’t care”
Steve – so the goblins are kaput
Jmac – we can let them know we know that

Jmac is confident if Jackie, Becky comes back they will work with them.
Steve – your fear of Vanessa has nothing to do with lies
Jmac- at the time it did now it’s numbers .. there’s no fear it’s strategy
Steve – your reason to get her out is very different than a couple weeks ago

Steve – that would be an awesome move getting out Vanessa
Jmac – we have to win it first.
Steve says he wasn’t sold to get Vanessa out next week but now “You’re making a lot of sense”
Jmac – As long as there’s a house of groups of three we’re OK

Jmac says if they had gotten out Vanessa during the double then the twins would be going after Jackie “We would be sitting nice”
Steve – we need to play nice with Austwins and not say a word to them until Thursday
Jmac says Austin is a lot smarter than they think so he’s probably thought of this already
Steve – Austin is blindly loyal to the twins, Liz means more to him than the game.. which is funny she doesn’t even like him she’s not dating him outside the game
Jmac – ya

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 18-09-40-698_jpg

6:10pm Pool..

6:21pm Backyard
Vanessa, Becky, Steve and Jmac
Becky is talking about how friendly of a week they are having. Steve points out how uncommon that is for a final 9
Vanessa – does it get better
Steve says it will get worse than near the end it will get better. (Meaning the disagreements will increase until around final 5-4)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 18-37-56-988_jpg

6:37pm HOH Austin and Liz
Liz – We can’t cuddle all day
Austin – Ya, We gotta save some for tonight
They start studying. Wondering what the competition will be like for the returning houseguest.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 18-49-27-707_jpg

6:48pm Another pillow pile James being crushed inside (Earlier today James piled a bunch of pillows and blanket onto Meg.. She said they were too heavy to move off her)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 19-06-07-338_jpg

7:05pm I wouldn’t eat that pork chop

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 19-13-17-022_jpg

7:11pm Meg and James
Meg says she noticed Johnnymac, Steve and Vanessa talking in the backyard and when James came out they broke up
James says its was “classic BB” when he walked out they were all like “Ohh I’m going to go do this.. “
James- she’s working on them
Meg – I think… Johnnymac is playing us all a little be more than we think, that’s my gut feeling
James says he’s got the same feeling


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freeks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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I wonder what Meg’s kitty looks like

My Money

Mr. Bigglesworth

Pinocchio Obama

If I had not been watching all season I would think these people are really stupid talking about throwing HOH this week but nothing surprises me from this bunch. Does anyone deserve to win this year?

Backseat Driver

Vanessa or Jackie…….


Jackie?…. Really?


James or Jackie


John. He’s smarter than he looks/acts.

Better Than Last Year

Well !!!!!!!!!!!!! I really didn’t know what was up with Jmac, but I’m really glad to see some strategic thoughts coming from him. Hope he’s just stringing Steve along cause I don’t trust him.
James really knows how to make the right conclusions from his observations. Meg surprised me!
Let’s get to Thursday already!


If you noticed everything evolved around Becky coming back in the house. He wants that bad.


The goblins need to go to Vanessa and narc out the twins, Austin and jmac. She’ll be hell bent on revenge the next week or two. Keeps them safe and Vanessa will feel like she can work with them. There will be an endurance and James can take out Vanessa then.


Parinoid much?


As a loyal fan of BB for the last decade, I now cringe when someone’s plan is to backdoor someone. They even call it a backdoor when its not even a backdoor. When you’re an HOH don’t rely on the alternative, put up two viable targets, and that way someone who was legitimately threatening will go home.

I bring this up because its honestly annoying to hear them come up with plans that will only work if the execution is perfect, as if they didn’t have the prime opportunity as the HOH. It baffles me to no end that Jmac is considering putting up the goblins. That plan goes wrong if Vanessa wins the POV.

The smartest thing to do would be to put up Vanessa and Liz, thus ensuring that either Vanessa (really strong player) or the glue that holds the biggest alliance in the house goes home. They’re figuring it out slowly, but i mean COME ON get it together.


it wouldn’t make sense for jmac to tell steve that he thinks it would be great to put up vanessa and an austwin. to jmac, his best case scenario IS having two up that he doesn’t mind going, which for JMAC obviously means vanessa, james and/or meg. Everyone puts up Meg when they want the other nom to go home, and when they want to be sure at least one player is not going to win Veto. that position is always filled by Meg. When an HOH wants the veto to be won, to ensure one nom comes off in order to do a backdoor, that is when they put up Jmac.

for Jmac, he has recently aligned with austwins and steve for a 5 person alliance, why would he then turn around and put up two from that alliance, for that worst case scenario of not being able to backdoor vanessa? putting up vanessa as a nom guarantees she can play veto, and she figures she’s pretty smart so she could win it. it is always a risk, i assume he is hoping first case scenario is noms stay the same, no one will vote out Meg. 2nd case is meg wins, and james goes up. no one is going to vote out James either if the alternative is voting out vanessa. the idea at this eviction is to not evict someone with a high chance of winning the comeback comp, and there hasn’t really been a comeback comp that wasn’t combined with the HOH comp, and it being some kind of physical endurance, meaning if you wanted James out, and staying out, you don’t evict him this time around./
worst worst case scenario is that there are no alternatives, James is voted out with the idea that he can win his way back and carry on where he left off, like a game reset. i kind of think he would enjoy that.


BB16 comeback comp, chance comp not tied to HOH comp, Nicole returned.

Backseat Driver

Excellent post…..


I even hate when they say someone is a “threat”. I don’t think they know what it means for someone to be a threat anymore. People who don’t even try to win comps are a threat in their eyes. They call people a threat based on personal feelings not because they are actually a threat to their game. And I find it hilarious.


Gah…turned on the feeds and accidentally caught Sir HandsAlot servicing Diz again. Excuse me while I go rock myself in a fetal position in the corner…while dousing myself in eye-bleach. At least skippy didn’t get a close-up of Gropestin’s creepy independent eye-rolling that he does when he is in bed with Diz. That and his constant mouth-breathing reminds me of a chameleon…ironically, since that is what Shlay called him to James. Looks like this…

If Diz ever tried to run away, he would unfurl his chameleon tongue and catch her with it from across the room. Maybe he has been attaching it to her neck in her sleep. Would explain the hickies…


I used to be all for getting rid of Vanessa, now it is a bit too late to get rid of her too soon. The Aus-Twins have way too much power to go unnoticed for too much longer. Even Vanessa must realize, she is at the bottom of the pole and must make a move soon to eliminate one without implicating herself. It is sad to say, she has become an important piece to separate such a power house of votes. I hope people start to realize that she isn’t the big piece anymore and all the Aus-Twins are trying to do is jump from one power to the next as a way to not piss off evicted house guest.


This is frustrating me that even the fans are saying this… The austwins are stronger than Van. Van lost her power… NO THEY AREN’T, and NO SHE DIDN’T!
They have number, numbers we need to get Vanessa, while the hate is still on for her. Van backed off lately, just long enough to dig their own graves; she is 25 steps ahead of these kids.
If austin leaves next week, who will the twins look to? I think Vanessa
If Liz leaves, julia and austin will go to Van. (no matter how big austin talks now, he has no spine and will probably cry)
If Julia goes home… who are we kidding, Julia is Megs twin
I want Van gone first and foremost.


And there comes Meg…with her ridiculous, off the wall observation.


Usually, i could care less about thumbs down, but please, enlighten me on how Meg’s keen observation skills have ever been correct? Or when it hasn’t stopped her alliance from connecting the dots on real situations and alliances in the house? How many times have YOU heard her bawling and talking about being blindsided. Thumbs down now, but realize that Meg will be the downfall of James’ game.


Meg is an idiot! Only person I can tell who does her alliance a service by keeping her mouth shut. Austin the Douche has Liz protecting HIM and as bad as I hate to say it I would love for Vanessa to stay and take him out. She will win this game. Jmac waited to late to start playing and Steve is too wishy washy. Get out that ponytail beard wannabe wrestler Austin the Douchebag!


You always say that.
You care.


Lol. See! That comment proves that you don’t pay enough attention to me! Lol. Never say that. Said the Meg thing countless times though…like every.time.she.screws.up.what.she.


Nice ending with the goblins’ gut feeling. You know, because it’s Tuesday switch target day :).


JMac is finally thinking straight. Putting Vanessa and a twin up is the only way to make sure Vanessa leaves or at least their alliance will be weakened. If Vanessa wins the veto, putting the other twin up in her place would be the best move. This is something I would love to see! Austwins have been too comfortable in the game.


Johnny Mac has no idea how to play this game. That Steve convo was just bizarre and reflects zero understanding of the current house dynamic. Nice guy but sometimes he seems to have contracted a case of near PTSD after his Vanessa fight and the Clelli evictions.

Ms Chiff

Can’t believe he’d actually consider putting up Steve (not to mention tell him!? :o) – all he’s thinking about is how many people will still like him and not be mad at him. He should be counting votes, and realize that if something were to go wrong with the veto, Austin and the twins would have the power to choose who they’d rather get out – Steve or Vanessa.

Right now they say they want Vanessa out – but Austin’s also said she’s a great shield. Who knows who the three would really choose to keep and evict.

He’s truly a terrible player – really, just awful. He’s thinking of doing the exact same thing Becky did during her HOH – targeting the person he doesn’t personally like, without making 100% sure he has the votes. Maybe he’d have the votes, but it doesn’t sound like it’s a given :/


It makes me wonder if he really was thinking this, or if the fairies were in his ear. Either way, I am glad he is awake and having conversations. He doesn’t need a complete understanding of the house dynamics anyways, he just needs to stay on course… Van needs to go.


I disagree. You do need to have at least a little grasp of the dynamics of the house;( See Becky’s hoh)


JMac is finally opening up a bit to Steve, and Steve will put it in his pocket to use later when he needs to. Do these people not realize they just need to kick back when caught talking and not scamper away? Classic BB mistake. James is growing on me day by day- go figure.


Production is directing everyone. Austin said production wanted them to be a little quitter about who they were going to keep to build up suspense for the lfeeders . I wonder if jmac is going home. I am mad I have even watched this week . Meg ,James ,Austin and twins have all mentioned the fairies or DR. Don’t call Jmac 20 times a day that makes people jealous and he doesn’t get sleep. I think they made Jmac paranoid and that’s why he was so weird and upset last week. I also think they made Audrey super paranoid and that hurt her game. I think they helped Van stay in, I wish the would stop messing with it. Manipulate it for Jackie or Jason to come back. Just kidding !


I don’t like Austwins game but I must say I respect it cause he some how got everybody from wanting to take them out to wanting to working with them and go to the final5 with them. just by beating the Vanessa must go drum. he got everybody thinking him & the twins are on they side. he even got Vanessa thinking they must go after John& James to get to the final4. all while ppl barley mention going after Austwins. haven’t seen a floater do that in a while just by controlling the numbers tip of the cap to Austin for his gameplay.


I hate to make a comparison, but he might zip thru this game like Derek did, never being nominated and winning one HOH (which he gets dethroned from in Bob?) and will have to win maybe one or two more. next thing he’ll be final 3 with who knows who, just because he literally hasn’t one anything and they might consider him the Victoria of the season? lol

the thing is they are always studying and he tries so hard, just doesn’t seem to get there. with fewer people in the competition, i have every confidence that at some point, maybe at final 4, he will just by default and accident win something..

in any case, does anyone ever suggest him going up when they want to make sure the nom won’t be voted out? nope, they are always looking at him to be a for sure twin vote, so suggesting putting up Liz. Not even Julia, she doesn’t get mentioned, and i figure she would almost want to be, because at least then she’ll play in a veto comp lol/

it;s like he’s got 8 people who all think he’s working closely with them, and that he is on their side, and he gives them good advice. kinda derek like without the solid final 2 with someone. He can’t even have a final 2, he’s attached to Liz, who even he knows is final 2 with Julia. he won’t final 2 with anyone else, obviously.


You want to tip your hat to man that just made a deal with every single person in the house, while he was HOH (in a way)… Because youre impressed that the people agreeing while he is in power? Lets see when he is not in power how many deals he gets…


Jackie did walk out of the house like a pro, and she was solid in her interview w/ Chenbot too.

Austin n Liz

Are the recent gif’s on twitter real with Austin and Liz fooling around under the covers?

Min O'Pause

Yeah Asstin you’d better save some for tonight. It’s a miracle you’re not a dehydrated shriveled husk.


Liz is such a slut. I think she would of been with Jeff or even Jace – whoever was left from her flirting. Nasty! Her family sees this and obviously she don’t care. I feel sorry for her twin. Vanessa is dead set on Becky leaving, so the target isn’t going to change. JMac only needs three votes, so even if Meg and James voted for Becky – which they won’t – He’s got Steve, Vanessa, Austin, and Julia. I hope someone does shake up the three headed monster and Vanessa. People may find it better to get rid of a twin in the long run, vs. Vanessa. Austin and a twin would be the only ones voting for a twin and the Goblins and Steve may decide to keep Vanessa if John wins the HOH and follows through with his plan. So much can happen, so Vanessa wouldn’t necessarily be dead in the water. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. You never know what is actually going to happen until it happens in this house, which has made things interesting.


Austin’s pony beard makes me cringe and I dislike watching Austin and Liz together as much as the next person but resorting to slutshaming isnt the way to voice the grossness of watching them together. #rapeculture


Why is JMac telling Steve he would put him up? Dumb.


This is why I barely watch anymore … these people are complete morons.
If the next HOH does not put up Liz n Austin and vote Liz out
They might as well just go home and let the autwins battle it out for 1st n 2cd

The Hammer

Steve is the ultimate snake in the grass Big Brother player. He is playing everyone against each other and sliding by under the radar, no one is even thinking about targeting him right now, gliding to at least a second place finish. It’s a boring and annoying game strategy to watch on the Feeds but it’s working for him.


Lots of people saying they should wait to take out Vanessa and go after austwins however I feel like regardless if any of those 4 win they won’t take each other out anyways. So might as well get Vanessa out first. Austwins are easily controlable. They float to power. Vanessa is on her own mission. Regardless everyone else in the house is in charge of taking those 4 out because they are all too scared to turn on each other. If a twin or Austin goes out before Vanessa it will weaken the other two and they will fall right back under Vanessa’s control. She needs to be the first to go out of “austins Angels” ugh such a dumb name!


Here goes Meg f’ing things up again. Ugh. STFU pls. USE YOUR BRAIN!!!

Min O'Pause

Looks like Asstin is eating something besides Liz’s neck. Hope he’s washed his hands.

Min O'Pause

Is that a spray bottle of Lysol in front of Asstin? Will he get the hint?


will someone get Jmac a sandwich, he looks like he’s very HUNGRY..


John or James need to win hoh this week…. i think vanessa can flip them as the two biggest threats. Which they are. Basically austin and twins are sitting pretty until a jury member returns. Liz played a smart hoh this week.

James Won't Find Out

Steve talking to the camera after his meeting with JMac says, I’m taking James out, he’s going next. What will Meg do next. Steve’s sick goes up, Vanessa is not backdoored and JMAC & returning houseguests are screwed. They’re forced to Steve JMac because Goblins are destroyed, and can’t stand Austwins for voting them out, being Vanessa’s minions, and will get voted out next. Will Meg give you a goodbye kiss. James first crass joke to Meg: Do you have a little Asian in you? Do you want some? And his ex-girlfriend’s nickname for him was Creep. No kidding.

Of all the threats, Steve wants James out? This is the slacker strategy, we shouldn’t be surprised. Steve’s gonna play between multiple groups until one takes him to Final 3. His money is on Vanessa, and if JMAC can’t figure that out, he’s not trying.


I sure wish they would eat BEFORE BBAD starts. Sooo sick of watching them talk with their mouths full…and all of their bad table manners!! And its sickening to see Asstin being in the kitchen with no shirt!! Becky found a hair in her dish last night prepared by liz and asstin and CONTINUED to eat it!!! Gross!! And is liz gonna ever change clothes again. Her and asstin are a match made in heaven…or should I say HELL!!! These hgs are the worse. And becky and meg should bpoth sthu. Geez


I think a lot of the svengali meets machiavelli image that’s been given to Vanessa is ill founded. For the first few weeks she wasn’t controlling everything. She was convinced to do things by Shelli and Clay (giving Audrey a chance, going after Dayvonne). She orchestrated the Jeff eviction because of Jeff’s poor relationship with Austin, to keep Austin in the game. She flubbed her own game by letting Shelli and Clay convince her to keep Austin after she set the target on him due to him running at the mouth half cocked behind his alliances’ back. She’s been playing the game, yes. but she’s been playing the game her alliance needed her to play when they needed her to play it to keep a numbers advantage. Dayvonne goes because Clay sees her as a threat, Jeff goes because he’s a threat to Austin, Jason goes because he’s a threat to the twins. And she’s evil incarnate for it.
Her strength has been seeing what is going on around her and reacting to it until her blindside nomination. Since then she’s been iso by her own alliance and lost in the game.
Everyone in the game has exaggerated her game so that everyone can blame her for all the ills in the game. Becky blames Vanessa for her failed hoh. it was James’ decision strenthened by Vanessa outing Becky’s connection to Shelli and Clay after the fact. Meg and Jackie blame Vanessa for Jackie’s eviction. It was Steve going with the information that three weeks before Jackie said Steve was a target, which Jackie did. John is blaming Vanessa for the argument that was actually caused by John and Clay making up stories, and Vanessa and James trying to figure out why their names were being dragged through the mud. John doesn’t want to get caught for making up stories so Vanessa is the villain.
The things that are being postulated about Vanessa on most fronts are shift in blame.
She makes too many deals and she gets way too paranoid, but she hasn’t been pulling everyone’s strings. for the first part of the game she was protecting her alliance’s interests at every turn thanklessly.
I don’t see Vanessa as the big bad everyone is saying she is. She had a good strategy until her second HOH, things have been going south since because she hasn’t been able to adapt successfully since then.


I don’t like Van,but I honestly did take in what you posted & you do make some valid points. Clay wanted Davonne gone, Austin was being an immature stalker in terms of Liz & felt threatened(not even game wise) by Jeff,& yes Clelli told Van to keep Austin over Jason-all true. The thing that turned me off is that she flip flops her noms,& is a vile person when she gets upset.
She automatically accuses people & goes on a rampage. She will go at people, not always even based on facts but misconstrued situations,paranoid thoughts,& serious anger. The way she bullied James,Jeff,& JMAC , was uncalled for. That is what is beyond game tactics. She plays victim instead of owning her mistakes. Van calls others liars, holds herself up on this morality pillar, when clearly she is a liar. I don’t consider any of that game play. If she was giving strategy explanations,I could see it & give props but attacking Jeff,JMAC & James like she has makes me feel disgust.


In a way, you’re making my point for me.
She’s been portrayed as an evil genius mastermind.
Her emotional outbursts belie that.
Arguments aren’t bullying. Targeting someone based on arguments isn’t bullying. if it were John would be considered as much of a bully as Vanessa right now. Actually, the whole house would be considered bullies if targeting someone for eviction was bullying. The most evident cases of bullying this season have been Jace to Steve and the house meeting without Audrey to make fun of Audrey with Audrey locked out of the room. The argument between Clay, James, John and Vanessa was completely due to John making up a story to Clay, and Clay running to Vanessa not expecting her to confront James about the information (a huge error for Clay because Vanessa has almost immediately confronted everyone that has said something negative about her… was he not paying attention?).
Vanessa’s emotional outbursts make her entertainingly hateable. If she hadn’t been in the alliance in control for the first half of the game and played more poorly, she wouldn’t be so hated.
It isn’t that i’m a fan of Vanessa as much as i think a lot of the criticism is an extension of the house’s need to exaggerate to strategically shift focus on a target. It’s a strange phenomenon that the likeable players do the same things as the unlikeable, and are given heroic ovations while the unliked are called bullies.


HeadDr23: Thank you for this post!!!#
I was beginning to think that I was losing my mind bcuz I thought that I was the only one to see all of the things that you mentioned.
Everyone hates Van bcuz she has a side deal with everyone in the house. News flash ; ever single person in that house is
is pretending to work with everyone else. Every single person is hedging their bets .
The other reason to hate Vanessa is because she is not loyal .
They hate her for getting in Steve’s ear for evicting Jackie and Steve is confirming it! If Van was in Steve’s ear, wouldn’t she have suggested Becky?! Or even JMac. Van had nothing to do with that , smh .
Vanessa is THE most loyal person in the house TO her real, legitimate alliance (the sixth sense ) to the detriment of her own game .
Van has a slim chance to save her game by pulling the other side of the house together next week (depending on who is hoh) and spilling her guts and admitting to her game so far and emphasizing how her loyalty to her alliance has destroyed her game . Explain the back door Austin fiasco, evicting Jason, how she wouldn’t really have saved JMac, she was trying to save Shelli until they were both up for nom together . Everything she had done to help Austwins and now they’re turning on her .
Unite the house to split up Austin.

Don’t get me wrong, as a person, I can’t say that I like her . I haven’t been able to force myself to like any of these people since the beginning of the season (although I slightly dislike some more than others) so I basically judge them most only on gameplay .


LOL Raw pork chops I hope someone tells them about Trichinosis

I Knowwwww

Dawgaaaaaa, you are hilarious! Thanks for you witty summaries. And where are those girls from, btw?