“Tomorrow we’re going to tell Damien we’re all voting Este out”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Nothing really has changed. Este going home PB still seem solid. Kyra thinks they can win Damien is just there.

8:00pm Dane and Este
Studying. Dane still using his study aids sealed up at the foot of his bed.
Este – what if I leave tomorrow and it’s a double
Dane – why are you saying it like that
Este – there’s a double at least if not a triple
Dane – just gotta win, there’s gotta be something going on here
Este – if you win or if I win who do we put up, Let’s say it’s a double

Este – I would Anthony and Adam, I would tell Adam that he used me as a pawn so I’m using him as a pawn
Dane – you want Anthony out
Este – that’s if Adam takes himself off if he stays than Adam is going home
Dane – yeah. Anthony is so bad with days.
Este says Anthony is pissing her off but she’ll ignore it for now. If it’s a triple Este will put up Kyra with Adam/Anthony.
Este is worried how smart Kyra is at the dates, “they’ve been studying nonstop”
Este – Basically for Adam’s safety he’s been drilling it into her (este quote)
Este thinks she’s going up if with Kyra if Anthony wins
Este – if it’s a triple it’ll be me, Kyra and Damien.
Este – Adam will save Kyra, Anthony will break the vote.. if it’s a triple two people are going home. Damien is staying.
Dane – no, you vote to stay
Este – he’ll keep me
Dane – yeah

Este – if Adam wins it’ll be me and Damien. I don’t know if they will put up Kyra maybe as a pawn
Este – who will you put up
Dane – Kyra
Este – you can’t put up Damien
Dane – I know
Este – you have to put up Anthony.. say you’re a pawn and you have to go up eventually.

Este says it’ll be a double coming up and the following week it’ll be an instant.

8:12pm Adam and Kyra
Adam – I guess Anthony talked to Damien, You think Mark’s not scared of Adam you think Mark’s not scared of Dane (in Anthony’s voice)
Adam – this is your chance man.. you lose one but gain two
Adma goes on about how Anthony was “selling” to Damien to keep Este, “just boasting him up”
Adam – I don’t think Damien thinks of these things.. he hasn’t watched many of these Seasons.
Adam is certain Damien is playing week to week, “I made it past this week hoowooo”
Adam – Tomorrow we’re going to tell Damien we’re all voting Este out
Kyra – Even Dane?
Adam nods – but Dane’s not
Kyra – ohh
Adam – DAne’s going to say that but at the last minute give her a pity vote. Say I choked at the last minute.
Kyra – why is Dane doing the pity vote
Adam – I gave Sam a vote, he’s doing the same thing. That’s your person. Yeah Dane is onboard he gets it she’s got to go home. He doesn’t want to send Este to jury PISSED. Este hasn’t campaigned at all it’s crazy she’s gone the entire week without talking to me.

Kyra mentions Este talking about a final 4 when dd they make that because Kyra wouldn’t have agreed to that.
Kyra – I did a truce
Adam remembers, says there was a couple of days straight where the two of them along with Dane and Este were good.
Kyra- I thought that was the final 5 I didn’t want to bring Este to the final.
Kyra says they feel bad about Este. Este came up to them in the bathroom saying that they would never put Kyra up.

Kyra adds that she’s felt in the same [position as Este, “you’re so delusional”
Adam – if KIKI was here she wouldn’t even be talking to you
Kyra – she’s telling everybody they’re good .. for me when someone says that to everyone that’s even more sketcher.
Kyra – she’s sweet don’t get me wrong but I would never by choice play this game with her she can’t make decisions for herself, She rides on the coattails of other people she thinks that flirting is an appropriate game strategy.
Adam brings up Anthony saying that the first week Damien and Este were bunked together the second week Este was bunked in with Maki.
Adam – that was her ride or die. Dane took out Maki and she jumped on Dane.
Adam – that’s what she’s been doing all game
Kyra – 100 percent. Dane bought into it a little bit I guess.. he just likes the attention
Adam – of course. I feel like there is something real there.. all it took was a couple of drink and they are up here sucking faces.
Kyra – yeah .. also 53 days of no making out. It wouldn’t take me much to start making out if there was a girl in here I was SEMI attracted to
Adam – they are together all the time. there has to be something there.
Kyra – Este doesn’t know anything to do in this game other than flirt

Kyra – as a player in this game it’s her time I don’t feel bad at all.
Adam – yup
Kyra says that Mark was campaigning before he even went on the block and he made a good selling point.
Kyra goes on about Este not playing Big BRother.

They bring up two weeks after tomorrow Big Brother Canada 7 is done.

8:54pm Este, Dane and Adam
Este says she’s talked to Anthony for his vote but he hasn’t given her an answer.
Este – But I have three votes it’s fine

Dane leaves.
Este says Mark had a long talk with Damien. She’s not sure what was said.
Este says that Mark told her he applied for the American Big Brother multiple times.
Adam – he talks about DR.Will all the time
They agree Mark is lying when he said he’s only seen one episode of Big Brother US.
Este – I feel like I’ve already done my talking for the day.
Este – it will be great if I get a four-nothing vote (4-0)
Este says she’s got Damien, Kyra, and Dane, “if someone flips you will be the deciding vote”
Adam – yup
Este – I know what you want
Adam – yup
Este – I don’t know what else he could possibly say .. I need to talk to Damien to hear what was said.

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Tom is a Canuck

Kyra’s really diminishing Esti’s game. Ironic.


Poor Este. She is so clueless.

Guy From Canada

Trusting is clueless in the bb house. You have the conversations, never assume things are good and you will see cracks……Esti has not cause she is trusting…..


Really wish a secret power would bring damien back in house and kick out kyra. Cant stand them on how they play the game