Kyra “I could win this game! I’d need a miracle. I will at least get second place.”

9pm Adam, Este, Damien, Mark and Dane are sitting around in the kitchen chatting about random things.

9:50pm Hot Tub room. Kyra is talking to the cameras. Kyra – Its a very interesting game. I’ve wanted to play it for a long time and I’m here and I’m playing it. I wish I had a little more power in this house.. but you have to work with with you have. So far I haven’t had much power but I’ve been close to people with power. Very, Very curious which way its going to go. Literally anything can happen. I could win this game! I’d need a miracle. I will at least get second place. I can feel it .. but I want to win. I really, really, really want to win. I know we all want to win but… Kyra heads back inside.

10:38pm Hot Tub room. Adam and Dane.
Dane – when did you find the power? When we were all locked in the room? Adam – when you .. did you find anything? Dane – that’s when you found it? Adam – yeah. Dane – because you were going in and out of the DR and in and out of that room. Adam – but like I didn’t actually use it till.. I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about that. Dane – I knew you found something. Adam – it wasn’t that though.. I never seen the recorder till a couple days later. I found a black light. Dane – yeah you said that. Adam – and then I found notes. Dane – imagine if we crushed up one of the numbered boxes?! Adam and Dane head inside.

11:25pm Backyard. Dane and Mark playing pool. Mark – say its a triple and you win it .. what are you going to explain to Damien when you put up like Kyra? Dane – f**k it. Mark – like at that point you’re like screw it? Dane – sorry guys. Mark – okay so lets say its a double? Dane – whoever wins POV .. better win POV. Mark – lets say its a double .. you put up Kyra and Damien still? Dane – yeah. Mark – if its a double its like really awkward. Dane- yeah because I’ve been close to Damien since week 1.

12am HOH room. Adam and Dane.
Adam – what are we going to tell them? Dane – who do you think you can go further in the game with. Adam – yeah but he’s going to put me on the block. He’ll be like Mark will put you on the block or something. Dane – no we’ll be like Mark we all have a common goal of getting Kyra out ..but Mark is starting to realize that is only one person that hasn’t touched the block. Adam – so we need to tell Kyra this .. this is what we have to tell Damien for this to happen. Adam goes to get Kyra. He gets her and comes back to the HOH room. Adam – we just wanted to tell you what we were going to tell Damien. Because he is probably going to think if Mark stays … if Mark wins he is going to want to put up Damien. So what we’re thinking of telling Damien so that he feels comfortable is if you keep Mark .. we are all going to have a common goal to get Kyra out. That is not the case. You know that? Kyra – yeah. Adam – next week we want him out. Kyra – if he does win he will 100% put me up. Adam – he would put up Mark. We just can’t let him win.

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She/He/They are delusional…

Love Esti!

I have to apologize bc I’m clearly a ranting lunatic, but is it just me or is Este the prettiest person to ever play the game?

I get that she’s young and inexperienced, but that being said, if it weren’t for the ridiculous contrived producer abortion – the pretty bous—- we’d be seeing a whole lot more of her.



Esti is THE BOMB. I absolutely agree with you. She is the prettiest woman to play in any big brother (USA, UK, AUS, Can, etc…).


what about Kaitlin Barnaby


haleigh broucher


I wish they would get a clue, they and Dammit could vote out Dan secretly….Dane is planning on voting Dan out to look good to his girl. Would love the reaction is Dan walked out the door.


Who is Dan?


Who is dammit?

Guy From Canada


Guy From Canada

I feel like they are referring to Mark as Dan.,,,which he is NOTHING like….


yet the people on here kyra wont win at all!sure will be interesting for double eviction!

another name

So, Damien is resisting keeping Mark.
Even after telling Adam and Dane that Mark didn’t want Adam or Dane in the final five because he couldn’t beat them at the end (revealed to Damien before noms last week), the boys are full steam ahead on their pb legacy tour.
Cue Mark telling Anthony they have to take out Dane if it’s a double. Once Damien said that to Adam and Dane, I watched for the convenient placing of that exchange. It’s an edit plot point. Had to happen.
It would be a tasty case of schadenfreude if Dane were to be the doulbe eviction victim, given how hard Dane is fighting to keep Mark (he’s fighting much harder than Mark is).

let’s not forget, something that is odd about this week: It doesn’t make sense.
In terms of the much vaunted storyline: Adam giving so much of his hoh reign and power to Anthony after last week’s secret assassin narrative doesn’t make sense.
Kyra becoming Anthony’s mini-me again after laying out his game, an spending a week denouncing Anthony: doesn’t make sense.

In a season where the first double eviction big move was Eddie (was it EVER explained how that was unanimous when Kyra was more disliked by at least 4 of the voters?), why am i suddenly seeing Damien or Kyra leaving as the second double eviction big move? More likely Damien. It fits better with the only storyline that the episode edits have been pushing since episode one.

Oh. the last alcohol delivery of three between thursday and monday gave Dane his big wish? He got to kiss the girl, now he’s done with her. The guy that was most upset that someone said on camera that it was a boy’s club that treated women in the game callously, gets what he wants from the last self identified female and is now ready for her to go. Wasn’t that on his how to be an uber-douche wish list before the first time she went on the block? No, i’m not saying making out with someone means you shouldn’t vote them out if it’s good for your game. Note: good for your game. I’m saying the whole gleeful plot to get her to make out and then vote her out anyway that he expressed weeks ago was then and is now douchey.

Glad i’ve only heard Mark take credit for getting a big player out on his hoh once. More than that and i’d go eyeroll blind.

another name

tinfoil hat chat of the day:
so. kyra reveals the secrets reveal in episode one was a sham. production gave them a choice of predetermined comments, and then chose one.
so, any time they’ve used those secrets as a part of the reason for the eviction… it’s been sanctioned production as strategy.
good to know.
also means the second viewer vote that saw damien get the sham secrets of sam and mark … was also a production sham.
gee that revelation shows production as strategy and shows an insult to the viewers as well.
good to know as well.