“To keep the Chess analogy going.. this would be a checkmate”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 14-40-22-176_jpg

2:34pm HOH Meg and Vanessa. Meg wants to know where Vanessa head jis at. She says she’s preparing herself in case she goes home she wants to make sure everything is clear “I would enver want something unsettled”

Vanessa – With me there’s never anything unsaid..
Vanessa says that James was making fun of her
Meg smiling
Vanessa – sorry was it funny
Meg – It’s funny ya you called James and I king and Queen, You know how our relationship is you’re’ my king/Queen.
Vanessa – OK

Vanessa – I’m getting so much blood on my hands because I’m not sugar coating it
Vanessa – I would be stupid to take a 4-2 situation over a 5-1
Meg saying if she wins HOH she’s open to have a conversation with Vanessa on the target, “I’m not going after you.. I’m open”

Meg points out that she’s not very good at competitions.
Vanessa says she remembers something involving James agreeing to JOhnnymac that he’ll throw ready set Whoa

Vanessa – Johnnymac was targeting me, Austin had his reasons James didn’t I felt betrayed by that..
Vanessa starts going on and on about being solo in this game, “If I could make everyone happy in this game I would do it”
Vanessa – I have a big heart really big heart

Vanessa says she thinks she can handle Johnnymac in the short term says they’ve talked about the differences he had with her.
Vanessa – the way I play the game.. Instead of putting myself in situations where I’m hoping people are telling the truth I’m going to go where the hope coincides with their incentives..

Vanessa- Johnymac says he’s not targeting me and that coincides with the logic in my hand it would be stupid for him to come after me
Vanessa says if Meg wins HOH she thinks Meg will get rid of her.
Meg says it’s not in her best interest to get Vanessa out.

Meg – If I win HOH I will keep james safe Of Course.
Vanessa says if Meg

Meg – Vanessa when I’m in the final 2 .. and they ask what did you do I will say I made up pot Ball.. If I want to win this game I have to do something
dramatic.. (The two biggest things would be take Vanessa or split up Austin/Liz)

Meg – I’m very open to what will happen if I do win HOH.. I am very open to working with anyone in this game right now..

Vanessa says james was up in the HOH last night and he started the conversation with a insult, “You’re playing this game too hard”
Vanessa- he’s insulting me with how I’m playing the game

Vanessa – I was hurt so badly
Vanessa – please see it from my side it wasn’t a easy game to play
Vanessa points out that being Gay made her a outsider she was a little different than everybody else.
Meg – how you play is a lot different with how I played
Meg – I’ve lost a lot of people in this game a lot of really close people.. that is why james and I have become so close he’s seen me go through it all the time.. I’m insanely alone in this game and everyone is against me

Vanessa – everyone of your people went home for 6 weeks straight you survived that you escaped going home without winning a comp you must have done something right
Meg – that’s not how I want to end the game though

Vanessa knows James will use the veto, “Whoever I put up You should Campaign”
Meg says she knows if certain people go up she’ll go home
Meg – It is what it is.. I’m going to fight but I’m not a idiot
Vanessa – we’ll I was a target on the block and never went.
Meg – I know
Vanessa – there’s always hope in this game

[envira-gallery id=”131327″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 15-21-44-697_jpg

3:13pm Backyard Austin and Liz
Austin says they aren’t going to be able to flip Steve
Austin says James is going to sell our the Brass tacks
Liz – BRass tacks didn’t do sh1t for us we’ve been winning every week
Austin says If Steve flips he’s got Vanessa, him and Liz coming after him which are stronger players than James, Meg and Johnnymac
Liz says Vanessa is dead set on getting out Meg
Austin says Meg has already proven herself a liar. Julia joins them.
Julia – I’m nervous
Austin – we just need to figure out what to say to Johnnymac and Steve about Brass tacks because that is what they are going to try and sell

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 15-35-51-503_jpg

3:31pm HOH Julia, Austin and Vanessa
Julia – I’m nervous about every conversation because I’m on the block
Vanessa goes over parts of the conversation with Meg, “I’m not a bullshitter”
Liz joins them
Vanessa continues about the conversation.

Austin – If Meg and James try to flip Steve and JohnnyMac they will bring up the brass tacks
Vanessa – Steve knows

Vanessa- say it was a fake alliance that everyone made to make me feel good.. it wasn’t real
Austin – it was bullsh1t
Vanessa will tell Johnnymac
Austin – Steve not going to flip

Vanessa says James is going to put her on the block but if she can survive that he’ll be reasonable.
Austin says he’s going to protect hi girl just like James has to protect his girl. “Let not take this personally”

Austin says Steve told him “Austin there’s nothing they can say”
Vanessa again telling them not to worry Steve will not flip

Vanessa upset that the goblins were making fun of her speech.
They all start mentioning how shitty JAmes’ speeches are compared to Vanessa’s speech.
Vanessa POV ceremony Speech – “To keep the Chess analogy going.. this would be a checkmate”
Julia saying that the entire house is target James next week once Meg leaves.
Steve comes in says he was talking video games with Johnnymac.
Austin playing up the Steve is his BOY and Meg is the grandma – Your grandma is going away for awhile.. she’s not coming back soon
Steve – she’s coming back in a month
Austin – She’s dead son
The twins say the goblins think she’s putting up Johnnymac
vanessa – I’m not bullshitting them at all, I said putting up Johnnymac isn’t logical
Austin and the twins say Meg role in the show is to make fun of people.

[envira-gallery id=”131334″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 15-57-55-773_jpg

3:55pm Steve trying out the “Fun Dip”
Steve – OHHH, this is pure sugar
Austin – What did you think it was cocaine
VAnessa – coloured Cocaine
Steve – I’m eating powdered sugar from a stick made of sugar

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 15-39-46-510_jpg

3:37pm Steve and Johnny Mac Studying and Chit chat

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 16-14-41-098_jpg

4:06pm HOH Steve, Twins and Austin
Austin mentions how he talked game to Johnnymac today when they had their 2 hour workout it went well.
They talk about the Battle of the block not being the best twist.
Austin says it adds an extra layer of complexity on the game. “Create a whole different level of strategy those first 4 weeks”
Steve – 4 out of tht 5 BOB evictions are backdoored
They agree the BOB is way better than the MVP

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 16-23-50-599_jpg

4:18pm Julia and Steve
Steve says he’s met Rachel and Jeff before
Steve telling her Jeff will meet her during the finale.
Steve says Rachel had a bachelor’s in Chemistry
Liz – Wow.. chemistry is hard… what would you do with a masters in chemistry..
Steve starts tickling Julia’s foot…

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 16-27-56-599_jpg

4:20pm James and Meg
Going over her conversation with Vanessa.
Meg – She wants to split us up.. Game move
Meg – I dunno can’t read her with stuff..

Meg – She said I feel like I can never compete with your social game you’re the cool girl and I am not
James – she said that
Meg – ya .. .when on earth am I the cool girl
Meg laughs
Meg – We’ll see what happens I did stand up for myself.
James- that’s good

James brings up telling Vanessa that sending Meg home is personal. Vanessa disagreed with him, “This was during the fight”
They agree it sounds like Vanessa is getting Meg out because Meg had a friendship and Vanessa didn’t

James says Vanessa wanted him out this week.Meg agrees. JAmes tells her about Vanessa explaining to him how she was looking for his Veto during the competition yesterday

They agree Vanessa’s HOH are always messy
James – Pick one target Vanessa and Leave it alone
Meg – she’s trying to do that this week but kinda did the wrong thing
Meg thinks the house is wanting to keep them safe, “THat is why they are up there “
James says Austin and Liz do not want Julia up. He thinks Austin is fighting to get Johnnymac and to keep Meg, “For Austin’s game it’s beneficial for you to stay”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 16-37-41-360_jpg
James changes the subject says him and his friends go catfish fishing.. Tells her some of them are almost as big as the inflatable shark they have.

James – I’m going to do my speech in a bandanna Austin will know he’s f*cked..
James says his HOH will be the first where he tells them his decision is made no point coming up and talking to him.
Meg hopes James wins the HOH, says Double will be the week after this one.
James- Vanessa can’t play that’s one less brainiac

James back on wondering what Austin is doing to get Johnnymac up, says maybe they don’t want to press it too hard with Vanessa.
James – I’m putting her up next to Austin.. to ensure she goes home.. and if he wins Veto guess who goes up Lizy
Meg – you’ll piss Julia off less if you put Austin up

James – I’m going to have to power my way through this game.. I have to win Vetoes..
Meg agrees..

Meg hopes she finds out tonight who will go up.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Vanessa La Loca

And there it is folks…..the gay card. Which for Vanessa, is a new low and probably the lowest possible low.

Oh ya...she went there!

This is exactly why she is going to have 0 jury votes. She is such an out right delusional liar! I really think she will blame everything on everybody else…”the house”. She has so many cards that she’s played already, it was just a matter of time before the gay card came up. She has no shame…none!

That's just ridiculous!

She’s not even gay,
she is a convenient lesbian because it’s the ‘trendy thing to do’ here in Vegas right now.
What a low-down dirty rotten bitch!


What might happen….At the Veto mtg….James opens the box and finds a DPOV and a note explaining what it is. BANG!

Chill this Town

I have more of an issue with offering people money. to me that is not within the game…

using that she is gay? well…that is something within the rules, I am not one who favors that style of play, but I understand it. Its like Matt Hoffman using the wife w/ cancer card that didn’t exist. pretty lousy, but totally allowed.

but offering 10k to Julia if she goes home this week, I mean…that bothers me.


With that 10,000 dollars she just bought Julia’s vote. Now that its been said big brother can’t undo it but she should be disqualified. If not than everybody should be told they can give money to any one in the jury if they want so they wont be mad at you if they send them home which may insure that they’ll get their vote. Because if the rest of the house new they could do that they would also. Them letting her stay in the game after knowing that she is buying votes is wrong. The people she has promised money to will want to make sure she wins so that she will have the money to pay them.


Does it bother you that James has offered up money twice in the last 24 hours? Or how about Liz and Julia talking about splitting their winnings in one goes out?

Or is that only bad if it’s vanessa?


I read the comment about paying Meg’s rent for a year. Here’s my take, it’s not as significant because he gains nothing. Meg will vote for him if he’s final 2, with or without the money. Vanessa is using the money to gain an advantage she didn’t have guaranteed, Julia’s vote. That’s the difference.


I Agee. The only advantage James is hoping to gain by paying Meg rent is to go “camping”. Vanessa is using it to get further in the game. But Vanessa has studied that BB rule book she knows there is nothing in there about offering money or gifts that can get her in trouble. V

I'm a Homo

I couldn’t agree more!! I was like…Wow. What a loser. She was all alone in the game? Let’s talk about Audrey being Trans. Let’s talk about Jason being gay. Let’s talk about Steve being POSSIBLY gay. She is hardly alone. Anything that this bitch can do for an excuse. Unbelievable. She is trashy. I hope Mel leaves her ass after this game.


She played the gay card.What did Vanessa say?

Amanda queefs slop

Ugh Vanessa pisses me off! Pretty sure there was another gay person, and a transgender person on this season. You’re not special sweet heart so take a seat.

No Lower

Vanessa’s capacity to create herself a victim in outright lies, slander of others, goes way beyond narcissism but sociopathic. She is jealous of Meg’s popularity, ease with people and outwards happy disposition. Meg doesn’t use her surgery for sympathy but owns it apologizes for it. Audrey and Jason did not accuse others of discrimination, when Vanessa evicted them herself, again out of jealousy not good game play. Anyone who outed her crazy was a goner with more lies, slander and humiliation.

No one would know or care she is gay, if she didn’t bring it up constantly. But to accuse others of bias, harassment, bullying discrimination based on her sexual preference is criminal legal slander. Her constant cheating bribing attempts on a game show is criminal. Her abuse of medication is criminal. She’s the opposite of integrity honesty or big hearted. Justifying her abuse using the Bible and ranting lectures is immoral. She evicted the other two LBGT houseguests and breaks every deal and standard of behavior she sets for others, so she can add hypocrite to the list.

She isolates herself out of intellectual and cultural superiority, she’s smarter, done more, been more, richer, renowned, record breaker, and everyone else is her student or evil if they dare to disagree. She is a certifiable pathological liar, and bias baiter.

The only victims are the rest of the houseguests and all the viewers who can’t stand the sight of sound of her hate filled skrees. She is a personal character assassin cheater con woman with too many disorders to number. She needs to stop the humiliating abuse of people she demands bow, scrape, grovel & kiss her ass, and that includes Production who let’s her get away with murder because it’s good for drama. Unless their strategy is to give her enough rope to keep hanging herself. But they should stop endorsing this so-called masterful gameplay, she’s the worst.

Old man

Now ask yourself why the HG can’t see that.


Let’s not forget that she divorced her husband when he was dying of cancer.


I’m sorry but that’s not even true at all. You have that all wrong. You think you’re so cool slandering someone on TV and acting like you know what they do or did in their personal life.

Piece of advice: you should probably just focus on your own sad life because that’s pathetic.


Perfect assessment!


So I don’t always watch the show because I have live feeds but I did tonight.
Edit much! That scene with Austin and Liz I’m they are not that cute plus you don’t see all the other crap and that was when he was hoh. Meg is not that sweet or smart. It did not show how she has went after Jmac so if you don’t watch the feeds she looks smarter and less mean .Meg was thick as thieves with the twins and Austin she really liked them and she convinced James they were all right. Twins are not that cute on the feeds they are mean and just juvenile. Austin Not interesting to watch he is an a$$. I think production from this edit would like Austin ,Liz James and Vanessa as the final four. They love Meg. They just use Jmac for his popularity. Steve is their pawn. Annoyed that this is what the general audience is seeing. That’s just my opinion


Vote for Donald Trump we need a wall


Maybe a wall to keep the Austwins in. That would be like an eternal punishment for Austin. JJJJJeeeeeezzzzzzz AAAAAAAAAAAuuustttin youuuuuu sssmmmeeelllllll. Whatssss a shrimp isssssss thhhhattt likkkke sheeelllll fissssshhhhhhh

Steves pecker says

I’m not voting Julia out


STEVE…JULIA IS USING YOU. She tolerates you and flirts cuz she wants your vote and knows you’re naive with girls. STEVEAAAAA…WAKE UP. The best you can expect if you stay with V/AUSTWINS is fifth place. Just vote JULIA OUT!

What would judas do?

I know nothing because Judas sucks!
Maybe…just maybe Austin would vote Julia out and blame the unwavering Steve?!? I think he is that big of a scumbag…


V…because you’re gay. Really, Give me a freakin break. WTH does that have to do with your stupid game play.
Get over your whinny ass self.

I survived last seasons BB

Look at that picture of AssStank and LizHo They are so repulsive

Chill this Town

the only thing that keeps Julia from getting voted out is that Steve likes Julia, and is simply not going to flip. probably the one person who could sit next to meg(in this EXACT circumstance) and not get sent home.

Meg going is great for those watching the game. James will target Austin and the Twins, which also forces him(and we have seen some of this over the last few days) to work with J-MAC. MAC and Steve live another week and continue to be less of a target by the hour.

I am still skeptical that Vanessa won’t at least try to flip the vote last minute just because she tends to change her mind, and it would be very hard to look at Julia sitting next to freaking Meg and send Meg home.

I am just glad Vanessa didn’t put up MAC or Steve, and James won POV. its the best chance for anyone other than the AusTwins to win this game.


Why is everyone talking like the veto meeting has happened already? It is not until tomorrow. Julia is acting as if she Is already heroic and sitting on the nomination chairs and you’re talking like it happened already. A lot can happen by tomorrow especially with ughnessa as HOH.

Who's that girl? It's Meg

I hope Meg is evicted this week. She’s a nice girl and all, but as far as Big Brother goes she kind of lives up to her name. All i can think of whenever she has something to say is “Shut up Meg”. So please let it be her that walks out Thursday night.

another name

funny. the recap of the hoh comp is longer than the actual hoh comp.
definitely made it seem like they were up there spinning for hours.


Do you know how long they went for approximately? It did look like a difficult comp with the rate they were spinning on the spot.

another name

The comp took nine to thirteen minutes.
Julia was out in about three minutes. Steve ten seconds later at about the same time as Meg. Those three were out of the comp before the episode was over.
The recap was 16 minutes in length. They cut from the camera on Julia when she fell to another camera on Steve when he fell. Back to the cam that Julia’s fall was covered on to catch Meg’s fall.


About ten mins


Congratulations Steve, you’ve did yourself proud. You are proving why Christine the lapdog is your favorite player last season. He is contention with Meg as best stupid player this season. I’m hoping that Vanessa and Steve gets nominated by James and as much as I hate Vanessa, I’m leaning towards him leaving this week with a blindside.




If Vanessa says one more time, “I have such a good heart and I don’t lie,” and “I’M ALONE IN THIS GAME,” I’m going to get ill. Scaressa has an alliance with everyone, a final 2 with most (so does equally unlikeable Austin.) She uses every angle, besides her bullying answers out of people, taunting them if they win, crying hysterically if she loses or doesn’t get her way, and offers any bribes she can think of.JAMES,WIN HOH AND DO WHAT YOU SAY, PUT HER AND AUSTIN UP.


Ok Vanessa haters … Start hating on James now too … or are you hypocrits?
“7:02 PM James and Meg are discussing jury votes. James is offering to pay Megs rent for a year if he wins”
James has said this before also.
And calling Van a bully for playing the game … really you bunch of pu**ies?
At least someone is taking a goat/cluelessplayer/floater out … it’s about time!
Yes Van has some issues that bug me too … but at least she is playing BB
unlike most of these clueless idiots
Van for the win!


Exactly. It’s so funny how some people are carrying on and on about Vanessa offering money when james has done it TWICE in the last 24 hours. Sure don’t see anyone making a single peep about that. They convieniently ignore it.

Oh and the twins discussed how is one of them go out, they will split it if one wins. Also on more than one occasion.


As far as the twins splitting the money, they still aren’t gaining an advantage in splitting the money. Nor is James when he told Meg he’d pay her rent. He already has Meg’s vote and the twins have each others. Vanessa’s offers are to gain an advantage she didn’t have. James and the twins gain nothing from their offers.


James isn’t asking her for anything. He simply said if he wins he will get her something nice.


Wahhhh she’s s bully Wahh. Please just stop with that shit. That’s so lame. Smh

Jake K.

Would love to see a season with a twist where before each veto ceremony they spun a wheel to know whether they are playing for a power of veto, golden power of veto, or a diamond power of veto

disappointed BB fan

to guarantee van goes home james would need to put up van and liz. if she puts up van and austin, julia will prob vote out austin.

disappointed BB fan

this was suppose to be a response to BB1fan, sorry.


Ofc keep Julia, I mean it s not like she has 2 allies who won 2HOHs and probbaly is locked for f2 as a goat if Meg goes….These ppl are very charitable , they just want to give the money to the Austwins so badly.

Vanessa is a broken record...

Here we go again, another week of shady, fast talking Vanessa saying the same old crap:

– It may not be good for my game if..
– I’m going to get blood on my hands
– I’m an honest person
– I’ve always been alone in this game
(YAWN)…Maybe she wouldn’t be alone in the game if she was a likeable person! Ever think of that one? Go take some more Adderall and keep coming up with statistical mathematic analysis of your brilliant and cunning game play.

GOD I HOPE YOU’RE EVICTED SOON! At least then, you could bother everyone in the jury house. Only caviar there is they probably have alcohol there, so the fellow jurors could dull the pain!


Last week when Vanessa was the swing vote she had the nerve to go up to Jonny and say “Sorry I tried my hardest to get you to stay”. Umm hello, when you are the swing vote it is basically the only time you don’t have to try at all to get someone to stay. You have the vote dummy!


Good lord. That’s because SHE ALREADY TOLD HIM SHE HAS TO VOTE WITH THE TWINS for the sake of her game. She did try to swing it and they wouldn’t budge. Good grief some of you people really have no clue what’s going on in the game and yet you comment like you’re some authority.


Sorry I totally disagree. When you are down to 6 or 7 people and you are the swing vote you have the most power you could ever have in the game. You have full, 100% power to vote out who you want.

She chose to go with the twins and should’ve just said that instead of making out she had to try and convince them (it is the other way around. Think about what a swing vote really is).


She DID tell him she had to vote with the twins. That’s my point. She said point blank she is voting with the twins but will see what she can do to sway them. She tried, several times, they wouldn’t budge. She couldn’t push the issue much more because they would get suspicious. She explained why it would be bad for her game to go against them this week, and that she would try to save him but not at the cost of her own game. Jmac understood fully and accepted that.


Lmao..wow people, this is just a game. Im not a vanessa fan but she really is the only smart player in this season. James messed up huge taking out shelli and clay, if james would have taken out vanessa instead of clay that week he would be in a group with clay shelli and meg by now and runing the house. But he didnt and hes a terrible bb player.he might be funny and entertaining but he cant play this game at all.


Did Julia say that she is on the block?

If so they need to get Julia out. If the house doesn’t understand that then this season is what it is

Big sexy 40

Honestly dude, who wins it, wins it . Bottom line they all have faults . But Liz sucks dude . She just fuckin sucks – the details are irrelevant, you know the deal . Shitty baby. Whatever bro, you’ll get played out and exposed. Your a soft 6 at best dude, a 3 in Miami, get over yourself Hun, your a dishrag

The Truth

Vanessa — you’ve won more than $4 million playing poker. Professional victim, however, seems to be your true occupation.


At this point in the game the only person Vanessa may beat in the final 2 is Julia(assuming meg goes home). She has pissed off enough current and future jury members any one of them would be stupid not to keep her in the game and take her to the end. She is a great game player, if she is playing for second place.


Gay??? Jason (gay), Audrey(transgender) and she’s playing the gay card? Crazy as hell is what she is.

another name

Having a thought about what Steve should do. I’m reading he’s stupid to vote out Meg and keep Julia. I’m not sure if that’s true. I see pro and con to both sides.
vote out Julia: pro/ weakens the threesome. con/ means two people are directly targeting him. Leaves together a duo that he has no alliance with at all. Possibly alienates Vanessa his meat shield ally. would be a better choice if it was one of the two in the trio that can do well in comps.
vote out Meg: pro/ breaks up a duo, she’s proven she doesn’t want to work with him. He has no alliance with James and Meg, therefore no safety with them. con/ it makes him a secondary target to James. he didn’t nominate her, he voted with the house. Leaves together a trio. but he’s aligned with them.
Best solution: secure Vanessa into your corner with Jmac by voting whichever way they want. If he had an alliance with James that might be different. But is an alliance made after pov a real alliance or another 72 hour deal? And why hasn’t James tried to make a deal with him when three weeks ago they were described on the episodes as being a bromance?
The renom hasn’t even happened yet. There’s days of game before Thursday. Things may change, but given current information and battle lines in the game, at the moment it is wiser for Steve to vote out Meg if against Julia. I’d reverse that probably if it were Liz, and definitely if it were Austin.


I have been patiently waiting for so long for someone to put Vanessa in her place. When will this happen, WHEN?!?! I seriously just wanna jump through the screen and bitchslap her. I’m so tired of her strung, cry baby, cunty ass!!!!!!


I’m sorry but that last sentence is disgusting. Which trailer park are you holed up in?


Can you just imagine the atmosphere in Jury House if Vanessa walked in? It would be as uncomfortable as when Christine walked into the Jury House last year. I keep praying she goes in time to experience the cold shoulder she would get if she went there. That experience I would love to watch on TV.


Vanessa has that type of Jealous personality that despises everyone that has a better social game then her’s. She will never be one of the great BB players because she let that get in the way of taking out a strong player like Jmac.


Lol you honestly think she put up Meg because she’s jealous of her social game? Wtf. She just said that to make her feel better. Meg is the last person in the house that any bb player would be jealous of. Seriously. Even Victoria did more than Meg.


I love that Vanessa winning the game is killing you people.

I can’t tell you how much joy it is to see you all so mad over a game. The finale when Vanessa wins I would honestly pay money to watch each and every one of you butthurt pathetic sore losers have to watch the confetti fall on Vanessa’s head and her walk off with 500 k and forever be known as the best player ever on BB.


#Go Nessa!


Actually I know how you feel even though I think Vanessa is the most annoy HG in history (off the toip of my head).

For example I personally liked Danielle & Steve in season 14 but everyone seemed to really hate danielle. It annoyed me because it seemed like people were making stuff up about her and bagging her for no reason.

I also strongly disliked Sarah from BB canada and it was painful to see her take the cash.

But you have to admit Vanessa has some traits that could easily piss viewers off. For example telling the house how smart you are and interrogating people for their strategies.


So you like cheaters? I would have no problem with her if she wasn’t a lying cheating junkie bitch.
She should be shamed by all the fans even if she wins for cheating.


Hey gibo aka Vanessa stalker, you do realize she’s not the only one in the house offering up money, right?? Sure don’t see you commenting about them.


yep I just found out James has deals too. I’m done with BB Cheating scum.


Is that you Mel ? Can’t wait for Sugar mama to bring so more money into your house ?

In Your Dreams

HaHaHaHaHaHaHa, You and #Waaashhhnnesssa gonna be crying in rehab together or the gutters in Vegas. Ain’t no b*tch big as that going to get a single vote, but don’t worry she won’t even make it to Finals to find out how much EVERYONE hates her and her gameplay. Get her meds ready.

Hey URDUMB how old are you? How much did she pay you for posting? You ain’t worth it. She overpaid, but won’t be the last time THOT she’s always gonna have to pay for friends. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa #you a joke.

Don’t tell me, she teaching you how to count cards too? Or do you hump her sh*t to those fake DJ gigs? You better not be her stylist though dude, those suspenders and beanies and fake glasses are telling everyone how crazy #losing you really are. Who’s buying that crap? #nobody


Haha Hashtags are for Twitter. So lame.


In your Dreams you should probably put the pipe down for a while. Just a thought.


You know, “at the end of the day”, “it is what it is”. I may have to “get blood on my hands” by saying this, but after all, “I’m alone”, so here goes: I’d love nothing MORE than to see the AssTwins and VanASSa GONE from the BB house ASAP. They all truly sicken me. I actually vomited in my own mouth less often watching the season of GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer. I didn’t think it could get any worse.


You know, “at the end of the day”, “it is what it is”. I may “get blood on my hands” by saying this, but after all, “I’m alone”, so here goes: I’d love nothing more than for the AssTwins and VanASSa to leave the BB house ASAP. They all truly sicken me. I actually vomited in my own mouth less often watching the season of GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer. I didn’t think it could get worse than that.

Mina Harker

Is this season over yet? It seems like it’s the same stuff, over and over again.

Blah Blah Blah

I can’t bring myself to listen to or even read Vanessa’s ramblings. To me she sounds like this …..
Blah Blah Blah blood on my hands
Blah Blah Blah I’m all alone in this game
Blah Blah Blah high 5 random person and say name of one of the 57 alliances she is in
Blah Blah Blah ….. Blah Blah Blah …..Blah Blah Blah


I watched the show tonight and am repulsed they seem so intent on pushing some kind of showmance. The producers seem desperate to create a relationship that lasts past the wrap party. At least last year Nicole and Hayden were likable. Shelli/Clay and Austin/Liz are repulsive and make the bile rise in my throat. Stop pushing a fake relationship down my throat and let me see some of the conniving and scheming.

James bb house

Vote for James to be America’s Favorite Player….He’s the only 1 that made it half way interesting in this House. His only problem was getting stuck with someone who could never win any competitions and really turn this game around…social gameplay will only get you so far…James pleez win HOH on Thursday…and then try and team up with jmac…


No way. Jmac all the way for hg AF


I wonder, when Vanessa said “A king is nothing without his queen” if she wasn’t referring to showing Liz the backdoor. Since time is running out to break up Austin and his twits. Then the house can take out Austin and Julia in the double eviction. Since those two have a slim to none chance at winning HOH. Then manipulate the house until she’s left with Meg. The only one she can beat in the final.

Get her out

I had to turn the tv off tonight I can not watch Vanassa, Austin & the twins makes me sick. please CBS tell her for breaking the rules during her Hoh both get to come down and she must go up with her replacement. Won’t watch till she is gone so I may be done – but if others get on board maybe something will happen


Sadly, we fans tried that boycott once. Was it last season or two years ago? (They all blur together after awhile). The comp was the gravy one or something liquid with partners (I think), where they had to slowly ladel/pour something from one person to another. Someone skipped a section of the comp, or dumped his/her cup of liquid in the vat instead of letting his/her partner pour it in. Was it Caleb? It was something like that. He/She ended up winning the comp, but it was clear when you replayed the footage that he/she had CHEATED! It’s so pathetic that I can’t even remember the details of the comp or who the contestant was. Somebody here help me out. Lol! Anyway, the viewers were mad and demanded that CBS disqualify the person, and nothing happened. CBS, as always, ignored the outcries. Then there was the time a few seasons back when the contestants were doing an endurance comp. They were standing on a footboard coming out of a wall. Then they had to catch balls, or dodge things while not falling off. Helen basically jumped off (It was NOT a fall). When you replayed the footage of the comp, you could see the hand of someone from production come out from behind the footboard and wall and tap Helen’s leg (It wasn’t a push). Basically it seemed like the production member was tapping Helen to alert her that it was her “time” to leave the comp, and Helen obeyed. The “fall” was so obviously a voluntary jump. These reasons keep leading me to believe that production’s influence and involvement is so much more than the audience is led to believe. Look how close Vanessa came to being ousted from the game recently. The HGs were all so fed up with her. Yet miraculously, everyone “voted with the house” to send Shelli packing instead. I think that was orchestrated by production. Vanessa generates ratings due to her infamy. Anyone here reading this should chime in – especially to refresh my failing memory on that other season with the liquid-pouring comp cheat. I think it was last year. Meanwhile, I’m waiting patiently for CBS to load Sunday’s ep to the app so I can see Van’s cheat with my own eyes. It should’ve been uploaded 45 minutes ago!

CBS....STOP casting celebrities (related) and millionaires

Why does CBS cast celebrities (or someone related) or millionaires!!??


Has anyone commented on the manipulation Van is trying to do with the twits so “it’s fair”? I just couldn’t stop laughing her telling Austin who has to take who F2. OMG and he was listening. These HG’s are dumber than a sack of rocks. I good with Meg as the guys won’t flip. But they better get Van out she believes her own lies. So many deserving evictees and only 2 on Thursday.


Odd, I actually like Vanessa. Adds a level of complexity. Watching the austwats steamroll through the house is not my idea of entertainment. And this is a game. I don’t care what your strategy is. The cryer, the bully, the b*tch, the moron, the ogor , boy genius…. who gives a damn. They are in there to win a prize. Play whatever card you want. And trust me, more hurtful things are said on this blog than anything going on in that house. Which is also fine. That’s why there is a platform for it. Anyways, hoping Vanessa puts up Julia and the house flips on her. One can only hope!


Liz saying her, Austin and Vanessa are a better team then jmac, James, and Meg???!!! Please jmac and James can 2v3 them easily


It’s funny how Vanessa was all talk About basically making a big move after she won HOH. nice move Vanessa!

It's me

Has anyone read Vanessa’s bio on wikipedia? It’s unreal. No wonder she’s an A type, over acheiving, obsessive person. She would kill (with no blood on her hands) to win BB.


Ewwww. I seriously thought that was Austin’s foot that was on Steve’s lap. Hahaha, that is disgusting. I literally lol when I realized it was Julia’s. It looks like a guy’s foot.


Austin is a little bitch running back and forth telling Vanessa everything!

Nothing Personal

Why is a stoolie better than a rat?


“Vanessa says that James was making fun of her”
“Vanessa – I have a big heart really big heart”
“Vanessa says james was up in the HOH last night and he started the conversation with a insult, “You’re playing this game too hard”
“Vanessa- he’s insulting me with how I’m playing the game”
“Vanessa – I was hurt so badly”
“Vanessa points out that being Gay made her a outsider she was a little different than everybody else.”

Ahh, I was waiting for it. She finally played the Gay card. She waited this long in the season to even remotely
use this. I cannot stand this woman! She’s a snake charmer. James’ comment about playing the game so hard was so off the cuff and honest. And she make’s it out as an insult. She’s certifiable. There’s no question the show picks cast members like this for a reason. For this exact type of behavior and outcome.

Who cares

I am not a fan of Vanessa and well not a fan of any of them but I can’t understand why it was a great game move for James to break up a couple (Clay and Shelli) in his mind but he thinks breaking up Meg and himself is a bad move for Vanessa. Granted would have loved to see her go after Austin and the twins but she is breaking up a couple.