Julia “Fun motherf**king dip!” James “Live feeders we don’t need fun dip!”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 12-18-32-805

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12:15pm Backyard lock down – Austin says it will probably just be a short lock down. James says the doors might open and there might be something crazy in there. James asks would any of you resign your contract to stay in here for 5 years for 5 million dollars. Vanessa says that’s a really good question. Meg says she wouldn’t, what if you died in here. Julia says she would do it. You would never have to work again. Austin says he would blow through that in a day.

12:25pm Big Brother blocks the feeds and when the feeds return the house guests talk about how there’s a surprise in the storage room. They head inside to look. In the storage room Big Brother has put out the live feed voting choice – fun dip for the house guests. James says “Fun Dip!” Julia says what a joke. Austin says What?! Julia says fun motherf**king dip! James says Live feeders we don’t need fun dip! Julia says thank you live feeders we would rather have cinnamon rolls but whatever. Austin asks did the boy come in? He would love that! Johnny says if the live feeders want us to eat fun dip we should eat fun dip! James says that was a lot of excitement for some fun dip Julie!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 12-26-56-139

12:30pm – 12:40pm Backyard – Johnny tells Vanessa he will come up to talk game with her later. I think we’re on the same page. Vanesssa agrees and says people have no idea. Its working. He says to James and Meg I have to throw Austin under the bus and to Austin and the twins I have to throw James and Meg under the bus. Vanessa says and you can throw me under the bus. Johnny says And I have to keep throwing Steve under the bus which is ridiculous. Vanessa says oh you have to and its working. James commented on it. Everything will be okay this week. Julia has volunteered to be the pawn. Johnny says awesome. Vanessa says they’re on board with it and they feel its best for them. SO that looks like its going to happen. Johnny says whatever you’re saying to Steve its working because he said I needed to calm down about you. Vanessa says this is a great scenario because its a great opportunity to get Meg out. Otherwise she would always stay over any of us. Vanessa says that Austin asked me to ask you to agree individually to not put him up if you win HOH. Johnny says I like that deal. I will talk to him later. Vanessa says he wanted Steve to tell the girls he would vote to keep him and you to tell Julia you will vote to keep her. Johnny says wow this is good. I’ll do that. Vanessa says If you can make it good with you and him, that’s all you need to worry about. Johnny says I will have a talk with him. Vanessa says that’s pretty much the plan where we’re at. It was a lot of work. They wanted Steve up when I said I wouldn’t put you up. It was amazing when they agreed to Julia going up. Johnny says very good! Vanessa says just so you know if you make that deal with Austin .. he did the analysis if he won HOH next week .. he would keep that deal with you. Johnny says this is great.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 12-31-56-836

1pm Kitchen – Austin, Julia, Liz, Meg are talking about the veto competition. They wish they could play it again now that they’ve thought of better hiding spots. Austin wonders if he could have hidden his under the centre post of the table. Or if that would have been considered too hard. Johnny Mac comes inside and says he just had the fun dip and can’t feel his face now.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 13-00-52-611

1:05pm – 1:30pm Havenot room – Meg joins James. James says I don’t know what she is going to do. We had a good talk yesterday. Meg says that doesn’t mean anything. I feel like she is going to send me home. James says well that wouldn’t be good for Austin’s game. I think in order for her to ensure you go home .. she would have to put up Julia. Meg says yeah she said that was an option. And I’m not happy about it. James asks Austin told you? Meg says no Julia but that was earlier when she told me. The only thing I can say to her is that her thing is to not get more blood on her hands but sending me home would get more blood on her hands than sending Johnny Mac home. James agrees. Austin and them know if they send you home I am going to go renegade! That’s it! BAM BAM whatever! And Johnny Mac .. there will be two rogue people that don’t have any loyalty to anyone. Anyone of us win HOH.. SORRY. Meg says I don’t want to talk to her. James says Vanessa told me I have to tell her not to tell anyone when we have a conversation otherwise she can tell anyone. James says he said oh I didn’t know that. She (Vanessa) kept bring up that fact that she really really wanted to work with me. She said her and I could have gone far in the game but that I chose the other side. She said if I win HOH she wants to talk to me. She says she has info to tell me. Meg says that’s why I am telling you she wants to get rid of me. James says whatever you do don’t insult her. Meg says oh I won’t. James says I kind of want to go up every week because I’ll win the veto. Our competition isn’t that good.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 13-14-24-712

1:10pm – 1:35pm Kitchen/HOH room – Vanessa talks to Julia about going up on the block. Julia says at first she was scared to do it but Steve confirmed he would vote to keep me. They head up to the HOH room. Julia says anyone that’s gone up next to Meg has gone home and the only other thing I am scared of is a twist or something and I go out. Vanessa says if you went home I would give you $10,000! Like literally out of my pocket. Out of my stipend. You heard me say it. Vanessa says if James win HOH the only thing we don’t want is for him to put me up next to one of you guys. Julia says I can act mad that you put me up. Liz joins them. Vanessa says I would never put you girls on the block if there was even a 1% chance the vote would flip. I got Steve and Johnny Mac to promise to keep you and if they don’t they will have 4 votes against them in the jury house. Liz says it will make James more at ease because he can’t campaign to us. If we put Steve up as the pawn he would really feel used. Julia says if Meg is gone it will put a damper on his game. Vanessa says he will be weaker. Liz says last night James was so nasty out side before he talked to you. Vanessa says he revealed how close he is to her.. does he think I am going to keep his numero dose in the game. He said I was playing hard and I told him I have no other choice to play hard. He needs to take a walk in my shoes. He came up here and took a dump on me. Does he not realize it is up to me whether Meg stays or goes. Why would I leave Meg in the game if it strengthens him. Liz says I told Austin not to tell James anything any more. Vanessa tells Julia again .. if it goes wrong I am telling you I owe you $10,000! Vanessa gets called to the diary room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 13-22-18-791

1:37pm Liz says hearing Steve last night he has the best intentions. It is the best decision to have you up. You can’t get mad at her. Its doing her a favour. Julia says she is going to sh*t bricks when she finds out its me. She will know she’s done! The only thing I don’t like is that I’ll be in that room with them. But you know I haven’t won anything so I’m not a threat. What if there’s a coup d’etat. Liz says that’s for the person going home.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 13-38-02-379

1:40pm – 2pm Vanessa returns. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Liz says it was an expression like I am not letting your a$$ go home. Vanessa says I just got spanked. When I said that thing about 10K it wasn’t in seriousness. It was meaning like there’s a 99.99999% chance you’re safe. It was an expression I could have said a hundred thousand, a million dollars. That’s how safe I feel like you’re safe. Liz says you a freaking gambler, what do you expect. Vanessa says I know I’m not allowed to offer prize money. I am not trying to get a spanking or break any rules. I just wanted to make that clear. Liz says every week James needs to go up on the block. Vanessa agrees and says he might as well because pretty much from here on out everyone plays in the veto. The two part deal with Johnny mac is he has to tell you in front of everyone he is keeping you and the second part is if he wins HOH he goes after James. Vanessa tells Julia she appreciates her going on the block. Steve joins them. Steve jokes that he is going to vote Julia out. Julia says too soon to joke about that. Steve apologizes and tells her that she 100% has his vote this week. You have my vote. Vanessa says and Steve won’t tell you that unless he’s serious.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 13-43-33-759

1:40pm Backyard – Johnny says if James does go, you and I are the biggest threats. Austin says I was talking to Vanessa about how if Liz has to choose she would always choose Julia. I would expect it. If we were in the final four to let drop out and not let that happen I would do that but then again how could I go home and face my family. That I just gave up 500K to her who may be my future wife. It would be dumb. I am open to making deals for just myself and I need to make that clear. And if I’m not on the block I can try and help them. Next week I am definitely down to make that deal to keep each other safe. Johnny agrees. And says if James does go then you and I become the physical threat.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 13-49-55-203

2:05pm – 2:15pm Havenot room – Meg asks what did you say in the room the other day to Austin about us. Saying that you have to protect me but that its not a showmance. People will love that. Meg says if I go you better be in the final 2. James asks if I get there do I have your vote. Meg jokes no. James says if I get to the final 2 I will break you off a little chunk! Meg says I like a little surprise .. it doesn’t have to even be that expensive. James says I’ll get you a fun dip and a card. James says he wants to take a nap. Meg says we have four days left and you want to take a nap?! James says I want to make the most of it, we should go camping.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 14-06-14-322

2:15pm Storage room – Steve tells Liz that its done. He is 100% voting to evict Meg. Liz says I love you. I made sure you didn’t go up again. I love it that Meg can’t even campaign to me. Steve says I will report everything Meg says to me to you. If they come to me can I just tell them out right its not happening. Liz says no listen to them. Say your mind isn’t made up. Steve says okay to get information.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 14-16-18-326



  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Johnny Mac Fan

I want James, Johnny Mac and Steve to flip the votes and evict Julia and blindside Austwins. The look on their faces would be epic!


Between the four of them, I don’t think they can come up with one meat and two veg. None of them have the bollocks to go against Austin or Vanessa.

Canadian Kevin

And they Should put Austin out of his misery.

Austin says I was talking to Vanessa about how if Liz has to choose she would always choose Julia. I would expect it. If we were in the final four to let drop out and not let that happen I would do that but then again how could I go home and face my family. That I just gave up 500K to her who may be my future wife.

Hello! Delusional much???


it is a wasted HOH if vanessa gets Meg out the door instead of Julia. it would be better for austins game if everyone voted out Julia, who is competent enough to win comps, unlike Meg. You could take meg out anytime, this is the time to take out Johnnymac or Julia or steve. if either JM or steve, no one will much care, as long as it isn’t them. Julia is much higher risk, but it is really necessary and the chance to get her out before their numbers are overwhelming is now. if they did that, vanessa could align with the greater numbers of steve, jm, meg and james, isolating the 2 remaining austwins. at some point, if she wants to go forward with austin, both twins need to get out, and getting julia out first is pretty crucial.


If Julia is on the block and they don’t get rid of her I will loose all hope for this season.

Canadian Kevin

It’s a great idea, but you should get ready to lose all hope.

None of these idiots has half a brain, and they aren’t going to vote out julia – though it would be awesome.


I can see James and John flipping to vote out Julia if she goes up but Steve is too timid. So they’ll all vote out Meg unless someone’s balls drop.


I think jmac would like to flip and send juju to jury but the only way he can do that is if he can convince steve to do it. Steve has to know working with james meg and jmac would get him further then being with van austin and liz. Either way i hope jmac wins hoh and puts up liz and austin. One of them have to go


you mean the same JMac who told Julie that Meg is his #1 target ?

If Vanessa wants to align with Steve/ JMac, she should take Austin out since he is the best player on other side

If Vanessa wants to allign with Austwins (which is stupid strategy), she should take out JMac

I don’t know what the hell she is doing taking out Meg. I guess “it’s too early” to take out big targets.

By next week, Austwins will be controlling all the votes


I don’t understand why BB casts people who don’t know the game. It’s so annoyiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggggggg!

Fire Vanessa for Cheating

It is craaazzzyyy how many second chances Vanessa gets when she is caught cheating. She has listed bribes over and over, tells Julia she’ll give her $10,000 THREE MORE TIMES coming out of her pocket, coming out of her stipend, before DR calls her in. Fishes for constant VaMessa cheating. She and her PR agent in the DR come up with how its not cheating, she says these things because she’s a gambler, she can’t remember rules, she meant it as an expression–this is bullshit and CBS knows it. It happens so often, gifts, trips, staking, splitting, pay offs they can’t even keep it off the feeds. She got spanked?? While rules can’t be stipulated for all 3 Jurors who they wipe out of HOH comp at once?? All bloggers, tweeters and feedsters are calling bullshit. They say she’s using signals, table talk, to keep bribes going.

Vanessa won’t get approved Finals Winner AFP all-stars or an application to work at the post office, she’s a criminal and uses her poker job and mental illness to break every rule. She’s not even a masterful cheater. Seriously? Her meds are the reason she can’t follow rules? Her celebrity the reason BB won’t enforce rules. Take Waaahhhnessa out, put the twists takeovers comps back in for drama.




Is Grodner a good friend of Vanessa? I wouldn’t doubt it. Remember, Austin does a BB recap show for AFTER BUZZ and he is good friends with many of the BB alumni, including #1BB winner, Eddie.


Haters ‘gona hate Nessa just dominates…I forgot what freefromwhatyouare used to say on here. I saw him on jokers the other day.

Go Nessa!


It’s lawyer speak. You throw out information you know you are not allowed to and hen tell the judge you withdraw it. The judge tell the jury to disregard it but they heard it and it’s out there. If I were a HG, the moment I became aware of Vanessa’s offers of financial gifts, I’d be scouring my contract and arguing breach of contract by CBS for not enforcing the rules and allowing another HG an unfair advantage.


Wouldn’t be surprised if she gets farther, one of the HG’s would bring a law suit

Card counter

Did anyone else catch it the other day when she said that she knows how to count cards and has done it?
I hope all her poker chums heard that one…

omg, seriously?!

Card counting isn’t unethical in poker. It’s only a problem in black jack, where there can be up to 6 decks in a chute. Any good poker player can keep track of cards. Poker players will think you’re an idiot if you can’t, and will happily take all your money.


Counting cards is a skill used in black jack…… vast majority of poker players have the skill. It’s not cheating by the way. It can give you an edge versus the house by knowing when the deck is “rich”. Rich being a higher number of tens as a percentage of the deck. In turn giving the player a better chance of winning. Often accompanied by larger bets per hand.
If a casino considers you are counting cards you will get booted. Even though it is legal casinos have the right to not allow anyone to play for any/no reason basically.


Lol you are a perfect example of why people should not comment about something if they know nothing about it.

Honestly that’s a really stupid comment and could not be more wrong.

You might need meds

Take it easy there sparkles. It’s just a show.


I rated a thumbs down for this rant. It’s so scatter brained that it’s almost like Vanessa wrote this for you.


Boo. Hoo


There was a tv show in the 50’s called $64,000 question, which was taken off the air because of the show giving some contestants the answers. It was quite a scandal. Why are they not taking a harsh stance against what Vanessa is doing with bribing, promising stakes at poker, cars to guarantee her being kept in the game or a jury vote? It’s becoming a slippery slope BB.


Trust them as far as you can throw them JMac.


Cant believe you all are still voting for johnniemac over dawg & james. Sheesh good diary rooms only

UGH!!! No More!!!!

I’ve become totally saturated with BS game talk. These people loooove to talk game out both sides of their mouths. I can’t keep track. I just scan for the actions now and skip over the long “game” discussions. BB better do a better job casting for next season (if there is one)


Me too!!!


It’s like grinding in sports. Not pretty to look at but is essentially survive 1 week at a time. Meg goes then it’s about James. Evict him next or bring him in. If he were HOH both sides would be fighting for influence. Personally I like a Johnnie or Steve HOH. Stay with Van, bring in James go after the twins.
I know there is a lot of sentiment to go after Julia. James needs both guys and unless Van approves that is not happening. If you think back 2 weeks both guys were in a bad spot. Now in a much better temporary position. Fear of becoming the target is the theme of this season. Game play pretty much sucks as a result.

Fun dip in my childhood was called Lick-A-Maid I swear it’s true. If your a have not and get Fun Dip your having a great day.

Northern Lights

eeeeeeeeeeee!! I’m of that era also, Stan 🙂 We loved that stuff, when we had a few pennies to buy some!


Omg I use to Love Lick-a-maid….hahaaaa would dye the palms of my hands. Pixie stixs too. My dad called them Diabetes in a straw..

April in Paris

It was Lik-M-Aid, LOL you were close, and my favorite was cherry, true and still funny.

FunDip was called


Deez Nutz

Enough with the hugging, Steve! That crap is weird!!


Yeah, he’s really weird, like Dexter!


How dare you insult dexter! LOL


Besides Dexter was voted out before jury…


I know right, Dexter doesn’t act so scary. But he does act like he can be a peeking tom and graduate to a serial.


If she puts up Julia and Steve and Jmac vote her out the looks on
there faces would rival the way Dustin looked in season eight.
Come on Steve, Jmac do it you twits!!!!!!!


That face makes me laugh hysterically to this day.


Would love to see Vanessa’s meltdown when Julia gets voted out and Liz lets loose on her.

Triple Play: Flip Julia, Self Evict Liz, DE Vanessa

Did you hear Liz say she’d self evict if they flip on Julia. That’s a deal! Then since it’s a Double Eviction and Vanessa can’t play, evict her too! Go home girls! (after Vanessa buys them cars & pays off their $20,000 bribes.)


We can only pray. It would be like a early Christmas present. Julia, if we can’t get Liz out, you’ll do.


Hey Julia! Can you be more of an ungreatful spoiled brat?!?

Dark & Twisted

Seeing a twin blindsided would truly warm my cockles…. What a wonderful way to start a Thurs night DE. There may be hope for this season yet! You know for it to work they’ll have to keep it from meg….


If only Van would go for it. James votes Meg obviously so the boys need the OK from Nessa. Not out of the question as she can frame it as the boys blindsided her. I think it’s a small, small possibility but it is possibility. Any non twits HOH F7 they go after the 2 left. The problem in this anyone but me the target season is Johnnie and Steve. Are they willing to become obvious targets for the twits.

mmmmmmm Fun Dip


JMac def is Americas Favorite, he’s the only one who appreciated the Fun Dip!!

April in Paris

Who doesn’t love a dentist that loves to lick sugar!


Watch the plan change. Give Vanessa a few more hours and someone else will be going up on the block.


If Van was as smart as she thinks she is, she’d tell JMAC and Steve to vote out Julia. And then go beserk, saying they flipped on her. Hides their alliance, and now there’s only 2 austwits to dispose of. She might be worried that Goblins would then team up with either Austin/Liz or Rockstar and that would be 4 vs. 3. Who do you think Goblins would be more likely to team up with? Thumbs up for Rockstars. Down for Austiz.


haha…BB called vanessa out on the giving 10K to Julia if shes voted out..she had to retract that lol
she still should be disqualified for the other bribes and splitting $ 4 ways…that influencing the game!


Vanessa said it was just an expression, she wasn’t serious about giving cash, isn’t breaking the rules! Air quoting everywhere….


I guess you missed the part where james told Meg he would “break her off a little chunk” if he won. That’s the same exact thing only not giving a specific amount.


Can you fill me in on how BB reprimanded Scaressa regarding the bribes she’s promised?


Even if Julia goes up, there’s no way in hell she’d go home. If just ensures Meg goes home. As a person, I really dislike Vanessa but she has set herself up well in this game. She’s seemingly covered next week unless James wins HOH. I literally cannot say for anyone else in the house. That’s amazing considering how much shit she has stirred up. I’d love to see James win HOH next and watch that bitch squirm. It would be awesome to see. I honestly wonder who Austwins would put up next week if they won HOH. It would be the PERFECT time to get Vanessa out of this game!


Be careful. She will hunt you down and make you answer why you made that unnecessary comment and that it is an insult to her integrity and a personal attack on her straight shooting character.. UGH, can you imagine?


sooo production finally calls crazy bitch Vanessa to the D R after saying she will pay Julia 10 grand if it goes wrong and she gets voted out ! About fu..king time they call her out on her bribery tactics . It’s against B B rules to offer money or discuss splitting prize money and a reason to be evicted so I hope they toss the nut job out on her gross ass !


If that’s the case then they also need to kick out james, Julia, and Liz. They all talked about giving and/or splitting money from winnings with a houseguest.


Is the veto ceremony today or tomorrow?


Veto ceremony is usually Monday afternoon.


I just wish the twin being put up was Liz. Can you imagine the fit she would have if they voted her out and Julia got to stay. I don’t think she would be so upset if Julia left. Although she would blame it on Austin and that would be fun to watch. She would use that as her escape hatch to finally break it off with Austin.


It would be interesting if there was something inside one of the packages of fun dip that might help with the next comp. Or a clue to a diamond veto hidden in the house. I hope James starts eating some of those too. Clue or no clue I would of been all over them, fun dips are good.


A hidden veto that would let who ever finds it use it whenever they feel like it. Like the immunity idol in survivor. Now that would be game changer!!


It would be great if it was a hidden veto that could be used at any time. Like the immunity idol in ?Survivor. That would be a game changer!!!

NYC Goblin

Am I incorrect or it’s not the first time that Vanessa offers money ? That should be penalized and not just a call to the diary room. Vanessa stop that (in the Big Brother voice) and the second time she does it : Vanessa you have been eliminated ( in the BB voice again) oh well I can dream.


I’d settle for an HOH penalty. How about she loses the power of re-nom and that goes to the POV winner. That should make for some fun.


If there’s a rule against promising each other money if they win then take Vanessa out now! This is at least the second time she’s tossed the idea out to people about paying them off or using prize money if they get thrown out or take her to the final two. It wasn’t “just an expression, ” please…


Austin saying he can’t go home to his family if he just gave up and gave $500k to his future wife. Oh Austin, I’m sure your family is proud of you for being a delusional hairy wimp. They actually will be upset that you fell for such a nasty ugly mean b***h that you let get the first and second. Lol


The only way Liz will even look at him on the outside is if he wins.


Only for a day. Austin just said he could go through 5million in a day, so $500k in 30min blown on Liz and poof she’s gone! Sorry not sorry!! Lol


Future wife Hah! Wait til Austin hears what Liz has been saying about him all along. Don’t expect the lovenuts to make it much past the reunion party when Jeff struts his stuff past Liz and Austin is thrown out of the ring.


Yep! She does not like him. She told Julia she wears a sports bra 24/7 because of him getting to touchy. She is a w***e for doing what is is doing, but Austin deserves it by having a GF’S at home.


But she thinks his fingers are fun!

I survived last seasons BB

Vanessa,,,,Put Liz up,,Make a deal with James and Compless Meg to guarantee You are safe a week

Without Liz..Julia and Austin wont win HOH,,,Then You have James,Steve,JMac and Meg vs Austin and Julia for HOH

I know it wont happen but it is the slam dunk play


As childish as the Twins are , you would think they’d appreciate sugar, but you would need an ounce of immaturity for that, which they don’t yet possess.

I hope the votes do flip and Julia gets evicted, but Steve & Jmac don’t have the guts to try to win Big Brother, like Vanessa, they’re playing for 3rd place

BB down time

everyone but James is afraid to pull the trigger on the assstwits, and as the group becomes smaller they get more powerful, with more votes. Where;s the logic in keeping them/….FOOLS


Van has a final deal with the Austwins. She made a deal to split the cash with them if they let her win she will also help them out with jobs, cars and stuff. She wanted to do it so she doesn’t have to stress in the final. Don’t think that deal is not still in effect because it is.
She will do everything in her power to win even cheat on TV.
IMO she should be shamed and booted out by BB along with the Austwins for cheating and the jury members should come back in.
She is making a joke of the rules and Big Brother.


I too think Vanessa is cheating. But here is the big but…… There is no way for the HG’s to enforce the promise legally. IMHO non of them see anything after she wins. Lying is part of the game.
Lot of chatter on the internet that she is flat broke. Not sure how accurate that is but 7 moves in a year doesn’t sound like the 4 mil net worth that she is reported to have.

nom nom…..Fun Dips! 🙂

Min O'Pause

Sounds like someone is trying to stay one step ahead of the creditors?


Idk but I doubt she’s broke. I noticed in the episode tonight she had on a pair of $250 tennis shoes. No one pays that much for tennis shoes if they’re broke. Lol


No way Jmac would vote out Julia over Meg. Though I wish he would


She still has a few days to make some more cracks about his back hair.


Watching all of Vanessa’s victims fall week after week has become painful. She moves in for the kill week after week and shows no mercy. When Meg leaves I only have James left to root for. If he goes I’ll only watch to see her get what’s coming to her. She breaks the rules, bullies, lies, and cheats and everyone is intimidated by her. If James goes I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not her. This is all too depressing. My hope is that James wins the next HOH and takes her out no matter the cost.

disappointed BB fan

so with you on that one!!

Roll Tide

Vanessa keeps bribeing people with offers of money, cars etc. Isn’t that against the rules?
Why does she think she controls the jury house? Why doesn’t Grodner step in and stop the bribes?
Steve is too scared to go against Vanessa so he will not vote Julia out it sure would be epic for Julia to get voted out. I think Vanessa and the Austwits have ruined this season.

Bimbo Versus Bimbo

Meg Versus Julia.

Frankly, i’d Love(3X) to see Meg gone. She’s the MOST difficult to watch on livefeeds (makes one wants to pull his/her hair out.)

She’s being carried thus far by James, and its high time she take the highway to jury house. I’d be more encouraged to watch livefeeds after she is gone.


I agree. Meg might be a sweet heart, but I think she is the most useless Big Brother contestant they’ve ever had.


Well I think Austin may be laying the groundwork for blindsiding Julia…telling JMac that Liz would always take her sister and how he has to start worrying about himself…would not put it past him to flip JMac vote Julia out and blame it on Steve (saw that theory in an earlier post)


Looks like Meg is going home…she sucks at comps (she didn’t know her own nose! classic) but she is well liked. If anyone other than Julia was sitting next to her, she would stay and Julia is staying simply because she has one vote more than Meg.
I do not trust JohnnyMac for sh*t….he is another Vanessa floating here and there telling folks what they want to hear but he shares info with Vanessa which tells me he has finally picked a side.
Still thinking this out in my head but thinking after the DE (crapshoot as to who will win it but thinking James has a good shot at winning veto whether he is on the block or not), James should align with Austin who appears ready to break away from the twins as the numbers dwindle. (WTF was that “future wife” crap?) Then you have three duos battling it out: Austin/James, Twins and whoever is left of Van/JM/Steve.
I don’t know…I am just at the point I either want to see James survive each week up to F2 or go in the DE, enjoy Jury House and get America’s favorite.
Any insights as to how the duos would play out are welcome. I love the strategies and perspectives of fans on this site!

Austins Tattoo

hahahahahahaha… you r delusional! hahaha FUTURE WIFE! hahahahaha


Everyone is saying the “bribing” and splitting it four ways is against the rules. Didn’t Vanessa read the rule book for like 2 days straight before she started making promises? I don’t have the feeds and apparently don’t know what happened as well as everyone on here. Any input would be appreciated. Oh, also didn’t she say she would take the winnings, go to Vegas to bet and split those winnings? Is that against the rules? Thanks for any replies.


Bye meg . As fuckin trashy as Julia is – your time to go buddy . Not your fault . I’d go on a gameshow too at 23 years old . Nothing personal . You just are not good at it . What stinks for you is Julia is no better, if you had tried anything , anything you could argue to stay . But in the end, a complete float, a complete lack of knowledge of bb…. I mean c’mon .. Good run dude. Hope you gain some confidence as you age.


Steve is such a pussy. They’re all playing as if they want Vanessa to win the money. When exactly do they intend to break up the twins and Austin? What a bunch of idiots. Getting rid of Meg would be so dumb and such a waste. All she becomes is a vote for James in the end.

Susie Q

Fun Dip is a candy manufactured by The Willy Wonka Candy Company. I associate Willy Wonka with a golden ticket. I’d be tearing that candy apart looking for something.


Terrible Season, bribes – the crying game all we need now is for JMAC to forget how to talk all together Rawrhawrhhawhhh huh hwarhwawrhaw mhmmmhmm !!!!


OMG YOU GUYS, AUSTIN THINKS LIZ COULD BE HIS FUTURE WIFE. Wait until he gets out and reads all the shit she has said about him. The level of Greek tragedy that’s playing out is both hilarious and painful.


Vanessa should put Liz up and say oops I thought that was Julia. Then have Steve and Jmack vote her out.


I’m wondering if steve and Johnny Mac have a brain in their head ?!! Their not even talking about switching up the votes to get rid of Julia ! WTF!!

new to BB 17

no way Steve votes out floater Julia Steve is a virgin nerd who thinks he’s about to lose his virginity to Julia!

Also is Steve this seasons Andy the Rat?

What would be epic(but I know it wont happen) is for Vanessa to replace James with Austin vote him out then Thursday at the DE nominate the twins and get rid of one of them preferably Julia leaving Austin in the jury house with Liz lookalike knowing he cant touch her LOL

Then the house teams up and gets rid of Van and Steve

Final 4 James ,Jmac, Meg and liz

they then vote out Liz

and finally Jame or Jmac decide on whether to go into final 2 together or take the sure win by bringing Meg along

But I know it will never happen

Bunny Slipper

Just one season I would like to be able to root for the smartest, funniest, best game player of the bunch. Instead, I get ol Ness, who just is too darn distasteful. Funny James, who just can’t play. And Austwits, just,icky.


Julia, I’ll send you cinnamon rolls every day if you and your terrible sister self evict right meow.

Audrey's missing peepee

They better vote out Julia. JMac will be as dumb as his laugh if he doesn’t.


I honestly have decided that I want to see some form of James, JMac, & Steve in final 2 with the other being America’s Favorite Player. They are the only ones that don’t bother me. Austwits & Van are rude, sh*t talking bullies and I can’t deal with any of their vile comments any longer. I’ve seen some bad ones before but so many of them in one is terrible for tv. The bullying and comments don’t help you win comps or America’s Favorite so please please please just knock it off already!


Steve and JMac are totally scared of Vanessa. Maybe they got beat up by a little girl when they were younger. These two literally look like they want to pee in their pants when she telling them what to do. Two little weasels. They won’t go against her. Afraid she might beat them up! Austin also looks afraid of her when she’s confronting him. James is the only one that looks at her like “bitch you wanna back your ass up” and that pisses her off because she can’t intimidate him.


Vanessa thinks taking Meg out will weaken James game. Carrying Meg is f@cking up James. She is the worst alliance member, EVER, on BB. Even Victoria was able to win a comp last year. She’s the best BB cried to ever be on there. Maybe that’s her strategy to cry to the F2. Even the waste paper basket Julia won 1comp!


Took a long time but I now dislike Steve intensely. He’s a little rat bastard no one can trust. If he doesn’t vote Julia out he’s a dumb little rat bastard and sacrificing his game for Vanessa’s. Maybe she will wise up and secretly direct them all to vote Julia out.

Shelli's Chompers

We need a reality show to follow Austin and Liz for the first few days out of the house. That would be good tv.

freud's cigar

I get the feeling they’d have to shoot it split screen:
Austin at home in CA watching the Bold and the Beautiful with his sister.
Liz in FL at her new job as a cpr practice dummy, for every guy in Miami.


There relationship won’t make it past the wrap party once Liz sees Jeff again her and Austin will be done lol. Or maybe even Jace haha lmao.