Tim “Why when it was just us 3 was Joel working with Phil and not with me?”

POV Holder: Tim Next POV May 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 1st
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots No more havenots

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-01 07-18-52-553
10:15am In the bedroom – Tim asks why the night of that party when those turds told Joel all that stuff did he start working with them. Kelsey asked us what we thought of Joel. Obviously they were locked in with him because they were helping him in the competition. She is not going to send home the brothers, they might send home Joel. I don’t even want to ask Joel what the f**k was going on in that competition. Cass says I do. Tim says if he wants to tell me that’s fine but I don’t want to hear any more sh*t. He wasn’t wanting me to get through that round. Cass says that’s how we know he isn’t with us. Tim says only because they offered him final 3. Tim says I’m not talking to them about it. Cass asks you’re not using the veto on me are you? Tim says I don’t know yet. Tim counts that Joel has 5 votes to win.. they would not take that risk. Even though I didn’t always like how you played this game, you do deserve to win. Cass says Joel has played everyone. Tim says we didn’t make the first move against him, he made it against us. I’m done! Done! Point out to Kelsey that Joel has 4 guaranteed votes on jury already.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-01 07-36-03-666

Tim asks Why do you think they (Canada) voted Nikki and that brothers to be HOH.. because they would be a laughing stock. If they want to come to me and ask me that truth I will tell them. Maybe we don’t tells them we’re furious at Joel… maybe we tell them if he is in the final 2 we’ll vote for him. Cass says she doesn’t think that works on people. Tim says I would vote for him. Cass says if I can get to final 3 I could win it.. because then I could explain my whole game. Tim says yeah but don’t let them know it. Tim asks why when it was just us three was he working with Phil and not with me. Cass says that’s how we know. Tim says maybe there will be a hidden veto. Cass says that’s what I was thinking but there aren’t enough days left. Tim says I’m sick of trying to talk to liars or idiots. Cass says they’re not going to sway .. its either me or you going. Cass says Joel has played the dirtiest game in this house.. he has made deals with everyone. Cass says you’ve come to do what you wanted to do .. You said you wanted the best player to win .. that’s me. Tim says it sucks we sent Nikki out. Cass says we should have sent Joel. Tim says I just need to decide whether to use the veto on myself or on you. Cass starts crying and says it would be terrible being stuck in this house with those people. Kelsey is stupid and the brothers are turds. You’ve been my only friend this whole game.

11:55am Nick finally notices that the “POV Ceremony Today” is on the living room TV screen. (Its usually on Monday)

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-01 08-59-38-033

12:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..

12:40pm Joel asks am I going up as the replacement? Kelsey says yes, that’s what I told you. Joel asks once it gets down to the final 3 am I number 2 or three. Kelsey says at this point I don’t know. Joel says once I get down to 4 or 3 I can’t rely on winning competitions. Joel asks do you believe that I wouldn’t have used the veto? Kelsey says no but there was a point when I was worried. Joel says that he thinks he and her would be about even. Kelsey tells Joel and she wants him to stay and for Cass to go. Try not to stress too much. Joel tells her he would want to sit next to her because if he didn’t win he would be proud to lose to her.
Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-01 09-39-58-491

1:45pm In the bedroom – Kelsey tells Tim and Cass that Joel should not win this game because of what he did yesterday. That was a sh*t move. He (Joel) jumped ship when you guys needed him most and that’s why he should not win this game. He came and asked me about a final 3 in the hot tub and I said I don’t know. And he played me last week. I don’t think we bullied him.. if that’s what he said. Tim says no he didn’t say you bullied him.

4:45pm Still blocked

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Bring back Maddy,


go watch porn. lots of bed jumping to be seen there

Oh Cassandra!

Cassandra pulling out all the tears she can muster in her attempt to play on Tim’s emotions to save her rather than himself. Oh it is so sweet to see her squirming. I just don’t think Tim would really be that stupid to sacrifice his chance at the win. He would love to walk away with the title of being the only Big Brother player to win the game in two countries. Wonder who will cook for Cass in the jury house?


‘chance at the win’

he doesnt give a sh!t, he is loaded, and doesnt regard north american bb as real big brother

he already has his win in australia, and getting a nice big payout as appearance money for bb can

Ariana Grande stinks!

The Rube Bros are despicable boors.
Still hoping for a twist that would rescue bothe Cass and Tim. It’s BBCAN!

jury vote mind games

if i was cass and tim i would just say to everyone

if joel is in final 2 we are voting for him to win

so he would for sure have the votes of mitch, nikki, cass, tim, maddy – thats 5 – plus canada makes 6

look how rattled kelsey got when they mentioned they would both probably vote for joel to win

i would just keep saying that all week and watch how quickly the bros and/or kelsey would vote out joel and keep cass who has no locked in jury votes


Cass’ cting skills were impressive throughout this game, but her fake crying game needs some homework…
I don’t think anyone is buying it, not even a little. If anything, she’s turning Tim off on using the veto on her by trying to fool him with those fake tears.

Tim had told Cass after Kelsey won HOH that, if he’s on the block next to her and wins the veto, he’ll use it on her. Well, this is exactly the situation they’re in right now. Funny to see him slowly backtracking from that since yesterday. He never intended on doing that.

Phil is a delusional idiot, always re-writing history in a way that makes his stupid moves look awesome. Which makes him look even more stupid.

Joel has played this whole game with no backbone, nobody -except maybe Loveita- he would actually fight for. He’s saying really nasty stuff to everyone about all the others, which isn’t necessary for his game, like telling Cass “Kelseyis is one of those people that will never make it far in life”. Not exactly “sweet, big hearted Joel” now, is he?

Loads of drama, but not many likeable and/or deserving people in there for me… I hope for BB US 18.


i dont think production are gonna like kelsey and bros much this week

she just announces to everyone friday morning the noms with no discussion prior

then announces the re nom with no discussion

how will they fill the sunday and wednesday shows?

add to that cass is no longer allowed to talk with or even be in a room with the bros and kelsey wont change her mind if its a tie – so cass is basically not even being given the opportunity to campaign so the thursday episode will have minimal game talk as well

this week seems a pointless cakewalk certainty – editors will have a tough time making something out of nothing – even the fights that happened they cant show much of as they will be trying to hide from the audience the true colors of the brothers (production favorites)

and tims story of the season of underdogs has been messed up by joel

if fan favorite cass goes, its leaving the show a bit of a bore fest, with some undeserving and/or boring players, its an awkward week for the show with then only tim worthy of winning but unlikely to even reach final 2 – he would have to win out – cass if she survived this week would have a better chance of reaching final 2 as the others would think they could beat her and get more jury votes


fan favorite cass? please don’t try to speak for everyone..cass is your favorite maybe BUT certainly is not mine.


its based on what ive seen written about the remaining 5 – i should have said tim and cass are the fan favorites, but would have thought majority of canada would want a canadian winner

the brothers and kelsey dont seem very well liked, and joel is liked but rather boring


I like Tim for the win.

i have a feeling...

a secret veto could come into play this week? it’s just curious that the veto ceremony is happening on sunday instead of monday.


canadas first ever pandoras box releasing a secret veto?


Ahh yes the classic case of a hypocrite. What happened to Tim not caring what happened? Seems to be getting quite worked up. It’s not fun when you get a taste of your own medicine.


a joel brothes and kelsey final 3 …..sounda just ……bad like really bad


As much as I try to keep the production interference to a minimum in MY MIND, last night’s after dark show finally did me in. Watching 3 hr of Phil patting himself on the back for being such a wonderful person after playing big brother FRIENDSHIP HOUSE EDITION. Nothing was shown of his childish rant. It was pathetic.
Someone at the start of the show commented on this site that Kelsey was a production winner plant. I now believe it’s true and the dingdumbs are included. Throughout this whole season who knows who and so many recruits that know nothing of bb . And this brother business? Has no one thought how unfair to the other players it is? No matter how mean one is to the other , they still have each other as family to cry or rant or laugh with. The others have no one.


After Dark generally shows things that happen in the house anywhere from 8pm to 9pm onward on that given evening. Slice airs it in my location from 3am to 6am.
The Big argument was on Friday starting at about 645pm by 8pm Phil was sitting by himself silently in the HOH. The meltdown wouldn’t have been seen last night on afterdark because it happened on Friday. I doubt it would even have been on Friday night’s episode because of the time block they draw from to present as After Dark.

sunny dee

after dark that day ended at the moment cass and Kelsey were getting ready to leave the HOH room to go downstairs and talk about it. The only place to see how disgusting the brothers acted is on this site with the vids simon/dawg put up (thursday nights?) then last nights After Dark was feeds from before the POV comp, and the MAJORITY of the ENTIRE 3 HOURS was pretty much complete silence until Phil started practising his finale night media speeches about how awesome and full of integrity and honesty he (and oh yeah, my brothera) was during the entire game.

so of course you know viewers aren’t going to see a minute of their violent threatening outbursts from that night. And for those who call it fake tears, Cassandra doesn’t fake tears. She is saying she feels uncomfortable and awkward, but any woman who has been aggressively attacked like they did feels SCARED to be anywhere alone with them. If they did that, who knows what they are capable of. She managed to stay calm during the encounter, but everything the brothers have been doing afterwards has been very aggressive and threatening, because if you listen to them and then watch them, they are TRYING to silence and intimidate her. The fact that they are so aggressive and nasty about it totally escapes their own self awareness because they have said they are justified in, it, like any bully

but really, it’s big brother. what is cass supposed to do, play like kelsey and hand the game over to them now that she can’t hand it over to Jared.

fwiw, i do feel like kelsey has been angling to get rid of joel over cass even before POV, but had to wait to see who won the POV. sounds like the brothers revealed themselves, and joel, after the POV? if they are not alone, and only interested in working with kelsey, as she must see now, why are they so determined to keep joel and not cass. because cass has info about them they don’t want kelsey to hear. ?

i think to see the brothers at the end would be to reward them for threatening other people. It boggles my mind that kelsey just sat there silent while they were doing their attacking, yelling and so on. when she came back into the house i thought, cool, she’s finally learned something about how to play the game by working with loveita, this should be good because her allies are different and she didn’t have a target of hate on her back like loveita did. but nope, after the rather brilliant get rid of mitch move, she went right back to prop for jared, and isolating herself from everyone, and stopped playing the game unless it was to be Jared’s manager.

Tim to win

I really hope Tim doesn’t use veto on Cass and uses it on himself and end up evicting Joel! I want Cass and Tim final 2! Plus send those stupid brothers home.


Just as I thought- There was some chatter last night on the Feeds about Joel working with Phil and Kelsey last night during the POV comp last night and then Tim turned in to beast mode and ended up winning it for himself with out any help. Then after the comp Phil went to go shake Tim’s hand and I guess Tim walked past him or so it goes hence Phil bashing Tim started after that. Guess we will have to wait for the show to see exactly what happened. – But this is why I strongly want Tim to use the Veto on himself and then persuade Kelsey to vote out Joel this week.
Why is is that Joel who supposedly is in the freak show alliance, is never around them this week ?? I have noticed Joel has gravitated more and more lately to the Brothers. He only comes back once in a blue moon with info for Cass and that’s usually when she is crying. So I think it is safe to say Joel is playing Cass and Tim and the Brothers and Kelsey. He floats between the 2 groups to whoever is in power for the week because he knows they will keep him safe for the Week. Enough of the Bull Crap Joel you need to go!


From what was said at the dining room table and later in the bathroom Tim did more than just walk past Phil. He took the opportunity to gloat. But we haven’t seen the comp, so who knows.
There was also talk about Tim doing things during the comp that the prod. had said they weren’t allowed to do leading to the entire “Tim was supposed to win that comp for entertainment value” exchange, where they said everyone was told what they could and could not do, but prod turned a blind eye to Tim doing things they were told they could not do. We haven’t seen the comp, so who knows.
I don’t understand why being able to navigate between two groups is such a horrible thing. Cass was able to do it until her HOH. Tim spent most of the game doing it until the brother’s HOH. Heck, Tim was even anti-Cassandra and outing her game to everyone during the end of Maddy’s HOH. Was it acceptable for Cass to bash and throw Joel and Tim under the bus to Kelsey? Seems to me that the entire threekshow is only strong when the three of them are in a room telling each other how much they need each other, or when two of them are working in concert with each other while among the other side. As soon as one of them is solo with the other team all bets are off and always have been for Tim and Cass. All three of them are trying to get grace from a voter this week.
Cass already revealed to Kelsey that Joel was the expendable member of the threesome.
Joel is playing the middle as much as possible. It’s always been his strategy. Cass is crocodile tearing, she’s been using emotional blackmail all game long as well. Tim is telling everyone what they want to hear depending on who is in the room, then changing his tune depending on where the power (in this case veto) and the numbers sit. No shock there. If Tim wants Cass to win it’s only because he feels he’s mentored her through the game, and that she has played the same game as him. It’s not about Cass in the slightest. It’s about Tim’s ego.


Sounds like you’ve been listening to Nick.


So Tim hasn’t been telling two stories depending on who was in the room since week two?
So Cassandra hasn’t been socially and emotionally manipulating everyone for the whole game? So Joel hasn’t been playing the middle as much as possible the entire time?
Oh, I guess I’ve imagined an entire season.


While what you say has merit, I think the point is Cass put up Jared to help the FS. She knew Jared wouldn’t put her up if she’d kept him safe (and likely Kelsey would then have gone up and left). She also used the veto on Tim to protect Joel from being discovered.

Say what you will about Cass, but she’s done more for the FS than either Tim/Joel.

Why people are disappointed in Joel is his entire play this week has been about reworking relationships he never had (Kelsey) to ensure he gets to F2. That’s why he asked Kelsey about going to the end with her and gave her his patented line “I think we would be a great pairing, and I’d respect if you won”. From the sound of it instead of trying to win POV so he could remove one of Cass/Tim instead he tried to help the Bros.

As for Tim I’m sure there is a method to his madness. Either he’s doing all this b/c he wants to distance himself from Cass OR he’s doing all this so he can get Kelsey or the Bros to vote out Joel. That alone shows how great a player he is b/c even after watching some of the video’s I have no clue which. If I were Cass I think I’d be tearing out my hair b/c his argument made zero sense. I’m going back on my deal to save you b/c I’m ticked at the Bros/Joel. I won’t campaign to help you b/c Joel turned on us.

Cass is in a catch 22, b/c she can’t say what she really feels or Tim can use it to say fxxk you I’m voting to keep Joel then. We don’t even know if the 2 of them concocted this plan (Joel/Tim) to keep Cass off kilter. And, it’s entirely possible Tim is doing this b/c he does believe Cass could win and wants her gone b/c she & Joel might be the only ones who can beat him.

As for the Bros I’d assume we’re going to see some of the argument since there’s been nothing else going on. I was trying to recall if a player was ever put in Cass’ position where the house wouldn’t allow her to speak, her own alliance (who she helped) basically hung her out to dry and she can’t even be in rooms with people to campaign as they continue to call her names for doing exactly what ALL of them to one degree or another have done.

As for the Brothers: I wonder if they really believe what they are saying. I’m shocked production or Kelsey hasn’t said to them you recognize everything you are doing is only serving to make you look like you have ZERO integrity – right?

And regardless of them all trying to maneuver for F2 chairs, I’m very disappointed Joel/Tim or even Kelsey hasn’t stood up and said what you are doing to her and saying is unacceptable. If you want to play the game, fine. But attacking someone, name calling and getting in their face is unacceptable. And WORST OF ALL IT’S EMBARRASSING FOR YOUR FAMILY.

I think that is partially why Cass is upset, she has no way of knowing what is being shown and given her
personality wouldn’t want to be viewed as a victim. As much as people who don’t like her are reveling in this inappropriate behavior towards her please remember Cass was the one Nick spoke to about his condition, she was also the one who comforted Nikki when she was upset and she fought to keep certain players safe LIKE KELSEY.

Someone mentioned earlier Derek of BB US said Cass should be the hands down winner. I’d agree given
neither Tim or Joel would be in their current position without her protection. That said, I still want to see what Tim is really doing. I’m intrigued if this is all game play. It sure seems like his intentions are to win though.


I really hate how everyone is treating Cassandra right now… regardless how you feel about her, this is just over-the-top. The brothers are awful, Tim is showing his true colors (and treating her like an idiot), and Kelsey is doing what she always does; nice to everyones face, not so nice behind their backs. Tim obviously wants this very bad, and he’s played a great game… I’m not one of those who would be pissed because an Aussie one, especially one who played this well. BUT his whole shtick is transparency, so I wish he’d just now be honest with Cassandra and say “I want to win this”


the brothers are nutcases

they actually think they are the best player and most liked by canada

theyre gonna get the shock of their lives when they exit the house to see what people think of them

the relentless brutal way they are treating cass is hard to watch at times

they bully her, tell her to stfu, trash talk her, dont allow her in rooms, follow her, dont allow her to talk to others, leave a room if she enters a room, scowl at her like psychos, then tell her they will be friends after the show…are they actually mentally challenged? how did they pass the psych test, particularly phil?

if i was their parents i would be ashamed


Oh BOO HOO, the bitch deserves it. How does Karma taste Cass? Bittersweet? Can’t wait until she gets the boot to Jury this week & Jared sees her walking thru the door. Keep those crocodile tears flowng hunny! Love that Tim is fucking her over. Haha


What did she do that was so bad to be treated in such a heavy caustic manner on a personal level?

Why is Phil acting like he just escaped a mental institution?


I can barely get through the videos of Kelsey talking. Droning on and on and saying the same shit over and over without any adult intelligence present in her conversation. Look at the guys she’s drifted towards – assholes with temper problems. What does that say about her?
She is a such a sore loser and still continues to bash Maddy. She doesn’t even deserve 2nd place IMO.
How is she still there?


Awesome comment! bang on!!!

The Brothers Ego

I just thought of a way to get the brothers in the block. Play right into their big egos. Tell them that if it came down between them and Tim in the final two, Tim would win because he was brave enough to volunteer to be a pawn. If they want to show the jury just how “bad ass” they really are, and that the brothers are truly the best players ever, then they should volunteer to be the pawns.


This cast are a bunch of fucking idiots, I’m sorry. They could have avoided the situation they are in or at least lasted a bit longer. I literally could give two shits about anyone else in this else, maybe Joel but even he is an idiot, sorry. They all fucked themselves over (besides from Kelsey) by bringing Kelsey back in. Kelsey was the only one who benefited. Cassandra is no different from all of these dumbasses and to think she is, is ludicrous. Voting back in Kelsey bit every single person in the ass except for her. Since then people who could have lasted did not and people who are still in the house as we see now, are now scrambling. Cassandra is a complete dumbass. Women like Kelsey put bros before hoes voting her back in did nothing for her. Did she really think Kelsey would remain loyal to her after she would evict Jared like she claimed she always planned? Granted either way she was screwed if Loveita came back, but here’s the thing, if Cassandra played her cards right she could have stayed or even more importnatly, I would rather be evicted from an enemy than a friend who I was so invested in. I am laughing at her demise. Tim is irrelevant, but he, too, like Cassandra is an idiot. Nikki proved to be more loyal to him than Joel, but what did he do? He evicted her. Loveita liked Tim and he could have gained a possible ally (OR at least stayed a bit longer if he played his cards right). What Cass and did not not think about is, Jared NEVER TRUSTED LOVEITA and he still wouldn’t have. Loveita and the Bros did not care for each other entirely, same for Maddy. Cass,Tim, and Joel could have floated to the end with the others fighting each other off. Loveita could have done her dirty work of voting out Jared because Jared would prove to be unloyal. Haha it is hilarious, people now are either scrambling, people that did not even have to had they voted in back Loveita. Cass said, “I’ve wanted Jared out since the beginning”…. haha well Cass you think voting back his girlfriend and his strong ally would be smart to do that? Now because she got out Jared, Kelsey is after her, yes the girl who she protected. If there was a showmance it would STUPID for me to vote the one who was in it back, how stupid could they all be. I loved Mitch, but he fucked himself too, Raul fucked himself, Ramsey before he left fucked himself, Maddy, Dallas got fucked, Cass is now fucked, Tim as well, Nikki got fucked. I DID NOT CARE FOR Loveita, but voting back in Loveita would have been smarter and now people who could have avoided being fucked in the ass are now getting fucked hard. Everyone could have had a more of a chance to win. Stupidest cast and yes Cass in that. Cass is nowhere as smart as people make her sorry, the same can be said for Tim. Loveita is all of their demise, like I said Cass would have been evicted anyway as Loveita hated her, but I would much rather be evicted by an enemy than a friend (Kelsey) who I protected. I literally have no one to root for except maybe Joel though he too is questionable. Its sad that Mitch, Dallas, Loveita, and Nikki are all gone 4 people who deserved to win. I don’t entirely like Kelsey, but I am rooting for her and Joel so they can think back and look at how dumb they all were voting back a showmance and a strong alliance in. Sad how things have turned out.

body language

Since the double , Joel’s body language has changed, I notice he grabs the back of his neck , when he does this, he is hoping for Cass and Tim to not confirm with him,, he does it each time the conversation is a plan and he has to add his plan into the conversation ,, the second thing is , The bros, they got very rude with Cass, and I am suspecting , Joel gave his vote over to Kelsey and the bros,,,( to work on there side ). because it’s strange the bros do not have the balls to be up in your face,,, like they were,,, but that could be the alpha male Jared left and they feel now they are the alpha male ,
Whatever it is, this week blew my happy thoughts for Cass and Tim , I feel Cass is gone, and I hope Tim blows these turds out of the water,, but if that is the case, Tim will need to take the ugly bros with him, Because Cass with share the story of the blow up,, Jared will be proud,,But that is just 1


Joel probably saw this as an opportunity to get rid of Tim.


The brothers are now the two dumbest people I have ever heard in my life. Especially after listening last night. And im not just saying that! As Maddy would say, they are “literally” the dumbest people ever! I honestly have never heard anyone as stupid as them. I’m gonna be honest here. If they win I’m never watching BB again. It’d be way to big of a joke. And as a Canadian,I can’t stand having them on the screen representing our country. Why did Arisa save them and give them that second chance. Should a been on the block and gone right there! The. We wouldn’t have to suffer through listening to two certified mental patients!


So the cat is out of the bag – Joel confessed to Tim this morning about working with the Brothers in the PoV against Tim when Tim confronted him. Tim is saddened and angry. Not only that but the Brothers said Joel has been working with them for weeks now. Which only made things worse in Tim’s minds because they could have got rid of Joel instead of Nikki.
Now things are getting really interesting because if that wasn’t bad enough the 2 dinguses followed by Kelsey are trying to get Tim to use the Veto on Cass so they can put up Joel and back door Tim – Yeah like Tim is going to fall for that one! Keep trying you idiots Tim is too smart for all of you to fall for that.
Even Cass was pulling the tears of a clown this morning and Tim was deflecting at every corner saying lets just see. I know he is going to take himself off the block. Why would he leave himself on the block – If they were going to vote out Joel over him anyways then it shouldn’t matter if Cass was up there! Besides I think secretly Tim doesn’t care if Cass or Joel goes but prefers if it’s Joel now this week. I prefer if it’s Joel and it would be better for the house if Joel went this week.


Kelsey you were the cattiest. So Phil touches her breast and she goes, mhmm. What the fukk? She didn’t even say anything. She said she tried to work with the ‘females’. When – she was glued to Jared and Raul’s groin or hair at every turn. She was busy making friends and creating an experience that she will treasure.


im absolutely certain kelsey and phil (not jared) will be each others steady bang


Also once again Cass was dumb to use the veto on Tim. Tim is selfish to himself. She has mentioned before that Tim doesn’t defend her, that alone should have told her to hell with Tim. A selfish “ally” is not an ally you want period. I mean look what’s happening now, Tim will now use the veto himself, and Tim WILL use the veto on himself. All that talk on using it on her is a lie and he knows it. He will use it on himself. Cass should have been wary of him when he claimed that he came for the experience to help people win 100,000 and not himself if you’re stupid you will probably believe his words, but people with an actual brain would never believe that. Everyone regardless of how much money they have LOVE and WILL want to earn more. She made way too many stupid moves, but don’t let her fans tell you that, “Cass is so manipulative and smart”, it’s easy to be manipulative when dumbasses are in the house, but even then her “manipulation” clearly didn’t work as she is now leaving. To be considered manipulative it has to work and take you to the end like Dan, Danielle, Dr.Will, and Derrick were all manipulative masterminds. To be considered a manipulative mastermind you have to make it to the end or DAMN CLOSE and have people not figure it out, that to me is manipulative mastermind, maybe to others its not, whatever. Cass is overrated, sorry. All the good players are except for Jared and Maddy are now gone and its sad, hell even Nikki deserved to win to me she didn’t do anything but still made it a bit far. Winning or being 2nd place and not doing much in the game can be a strategy to me. But anyway, this house is just sad, it is unfortunate.


you forgot the element of luck – you need to be good and have alot of luck to get to the end particularly in the canada version – eg if cass dad hadnt won the hoh she wouldnt have had to piss 4 people off


I agree with you to an extent, but (1) Cass WANTED that HOH, she was glad her father won that. We also saw how cocky she was during HOH, which is fine BUT that came back and bit her in the ass. She chose an ally, 2 allies, that have shown time and time again that they would rather lay low and not defend her. She also chose 2 other allies (Kelsey and Jared) who have shown that they are selfish and that are loyal to only each other. Her being loud during her HOH, not choosing good allies is completely her fault. She kept saying that she wouldn’t mind cutting off Tim, but look what happened? She saved him when she shouldn’t have and now because of that she is going home. The reason why she is on the block is all because she didn’t play the game right. She should not voted Kelsey back in, she should not have had Joel or Tim as an ally nor Jared and Kelsey. Jared and Kelsey both are not as strong as they think they are, Phil and Nick are more strong physically had she teamed up with them and took out Joel and Tim she could have stayed. Phil and Nick when Jared was around had no problem taking out Jared and Kelsey, but who told them not to? If I remember correctly ( I could be wrong) it was Cass and Tim, which was beyond stupid. Why are people trying to keep a strong showmance? Cass was a lot stronger than people thought she was, however, she was too dumb and emotional with this game. She also wouldn’t shut up during her HOH, which once again came back to bite her in the ass. She also lied unnecessarily often as well, thus biting her in the ass. Her gameplay was fucked not because of luck, but because she is AWFUL at this. Big Brother besides production is more so about being a good social player and good at competitions more so than luck to me, but if by luck you mean production, than you can say that she has been helped out before by them.


i think she would have preferred if joels mom or tims dad won that hoh then cass likely would have been ok this week and at the very least wouldnt have had kelsey absolutely gunning for her – if joel had sent jared home as hoh, this week joel would be the target post veto, not cass, as the kelsey and cass friendship wouldnt have been split so heavily

there is also luck in alot of the vetos – tim won when he needed to or he was gone, and he will now have to win out

this week i think only the combination of a kelsey hoh and tim veto would result in a likely cass eviction – thats what happened, and to me thats very unlucky, sure she isnt good at comps, but the odds were majorly in favor of that combination of hoh and veto winners not happening


Hmm, I’m not so sure I agree, which I believe you and I can agree to disagree. But yeah I mean if you remember in the DR, she was hoping her father was to win, she was extremely excited winning HOH. And we saw it in her voice and her actions, she was extremely cocky and loud during her time as HOH, which I couldn’t blame her if I won HOH I would be happy, however, like I said she could have pulled a Tim (have others vote) and not being so loud with what she wanted to do. I don’t necessarily agree with it being A LOT of luck, at times, yes, but production does often interfere. It’s not necessarily luck to me it is what people are good at. Luck to me is when someone isn’t good mentally or physically but they win, that to me is luck, but to you it may not be. Also these competitions are different, but at the same time similar every year that is why people often study before a comp especially a mental one. I believe luck is part of it, but I don’t agree its the majority, I still think its based off of how well you are good strategically, socially, mentally, and physically. Also I think if Cass would have been smart in this game and was more calculated, even if she sucked mentally and physically she could have won. Derrick and Dr. Will did not win a lot of games, but they won because they played their game smartly and socially. They didn’t have much luck in the game, but they won because of how they played their games. Anyway, Cass could have had a chance to stay, but I just wish she would have played it better. I wish she was more ruthless like she portrayed herself to be. To me she just could have been better. But yeah you’re right she could stay, but who knows it kind of doesn’t look like it though haha. But yeah I respect you like her, but I hope you respect that I didn’t like her game, she was a little too talkative and being too talkative especially about the game and people always causes chaos. I just didn’t like her game and don’t get the hype of her, hope you don’t shoot me haha.


im not bothered who you like or not, im just saying bb canada has alot of luck involved, you cant rely just on being good at big brother, which you have agreed

if topaz doesnt screw up the jill vote then gary wins, if sarah and brit dont get a veto voted on by fans then bruno may have won

like or hate cass, she is still the only girl to have not been evicted, so she must have been doing something right this season, and will likely be evicted by someone who has already been evicted

the brothers had a lucky hoh as they got out 2 players who nobody cared if they left as they were pretty much a lone pair…kelsey was lucky the week she was evicted she got to return

in the canada version luck including the week you win a comp or not is such a big element


Ok good. You think what Big Brother is what 60-80% of luck? right? I would put it at more so 20%. 20% luck (half of that being from production), 80% of being good at this game, whatever that may be, preferably social, however. To me being great socially isn’t luck, but its about your game. To me 80% is about being good at this game. And a huge chunk of that is being socially. Like I said as we saw with Dr. Will and Derrick they were great socially and won. You mean luck is important in relation to mental and physical comps, right? But what about Dr. Will and Derrick who barely won anything? Also did they really have luck when they had to consistently on their toes, being strategic? They both worked their asses off to win, that to me wasn’t luck, but hard ass work. Do you think it was luck that Dr. Will and Derrick won despite them being constantly strategic and calculating?


Also I think was still in house was because she was ok socially she made people laugh, BUT at the same time people didn’t view her as a threat. Her HOH as well as her other game moves were her demise. She could have been sitting pretty had she not told the bros not to vote out Jared and Kelsey that was a dumb move. Also I don’t agree that luck brought Kelsey back, people liked her more than Loveita and people considered Loveita a threat not knowing that Kelsey was a much bigger threat. Stupidity by Cass and the rest of the house brought Kelsey back not luck. The Bros Hoh wasn’t necessarily luck, it was stupidity. Maddy was horrible in the house, that was something Maddy did, Ramsey aligned with her which again wasn’t luck it was a choice he made, which was why she was on the block. Also her voting out Loveita which was her choice (not luck) showed people she couldn’t be trusted. None of that was at all luck. It was the choices everyone made that caused these events to occur.


*This isn’t to you anonymous it’s in general* And she often made stupid moves, moves that have now likely fucked up her game. Moves that could have been avoided, but she was an emotional player. I wish she would have not cared about “preserving” and saving “friendships”. I wish she realized that there are no friends in the Big Brother house haha. I don’t understand how anyone can disagree that her voting back in a showmance is stupid, her AND Tim telling the bros not to evict Jared and Kelsey, her NOT evicting Tim and Joel, but evicting Nikki wasn’t a dumb game move or her not being quiet during her HOH was stupid. They were all stupid moves that have likely costed her this game. She has made countless dumb moves, but no one wants to see or admit that. Her dumb moves have now caught up with her. She’s one of the favorites this season, so I hope if she comes back for an All stars that she learns that there are no friends in that house and that it’s important to leave emotions at the door and to REALLY feel people out and not align with people just because they make you laugh or you get along with them. And also to never align with a showmance wholeheartedly, meaning if she must, do it, but cut them off eventually. And if there was ever another fake eviction to never ever vote back a showmance and instead vote for someone who, is, say disliked so they don’t have allies. She should have left emotions at the door. They were mad at Joel for leaving their alliance, but one how is Tim any different? He could care less about Cass and what Joel was doing was what she should have done. Joel isn’t playing wholeheartedly with emotions he is doing what is best for him, she should have done the same. People don’t want to admit it, but as weak as Joel has been he really is playing the best game right now in the house besides, yes Kelsey. Kelsey as dumb as she was, like willing to throw her game aside for Jared, she could be making it far. As much as I hate the bros and I do hate them a lot, they are in a pretty good position, a position Cass could have been in. Its too bad she fucked up her own game. Personally I actually like her and can relate to her PERSONALLY, but anyone claiming her game is great.. yeah.


of the remaining players who has played the best over the course of the season?

tim and cass in my opinion

the others havent played better games for the last 10 weeks

if kelsey doesnt win hoh this week its a totally different house dynamic


at this stage its win or go home, comes down to 1 comp, or 1 piece of luck, and that can override a good or bad player

they had 3 on 1 in the hoh v kelsey and couldnt get it done

a joel, tim or cass hoh this week would have seen them cruise to final 3


i respect everyone has their opinion, but i respect the opinion of bb16 winner derrick a little more than yours

he said on friday cass has impressed him the most and would be a worthy winner even over tim


*This isn’t to you VotingBackInKelseyBitEveryoneInTheAss it’s in general* Not sure if this posted ok 1st time

Check out the rhap podcast of Friday night on youtube. Rob Cesternino and Derrick winner of big brother 16 both have great things to say about Cass, and Derrick said she would be a worthy winner even over Tim.


I don’t know how many times I have to say this but Cass DID NOT use the Veto to save Tim! She used it to save Joel from being outed!! Jesus H Christ people…Use your heads! Cass trying to use that to try & get Tim to take her off…pfft I am pretty sure Tim lost some respect for her today. I don’t care how badly you want it..her fake cry is so obvious & is making her look desperate. If she just went back to normal Cass and shut her mouth she will probably stay this week. The Bros or Kelsey have to see They need to keep her for themselves & they will NEVER see it if it’s coming from her.


Its so funny you mentioned Dan and Danielle. While i was reading your post i thought about them. And how there could be a comparison with Tim and Cass. Dan spent the whole game ‘guiding/mentoring’ Danielle, just as Tim (believes he) has. And when Dan was at risk of being found out and booted, he came up with that ridiculous speech (the one after his isolation) and it saved his butt.

I am having trouble figuring this out the whole way through (as my memory is not that great) but does there seem to be similarities here? Can Tim pull off a Dan and is Cass actually in for a rude awakening?


Feeds are black either for the tv show ‘unreal’ veiwing or the veto ceremony, so I decided to take a while and read all of today’s comments. oh my. i’m going to need popcorn, ALL the popcorn. It doesn’t help that I’m reading the comments in the voices of different house guests (or maybe it does help). Thanks for all of the wide range of views and opinions I hadn’t considered. 🙂


Wouldn’t it be amazing if Tim stood up and said “I will be using this veto to save myself” and a few seconds later after Cassandra fell into a deep depression he did a 360 spin and pulled another veto out of his green speedos and said “but I willllll use this one to save Cassandra” ????????


If only

Help please

Where does Tim confront Joel after the veto? Is it on one of the videos and I missed it?
Thank you!

Tears of a Clown

How sweet it is eh. Awww poor Tim is mad that little Joel got one over on the BB master winner” Bahaha I LOVE IT! . It was cool when Cass turned on the people who though she was working with them because she had a secret alliance with you. YOU, Tim who thought Joel was working with you has a secret alliance The French Connection, SO he didn’t turn just like Cass apparently didn’t, he just has allegiance to another. The fact that you have egg on your face is amazing.
Good for you Joel. I love the name too………..French Connection.


if joel wins he will be the most boring winner in north american bb history

if the bros(moronic a holes) or kelsey(already evicted) win it will make the season a joke

also i think if anyone is evicted and returns to the game, if they get carried to final 2, their winnings are divided equally among the houseguests who got no prizemoney as they didnt get a 2nd chance


i should have said –

also if anyone is evicted and returns to the game, if they get carried to final 2, i think their winnings should get divided equally among the houseguests who got no prizemoney as they didnt get a 2nd chance

i just think the 2nd chance element is majorly unfair – if you get evicted youre out


Funny how everyone wants a secret power or veto now. Pfft but if it was brought in to help the others hen they needed it, it would have been “production this and production that”. BUT now when you want the people you like to get saved. All of a sudden its ok for a secret power.

Ya I hope theres a secret veto, and Kelsey finds it. Wouldn’t that just put bee’s in all your bonnets. Its time for this 3 headed dragon to be put out. Just like the last one, right.

Joel Kelsey final 2….come on.


its bb can isnt there always a secret veto?


I Officially can’t stand Phil! I hope he grows up and gets some self awareness from this experience! The guy is an egotistical asshole who thinks he’s the best player to ever play….what a joke!


when i first saw phil how he treated and spoke down to his own brother i thought this guy is a bit crazy, and first 2 thirds of the game he made a huge effort to be nice to everyone to avoid being nominated – but now we see the real phil

because he dj’s does he believe he is some type of god or something? could be megalomania, or he could be just a majorly deluded asshole and too dumb to realize

Dumb & Dumber

Oh my God these brothers are so annoying like seriously there either acting dumb or they’re really freaking dumb I can’t even believe it I don’t even understand why they’re still in that house he should’ve been taken out long time ago

Dumb & Dumber

So if Tim saves himself it will probably be better because Joel will be the replacement the brothers will save Joel Tim will save Cassandra and Joel will leave!! Last week Cassandra used the veto on Tim but the scenarios were different at that time as Cassandra was not on the block so it’s not the same situation! If Tim uses the veto on Cassandra he will be leaving his faith in Kelsey’s hands and I don’t think Kelsey and Tim have a strong enough Bond because no matter what Kelsey will have to break a tie as the votes will not be unanimous ever!! Joel is so awkward to watch I don’t think he has played a solid game he’s very insecure he played the game talking sideways out of his mouth nothing ever came straight up so he needs to leave in my opinion the brothers aka dumb and dumber should have been kicked out of this house along time ago so they need to go! final three Kelsey Tim Cassandra and it just depends on the comps here on… I am rooting for Cassandra !!


Tim saying he doesn’t want to win LOL is his game plan. Of course he wants to win duh !! He just wants them to think that so can can go to F2. When he said before he will take Cass off was BS so the others would freak out. Every thing he says is ALL a game plan to him he knows what he’s doing. If Tim takes Joel to F2 he will win just like Kelsey said. Tim would have Nikki, Cass, Kelsey, Jared,votes….Maddy Bros Mich Raul would be a toss up.


Mitch would prob vote for Tim too cause he would respect a good game player .


It will be a Joke if Kelsey goes to final 2. Seems like she will as she is production’s Pet

Button Pusher

I swear there seems to be no legitimate rhyme or reason to production blocking the feeds most of the time. Who care how people were cast on the show, if you’re a fan of the show you know some applied and some were recruited by Robin Kass ane her “talent scouts” – big woop! Why block feeds. Everyone knows, in general, that Jared apprantly asked Cassandra out on a date about six months ago and she turned him down – again, big woop! But today’s blocked feeds were truly beyond understanding. A spider shows up in the blue bedroom and suddenly feeds are blocked as Tim decides whether to trap the spider or to set it free in the hot tub area!! Just shaking my head.


OMG is cass crying again didn’t she claim jared went to her crying..and her/tim made fun of him for it? Ego on tim that he thinks he will go into the jury house and make everyone vote the way he wants them to..made me think of ‘frankie’ BBUS…when he said ‘I pick the winner”..lol I loved how cass and Tim were ripping apart the brothers and jareds character when the whole time cass is whining/crying about how the brothers are calling her names..isn’t that what you and tim are both doing..hypcorites. I like how the brothers are playing both sides, Nick working on convincing joel to take them to the F2 and Phil working on kelsey.

Cass said to tim, you remind me of my mother..you psychopath. where are all the people that jumped on the brothers for saying it about cass…why aren’t they jumping about cass saying it to tim? I just wonder why it is okay for her to use that word but it was sooo wrong when the brothers did!

more crying from cass “but I want this so bad, it’s my dream”..no way really. Ok everyone step aside cass must win now, its her dream and she wants it so bad.. not like any of you really want it …right?
since we know tim isn’t going to use the veto on her, i hope she walks out Thursday..she will cry the whole way up the stairs – then on stage – then on the side show and all the way to the jury house..probably cry the whole time in jury too..LOL


She is asking because Tim initiated a conversation he would use a veto on her even if they were both on the block. If he hadn’t ever mentioned it she would never have asked. I would do the same if I were her as there is a chance. You would be dumb not to ask.


This is why Cass is so awesome, people either love or hate her. Best casting of the season. She has gotten under your skin and made you get all worked up, just like Loveita and Phil in the house. Tim has been ok but the likes of Nikki and Mitch, whilst popular, were disappointments on an entertainment factor level in terms of keeping feeds interesting throughout the day, every day.