Tim “I always thought she would get me and now I have her fate in my hands.”

POV Holder: Tim Next POV May 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 1st
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots No more havenots

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-01 14-02-37-222

5pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the power of veto competition to take place. Cass says I feel like you’re kind of at piece with it. Tim says maybe I am, maybe I want to win. Cass says you said you wanted it in your hands to help who you wanted to win. TIm says I’m not in that place yet. Cass says I think if you were standing up there you would do it. Tim says that was for live TV. Cass says I’m not ready to go. I’m not at piece with it. Tim asks then why didn’t you win it. Cass says I tried! I almost had it. Phil grabbed it right out from under my face. Tim says the sticky situation is you and Joel on the block. Cass says no if I’m on the block with Joel, I go home. Cass says you said you wanted to help the best win. Tim says I don’t know if you are the best. I think it was a mistake that it was up today. Cass asks you want another night to think about it. Tim says yes, I haven’t made up my mind yet. Cass says I would literally do anything to stay! What do you want!? Tim says HUSH! QUIET! I wish I didn’t win the veto. You wouldn’t be nagging me. Let’s just consider I’m not using it. Cass says if you don’t decide to use it .. its like murdering me. Suiciding me. Cass says I have an idea to keep us both safe? You take me off the block and then you make a deal with the brothers that you won’t go back on. Make a final 2 deal with the brothers. Keep it if you win. Its the risk I take trying to stay this week. If I win final HOH, I take you. Tim says sorry I fell asleep. No, I heard it .. maybe. Cass says I just think if you’re up there you have some leverage with the brothers. I don’t. Tim leaves. He notices that the living room still says POV Ceremony Today.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-01 14-25-44-451
5:15pm Tim talks to Kelsey and the brothers about how part of him wants Joel to go up for what he did yesterday. Tim thinks that Cass will hate him for not using it on her. Tim says I think my answer is to take myself off the block because I fought for it. Do I take someone off the block that I will probably never see again and wouldn’t hang out with in my regular life. Tim says I do feel like we have unfinished business with the brothers. Phil says I don’t like to hear that. That you’re against us. Tim says no, no, no not that I’m against you. That all bets are off, that we could turn a new page. I always thought she would get me and now I have her fate in my hands. Phil asks I would consider how the outside is affect after. Tim says it does matter. Kelsey says it wouldn’t be a bad way to go out. It would be a different way. Tim says I think I would just look like a fool. Kelsey says Joel has sat back and let everyone do it for him.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-01 14-26-55-650
5:30pm Joel tells Cass again that he tried to get Kelsey to put up the brothers but I he doesn’t think she will. Joel asks if Tim is still mad at him? Cass says she doesn’t know. Joel says I have to win my way to the end at this point. I don’t think any jury member would vote for me. Who did I have long conversations with? I think everyone would think me getting to this point was luck. Cass leaves to join the others in the hot tub room.

6pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds…
Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-01 15-43-04-281
6:40pm The feeds return – No POV Ceremony yet.
6:45pm In the bedroom – Joel asks to talk to Tim. Joel says that he was going to win the veto and use it. I was getting close to them so that they would help me win it. Tim explains that he even asked Joel what one he needed and I had it. It was the ren and stimpy one. Joel says he didn’t hear Tim. Joel says I did shake on it with them. And Phil even helped me in the first 2 rounds. Tim says I think that slowed him down and let me intimidate him in the last few rounds. When it came down to you, me and Phil I didn’t understand why you were helping Phil. I was faster, it was going to be you or him not make it. Joel says he was worried about being exposed. Tim says but once you won it and used it you would have been exposed! Tim says I didn’t believe that he would have helped you in the final round too. Tim says regardless I think you will stay this week. Joel says I feel really stupid for messing things up. Tim says in that moment I knew I had to look after myself. Cass is begging to use it on her. I kind of want to wash my hands clean of it. What I kind of want to do is make it a tie with the brothers so that the blame will on on Kelsey (Tie Breaker). TIm says I’m open to here on out .. I’m just tired of relying on other people to determine your fate .. in terms of trust other people for their vote or using the veto. As far as what Kelsey and the brothers tell me .. there is no way you’re going home this week. Joel says I might last this week but going forward I need to win competitions and I don’t think I can. Tim says yeah but the rest of them are mostly mental. Tim says I realize you’ve been on slop and will be for the rest of the game. I don’t hate you. Tim says when we walked out and they said this is a comp about movies and you can help each other… it was like our dream!

7:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..

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Tim would be a foll not to use the veto on himself at this point in the game. Or at any point.

An ornery mouse

I don’t believe Tim using the POV on Cass was ever even a remote possibility. I think part of his strategy this entire season has been to behave as if he doesn’t really care about winning, but I bet the guy wants it as much or more than anyone left in the house. Think about how much he has talked about winning BB Australia….. this is something he takes great pride in and you know damn well he wants to go 2 for 2 and win in both formats.

It’s a good strategy and it seems like some of the houseguests have bought it at times.


He is not using it as strategy to try to make fans or house guests think he is extra clever. He actually doesn’t care for this format, often looks bored out of his mind and doesn’t need the money like the others do, so its not an issue for him if he doesn’t reach the top 2. He gets his appearance fee regardless of his finishing place. He has made some big mistakes like everyone else, but he has done well because he positioned himself well and done well socially.


It would be a huge mistake for Tim not to use the veto on himself, as he’s on the block. Duh mate!

The Goat

Tims pride for how he and Cassandra played the game just turned into a big puddle of shame.


Why?What happened?


Please Cassandra stop while your ahead. I actually thought you were a good contender for the game but the whining is making me cringe and frankly, I hate it! Tim just stay! After watching his last season he could actually take her off but the more she pushes him the worse it is! He has put himself on the block before and saved someone else.


She was just wanting to annoy him, knowing he never intended to do it, she knows he gets bored and likes to mess with her and has been doing it from the day he arrived. The 6-5 vote in particular.

I think he is annoyed that she has played the better more impactful game over the weeks and been far more entertaining to watch and he is a little jealous, so he wanted to be a bit extra cruel, dangling the veto in her face. I also think he wouldnt ever take her to final 2 as he knows she could beat him and he has always been fearful of that.


You obviously haven’t been watching feeds the whole season. They both know he was never using it. It’s all part of ‘the story’. Tims messing with people schtick. Tim as production plant was asked to do it, Cass played along. Its a slow week with not much game chat to show as noms and re nom were decided and announced instantly. They have to show something in the episodes and to make it a little dramatic, like whats Tim going to do? Use it on himself or not?

Bye Bye Cass!

Tim used the POV to save himself!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! Joel went up as the replacement nom. Cass now knows she is a goner this Thursday!! Ha ha ha ha ha!


Best comment this season 🙂 Love it !

Poutine Queen of Saskatoon

I love how totally frank and direct Kelsey is being with Cass out by the hot tub!! Cass asked do you think I can stay and Kelsy said No right in her face. Love it!!


Kelsey fans that know the game of big brother will be shaking their heads at how dumb Kelsey is for wanting to evict the only player she has a chance to beat.


so the final 4 will consist of boring players? thats a shame


OMG Cass leave him alone to think ! You wanna stay that bad you should have won the Veto! Tim WONT use it on her he wants to Win


Would be nice if that happens and kels breaks the tie and sends Cass home


I totally get Tim wanting to stay: of course he does. But he looks like a coward for going on and on all week (especially to Cassandra) about how he was at peace with going home, how he wanted her to stay, etc. If he had been upfront all along then it wouldn’t matter, he should have just told her that he wanted to win. I get him saying to Kelsey / the brother that he was indifferent, but he knew he’d never really take Cassandra off and she deserves to have at least known that rather than be strung along.

I think at this point it’s truly anyones game. It all depends on the HOH / POV next week. I didn’t want to see Kelsey or the brothers in the finals, so I really hope that isn’t the final two. Ideally, for me, it would have been Tim & Cass but that obviously isn’t going to happen… at least there isn’t a 100% clear winner. These last weeks should be interesting.

Donkey punch

Freak show implosion!

Strangely enough, even though Joel apparently betrayed Tim, they will still have to work together against Kelsey and the brothers in F4.


I’ve seen rumors online that this week will be a special eviction show on Wed with NO audience. This would explain why the POV ceremony is a day earlier then usual. Anyone know if this is true?


paige for fav player !!!!
whoa with me


I really don’t like Joel. The houseguests pegged him as an awkward genius but he’s actually an awkward idiot. They have stereotyped everybody since the beginning.


Hey let Cassandra stAy she is good looking


Let the the bros go


Let the bros go


Please tell me that Kelsey isn’t falling for the BS that tim is feeding her and the brothers? I just seriously hope that Kelsey sticks to the plan of getting cass out. Would be on the list of ‘dumbest BB moves ..ever’. I hope Tim votes joel out and the brothers vote cass out (can’t see them saving her after everything that went down this week) and kelsey breaks the tie.

I love how cass always says the brothers are stupid yet she is dumber then the brothers ever were considering she believed she had a good chance of tim using the veto on her Tim said a few weeks ago, he was there to win so there is no way in hell he wont use the veto to save himself. Then the BS of telling the house he is playing for himself now and he’s not with cass or joel.. again lets hope the brothers/kelsey aren’t stupid enough to fall for that. now the ole tim speel of I’m playing with integrity/true to who I am/ playing an honest game, I will ‘never’ lie can be called what it always was pure BS. You have to lie to get further ahead in this game.
really sucks that tim won POV, i was looking forward to him leaving the house.


The way Tim threaten Cass in the storage room was interesting. Talk about true colors. I think she was scared and then used it. She bonked her game for this cad. I hope its her and Joel on the block and lets see what happens.