Big Brother Canada 4 April 17 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV April 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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I like Maddy.


Ramsey stop playing in the comments

feeds @ 10:05 pm central time

yesterday, maddie says to Ramsey if she leaves he better be pissed and not be friendly to these guys and if he leaves she would do the same..but now she’s “literally” cuddling and flirting with phil


In her defence, it has been over 12 hours since she’s had a set of balls in her hand.
Nick ?
Dallas ?
Ramsey ?
Jeryd She wishes
Phil and Nick Hopin to get Eifell
Tim ?
Joel Your next, she’s never had a
virgin before.

feeds @ 10:28 pm central time

maddie, while talking game, laying on and touching phil says “I’m sooo drunk” – sorry Rams but let’s be honest the signs were always there and Dallas warned you. she’s the worst – Rams been gone 10 hrs?


His first sign should have been when she talked about how much she loved her boyfriend back home while hooking up with Nick. I don’t think Ramsey cared tbh. He probably sees her as a good friend that was lay in jury.


On tonight’s episode Jared was ranting about how angry he was that the brothers got handed an HOH, but he wasn’t complaining when Kelsey was handed a second chance in the game. His attitude is awful and I wish the brothers had put him up.


Completely agree. Plus anyone who knows this game should know that Canada has an influence on the show by voting for something (Season 2: being the HoH, Season 3: Have not = secret veto). Kelsey and Jared need to stop whining just cause it wasn’t given to them like last time. If you wanted to get the power, you should’ve entertained Canada.

Uh duh!

Season 1 saving Suzette

feeds @ 10:36 pm central time

follows phil to hoh – cass puts a stop to it and says i’ll come too
you’re welcome

feeds @ 10:42 pm central time

maddie and phil laughing and dancing in the hoh
Man, she can campaign


Now that Ramsey is out of the house ….is Phil her next cuddle buddy so she can avoid eviction?

feeds @ 10:44 pm central time

tim walks into hoh says to maddie and phil “i thought you were fcking”

feeds @11:03 pm central time

phils flipped

feeds @11:06 pm central time

tim says Ramsey’s bed isn’t even cold yet

feeds @11:10 pm central time

Maddie’s talking about respect and loyality – ironically knowing nothing about either

feeds @11:13 pm central time

phil tells maddie he’s putting up tim – she’s about tell phil who to put up then jarad comes up and calls her out for cuddling with nick, rams and phil then leaves- wtg jarad – 11:16 maddie’s crying saying how jarad is bullying her and being malicious now phil’s hugging her

feeds @ 12:09

maddie tells the brothers to put up cassandra


Love her or Hate her
Without Maddy right now this season would be a snoozer at this point!!
I hope she stays & Tim leaves – I want her to stay for more drama.
So OVER Tim!! See you NEVER!!


these people are so delusional it’s not even funny! No one deserves any money! Jered is pissed off that he has to play the game to get his money and if anybody else dares to play the game he will get everyone to shun them. He is the absolute worst. The fact he actually thinks he is the nice guy and the rest bad people is mindblowing. The brothers are all talk. What happened with the take down Tim plan?? I can’t deal with this season. It’s carcrash TV but i can’t stop watching til it ends. I hate myself for it.


Does someone have agun to your head? Sheesh


156:48ish for the Jared/Maddy feud on feed 1

11:32 pm central time

maddie’s crying to nick about how she’s being bullied


Oh cry me a river Maddy. Your pity party is falling on deaf ears.

She makes everyone uncomfortable in her presence. She contradicts herself every third word. She’s still blaming Kelsey and now has also flipped on Cass. She’s so venomous.

Jared is the male version of Maddy. He’s so immature and just as delusional plus very entitled. He needs to go next!

I'm calling it

maddie’s a craigslist wh**e – i know you don’t like hearing that dawg (as you didn’t post my last comment), but i just call it like i see it

i did not write this but i agree with the author

im sorry but maddy cant expect the house to all be nice to her jsut because she wants them to be she has acted like a bitch for weeks to many of them did she deserve jared in her face no were all the others thinking the same thing seeing her cuddle up with phil outside yes and if people were honest many of us were thinking and saying the same thing jared was wrong she wasnt talking about him but the appearance was deceptive he heard her all night make the target on him bigger by constantly saying she’d pick him to win in a f2 her reputation not the greatest as she has a bf at home we watched her tease and lead nick on for weeks at the same time sleeping in his bed and making out yet gleefully talking to dallas about getting rid of him then brings up the bf at home to get away from nick and goes str8 to ramsey bed so in that environment not surprising jared went off on her was it right no should he apologize yes


Good post, other than that he should apologize. I really do think that Ramsey’s decision to leave probably does have something to do with his family wanting him away from Maddy, his mom has tweeted that she didn’t like Maddy and didn’t know why Ramsey was spending time with her. I’m sure his dad is sick, but the Maddy thing could have triggered this response. I mean if your religion doesn’t allow you to have alcohol, I’m sure there not to keen on fucking whores live in a reality show.

feeds @ 12:01

maddie says “cassandra and kelsey are using their vaginas to manipulate people” – lol


There no point in feeds without Ramsey I really badly miss him in the game he was going to do great. He could of got to the finals.


Would any of you ‘slut shamers’ even comment like that if it was a guy?
Um, I’ll wait for the answer……
F**k all of you. A person is entitled to do with his/her body whatever they want. Nobody twisted anyone’s arm in this game.
If anything Raul got away with molesting most of the men and was not nearly as crucified.
How does it affect YOUR personal life if Maddy wants to sleep in different beds? She didn’t have sex with all of them and to my knowledge the Ramsey rumour is just that; a rumour. There’s no footage.
Also why isn’t Ramsey getting called any names?
Anyway, it’s a real shame (pun intended) that society is still reducing women this way.

dear maddies mom

maddie and women like her are a disgrace to all women who use their brains and not their bodies to get ahead in life and in bb
btw: u can’t slut shame someone if they’re not acting like a slut. And another thing, maddie was talking to cassandra at the kitchen table, just days ago, in front of ramsey about how big nick’s cock was and when cassandra ask hwo did she know maddie smiled and said ‘i felt him fully erect’. so yeah she is a slut and i’m convinced she’s a craiglist hooker (i know you don’t like people posting that dawg but it’s the truth).


And how she was telling Ramsey yesterday, that she was basically fucking Nick for the first 4 weeks. That’s “literally” what she said. She sure knows how to make a guy feel good. She’s one of those girls that’ll get married, cheat, and be divorced like 4 times and blame everyone else in life. She very delusional! Especially thinking she’s been the strongest player. Haha She’s by far made the stupidest moves in the house, while getting lucky with a couple wins on the way. If she wouldn’t of got rid of Loveita, (only cause she still thought that saving Jeryd might still give her the chance of getting in his pants) this would be a totally different game. She’d most likely be in the power alliance of her, Dallas, Loveita, and Joel. Any move she had made hasn’t been a good strategic move within the parameters of the game.


it affects my personal life and the life of every woman whn you and people like you think that it’s okay to use sexuality to get ahead and, i fear for my children and all girls growing up thinking that this is okay it’s objectification and it’s what is wrong with the world


Oh Boo Hoo Maddy is sleeping in another man’s bed?! – Get over it people. It’s a game and she is playing the game trying get Phil to put up Jared. She hasn’t F***ed everyone in the house. She is simply cuddling and flirting. My god you would thing she was blowing people for votes. She is playing the boys and they are eating it up. They are stupid for letting their hormones control themselves. No different than Jared getting all bent out of shape over a simple game of spin the bottle. If it works then good on her and if it doesn’t then fine. Every girl in that house Is using a boy in one way or another through flirting. Oldest trick in the book with BB even the boys do it. Reality at it’s best and worst.


are you saying that it’s okay for women to use their bodies to get ahead? The normalization of objectification is what is wrong with the world.


She gave nick a “hand” … She did do the nasty with Ramsey —I WOULDNT CALL THAT NOTHING–the reason people hate Maddy is not cause she is a bedhopper–its cause of the reasons listed:
1st– she is a horrible game player –no one really thinks she will win–right?!
2nd–she is giving women a bad name (in general )that we have to sleep with guys to get their trust and get somewhere#womenaremorethanjustabody
3rd:like you said it’s a GAME –she should have some dignity and self worth—she gives her shit /power away for free — she throws herself at these guys yet it does nothing for her game –zero strategy behind it .
4th–she is mean and says the nastestes thing homophobic stuff
5th–she has had the worst hoh run ever –she evicted her ally — she wanted Kelsey gone on her 2nd hoh and raUL ended up leaving –she has had zero say/influence on any of the people that have left–it’s day 60—SHE is a bonified floater —-tmost people in the houses except Rasmey dislike her –hell even if you ask the evicted houseguest they will tell you Maddy ain’t no peach and all round negative person .
Please don’t waste your energy supporting Maddy’s bad game /life decisions –it makes you look bad(no -offence) …I would respect you more if you were just trolling


Believe me, if it was possible that any of the guys would let Maddy blow them for votes, she’d be all over that. And who does it hurt if she’s a slut you ask? Maybe her poor boyfriend at home. Imagine the torture his buddies are putting that poor guy through now.


she’s not just cuddling and flirting. she gave ramsey multiple handjobs, caught his cum in her mouth, and ramsey had sex with her 2 days before he left #spreadthecheeks. I dont want to link the video on here.

All the while both her and Ramsey discuss her boyfriend shes in love with back home. There is unbalanced hate on Maddy, Ramsey is just as bad.


The brothers blew and wasted their HOH. They flip flop more than a fish a out of water.


Jared has officially become a gossipy little girl tonight, imitating Maddy and Cassandra and getting judgmental of a girl sleeping in different beds. He’s a little boy with no balls.


I think Tim is going home this week. The way the brothers and Jared are talking they are going to back door him. Phil is trying to get Maddy to do his dirty work and to call Tim out tomorrow. I would love it if this eviction week was cancelled and Tim found out by Maddy that the brothers had planned to back door him.


You guys really should post the video of Jared confronting Maddy.


BB Can might as well play one game of roulette and get this season over with. What a waste of a season !


Long day. took a nap that turned into a sleep. Woke up. Booze delivery and what the heck is going on here style chaos. So sad that I have so much to catch up on.
The little things I learned: Maddy has known Christine for 2 years. they met at auditions two years ago. Another strange connection. Ramsey told Maddy his family had talked to him about the cast. Immediate stop that.
Jared’s comment to Maddy about flirting with Phil (she was) as disrespectful because Ramsey has only been gone for 10 hours / Maddy’s bully reaction. Was it bullying or was it Maddy being called out for something she’s doing. That’s just it. She got called out for something she actually did. Her go to response was bully. That’s not bullying. If that’s what she calls bullying: being called out on things that she’s doing while she’s actually doing them? She doesn’t know what bullying means. In my brain: it wasn’t what was said. It’s that her real crush, Jared, said them.
While she owns the maneater style game I don’t have a problem, I don’t respect it, but if someone falls for it, fine. When she manipulates people by crying I don’t have a problem, again, not something i respect much, but again, if it works go for it. I’m a little sensitive to the bully moniker. This was not an example of bullying. I dislike Jared, and have called him out on a lot of his crap out of displeasure, so it makes me want to kick dirt to say this, but while he was unkind, he wasn’t a bully this time. Maybe sanctimonious (oooh shocker) but not bullying this time.


There is a part of me that is in a way pitying Maddy. I’m not pitying her for being bullied in the house. I’m not feeling bad because the house as a construct makes her be mean and hateful as she claims.
It did annoy me that she’s venting to the guy she handjobbed and dumped the next day to climb into bed with Ramsey crying that she’s not that kind of person.
I feel badly that she will likely be lambasted by lots of people for the way she acted, and for what she did while on the show. Her lack of insight into her own behavior is going to be thrown in her face. On a human level that bothers me.


It’s mistake to take out Maddy, when Tim is clearly the biggest threat left in the game. Another thing, Maddy is almost a guartneed win for anyone in the F2, because the house despises her. I would drag blondie to the end.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Can someone PLEASE remove The Imbecile Brothers?! It is EXCRUCIATING to listen to them, or watch Nick’s empty head falling spontaneously sidewise, or Phil’s daily implosions… Ugh, I soo dislike the stupid boorish people.


Thinking. What did Maddy do to secure Ramsey? She stabbed her alliance in the back and whittled her own support down until it was just the two of them.
She now wants to be team Tim. She has already started to try to turn sentiment against Cassandra. So was her initial plan to get out Cassandra to get Nikki and Tim on her side?
I figure she’s trying to keep Tim off the block because she’s bought the Internationals are perfect pawns line, or because she wants Tim to help save her?
What if Maddy spilled to Tim? would it help her? Probably not. Would probably sink her more. Considering Jared is already telling Tim the brothers are against him to play both sides.


Don’t understand Jared’s reasoning for telling Tim about what the brothers said about Tim playing both sides. Was he throwing the brothers under the bus or was his ego telling Tim they we are on to you and we are getting you out. Wish Tim would tell the brothers that Jared through them under the bus.


I think he’s trying to secure loyalty and numbers. Jared wants Tim gone, but wants Maddy gone more possibly. He wants the brothers to take the heat so that they can’t count on Tim’s support when he stays and the target moves from Jared to the brothers.
Or he’s shining Tim on so that Tim believes he is a pawn and won’t campaign as hard thinking he has Nikki, Jared, Kelsey and Cassandra.
This morning (845 or so am eastern) Tim went to the brothers to confirm he’s a pawn and offer a deal of safety for next week. Kelsey then talked to the brothers about Maddy’s campaign intent and told them that Cass had told Tim to come to the brothers to offer a deal.

Stop the hate!

It’s driving me nuts how everyone is hating on Maddy. I mean, she said earlier on in the season how big her number was (I forget, something like 20 or 30?). It doesn’t make her a slut, just someone who is young ang enjoys sex and feels free to explore her options. It’s more exaggerated in the house because there aren’t as many guys and the cameras are always on, but in the real world hanging out with Nick for a month, then making out with Ramsey for a few weeks, then moving on to a rebound once he’s gone is normal lol

Hate on her for what she did to Loveita, for the snarky comments she’s made about everyone, for her ruthlessness to win this game, fine. But don’t hate on her for not wanting to commit to one player for the entire length of the game!


There seems to be a lot of pearl clutchers here lately.


She’s using sexuality as strategy. She said as much weeks ago to Dallas and Ramsey concerning Nick.
Should there be no discussion of this?
her boyfriend issue and the statement that she’s had sex with about 30 guys in five years, I personally don’t care. Some of the guys have talked about their sex stories and numbers as well. I think that’s crass and I really didn’t need to know.
However, Go on a showmance spree as part of your strategy on a reality program with near constant cameras: that is worth discussing.


20-30!!!!! Holy shit! And you know there’s more! Lmao!! Her poor parents! I’m really surprised how many likes these comments about playing like a slut is ok. Doesn’t anyone worry about the future of our young Canadian women. We’re above that people. She an embarrasment to the female race.


Oh brothers where art thy backbone!


Okay who regrets voting the brothers as HOH!