Tim “Maddy is like a loaded gun and she doesn’t know how to aim.”

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-30 14-01-58-966
In the kitchen – An oil fire starts. Someone yells for water and others say no not water. Raul blows on it and make it bigger. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when the feeds return the fire is out.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-30 14-04-38-809
HOH room – Jared asks Maddy if he can talk to Tim alone for a minute. Maddy leaves. Tim says that if it does come down to the four I don’t have a problem breaking the tie. Jared says I don’t think Dallas would even come after me, I don’t want to break trust with our group. Tim says I think late tonight or tomorrow morning the decision will be made. And I don’t think people will say what they will actually do. Raul joins them and talks about how Maddy made said why am I packing right now when tomorrow I’ll just have to unpack. Tim says I’m just going to think in the event of a tie what I will do but hopefully it will be a 5-3 vote.

5:30pm – 5:30pm In the kitchen – Mitch tells the brothers as it stands now its potentially a split vote. In terms of this vote isn’t good for any of us. If you became the 5th vote it would be a way for you to prove that you weren’t after Maddy. And that Cassandra, Nikki and Joel are the targets. I know you have concerns about Maddy but with this outcome it puts you behind other people and protects your game. Phil says the only person he needs to talk to is Tim. Mitch says if you want a way to make your own game that is the way to do it. Phil says I know how I’m going to make my decision. Mitch asks and how is that? Phil says through open discussion with the head of household. Nick says its a hard vote. Mitch says its not a hard vote, you only think that because you think Maddy is after you. Mitch says you look upset Phil. Phil says I’m not upset, its my thinking face. Jared says I just don’t want us to start going against each other. Its too early for that. Phil says just because I decide to keep Dallas doesn’t mean I’m working against you. Jared tells Phil that he knew he (Phil) was around the corner when he was talking to Dallas to prove that he was playing both of us. I’m not an idiot bro!

In the bedroom – Dallas is talking to Joel and Cassandra and tells them they have his loyalty for the rest of the game if he stays. And if I get HOH its bang, bang, f**king BANG! Tim joins them. Tim says its about taking someone mean and ungrateful out of the game. Joel says that he doesn’t like how when Mitch talks game with him he is very vague.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-30 14-55-48-039
5:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.. When the feeds return – HOH room – The brothers are talking to Cassandra and Tim about the conversation they had with Jared. Tim reassures them everything is fine. It’s going to be a big night tomorrow. I came here to make sure the best person wins Big Brother, one deserves to be here and one doesn’t. Goodbye Maddy. If they wanted something different they should have won HOH. Phil warns them to watch what they say around Mitch. Tim says I don’t talk any game with Mitch.

6pm -6:50pm The house guests are playing a game where they blindfold one person spin them around and have them count to 15 and say freeze b***hes! All of the house guests scatter and have to freeze where ever they are. The blindfolded person then has to try and find one of them. The person that’s found is the next person that is blindfolded. When its Nikki’s turn most of them hide on the stairs.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-30 15-08-30-946

7pm The house has quieted down.. then the jackpot goes off.

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Cassandra,Nikki and the brothers want to vote out Maddy. Jared, Mitch, Ramsay and Raul want to vote out Dallas. Does anyone know who Joel wants to vote out? Also does anyone else think that the person coming back in the house might automatically be the H.O.H.?


From what I gathered from Joel and Mitch’s game talk last night, Joel is open to flipping and swinging his vote to get rid of Dallas this round.

Mitch and Joel want to continue trying to position themselves as the 4th or 5th people on other HG hit list. Ultimately Joel and Mitch will decide who goes home this week unless Cassandra and Phil decide to keep Maddy too.

Oh I almost forgot. Mitch has been spreading around how devious Cassandra is to other players, and told Joel last night how she was throwing his name out there as a potential target. I think Joel and Mitch both in varying ways feel like they are losing the brothers and so want to more closely position themselves with Jared and Raul.


Tim is really playing these people for fools and Dallas, Cassandra, Nikki, and Phil seem to be eating it up the most. Well Dallas is just desperate, but Cass and Nikki have been on this train for a while.

Kelsey or Loveita coming back may be just the distraction that Jared, Joel, Raul, and Mitch would need to get the upper hand on Tim, Cassandra, and Phil (poor Nick is just getting left out so much), and survive another week intact.

Why is Cassandra mad at Jared? Is she delusional? You want to keep someone in the house (Dallas) that Jared (and you Cassandra) knows is coming directly after him, Raul, and Mitch. Of course he’s pissed you dumb betch lol.

I can’t believe I’ saying it, but I’m actually wanting Maddy to stay this week because it will create a new rift in the house. The only people I can root to win based on gameplay at the moment are Phil, Mitch, and Jared (who is a better player without Kelsey). But they seem to be on opposite sides of the imminent “rift” in the house.
Getting rid of Dallas is the best move for Jared/Raul/Mitch/Joel moving forward. Maddy is so unpredictable though and Ramsey is such a shady player.

I can’t help, but notice that Mitch and Joel haven’t been prominent in the updates so far today. I actually think those two will be the ultimate deciders of who goes home this round. Nikki, Cass, and Phil/Nick vs, Raul, Ramsey, and Jared. Mitch and Joel are good at positioning themselves in the middle, I’ll give them that.


I really think Joel will vote out Maddy. He went against her and he knows having Dallas and Jared going after each other is his best bet. He knows he needs to separate him self from the targets and play like he is alone …. he will do what the power wants. Love his game.


I think it would be good for Joel to get rid of Maddy because Dallas seems to have his back and wouldn’t target him.


Anyone know how it will be decided whether Loveita or Kelsey will come back in the house?

sunny dee

i think Joel is pretty solid for voting out maddy, i think he was always going to do that, but will especially if Cassandra is doing that (tho he doesn’t rely on other’s votes of course). i do not know how much influence if any that Mitch might have on him, and i do not know if Mitch is just playing a game as to who he will end up voting out if the ‘house’ so to speak is choosing to keep dallas, so might he. I think he has been in agreement with Phil about keeping Dallas is better (as distraction) and that he has been angling with Jared that a closer vote is more interesting (in order to explain why the vote might be a tie) and at one point was given ‘permission’ by someone to vote to keep Dallas in order to make that happen (?)

i like that Kelsey/Loveita see Mitch and brothers conversation as proof that they’ve been working together in an alliance all season, when it seems that it was only last night in the hot tub that they actually seemed to discuss working together in that way. maybe K/L can see the future.

one of the main reasons i want to see Dallas stay is that i want Loveita to come back in, as Maddy walks out the door, and then Dallas and Joel’s reactions (and Ramsey’s) when she comes back in will be far more dramatic than Kelsey returning. I do not at this time think that Loveita is going to ;play better than Kelsey would because i think Kelsey has learned a lot about the game and how to play it by spending this time with Loveita. I also think that Kelsey would be better able to do what needs to be done, which is socializing with everyone. Loveita has already set herself up as an isolationist, and may not be able to overcome that tendency to hide in her room. Kelsey tho has been doing some great coaching repeatedly telling Loveita that she missed a LOT by doing that, and that would be an important reason why people found it easy to get rid of her.


One thing I’ve noticed with Nikki, when Loveita was HoH and now Tim is she was up each of their wazoo’s all the way through their HoH’s. She was very supportive with the decisions and even helped with with some of the planning but when it came to the very end and securing the votes to vote out who the HoH wanted out, she jumped shipped and went to the other side! Fighting with Loveita – Fighting with Tim – anyone seeing a pattern here ???? I’m getting the sense Nikki is playing the blame game towards the end of her alliance members HoH’s so she can abandon ship and swim to the other side and be safe another Week! She is worse than a floater in my opinion she is a DESERTER. I wouldn’t even let her step foot in my HoH room unless she was up on the block!


Some would say that this is GREAT strategy. Love Nikki and I hope she wins!!!!


Is the Joel-Mitch-Brothers secret alliance a thing or is this something Kelsey and Loveita are imagining? They seem pretty sure of themselves


Joel and Mitch are a thing since week one.
Mitch and the brothers have been a thing for a week and a half.
Joel and the brothers aren’t a thing as much as the brothers think they influence Joel.
The group was almost a thing when Tim talked about it week three, but not for two weeks.
The group was almost a thing when Loveita wanted it week three, but the brothers said not for a week or two.


I am so confused, last I heard Tim was dead set to get Dallas out and was working with Jared and his group?? What happened that changed his mind on this? I hope he changes back and Dallas goes! I am not a huge fan of Maddy, she’s playing a terrible game but would rather Dallas go than her. Anyone know what happened that changed Tim’s mind?




Last night Tim took a break from his movie. He saw Mitch, Joel, Cassandra and the brothers noodling.
Cass and Phil talked to Tim in the hot tub room.
They said that keeping Maddy not only made both of them targets, but kept a person in the house that would never be loyal to anything or anyone, and would nominate based on flighty emotion rather than strategy, so reasonably, anyone could be on the block so she’s too much of a risk to keep. They touched on Maddy saying things behind Tim’s back and
mentioning wanting him to be a possible target as well. They said with Dallas, you can get him to give his word and aim him like a gun because he’s said he has a sole purpose in the house. It keeps the heat off of everyone else wondering what he’d do. They mentioned Maddy would do much better in an endurance and trivia HOH than Dallas ever could, and that one of those would be coming up. Tim had already talked to Dallas and thought it was a good plea, but he didn’t mention targeting Mitch and Joel as the only detraction.


Loveita and Kelsey are getting some things right and some things wrong in their analysis. The things they get wrong are because they extend their bias from a week ago to the current status of the house, not taking into account that two people leaving will really shift dynamic.
whichever goes back in should take 24 hours to catch up to what people say happened while they were gone versus what they saw on feeds when they were in the suite. They should then pull in people. If people’s stories don’t match what they saw….


I didn’t realize how dumb Cass is as a player. Why the hell would you take out someone who is not even playing the game? Wait for it…for because she doesn’t like her. The girls this season have been terrible…and Cass is the best of the worst.

She has set herself up for a second place game…she can’t beat any of the guys left if she does make it to to the end. At least with Maddy in the game, if she took her to the f2 she had a greater chance at the 100k.

A bunch of whiney high school girls this season that let these guys just slide through the game…it’s ridicolous.


What’s really “ridicolous” is your spelling of the word ridiculous


We have no idea what either Loveita OR Kelsey’s restrictions will be when reentering the house. Surely they won’t be able to say more than that they were together in sequester and watched them all on live feeds. First off they have to win something then put what they learned into effect. Loveita won’t listen to what anyone says, because she is too stubborn. Both intend on pulling in Dallas (as I see it), and it won’t happen. I can’t see him backstabbing his new alliance. I believe he is grateful and this might just backfire on the returnee. Yes they have Mitch pegged, but I also think that to get Jared to put him up at this point in the game will not happen. His numbers are down, and the girl returning will have only so much power, although they talk like they will be going back there and be invincible. Most of the houseguests will want them right back out again.


Watching the episode and something strikes me. Episode only viewers don’t even know about Maddy and Nick, do they?
I don’t remember it ever being featured.


Actually, that is the ONLY boy they have showed. It showed them sneaking a kiss before the bro walked in… Then that awkward moment telling Phil “i need space” crap, then Phil calls her out to Nick.
Also, on Sundays episode, when he licked Phil’s armpit, he said it was the most action hes got in the house, but the camera zooms to Maddys face.


I just love how everyone is hating on Cassandra, but yet she’s one of the only ones playing the game, hence, campaigning for Dallas to stay when he was almost set to leave the house, and now seems like a lot of people are liking the fact that Dallas is staying….. And it’s all because of Cass. Mmmmh


Cass is the ONLY ONE playing the game? You must be Cass’ mother or just dumb as rocks.


Can you read??…. I said… Cass is ONE OF THE ONLY ONES playing the game… NOT is THE ONLY ONE playing the game… Fool.


“Phil says I know how I’m going to make my decision. Mitch asks and how is that? Phil says through open discussion with the head of household.” Yeah Phil because people have followed the HOH’s wishes a lot this season.

It’s mind boggling how warped Tim has got Cassandra and Phil. I’ll give credit where credit is due, he’s good and has great puppets that will come and spill information to him.

Too bad for Joel if Dallas really does throw his lot in with Tim, Cass, and Phil. Because Joel has been one of Tim’s targets for a while.

Btw, when did Tim become the BB god and get the right to decide who does and doesn’t deserve to win the game? Instead of trying to get Mitch out, Kelsey and Loveita need to focus on Tim.


So the wheel is turned again.
It’s currently Dallas leaving again unless they can sway Nikki and/or Ramsey.
Nikki is mad at Cassandra for monopolizing Tim. Mitch told her Ramsey and Maddy want to get rid of Cassandra. Nikki says she isn’t going to vote Tim’s way so they can get rid of Cassandra and she can have Tim back.
The weird thing is while all of this is going on it’s like both Maddy and Dallas have completely disappeared. The two of them aren’t on any of the feeds for each conspiring group chats. And Nick is involved in the chat with the Dallas camp instead of Phil, who is out playing. What’s going on in this twilight zone universe?
Jared is trying to pull in Ramsey and says he’s always liked Maddy (what?).
Nikki’s body language to Tim and Tim’s to Nikki in the hoh room was like two diva’s having to share a dressing room.
This is actually feeling a little bit like somebody’s being punked. Maybe it’s all of us.


Okay so I would say I hate to say I told you so …. but I’m happy I called it :-)

Two days ago when Maddy was definitely staying I predicted the powers that be would get to Tim and he would have a change of heart to keep Dallas and voila… look what happened!


Up until yesterday or so Tim was adamant on kicking Dallas out of the house and today he’s told him he wants Dallas to stay. How crazy is that!