Tim “If she wants to play dirty this week, I’ve thought of something that will undo her entire game.”

POV Holder: Nick Next POV Done
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: Finale
Original Nominations: Tim and Cassandra
Current Nominations: ? and ?

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big brother canada 4 tim dormer and kelsey 1
In the bathroom – Tim talks to Kelsey and Phil. Cass comes into the bathroom. Tim says good morning. Cass doesn’t say anything. Cass leaves. Tim says she hates me. If she wants to play dirty this week.. I’ve thought of something that will undo her entire game. Tim says I am prepared to go and tell her what I will tell you guys. Its not nice at all.. she did something last week and abused something. Kelsey asks last week .. was it something with Joel? Tim says no. Kelsey asks you? Tim says no, someone who’s still here. Tim says no, I’m not saying anything ..its if she says stuff trying to tell lies.. I will tell the truth and she will not like that! I’m not the enemy. Tim tells Kelsey it was about Nick. That was leverage that she specifically.. Kelsey says I don’t know what she did though but I could probably figure it out. Tim says yeah .. the decision to keep her. Kelsey asks and it was bad? Tim says no .. it just was not very nice. Kelsey says well its not surprising because that’s the way she plays. Tim says if she wants to stay by lying about me .. or trying to turn you guys against me. Tim says he started to see her do it… I was like Cass why undo the good part of this whole game working together ..our friendship.. when its not my fault you’re sitting there. I was actually getting pretty upset that it is going to get ugly. She just doesn’t see it that I have seen her as a friend.

10:50am In the kitchen – Tim, Kelsey and the brothers are talking. Tim comments on how he doesn’t know if his friendship with Cass was even real. Tim says even if she leaves this week ..she will laugh and say HAHAHA.. we’re still friends that was just me trying to save myself… and I can’t deal with that. Phil asks what was that thing you said the ends justify the means. Tim says yeah the ends justify the means. Kelsey comments on how its one thing if you do all these terrible things and win but its another thing if you do all those things like Maddy and don’t win.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-07 07-47-07-566

LIVE FEED LEAK of Marsha The Moose!
big brother canada 4 marsha the moose

12:20pm – 12:30pm Cass is isolating herself from the others. At one point she came out of the HOH room to ask Phil about a song and said sorry to interrupt the final 3. Tim joins Cass in the pink bedroom. Tim says well it doesn’t say anything on the screen in terms of the power of veto (ceremony). Tim asks Cass if she is going straight back to work after this. Cass says she doesn’t know… and then says I will need to since I’m not winning any money. Tim says its not over yet. Cass gets called to the diary room. Cass says I probably wont be talking to you or you probably wont be talking to me when I get out.. Cass leaves the room.

Tim tells Kelsey and the brothers .. if I have to give plea ..something about Australian spiders.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-07 10-17-48-352
1:15pm – 2pm Cass asks Tim What his plan is moving forward for the final 3. Tim says he doesn’t know yet. Cas asks am I going? Tim says I don’t know, I’m not voting. Cass says he knows. Tim says my plan has always been to get to the finale. Cass says that Kelsey has lied throughout this game. Tim says well Cass isn’t on the block so I don’t know why you’re talking about this. Cass says if you knew or felt you were going home this week you would have fought way hard in the veto. Tim says I did fight hard in it. Tim says I could still go this week. Cass says I’m going, you made a final 3 with those guys. Cass says I just am regretting working with someone that doesn’t get this side of the game. Cass says Tim made that treaty deal. Tim says that treaty was to get you to this week. Tim and Cass start arguing about the timeline of when events happened. Tim then goes to grab Kelsey to clarify the facts. Phil comes back with them. They argue about the time frame. It turns out that Tim was wrong but says that it doesn’t matter. Its more about how Cass was securing her own security over the Threeak Show. Cass says I don’t want to be friends with someone who doesn’t recognize anything that I’ve done. Tim says I am not saying that. Tim talks about how he likes Cass but not the way she’s played the game. Kelsey says I could say the same thing .. I would say that I love you Cass but I would also say I can’t trust you. Tim tells Cass that he is worried that she will try and make him the enemy. Cass says no, because I know you made that treaty. Cass says it just hurts that you think I played this dirty game. Tim says no! A smart game… one that I wasn’t prepared to do.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-05-07 10-34-38-456

Cass under the covers.
Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-05-07 10-58-23-323

2:05pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:18pm The feeds return with the house guests out in the hot tub room. They’ve got smoothies, popsicles and other snacks.

3:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

4:40pm The live feeds return to the house guests getting ready in the bathroom.

Arisa tells the house guests that in less than an hour one of them will be leaving … welcome to a surprise eviction.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-07 13-58-39-691

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For the record: Cassandra is Iranian so please stop saying she’s a European voluptuous, yada, yada….Iran is not in Europe – I was born in Greece so please don’t even….
She’s getting on my last nerve with her desperation.
And what’s with the humping of guys that she does as do dogs in heat. She’s not right.


So are English European

So what

Being European does not make you someone special. Being a good person does. You are a racist. Go live in Europe.


You are so damn illiterate, the word racist is the only word you can come up with when you do not know what you are talking about. People like you, are what’s wrong with this country, bleeding hearts and idiots.

So what

You’re so Damn smart, who has no respect for people from other country and thinks that Europe is the only best place to live. I wonder what you doing in Canada.


You also might want to read this to understand why you are being called a racist, it’s not only about color.



You’re going to have to forgive anonymous Greek person who made the comment, unfortunately Greeks like to distinguish themselves from others in Europe and are very selective of which other countries they allow in their click and are more than happy to to tell you your wrong not so politely I might add although in this case they are right. Iran is actually part of that horrible region of the planet called Asia (insert sarcasm). Lord forbid any of them slipped into Europe.

Cas’s parents might be labeled as Iranian and Russian but considering the lack of distance between countries I’m sure there’s some other flavors in the mix. My parents are both English but when you look further down the tree there’s many other nationalities. My husband’s parents are both Greek but a little Iranian got in 2 generations down the line so he’s obviously an inferior European.

For your own safety don’t ever classify Greeks and Macedonians as the same or you’ll be roasted at the stake and please beware when watching tv, sporting events or anything else they find superior they will make sure to point out whomever is Greek with Great pride. I don’t know how anonymous greek will handle it when they realize we’re all descendants of a black Adam and Eve.

Anonymous Greek

Well, now you’re getting into religion. I am a recovering Greek Orthodox survivor. I only wrote that about Cass’s appearance and apparent sexiness to the people who kept saying she’s ‘that European sexy look’ where Kelsey is just unextraordinary blond/blue-eyed Canadian (I’m paraphrasing).
I also get my panties in a bunch when these princesses from Iran refer to themselves as ‘Persian’ in the last few years, but that’s another story and I don’t want to get the commenters riled up about that.
I know what you’re talking about referring to the Greek pride but I am Canadian (born in Greece, Greek decendents, but I have more patriotism the Canadian life and country.
It’s really not a big deal to me personally but when referred to as a voluptuous European woman, I just felt the need to state that she is not European. I got called a racist for heaven’s sake.


Don’t worry I’m not getting religious on you, I’d say more scientific in my reference to adam & eve.

I do think it’s sad though that now you’re turning against your own sex. Both Kelsey and Cas are beautiful in different ways and why other women have to tear them down with physical insults because they don’t like their actions or what comes out of their mouths is beyond me. As a Canadian I’m sure you’ve seen the Dove Commercials celebrating woman’s beauty, oh scratch that , Dove evil they do horrific tests on animals to explore our beauty.

As for Greek pride that’s embedded in your DNA so it will always ouze from your pores just as sarcastic wit drips from my tongue. I always knew I missed my calling as a comedian unfair no one else agrees.


Oh and I hate to break it to you but with that panties in a bunch comment you might have a little bit of British in you too.

Anonymous Greek

Ok, so we both and hopefully more than both of us; know this is a complex subject.
I have actually found Cassandra to be quite sexy and Kelsey quite subtly pretty, hard-looking at times and by all means an attractive girl.
My comment maybe should have been kept to myself or maybe I can gather a bunch of people in a church basement and have real forums and intellectual discussions about the topic of being Iranian vs. ‘persian’.
I appreciate your comments very much and the British thing I think I got it because of my drinking and developing a wide range of taste for sayings from different countries/cultures. I have a friend who lives in Scotland who said she came out of the bar and went ‘tits over arse’ and luckily no one saw.
Interesting topics can be discussed in the grey zone I believe, but some of them become misinterpreted as ‘black and white’ topics and if I’ve said this, then I must be that. I hope this makes sense.
I am a woman for the record.


Maybe you should reread what you wrote because it does come across a bit racist or at least the air of superiority of Europeans over others. I understand you have a dislike of Cas for her game play and character and it wouldn’t have brought the same reaction if you had concentrated on those rather than nationality. I myself hope Tim wins or Kelsey just not the brothers, I find them to be arrogant and phil is a bully.




Cassandra’s father is Iranian and her mother is European actually.


Didn’t she say her mother is Russian?


Part of Russia is in Europe. I think people may mean middle eastern because she looks like that to me. She has an interesting look. Pretty.




Sorry but this is the difference between Tim and Cass, Tim’s campaigning strategy is super lowkey while Cass is right in your face and comes off as fake and lie (despite being the truth). It will be amazing if Cass manages to squirm her way out of this one but with Tim’s already planted seeds last week against Cass, I really doubt that she’ll change Kelsey’s mind this time without the help of production. I’m still hoping for a Tass finale but a
brothers VS Tim with Tim winning with Canada’s vote over the brothers would be fantastic (Joel, Cass, Nicki, Maddy).


Earlier in jury Mitch said he’d vote for Tim.


If Poo left then the likely BB Can winner is Timmy. I’ve been thinking who wins if it’s Brothers versus Kelsey. Presume production cheats and gives Kelsey the win no matter the truth. Needs 4 votes and has Jared. After Raul the rest of the jury who knows. So perhaps heads up she wins. I cannot believe Tim loses to either of them. Tim would likely take Kelsey over Brothers on POV/HOH wins. Brothers need part 3 for 25K as I have it. not a very good season I think they should just pull the plug or get a new casting director. That seems to be an issue based on BB Can 4 IMHO.

PS…. no leaks on whether Cass was evicted F4?


I’ll never understand how the cast and viewers continually fall for Tim’s nonsense. I’ll freely admit that he is intelligent and an excellent self-promoter. However, he comes across to me as extremely fake and insincere. While professing to be Cassandra’s “good friend”, I personally believe he has been playing her like a fiddle since Day 1.


cASSandra referred to herself and Tim as Neda & Jon which I found hilarious because I knew he would cut her. Shevfell for Tim’s bullshit well laughing at everyone else for falling for it. She is strategizing and if she was smarter she would convince Kelsie she has better odds at reaching the final with her.

sunny dee

the problem with this F4, is the two in charge, brothers and kelsey, have always been playing for 2nd place. the fact that they would win against cass doesn’t even matter to them, all they really ever wanted was to be 2nd against jared. the fact they might be F2 with each other and one of them will be first i don’t think even matters to them.
that’s why they are not going to make a strategy move towards winning, they are making moves towards losing. which is the source of frustration for actual fans, like cass too. i do NOT agree with how she is dealing with her position, or how she dealt when it was F5. I think that if she was smarter she would make less whining and more interacting in a more positive way,
i watched the after dark part of tim and cass and how he pulls everyone else in for them to have a conversation between the two of them, i think because he knew that she would not do well. on the other hand, while they are talking, i thought i saw the wheels turning in Kelsey’s head like they turned when she decided to push for cass to stay. if she were to make an actual smart move for her game for the win, then i would do a canada vote for kelsey to win. if she doesn’t i will vote for Tim. i will not vote for the brothers.

Pinocchio Obama

I totally agree Amanda.

An ornery mouse

I doubt there’s anything Cass can do at this point to get Kels to evict Tim (even though that would be the smarter move for Kels & the Bros.), but Cass needs to at least expose the fact that the “treaty” was a sham and that Tim intended to evict Kels if he won the veto.

It seems like Cass has finally just given up, which is a surprise considering how she’s played to this point.


Agreed. Cass knows a lot and should expose all of Tim’s behind the scenes maneuvering. I doubt it would have much effect though. Tim is a smooth talker and master manipulator. He could sell sawdust to a lumber mill.


I love Cass and I really want her to win but Jesus she’s such a baby when things don’t go her way. She said so many times it was her dream to be in final 4. She’s there so she needs to stop walking around all sour and pissy, that’s not helping her game. She should do as she did last week and continue being social and happy and campaign. She’s handing the 3rd spot to Tim.


I have a feeling that the special eviction on Wednesday is going to be that it will be revealed that Tim is being pulled from the game due to the fact the he was paid to be in there and this is as far as he can go.


Sunday’s episode is just the awards thing..Wednesday is the Eviction that just happened today & part 1 of the final HOH..so that doesn’t work..


They are all paid to be on the show. The difference is Tim had a pay or play contract meaning he was paid for the entire season so the producers had incentive to ensure that Tim and Nikki were kept in the game until at least jury so that the show would get its money’s worth. The rate of pay for Tim and Nikki was far more than double the weekly stipend as well.


What’s that poop-coloured stuff on Cass’ palms. It’s pretty gross.

Guy From Canada



The stuff on Cass’s hands is fake tan.


I find it sad that with the stupidity of the brothers they will be in the finale. I guess they pulled up their sox when they needed to. Kelsey will win if she gets to the end because of her band of puppets. I cannot see how Cassandra can get out of this eviction, but I wish she could. Her mind is always going…..and Tim has just been plain entertaining! I would not mind in the least if he won. I did not want him in when I saw the tv advertising before the show started but he turned out to be one of my favourite players. Unfortunately I think the writing is on the wall when it comes to the finale. From the very beginning and Tim and Cassandra have given some comic relief to an otherwise ridiculously juvenile collection of idiots.


I know I am the only one here but….I cant stand that friggin Moose. My word its stupid looking. Why not have Fred the Moose and nice handsome moose. NO we have this, I don’t want to offend any other moose reading this so I will just say……..She Ugly.


Of course it doesn’t matter when you were proved wrong Tim. Even though you were the one to make a big deal about it.
I really hope Cass gets herself out of this one (No I don’t know how) I just hope she can. She has played a better game then Tim. Tim was way more sneaky about outing people. She stayed or tried to stay true. I would enjoy watching this guy bounce out on his ass this week and that cocky look be removed from his face. MAN that would be sweet. Watch Cass the brothers and Kelsey to final and see what happens.

I am actually excited and glad the feeds are down so its a surprise.


I hate seeing the defeated look on Cass’s face. She trusted their deal and he made a side deal. What can you do.
I guess she knows how Joel felt now. He might have been milking the cow dry there for a minute but I do think he was truly down. How could he not be. She is feeling it now. I still want her to be saved though. I hope Kelsey gets rid of Tim…
Here’s your next big move Kels, take out the big dog. (no offense dawg lols) That would be impressive.

Good for the brothers too. Everyone who calls them idiots. They have proved very good competitors and have won things Esp when needed. Pretty good for two idiots I say!

Kit Kat

I agree, I’d rather see Cassandra in the final 3. Tim needs to go grrrrrrrrr

Sask fan

They are idiots. Big deal they’ve won comps with little competition remaining in the house. The fact still remains they had no effective strategy and no social game to speak of. Following Kelsey around like puppies the past two weeks making fools of themselves was embarrassing. They have never owned anything they did wrong and think they’re the greatest players ever. Phil treats his brother like shit and Nick is the guy winning the comps. They made it to the end by saving themselves with vetos, so good for them, but they will be the absolute worst players to ever win BBCan if they do. I will vote for Kelsey over them and she had no game either until the last two weeks. I still hope Tim wins this somehow so we actually have a winner that’s a real Big Brother game player.


Well said … I could not agree more. IMO …The brothers are dogmatic, egotistical, bullying idiots who are completely without any insight into their own behaviors and are only in the house because of their youth and physical strength. They have also had the BIG advantage of having each other in the house, when none of the others have had the same opportunity.


why would you call it an advantage, it was more of a disadvantage and am not saying this because i am a huge fan of the brothers. i hated the fact the phil was a dickhead and nick allowed himself to be bullied, there is one thing though, the fact that they are in the finale means that they played a good game.


Plus they didnt have to play in every comp..which are mentally draining, physical & just so much pressure. They never had to deal with that 2 weeks in a row let alone all season long. I don’t think the jury is going to be crazy impressed with the comp wins b/c they know that.


Cass is driving me nuts acting like this when she doesn’t get her own way. She excepts everyone to just hand over everything to her. Like Tim should just leave the game for her. I liked Cass a lot during the season But now shes just just acting like a spoiled child. And Boo Hoo she wanted this so much, Well guess what everyone in Jury did too. So Bye Cass and suck it up life goes on !!

G.I Jane

She’s probably a little upset because of all the hard work she put into getting this far and having people hate her while Tim sits on a pedestal looking like King of almighty shit. I would be pissed to if I was her. Sucks going out like that when its your “ride or die” who turns on you. Yes its either him or her. I personally prefer her haha.

I wonder if Tim thinks he can beat Cass at the end or if he thinks there’s no way and this is why the side deals?


Tim is a legendary player like Dr Will and Dan, that’s why he’s the king.

My turn to speculate

But Cass did say in intro video in premiere ep that she was waited on at home. Like her sister i think gets food for her or whatever. And she considers herself a princess. And appears she probably a daddy’s girl too. She has the skill to manipulate and get herself out of this one, but she just gives up too easily. Last week Tim kicked her in the pants to get her to work to stay after she was trying to take the easy way out. This time he’s not gonna do it, because why should he? He wants the money just as bad as she does. And he has already done it enough!

People gotta stop coddling their kids… cuz otherwise they never really grow up. As evidenced in Cass. It’s too bad too.


Why does it still say in here that Nick won the POV when in one of the videos Kelsey was talking about how she should use it? She has it not the brothers.

Good grief eh

The brothers won veto, but as HOH, they don’t get to vote. Therefore Kelsey has the power to decided who stays or goes. Unless the brothers pull a fast one and put Kelsey on the block.


Every time Tim talks she must want to smash his face in. I think they played the same game just in different ways. Him planting seeds last week was to save his own ass. I thought Cassandra did the same thing but I guess just not as hard?
I hope she stays and he goes. I would really like to see those 3 at the end. I don’t care who likes Tim. At this point, the brothers have claimed their place whether people like it or not and so has Kelsey.
I would love to see those 3 at the end. Tim can sit in jury wondering how these 3 young Canadians out smarted this self proclaimed aussie mastermind and “nice guy”. That would be great! Imagine the look he would have.
Humble his ass but good.


Kelsey doent VOTE Cass Out the Brothers do they won POV!! So its not up to Kelsey.Cass will go for sure the bros want her out ! Not Tim

How voting works...

Kelsey has the vote. HOH NEVER votes, only breaks ties. So the person NOT ON THE BLOCK votes. Has anyone ever seen this show??


No way in Hell will the brothers keep Cass !

Kelsey's Daisy Dukes

Since Kelsey was the only vote, she could’ve pulled a fast one and kept Cass, but it did not look like that was about to happen when the feeds were cut.

Had Cass had a couple more days, maybe she could’ve worked some magic since it really was better from a comp standpoint for Kelsey and the Brother to keep her…… but, she ran outta time with the accelerated week. I just cannot understand why Cass didn’t at least let them know that Tim had no intention of honoring his side of the treaty had he won POV.

Dream Weaver

Tim should have went on Celebrity BBuk not the apprentice and not BBCan. Remember all the people hopeing for a golden veto to some how save Tim. Hope there’s a golden veto to save Cass. Wouldn’t that be something!

Why doesn’t Cass explain to Kelsey what the next HOH and Veto are all about. Let her know the veto holder has the power. Try anything at this point because you might be out the door. Remind the brothers about the whole “international thing” how they kept saying that and who they want in the end. She might be up the creek with out a paddle this time.
Perfect time for the floater Kelsey to throw her a life jacket. (kidding I couldn’t resist LOLS.)


What I was saying is there is a mistake on here. Kelsey won the Veto, not the brothers.


No. Nick won POV. Kelsey was referring to if she had the veto.


The flash of Marsha the Moose is brilliant if it’s a practical joke on the part of production in order to make people believe there is going to be some intervention.
Big Brother’s final slap in the face to everyone that complained about interference in past seasons: Oh, now it would be okay? psych.
If that’s the case i tip my hat.


Get rid of the snivelling snake cass

My turn to speculate

Jury right now: Mitch Raul Maddy Jared Nikki Joel

If the brothers want to win and they have to take Tim to the F2 they think that they will get all the votes because they think everyone wants what they want…a Canadian to win!
Jury members in that case include: Kelsey and Cass.
But I believe that Mitch, Nikki, Joel and Cass would vote for the better game player in Tim. And at this point I would think that Mitch can influence Raul (as Raul seems to have crush on Mitch).

What would happen, and what would they have to believe in order for them to take Kelsey?
Jury members in that case would include: Tim and Cass.
I think they would have to believe that Jared would vote them over Kelsey. Kelsey would have Raul, cuz they were besties. They may have to write off Joel cuz of the lack of respect he has for them. But could they make themselves believe they had Mitch/Maddy/ Nikki/Tim and Cass? Or maybe they can see a tie (how I don’t know) and believe Canada would break the tie in their favour (cuz we voted them a chance to get HOH).

And if they went against Cass .. well she was liar!!! So their righteousness would make them believe that she wouldn’t get one vote!

I can’t believe that they can see themselves having a sure shot at that money by taking Kelsey. Unless they know something I don’t know…

Can anyone here come up with arguments against what I am saying? Or even in favour. I am interested to speculate with accurate information.


She has played a better game than everyone, but jealoysy and envy will control this jury. They would rather be friends with Tim than her but once they see what a snake he has been with Cassandra they will regret it. She is the most deserving! Never liked her, But also, never liked Tim. Production has tried to hand it to them as they’ve even implied in live feeds but they were idiots. Best game move for Cass and Kelsey is to stick together. Kelsey wont win against two strong competitors. Tim is a liar and manipluator. He knows this game well and will against anyone left in the game. But if not for cASSandra he wouldnt have gotten this far. She is allowing her emotions to get to her because she fell for Tim just like Neda fell for Jon! Boom …


Good grief! You Tim haters are just pissed b/c Cass is out. Tim made the treaty so that Cass could stay last week! You could clearly see that he was still with Cass! If one had won the veto, everyone would still be on this Tass kick but they didn’t & now b/c he won’t quit the game for her he flipped on her?? They are both on the block! He’s the only one who cannot help her..and she is pissed off at him?? Telling him she won’t be friends with him after the show..what a spoiled little bitch..seriously! This guy has been your friend & is still trying & that’s the way you treat him when things don’t go your way…hmmm wonder how she treats her friends outside the house. The edit they gave Cass last week showed her saving herself and even On the sideshow they gave Kelsey credit..it was Tim who manipulated Kelsey & the bros to keep her..if he hadn’t done that she would already be gone. Peter & Sarah..even Arisa..do you even watch the feeds?? Do you actually know what is happening in that house or are you just watching the edit & believing everything you see. On the show Cass is in the DR looking like Cass & talking as if she is doing this all on her own..on the feeds she was crying for at least 2 days..asking her alliance members to fall in their own sword..she looked like a desperate 3 year old throwing a tantrum. Did they show any of that? No. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see Tim voted out on Wednesday and if he is this show is going to need some major help. Last we all saw, less then an hour b4 eviction Cass was leaving & there was no changing Kelsey’s mind. I used to love Cass but all this manipulation by PRODUCTION has made me like her a lot less…well that and the fact that she treats people like shit when something doesn’t go her way. Jmo Hate if you like


There is no scenario where the bro’s can win.


The brothers have convinced themselves they win against anyone. And they believe they will have all the votes including a potential Canada vote. The only person they (Phil) have expressed being challenged by in a F2 is Cass.


It would be really stupid to keep Tim over Cass. Cass is pretty much useless at comps and has very little chance at winning the final HOH. Tim OTOH has a pretty good chance.


I agree. If they were smart, they would evict Tim, because Tim could very well beat them in the final HOH comp, whereas Cassandra is weak in physical and Kelsey never won anything except a mental (days) comp. They could feasibly win the physical (part one) component, let Cass or Kelsey battle it out over the mental component – then they need to beat whomever (probably Cass over Kelsey, but Kelsey studied more) in the final.

Tim is someone who would get into a super zone in the live final component of the HOH — while Kelsey typically psychologically chokes at critical moments; and although Cassandra might a moment of brilliance but she is extremely inconsistent (and has been on an emotional roller coaster the days leading up the final competitions, which must have taken a toll). So their safe bet is to get rid of Tim now. Then hope to get rid of Cass for a chance to win against Kelsey.

My turn to speculate again

Jury right now: Mitch Raul Maddy Jared Nikki Joel

If Kelsey wants to win and she wants the brothers in F2, she has to believe that Jared/Raul will still back her. Maddy and her don’t like each other so she must believe she won’t have Maddy. But she will believe she will have Joel’s vote cuz she babied him and that should matter. Right? And she will believe she has Cass as she has told Cass how much she respects her on many occasions, it’s just that she wouldn’t stand for her getting Jared out. And Cass should understand and respect that and throw her a vote.
For Kelsey: Jared/Raul/Joel/Cass
For the Brothers: Maddy
That leaves: Mitch/Nikki/Tim (where does she see them voting?)

I think if Kelsey wants to win with Tim in F2 with her, she would see that as more of an advantage as everyone wants a Canadian to win, plus she will believe she has Cass’s vote cuz she has working really to get it and will believe in her success. So if she loses Nikki’s (international bond there) and Joel’s (threekshow working together whole game) and Maddy’s (jealous hater) and possibly Mitch’s if she still remembers him calling her out, then she still has Raul/Brothers/Cass/Jared, she will have to count on Canada to break the tie. Has she succeeded in winning hearts with Canada? It’s seems she will taking a risk with Tim, but maybe to her she is not.
For Kelsey: Jared/Raul/The brothers/Cass
For Tim: Nikki/Maddy/Mitch/Joel
Canada will need to break the tie.

If Kelsey wants to F2 with Cass, she has common righteousness with the brothers and Jared. And Raul is just her bestie. Nikki seemed to be friends with Cass so I think she would see Nikki as voting for Cass. She will believe Tim is done with Cass and will not vote for her. And Maddy wanted to make Cass’s ass grass (lol). And Joel would vote for her (see above) and because Cass is such a liar.
For Kelsey: Jared/Raul/The brothers/Tim/Joel
For Cass: Nikki/Maddy
That leaves: Mitch

So if that is how she can look at things… it’s so hard to say whether she really is emotional or crazy strategic instead. She could be remembering lessons she learned with Loveita


Tim would never vote for Kelsey to win & Cass..as much as she’s pissed at Tim right now, she would only vote for Kelsey against the brothers. I highly doubt she would ever vote against Tim.


Anyone have any idea what the surprise eviction that is taking place now is all about? I would assume (hope) it is Tim leaving, as he was only contracted to play but couldn’t win. Or possibly something to do with the brothers splitting up and one being voted out? We probably won’t be able to find out as the feeds are down for good now.


It’s not a surprise eviction..they accelerate the week so that they have time to do the first 2 HOH comps..by the time Wednesday’s episode comes around they already have those done, so on Thursdays finale the winner of those 2 fight for the final HOH so they can choose who to take with them.


I really love the Cass/Tim duo and how well they worked together but it makes me mad how Tim never comes to her defense and how quick he’s ready to ditch her when things aren’t going their way. Tim needs to remember he would be gone if Cass hadn’t used the veto on him when the brothers were HOH. Also I hate how he acts like he thinks she played such a different game than him. They played the exact game together this whole time. People need to get over being butt hurt when people lie and manipulate, it’s big brother, everyone does it. Can’t believe Kelsey or the brothers are going to win gahhhhhhhhh so disappointed.

Also it makes me laugh when it’s near the end of the game and the same people win the comps and they think they are comp beasts. Like how the brothers are winning a lot now and think they are so great. Of course they are winning, there’s only a few people left and they are all weak at comps if there was still 10-12 players they wouldn’t be winning shit. Please find a way to stay Cass. Go Cass!!!!!


The brothers have won 7 comps. That’s 3 times as many as anyone else in the house except Jared (who won 3).


The conduct of both brothers the other day screaming PERSONAL insults at Cass, while Joel hid and Tim did not step in to defend her…..it was sooooo telling about what cowardly men they all are! Their mothers must be so embarrassed…..allowing men to stand over a woman and berate her, ugh it was disgusting. Tim and Joel are in their 30s, their behavior in not stepping in was UGLY!!


OMG, shut it. Cassandra is a grown woman who is capable of defending herself. It’s a game. Personal insults or not, it’s not a MAN’S job to step in just because Cassandra is a woman. Quit it. If you wanna talk about “getting personal” you’re the one suggesting their parent’s wouldn’t be proud of them. How’s that for personal?

Ariana Grande stinks!

So the worst case scenario seems to be unrolling here: Cassandra, one of the best BB players ever, is leaving the house and the irrelevant, sleazy woman — Kelsey — is likely to go to the very end. The Rube Brothers are the worst persons in the world, most probably the Trump supporters, uncouth arrogant pricks — symbols of cockiness and everything ugly in the humankind. In short the Rube Brothers are likely to challenge Kelsey for the ultimate winner of BBCAN4. The only, albeit improbable, scenario is that Tim wins it but since the jury is nationalistic, this is next-to-impossible to happen so… The season was good, and 5 NOTCHES better than any of the last 6 BBUS which I unfortunately followed.

I believe the casting crew with highly incompetent Robyn Kass are responsible for disastrous seasons of BBUS. Canadians are still fresh and the candidates for BBCAN are far more authentic, better/deeper persons, and despite Robyn Kass and her catastrophic job they still manage to pull good seasons. BBUS instead is getting from bad to worse…

Phony Brothers

What ever happened to the brothers mission to get out the internationals. Did they say to everyone else “where is your Canadian pride”? So, was that just more of their bullshit?


They may be angling to take Tim to the final 2 while promoting that the winner should be Canadian therefore being selected winner over Tim despite being outplayed by him… i.e.: their only real shot at winning.


I truly believe Tim will win this. Phil plays in the final HOH rather than Nick and Tim will beat him. Tim will take Kelsey to the end for the sure win. I would actually like too see the bros. in the final and have Canada’s vote be the deciding vote that gives it to Tim. I cannot stand their holier than thou attitude and they truly believe they’ve played with integrity. Nick sort of has, but Phil has been a bully the whole time and they way they treated Cass after she broke her promise was bullying. Pointing, screaming, banging the table and trying to intimidate her was when they lost me as a fan. Bringing her family into it, calling her fat….just vile and pathetic and I have no respect for them at all. I was shocked that they were not taken out after that. I also felt Phil was pretty aggressive with Joel in the veto Tim won. He wouldn’t take no for an answer when Joel didn’t want to give him the piece he needed. Phil is disgusting….Nick a little more tolerable but it disgusts me when they spout their “we played an integrous game”. Clearly they do not know the definition of integrous.


Cons for the brothers in final 2. : Nick was going to self evict. Hypocrites when they said they never lied they need to own up to it or it will leave a bad taste with the jurors. Bullies when they did not get their way. Cons for Kelsey in final 2.: Some jurors might not like that she got a second chance. She was willing to give up her game for Raul and Jared . Played the game for Jared and not her own. Not good at competitions. Cons for Tim in final 2: He is an international. Already was a big brother winner. Kept telling everyone that he didn’t mind not winning that he came here to help others win. Pros for the brothers in final 2: Have a lot of wins under their belt. Pros for Kelsey in final 2: Already has Jared and Raul’s vote maybe Cassandra’s vote if she is against the brothers. Pros for Tim. Good at playing the game in a strategic way. Has a way with words and would do well in final speech against the brothers and Kelsey.


‘integrous’ is not a word


Are their any audience members in the audience who can spoil it for us?


F4 evictee leaves to no audience.


Oh great, now Tim is going to win Final HOH, kick Kelsey out, and it will be a close one between the Brothers & Tim.

I’ve had the premonition that Tim is going to get the votes to win. I don’t even want him to win that much.

It kind of makes sense, Tim is 12 years older than everybody else – of course he would be more developed / smarter. The fact that he wins final HOH and kicks Kelsey out (a smart move) will win him more respect and give him the edge in the jury.

Which sucks, because I actually like Brothers winning.


How are we supposed to vote for the final three if we don’t know who they are? Will they let us know? If not it just splits the vote unfairly.

Thanks You

Thank you so much for all of the updates over the season! I really appreciate all the hard work you have done!


You’re welcome 🙂


I’m not trying to agitate when I ask this: If Cass fans are saying they want Cass to stay because she played the better game than the brothers and Kelsey, but at the same time they say the brothers and Kelsey should keep her because they can win against her in finals: Which is it?
Cass’ errrors:
She gave herself an expiry date last week, saying her dream was to make final four in order to get the pretty dress. That was always going to come back and bite her in the ass.
Last week while Tim was timming the brothers and Kelsey, Cass was putting all of her eggs in the Tim basket. He’s covering all sides like he has the entire game (remember when the middle ground was actually four different subsets with overlapping numbers even, and nobody said wait, if everyone is in the middle ground who are we in between?). Tim’s integrity act is complete crap, he’s been just as down and dirty as the dirtiest in the house, but he knows his audience, so knows how to mist the morons.
The argument she engineered with the brothers after Kelsey won HOH was a mistake as well. She decided to go in your face when passive agressive would have yeilded better results. She never considered saying that for her game it was better to get rid of Nikki because Nikki had said numerous times she wanted Cassandra out of the game so she was feeling threatened, whereas Tim and Joel had never said any such thing. She’d still have lied, but it would have been a lie that would have evoked sympathy rather than anger. But like in most situations, she went for the big dramatic make tv moment.
Her HOHitis was also bad for her game. It seems that she could not stop herself from going for the big TV moments. It was the first overt signal that she was a deal breaker, but also the first overt signal that she was cut throat.
I truly believed production was engineering a Cass in finale moment. But then I also truly believed that Tim was studying the rule book not so that he could say production was going to screw the freaks over, but so he could see if there were any ramifications if he didn’t follow production’s story line and went rogue. That’s what I thought was going on with the veto he won, and his subsequent “I’m sorry Big Brother, you can’t make this stuff up” apology. He knew the writing was on the wall and the terms of his contract wouldn’t protect him anymore, so he threw a monkey wrench. Intense scrambling later, and the new story line has us to the new final four with Joel as sacrificial lamb at five. Puts a new spin on his ‘well, I should just pack my bags and go now’ stuff. The original story line was intended to be threeakshow, but had to be revised when Tim went off script after studying the rules and finding out there would be no breach of contract issues. Of course, the fact that one of the three blind mice is going to get a bonus second place is anticlimactic.
Okay, I had a lot of fun coming up with that conspiracy theory, lol, at least give me points for creativity.


Honestly if Kelsey and the Bros keep Tim! they are the dumb ones! seriously especially Kelsey like you she know she can’t want win comps against tim and the bros or even win if she is in final two with either of them! Also if she does evict him that just more on her resume rather then just I have been a target since day one blah blah ! The treaty is so dumb like its big brother WAKE UP!!

Guy From Canada

Thanks for posting the final clip of the live feeds for the season. Cya guys this summer for bbus18 ????


Your welcome!

BB18 next 🙂


it still amazes me that people say that Cass is a better player than Tim, Cass never had control on Tim but you cannot argue the same for Cass. Even during this days argument Tim wins by a mile, Cass wants Tim to spill his moves on the final 3 and use it to convince Kelsey to evict him but Tim wouldn’t tell her anything. Tim by far has manipulated everyone in this season, the brothers escape their strings during their HOH week but Tim has managed to get his hands on them again last week with his veto speech. He is not as flashy as Cassandra in the DR but he is definitely leaps ahead of her. He has already planted seeds on phil that he is a better person to take to the final two without even reaching the final three yet, just like what he did last week, he managed to secure his spot in the final three yet there are still five players remaining in the house.


If Cass gets evicted (I really hope not) she reminds me of Danielle season 3. Good player who never won.

I wonder what it is that Tim “knows Cass said”…that was so bad.?


I feel bad for Cass/Tim and every other HG who’s been evicted in a “special eviction”. It just doesn’t do them justice to get all the way to final 4 and then quickly kick them out to no live audience. It seems Cass is undoubtedly going and it sucks that in the last few weeks everyone has just been so down on her whole gameplay, dragging her through the mud. Tim has clearly been manipulative too, he was working equally in the Threekshow! And the Bros and Kelsey haven’t always been honest, I don’t like their moral superiority. It’s a game. The final 3 treaty is so dumb. Kelsey or the Bros will lose to Tim, unless the jury really wants a canadian to win.


When will we know who is evicted? I’m a keen follower of this site from Australia and would love to know when the next updates will be on?


Unless there is a feed leak, unlikely, we will not know for certain who the F4 evictee is until the show is aired on Wednesday. Everything points to Cass being that person with F3 being Tim, the brothers and Kelsey.
It is probable that they are currently starting the final HOH comps either Sunday or Monday. In the past, the deciding HOH comp is played Thursday.

Hockey Puck

Its like they set this up for fat head Tim. I would rather not see him in the finals and I hope they kick him out.

Moon Unit

Cassandra would have been in a great place if she had of used the veto and cut Tim at that point. She would have beaten every one in the end. I still think if it was her and him in the end she would beat him too!.

Come on Kelsey, keep this girl and take him out!


She would have never made it to the end because she could not win comps. She was good as a strategic players but you can’t get to the end without winning comps. That was her biggest downfall. Joel and Nikki were not good at winning comps I don’t think they would of helped her much.


Just wanted to say the conduct of the “MEN” this week is very embarrassing.The brothers towering over Cass and screaming PERSONAL insults was disgusting! What was worse were the MEN Joel and Tim who are in their 30s….Joel cowardly hid and Tim sat back and allowed these BOYS to berate Cass. What disgusting behavior, their mothers must be so embarrassed! These “MEN” and their actions were UGLY!


Don’t be ridiculous. They’re in an extremely high-stress environment and Cass was spreading lies about them. This happens all the time in BB. It’s not like they pulled a Vanessa Russo or anything.


Do people realize that the Jury cant see what we see? Everyone has this idea that the brothers or Kelsey would NEVER win… Is it a stipulation that you have to back stab and scheme to make it to the end, and thats what makes a player “great”?
The brothers had a great social standing in the house the entire season. They also won comps when their back was against the wall. They have the best resume for F2… How does the Jury know the reason why most of these feeders hate them?
Kelsey has been a target since day 1. She is amazingly, a last woman standing, when all women get knocked out.
I dont think a Jury needs to be “bitter” to vote for these 2. They are solid, but just because they are not your favorite, and tried to be honest, they would never win??
Tim and Cass is a different story. If you base great game play on manipulation and lies, they win hands down. Especially Tim. He is most ruthless. They way he abandoned Cass is head shaking; no honor among thieves, I suppose. I personally would bring Cass, since she is least likely to win a comp, so it gives kelsey and the brothers equal shot to f2. Also, everyone in the jury loves Tim… The entire house, for some reason looked up to him. He seems like a goof to me, but I guess he has an air of confidence to him. I think its a farce that they keep Tim, and its part of production. Kelsey and the brothers have made mistake, but they have proved to be critical thinkers. However, HOWEVER, Tim got the loyalty card… He hit em where it hurts… Cass could change this, if she calls out Tim.


‘Critical thinkers’? I’ll laugh for days on that one.


BBUS should invite Tim to our next season of All-Stars. Put him up against some older, non-recruited, knowledgeable BB players. I’d love to see him in a season of our BB. I am not sure why Canadians wouldn’t feel good if Tim wins this show – he provided the most entertainment and why would any Canadian want Kelsey (already evicted and a recruit who didn’t know the game at all, and is basically Porsche from one of our seasons, that was dragged to the end), or the brothers (self-righteous, pious, have no self-understanding at all) win it. Tim is the one who played should win, so he probably won’t. That’s how it goes in the US seasons more often than not. At least Canada has had a high percentage of female winners … unlike the US (personal pet peeve).


Yep. We have 2 female, and one male so far. Season 1: Jillian (Although, she was kind of a mistake, Gary would have won if Topaz didn’t screw the vote up, lol. Poor Gary). Season 2: John, Season 3: Sarah. I’m curious to see who wins this season. As a Canadian, I’d love to see Tim win. He played the best game of who’s left, in my opinion. People have been onto him for weeks but he’s managed to stay, and win veto when it was most needed for his game. Cassandra did well in talking her way out of situations, but I don’t see her being in the final three, although anything can happen!


I agree Cass should never had used the veto on Tim she would have been in a better spot with the bros,they know now she can’t be trusted.Tim is a snake and I think he’s going to win if he’s final two.He’s a good player should have gotten him out in the beginning,heck he already played BB and won he knows what he’s doing.

Carol Topalian

I agree with Cass. Tim lies. He forgets what he said, the same week, the same day, within 30 minutes of saying it. Depending on who he’s talking to, or what he now intends to project, he changes the message. That’s why Cass said she cannot be friends with him. Several times, he has threatened ‘if she starts campaigning I’m going to tell you something really bad about her.’ He is not a friend to Cass; Kelsey knows it. By pretending Tim is more virtuous than he is, they all come across WORSE than Cass.


You know this is Big Brother right?? Everyone lies in Big Brother..it’s part of the game. A big part actually. It’s basically who can lie & manipulate the best.

Carol Topalian

You know they’re talking about friendship – real friendship – and distinguishing that from the “player perspective” – right? It’s like, yeah, it is a game, but you probably wouldn’t have sex on camera just for strategy. Nor would you claim an alliance – and a friendship, as Tim seems to have done – all the way through the game and at the end, start lying to the person’s face – right? If so, Tim is failing at the game of life; he lies in an annoying way, particularly as he’s constantly judging how worthy other players are, based on if he thinks they have integrity – so in other words, he’s hypocritical, self-righteous and doesn’t own up to his shit. I do not care for his personality, at all.


do what…you would expect him to quit? Lmao If you couldn’t tell, that was his strategy to get to the end..convince everyone that he didn’t care if he won..he wanted to help someone win. It was brilliant on his part. The things you are saying about Tim can be said about Cass about a thousand times over. Last week she expected Joel to quit for her & this past week she wanted the same from Tim. When she realized she wasn’t getting her way last week, she had Tim who made the treaty deal to keep her in another week. She was playing on his emotions just as much as he was playing her. She was constantly saying how she was going to cut him. This week she basically told him if he didn’t quit for her they wouldn’t be friends anymore…pfft! Some friend! Spoiled Brat! And no this isn’t a game based on real friendships & all that other crap! Why do you think everyone is so paranoid all the time? i believe it was Cass who constantly said “what are these people on Big Brother or at camp making friendship bracelets”.. I think Tim & Cass do have a friendship but in the end you would cut anyone to win..obviously Cass has no problem with Tim leaving, just like she had no problem with Joel leaving. She actually sat there begging & crying to Joel and then when he left the room got up, looked in the mirror & said “I don’t even think I had to cry for that one..all I did was fuck up my makeup”..now THAT is twisted! Poor Cass tho..so mistreated


I think its when people start to really think you’re friends and then get scum bagged. I do think real friendships develop *Derek & Cody, Boogie Will ect. But when you don’t think your buddy will cut you and they do its a shocker Yet its part of the game some times.
When Cass does it it seems funny and game play and devilish lols. But when Tim does it for some reason it seems more weaselish and low. “I will tell personal secrets if I have too” WTF is that about.
I agree Cass is far from an angel and this is what all the tears are about because she had to do things to get her further and people hate her for it. Tim does all the same shit just with a smile and accent and it seems acceptable. Tim cozied up to whom he had to whether he liked them or not he didn’t care. To keep harping on “real friendships” ect is just that….*We are not on Romper Room, we are on Big Brother*…..


The whole season – house full of idiots and now it comes to this. Tim the most irratating of all somehow is leading the way in popularity…Yeaaaaaaah, hache ho hache, yeaaaaaaaaaah, he has done nothing but be surrounded by idiots that have wanted him to win the whole game and worship his every word. Give me a break, right from the begining the obvious nomminations to even an average player should have been:
Tim and Nikki
Brothers and Jerrod
Kelsy and Raul
Seriously the obvious pairs, or precieved strong players need to go first.
Jerrod and Kelsy two of the most entitled people in the game, really lets keep them
Raul……..I was mistaken he was the most irratating
Brothers, just stupid but I think the most likeable idiots
Integraty ….ITS BIG BROTHER, no one has integraty
Nikki – really, non player, has some problems, needs help seriously – masye a bad edit but wow crazy scary at times and non existent the rest of the time
Joel was the only player, although not a good player, that I could stand
Mitch -should have won but was surrounded by self entitled idiots
and lastly and again Tim yeaaaaaaaah, evil, irratating, and shouls have been gone a long time ago but he was also surrounded by IDIOTS
Hope next year is better or at least they leave out the international idea.
My Rant, sorry if I offended anyone, just my take on the situation. Please stop voting for Tim as fan favorite or to win. Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhh


If he’s a fan favourite, he’s a fan favourite. Find more votes for your favourite player if you don’t like it. I’d like to see him win the entire game, let alone the fan favourite. The simple fact that he and Nikki were obvious nominations for eviction right from the beginning, just makes me admire the fact that he has basically made it to final 3 (although, anything can happen). I didn’t expect him or Nikki to even make jury. They seemed perfect to evict without having to get much blood on the houseguest’s hands.

Big Bored Canada

Agree on almost everything you said. The brothers are so annoying to me because dumb
is forever and I do think it is rather sad when clever people take advantage of others.
However, this is a game and Cassandra and Tim have proved that they can exploit weakness
and the lemmings are running for the cliff.What is with the brother who where’s more eyeliner
than Pamela Anderson? Hint it doesn’t help!


“….ITS BIG BROTHER, no one has integraty”

Devin (BBUS16) had massive amount of entagrutee!

j fin

I have a question for Dawg and Simon. Why is it that we do not know Kelseys last name? Faith is her middle name, her sisters last name is Hope, and her Mother was just presented to us as Trudy. Has there ever been a case like this in Big Brother history? Thank you.


In the secret suite she said there were legal reasons. Either her father is a P.I. or a public figure with name recognition she said it in a hushed tone to Loveita, so I wasn’t sure shat the actual quote was, but the reason was because of her father’s employment regardless.