Big Brother Canada 4 – Special Eviction Episode Spoilers!

big brother canada 4 special eviction episode

The finale of Big Brother Canada 4 is just 1 day away where the winner will be crowned. The finale episode will air at a special 7pm eastern time. On tonight’s special eviction episode we will find out who was evicted just after the Live Feeds were blocked on Saturday, May 7th. As of Saturday the only guaranteed house guests to be in the final 3 were the brothers as they were both the head of household and power of veto competition winners. They held all the power in deciding who would make the sole decision to evict. Most likely they did not ue the veto, giving Kelsey the power to evict either Cassandra or Tim. Tonight we’ll see the Power Of Veto competition that the brothers won and officially find out who the final 3 house guests are going into the finale. Last season the final 3 were instructed to unanimously choose one house guest in the jury to be evicted/nullified. This season Canada gets to have a say in who wins the grand prize.

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(This section will be updated as the results are revealed on the episode.)
Preview of the Power of Veto Competition: Jury Doll House
The jury members have left the jury house because the finale is almost here, but they left some clues behind. Tim, Kelsey, Cassandra and The Brothers have to each individually search for the things left behind and match it up with the jury member.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-11 18-13-33-072

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-11 18-13-38-718

The winner of the POV with a time of 14:40 was NICK

After Arisa announces 1 house guests will be evicted within an hour. Cassandra begs Tim to sacrifice himself so that she can stay and go on to win it. Tim tells Cass I’m not your prince charming. Cass says you are? Tim says I’m not. Cass then goes to Kelsey to work on her but it doesn’t work.

POV Ceremony Results:

The Brother choose to not use the veto!
Kelsey then makes the sole vote to evict Cassandra.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-11 18-41-51-324d

FINAL 3 House Guests:

Tim, The Brothers, Kelsey

Cassandra tells Arisa that her money is on Tim to win BBCAN4.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-11 18-46-52-410

Arisa tells the final 3 house guests that Canada will now have a jury vote since Ramsey left the game. She tells them they’ll have their chance to answer Canada’s questions coming up (after the commercial).
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-11 18-49-29-575

Canada’s Questions:
Why do you think you deserve to win over the other two house guests?
What was the best lie you told in the house and how did it help you?
What would winning Big Brother Canada mean to you?

Arisa tells the viewers now that you’ve heard their answers to your questions go to BBCAN website to make your jury vote on the who should win BBCAN4!


The final 3 house guests compete in the final Head of Household of the season which consists of 3 parts. The first of the 3 part HOH competition is typically an endurance competition where the final 3 compete against each other. The winner of part 1 automatically advances to part 3. The other 2 house guests compete in part 2, which is typically a physical competition. The winner of part 2 advances to part 3 to compete against the winner of part 1. These first two competitions would have taken place over the last few days. The final part 3 of the HOH (Typically a Question A or B / True or False Competition) takes place during the live finale episode where the winner decided who they want to sit next to in the final 2. The final 2 then state their case to the jury and the jury then votes for who they want to win Big Brother Canada 3.

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Productions pet Kelsey

Oh BB we know, u want Kelsey to take it and that’s y u want Cass to leave.because it would have been so dangerous if Cass goes with Kelsey the pet !


Pretty much shows that Tim is leaps ahead from cassandra as a gameplayer and yet we are not shown how much moves that he made to secure his spot on the final 3. Really hope this edit backfires and Tim wins, that would make this season super satisfying with the “underdog” winning yet again.


Timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm all the way. I don’t care if he’s canadian. He might not of won many comps, but he’s a fantastic social player. He knows what to say, and how to say it.

Tim for the win!

I liked him, then didn’t, then did again… But really, can we stand a season where the brothers or Kelsey win? It’s Andy vs GinaMarie all over again…

Ariana Grande stinks!

To interrupt live feeds to keep the events shown in this episode secret? RIDICULOUS!

The Rube Brothers are THE WORST! They would fit well with the post season 12 lineups of the BBUS. #disgusting

Cass should have won this but since she didn’t I can only hope TIM will make history tomorrow.



Timmmm to win!!!! Only way this season can be salveged!


Tim for the win. Go Tim Go…Canada is with You!!!


This Canadian isn’t with him to win…………This is BBCanada…..Go Brothers!!!!!


This Canadian isn’t with Tim to win…………..this is BB Canada……..go Brothers!!!!


Since Cass is gone and should be the winner, my vote has gone to Tim. Kelsey doesn’t really deserve the win and NO way can I vote for the brothers.


The brothers are stupid! You lied!!! Even Big brother called you out on it when you were fighting with Tim and Cassandra with a look back at what you actually said! SO YOU LIED!!


Have you taken your medications today ? It will calm you down.


Woooohoooo Timmy!!!! So happy you stayed & loved your answers to the viewer questions!! If you don’t win it will be a travesty to the game.
Ps Tim & Cass are so gettin it on at the after party…they are so in like with each other????


I have no clue why there’s a bunch of question marks there lol


Tim has a girlfriend he mentioned her to Cass on numerous occasions on the feeds. He doesn’t even fancy her. Watch some of the videos on here, he takes the piss out of her and means it. She is n’t even his type.


I don’t think Tim is attracted to Cassandra.


Who is yall voting for to get the jury vote?


Kelsey saying that winning Big Brother would be her dream come true. She was willing to give up her game for Raul and Jared. Someone should bring this up in final 2 speech.


A “Timmy” win WOULD very much be Canadiana with a lovely down under touch….


Despite what the edits say, Tim is by far the greatest player this season. He created and solidify the “middle group” and was able to get rid of Maddy and Dallas’ team. After eliminating them, he solidify the threekshow to get rid of Jared and Nikki and when it was his ass on the line he successfully remove all the target on his back by throwing the threekshow under the bus and gaining a final three treaty. At this point if he manages to secure a spot in the finals without even winning a competition in the final three, he is by far the greatest bbcan player to play the game.


There kind of already was a middle, who decided to evict Paige….


Ironically enough, the brothers were an important part of creating the middle. Those doofuses played a good game. They should have had a huge target on their backs b/c there were two of them and because strong guys are usually a big target. They managed to escape the block and played a really good social game. Their social game and competitive game was really good, and they had some strategy in saving Kelsey first week, trying to evict Dallas, and keeping the sides fighting each other. But they are completely unable to articulate well what they did in the game.


Not really the brothers hated cassandra during the first few weeks. They are more into dallas side until there was a rumour spread that dallas and the brothers are in an alliance. It was Tim that glued them together when he suggested saving cassandra to joel, phil and mitch in the have not room.


Yeah, i’m thinking I’m in the minority. Just desserts that somebody watched for camera moves and basically mugged for the camera most of the time left to an empty studio.
I didn’t really like the episode edit, but i’ve disliked the episode edits most of the season.
Wasn’t a fan of the answers to the questions on the part of any of the final three.
I don’t really want to be a part of Tim’s master plan for big brother world domination. I don’t really want to be part of the brother’s land of egocentric delusion. I don’t really want to be part of Kelsey’s erroneous land of rainbows and unicorns. Though I’ve known this was coming… now that it is here, Who is the lesser evil?


I don’t think Tim stands a chance
Most of that jury wants a Canadian to win.


I think you should check the BB fan pages, twitter and on other social media sites. Most people are totally behind Tim. I am pretty sure these are mainly Canadians as not that many could watch from outside Canada.


Hey Dawg & Simon
41 days till BB 18
Let’s hope for a whole new group
I don’t want any all-stars


Hey JRG, Same looking forward to it this summer.


Please be Tim!! Just watched the end to see what was up. Crap haven’t done that in years. Seen an interview with Godfrey he disagreed with a Canadian having to win as he is from Nigeria!!! Loved the comment.


But, if i’m not mistaken, Godfrey lives in Canada. As for Tim, he’ll be taking the money and going down under. Yeah, I wanna a Canadian to win. Unfortunately, the last two standing Canadians standing, I can’t stand. Oh well. Go, Tim, I guess πŸ™ — Wish Cass was still around πŸ™ πŸ™


So F3 who takes/beats who?
Timmy beats both would take Kelsey despite 2 jury votes(Raul and Jared) versus the brothers 3 POV and 3 HOH wins combined with the 1 Canada vote earlier that shows likeability.
Brothers believe they beat either I only think they might beat Kelsey, and that’s a maybe.
Kelsey is tough to guess. I think Tim twists the knife and she takes him. Think she loses either way. See her as an F2 lock and 25K IMHO.

The jury isn’t that vital as I think the HG’s play speaks for it self. Screams Timmy for the win. I see Canada’s vote as Tim followed by brothers so Kelsey gets nothing though I think it’s only 5-4 potentially versus brothers.
3 part final…..
part 1 the wall my guess. Remembers it’s useless Phil for the Bro’s. This is geared towards Kelsey. Tim wins part 1 then Kelsey versus Bro’s. I like Kelsey part 2 and a Tim/Kelsey deal no matter who wins 7 questions to take each other. Timmy wins BB Can 4 by a 7-2 vote.

Hurry the bleep up BB USA……………………………………….:)


Can’t stand any of these players but the lesser of the three evils is Tim. The brothers think they are the best players and honest players while they are just hypocrites like Joel said.Kelsey shouldn’t even be in this game anymore except that everyone was afraid of king Jared and thus voted her back in and she is really painful to watch. She is also a hypocrite with her ” I am such an honest, kind, thoughtful player ” speel yet she says everyone is a terrible person unlike herself. Tim is not a bad player but not Canadian. So the bottom line is I hope Tim wins because he is the best player out of all three even though he is not Canadian. BB when you bring in outsiders it could come back to bite you in the butt! Go Tim!p

Guy From Canada

Why hate Tim? In his bbaus he played to the public, and he has done a good job here as well. There is lots of conflicting stories with his live feeds and dr sessions, but the dr is playing to Canada. That element of the game that is specific to Canada the bros and Kelsey never clued in on cause they don’t understand the game as well as Tim. Tim by no means played flawlessly, but he is no lesser of 3 evils and has valid arguments to win.

While the brothers are playing a poor social game, not owning their moves, a physical game can be respected. It’s hard to win it out at the end and if they do, they deserve the win as well as Tim……if they can plead their case. Not owning lies will lose both bitter jury and strategic jury members.

Kelsey has no argument. Jared and Raul as stupid enough to vote for her, but Mitch should be smart enough to change his vote to against Kelsey instead of for… he said on the way out.

Best she will get 3 votes for second place unless Maddy is a bitch again and throws away even more integrity in this game and votes bitterly against the bros or Tim if they are sitting next to Kelsey.


Thoughts on the evicted players of the season:
Paige: they spend a week or so in sequester before the show begins and playing shy was the best she could come up with. Was apparently Nick’s first choice for showmance.
Sharry: said she was going to play social and under the radar. Attached herself at the hip to the first hoh and to the first large alliance.
Christine: made absolutely no strategic moves or alliances to protect her after three weeks. Easily confused with a leopard print blanket when not cleaning and telling people how much she cleaned (apparently couldn’t clean out her mouth though).
Dallas: should have thought about talking softly and carrying a big stick. Made the error of being the first person to walk into the house. He could be shown to future players as a textbook case on how to make yourself a target when you didn’t need to be.
Loveita: studied the game in terms of statistics, and still foolishly won the first hoh. Hid in the hoh instead of managing the voting pool to get her targets out.
Mitch: never came up with a contingency plan if his game was discovered. Under the radar player that played too hard to save Maddy and got noticed before the twist happened. The twist just cemented an oncoming rapid decline. (will most likely vote Tim if he has the option).
Raul: moron. His game play was stupid. (will most likely vote Kelsey if he has the option).
Maddy: Most likely to be the bitterest communal blow up doll. Still thinks it isn’t a numbers game. (will most likely vote Tim if she has the option, if TIm isn’t in final two she’ll likely combust).
Jared: Only actual played the game for the week Kelsey was gone, and considers it his worst week in the house. Entiltled moron. (Will most likely vote Kelsey if he has the option).
Nikki: Fulfilled her contractual obligations to throw tantrums in between tranquilizers. (Will most likely ask Arisa to pick one for her).
Joel: Didn’t realize the middle ceases to exist once the numbers get small enough that sides blur into one group. His “campaign” speech should have been called please evict me. (Will most likely vote Tim if given the option).
Cass: Never once deviated from her social manipulation strategy of getting attention by playing victim. Instead of realizing that you can get more flies with honey, spent her last two days ensuring she would be voted out. (Will most likely vote Tim if given the option).
Ramsey: started the season long “integrity” speeches we’ve endured (while promising his vote to both nominees almost weekly).
In terms of the final three, if Tim wins final HOH he will win. If Either of the others wins final HOH and takes Tim, he will win. If they take each other, the jury will look at Kelsey and the brothers in an incredibly bitter way (that oh, I had to have been a more worthwhile winner than either of those choices kind of way). The questions from Canada as Juror were edited in an overtly obvious very pro-Tim slant (they added soundtrack and gave him 3 out of the five minutes of camera time for the questions while also giving him the goodbye message). Not surprising.


So Kelsey told only ONE LIE? She didn’t tell Cass she was safe & protected to F3 iwth her & Jared when they had a F3 deal with the Brothers & were also maneuvering to get Joel as well? She didn’t promise Love she would protect Joel?

The Brothers never lied to anyone like telling Tim they had nothing to do with trying to work with Maddy to help her take him out? They didn’t promise her they’d vote her way or ask Jared/Kels to vote him out? They never made multiple deals? They didn’t tell Joel he was their F2 while also telling Jared he was?

Of note, I have no problem with the players lying IT’s Big Brother! My problem isn’t even them not owning it to this point with the other players. BUT I do have a problem with them calling out Joel, Mitch, Cass and Tim as being shady players, getting aggressive AND personal. The hot tub talk was the worst about Cass AND again if they owned it in the DR I’d be fine. BUT they even want Canada to drink their Kool-aid too!

At least Tim made fun and even told a lie to us reminding EVERYONE: this IS a game! And Tim’s
answers were CLASSIC game play.

I guess both Kelsey & Bros figure BB hasn’t shown their lies. The Brothers are SURE they have Canada’s vote b/c the won Canada’s vote before. Did you see how happy they were to hear Canada was voting? By the way did you hear the Brothers say to Tim well at least you’ll get to go to the Final night implying he was next to go.

The Brothers and Kelsey are already counting their money thinking they’ll win the comps and take each other, BUT here’s the problem with that thinking:

1. Phil is the Brother competing & hasn’t faired at well as a competitor as Nick has. Yes he won how bad do you want it but ONLY b/c Jared, Kelsey & Cass didn’t want to take punishments. And if not for Joel he might not have even played the final round agaisnt Tim in the movie video.

2. I don’t think Kelsey believes that Tim will take the Brothers so she might not be invested in thinking she has to win. How ironic would it be if Tim makes the decision to send her out the door after she evicted Cass?

3. The Brothers can’t see the forest for the trees b/c they are too busy patting themselves on the back even thinking Canada is too dumb to see they played an equally manipulative game.

4. Kelsy believes she’s won b/c of her friends BUT does she honestly believe anyone other than Jared (and MAYBE Raul) is a for sure vote? She can spout how she kept herself safe & I’ve credited her for putting meat shields in front of her and using her flirting strategy. But I sure hope if she is in a final chair she gets asked: “when you made your bid to return to the house you said you were ready to play different, but you went right back to hiding behind a strong player & when he left the next strongest (physically) in the house.First, was your strategy to flirt to the end? And if not how was it different the 2nd time around? AND since you were
willing to throw your game away even prior to jury why should we believe you wanted to play/win this game or deserve it for that matter?

4. I’m so hopeful Tim won the first part of the HOH (usually an endurance comp) b/c then the Brothers & Kelsey will panic and try to make deals with Tim to guarantee their spot in F2 as they turn on each other. That would be priceless for so many reasons. Little do they know Tim will use that to turn the 2 against each other & say so you haven’t lied, but don’t you have a F2 with each other? They’ll have to both answer yes. Then Tim can say: SO either you are willing to lie & break your F2 with each other OR lie & break your F2 you want me to guarantee with you now!

Let the BB Gods shine on Tim so he wins Round 1 AND Round 3.

Finally, it will be so great for when the Bros or Kelsey (hopefully not both) have to answer the jury’s
questions b/c they’ve convinced themselves they played a game without lies and full of integrity. I wonder when the Brothers are finally called out live for lying how they are going to react/answer: Will they once again start yelling? They’ve convinced themselves Maddy loves them, that Mitch, Raul & Joel with vote for them.

I’m most excited to hear Cass’ question to them both and hope she asks the Bros how any early decision they made wasn’t based on her/Tim’s choice and how they believe the things they said to her & how they said them can be considered playing with integrity? If Kelsey, again I hope Cass asks her how she can claim to have been doing anything more than flirting and how she can claim to be nice given what she said
personally about Cass. They both repeatedly called out others for their lies/manipulation and shady game play I mean the hypocrisy is so thick we could choke on it!

Kelsey believes only Maddy (and maybe Nikki) doesn’t like her. What both the Brothers and Kelsey have
forgotten is TWO of the strongest strategists/game players just left the house (joel/Cass) who will be making sure to get Tim the vote. Mithc is extremely level headed & has the sway over both Raul (I believe especially agaisnt the Brothers), Maddy and Nikki.

My 3 wishes are:
1. Canada votes for Tim (with a zoom in on the face(s) sitting beside him
2. After the Bros or Kelsey get grilled by the jury & Tim owns playing a manipulative, social, strategic game he wins by a unanimous vote
3. Unfortunately the F2 won’t get to se the jury initially arrive (as the jury is joined live by the evicted house guest) But I do hope when Cass hopefullly gets to ask a question OR when she votes they hear the audience roar for her. I only wish there was a vote for favorite player like the U.S. so she could win that!

I started out really liking Tim, then he lost a bit of luster (probably b/c I wanted Cass to win & saw him as a
deterent to her getting a shot at F3 if Bros/Kelsey won (which they did). That said, he won me back over. The hug between him/Cass as she left was the most genuine of the group, but really it’s because he played the best game. .

Tim wins final HOH he’ll evict Kelsey
Votes for Tim – -: Cass, Joel, Mitch, Nikki, Maddy, Raul, Canada
Votes for Brothers ? Maybe Jared, Kelsey & MAYBE Raul (at best)? but possibly a sweep, so Tim wins at worst 6-2

Tim makes a deal with Kelsey & 1 of wins HOH & evicts Brothers:
Votes for Kelsey: Brothers, Jared, Raul
Votes for Tim: Cass, Joel, Mitch, Nikki, Maddy, Canada

One of Kelsey/Bros win HOH & Tim is evicted (unimaginable I know)
Votes for Kelsey: Raul, Jared
Votes for Bros: Maddy
Last minute votes: Cass, Joel, Mitch, Tim will vote for who won final HOH
Uncertain votes: Nikki, Canada

Aussie Tim for the Canadian Big Brother 4 Win!


I hope your psychic!


Brothers are such hypocrites still denying they ever lied in the game Kelsey saying that she tried to stop lying after the Maddy and Ramsey incident. That’s why I can’t root for these guys thinking they had a clean game and played with dignity. They all lied just own up to it. Brothers were so happy when they heard that Canada had the vote thinking that they probably have that vote in the bag.


Brothers are such hypocrites still denying they ever lied in the game Kelsey saying that she tried to stop lying after the Maddy and Ramsey incident. That’s why I can’t root for these guys thinking they had a clean game and played with dignity. They all lied just own up to it. Brothers were so happy when they heard that Canada had the vote thinking that they probably have that vote in the bag.


Please Tim needs to WIN!! I need to see the Brothers EVICTED so bad


Noticed when voting on the BBCAN site it often automatically highlited the brothers for the vote. Tim for the win πŸ™‚


The only thing I hate more than people who say you can be honest and play this game with integrity is people who say that shit but straight up lied all throughout the game. Ruthlessness and manipulation is what wins Big Brother and it’s what Canada and the jury love to see. The brothers and Kelsey are so full of shit. Get off your moral high ground already and own up to your lies or actually go through with self eviction.


Yes, both of them will self eviction, just like Casandra thought Tim would self evict for her to stay …. (They can’t see their own delusional traits even when their delusional Cas was just gone people. They just can’t see it) .


I really hope BBC isn’t going to pull a fast one, let’s say if Tim has the most jury votes they don’t change it to the bro’s because that’s what production wants.


Why would production want those dummies to win? Everyone hates them!


Guys, The brother are the Winners.. Go Pax bro


Quiet please. They will say their little “Queen” Cas is very smart and will win in the end. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


So sad to see Cassandra’s picture in black-and-white I really wanted her to win!!!!!!! So I guess the lesser of the evil would be Tim I mean he did play a sneaky flawless game was put on the block four times and never got sent home so obviously he played a very good game and I believe he will win if Kelsey when’ so I guess the lesser of the evil would be Tim I mean he did play a sneaky flawless game was put on the block four times and never got sent home so obviously he played a very good game and I believe he will win if Kelsey wins which is possible because if she wins HOH she will take the brothers and not Tim then that will suck because I don’t feel she deserves to when she didn’t really do anything much all game yes she remained loyal and she one that HOH when she needed to but other than that I don’t see what big moves or anything she really did but it’s big brother and anything can happen overall was a good watch thank you !!

Blondes Have More Fun

So sad to see Cassandra’s picture in black-and-white I really wanted her to win!!!!!!! So I guess the lesser of the evil would be Tim I mean he did play a sneaky flawless game was put on the block four times and never got sent home so obviously he put in some work & I believe he will win if Kelsey wins which is possible because if she wins HOH she will take the brothers and not Tim then that will suck because I don’t feel she deserves to win she didn’t really do anything much all game Ok yes she remained loyal and she did win that HOH when she needed to but other than that I don’t see what big moves she made or anything she really did other then flirting with the bros making them switch their minds in saving CaSS but I swear this Kelsey girl has the big brother universe looking out for her as she’s had so much luck on your side so I guess it wouldn’t surprise me if The prom queen Won ughh it’s big brother and anything can happen…. KELSEY & TIM FINAL 2 !!!!!!

Prom Queen

KELSEY IS GOING TO WIN!!!! She has been lucky all game and the big brother universe is clearly looking out for her she’s like the cockroach that won’t die trust me this girl has had a horse shoe up her ass all game and i’m not in favour of her and I don’t want her to win but she’s going to win! And then she’s going to go put the crown on Jared her king and they’re going to go on that vacation!!!! The Jury will probably like Tim’s game more overall but they’re probably going to respect the fact that Kelsey is Canadian & kept herself in this house for so long, I have a feeling that they feel that Tim played all of them and they probably look at Kelsey as more of the loyal player, Tim already won big brother and has lots of money so he claims…..I guess it just depends who’s game they’re going to respect more I guess but I predict KELSEY


Hey Simon & Dawg
After tonight you guys get some rest bb18
ain’t that far away


so i gues jackpot thing isnty going get played now?


So they started filming the finale about 35 minutes ago.
They’re probably reversing the filming schedule, with side show being filmed first because it is airing at 630 eastern with the finale starting at 7.
So, will they spend ten minutes of the finale spotlighting Ramsey?
Maybe Loveita will finally get a minute on the side show, last we saw her she was just sitting on the bed in the secret suite. (that whole additional room could have been used in a much more dynamic and game changing way… sort of like a survivor redemption twist for big brother. imagine in week two the first two houseguests evicted compete in a recreated but same pov challenge as the house, winner stays to compete against weeks three evictee in the same way, with the secret suite champion returning to the house as of jury as a competing wild card).


not sure why Arissa told Cass that tomorrow is the finale when she really was evicted on Saturday?


It was the same kind of tv trickery as saying the announcement of the surprise eviction came before the pov.
Nick won in between 14-15 minutes. meaning the other three took more than 14-15 minutes to complete pov, so it’s mathematically impossible that someone would be evicted in just under an hour if the pov took longer than an hour to complete. But we already knew that the show likes to play fast and loose with continuity and timing.


oh. Early spoilers…… i’m not going anywhere near them (okay i peeked but i’m keeping my mouth shut).

Guy From Canada

Spoilers out, avoid Twitter. Damn pre recording spoilers, but at least I can nap before a graveyard shift……


Did Cassandra role her eyes at Kelsey’s answer to her question and that’s why Kelsey said thanks Cass. Kelsey was trying so hard to give herself the Snow White edit I thought that little cartoon birds were going to appear and she was going to break out in song.


Thanks to Simon and dawg for all the hard work that you put in to this I appreciate you guys so much


You’re welcome πŸ™‚