Tim “I do feel betrayed by the brothers. They had no intentions of being with us.”

POV Holder: Brothers Next POV April 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Current Nominations: Jared and Nikki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-27 07-26-22-422

10:15am Jared and Kelsey join Tim out in the hot tub room. Jared comments on how Tim has been getting up earlier than everyone. Tim says he liked coming out and laying in the sun to eat breakfast. He says they might close down the backyard soon if they have to set up a POV and HOH in the backyard… that’s if there’s a double eviction tomorrow.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-27 07-41-29-833
10:35am Phil tells Jared that he will talk to Joel tell him they have his back if he keeps Jared. Jared says its (the vote) going to be a close one. He thanks Phil. Phil says no need to thank me. Phil heads inside to talk to Nick. Nikki walks by. Phil tells Nick why would we vote to keep her? She isn’t going to help us. She doesn’t need this.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-27 07-43-02-527
10:45am Tim heads up to the HOH room and tells Cassandra that he’s been studying and knows all the HOH and POV’s. He says all I need to work out is the days. I worked out that I need to do this for us two. If Joel is eliminated I need to know it for us. I’m so proud of how we’ve played this game. I’m basically playing the same way I did in Australia. Just swapped.. I needed the misfits in the beginning of that season and at the end of this season. I know you don’t want to hear this but I’m happy to walk away if its me, you, Joel and Nikki in the final 4. I’m happy to walk away at 3 and 2. The brothers were in that too but they chose to walk away to go to the other side. Tim says I do feel betrayed by the brothers. Cass says they laugh at me. They don’t even look at me. Tim says they lied to us about this middle ground. They had no intentions of being with us. Cass says they were playing everyone. Tim says 20K won’t change my life. I would be happy if I got to the end with you and Joel. I don’t mind if Joel wants to take you over me.

11am Nikki is talking to Joel about how she wants to call the brothers out. She says she wants to tell them about how hard Jared was campaigning to get them put up. I’m the only one with morals. Joel says the biggest satisfaction is that Jared will be walking out the door tomorrow. Its not fair for them to point at someone and say what this person did is under serving. Everyone got here on their own merit. You played the best way you know how.

12pm Phil walks through the kitchen and says Hello Cassandra. Cassandra doesn’t look at him or respond. Phil says okay I see how it is.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-27 09-05-51-446

12:45pm Cassandra being Cassandra narrating the awkward tension between her Jared/Kelsey and the brothers.

Hey Everyone Simon here.

Due to a real life emergency, updates will be a bit late coming in. I’m working on getting videos up.

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Oh the brothers….why would you keep Nikki over Jared? Because she has less of a chance to win the game you idiots. It’s coming down to that point. I think they just want Jared to be bros with them so bad they will sacrifice their own game


Well, you have more information than they do, and we all know,they are not Jareds target, and they will be Nikkis… It is smarter for them, because they are the bottom of the totem pole in every angle, but Jareds.

Nikki is useless, but its not impossible for her to win, and she is definitely a vote they dont have. I would rather see Jared stay (GAG!), than that negative, sniveling brat advance!

Book Ends

If I could line-item veto the last sentence, I would thumb up.


The Brothers also know that everyone wanted them out this week. I don’t think they honestly believe that they can sway Tim or Joels vote, but by campainging for Jared might earn them Jury votes (if they get there) from 3W alliance when they’re all out. Also it adds more trust from Kelsey. When Jared leaves Kelsey will join with the brothers rather than Cassandra. And they need numbers on their side.


Sorry Horseshoes the brothers do not have the game play you credit them with. They do still believe they have or can get Joel’s vote to keep their love interest, Jarod. If brains were dynamite those two could’nt blow their noses!


I say this every season. The youngins are too easily influenced/just want to be accepted. Jared is king and the bros just want to be part of his royal court. This is why I prefer an older cast. At least late 20s, people!

What they should have done this week is completely turn their back on Jelsey. Throw them under the bus. But no, instead they have just been up Jared’s butt and decided to approach Cass pre-noms about none other than Joel??? They were aligned with Joel too, FYI. Cowardly move. Why? Because they are scared of King Jared.

And no I do not think they would have lost jury votes over it. It’s just the nature of the game.

At this point, after all these seasons I do not see how any smart player would come into the house and align with the ‘A’ team. The underdogs are always more liked and even though the public doesn’t vote in the NA versions, production WILL eventually influence the game and the non-fan-faves will get burned. This isn’t 2001 BB when Dr. Will was King and the public loved it. The weirds always win.

sunny dee

Brothers think it is ‘too soon’ haha no really, plus they would rather someone deserving to win wins. Well, Phil says that, not sure how Nick feels about how willing Phil is to hand the game over to Jared.

Plus not sure who these people are who think that only deserving people deserve to win the game. Didn’t Jon choose Sabrina over Neda? in order to win? Because that is what is the point of the game, it’s to win, not to make sure someone else wins.

Phil, & Kelsey seem to think the point is to make sure they drag Jared, in spite of his lackluster performance in comps and inadequate social game, to the end. maybe they are smart enough to figure out that he is a Nikki, really, and sitting F2 with him could ensure their win?

Watching After Dark, and some of this vids, just really really fun to see Jared, Kelsey and the brothers absolutely delusional about joel. they really have no idea how devious he is.


it would be dumb for them to vote out jared considering his targets are cass/tim and he is a number on their side


Seriously I could not stand listening to Joel and Nikki talking….. Joel who is acting that he is a perfect person and it was the rest of the group that hauled him through this game then all of a sudden he is ditches everyone behind their back…. Nikki who whined and complained and wanted to be catered to by Joel and Tim and states that she is the only one with morals….. That one may my eyes roll. Those two are no better than anyone else in the house.


Why do people think Joel is a winner he is nothing but a floater that has done absolutely nothing in this game or house. They all are probably really nice people outside that house. Tim is like fuel to a fire and Nikki is well “Nikki” her actions speak louder than words. The brothers are the ones who have had the target on their backs since day one. Good for them for being still there.


everyone of them do nothing but talk bad behind people’s back and I have to laugh when they judge others for doing so but they are doing the same thing…… Especially Joel and Nikki really people get a grip you are all in to win it just be honest.

BB Canada Circus

It’s a game, not real life sweety


i totally understand the brothers at this stage in the game. Tim and cass turned on THEM! They have been sucking up to, and been in an alliance with Jared and kelsey and worked against Loveita, Tim and Cass were both eager to be with the cool kids and Tim would be happy to lose to Jared for a number of weeks. Tim turned on the bros big time at the hottub when they were HOH and called them cowards. Nice not. And Cass put them on the block this week. I understand Nick and Phil now that Jared threw the HOH and they were able to stay. They are gullible sure, but Tim, Cass and Nikki are hypocritical to the max. Tim has no emphathy or sympathy for people who wants to play their way without him,. If he is not their leader they were shunned from the misfits.


I agree with most of what you say. I was thinking about it yesterday, and I think the turning point for Phil was when Tim approached him at the pool to backdoor Jared. They had words because Phil was not going to do it, and Tim told him at that time to play his own game and not come to him again for advice. Phil was extremely hurt over that comment, and although Tim apologized to him the next morning, Phil didn’t think it was sincere and was more to cover Tims ass. After that confrontation was when Phil went to Jared about it and started his campaigning against Tim. It is too bad that event happened because up till that point the Brothers thought the sun rose and set around what Tim thought, and after putting Maddy/Ramsey on the block because of Tims encouragement to do so, they thought he was trying to get them evicted.


Your an idiot! Not one of those arguments has any merit. Tim and Cass never turned on anyone. They’ve had the freak show alliance for 3 weeks now. That’s who they’re working with. Their not flip flopping around, all being loyal. They haven’t worked with Jared and Kelsey and their definately not sucking up to them and aren’t desperate to be with the cool kids. Their playing Jared and Kelsey. And if anyone has an overly weird obsession with Jared and Kelsey, its dumb and dumber. Obviously Phil has some type of attraction to Jared (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and is completely obsessed with him. And you say Tim doesn’t have empathy or sympathy for people for people that don’t want to play his game? Are you kidding? Out of any BB ever Tim has the most respect for every individuals own game. He’s constantly making people feel better and to not second guess their decisions. It’s the Kermit the frog sounding douchebag that starts throwing tantrums as soon as he hears that their not gonna take him to the end and give him the $100, 000
Jeryd, bros, Kelsey are by far the most immature, ignorant, childish, and worst strategical players BBC has seen yet! Go freak show!


Nice way to start your response with “your an idiot”???? Please grow up.


VERY well said!! Everything you said was so true.


The brothers were never really with anyone that was the downfall of their game. Since day one Phil had a bromance on Jared. Tim, Cass and Joel knew they weren’t part of the 3W alliance. The brothers would have been way better off last week if they got rid of Jared instead of being duped by Kelsey and Jared. Kelsey basically forced Jared to talk to them and make them believe they could work together. If the brothers got rid of Jared I believe Kelsey is a good enough player to realign her allies. I believe along with Cass they could have went a long ways. Cass knows she would always be 3rd with Kelsey and Jared. I believe Tim would have been willing to work with the brothers and they had a really good relationship with Joel for most of the game but were way too focused on their relationship with Jared. It’s when they (Phil) “believed” he now could be bromanced with Jared is where their game failed. Last night Kelsey was making fun of the brothers, by telling Jared how ridiculous it was that they believed they were with Jared the whole game, when she was the one that forced the relationship to save Jared’s ass last week. They spent last week trash talking about Cassandra and Tim. The bad game play the following week was when they spilled everything said to Cass and than to Tim, who now know their game plan. I can’t believe Jared really thinks he is entitled to be in the house and not on the block over every other player in the game. His social skills sucked and it was that and protecting Kelsey which lost him BB. There are many bb players like Joel who made it to the end. It was said, that getting rid and siding with people is all about timing. Tim, Cass and Joel have played this timing thing perfectly. Jared had so much potential but his lack of self awareness and entitlement killed his game. Bye Bye Jared.


You are exactly right! The brothers are going to feel sooooo stupid when they see how much Kelsey and Jared trash talked them.


Ummmm Hello!!! Jared was the one fighting to get the Bros up this week & lets be honest..they have never really been aligned with anyone until their “HOH”..when they tried to take out Tim, which is why they went up. They threw the first punch & now they are trying the deny, deny, deny strategy which worked flawlessly b/c Jared (their so called leader) already outed them.


Does anybody have any idea why Jared is still there to begin with? What does he bring to the house or to peoples’ game? I find him boring, mean, and egotistical. What is it that people haven’t gotten rid of him earlier. There were many chances. I just don’t get it.


I agree with you Julie about Jared .And if he thinks because he has the looks that he is Canadas golden boy which Im sure he does he better think again. Did you all see the look on his face when Arisha said Canada voted for HOH. He was all smug Im sure he thought they would vote him. WRONG………Im sure that Canada voted the bros and Nicki because they wanted them to do something for themselves.But usually the vote goes to who Canada likes best and he for sure thought it was goong to be him. Also I actually dont know why they are all threaten by him to be honest. What has he done in the game besides walk around acting all cool .He hasnt campaign even when himself is on the block.He has to be pushed by Kelsey to do that . I havent heard him make one stratragic move.He hasnt been a beast at comps. Yes he has won a couple but I dont think he has been dominant by no means.I just dont get why he has been conceive a treat. Yes maybe in the beginning of the game when he won HOH I can see how people may of taken notice of him but as the game went on I dont see it.

sunny dee

first sorry, simon, about your emergency. Please don’t worry about the recaps , just focus on what you need to do.

regarding Canada’s vote for HOH, and Jared’s face, it was also priceless looking at Kelsey’s frozen smile while the names were being announced. hahaha. so funny. Which reminds me now, Canada wants Nikki in the game, maybe Cass should remind Kelsey that for all her and jared and brothers whining, complaining and carrying on about how useless she is, Nikki still got top votes from Canada to be HOH for the week. That should actually rattle their cages again, really.


I don’t get why they didn’t do all that with Nikki. She brings nothing, NOTHING. She isn’t even interesting to listen to. She isn’t fun or playing the game. Everyone is talking behind peoples backs now because we are at that stage in the game. So its GAME to tell others so and so said this and that. Duh! Nikki just talks about people for the sake of it. Decides who shes mad at that day because the sun was shining a different way.
At least Jared is some eye candy. Nikki is like spoilt fruit.


He’s looks and no substance. Turned me off at his behavior towards Kelsey. I would ditch her from the game too. Just sayin…


My guess is pretty fly for a white guy. It’s the only reason. He’s young, athletic and attractive. That being said. I find him as boring as Beige as well. He’s like a child. If you cross him once, or even think about it, he’ll shun you. He and Kelsey are a domestic abuse situation waiting to happen. If only he was present while she was stroking Nick’s head out by the Hot Tub, a boot probably would’ve been thrown. It’s simply fear. It’s the only reason he wasn’t taken out earlier. Sure, he’s a physical threat, but socially he does little socializing!

BB Canada Circus

Jared looks like a female bodybuilder


jared smokes weird…smoking is supposed look cool…not like a blowfish


cant stand joel and Cassandra, tim is manipulative, and charismatic, which I suppose is a strategy… im not sure why nikki cares if she is voted out since she said she was going to self evict more than once… ” i’m going to self combust!!”.. idiot. she didn’t even pack her own bag.. her agent did!.. so um.. no doesn’t have my vote… Cassandra in one breath the brothers don’t talk to me.. phil walks by and says hi Cassandra and she blanks him… really?… Kelsey you do nothing for me.. so brothers you better find a way to save your hides because you are the only ones I could feel happy for to get the win.


The brothers played the weakest game this year. They sat on the fence, didn’t pick a side, and tried to ride the middle all the way through. All game it was about aligning with Jared, Jared tried so hard to get Raul to backdoor them and did the same thing over and over. Kelsey had to force Jared to speak with them last week when they were HOH. I watched the video last night when she was saying to Jared how ridiculous it was talking to brothers because they were stating they were with Jared since the beginning and if it wasn’t for her their would be on friendship. See that’s the difference between Jared (second worst player) and Cass and Tim they developed relationship through out the whole game. The biggest strength in BB is relationships. I don’t like the name calling of the players ….. I think it’s something that happens every year as we will never know what it’s like being stuck in a house for 3 months with strangers. I don’t hold anything against anyone. I love Cass and Tim’s game. She had no choice but to put up Jared she knew she would never beat him, he wouldn’t pick her for the F2, he would be stronger in comps. I love how she stands up to him unlike someone like Maddy who hid in the HOH room. Joel also played a good social game, he wasn’t afraid to put up Kelsey when he was HOH. This season has been good, it’s the one season where they realign there position each week. The middle played an awesome game!! Not one deserves to win more than another.


Kelsey looks so relaxed with her sunnies on after dropping another giant stinker this morning. She was sitting in the fetal position on Nick’s lap all morning to help her get it out.

Also Jared is an absolutely tool. His “I don’t like people in Winnipeg” as a jab at Cassandra? He really thinks Joel is voting for him… I can’t wait for Thursday.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Tim is arguably the best BB player ever, and here he proves that he is a wonderful gentleman too. WTG Tim!


Ariana Grande stinks!

Oh, for that last video “Cass being Cassandra”, CASS IS THE QUEEN!
The Imbecile Bros should be annihilated (:shudder:), and Jared is simply pits. Kelsey is a sticky form of scum (:double shudder:)


I can’t wait until Jar/bros/kels LEAVE!!!! It’s like they’re in high school playing some kind of popularity game instead of the BIG BROTHER GAME. Bros walking around like brats disappointed at Cass because she made a “laughable” move, Kels all of a sudden mad at Cass cuz she put her showmance up, and Jared is mad at her because they’re both from Winnipeg and I guess she’s not supposed to do that for that reason, they’re from the same city and she’ll look bad? HAH!
Get a grip you four! I don’t think they get what they’re playing for lol. The bros or Kelsey (I forgot which one) have said “Cass doesn’t care, she’s playing for final 2″…. uhhh duhhh. Isn’t that what all of you are playing for, to get to the final 2???
I really wish I can see their faces after this is all over. They can finally see how naive, bratty, and dumb founded they were!

They might even be the 3 (excluding Nick, I think he’d be great w/o Phil) dumbest players EVER on all BBCAN seasons….. for now.

For those of you that are team jar/bros/kels, please stop contradicting their behavior. Yes, Cass, Joel, Tim, and Nikki can be a bit annoying and frustrating at times, but, hey, at least they’re playing the game.


I don’t think Jared knew how to play the game before and he didn’t understand that you have to sometimes kiss some behind to get further. It sucks but it has to be done. People who say Kelsey isn’t playing or has done nothing…I don’t know what your seeing. She has been a little bee since she has come back. She has told Jared (I think this is why she gets annoyed with him so quick) how to play and forced him to go talk to and say things he wasn’t willing to say and do before. (Thanks Lovita for helping her and showing her how to play!) I think Kelsey has done a great job of trying to convince someone who is a hard ass to go and be social when he doesn’t want to. That’s awesome and tough to do. These two are not avid watchers of BB like most of them in the house who have seen all of the BBC’s including BBUSA and other BB’s.

Tim is just mad that he thought the brothers were more sheepish then they are and he cant control them like he thought he could. They are not doing what he wants and he doesn’t like it. They want to work with who they want and that’s ok. He feels betrayed….you do, do you. Welcome to the game Tim. You didn’t think you would get to keep that creepy smile on your face the whole time did you, smug looking bugger.


YIKES. some dudes look good with hair and with a shaved head. The bros from Ottawa DO NOT!!! lol Hope it grows back soon. 😛


If Jared does not leave this game….they all deserve to lose. Wake up and get him off our TV screens (feeds).


Just read that Cass and Kelsey got into it. What is wrong with Kelsey is aguring that Cass lied when she said, Jared called her pathic. Well, if you watch the live feeds I believe he say that. I commented on this the other night when Jared came and sat beside her in the kitchen and Cass began to sing ” I am pathic” ….. lol. Was so impressed she didn’t let him intemidate her!!! Go Cass. Kelsey, is playing the wife with the excuses for her husband. Didn’t the brothers say this to her. If I were Kelsey, I’d be happy Jared was going it will make her chances way better!!!!


I would watch something funny I think like Ace Ventura 2 ect. Silence of the Lambs is a good movie but….Not really a mood changer haha.I would want to smile at least.
Hannibal Rising was an excellent movie.

Silence of the Ham Hock

I bet when Joel heard he missed the convo about the movie and a chance to tell everyone how the movie won this Oscar and the people who were nominated and to inform them that parts of the movie were based on a real serial killer and so on and so forth. Man he must have been so bummed.


jared beothers
double would be the best double ever


Please get rid of Nikki she is as annoying as Amber bb8 crying at
everything. Boo hoo hoo!!!!


That is awesome that you mentioned cry baby Amber. OH MAN did Evel Dick have fun with her. I almost had to mute it sometimes when she was on. Now that was a prick lols. (E.D)


please god eliminate jared this week. he is so annoying and not a nice person.


i hope everything is ok on your guys end !!!


Everything will be OK. Thanks for the concern Jimmy.


I hope your emergency gets worked out. I appreciate your time and energy with this site … but if you need a couple days off – I doubt anyone would complain. You have a private life – don’t stress about getting us our updated vids/report. Seriously! Take care.


The reason Jared threw that Pov is because he wanted Cassandra to back door Tim. His ego would not allow him to believe that he couldn’t make Cassandra do it. It backfired on him. This is a guy who mentioned he does not need help from God because he has the brains and is equipped to do everything for himself. His biggest downfall is his grandiose attitude. Cassandra popped his bubble and saw through him.


I hope Kelsey or brothers win hoh , then we see how quickly that lazy b….h Cass change her tune and starts ass kissing them ! Tim and Cass or Nikki and Cass on the block would be some interesting tv !


Why is Joel left out of this comment? He is in the Freak Show alliance…plus even is that does happen the alliance has it worked out that Nikki goes home. Bros can’t play for the veto which pretty much guarantees one of the 3 the veto. Then they have the numbers to send Nikki home. They outsmart the Bros & Kelsey at every turn. They are 3 steps ahead always! Go Timmy!!


except K/brothers would not put nikki on the block they would put cass & Tim so sorry that they think they have all the contol and could send nikki home but nope.


Everyone knows Cass & Tim go up if they don’t win HOH. Precisely why I said bros can’t play in veto, so basically one of the 3 will win it…Cass has been working hard at making everyone believe it’s just her & Tim that way they don’t put up Joel as a replacement..they put up Nikki. Then they send Nikki home instead of Tim or Cass…like I said..3 steps ahead. Kelsey & the Bros are so blind right now all they can think about it loosing Jared.


Joel is easy to leave out , he’s kind of a forgettable character! If the brothers or Kelsey win hoh they can put any of the freak show alliance up and sit back and watch them eat each other alive which in my opinion would be entertaining tv !


love to see instant evixction after 1st


Instant evictions suck & they are totally unfair. I don’t even care if it’s a player I don’t like..still unfair. They should always be able to fight to stay unless they give up their right by form of punishment.


you know, it really is hilarious. phil had a crush on nikki but she only wanted to be friends but that wasnt good enough for him. instead of being mature about it he’s pouting like a 2 year old. honestly why the hell would nikki like someone like him? or anyone for that matter


why what happened between them?


After Jared is gone and IF the bros don’t win HOH, Cass, Tim, Joel said they will tell them about their alliance for the past 3 weeks. I cant wait to see Kelsey face then LOL


just hiope after 1st eviction is an instant eviction no hoh-pov let see what they draw the lines we all know that kelsey or pax bros who be up!

Sofa Damnit

Reading it is one thing but actually watching Nikki and the lack of respect she has for this game is gross.

“We were invited here” . Yes you were to play a game not for vacation and to be waited on hand and foot whilst doing less then nothing.


The brothers ruined their game when they tried to keep Jared off the block this week. If they had suggested Jared right off the bat to Cassandra, she might have put him and Kelsey up instead of bros and Nikki. They have thrown Joel under the bus to Cassandra (doh!), and then threaten him to get him to vote Nikki out. All they accomplished was to draw a line in the sand, they declared their allegiance to Jared and exposed themselves as untrustworthy to the rest of the house, including the HOH. Now the only way they won’t go home in DE is by winning HOH or POV. And if they do, they will be gone the next week. What they should have done was put heat on Kelsey. They have wanted a bromance with Jared (especially Phil, who from the start of the game declared himself the “brains” of the operation and relegated Nick to gopher) and that is never going to happen as long as Kelsey is there. That would have been their best and really only move, to try and convince Cass to put up Kelsey. I don’t think she would have done it, but it would have helped them for next week, because they might still be able to hide their wannabe alliance with Jared. I like Cassandra for the win, she has been playing smart, she survived the petty girl sniping that sadly took Shari out. I would have liked to see Shari play without Lovita in the house.

Jared is a tool. He won the POV a few weeks ago because Raul threw it to him. Then Raul tells them after POV that he has to turn on them to try and save himself, because obviously Jared was voting to keep Kelsey, and Jared has a fit on him. What was Raul supposed to do? Lie down and die for Kelsey? I still don’t understand why Raul threw the POV. It sent him home when it should have been Jared or Kelsey that week. You can tell that Jared has precious snowflake syndrome, he believes that he is special and deserves to have everyone and everything go the way he wants, and if it doesn’t he has a tantrum. I have disliked him from day one and I am glad he will be gone tomorrow.


TBH i dont think that ruined the brothers game. They were always a target and had jared gone up and then saved himself they would have gone up in his place. Everyone is saying how they messed up by not throwing him UTB and while I do agree they could have faked it better Jared leaving is not in their best interest this week. His target is Tim also before the brothers, plus he is a number on their side compare to the nikki/cass/joel/tim side. Honestly Cass had talked about getting the brothers out long before and I think no matter what they could have said or done they would have been the next to go during a joel or tim HOH. I think what ruined the brothers game was not making a solid alliance with Cass or someone earlier on that they knew would have protected them no matter what but now they don’t stand a chance against the freakshow alliance who would never turn against each other.


When the brothers were getting their hair cuts, was Nikki having a stroke? Bloody wanker.


I think we all can agree the brothers are royally screwed for the double tomorrow especially considering they can’t play in veto, if neither them or Kelsey wins the HOH. I think if K or brothers were to win than Tim is probably in the most danger. I feel like Tim could take this HOH tomorrow though.


If Jared stays and these bozo bros don’t vote him out, J will turn on them soon enough.


Phil was having a discussion with Nikki in the kitchen how that they were never going after Tim the week before and that she will see later that they never lied. Joel was in the kitchen during this conversation and Joel knows this is a lie because they went to Joel before the eviction and tried to get him to vote out Tim. Does he not realize how bad this made him look in front of Joel.He just made his side of the house look untrustworthy.


Watching the brothers is like watching Mr. Magoo. They are so blind to what is going on around them, but they keep bumbling through and they’re still there, by some miracle. The only way they can make the end is to win HOH or POV from now until the end. Otherwise they are gone in DE or next week. I hope they don’t win.

I wish Cassandra would just tell the bros in front of everyone that Jared and Kelsey drove buses over them before nominations. Everyone already knows it except the brothers.


like ya did for brit and sarah!!!!!!


Anyone else think it was kinda a joke that Cass was walking around all pissed at J&K for not trying in the veto when she is the only one who got the closest thing to a “prize” for -10 points!?


That’s not the point Cass was talking about. It’s about the principle of the situation.


I get that but it wouldn’t have annoyed me if she had said I didn’t fight that hard for the veto as I have alliance members that could win in and I’m safe as HOH which i agree with but the fact that she said I’m one of the only ones that tried in the veto when I don’t see how she tried any harder than jared is like hypocritical


yah…a bouncer told me i should be a UFC fighter…said jared to no one interested.
go smoke a cig jared…(insert ‘blowfish smoking a cig’ emoji)


so much talk this season about whos poop stinks…does bbcan not spring for air freshener or a good bathroom vent?…so far Kelsey, Joel & Phil seem to be the stinkiest bbcan houseguests


Jared…stop smoking, it stunts ur growth…and u already have short man syndrome. That’s why ur so jealous.
Kelsey…stop smoking, it’s not good for ur thyroid. That’s why ur eyes are popping out of head.
Just thinking of ur health.


So any ideas on who will win the double eviction HOH and who will be the second person going home? I am thinking that it will be Jared going home, Brothers winning HOH, Tim and Nikki on the block and Tim (unless he wins VETO) going home. If he does win VETO then I think Cass will be casualty number 2 tonight. I have been wrong before but that is what I am thinking!