Big Brother Canada 4 April 27 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Brothers Next POV April 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Current Nominations: Jared and Nikki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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UPDATED Feed Drama from the afternoon

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Whispered Truths

So, did anyone catch Jared whispering to Tim that he knew Cassandra before they entered the house? Tim said he knew Jared said something he wasn’t supposed to say but Cassandra wouldn’t tell him. While Kelsey was running her mouth to Nikki, Jared whispered that he knew her.


I love BB Canada and everyone is crapping on Tim and Nikki, however, WE VOTED THEM IN, they are planning as hard as everyone else, well Tim is LOL. Tim is a awesome player, and if he gets to the end he deserves to win, Nikki brings comedy to the show and Tim is eye candy, and he is not a baby like all the rest, Jarad and Kelsey make me wanna puke. I think Cass, Joel, Tim and Nikki should be the final 4 and fight it out from there. Both Jarrad and Kelsey had a chance for the POV and both blew it


From the feeds and twitter: Cass was asked out by Jared. They may or may not have hooked up at one point. She wasn’t interested and sort of seeing/dating someone else. Jared was really persistent and Cass had to (in her words) “hardcore reject him” This all happened 4-5 years ago. That’s their history out of the house and why the feeds cut when they talk about their “connection”

Whispered Truths

This a transcript of live feeds from GetRealLOL:

12:02 AM BBT Tim told Cassandra that Jared said he knows her. Tim asks, “Did he (Jared) have a crush on you or something on the outside?” Cassandra says she rejected Jared HARD 5 years ago. BB cuts the feed to that conversation at this point.
12:04 AM BBT Only feed on is Phil and Nick lying in bed in the pink room.

Sister Monica Joan

Wow, if Jared is 24 and Cass is 22, that means they were 19 and 17 five years ago when this supposed “HARD” rejection took place. Maybe at college?

In my opinion

After watching the live feeds, Tim defending Cassandra, I am over him and would like to see Nikki evicted next and Tim in the double. They have no right playing against the BBC house guests, arrogance and self righteous has no place in being a Canadian. Take pride why give it to a wild card. Might as well not call it BIG BROTHER CANADA but international bb. So over Nikki and her spoiled ways and Tim’s righteous ways. Just saying ………


That’s the beauty of BB, as fans we all have our favorites or preferences. Even as an audience I find it
interesting we can even defend when our favs do something we might not be as accepting in others (I know I”m probably guilty of that lol).

To that end, I found Jared telling Nikki she had no right to be there and he “DESERVED” to stay b/c of how hard he fought condescending.

A ton went down today and I was impressed Tim/Cass continued to protect Joel during the confrontations. As when the Bros/Jared/Kelsey were attacking Cass saying they never lied and always had her back all she had to say is “that is total BS because….(insert all she knows from Joel). Cass and Tim made sure not to reveal Joel’s true alliance to the Freak Show which resulted in the Bros believing Joel 1) will vote to keep Jared 2) Joel would never put them up 3) Joel would not vote them out over Jared or Kelsey – ROFLMAO

Kudo’s to Cass as well for not revealing Kelsey & Jared sold the Bros out for weeks and Jared specifically hated them (called them stupid repeatedly, etc). Or that the Bros early on were on board to take out Jared (well Phil leaned that way always with the hope Jared would be his friend). That was smart of Cass b/c should she reach a F2 chair & they attack her she can call them all out as being guilty of doing the same things

Early in the game Phil saw Nikki as someone he wanted to get close to and mentioned how “popular” she was and many commented he was looking to gain popularity post show. It’s funny when the Bros told her they wanted a Cdn to win (which is fine) Phil was shocked when she said she would never vote for them. He had a bit of a conniption fit over it.

While everyone continually rants about Nikki not playing the game, I see her as planting seeds when/where necessary. Kelsey hasn’t won anything either remember, so how is her constantly being willing to throw away her game for Jared any worse than Nikki’s way of playing?

Anyway, it’s Nikki’s birthday tomorrow and based on some of the things said today to her face like Jared’s
comments above (and not sure if it was the Bros or Jared who told her it’s not like you’ll win HOH) I personally would truly enjoy if Nikki won Dbl Evict HOH. Imagine after all the rants made today by the Bros about her
being worthless if she was the hand that sent them to jury. Sorry just too funny


on the tim jare niki and kelsey vid @ 17:50
tim says to nikki “it’ll be another rigged hoh for kelsey or the brothers to win” he then goes on to saying that “there’s a rule that allows for bb to rig the comps its in the rules bb reserves the right to change the rules” then bb blocks the feed – check out the vid, it’s the tim jare niki and kelsy vid time stamp 17:50
so now that i know (really know) i can quit watching this nonsense

of course now that the feed has been seen bb probably won’t set-up the hoh for the bros or kels to win but we now know for sure the show is rigged as confirmed by mr bb tim dormer.


House guests always complain about rigging. I wouldn’t take the word of an egomanic like Tim.


In truth that is a common practice in reality shows. For example American Idol had a disclaimer that said
something along the lines of Producers reserve the right to adjust participants for the betterment of the show. This was prior to them inserting the “save”.

With America’s Next Top Model it’s common for them to keep a model (who may not be the eventual winner, but who causes drama) or with & Project Runway a less talented designer if they have a big personality. I was
about to say only the Amazing Race & Survivor don’t do that, but then I remembered it can be a non
elimination week on TAR & Survivor can put a comp that would favor a certain contestant in place for the
immunity challenge

That said, I’ve also been told by a friend who works in Entertainment for the most part the weeks are all laid out in terms of what comps or twists happen where or when.

Mitch was extremely well liked, (fan favorite/production favorite) so it didn’t benefit the show he left when he did, but it came on the heels of a twist (Kelsey returning). If it hadn’t you can bet something might have
happened to help save him. Also, the audience often learns of upcoming twists prior to nominations. We knew the double was coming prior to the HOH being determined this week for example, so it could just as easily have been J/K as HOH and Tim & Cass being on the block this week.

Suffice to say, I’m sure there is some manipulation to help build the story line, but there also are moments
nothing can be done. It’s a reality show, listed with the Television governing bodies as a “game show” but
ultimately it’s entertainment, so production will do whatever they can to enhance the overall product to
capitalize on viewership & hence product endorsement.

another name

About the Mitch eviction: create a martyr. Did the same thing season 3 with Naeha, Kevin/Willow, Bruno. It’s part of the enhance the season drama of bbcan, love or hate.
About Tim’s rulebook comment: never recognizes any of his own fault or blame in a situation. In case his master plan doesn’t work according to what he wants he has to have someone else to blame. If the final four isn’t T/C/Nkk/Jo he’ll be saying it’s due to production because his plan was perfect.


I bet he just said that so now J/K can’t win or it will seem production interference


additionally in the same tim jare niki and kelsey vid … tim goes on to talking about how cass and jared know each other – so that too has been confirmed by the bb king

Team Cass

hope all is ok Simon

thanks for your efforts

if you are able to post any vids of the confrontations in the afternoon that they were mentioning it would be appreciated but if not then no worries


Yeah… it would be great to see this argument? …

Team Cass

thanks for the feed drama update you included at the top of the page 3 hour 38 minute video


You’re welcome


I don’t think they understand what people mean by “deserving” . When I say it I don’t mean because she sucks at comps and everything else. My problem with this spoiled brat is that she doesn’t even try…she just pisses and moans and complains. She doesn’t even try is what sticks in my chops. So no Nikki, I think your attitude sucks and you don’t deserve to be there.
The brothers might be bafoons but at least they are some what entertaining and you can tell (just like Joel) that they are enjoying being there.
What a smack in the head to be the one leaving beside Nikki. Jeez


I completely agree! I am honestly baffled by her following. I suppose she can be entertaining, I love negative wit myself.. But it’s her work ethic; she boasts her entitled and spoiled personality, like some brand.
Granted, I only come to the site, and watch TV, so this season there is a lot less coverage. I cant imagine her trying, or giving a crap about anything though. How can anyone appreciate this attitude is beyond me?!
I blame the demographic that likes this nonsense; they are the reason casting exclusively hires 20 somethings to act like its spring break. I would love BB to be more of a gameshow than a soap opera, but I just cant see that happening any time soon.


I don’t care whose in the game I want Canadians to win. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just you don’t go and tell the internationals that haha. Oh boy. *Shakes head*


There is a former Big Brother winner in the house….STILL, and no one thinks this is a problem. I think when Tim was on the block they might have lost their chance to get him out. IDK

Look at Tim just taking it all in…


We already knew that people know each other outside the house. How is this news now? Also Tim didn’t say “rigged” nice improve there, he said they reserve the right to change what ever they want when ever. We already knew this with the first twistos twist. I hated it but this is how it works. Just like coup d’ etat and golden veto ect ect. These are things they throw in to change things up when they get really predictable. They have to throw in comps that others might be able to succeed in. Whether it be spelling, roller skating, remembering things, catching a baseball or holding a rope for 10 hrs. They do it to switch it up. I don’t always agree with it, esp when the person I like is leaving haha but its what keeps it interesting.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Douchebags Bros are THE WORST! Kelsey is just genuinely a bad person. She doesn’t even realize…
Love Tim and NIKKI but yes, GO CASSANDRA & GO JOEL!


For all the people putting Tim down you haven’t watched his season on BBAUS 2013. Tim is one of the Best players Ever !! He is up their with Dr Will, Dan, EvilDick, for his season even though its different than BBUS and BBCAN. The people vote in BBAUS but he won over Austraila cause of his antics and personality that’s so diff than most players. A very smart man.


Ironic statement of the year:

Phil to Kelsey: “Joel’s not the smartest guy, like he’s not smart” “Joel is so easily manipulated”
This was after Kelsey explained she told Joel she would take him to F2. Followed by both Phil/Kelsey I would never take Joel…. LOL

Kelsey who was voted back in the house then makes the 2nd most ironic line: “Cass is only here because of luck” (Phil commenting on Cass luck and it’s a joke … um how did you win HOH Phil?)

Just saying


I hope Jared gets the boot. Big whiny egomaniac. So vain, he wouldn’t cut his hair for a shot
at 100 grand.Get some otrivin too !!!!! See ya stooge !!!

Fatty McGee

All TV shows are rigged. What do you think that they make them to depict reality? They make them to sell Twistos and couches from the Brick, otherwise they wouldn’t exist.


Let me preface this by saying I still want Jared to leave tomorrow.

That said, the final video with Jared & Joel was awesome (I recommend anyone who isn’t a Jared fan watch it) as it demonstrates why so many house guests liked Jared. It’s one of the few times (this week at least) I’ve seen a genuine conversation between the two, where Jared wasn’t coming across as insincere or trying to sway Joel.

It’s also difficult to determine whether Jared thinks he has Joel’s vote or if he has come to terms with the fact he is leaving. His comments made either a possibility, though I’d lean to the latter.


I just love how Phil tells Joel that the bros have his back and not 10 seconds later telling him he stinks, lol.
I think he knows he stinks, he’s not allowed to shower for a week. Good way to try and get his vote, insult him.
Tim pegged him right. He’s an idiot.


The monster comes out in Kelsey when she doesn’t get what she wants! Also find her very hypocritical, saying that Nikki might have a drinking problem when Kelsey seems like the one with the drinking problem. Saying that she can’t play the game like everyone else because she is real (most backstabbing person this week was her and Jared.) Trying to justify what they did to Joel was they were just telling him the truth. They didn’t care that they hurt him as long that they got what they wanted. Lying is justified for them but not others!


It is dismaying to have watched the show and see how much fun Joel was having at the puppy/room party and knowing how he was later bombarded with info from J/K/P regarding what has been said about him. These people are tactless and socially unaware.


Cass decided to watch Silence of the Lambs and was joking about eating people. (we all know Cass’ humor now, so not a surprise, right).

So Kelsey used that to say there is something wrong with her wanting to eat people (repeated several times by Kelsey today in her Cass’ rants).

I bring this up simply b/c Kelsey has always maintained Love & Maddy were the mean girls and she was the sweet girl being nice.

Doesn’t anyone in the house see the common denominator as Kelsey?

Sister Monica Joan

No. I see a bunch of jealous girls.


Can’t wait for the brothers to get home so they can see how stupid they were,they would have been gone by Kelsey or Jared a while ago if they had that oppurtunity to get rid of them.That Jared is one a—–e.I agree with Nikki that Nick would have had a fighting chance if his controlling bro wasn’t there.IT’s productions fault that Nikki and Tim are there,they didn’t apply for it so if anyone is to blame it’s not those two.Don’t care who wins as long as it’s not the bros,Kelsey or Jared.


Kelsey and Phil are such arrogant assholes. I really, really, can’t stand how arrogant they’ve become. They’re so full of themselves and really believe they’re better than everyone else. Saying that they’re the best players in the game and saying they’d be embarrassed if Tim or Cassandra win – what game moves have Phil or Kelsey made? 0. Cassandra is about to get the biggest player out of the game, and Tim made it to the end with a target on his back the whole game.

They go on about how Nikki makes fun of Joel and then they go on and make fun of Joel. “He knows how shit he is at comps”…. uh, Kelsey, what have you won? The only HOH the brothers got was through chance.


Nikki is a waste of a person being in the house she did not try to win pov so Tim it is always great to put down someone when you did not play for the pov ….. Do not blame Jared for not cutting his hair I wonder if Tim would of likely not….. Cassandra only bought the talk with Sarah. …. Nikki not a darn thing only thing she did was yawn…. At least Jared sat with the eels …. The boys needed to do whatever to get the pov to save themselves …. Kelsey choice just like good old Nikki to not take anything. Right now I vote for the brothers to win. Tim already won once time for him to go.


Hmmm. I will not speak to the Nikki slur, but I will address Jared and Kelsey’s play in the POV.
On several occasions Cassandra told Kelsey that if the brothers won the POV that she would have no choice but to put Jared up. Cassandra also told Jared that she was considering putting him up with the brothers for initial moms to ensure he played and won POV and he begged her not to. She also informed Jared that her options were limited in replacement noms should the brothers win, basically it was down to him and Kelsey. So both Jared and Kelsey had fair warning relative to possibly being on the block. Cassandra also impressed upon these two that the internationals would not be her target this week.
So, Jared and Kelsey in their strategic wisdom decided to throw the POV to the brothers. I give Kelsey a little room on this choice as she has limited knowledge on the game and has no game sense at all. Jared however should have put his all into that comp, particularly if he knows he is a game threat. What he and Kelsey fail to realize is that winning was not just for Cassandra and getting her targets out, it was to protect themselves from being tenors.
Joel realized that he needed to ensure his safety and try to win.

And, there were only two eels in the tub. Hardly creepy at all.


I guess Tim calls Jared the king then I guess that makes Tim,Nikki,Cassandra and Joel the court jesters.


Why is everyone still complaining about the HOUSE not wanting either Tim or Nikki winning BB?! I couldn’t care less if they won. Personally if Tim made it to the end then he deserves a chance to win the money like anyone else. These house guests are a bunch of idiots for letting Tim and Nikki go for as long as they did in the house with out one week on the block if they didn’t want a Canadian to win. They should have thought about this long before now and they wouldn’t be in this predicament now.


As an English person living in America, I watch both american and canadian version because I like the strategies and the competitions. The english version never had this sort of game play it was more about who the general public liked and wanted to win.
Therefore as I watch this show I am not routing for anyone except the greatest game player and when I hear that people think a canadian should win, I think its personally a little rude. British TV shows like big brother, X factor, Britains got talent, have always prided ourselves on accepting anyone from around the world. You will never hear its britains got talent therefore a British person should win, thats just not the right way to look at a reality show. We’ve had numerous international winners because they were the best at what they do.

Anyway in regards to this season of BBC, I have enjoyed this season, and I am routing for Tim and Cassandra because they have played the BEST game. The only other person I could see winning the game is Kelsey. Unless someone takes nikki to the end then anyone can beat her. I enjoyed Nikki in the english version and I’ve enjoyed her on the Canadian version, she provides hilarious one liners and she’s very opinionated and its funny too watch. I know people are disappointed that she isn’t playing the game that much, BUT she doesn’t need too! Many Canadian and American players have played the strategy of not winning anything so they don’t look like a threat, Godfrey got to the final 2 with that strategy! And if Nikki keeps playing it like that, she can make it to the final 2 and she just might get there with Tim and it would be deserving of both of them. Tim’s strategic play is commendable and Nikkis perfect final 2 material.

So don’t be disappointed if an international wins this game because its all about best game play not whose the best canadian.


Well, you may have also noticed these arguments come from the HG’s in trouble. And you may have also noticed that these same HG’s use this argument while simultaneously considering how to keep at least one of them in the game. Mostly they are butt hurt that they anticipated themselves being annointed by the internationals in the game and have come to realize they haven’t been.
I have no disdain for the internationals winning should they make it to the end. And am thankful that they have been in the game as long as they have since they have provided more entertainment than the majority of the Canadian HG’s.


I love how Joel is smoothing over the back stab against Jared by bringing up the articles written by former house guests and how to not take things personally. Joel is a straight up cold blooded killer in this game.


I HATE JARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Strong words,….but i think i mean them.
little boy


Thank you Simon and Dawg so very much for uploading these vids!!! Particularly the 3hr fight fest. Great viewing! Even more special that this was done while you much more serious issues to deal with. I hope your private matters are not serious and wish U well!!


Thank you. I’m glad you liked the extra video. The emergency is something that will take time to get through .. its not easy but keeping busy is keeping my mind off things. Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it.