Big Brother Canada 4 April 26 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Brothers Next POV April 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Current Nominations: Jared and Nikki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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I feel that Kelsey was always close to Phil and flirted with him esp behind Jared’s back. She would come up from behind and hug Phil in the bathroom. Nothing wrong with that but it was never done in front of Jared I don’t think. Nick not so much though. He was more of a “brother” to her.


I forgot the brothers had to share that suit. LOLS We see you behind the blades of grass Nick!

BB ever

Tim unstop talking drive me crazy! every time he talks, I put on Mute


Watching dumb and dumber and
Kelsey is like watching 12 year olds at recess. BBC has to find smarter, more
mature people for next year. Kelsey looks like someone rubbed shit under her nose. Always had that disgusting look on her face. Poor guy that’s gonna end up with that headache. At least Casandra and Tim sound like adults when they talk. Like Cassandra more and more every day! Hope she wins


Kelsey “Stinky Shit” Faith is hilarious moving between the brothers to Jared. She’s done about as much as Nikki in this game aside from cock-tease, but at least Nikki has been entertaining in her own ridiculous way.


Please hurry up and get these bros out already!!!! They are literally delusional lmao! I Have no idea what goes on in their minds (esp. Phil’s) to make them think they’re playing this game so very flawlessly bahahah! Cant stand bros/kel/jar when they talk game, its like they don’t understand the whole concept of Big Brother, theyre actually frustrating to watch. Obviously they don’t watch the show much, where as Joel, Cass, and Tim know what theyre doing and they also understand the logic of putting Jared on the block and sending his ass to jury!

It's Happening

Joel may take this guis. If he’s along until the end here he’ll have it, especially if its against a non-canadian. That could be productions plan too, I bet Tim and Nikki both are paid more than that for this, they might not even be allowed to win secretly.


Ha – Jared “campaigning” to Tim. He gave him no reasons to keep him, basically telling Tim that he should help him win. Tim asks if he decides to keep Jared, how does he know that Jared and Brothers won’t come after him and Cass. So Jared goes on a rant about Cass and how she needs to make amends and grovel at his feet. So he’s basically telling Tim that he WILL come after them if they keep him. Let that pride fall down, Jared. Not the way to get votes. Bye bye.


Cant wait to see Jared’s smug face when he sees Joel didn’t vote for him and Cass kicks him Out !! EPIC !!


Joel plans on telling Jared 10 minutes before they go to air so Jared is’t blindsided. Now if only they had the feeds on at that point. HA… I can just imagine Jared/Kelsey’s face as they finally realize they’ve been trashing Cass all week only to have to grovel to her 10 mins before air for her tie break vote.

This is BB karma at it’s best.


Kelsey is going to be shocked. She’ll have to run to the bathroom and drop a huge stinker.


Can’t stand Jared! Looking forward to seeing his ass as grass ????


I would rather be put up by someone who I haven’t been working with instead of someone who I was working with. Why doesn’t anyone get that. Only when its final 5/4 do you cut each others throats.
Cass is just sore and she will not win this game. Not sure why she thinks she will. Might as well have Maddy there.


She has been working with everyone left in the house, and her targets won the Veto…….


Why is it okay for Cass to do “a little acting” with people when she needed to but when anyone else does it they are phoney? Dumb questions of “oh what, they are best friends now?” Are you stupid. He needs to talk to people to try to get votes.
Everyone wants people to campaign so what is the problem. Is it not allowed when its certain people. Doesn’t Cass understand that these same people saved her fat ass early on in the game. I wonder how much Cass would have been willing to do in that challenge. Slop for the rest of the game, eel bath, head shave, not sure what else was there.

I actually thought it would have been, Tim Jared Cass Kelsey as final 4 with Joel hanging on. Cant wait to see how all this plays out.


I agree I wouldn’t want to go out beside Nikki either. Joel maybe, even the brothers but Nikki God no! It is a slap in the face.
The issue Cass is that you are taking Kelsey’s “Tim” out of the game. You don’t see what shes saying there. This is why shes upset. Who wouldn’t. Its like people make these moves that are the best for them, thinking people are not going to be mad. Well ya people are going to be mad regardless if its a good move. How could you not feel something.


Are Tim and Joel the spokes people for Nikki? ” Tim: I think Nikki wants to come in and go to bed”…Joel: “ya shes in the DR blah blah”….WTF she cant even come in and say she wants to go to bed. She just sits around all friggin day long looking like a smacked arse! I am so sick of her and totally want to see her leave. He can go next week. I don’t think I can do another week of her whining blubbering sobbing and walking around with that long face.

Axel Foley

I don’t think Cass is taking into consideration that she cant beat Joel or Tim…

Chucky's Back

This is the exact time when Kelsey should win HOH. That would be sweet to see who would do what and the scrambling that would occur.


Here’s the thing. The Freak Show are being strategic and PLAYING the game.Since the Bros can’t win POV there only true safety comes if Kelsey or they wins HOH.

Based on how they are talking & how they’ve acted this week (i.e. they’ve done NOTHING to hide the fact they are in an alliance with J/K) as soon as they learn it’s a Double Eviction they’ll gun immediately for Tim/Cass. This AGAIN plays into the Freak Shows safety b/c the odds of Kelsey beating Tim & Joel in a physical POV is slim to none. So the worst that happens is Nikki leaves.

And even that’s not guaranteed b/c if Cass or Tim win POV they remove themselves with Nikki going up and if it’s Joel he’ll take Cass down. Then one of 2 things would happen:

1) she puts up Nikki who leaves
2) Tim/Cass/Joel go to Kelsey and say if you don’t put up the Bros (and she won’t be able to play the next HOH) we’ll target you ahead of them

Ideally they want to get to F4 by taking out the Bros first then Kelsey. The odds do favor Tim or Joel winning b/c the comp is likely to be a knock out question comp maybe the music one b/c they haven’t had that this year yet. Or maybe one where you look at a picture and then vote true or false. If it’s a knockout comp expect the 3 to make the Bros go against Kelsey and then they have the 3 of them to fight to take her out.

The POV is likely to be physical AGAIN favoring one of Joel/Tim winning.

Hey if Jared & Kelsey would come clean about their lies maybe a bunch of the BB fans on here would have some empathy for the situation, but the fact they refuse to admit they wanted Tim gone, have wanted Cass gone for weeks and were bad mouthing Joel/Bros is frustrating.

Jared’s holier than thou – I’ve worked so hard to be here speech makes me gag. How? When? Did I miss entire segments of the show?

He laughed about blatantly not bothering to try to win POV and told of shaking his chips while not betting b/c he EXPECTS people to hand him the money. Just like with Raul helping him win POV only to say Raul was dead to him when he was honest saying he had to start playing for himself. Kelsey told people she was holding on to her chips to win a trip and then tells Cass how hard she tried.

Jared is a narcissist who deserves his fate. Kelsey thinks she’s a great game player but in reality she is just flirting with boys to ensure she wins $20k and the Bros who had potential are so enamored with Jared (and
apparently themselves) they threw away their chance at winning just to be part of what they consider the “in” crowd.

Best thing for the Dbl Evict IMO would be Joel/Tim/Nikki being the last one’s standing & they let Nikki win who then takes out the Bros.

After that I’m interested to see if Joel/Cass will remain true to Tim or if they would sense it was the right time to take out Tim then Kelsey and go to F3 with Nikki.

BB rarely ever plays out how people want, but I’d sure like to see Jared leave Thursday, followed by the Bros and Kelsey right after.


I forgot it was a double eviction looming. Oh shizzle. This should be good.

That hot tub looks gross.


Omg Jared’s so annoying. Before he was on the block he never gave him the time of day but now that he needsnjoels vote he’s his new bf.


If its a “Game” that you keep going on about Tim. Why is it that Nikki gets all this special treatment. Stop f*cking whining about people saying shes a useless player. SHE IS. They mean in the game not in life so stop having a meltdown about it. If someone was playing Monopoly and you put their ass in Jail and took their money and they couldn’t get past jail. Wouldn’t you laugh about it and joke about them sucking at the game. Not at life ffs.

And you know what JOEL. If its so easy to say “how dare people say who is good at this game and who isn’t. Who is playing and who isn’t. It doesn’t matter if you win a lot of comps or not doesn’t mean your not playing the game. If you don’t make alliances and stuff doesn’t mean your not playing the game or not WORTHY of being there just as much as someone else”…..
WELL Slap my ass and call me Sally! Isnt it funny how this applies to Nikki but not Jared.

“Just because your not winning every single comp or making alliances , theres 1000 different ways to win this game. Just because your not strategizing doesn’t make you undeserving of this game.” …….
REALLY! I totally agree with that JOEL.
The more pathetic you are and don’t try, the more you are coddled.



It’s cool Jared’s sister took time to stop by the site.


Can someone please tell Joel to remove that ridiculous bandana haha

HotTub Time Machine

“Kelsey is making all my meals for me”…Maybe because she was good at making that nasty slop and thought it would be easier for you. Fucking little prick, he’s sounding just like cocky Tim and Cass. Kelsey was making all the slop meals for Cass’s fatass too and you too TIM. I guess there was no problem with that but now shes phoney? GTFO with that shite.
Even Joel said she is a nice girl which she is. Now she might be a little edgy because her second or ride or die is going home , that’s fair. Is Jared suppose to sit in a room by himself and not talk to anyone? Is he not allowed to be a little upset for a reason. Just Nikki gets to act like a spoiled little jerk I guess. Joel can freak out when he wants and get brought the nappys. Cass was cutting off the heads of poor gummy bears when her “friend” Tim was HOH, with a knife even. Raul ate some ones burger and then some fries when he was having his melt down. I mean holy jeez man.
Everyone is allowed to have their moment and their meltdowns.


The brothers and the French accent. I love it. Its funny hearing it.


So true, love when they talk in French.


And can we please refrain from calling Kelsey (or anyone) a whore or slut. She’s a young girl so try to show some decorum eh. There’s no need for that type of shit.


Why didn’t Tim just tell Jared no he doesn’t have his vote when he asked him about it. It was a perfect opportunity to tell him the truth. Why pretend he has the vote when you know damn well he doesn’t. Its not even up for discussion so why not just say…Nope. Enjoy the rest of the time in the house.

I would be confident to if the person I was working with won HOH. That’s the time you shouldn’t have to worry if your alliance is solid. I guess it wasn’t….Womp Womp


I’d assume for the same reason Jared didn’t tell Tim he was trying to flip Joel to vote Tim out last week or that he wouldn’t target him next week. Or that he’s wanted Tim and Cass out for ages.

Jared constantly says he’s played a transparent honest game, but he’s lied just as much as others. Cass NOT Jared was responsible for making sure Raul left over Kelsey. Yet Jared acts like he’s protected everyone in the house. He HATED the Bros & only decided to align with them upon learning he didn’t have everyone still vying to join his “Hand Jared $100k club”

I understand what you are saying, but you can’t have it both ways. Until Cass learned (last week) from both the Bros, Maddy & Joel that Jared was gunning for her & Tim she wouldn’t have gone after him yet.

He has no one to blame but himself IMHO


Lol wtf is with everyone?! It’s called playing him for a jury vote! You don’t just stop the dude mid sentence to say “not worth the time..don’t even try” You LISTEN! Pretend to care! Act like you give a shit even when you don’t!


I wish Cassandra would stop picking at Tim like a monkey. Its so disgusting. I cant stand seeing it.


I honestly can’t stand listening to Jared, Kelsey and the brothers any longer. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh they are such idiots!!!! Kelsey didn’t fight half as much to stay in the house as she is for Jared. It’s a friggin game to win $100,000 but it seems like J, K and the bros aren’t as concerned about that as Cass. They’ve known each other a couple months and it’s like they are ready to hand Jared the money. I can’t wait for the bros to go home and watch all the shit Jared said about them. Jared legit hated them and was so jealous of them a couple weeks ago. Now that he needs their vote he’s bestfriends with them, even acting like he’s ok with his girl cuddling under the blankets with the bros. he’s willing to let the bros hang all over Kelsey now just for a vote. The man has no morals

PS. Jared go blow you friggin nose!! Can’t stand his voice.


Can’t wait to see Jared go then Kelsey and the bros.What a stupid bunch they are,Ii like Nick I think if he were alone(without his bossy bro) he would go further still got a lot of respect for Cass’s move if baby boy goes on Thurs.


I will really love it if the brothers throw away the hoh to Joel in DE and get sent packing. That will teach them how to play BB and will forever be in their memory.


Go Cass go.


Go Joel go.


If Jared stays Thursday the BB game will explode,
if he goes which I believe will happen, no explosion unless Kelsey or Bros win Hoh and then Kelsey win veto since the Bros can not play Veto. That would be exciting. Alas i do not see it happening.

Go Nikki Go!!!
Floater for the Win!!!


double eviction tomorrow 😉


I’ve officially given up on the brothers. I was really rooting for them and looked past a lot of their stupid comments and ego… but damn. Talk about stupid and delusional….. I pray they get out in the double with Jared.


Funny how Jared went all ballistic when Kelsey kissed Nick in the Spin the Bottle game, but now that he needs their vote she can snuggle under blankets with both brothers. Pimpin out your girl for votes Jared?


that will come back on her very soon…its festering in the Jareds mind..he will be mentioning it the minute he realizes he has no hope or once he has few drinks
wait and see..leopards dont change their spots!
I personally cant wait! lol


Oh yes he sure went ballistic didn’t he. I was a little afraid when he casually took of his shirt and changed , got a towel and went to the hot tub. He was completely out of control he was.

In my opinion

BBC please do not allow the wild cards into final three. Nikki has no respect for any of the house guests and her selfish, poor me attitude is a disgrace. Nikki can not even reply a good morning when someone wishes her a good morning, no manners. She should of researched how polite Canadians are. If this is an act, she wins, but not BBC Tim’s arrogance has worn out my patience. Let the Canadian house guests be the top three, who ever it may be. Just in my opinion……..


Just wondering…..has anyone ever thought about the “wild cards” and their possible role this season?….I mean, come on, if they’re already being paid to be in the house, wouldn’t it make sense that they have a specific role?….perhaps mentoring the houseguests? 😉

In my opinion

If the wild cards are to be mentoring, Tim I can see could have worthy advice, suggestions and antagonism for the house guest. What does Nikki bring to the table? A lesson in disrespect, laziness and whining. Not the Canadian way, just saying……


Nikki is an amazing mentor. I would totally send other recruits for BB to her so they can learn all her strategic moves and the special way she cries and acts like a brat. Best mentor ever!!!!

Sarcasm is your friend.