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7:08pm Bedroom – Tiffany and Claire.
They high five! Tiffany – CLAIRE!!! We got this! We thought we were going on the block. Claire – I was just talking to Alyssa and Alyssa is in disaster recovery mode. Tiff – what do you mean? She trying to make sure she’s straight with us? Claire – yeah because DX told her that multiple people said that Alyssa was coming for them. Tiff – that is true. Claire – yeah. So she was asking Chaddha and Chaddha was saying I heard that you were going after other people .. Alyssa was now like f**k SB basically. She said that X still trusts SB. TTiff – he is a very loyal person. There is nothing she can do about that. I don’t even know if that has anything to do with game that is just his nature. They started this game together and he is going to be loyal to her and that is why I still want him on the block. Alyssa said that SX told her that at least one person knew the entire time about backdooring Christian. And she asked is it Chaddha and he said no and so she was like it must have been Ky or it must have been SB. Tiff – it was. Claire – it was? Tiff – yes. They’ve got the loyalty to her and she has.. When she said Frenchie really trusted me and he shouldn’t have… she meant that. Claire – but the thing is Frenchie never trusted her. He was always feeding her fake information. Big D told me that like two weeks ago. Tiff – okay! So my brain is in shambles .. I used all of it in the comp. So, I got to do one on ones and I got to keep them the same with everybody. I am not going to do a lot of talking, I am going to do a lot of listening. Should I have specific questions so that we can know what people are thinking. Yes, it is about this week but we really need to position ourselves for next week. So that at least no one is making alliances all the way to the end. We need to make some weekly deals. Every time I tell them something I make sure I tell them me and Claire are at the bottom of this house. They ain’t using the jokers as pawns, next time it was going to be me and you to try and split people up so we need a weekly deal from everybody! Claire – especially since next week could be a double. Tiff – I would like to have a specific set of questions so that I have a script that I don’t veer too far off of it. DX told me that me, you, and Chaddha need to be like this (fingers crossed). I really do believe that. Claire – I do too. Tiff – and I think she is in the best position because she isn’t a duo. Nobody is going to come looking for her. I want to see how Azah feels about Big D. I don’t know if they’re a team. I don’t know if they just live in a room together. Claire – Azah told me yesterday that she is more us and he (Big D) is more them. Tiff – if you, me and Chaddha .. we don’t have to have an alliance we could just agree to work together and not target each other then that would be great. Big D .. I will have to figure ..Big D we are not playing the same game. Claire – we playing opposite games. You like Ky.. I don’t know so much. Tiff laughs – I am going to use him for what I can right now. Claire – I would say use Ky and don’t trust him. Don’t trust a single thing he says. Tiff – I got to see where Big D’s head is at with using this coin of destiny. And where everyone else might be with using the coin of destiny because I guess we do get money from America and Chaddha said .. I did not double check Chaddha’s math but I believe it is right. Claire – as long as X got $75 last week. I would try to find out what X got last week. Tiff – Alyssa got a lot of money but she played she does not have enough. Claire – because we know where all the $100’s lie from last week. Me.. Tiff – you, Big D and DX. Claire – yes. Azah confirmed with me that Big D got $100. Tiff – so Chaddha must have gotten $75. Claire – that’s what I would assume. Tiff – because I got $50. SB could have gotten $75. Claire – find out what Alyssa and X got. Tiff – I need to make a deal.. Claire – like if I don’t nominate you.. Tiff – what if I do nominate them. What if Ky comes off the block .. I might have to use Alyssa. Like you are not my target .. I might have to go back on my word. Claire – so don’t really try to make a deal with her. Claire – so if SB comes down who do you put up? Alyssa? Tiff nods yes. Claire – so who is the shot? Who do you want out at that point? Tiff – I need to know if Alyssa was really coming for us. She specifically told someone that I am her target.

Bedroom – SB and Xavier.
Xavier – you seem uneasy? SB – I think its going to be me and Ky. I feel pretty confident. X – I could understand Hannah doing that but so you think pretty much the house outside me are coming for you and Ky? Sarah – well that was literally DX’s pitch to me to stay as of last night. He was like I talked to the house and I think I have a really good idea of what is going on he said.. if anyone wins other than Ky, Alyssa or Xavier .. its you and Ky on the block. He was like its the whole house against the two of you. X – so he included me and Alyssa that we were against you guys too? Sarah – no the whole house other than you guys. He was saying that if he stayed .. that was one less person coming after me because his targets would still be you and Alyssa. X – so I know DX.. in the event that he won HOH he was going to do not what the whole house wanted? Or maybe the whole house wants us both groups out equally. Perhaps.. I don’t know. Sarah – well he was saying its not equal. He was trying to convince me that it was not good to work with the two of you (Alyssa and X) because you guys act as a shield for them because as long as you (SB) and Ky are in the house no one is going after X and Alyssa. I was like maybe that’s true .. I don’t know. X – its interesting. I had a feeling that his pitch was going to start involving me because it hadn’t up until that point but then it did. I think it was because he knew he wasn’t going to see me again. Its not the first time others have been against us four and.. once these damn powers are done, I don’t care.. lets just start fighting. Sarah – If it is me and Ky, I am going to go home. X – you think that? Sarah – because people will see it as if SB stays she has Alyssa and X but if Ky stays he might be open to working with different people and he is a strong competitor .. and that makes sense I would probably think the same thing too. What I will try to convince people this week is that if they send me home and keep ky … that he will just come after them so there is no point. X – true. Yeah. Sarah – but I actually don’t think that about Ky and other people might say that too. X – its going to be a FUN week! High Roller room is after noms tomorrow morning. Sarah – I do think that we can trust Big D though so hopefully he can pull through with it. X – I am just curious who all else is eligible to play. Sarah – we know Big D is. X – we were havenots week one.. can we just get a break! Alyssa joins them. Alyssa – I am so mad I misinterpreted that question. Me and Hannah understood it the same way and that is why we both got it wrong. Why did Julie give me such a big word. I don’t know big words. I would have had that! X – hopefully I don’t see you faces up there with me (as the third nom).

7:37pm Living room – Azah and Alyssa.
Alyssa – I am going to wait till the one on ones are done but I want to ask SB .. what the f**k!? For you to be coming after me. Telling people that she would target me this week but she was never planning on doing that. Azah – who was she saying that too? Alyssa – Tiff, Claire, Hannah and Big D. Azah – oh my god! Alyssa – that way if they win they know they want them to take the shot at me. If she takes a shot at me she doesn’t have X. Azah – I literally have not spoken one lick of game to her at all in the last two weeks. Alyssa – really!? She’s been buddy buddy with me. On my one on ones she said she was good with you. Azah – she (SB) had to have know that if you’re going to send Baby D home .. you’re going to be target number one next week. Alyssa – so she is doing whatever she can to take out me instead of X. IF I go home then she has X and Ky. If X goes home, then she only has Ky and 50% of me. So the target is on me.. if she makes final three with them .. then she knows either one of them will take her. That is what I think. Azah – interesting. Alyssa – that is just what I THINK .. it makes sense.

7:46pm Bedroom. Tiffany and Azah.
Azah – may I ask you who said she (Alyssa) was coming after you? Tiff says no. Azah – okay because I haven’t heard that. Tiff – the way it was told to me was almost like it was told to her directly with reasons why. Not like a hey I am going for Tiff. It was like I am going for Tiff because she has blaa, blaa, blaa.. So maybe it could have been a seed. Maybe it could be true. I don’t know .. that is why I definitely do want to talk to her to see if it is true. Going into today .. I definitely felt like she was going to put me on the block. Azah – okay I am going to be honest with you she told today going into this week she was going to put up SB and Ky after the conversation she had with DX. Tiff – she said that she was targeting me directly because I have too much influence in this house. The only other person she said had influence was X but she doesn’t care if he has influence because she is with her.

8:08pm Bedroom – Big D and Tiffany.
Big D – I am happy you finally got your moment. How you doing. Tiff – I’ve been feeling at the bottom. I feel bad for Claire. Big D – no she needs a break. If I had won HOH I was going to put up Ky and Claire.. and then I would have went for the coin of destiny and switched out Claire and put up SB. Tiff – it is good now that other people might have the possibility of playing coin of destiny. I just want to make sure the people that I want to target don’t. I think it is you and a couple other people that play in the coin of destiny. Big D – I want to play but want to make sure your plan doesn’t get f**ked up. Tiff – I do want you to play, I want you to play to win but I would like for us to work together on who we would like to go home. I would like SB to go home. Big D – we have the same target. Tiff – play the coin of destiny and play to win. Tiff tells Big D that she needs him to do everything that she asks him to do this week.. just this week. Next week he can do whatever he wants. Big D thinks he is going on the block. Big D – what if I am up with SB and then I win coin of destiny .. she is going to wonder why I came off and not her. Tiff – I didn’t think that far ahead. Big D leaves. Tiff to the camera – Big D always thinks he is going on the block. Big D is not going on the block but I need him to be paranoid to play coin of destiny.

8:40pm – 8:54pm Bedroom – Xavier and Tiffany.
Tiff – what are your thoughts. X – everyone from the cookout wants SB out this week. The only question is do you put her up directly and hope everything goes well with the veto? Do you try to do a backdoor and hope that she doesn’t compete. How do you get your intended target out. Is that your intended target? Tiff – I wanted to ask myself is this a personal decision or a game move. I say that because I have had my eyes set on her for such a long time .. I am not going to say I haven’t opened up to a new target but a new target hasn’t surfaced for me. She has been my target and not for personal reasons. She’s been my target because I think she is playing a very good game. She reminds me a lot of Nicole F. IF the house is divided how she thinks .. you, Alyssa, Ky and her on one side and me, Baby D, Claire, Chaddha on another side and the jokers floating in between.. She didn’t take a shot at me directly but she had two of my .. she had my best friend and my toughest competitor .. if that is the way she views the house on the block and she took him out. She left me with no real power on my side so for me . .if that is the way she views it.. Then I am legitimate in my reasoning to go after her (SB). And she made me choose. In order to ensure my best opportunities of her not winning veto. .I need you to.. X – I will go for it. Tiff – yes. And in order to ensure she does go I am going to put Ky up .. so either of you need to win the veto .. but I would rather you win it. X – okay, got it. Tiff – I would rather you win it and take yourself off the block.

8:55pm Bedroom – Sarah and Tiffany.
Sarah – congratulations. Tiff – thank you. Any advice for me? Sarah – I think I set myself up for failure where I had very limited options. Obviously I did not want Claire to go home and I had very limited options of who else I could put up. Tiff – how do you feel about coin of destiny. Sarah – I will have a chance depending on what I get from America and from coin of destiny. Tiff – are there specific targets you would like to go on the block? Sarah – I am going to respect your decision as long as its not me or Ky. Tiff – okay. That is fair. Sarah – I promise you if Ky and I do not go on the block and I win it, it will stay the same. Tiff – okay and have you heard anyone mentioning my name? Sarah – yes. Tiff – I know this is a game. I know that if Claire or I didn’t win this we would be on the block. Sarah – Big D told me that he was looking at you and Claire. As far as I know he also told people that he was going after Ky and I.

9:18pm Bedroom – Hannah and Tiffany.
Tiffany thanks Hannah for telling her about the veto around his neck question because without that she wouldn’t have won. Hannah – if I could have lost to anyone I am glad it was you. Tiff tells Hannah about her conversation with SB. I pretty much let her know that I was looking to put up her, Ky, X or Alyssa. Hannah – what did she think getting rid of DX would do? Tiff – she said she didn’t have many options. She threw everybody under the bus. Hannah – what did she say? Tiff – everything, I don’t even think I can get it all out right now. Hannah – okay, what did she say about me? Tiff – she threw Big D under the bus, she threw X under the bus, she threw Alyssa under the bus. She let me know that she would cut Ky at near the end. She threw EVERYBODY under the bus. So I will be fine with my nominations tomorrow! Hannah tells Tiff that DX went up to Ky, X and Alyssa to all look out for her (Hannah). Hannah starts crying. Tiff – DX was a target week one.. he was not a target because of us. He was going to leave sooner or later. He was the biggest competitor. Hannah – he deserved better than me. Tiff – don’t say that. You have set your whole game aside. Hannah – I know he just fought so hard week to week. And five minutes before he walked out he said fight for Hannah. I am not worth sh*t. Tiff – yes you are. I don’t want you to feel like that about yourself. Its a game. Its a game. Hannah – I just feel so bad. Tiff – I am really glad that we got to meet him in person. Hannah – I just hope he can forgive me. Tiff – its a game. They never said nobody was going to get hurt.

9:50pm Living room – The house guests are sitting around chatting. Tiffany announces that she’s done having her one on ones. Ky – what!? I thought we were just talking. I thought we were just talking about HOH stuff.. Tiff – Kyland you kept me in there for 40 minutes, I gave everyone else 15 – 20. Kyland – I didn’t know that was my shot. Tiff – OH MY GOD I’VE GOT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN?! (LOL) Alyssa – you didn’t know you were doing a one on one with the HOH?! Ky – she said I want to talk about this stuff and I was like yeah lets talk about that stuff. Big D – welcome to our land .. you’re with us now. Ky – what?!

10:07pm Bathroom – Tiffany, Hannah and Claire.
Tiff – I am nominating you Kyland and you Sarah Beth. I feel like you guys are a very strong duo in the house. At this stage of the game I would like to increase my odds of winning and I think that this is the best move for me to do that .. I wish you both the best of luck ..BUT I don’t! And if either of you would like to talk to me we can talk in my room. Hannah – the door is always open. Tiff – the door is NOT always open. My office hours are 9 – 5. Hannah – I think that is good less the 9 – 5 part. Tiff – oh my god did you see Kyland starting to rub her back?! Claire they ran upstairs together. Tiff – she was looking at me like she was going to cry .. I was like you better not cry!!!

10:35pm Chess room. Ky and Sarah.
Kyland – there are tonnes of options for us this week as there has been every week. Sarah – I just don’t have any confidence. Ky – in who? Sarah – in myself. Ky – do you have confidence in me? Sarah – yes. Ky – do you think DX was an incredibly great player? Sarah – yes. Ky – and someone who was pretty loyal to me? Sarah – yes. Ky – but I chose to stay with you. Sarah – and it probably ruined your game. Ky – stop! stop stop, no, no, no. We don’t even know that yet. Regardless I don’t make bad decisions.. no I make tonnes of bad decisions but this isn’t one of them. I chose to work with you since week one and every week since and you have chosen to do the same. I wouldn’t change that. And lets not talk like its Wednesday night. Lets just try to avoid it. Sarah – I hope we can. Ky – tomorrow so many things happen .. possibly tomorrow one of us could be HOH tomorrow. (Coin of Destiny) Ky comments on how DX compared her to Nicole F. Sarah – I thought he said COLD A F. (Cold As F**K). Ky – no he said Nicole F. Big Brother switches the feeds. Sarah – I am so going home if it is us. At least DX is in the jury house.

11:30pm – 11:40pm TIffany comes out of the diary room – WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM!!!

Bedroom – Big D and Xavier.
Big D – So how do you think this week will go? Xavier – she will probably do SB and someone else ..probably Kyland which means Ky and I will be competing in the veto. And then sh*t if SB comes down, then probably Alyssa. Big D – yeah. Xavier – if Ky comes down .. no idea. Big D – probably .. me. Xavier – so best case is I win the veto.. so I am going to go for it. I plan to get the third nom out of the way this week and then win HOH next week.. we just have to get though this week. Ky joins them. Big D – so I have to win coin of destiny.

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Ok in regards to X as third nominee, can X be pulled Off block by Power of Veto. I don’t think Coin of Destiny can be used for him. This will be long week because X is my winner pick. I know CO will save him and take SB out.

Sir Kirby Williams

Wait til next week when he wins HOH and talks Azah into being a pawn for him.


That’ll be sad but it’s weird I think because of her crush she would like I’ll take one for the team. I did figure out if he’s stupid he could win POV but I don’t want my winner pick to put a target on his back. He’s been able to stay under radar and keep 6 together by being a mediator. His negation skills are pretty. HOH Final 7 will be interesting

another name

SB’s one on one with Tiffany:
Did she rent one of those UK double decker buses?
Everybody’s going sightseeing until they end up speedbumps on this route.


LMFAO — Well she did say what’s wrong with these people (last week when DX wouldn’t cough up Tiff & I think Claire as the people who told him the showmance wanted to evict her when they thought Big D was going up).

She said to Ky if I was worried about going up or fighting for my life I’d give up every secret sell out anyone & throw everyone UTB … pause, pause, — well except for you of course! LOL

another name

What is remarkably sad?
The game play that she might have been capable of if she had chosen ANY other person in the house except for Ky to be her ride or die.
She didn’t have bad instincts left to her own devices.
When she was pushing for Hannah nom / eviction, she had good instincts. Hannah WAS the only person saying her name at the time.
When she was cam talking before she won HOH, her instincts were also pretty good.
When she had her one on ones, she was right on in terms of what she should have been doing for her game.
But her trust in Ky and those odd timed D/R calls that led to waking up Friday saying wtf just happened?
That’s what will forever sink her in everyone’s mind as one of the most ridiculous bb players of all time. Well, that and the heart glasses and whatever it was I’ve been reading she said about america wiping their butt with High Roller votes. Yeesh.
Do I like her much? No. Do I think Prodo casters were right to question if she had the psychological /emotional capability to be there? Yup. Do I think that’s WHY they put her there? Yup.
She’s going to get trolled hard.

another name

SB’s one on one with Tiff part deux.
Oh good. a sequel.
If you look out the window on your left you can see Alyssa with treadmarks, Xavier with a slight limp….. and for some reason the tour has taken a detour to the jury house to run over Dx? As a side bonus lucky sightseers… SB backhand complimented Tiff the HOH and her toadie Claire by saying SB chose them because they’re weak, the house and America doesn’t like them much (transverse of her reason to target Dx).
I didn’t know if she was going to be able to pull it off… but yes, she’s done it folks. She’s one night spiraled into krazy Kaitlyn levels… someone call uncle Lou.


What would be bogus and what would really suck is if Alyssa and Claire will win HOH next week and it will unjustly be taken away because someone the Cookout is going to get a freaking coup d’état and ruin both of their HOH’s!

That really would be unfortunate because that would give us the parody we need and then the cookout is going to get a power too strong that nobody should have And then they will ruin the HOH week ugh

I don’t trust the bucks voting system it ain’t right because the people getting 100 bucks I don’t believe is accurate. Literally though if Alyssa or Claire wins HOH in the next couple of rounds
and that happens The cookout gets a coup d’état and just ruins the week for cookout member to leave. In yet the cookout stays and that really would be crap if they win it which in all likelihood is going to happen. It’s not right if that happens Co HoH takeover which it really could! I mean come on Derek F could win the coin of destiny ugh smfh

Sir Kirby Williams

Maybe the return of Pandora’s Box?


Not to mention, Hannah could get the
coup d’état when all she did was sit on her ass all summer won nothing and her best move was just using Derek X as a puppet
for her dirty work and she could get a coup d’état from that oh my God what has this show come too smh

Sir Kirby Williams

Or Azah…at least DF is playing the game/a game. Well, he at least knows he is in a game with competitions.


This week is the only week the Coup d’etat can be won & played & it’s not guaranteed (it’s a 50-50 chance). It sounds those eligible to play (banked $250) roll coins into slots on a table or ramp. The high scorer wins the CHANCE to flip a coin call heads/tails & if they get it right are the anonymous HOH. What isn’t known is whether that person can only replace initial noms are also has POV replacement power too.

Big D & Hannah will play, with Claire, Azah and maybe Tiff having a shot. Ky/SB technically can win but need $100 envelope & fan vote & since they got $50 both weeks it’s not likely

While I would never suggest The Powers That Be don’t have a heavy hand in the outcome (b/c they sure try to) it made zero sense to me they wouldn’t prefer a vote flip to keep the most popular player (DX) over a nice person like Claire who is essentially playing in the shadows. Anyway — sorry long post to say based on what they said the power can ONLY be used this week & it wouldn’t make sense to do another “special power” after just finishing up three weeks of them.

If anything (and this is only a guess) I’d say not this Thursday (Sept 2) but the following Thurs (Sept 9) there may be a jury battle back b/c it would be when the 4th jury member is evicted. If not (based again on rumors & leaks) I’ve heard they were supposed to do a triple eviction (prob Sept 16)– but the only way they can do that is either bringing someone back OR having a playover week like they did in BB16 where the evicted hamster reaches the door & a buzzer sounds kickstarting a replay of the week. That might be more likely b/c of COVID.


Reason why Alyssa played better than Derek X she seized the moment and knew to play for the highroller room last week and outlasted DX after he lied about taking out her number one ally enough said.

BB fan

I agree,
What crazy is that Derek X was totally going to go after Sarah Beth and Alyssa regardless if they kept him off the block and he stayed!!! That’s what you all don’t understand is that DX was always a puppet with Tiffany and Hannah. For PETE Sake he was never going to target them!
Let alone he was more than happy to do what they want with nominations his HOH as well as coming up with all kinds of plans to throw his DX ally Claire under the bus. I mean how could you trust somebody like that especially if you were Sarabeth when he put you all in a bad position and completely lied to your whole team about what his intentions were and is still going to come after you. Let alone SB almost went home because Derek week 5.
DX even lied about what he was going to do with his vote this week to SB before renoms! She had no use for DX to stay!
He was always going to lie to her and and do Hannah and Tiffany’s dirty work!
The backdoor all came together DX did it first and then to himself! DX was the one that messed it up and blew any trust he could’ve had with that half of the house and was MAJOR reason why it became such A landslide for the CO by not targeting the freaking jokers week 5 when Aza or freaking Derek F could’ve gone home week 5 because Britini won the veto lmao wake up Derek X screwed it up completely his game and the season for it being landslide to the cookout! Yeah that veto used on KY week one was great move huh.

It’s not SB fault Derek X lied to the kings to put them against each other and would’ve gone after her and Alyssa still had he stayed! That’s why he had to go, DX was the one that messed it up and blew any trust he could’ve had with those girls – his word meant nothing and was dirt.


Absolutely, Claire was crying balling her eyes out in in the shower infront of Derek bc she didn’t want Derek to leave in a backdoor. However Derek X wants to keep Hannah over Claire when Claire would keep Derek X in the house much longer if not to the final four at least and when Hannah is the one that would never have done that or come even close to F4!

Everybody knows darn well Claire would have taken Derek X much farther if not to the very end if Tiffany wasn’t there.
And Hannah would never do that with the cookout how can Derek X fans be so oblivious to how much of tool he was for Hannah and Tiffany to use that his DX personally strategic logic made no sense why on on gods green earth would you want to get rid of Claire this week over Hannah when Claire will keep you that long to the very end of the game!!

I mean come with it folks! I mean really it makes no sense how is DX a favorite When he played the game he did.

Sir Kirby Williams

Is it true that Big D was talking to the cameras about being safe and close to the producers before a feed switch to Ky/SB?

another name

I’m not 100% about this,
I think this is where the house is standing right now.
Couch is pushing that Claire leave before Alyssa.
Tiff is pushing Claire is easier to beat than Alyssa.

bb23 WEEK EIGHT.jpg

Did anyone else catch that DX said to Julie that hopefully he will get to play Battle Back and she didn’t answer him? So, maybe there will be one.

Sir Kirby Williams

Probably not, I seem to remember cases where she used to inform potential returnees of the upcoming battle back, ie: “how would you like your chance to get back in the house”.

There are probably concerns about transporting from BBHouse to Juror House and back. The driver acts as a contact. They probably would want no risk of a HG getting a positive Covid test, especially this ;late in the game.


Couldn’t they have just put the driver into quarantine?


Lost all my interest in watching this season after DX was evicted. Oh well.

another name

Unpopular thought:
Just to be a complete ass, whoever wins, if the coin flip is successful, should remove SB from the block and replace her with absolutely anyone.
Just watch the house implode.
No, that’s not a keep SB. That’s a popcorn festival.
Though, If you want to throw everyone’s plans for the next three weeks into chaos… keepng SB keeps the house from targeting anyone else next week.
Who would get the blame?


That would be a fun scenario.

Bring Back Johnny Mac

If coin of destiny used, original noms replaced – could the original noms still be a back door/post veto option? I wasn’t sure the rule on that. And is it known which HOH gets to name a replacement for veto?

another name

I have absolutely no clue. I’m sure the rules will be fleshed out once Grod decides what they are.

Sci All on YouTube

Love seeing many of those who complain about racism every season of Big Brother enjoying the Most Racist Season of Big Brother via the Cookout.

I look forward to the Future Seasons of Race Wars.

another name

Since Dx’s eviction, security has been beefed up around the bb house on the lot.
There is fear of wall yellers ruining the storyline secret.
Rumor 2 joined to Rumor:
There is discussion in the production office about limiting backyard time this week just in case any bullhorns get past the extra security.

Me: why bother. I’m pretty sure everyone but SB knows the score.