Tiff – I just told Ky I’ll have to put him up next to her [SB]

HOH: Tiffany
Power of Veto Players:
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Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers -They have their envelopes with them. They can’t open it until the enter the High Rollers

6:07 pm Girls dancing and celebrating
“we’re freaking safe.. we’re freaking safe”

6:11 pm Hannah and Azah
Hannah says Sb will need to get 100 from the envelope and 100 from the fans for her to be able to paly
Hananh – I don’t see America giving her 100 dollars. It’s pretty unlikely
Hannah says Even if Alyssa gets 100 she can’t play regardless “Claire is at 100 .. ”
Feeds flip

6:14 pm Kyland starts the creeping.. Tells her she’s fine (in regards to the twist)

6:20 pm DF and Azah
DF says the boys have to win next week to take out Claire.
Azah – claire has never mentioned you her and Claire are like this.

Kyland joins them.
Ky says when DerekX left he said to him “obviously I like working with you is there anything I can do for you in the jury house if you don’t end up coming there”
Ky – I said yeah I appreciate it I hope everyone stays as non-bitter as they say and then I said is there anything I can do for you in here.
Ky – He said Hey just take of Hannah
Kyland cries
DF – he’ll understand when he sees everything.. stay focused
Ky – she’s (Hannah) more protected than you know..

6:25 pm Tiffany, Hannah and Claire
Tiff – we got to get information. Ky has been the best Information getter. I do want to get him with to see how I should go about getting information.
Tiff – I want to talk with Alyssa to see what she’s thinking where her head is. What she would do if she wins Veto. I believe some good seeds were planted in her head.
Hannah – Her and X are talking in the bathroom right now. Alyssa is doubting SB (Ohh poor monarchy gone already)
Claire – SB is sort of throwing Alyssa under the bus
tiff – I just told Ky I’ll have to put him up next to her
Tiff says as long as SB stays on the block after veto it’s fine.
Hannah – She (Alyssa) will use it on X. It’s a good thing X is on the block we don’t have to worry about Alyssa.
Hannah – lets say I win would you prefer I use it on X or keep those three up there
Claire – keep those three up there
Tiff – that way everyone has to be fighting for their life.
Hannah – make them sweat
Tiffany wants Alyssa to show them where her loyalties lie X or Sb.
Hannah – Ky has been feeling awful comfortable in this house

6:32 pm Tiff and Kyland
Tiff tells him she wants to consult with him about how she should conduct her meetings (5 hours long 1-6am every day of the week)
Tiff – Unless SB wins the freaking Veto that why I need you.
Tiff – then next we just have Claire and Alyssa then whatever else happens happens.
Ky – once Sb leaves I can do anybody
Tiff – that’s a lot of HOH for you though

6:42 pm Sarah Beth ans Azah
She tells Azah she has to pee “have you ever held it so long you did have to”
Azah says she doesn’t like holding it she’s scared of getting a UTI
SB – I use to get a lot of UTI’s then I stopped taking baths..
SB adds she started drinking less Soda..

6:46 pm Tiffany and the jokers

Tiffanys – nomination speech “You sent my friend DerekX home I told you that was a mistake but your goddamn heat glasses on”

6:48 pm Tiff and Ky
Tiff tells him she wants to keep X on the block to lock down Alyssa.
Tiff – I do want her out it has been my mission for a long time. I want you guys as the real men that you are to help me weigh all my options to see if I’m missing something.
Ky – Claire wants X to go out over the other four of us that is what she’s telling me. Shew says her numbers ones are X and BIGD is that true
Tiff – I think so out of the cookout. Claire wants Sb and Alyssa.. She’s on the outside trying to figure out
Tiffany – when we get to six me and you are number one targets.
Ky – I need to know who I am the target of as far as I know you are only BIGD’s target so I don’t know who’s target I am besides maybe Azah. (bless Azah)
Ky – I still wonder for Azah if it still makes sense.
Tiffany says it will be a beautiful thing when it’s just the six in the house.
Tiff – there is two strong power couple in this house one of them is already on teh block I would like to put the other two on the block.
Feeds cut.. When we’re back

7:00 pm Sarah Beth and X
SB – I really don’t know how to feel
X – I know she can’t nominate me I’m already up there

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another name

Jounal entry. Today.
Simon started doing kraken’d sock puppets while ky talked.


Maybe but at least Tiff will just be placating him and not be totally misted by him like SB was


Let’s pray that doesn’t happen. Meanwhile SB is digging herself more into trouble with being annoyed that Kyland voted for DX to stay


I doubt Tiff would fall for that especially when she was the first to call him out on his circle talk. If anything I wouldn’t be surprised if Tiff mists him to make him feel closer to her. Besides Claire & Azah will constantly be telling her to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Baby D was easily influenced but even Ky couldn’t stop SB from going OTB (Tiff got him to do that). Whereas SB doesn’t even recognize how wrapped Ky has her. She started her HOH with her own opinion wanting to put up Big D & Ally with her as the target & X as a back door option – and worst case scenario take out Big D.

Ky word vomit water boarded her to shift her targets to Claire/Baby D. It’s not just that Ky has her wrapped it’s also b/c SB has no other genuine relationships anymore (also thanks to Ky). B/c he was her F2, SB outed the Jackpot & Ky immediately sold her out. From that moment on SB became Tiff’s target.

Ky has her switching allegiances every week – last week she turned on Tiff/Claire/DX & she’s already planning on throwing X, Ally & Big D UTB this week. That she thinks she can sell I saved you & Claire is laughable — she told them (and DX) they wouldn’t touch the block & after Ky finished with her two of the three became her main targets.

I think Tiff will use this week (even knowing about the CO) to try to get information & bolster relationships (gain safety).

I hope she asks SB in her one on one “did you tell Ky about the Jackpot?” Will SB lie? Then if SB is evicted use her GB message to say we were solid with The Jackpot but Ky sold you out week 2 – I believe he referred to you as his little rat spy. Next time, don’t put your eggs all in one basket & remember who your real friends are!

Bb ever

I am still saulty about Azar and Tiff didn’t vote to keep DX. I know he should use the money to play , but the girls can save him too. Azar has to listen to X who even doesn’t like her !! And I don’t like Hanna either especially when she tried to talk to other ppl to vote DX out!! DX would brought her to Final two! Sometime, do they have fight back this season?


I understand – I think most people wanted DX to stay. Even if you didn’t love his game he was always fun to watch on feeds.

The thing is — Tiff truly went to bat for him. The CO males shut her down early in the week so she couldn’t publicly campaign for him (after all Claire is her second ally) yet she still worked closely with him to brain storm pitches. Ky & Hannah screwed Baby D over the most — Ky pushed him to be the main target (and pretending to be his true friend), & Hannah acted like he was her target instead of F2 partner. How ironic they were the two who “were allowed” to give him sympathy votes (thinking they’d have his jury vote for that)!

I can’t be mad at Tiff b/c she couldn’t throw away her entire game to try to force him staying – she did her best to try to shift Azah. She also tried a couple times to get Ky on base with keeping him (and Hannah) but ultimately without one or both of Azah/Big D it wasn’t happening. Therefore Tiff couldn’t vote for him instead of Claire – it would only hurt her own game – for what? To give him one extra vote?

another name

How long before we listen to a 4 hour filibuster about why it would be the best idea for everyone involved to just rip off the bandaid and throw SB and Alyssa on the block?
Or Claire, yeah Tiff, toss Claire up. Throw away ALL the jury votes.

another name

Q: because I don’t know the rules. is X eligible to be removed by the power?
I thought he could only be removed if he won veto or had veto used on him.
just type 2000 likes and whereas in between each word and I’ve saved you the trouble.
oh look…. he’s starting his preamble already. It might not be so good to put both Ky and SB on the block.
(like he isn’t going to be saying take me off the block to everyone in cookout… so he can go and win veto and remove SB).


Pretty sure he said the only way he can come down is via POV


Tiff won’t be swayed towards putting up Claire. If Claire goes on the block it will be due to whoever wins the next 2 comps


Lol this season is so rigged. The Cookout will get their final 6 because the production team made it so. Don’t count on me watching this dumpster fire next season if this is how the social justice warriors are gonna play it. Big Brother is done.

not watching

I totally agree. I already stopped watching.


If it was rigged, DX would still be there. He is also a POC and a fan favorite. If anything production would have rigged it to keep him to go against the CO. I blame the twists before I blame sjw. I don’t like them either, but I think BB has a way of reflecting what the country is going through and dealing with. I think this is the best cast we’ve had in years and I’m not sure race has anything to do with that. I think it’s because they actually cast more FANS of the show and not* insta thirsties. I am glued to the feeds and that’s not always the case this deep into the game. I am half pulling for the CO to succeed and half hoping one of them flips before final 6.


Derek X was a fan fave and a POC, but he’s still not black. No other race matters for corporations trying to pander to the minorities.

Not Sorry

Hum, so would you also say it was rigged all the other seasons when the POC never had any chance of winning the game, and making it to the end?
Especially when it was only 1 or 2 in the house. They would have to win every comp or have a helluva social game, but that still wouldn’t work for them. No one ever wants to have an alliance with the POC.
Should we dare look back at the Greatful Alliance? ( I think that was their name. I try to forget that horrible season)
1) They were never asked or welcomed the POC into an alliance; coincidence, I think not. Hence, being the first one’s voted out. Hence Swaggy “C” season. He tried to build something with Tyler, and they thought of everything under the sun to exclude him from the alliance. Tyler came back and repeated the same mess with Davonne &Bayleigh, with his whole fake BLM movement crap.
2) This is the first time in Big Brother history that there’s a fair amount of POC in the house, and not just a complete Caucasian cast, with maybe 1 or two POC.
If you believe BB is rigged, then you should believe it’s has been that way since the very beginning. Since the advantage has always been one way.
So now you can see how POC have felt every season since BB has been on. Some have just given up and stopped watching. And you have one season, the first season with a decent amount of POC, and people freak out. Smh.
So to you I say, ba-hum-bug!!!!!!!!!!


Okay. Try making an alliance where only white people are allowed and they make it their mission to get out all the black players simply for not being white. Imagine the absolute backlash that would cause. Now look at what’s happening right now. You think the Cookout isn’t acting in a racist manner? Because it’s extremely racist. You’re just blind to reality.


To be fair if the shoe was on the other foot you would see the show have disclaimers and Julie Chen ridicule you and call it out. I have no doubt JC will be probably silent and not say anything negative and just smile GRINNING like an idiot (jk on idiot) giving all support with two thumbs up.
lol God its something sometimes how she differs in her criticism.


The cookout he’s doing exactly what every other Alliance has done since the Inception of Big protecting their own


Awwww, poor baby…

Kid Rock

How was that HOH comp rigged?


Why does this have to be racial!? Why is it acceptable for blacks to do cook out and it not be prejudice, but if a white group does it CBS would shot bricks and probably intervene and stop it…. Stop watching.


Whats the matter … your white privilege feeling threatened? In every previous season groups of white people formed alliances and quickly dispatched the POC and no one said anything then.


Is this Turbo from the Challenge? If it is, wish you’d come back if you could because you were one of my favorite players!


Were Ky’s tears genuine? Because they look fake as hell from over here. *Eye roll*

Houka Inumuta


Xavier is getting evicted on Thursday September 2nd.

Sarah Beth is going to win Big Brother MARK MY WORDS

another name

Signs things will get mucky.
Azah is lying to Tiff.
Azah thinks she has a side deal with Al and X.
Azah heard Al say today, that if she wins HOH Claire and Tiff are going on the block.
Azah tells Tiff that Alyssa said Ky and SB (she did… four days ago, then started targeting Tiff).
Azah wants SB out so bad that she’s lying to Tiff so Tiff doesn’t get anxious and redirect to Alyssa.


Well at least Azah is finally playing right? lol


Alyssa is with X & SB & very angry she lost the HOH — She blames losing on Julie saying she used a big word she didn’t understand”.

Ummm I guess she means sequence — it’s the only word it could be. SMH

The Spin NFT was shown in sequence before the Moon Walk NFT

another name

they just shut off alyssa and hannah’s earwigs for one word. lol.

The Beef

Hell, she was guessing like a MF’er on the one before that! She got lucky and got it right, as did Hannah, who switched her answer like FOUR times! And as I suspected, X clearly threw that one, with the peace signs and the big smile on his face when he answered wrong. I knew he would want to go ahead and get his time on the block out of the way, with the COD in play and a better chance of the CO in full control of things.