“I don’t want her to know she’s my target I want her to think You are my target that way you don’t lose a jury vote and I don’t lose a jury vote”

HOH: Tiffany
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Big Brother Spoilers -Ky and Sb are being nominated lots of potential for people to play in the Coin of Destiny. Unfortunately, the person winning the Coin of Destiny probably won’t do anything different than what Tiff would do.

12:51 am DF, Hannah and Claire
DF – everyone wanted her out since the time she was supposed to go the first time .. I just don’t want her to win that veto
Hannah – it wasn’t her time then it’s her time now
Claire – what goes around
Claire points out that with X on the block SB isn’t beating him in the veto.
Hannah says she won’t have enough money to play regardless of what is in the envelope and what America awards her. (that’s a fib)
DF asks if Ky or Sb have enough money
Claire believe Ky when he says he got 50 and 50
Claire – if he got 100 and 100 he could do it
Hannah – same with SB. The only people we know that can’t play are X and Alyssa they’re both at zero.
DF – if I’m HO next week I like everyone here
Feeds cut.. When we’re back DF is walking out the door
They know Ky and Sb are being nominated. Hannah wonders if anyone will play because they’re the noms they all want. Hannah says she wouldn’t play.
Claire – I would do Tiff’s noms.. I would play..
Claire says she would try and win the power and then do what she thinks Tiff would want. “I would Clue her in say TIFF who do yo want to come down in this veto who do you want to go up”
Hannah – if there’s no chance of Ky, SB, X, and Alyssa not having this money I probably wouldn’t play but with the possibility that Ky and SB might have enough..
Hannah says production told them the envelopes have some 100, 75, 50, and 0. She thinks there’s 3 of each.
Claire says in order to win she needs at least a 50 and 100.
Hannah thinks that is possible. “it will be you and BIGD.. ”
Claire – there’s one open.. you or X you’ve been consistent.
They go on trying to speculate who America will vote for “based on what I see America is not rooting for SB and Ky”

12:58 am BIGD and Azah
DF said Sb threw him under the bus according to Tiff.
Azah heard that Sb threw them all under the bus
Azah – she told Tiff that I told her I’m targeting Ky
Azah adds that Tiff told her during her one on one with SB she was trying to push the target onto Alyssa and X and the jokers.
Azah – she has no loyalty she’ll do what she needs to do. She just can’t win the veto.
DF – TIFF needs to put up Ky and SB
Azah – I really don’t think she will put you up. She said Ky is definitely going up
DF – we’re not sending Ky home are we.. Azah are we sure?
Azah – YES, Sb is too dangerous
DF – are we sure? you know I’ll take him off the block if I have to
Azah says there’s no way Tiff will get the votes to send out Ky, ‘they need three votes”
DF – Alyssa?
Azah – Alyssa wants SB home..
feeds flip when we’re back.. Alyssa is with them. They are comparing notes about SB. After Alyssa leaves.

1:00 am SB and Tiff
Sb says she gets that Tiff thinks she has loyalty to Alyssa and Xavier. For her HO and Ky’s neither of those two players hit the block
SB – for me if has a lot more to do with X than it does with Alyssa I actually don’t know where his head is at. I know for me Loyalty to them long term in the game is not there (poor monarchy)
SB – particularly with Alyssa she’s done a lot of things… week three she said Hannah was coming after me. When I said I should go after Hannah week four she then told Hannah I was going after her
Tiff – I do know you wanted her up I didn’t know it was because of Alyssa

Sb says both Christian and Alyssa told her that Hannah was saying she would put her up “Which was the main reason I wanted (her up)”
SB – originally when Christian did put her up she was his target and then changed his mind which is fine..
Sb adds that ALyssa painted it to Hannah that SB was the reason she was up in the first place because she pushed them to it.
SB – it’s particularly true because I thought she was coming after me but she was her original target.
SB then says week 5 DX told her that Alyssa and Xavier trusts her and Ky the least out of the royal flush.
Sb says Alyssa told her during last week HOH Tiffany looked disappointed when DX lost the HOH. ‘I didn’t expect that I didn’t know you were working with BABYD”
Sb goes on about how Alyssa lies to people’s face “I don’t want you to think I have loyalty to her I do not”
Sb – Tognith BIOGD told Kyland that Alyssa is saying she wants me out this week. Why would Alyssa feels comfortable telling BIGD that.. Why did BIGD tell Kyland I don’t know it’s BIGD he’s got a BIG Mouth
Sb says she’s pretending to be all for the kings. IF Tiff puts them up she won’t be mad. Adds that long-term in the game staying with Alysa and Xavier doesn’t make a lot of sense.
SB – Alyssa will betray me at some point..
Tiff – how does Alyssa feel about me?
SB – I know that.. both Alyssa and X feel like the two of you had to have some sort of input with the Cristian backdoor. DerekX wouldn’t have done it unless he knew he had the votes.
SB – the first person she threw under the bus when I was HOH was you
SB – X told me he was planning on putting you guys up if he won
Sb – Sorry I took out DerekX
Tiff – it wasn’t personal none of this is personal
SB – it wasn’t to go against you or Claire. After he nominated Christian week five he offered ad final 3 with Kyland and me. So he’s been working with us.. (LOL)
SB – he wasn’t crazy about the fact we were going after Alyssa and X

SB says when she was HOH and Claire was on the block DX would just come up and ask “Am I good.. but I’m good right”
SB – if DX was still here and he had won I don’t think he was coming after me and Kyland
Tiff – I don’t think he was either
SB – I don’t
Sb says when she was HOH she had to decide does she move forward with Claire and Tiffany or should she move forwards with DX
Sb – he’s put me on the block before.. he’s a lot stronger, He’s more likable than me, America likes him more than me I like him more than myself.
Tiff laughs “He’s a likable person I agree”
SB goes on about why she got rid of DX.
Sb claims when she put Claire and DX up it wasn’t a shot at Tiffany and Claire it was because she saw herself moving forward in the game with Tiffany and Claire.

Tiff asks her how does she see her and Claire in the future. “on the outside looking in it seems like you, Ky, Alyssa, and X”
Tiff – at this point of this game people have to align with me that can help me win.
Tiff – I have to be honest with the fact that.. I was not expecting Kyland putting Claire on the block. When he threw the Veto to Alyssa it looked very sketchy to me
SB – it did
Triff – Xavier, and Alyssa don’t owe me any loyalty I feel like I should be comfortable with at least Kyland. I respect the fact he did not nominate me and I respect the fact he did not nominate me.
SB says Kyland’s HOH was weird.
Tiff – I want to sleep on it and see what kind of resolve I have in the morning..
They hug. Sb tells her she can wake her tonight if she needs to talk.

1:25 am Kyland and Tiff
Kyland – I won’t be long I just figured it would be easier now than in the morning (She’s going to have to kick him out)
Tiff – SB gave me some good information she’s been very forthcoming.
Tiff – she is targeting Alyssa she’s making some valid points.. She’s very good at this game
Tiff uploads her conversation with Sb to Kyland.
Kyland says after her Talk Sb seemed optimistic and she’s usually a person that is pessimistic
Ky – I told her I’m pretty sure you and I will go up. then she said I don’t think that will happen
Ky says he told SB if the two of them are on the block and they stay on the block he’ll go over her.
Ky – I said we sent DX home this week and She liked him. She said I didn’t know that.. I said that’s on you.
Ky – Like during like the like week she was like. I think he’s more manipulative like and faking sincerity (about DX)
Ky – this morning like she was like I feel bad because I’m pretty sure that he’s as sincere as you thought
Ky – I was like because he is
Ky – BIGD says he thinks that Claire has money. Do you know about this?
Tiff – no, why does he think that
Ky says DX told him. Ky doesn’t think DX will tell BIGD anything over Hannah
Tiff – DX was trying to stay in this house.. that baby was fighting for his life..
Tiff says she told DX to the camera This HOH is for you
Kyland – this week there’s not much to do
Tiff – I need you to let Xavier win the veto if you can. If you come off I will have to nominate someone else I don’t want to nominate Alyssa or BIGD. I would rather Xavier wins the veto and saves himself YOU stay stuck up there with SB
Ky – Ahhh
Tiff snaps her fingers at him
Ky – I’ll do it but
Tiff – let me finish I will always look at you like I want you to go home. the house can act like they flipped on me to send her out. I don’t want her to know she’s my target I want her to think You are my target. that way you don’t lose a jury vote and I don’t lose a jury vote”
Tiff wants to think SB is on the lock as a casualty
They count the votes.
Tiff – Alyssa will vote Sb out.
Ky – who does she thinks is the target between the two of us
Tiff – SB
Ky – okay and she’ll keep that because she doesn’t want to go up
Tiff – yes
Tiff says Claire, Hannah, Azah all want SB out she’s banking on their votes, “it should be a unanimous vote”
Tiff – hopefully she doesn’t win the veto so if you have to go for veto you have to go for veto. If I win it I’m keeping noms the same.

Tiff tells him to not help SB with her campaigning She can hear Ky’s words in some of sb’s sentences..
Tiff – don’t help her arguing with me Ky
Tiff – she’s got a very good mouthpiece she almost had me convinced to put up Alyssa.
Tif f- she’s like Brett..
Ky – I think she’s better than Alyssa because nobody believes Alyssa
Tiff – of course, she’s more dangerous.. her and Brett are the same.
Ky – Brett’s confident she’s the opposite of confident.
Tiff says that’s an act she has confidence “she may have you fooled she don’t have me fooled”
Tiff says next week she needs Alyssa looking at Claire as a target not her.
Tiff says she has 75 BBbucks.
Tiff – can you let America know that you guys aren’t carrying us girls this week

Kyland leaves..
Tiff – good god Kyland can talk all night.. Kyland don’t care what time it is.. Kyland will keep you up talking and talking

2:06 am Tiff and Hannah
Hannah – any updates about the 6 before Claire comes up
Tiff told X she doesn’t care if he wins veto and pulls himself off. Says she told Kyland to throw the veto to her.
They want to have 5 Cookouts playing in the Veto vs SB
Hannah – Claire has her eyes on Alyssa which is good.. after SB
Tiff – ok
Claire joins the.
They chit chat.
tiff – I was like the NFT’s mean Not For Tiffany
Tiff – Girl I had to tell Ky I got to go to bed..
Tiff tells them about the talk with Sb and how SB was throwing Alyssa out as a target.

Tiff – Nominations are at 10:30 ..

2:35 am Claire, Tiff and hannah going to bed

2:23 am Kyland and SB
Ky – what did she tell you about me?
Sb – she told me it’s really hard to trust you She doesn’t understand you put Claire up and she thinks it’s sketchy you threw the veto to Alyssa makes it look like you’re loyal to the kings.
Kyland say they are both going up
Sb – Ohh you think she’s still thinking about doing it?
Ky – yes.. I said nothing in that talk
Ky says Tiff is still thinking about Alyssa
Ky – I am the primary target it doesn’t sound like you are secondary it sounds like Alyssa is secondary
Sb says Alyssa can’t win the coin of destiny why not put her up.

Ky says he thinks Sb has done good work talking to Tiff. “if you were to talk to her more on the same points you hit you can get her to.. if Alyss and X don’t win the veto and the noms stay the same there’s a good chance of her and other people to take you down put up Alyssa and we can get one of them to get out”

Sb says she’s worried because Alyssa is such a good liar..
Sb shows him Alyssa’s tells (See image) “when she looks you dead in the eye with that face she makes”

3:15 am Zzzzzz

7:30 am Houseguest wake-up call.

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At least Tiff was able to go to sleep. Obviously Tiff wants to do to SB what SB did to DX but would SB actually not play? I don’t think so


The “3:15 am Zzzzzz” was the most relevant part of the game update right now. Wake me up when we are down to six. We all know the order of the boot is SB, Claire, Alyssa. No need to waste 3 weeks on it.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

F*** Tiffany F*** Kyland F*** Xavier F*** SB!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopeful for a Good Season

I agree with your comment except for X. I think X is okay.

No fave yet

You forgot……F Big Dumber


I think Tiff or X might win BB. Both really good players. I only go on this site and Jokers Update to find out what’s going on. Keep up the good work

No fave yet

Listening today, they are referring to Big D getting yelled at by production. He is pouting about it. Anyone know what was said?

another name

Not sure this time. It’s not the first time. or the second.

No fave yet

I’d love to know. Can’t stand his arrogance. POS


someone said another board that on live he said he is there because he is friends with someone on production and then they cut the feeds???

Sir Kirby Williams

Last night on the feeds, he apparently said something about being safe and close to production before the feeds flipped to Ky/SB. Maybe that?

Sunny Aalami

These idiots should have kept DX. Once the cookout makes it to top 6 (if they do) they’ll have no chance beating Ky and Xavier. I guarantee we’ll see one of them in the final 2.


Now THIS could be fun. Alyssa wins the veto, uses it on SB and a third cookout goes OTB. Unfortunately just a fantasy, because Alyssa would save X. And Tiff would put up Claire “as a pawn”, telling her the target is Ky.

The Beef

????????? That move would make about as much sense as a football bat! She might as well look Claire in the face and tell her, “I don’t want to put you up, but the rest of the players are all in my alliance, so I have to.” She would NEVER do that, and every one knows the target is SB, not Ky, except for SB apparently.

Besides, since Ky is a special 3rd nominee, I’m not even sure he’d have to be replaced, but if he did and Alyssa was unavailable to replace his ass, you can rest assured Big D will be the one who takes his place as the pawn. Then Hannah, Azah, X, Alyssa AND Claire all vote to evict SB. Even if Alyssa and Claire got wild hairs and decided to vote out Ky or Big D, the 3 CO votes are enough to get rid of SB without them, but Claire is not going against Tiffany on her HOH. Alyssa might be allowed to vote for her king teammate, but given the way she’s been thrown under the bus, I doubt she’ll want to.

mad max

I just watched the eviction and I guess I missed DX comparing SB to Nicole!