Tiffany “That was not a goodbye hug that was a your a$$ better fight for it.”

HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, Alyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – DX going up. Fun times

10:12pm – 12:57pm The feeds were blocked for the house guests to get more BB bucks (?).

In the bathroom – Tiffany gives Derek X a hug. Tiffany – that was not a goodbye hug that was a your a$$ better fight for it. Derek – no I will. Tiffany – this is me going to beat your a$$! Derek – taking left hooks, taking right hooks .. I’m bobbing and weaving. Tiff – he’s bobbing and weaving! Tiffany leaves. Hannah joins Derek. Derek – should I talk to Alyssa? Hannah – yeah it can’t hurt. It’s not like we’re doing anything today. As far as the rest of the house goes, if you end up going on the block.. where do you expect your votes to come from? Derek – you. Ky is telling me I have his vote but that is a game time decision. Hannah – okay. So you might have to work on Ky. Derek – he is telling me I have it but, there are three days between.. Hannah – so you pretty much know that you’re going up. Derek – no, I don’t know for sure if she’s made up her mind but it would not be a surprise. Hannah – yeah, it would either be me, you or Tiff. I don’t see her throwing anyone else up. Derek – if she put up Azah that would be crazy. Hannah – but she won’t. Derek – I know but that would be amazing. I think I could have Azah. Hannah – I think you would. Derek – I honestly think just on a game level I might have Tiff because if I leave the house.. what does yours, Tiff and Claire’s game become? Hannah – the floaters. Derek – I think it would be KY and X, Alyssa and SB versus… Hannah – Us three and then Azah and Big D. Derek – kind of. I think at a game level Tiff might keep me. Hannah – I would work on Ky the most and Tiff the most.. and then as far as SB and Ky.. what should I say to them? Derek – one thing you could do is just not talk to them. Hannah – yeah to foster distrust. Okay but I haven’t talked to them and you don’t go on the block that is going to look really sh*tty. They’re going to be like she doesn’t care.

1:50pm Living room. Big D, Claire, Alyssa, Azah Xavier, Tiffany and Sarah are chatting about random things.

2:06pm HOH room – Hannah talking to the live feeders.
Hannah – here is the deal.. this week either DX or Claire has to go. Alyssa and SB both have safety. SB has safety because she’s HOH and Alyssa won the chopping block roulette. So for my personal game I would prefer it for Claire to go this week but I understand why DX has to go this week. DX is a hard person to beat and he has enough BB bucks to play … as far as DX is concerned of course I want to keep him around because he would never target me and never even think about putting me on the block. He think that I am his number one. But next week DX has enough money to play in the anonymous HOH ..if its him Big D and myself competing… I feel like he has better aim and hand eye coordination. Now I wouldn’t be concerned about the member of the cookout going home next week but DX would be safe next week and then what if the following week he wins HOH and then what if the following week wins veto.. my point is its kind of the same situation as with Christian. The cards lined up everything was in place to take Christian out so we had to seize that opportunity. This week DX didn’t get a chance to compete in the veto to save himself, so it is what it is. I am so sad about it.

2:09pm – 3pm Havenot room. Big D and Kyland.
Big D – this is what I am thinking, we have the coin of destiny.. Ky – you have the coin of destiny. Big D – well three people can play it. Ky – I don’t think so. Big D – I think so. Ky – Hannah and Tiff? Big D – Hannah and Tiff. Ky – but they have to get $100’s.. they’ve been getting $75’s. Big D – if she gets one more $75 she can play. Ky – no she will only have $225. Big D – or Tiff. Ky – but Tiff spent some of the money the first week. Big D – I don’t know if she did. I don’t think she did. Ky – She would need to get $100, honestly I think Chaddha is more likely to get $100 than Tiff. Big D – so two people or whatever. I am hoping to luck .. if I can win the HOH and still play in the coin of destiny and what I would do is first throw like you as a pawn with Claire. And then the coin of destiny would be played and I would do you and SB. And then X is sitting there or no? Ky – Chaddha and I were running a lot of scenarios with the third nominee and it might make more sense to do me and Alyssa at the start and then Alyssa can’t play and pull X off. Big D – ummm.. okay. Ky – and I could pull myself down too if I win. Big D – then if you come down I got to throw up Tiff or Hannah. Ky – what’s the reasoning? Big D – Claire tried to flip the votes and you put me on the block. I couldn’t put up Alyssa because I don’t have a reason and she took me down and sh*t like that. I feel really confident to win the coin of destiny, I’m going to take things the same size to practice with. Ky – yeah you could do me and SB. Big D – I would switch out Claire and do SB instead. So it would look like.. because SB knows I have enough.. and it would look like it was coming from Tiff or Hannah. And that is why I need to make sure they know how to play their roll but it can’t look like it came from me. Ky – she doesn’t feel confident that other people have the money.. maybe Chaddha. So I can bump that up. Big D – it has to because otherwise this plan won’t work. Ky – everyone needs to be winning to take the shots that we need. At this point I’m going to have to be the one to send SB home.. because people are so unwilling.

3pm HOH room. Hannah and Xavier.
Xavier – why does he always talk for so god damn long in these meetings. I know the way he processes things he has to take a minute but ..I don’t know if that should result in hour long conversations. Hannah – well Ky loves to talk and Big D likes to talk. Big D also loves to interrupt people so you know Ky can’t finish his thought so he keeps going back. Xavier – 100%! Hannah laughs and says that Big D thinks he’s the biggest target in the house. He was almost crying. Xavier – wait, for real!? Hannah – its like Big D you can’t win anything. Xavier – well you’re the ultimate pawn and you did just win $7500 and you weren’t honestly quiet about it.

HOH room. Sarah and Tiffany.
Sarah – X really surprised me but .. he earned it! Tiff – I heard 3 minutes and I was like what!?! How are you feeling? Sarah – I am feeling okay. It was a little disappointing .. like I finally won HOH but it doesn’t even feel like I’ve been in power because of the twists. Tiff – so you never had full control of your HOH. Sarah – which is why I wanted to gun for the veto because I wanted to feel like okay I decide. What was your time? Sarah – 6 minutes.. Tiff – so you would have been next. Sarah – I’ve been really open about it and DX knows he’s an option. Tiff – okay. Sarah – so we’ll see what happens. Tiff – I trust you. Even though you’re a KING, you’re a queen. You got this. Sarah – thank you.

3:50pm – 4:15pm The house guests have the backyard back and are relaxing talking about Godzilla and how they would get away from him. Azah would just die. Tiff – just let Godzilla know that I am on his f**king team.. whatever he wants I got you. I will blow whatever up that you want blown up. You go left, I go right .. I got you!

4:20pm – 4:30pm Bedroom. Claire and Hannah.
Claire – have you talked to her (SB)? Hannah – no, I was going to talk to her tonight or maybe this afternoon but I don’t even know what I am supposed to say to her because its Me, Tiff or DX that is going up. I am so sorry that I didn’t win it (veto). Claire – at least you tried. I do appreciate it. It would have been nice if both of us could have had safety. Hannah – and then either DX or Tiff would have gone up.. so I feel like this is my fault. Claire – we would never have been able to have all of us safe. Hannah – I feel like DX is going to go up because why would SB waste her HOH me or you? And DX is a viable option .. he is the biggest threat in this house. Claire – have you talked to Ky? Hannah – no, I don’t know what to say to him. If I say don’t put me up then DX goes up or Tiff goes up. Hopefully there is a battle back and we can be reunited. Claire – its a very weird week. Hannah – its just a game… right .. even though this game has become my life. They talk about how Big D always says he wants to make it to 5th place. Hannah – 5th place is 5k, 4th place is 7.5k so he basically already got 4th place (because he won 7.5K in the veto). Claire – honestly if Big D gets to the f**king end I am voting for him. You played the game that you had to play.

5:15pm Hammock – Kyland and Sarah.
Sarah – I cried a little and then I felt better. Ky – what did you cry about? Sarah – its just a lot.

5:20pm – 6:15pm HOH room – Hannah and Xavier are running their “Hot Takes” show with Big D as a the guest. After hot takes with Hannah ends Big D leaves and Hannah and Xavier laugh about how Big D said he was the leader of the house. Hannah – he was saying you don’t know I what I’ve done for your game. You don’t know what I’ve done in this house. Xavier – leader of the house.. DOG you’ve been on the block! You’ve been on the block twice! Actually I can’t talk I’ve been on the block twice. Hannah – but you just pulled yourself off .. you’re not up because someone wanted you up, you’re up because of chance and you were able to pull yourself off within 24 hours!

6:40pm – 7:27pm Hannah has the video cam. She’s going around asking the house guests questions..

7:36pm – 7:50pm Bedroom – Kyland and Xavier.
Ky – did she (SB) mention that she wanted us four to sit down tonight? Xavier – yeah, what time did she want to do that at? Kyland – after girls night. And then next week.. I was trying to run the numbers if it would be better for you to win next week.. I think it might be better if you win this week. Xavier – I think so too. Ky – that way it will take less votes (when Xavier has to go up as a third nominee the following week). Xavier – I think if I can win this upcoming HOH I can take out Claire and I am thinking the noms could be Alyssa and Sarah Beth or vice versa. And if I win the power of veto .. they stay the same. Ky – people need to be willing to take the shots that need to be taken. Xavier – if you’re a part of the crew, you have to start showing it. Ky if someone wins and takes a shot at SB .. then that frees me up a little bit. They talk about how they can’t be the only ones taking the shots. Xavier – ya’ll got to step up and win something. You have to be able to take the shots. Ky – you don’t get to be friends with everyone.

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So pretty much production realized “shit only big d can play in the last game with bb bucks, so let’s dish out more money to people so more can participate”…definitely a sus move…


I don’t believe so. It was said there would be opportunities to earn more bucks and more than just Big D had enough money to play IMO


Unfortunately if they did. I get the feeling we won’t know until Wednesday or Thursday. We can hope someone slips up. Otherwise not sure why such a long shutdown.

The Beef

It’s what they do. They don’t want a comp, and especially a comp with this much power, to have only one person playing in it.


I think at most there might be only one, possibly two additional people that can coin flip. This was probably settled on as the only way for Big D to become HOH. This show is so rigged it’s ridiculous.

No fave yet

Listening to Ky and useless D plan out the next 2 weeks is annoying. Guess we can return in 2 weeks and hope for Big Brother to begin.


If I were DX, I would be taking the time to get SB to talk to him alone in the HOH room so he can try and get through to her without Ky’s input. Make her see how she’s house target #1 next week regardless of whether she puts him up or not so it’s in her best interest to spare an ally that can actually win something and help her go further in the game as opposed to the Jackpot members who have won nothing and are essentially all talk/dead weight.

moaning myrtle

What a great idea! Factor in that at her core ( ky who has six sisters and knows “females’) SB is very jealous ,insecure person and Ky knows how to play her up so no matter how much DX may talk with SB, SB’s juice comes from Ky who fed her first. She talks EVERYTHING over with Ky and he will squash that just like he made her think her two nominees and backdooring DX was her idea. Ugggg.


Ugh also true! Maybe he should try and pull an all nighter with them ala Ky to hammer home the flip. He needs to really play in to Ky’s insecurities about X and the fact that he can’t beat him in the end alone.

The Beef

Say what you will about Christian and Alyssa, but at least they made every effort to save his azz! DX is so naive and gullible, yet at the same time he’s really a smart guy. He should be using that big brain of his to scheme and point out things to her that would make her think it would be the worst possible move in the world to put him up! Simon pointed out a couple of posts ago the things DX was telling SB the week he put her on the block were pretty much the TRUTH, and he needs to go in there and reinforce those things to her and make her see keeping him is in her and Ky’s best interest, and LOSING him is actually very detrimental to her game. Sitting back and just waiting on the nomination to happen will result in nothing but his ass landing in jury next to Britini, and the continued steamroll by the CO.


Right?? The complacency is killing me. But at the same time, I guess it makes sense if he’s just a recruit and not a die hard BB fan like some of the others…


Good suggestion, but goofy SB would never believe Ky wouldn’t take her—-even if he told her himself.

Not Sorry

Great point. Derek X could say, you have me and Kyland fighting for HOH. That increases your odds of being safe. I miss the old big brother tactics to fight for your life.


Me too 🙁


Me three


Another Name pointed out in the previous discussion thread: “If they throw the HOH to non cookout, probability that the Cookout breaks completely is currently at about 40%.”

Could it be this is actually the strategy? Ky & X have talked about throwing the HOH to Alyssa. I suspect that they want the Cookout to break at this point in the game, but they don’t want to be the ones to do it. Therefore, they hand HOH to Alyssa on the week of the coup d’etat, knowing that she’ll go after the Cookout women and Claire, and also knowing that the only one with the coin to get the coup d’etat is DF, who won’t go after them.

From there, Ky & X keep Alyssa and SB as guaranteed votes if they are up against Hannah, Tiff, Azah or DF. The only way that one of them goes to jury is if both of them are on the block together post-veto. They finally pick-off Alyssa and SB at the end.

another name

If I’m doing the math.
While Ky is telling Couch to put up Alyssa and Couch is declining , and Ky is also agreeing with X to throw HOH to Alyssa….
Let’s remove Alyssa from the initial nom pool.
Nom pool is now 2 non cookout. They are still going with the plus one project.
That puts 2 members of the cookout on the block because X is an auto-nom.
If couch removes one of the non cookout noms, take 2 non cookout noms out of the nom pool for post veto.
Who does the post veto renom? Original HOH or the Invisible?
That’s where the backstabbing comes out into the open.
Too many of the Cookout strategists are jump the gun to target each other as of last night.
This is where my 40% comes from. Likelihood of exposure matched with likelihood of alliance sabotage.
And in week 7-8. The typically projected time in past seasons where there is a shake up in the game dynamic before the endgame.

The Beef

If 2 non-cookout members are OTB, why the Hell would Big D remove any of them? Do we know if he’s even allowed to remove X, and if he does, it just means another CO member will have to replace him, so what’s the point? They’re still going to pick between the 2 non-cookout members and vote one of them out! Surely this power doesn’t mean he HAS to replace both nominees, because if it does, and 2 non-cookouts are up there, why the Hell would he even play? He’d look like a complete fool and end up pulling an “Alyssa”, having to nominate members of his own alliance!

another name

His discussion with Ky. He’s thinking if Claire and Ky are on the block he’s pulling off Claire to BD SB so that Ky doens’t have to vote her out, he’ll leave Ky on the block, or replace the other cookout member with Ky SO he doesn’t have to vote her out.
I’m not just pulling this crap out of thin air, lol.
I’m listening to them overthink everything and reacting.

The Beef

Well that at least makes a little sense, but if they do that they will definitely be playing with fire. What do they do if SB turns around and wins the veto? Claire is now safe, as is Alyssa as original HOH. Guess that’s where your “oops” comes into play then.

I’m sure Grod would make sure that didn’t happen, but it would be funny if it did. All of this scheming and planning to get just the right voting mixture to take out just the right person, and they end up sending one of their own to jury, because they just couldn’t simply vote someone out. They had to make it complicated and screw around with everything just so “handler A” wouldn’t have to vote out “pet A”.

Game fan

Giving it to Alyssa takes her out for the next one and gives the co a chance of 6/7 to get hoh in the final 8 .

BB Fan

LMAO when I see how many lies you spread lady and you can’t even realize what Derek X has done this to himself!!! You blame Sarah Beth for the reason why this season is crashing and burning bc your boyfriend DX is getting backdoored after he put Sarah Beth in an awful position with her former kings teammates during Christians back door!

Its been written all over the wall since week three when Derek X wanted to target Christian and Alyssa first when he was with Hannah and Whitney in the blue bedroom though DX was suppose to be in the royal flush. DX wanting to betray his alliance the flush and take out his Christian so early trying to concoct a plan and week three!!! Yes weeks ago YOU could see that Derek X would’ve wanted to back door Christian had he been HOH and if he was going to go through with that WEEK 3 PLAN DX was going to be gone sooner rather than later and now look where we are DX taking out his shield CHRISTIAN pre-jury Was a stupid move!

Christian didn’t see Derek X as a target and actually wanted to be in a pact and work with DX Which is why Christian didn’t back door DX THE WEEK BEFORE because he knew that was his shield!!!
Though it was Derek X week three wanting to take a shot at Alyssa and Christian and continue to let Hannah wear his pants!
DX proved himself to be untrustworthy wanting to target someone and PUT UP TWO F&@KING PEOPLE FROM HIS ROYAL FLUSH ALLIANCE. DX made Himself completely untrustworthy with his HOH reign in week five. That’s why it was so predictable and week three him getting the mindset that it was smart to target Christian all the way back in July was completely stupid especially targeting to Kings players because he would make that half of the house not want to work with him because he would come off as on trustworthy he portrayed his alliance point blank and period

It was obvious he wanted to target Christian all the way back in July
And I knew back then it was going to be a stupid move because he would’ve exposed his game by betraying his big alliance and put himself in vulnerable position to go out this early in jury which was totally predictable because he made the wrong strategic moves when he got in power!

Not to mention LMAO You you can’t even admit that you made predictions in the last two weeks and YOU DID SD GAL YOU would say that Derek X he’s possible GOING TO FINAL 2 and even recently lady you’ve said oh DX going I think he could go to FINAL 4 lmao

You’ve been completely out of touch lady all along because you have had a weird obsession and making the wrong predictions With Derek X . In your mind DX IS somehow what a great player is when all he has done is just ruin his own game by making horrible strategic moves.

Derek X has proven himself time and time again to be untrustworthy Going against people within the team of aces and doing what hannah wanted in ruining his Derek x ties to Royal Flush in particular the kings! After DX he lied his ass off all week long about what he was going to do which why he’s going out much sooner than later while assuming the role as the biggest male target in the house!
He put himself in horrible predicament with kings that week 5!
Which is what I knew would happen if he was going to follow through with his week three plans at wanting to target and get out Christian!!!

That is why I told you over again every time when you were thinking Derek X was a great player and could go far and do great on any other season you couldn’t have been any more wrong and out of touch! It’s really freaking simple and predictable to see back in week three Derek X going out now in 10th Pl. because he was too focused on wanting Christian out and targeting Alyssa that he couldn’t see that there was another alliance in the house now in tonight‘s episode he finally realizes it it’s too late and he did it all to himself by making the wrong strategic moves.

I predicted if he was wanted to target Christian and follow through with his week 3 plans to go against the royal flush and make himself the biggest physical target in the house. He would be dumb to do so and now it’s obvious that DX couldn’t have been any more out of touch, naive and foolish but you’re too inept to actually understand something like that! If you don’t get it then you really have a problem because there’s a reason why Derek X is getting 10th Place which was why it was so predictable if he wanted to follow through with July week 3 strategy of wanting to take out Christian and backdoor him because he made himself the biggest target while getting rid of his shield how do you not get that!?

The karma and the irony are not lost lady on the fact that Derek X is getting back door in 10th place this week by Sarah Beth his pawn week 5. It’s not Sarah Beth’s fault that Derek X is going home. Because of DX, SB has been in an odd predicament with her former Kings allies the last two previous evictions was all Derek X fault trying to target KINGS PLAYERS which is why she feels lied to and manipulated by DX!

All you’ve have done is give wrong predictions and reads about where Derek X is going to finish in this game LMAO

I guess you still probably think DX saving Kyland week one and helping crazy frenchie do his bidding in getting out Travis was a good move for DX. When this week Kyland has been plotting DX’s execution the whole time!

It’s pretty dumbfounding that you want somebody in DX to be America’s favorite player when all he did was be hannah’s puppet and make terrible strategic moves that lead to this steamroll of a season!

Stop lying lady and wake up that Derek X made his own bed! When you In this case DX what he did week 5 put up two people that were supposed to be in his FLUSH alliance you should have expected his ass to be in hot water when someone from the kings would get into the wrong power and look where we are lady- DX had horrible strategic gameplay!!!


1) This is a television show. I enjoy sharing my opinion and reading others’ opinions. So, relax on the, “You’ve spread so many lies” nonsense. It’s Big Brother, not the Pentagon.

2) The repeated use of the word “lady” is derogatory and condescending. Take a leap into the 21st Century. Maybe you can bring Kyland & DF with you.

A$$ Clown

#3) HE can just go eff himself.
This man is a straight up douschebag.
Sorry SDG, you know we all have your back in here.
Dude wants to flex over a stupid reality show. He can gtfoh with that nonsense.

Sir Kirby Williams

Looks like we have a house target, and BBFan keeps talking about how smart a player he’d be. He’s the HHOH – Hot Head of Household.

BB Fan

I would smoke you Jacob any day of this week! Because you Have been off the whole time couldn’t even forsee were Derek X was being foolish and short sided with wanting to target Christian and a couple of kings people in the Flush alliance!

Derek X wanting to go through and first be the one to target Christian all the way in week three was a horrible mindset because he made himself untrustworthy to the people he was supposed to be aligned with.

It’s not rocket science that Dx is being taken out by a back door in 10th Place because he put himself in this awful position to be a house target! Why can’t you get that through your HEAD!
It is very freaking simple to see and understand why this is happening to Derek! From week three DX was too narrow minded and taking out Christian then Alyssa that DX disregarded everything in the house and the dynamics within house the other alliances that were going on!

I can’t stand Hannah! But Time and time again Hannah has just played DX by him doing her dirty work!

I told you over and over again what was gonna happen to Derek X! In yet you came at me first you imbecile; while I predicted this happening to DX!

So who’s the clown Jacob Kirby!
Yeah I told you so I knew this was coming for DX that he was plotting his own demise
A long time ago!

In yet you insulted me first saying I would be worse than frenchie and gone quicker than Jody which is why I came at you again and again because you continually strike up this crap and come at me
when all I have done it’s just predict what was going to happen to Derek X and his fate in this game! DX wanting to target Kings so badly people in his alliance came back to bite him and ruin his game!

DX getting a backdoor by Sb is karma at its finest and fitting how things come around and work out. You really are JACOB pal boneheads making the stupidest decisions you could ever comprehend in BB!

DX screwed himself over a long time ago!
Now he is getting back doored in 10th place by people who he was supposed to be aligned with in the flush in yet Derek was the one to betray the alliance which is why he’s getting EVICTED shortly after his HOH!

I would smoke you anytime Jacob Kirby because you couldn’t even realize how dumb Derek was really being making strategic moves when he was in power!

BB Fan

Fitting name for someone who wants to make themselves a complete joke a freaking clown and not understand what the heck is going on!

Why don’t you get the F out of here and go crawl back in your mamas ass Because you can’t accept nor comprehend that Derek X is the one that has done this to himself!!!

BB Fan

You are a lady right; so sorry if calling you what you are a lady is very insulting.

But you are the one who has started spewing lies in order to protect Derek X and say that it was Christian who 1st wanted to going after Derek X which is a
COMPLETE LIE because If that’s what Christian wanted to do HE would’ve backdoor Derek during week 4. But he didn’t because he knew that having Derek around would be his shield strategically and Derek was in his flush alliance!

When in reality The actual truth ! The freaking TRUTH Was that Derek X wanted to be Hannah‘s puppet and go with the plan back in WEEK 3 in July of wanting to target Christian and then go after Alyssa there is a reason why DX is in deep sh!t going out in 10 th place!
And not the suggested comments that you made SD GAL time AND TIME again about how Derek X Is a great player going all the way to the finals into the very end of the game!

DX HAVING SUCH TUNNEL VISION in betraying his alliance being so gung ho on wanting to target people in his alliance Christian, Alyssa, and putting SB on the block where she almost went home in a vote flip week 5 sealed DX and his fate!
DX screwed up his game by being untrustworthy target the kings who were suppose to be in his alliance is The reason that he is going home.

And again another lie as you have stated is that Sarabeth‘s fault that this season is crashing and burning?!? WTH ARE YOU THINKING YOU BLAMED Sarah Beth THAT IS IS SOMEHOW HER FAULT that DX is going home and this season is crashing and burning because of her ?!?
That is absolutely nuts!
Derek X has only himself to blame for that he has done that to himself and the fact that SB is taking him out after DX put her in a horrible predicament for the kings is completely justified. SB owes Derek X nothing expect for evicting him with all the crap that he put her through in week 5!

Wake up and start realizing what you are saying is completely off!

Buh Bye

Good grief. Take a breath. This is a game … you know, fun? Everyone has their take on the game and their favorites. Getting aggressive and using “lady” constantly isn’t fun. Neither are your cut and paste comments and “I told you so” b.s. Now, back to the GAME.


He thought that Christian needed to be taken out before it was too late. Just because he has made a move or 2 that we disagree with doesn’t mean that he isn’t a good pick for AFP. He is a threat to a number of people and that is why he is going. One of the reasons that SB is sending him out is because certain people she thinks are allies have been lying to her about the attempted flip in votes


Blah, blah, blah ….

BB Fan

you have a bulldog mouth and a puppy dog ass- Continually adding nothing

Joanne McD

a) christian would have gone after him the next week so it was a pre-emptive strike
b) hannah apparently doesn’t care about DX as she says he needs to go next
c) Ky out and out shook on a deal with Brit to keep her safe.

Many snakes in this house.

BB Fan

Preemptive strike my ass christian wanted to work with DX had a pact because he knew that would help him stay in the game longer because that was strategically his meat shield giving him protection from being targeted and put on the block and
DX was in his alliance. If Christian really wanted to want to take out DX he would have back doored the week before during his week 4 HOH.

While it was Derek X who has been played like a spade with Hannah so much that developed the mindset Derek X did all that to himself all the way back in week three he wanted to target Christian!!!
Derek was The Who started it! Targeting The Kings and ultimately betraying his alliance And now he has no one else to blame but himself for his horrible strategic mindset for putting himself in this awful predicament getting a back door in 10th place!!!


settle down, you’re repeating yourself!
Dx for AFP!!

Joanne McD

DX or Claire need to point out to SB who has been evicted vs. who is still in… see a trend? Do you think you are not next?

moaning myrtle

It’s time to call time of death on this thing and write X the check. Not that he has been a great mastermind (he’s well-liked, a peacemaker, a gentleman, but he plays a passive game IMO). Big D may be the new way to float to the end. Floaters take note from X and Big D, this is how you play a floaters game X is not the floater that Big D is and physically he can win comps, but only if pressed to. Kyland with his arrogant, condescending attitude and word spew is ready to toss the CO. In Kyland’s mind he has completed the mission. Has anyone noticed he doesn’t go into his word salad around X? Kyland also knows he can’t win in a F2 next to X so watch for him to “mist” others to keep SB for awhile. I am miffed that the others CO can’t see that both Ky and X know that taking Big D and or Azah to the end helps them because, let’s be real they can’t win anything. If X tells her to vote out Baby D she will because she has a crush on X, her “ morals and ethics be da***. Azah is stunning, love how she calls out Kyland on his sh**) but this is not the game for her. Hannah loves playing the cutthroat and will cut Tiff soon. (Killing me/ you softly is Hannah theme song and she relishes in it) Ky and X know Hannah loves planting just enough poison to get them to the end, so they will keep then cut Hannah. What baffles me (can anyone help me understand) While  the CO ‘s goal is worthy and it will be reached – that’s clear as of this week: this is life changing money, when Tiff’s son wants to go to college or any other members of the CO has some other need, will she/ they say well I can’t manage it, but hey we did this (point to X smiling, holding his winning check, and trying to still get with Alyssa. Will Big D get the TV deal he is over acting for? PS Kyland knows Big D has a crush on him, and although he (Ky) is pansexual (see his bio) Ky is using that to keep Big D right where he needs him, which is next to him in F2 so Kyland can win. Big D will do whatever Kyland tells him to so there’s Sarah who will and Big D and that beside Ky’s inevitable future comp wins, will get him to the end. The race is on between X and Ky and neither one of them really care for Tiff so she is toast. Tiff is a player, she can’t win comps, but she has played this game, why do all this work and not play to win, and this is serious money. Despite what Hannah wisely said, neither Ky nor X are going to defer to Tiff. They will keep who they need to win, not Tiff.  They will not say “Tiff “you really ran this show so let me “throw something to you so you can win it all- it’s not going to happen. I don’t understand why she isn’t playing for herself.  Baby D is gone this week and so is my time with BB for this season. CBS- please put Tiff and Janelle together in a newbie and seasoned BB edition this time with people who want to play! Now that’s a game where we would have game: strategy and some comp win and maybe even another female winner!


I get the strategy of Tiff but I will never support her to win because she only won one comp that was thrown to her by DX. I’d like to see a true win but she’s unlikely make final two. Both her and Ky have treated other CO members beneath them. People may not like X’s game play but at least he can win competitions. He also has been able to be there for many houseguests. He has a good social game and comp wins.


They’re only half-way through the season. KC only started winning comps the second half of the game and won.


I said I’m warmup to Tiff if she actually won without someone throwing the game


The first season of BB had no comps.
Power of veto wasn’t introduced until a few seasons later, I believe.
Dr. Will won the game without winning a single comp


This is season 23 and I still believe comp wins and a social game is a winning game strategy. I’ve never been a fan of just a social game. If Tiff makes F2 I’ll listen to her speech and see what her resume is at that time. This is just my point of view. PS I find some of the changes interesting this season.

Carlito's Way

Kyland and DF having the most despicable, misogynistic conversation about “the girls” not doing anything – DF talking about how “the girls” have to pull their weight (LOL) – “What I need the girls to do”… Kyland lavishing praise upon himself…ugh ugh ugh. Turning my stomach. Give me a break! Who in the hell voted for DF to get $100???? These two are so conceited they are unbearable. Wait until DF sees how it is more conceivable people mistakenly voted for him intending to vote for Derek X. These “girls” better wake the hell up. Forget the damn Cookout. Tiffany, Azah, Hannah – Save DX and work with him to take these a-holes out one by one. Kyland, DF, X – Out damn spot out. PLEASE. UGH!


I believe that Production, TPTB, gave it to him in hopes that he can at least win a coin toss. How else is he gonna win any power? Come on, you all know it’s true…


Tiff makes me laugh. One person sees through her kindness and the other doesn’t think twice. Tiff should be careful. I think Big D is only person who would put on the block and ruin an HOH current noms. Only thing could help if she wins HOH then she can get SB out.


KY really said I’ll have to be the one to send sb home cause no one wants to take the shot at her. Is he playing the same fucking game? She was going to go last week but he didn’t throw hoh and then she won this week. All of the cookout except him wants her out. I don’t blame him for wanting to keep his plus one for as long as possible but don’t blatantly lie and say you guess you’ll have to do it cause no one else will lol.


I may be wrong but KY is becoming more annoying than Tiffy toes


Is Tiff Jekyll and Hyde or multiple personality?

another name

So far i’ve added names to three of her mood swings.
Muffy wanted to play her own game, not be cookout.
Tiff1 is cookout all the way.
Buella is that complete wrecking ball that went after the vote flip.
I didn’t name the mood swing that was in love with Ky. I think I’ll call her Candi.


So MP or MS either way she confuses me at times and annoys me others.

another name

Dying to know.
Did the episode edit go with Angry black woman syndrome or Irrational black woman syndrome in their retell of the Storage room argument?
Stares blanky at anyone looking at me funny. You damn well know they went with one or the other. There ain’t no way in hell they are going to portray it the other way, or even remotely justifiable.

The Beef

Oh they definitely made her look angry. And when Big D tried to very insincerely “apologize” for “running up” on her, she very strongly called him out on that too, basically saying I don’t need your lying insincere apology if you don’t mean it. I actually thought it made her look pretty good, but while she’s not my favorite, I like her a whole lot more than I like the couch, who’s claims that he’s running the house and the game just make me want to regurgitate. So I think it depends on your point of view of the two of them.

The edit of Big D sure has changed a lot in the past two weeks though. Before he was like the non-existent house guest, only shown in the background lounging around and doing nothing. Now he’s getting a LOT more DR time, even though he’s doing nothing in the game but sitting on the block, and apparently counting his BB bucks Grod and the crew are making sure he’s receiving plenty of for some unknown reason (How long has it been since we’ve had a gay winner? Maybe kill two birds with one stone theory is in play here?). There has to be a reason why they’re pushing him so hard, when he’s done next to nothing to advance his own game.


OMG I cannot believe Dx didn’t use the power. uuuuuuugh FACE PALM.


X and Hannah are forgetting about jury management. DF could win with a bitter jury. Claire already intimated this with her “If DF makes it to the end, I am voting for him” comment


Now you’re catching on…it’s all been set up from the beginning for him to win. Just like America votes each week to give him $100? Oooookay…


I hate the Cookout so, so much. Imagine having an alliance whose only prerequisite is being white. People would lose their MINDS. But hey, an all black alliance with the same modus operandi is perfectly okay.

Can’t handle it

I have been watching the opposite of the cookout all these years!! Every other season as been all white alliance kicking out the one or two blacks on the show. The one time it’s reverse, you can’t handle it. Hate is what’s wrong in this world. Thanks for contributing to the worst of the worst.

Dennis Chenier

Can you refresh my memory which season had an all white alliance put together for the sole purpose and whose main strategy was “getting all the other non-whites out?” I’m having a hard time remembering. Thanks.

Can’t handle it

Doesn’t feel good to be a minority does it?!


That’s complete BS. Marcellus and Danielle made the final 5. Dominion is ? right. No white contestants have ever voiced making an all white alliance like the members of the cookout have. Can’t handle it? Anyone with an education can see what’s going on. Then you have Tiff and Zah complaining that the HOH isn’t handed to them? Try winning a comp. I think everyone can handle the show fine but Saying hate is what’s wrong with the world and supporting the CO making race based decisions is delusional and hypocritical on your part. Way to set a better standard ?

Can’t handle it

Just because they didn’t voice it. It was still done!! Yes you can point out the minor exceptions when I few black people made it far but that doesn’t erase the fact that this has always been a predominantly white game where the whites stuck together normally so because you guys have more in common as do we. It’s natural, not racist!!!! So please quit your whining and being selfish and let others play the game. Elementary lessons.


Weird your obsession is playing the black card but no defense or mention of Mexican Asians Indians etc… having equality too, who last time I checked were minorities. “You guys” as you stated can also be construed as a derogatory racial comment. Glad you got the token season you needed but it’s not always the way you see it. There’s an obvious agenda going on to pacify one segment of the population. Look at the Bachelor they brought in a black man so people would stop complaining and he chose a white woman. So yes let natural game play occur don’t manipulate it for a false sense of redemption.

The Beef

You might have more success making an argument, if you didn’t make points against that argument when doing so. To say that people of the same race have more in common, so it’s only natural that they stick together, while whining about the fact that they did it, kind of weakens your point.

And you STILL can’t point to one of those lily white alliances and provide ANY evidence of where it was ever discussed to evict a black person just because they were black. We absolutely know the sole purpose of the Cookout is to try and get ALL 6 of them to the final 6 positions, and therefore guarantee a black winner this season. That HAS been discussed HUNDREDS of times during this season, along with the strategy of aligning with a non-black person/pawn/”pet” they can control for information, vote control and alliance secrecy purposes.

I wonder if you would still feel it wasn’t racist if it was happening the other way around? Seriously, if the whites had banded together, because they have more in common of course, decided they needed to target the black players since there are so many of them this year (just in case they had the same idea), but also decided to befriend some of them in side alliances and use them as “pawns” for information and to throw them off the scent, would that be racist? If the first 4 players evicted had been black, by an all white alliance, you don’t think the whole damn country wouldn’t have been in a total uproar due to the racist game play?

You and I both know they would have been, and it would have been on the national news! CBS would have been running disclaimers about how they abhor racism, and that they have NOTHING to do with how the players are playing the game! Yet you flip it, and there’s no problem whatsoever. I must admit, I don’t get it.


Lol that never happened

Can’t handle it

You’re law. Okay ?


Big brother is now played in the last few weeks of the season.
So we have yet to see the shape up of comps, who will be the comp beast?
Players had to do more than comps in the early days of BB to win.
BB 1 had no comps.
Veto was bought in a few seasons into BB.
Now, you literally can win nothing all season pull out a few wins at the end and take it home!
I believe Nicole and Jordan won 2 or 3 comps at the end of their seasons n still won. I think Jun maybe won only 3 as well.
Dr. Will won zero comps and he still reigned champ
So much “game” (production?) Left to twist it up that I’m almost excited to see how this years winner “wins”
Comps? Social game? It’s a toss up for now as I say it’s way too early to tell