“DerekX lied to me and manipulated me a lot when I was on the block and then he sent Christian home”

HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, Alyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – DX going up. Fun times

8:00 am wake up

9:00 am X eating Breakfast while DF gives shoutouts to his Crossfit gym. The rest of the house is sleeping

9:36 am Jokers in their spots
BIGD – I need to start planning out next week
BIGD – if Claire wins it’ll be me and X
Azah – Sb and Alyssa
BIGD – Claire won’t put up Alyssa
Azah – she might
BIGD – She’ll put up SB or Ky can you imagine?
Azah – that would be painful
BIGD – if hannah or Tiff win. Tiff will put up .. Xavier, Ky, and Sb

9:38 am Sarah Beth practicing her reasons for DX going up.

Sb – if it was you and Hannah I think Hannah would go home. If it was you and Azah, BIGD they would go home
SB – you against Alyssa and Xavier would probably go.
SB – the people in the house right now.. I think you have Tiffany and Claire vote against pretty much everyone in the house we’re getting really close to the part of the game where all you need is three vote. I don’t see Claire, Tiffany or AHnnah anytime they are ont eh block not voting to keep you. I also think depending on who is next to you you’ll probably get Azah’s vote and Kylands.
SB – we have multiple competition threats in the house right now which worries me. That’s not what scares me the most. Everyone knows you are a competition threat but honestly that is not what scares me the most you are a HUGE social threat too.
SB says Claire is one of the few people in the house that she feels stronger would say and send DX home.

9:45 am X and Sarah Beth
SB wants to meet with him, Alyssa, and Kyland today and talk things through. ”
SB – DerekX lied to me and manipulated me a lot when I was on the block and then he sent Christian home. I have no qualms sending him out.
X – let’s do it
Sb says she’s also worried about DX’s social influence in the game points out how many votes DX could get depending on who he’s up against. “He has Claire, Tiffany, Hannah, and maybes even Azah’s votes that’s scary how can someone so good at comps have so much Social influence”
Sb – The second he put me on the block he started planting seed with me to make me distrust you guys. He was telling me that in his one on ones with Alyssa and Christian they both Said they trusted me the least out of the royal flush. He said you are clearly at the bottom of the totem pole. When it came to picking Veto he was telling me if you get houseguest choice I don’t think you are safe picking any of your teammates They won’t want to use it on you in case one of them goes up. He told me about the alliance you guys made with the aces that you didn’t include me. But you guys told me about that
Sb – he played with my emotions the whole week.
Sb – he told me Alyssa and Christian were already trying to flip the vote on me if it was BIGD (as replacement). He said two different people came to him saying they were trying to flip the vote.

Sb – I was vulnerable..
Sb adds that DX was trying to form an alliance with her and Ky so that he would be able to e take Christian out. Pull her away from the other kings that way we would have only 2 kings after him, not all three.
Sb – he used all of that week to feed me lies to make me feel vulnerable so he can scoop me up and have my trust but I haven’t trusted him since week 5 (WOW he was telling mostly truths.)

X – during his HOH he put two kings on the block now it’s coming to bite him in the a$$.
X – people said not to come after us. It’s their own fault
They laugh.
Sb – his main argument to me right now is that it looks like the only two people that can play in the coin flip is him and BIGD and he thinks BIGD will put me and Kyland up. Which I can understand why he would think that because BIGD has told the house that.. But I believe BIGD when he says he will put up Tiff and Claire

X – I think he’ll put up TIFF and Claire because Alyssa took him down.. uhh . it doesn’t make sense for him to do something that will damage Alyssa’s game.
X – people probably assume we’re in each other good graces so if he took a shot at you and Ky it just doesn’t make sense because number one he’s probably not going to win that HOH and it could backfire three of us are still here and you just gave us our next target
SB – Yup (LOL)
X – As this week as shown it’s not a good situation for anybody

Sb – I’m basically handing him a chance at.. a 50% chance at HOH next week so I’m doing him a favour.
X – I would rather BIGD have that power over babyd
SB – ohh me too
X – I am no longer able to get that power so it’s giving me more of a reason to get BabyD out.

They hug.

X leaves Sarah Beth paces around her room eating chips..

10:12 am Feeds cut to pound kitties
11:40 am Feeds still down yo.

12:25pm Still blocked.

12:57pm The feeds return to the house guests sitting around chatting.

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Nicole Bouthot

I would love for one of them to clue in on The Cookout. It’s getting a bit obvious who holds the majority. SB could take a swipe now (if she could just REALIZE)!!!! I felt DX was almost there the other night.


She realizes it. Claire realizes it. DX realizes it.

The problem isn’t that they don’t see it. The problem is that they are afraid to have their lives ruined outside the house if they say it out loud and/or go after the CO alliance. Therefore, they are *playing* ignorant.

Disclaimer: Not looking to debate race relations in the U.S. or in the BB House. My point is solely limited to non-Cookout HGs editing their gameplay for fear of BB Twitter.


Oh I think they see it. Only strong CO player is X, the rest want the game handed to them based on their race and not working for it. Why even play the game to win a token season? Can’t wait for the CO to implode on each other when Tiff tries to pull the female card that X and Big D don’t have. I also think Frenchie was smart enough to see what was going on when he got there and blew up his game to bounce. The season is what it is but CBS should be ashamed of themselves to allow CO to say it’s an alliance based on race. If White people said “oh we are together because we are white” and nominated and voted accordingly the world and CBS would have their ass. We’ve seen it in years past.


SB really crashed and burned this season. I actually thought that her quirky personality was somewhat endearing when she won the Week 2 safety comp. For me, the turning point was when she was so adamant that DX take the punishment and let her keep the $5K in the Week 5 veto comp. It’s been downhill from there. Her current vitriol towards DX is disappointing, especially considering his willingness to let SB keep the $5K while he served as Lord of the Latrine for 24 hours during his own HOH. I fully acknowledge that DX acquiesced to SB’s demand, and that’s on him, but oh how easily she forgets.

BB Fan

DX has done that to himself- his HOH reign made himself appear completely untrustworthy which was totally predictable during that week 5 if he was going through with targeting the kings and back dooring Christian when he was supposed to be aligned with the kings.
It’s not surprising that SB doesn’t trust him because he put her in a horrible spot to make her look like she was betraying her team! I think it’s total irony that he’s getting a dose of his own medicine and getting back door himself by SB after what he did the kings when he was supposed to be aligned with them. I said specifically that it was strategically dumb to wanna be to be the most physical male left with 11 people and betraying the kings portion of the royal flush and coming off as untrustworthy to people you were supposed to be aligned with would be the end of him and his game. DX lead to his own demise wanting to do what Hannah wanted him too. I can’t stand Hannah but she completely played him!

I told you for weeks as well that DX wasn’t going to sniff anywhere near a half dozen people left because he put himself in a terrible position By wanting to be the most physical male with 11 people left!
He should have kept Christian!
DX has no one to blame but himself for getting 10th place- I said over and over that this would happen to DX and here we are him getting backdoored in 10th place.


I told you for weeks as well that DX wasn’t going to sniff anywhere near a half dozen people left because he put himself in a terrible position By wanting to be the most physical male with 11 people left!”

LOL. It was seriously 10 days ago when Christian left, but you’ve been telling us for weeks. And Christian said multiple times that he was going to take a shot at DX on his next HOH, so DX had good reason to take his shot when he did. But, okay, keep going with, “I told you so!” I’m sure that if Christian was still in the game, then the Cookout would be vanquished and it would be Christian/DX aligned to the end. LMAO.

BB Fan

You are completely clueless lady LMAO
Oh my God you are so blind!

I’m not the person who said Derek X was going to make it to the final two in the last 2 weeks as well as just recently saying oh I think DX is going to make the final 4 please lady this entire season you have completely been way off on your reads about Derek X!!!

I told you repeatedly over and over again that he would be in this predicament and not get anywhere close to what you were talking about and that he would be gone sooner rather than later but you continually disregarded it!

And newsflash smart ass Even in week three DX with Hannah and whitney in the blue bedroom on the July 29th BRENT eviction episode were talking about How they wanted to take a shot at Christian and Alyssa! So week 3 it’s obvious he wanted to take out Christian a long time ago!
It was completely a given all the way back in July had Derek X won an HOH he was going to go after Christian!

And even if you still want to be a smart ass right after Whitney left on August 5 DX won HOH I knew he wanted backdoor Christian after his week 3 talks being Hannah’s puppet and the next day on August 6th what I knew all along was confirmed that he was going to backdoor Christian.
In a couple of days August 5 and August 6 will be three weeks from now- WEEKS!
I’ve been calling and could tell that he wanted to target Christian for a long time all the way in week 3 and I knew it was stupid for him starategically to follow through with that plan!

That has been weeks ago you silly woman even if you talk about when he won HOH it been-since August 5 when he won HOH and August 6 when he confirming wanting to follow through with his plan that he talked about WEEK 3!

I knew it would blow up in his face and lead to DX getting evicted sooner rather than later in wanting to be the most physical male in the house with essentially a dozen people left . In yet fans such as yourself lady who are so BLINDED by DX and his horrific gameplay can’t see why and how easy it was to predict that Derek X would be in this situation already! Instead you blame SB just freaking pitiful on your part. I told you DX would get eliminated earlier wanting to take out a shield in yet you continually were blinded SAYING HES GOING TO FINAL 2 or 4!

Now He’s getting back doored in 10th Place by SB the pawn he used week 5 lmao so yes you are clueless because it’s been predictable for a long time in yet you couldn’t see that!

Amanda chandler

You have told NOTHING BUT LIES. CHristian only suggested DX name Twice when they were knocking around ideas for nomination because he sensed (RIGHTFULLY SO) that HE was on DX and Hannah’s Radar. This was during his one & Only HOH. He even Resisted when Whitney warned him to backDoor Derek X when he had the chance. He Never repeatedly declared that he was coming for DX on future HOHs’ in Fact he actually stated that he was crossing it off his BB bucket list cuz he Never wanted to be HOH Again! He said it was too stressful, & even it he HAD said that it woulda been to his fellow KINGS and DX would never have KNOWN about it. In fact he was ready to team up with Derek X, and it was Derek X who broke this pact AND betrayed the Royal Flush by attacking the KINGS out of his Own Fear, Jealousy and Ambition. So stop making up Lying excuses for this untrustworthy Traitor.
And here’s to hoping he gets EXACTLY what he Deserves on Thursday’s Eviction night. God don’t LIKE Ugly.***”**


Copy and paste much??

BB Fan

No just stating facts bra –
Have anything else to add other then being unoriginal saying at different times that I copied and pasted when I didn’t.
It’s so obvious that people like you can’t understand or fail to realize what I am trying to say because people even you can’t accept that Derek X was awful strategically at this game and was used like a puppet by Hannah being played like a SPADE!
In yet people such as yourself are clueless and want him to be America’s favorite?!? Just a stupid way to reward awful gameplay!

Sir Kirby Williams

BBFan, you are the best feed follower strategist that this game has ever seen. Please tell us again about how you were able to see through all the house deception and come up with better scenarios than the HGs who have much less access to info, alliances, and who is actually aligned with who.

You’ve been telling us for weeks? My guess is we will continue to hear from you about DX for weeks.

BB Fan

DX Will be gone due to his bad gameplay it was obvious that he was going to be gone if he wanted to take out Christian when he made himself appear untrustworthy to everyone in the Kings especially the ones that were outside of the cookout and even those that were in the cookout saw him as a physical threat because he was the most physical threat still left in the house which is why I said all the way back then that he was being foolish going through with that plan to want to be the biggest male target and he was thus ensuring that he would be evicting sooner that her later….. you still you can’t admit that you were wrong and I was right.

It’s karma Kirby especially when you first commented first referring to me being worse than Frenchie and gone quicker that Jodi and i told you originally what would happen to DX and NOW already look where we are HE’s getting 10th place being backdoored by his week 5 pawn SB from the kings. That’s why you were being like Jacob the bonehead from season nine.

So yeah I called you out about it because I knew that this coming was coming for Derek X being evicted just shortly after.
I said immediately that he was being shortsighted and not think long term with wanting to do that back door week five on Christian and being so gung ho on wanting to target Alyssa and Christian even talking about in week 3 when they WERE IN HIS FREAKING ALLIANCE!

DX EVEN tripped out SB THAT WEEK 5! You open yourself up to be in a horrible position strategically if you want to go after people that you’re supposed to be aligned with because you make yourself appear untrustworthy and people start to question moving forward.
On top of it he was already a target for winning two vetoes and an HOH- so his target became huge with all of these factors. Especially him being seen as untrustworthy and having a few competition wins. He made himself come out to be too big of a threat for no reason.
Its not that hard to see that Kirby or understand it’s honestly quite predictable which is what I’ve been saying in the case for Derek X for some time now.

In yet you can’t admit that you’re wrong because you are so adamant that it’s not DX’s fault what happened to him because he didn’t know and that he deserves to be America’s favorite after he showed that he has bad gameplay! He was literally played like a spade by Hannah being used like a tool to turn on people he was suppose to close to in the royal flush or Brent. Not mention he made a bad move using the veto to save kyland that he took out Travis so he could do what frenchie wanted while DX was heavily sketched out by frenchie he wanted to his advice and use the veto week 1.

Derek X made moves time and time again that put himself in a bad position!
Enlighten of all this though you still think DX deserves AFP ?!? PLEASE you can’t even own it or admit you were wrong!


LMAO! It’s getting pretty redundant…give us a break BB Fan, please!


Yes, the $5000 is what bothers me the most. The fact that she even placed DX in that position by begging to keep the $5000 and he take a punishment! Who does that? And, how many people would have let her keep the $5000???? She is a cold witch! I can’t wait to see her ass go out the door!

Amanda chandler

Are you KIDDING me?? She SHOULDA took that 5000 from him! He was Perfectly willing to take a (to HIS Knowledge) $750,000 opportunity Away from her AND CHRISTIAN, cause there was Always a chance the vote could Flip. He made her suffer on the Block for a week, poisoned her mind against her own team and effectively broke up the Kings. Now they’re Finally coming back together, minus Christian/ plus KYLAND and Sara Beth owes him Absolutely NOTHING.**
..except a First class ticket to the Jury House going through the same Back Door he sent Christian out of. #all hail the Mighty KINGS*


And he didn’t owe her anything either…he did what he had to do to get his target out. That’s the game. I hate it when it works on people I like, like Derek X. I pray he gets back!

BB Fan

DX Did it to himself getting a backdoor this week!!! SB absolutely owes Derek nothing except for a dose of his own medicine and getting back doored in week seven in 10th place!

Pawns go home lady which is why SB is justified in HER MOVE in taking DX out especially when DX put SB at odds with the OTHER kings players and potentially could’ve ruined her game even if she stayed in the house week 5 and there was still a possibility where she could HAVE GONE HOME PRE JURY. And that could’ve been a possibility she could’ve left and gone home because people almost flipped the vote to keep Christian!

It is a strong and justified strategic move for Sarah Beth to target DX because she can now show that she has the trust with Alyssa and Xavier. When it was all Derek X fault that she SB was in a bad predicament with her kings teammates week 5.



I wish DX would be like SB, is your memory terrible literally the week you were on the block ally and X voted you out and tiff and Claire were actively trying to get you evicted as well DX let u keep 5K and he has been with KY all game he frickin used a POV to save him. If DX leaves this week I pray you and KY go up next week

Amanda chandler

Except you left off the Part where it was DX who put her and her Team on the dam Block in the FIRST place which is what started this X/KINGS war. So if SB’s a Witch, then DX must be the DEVIL.


They weren’t a team anymore. Give it up.

BB Fan

NO YOU GIVE IT UP And completely wake up and recognize that SB owes nothing to DX!!!

Derek X put Sarah Beth in a horrible position week five WITH HER KINGS TEAMMATES by causing the mistrust between the kings when he put two kings players who were supposed to be in his royal flush alliance!!!

On top DX Was the one who betrayed the alliance BY PUTTING UP TWO FREAKING MEMBERS! Still SB almost went home Bc pawns can go home – which is why players don’t believe in pawns. And when the pawns are able to survive and get off the block they are then justified for making any moves against the previous HOH’s When DX was willing to risk her big brother life!

So yes Sarah Beth is completely justified and owes Derek X nothing!

SB mirroring Derek X and giving home Is a great and now fair strategy because he is the one who initiated THE WAR!
DAX has done and is completely to himself and has no one to blame but him and you fans of Derek X and particular everyone that thinks he should be America’s favorite needs to wake up and realize that he is to blame and you need to except it that she made bad moods and started a war against the wrong side of the house which is completely true! This is why ma’am that you never put up two people in your alliance that’s half the house pre-jury because the part that stays in disagrees with your moods while being in Hoh can then be justified in coming after you because you in this case DX betrayed the alliance!


Dx for AFP!!!!


I wanna be mad at her for being an idiot and not seeing TC but she doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning and DX would likely put her up if he won next week so really doesn’t make much difference. Just get to the damn 6 already..this is lame

Paul Sucks

I am betting this is Tiff’s turn for HOH this week. I see X/Ky tossing it her way provide Alyssa and Claire go out before her. I am guessing that DF will tank per his usual and Azah will follow suit.

Anyone else have theories to share about the next HOH?


In one convo on the feeds (don’t have the timestamp, my feeds watching has been here and there), X and Ky talked about throwing the HOH to Alyssa. I think this is a likely scenario if DX leaves. X and Ky will want to give Alyssa the HOH and use her to take-out Claire. DF is the only one with the $ to play for the coup d’etat, so let him enjoy that in an Alyssa HOH that has a pre-determined end of a Claire or SB exit. From there, throw an HOH to Azah or BigD and use them to take out another “plus one” pawn. X and Ky run the table to the end of the game.

The Beef

Plus X has to be the third nominee either this week or next week, and I guarantee he would rather be that nominee during the week Big D WILL win the Coup d’etat, and thus the CO will have total control over who the other two nominees are, and a codlock on the votes too, with a minimum of a 3-2 advantage, and more likely a 4-1 voting advantage against the non-CO house guests. Hell, I don’t know why ANYBODY would want to win HOH this week, except for maybe the non-CO members who would get safety out of it.


This is revenge. Why would $5000 change the fact he put her up. She knew DX was coming for the Kings. I understand going after DX. I understand no one has figured out CO. Trying to do alliance pitch now is nuts. It’s just too late. I know a lot of people rooted for him but he was never a member of CO. Personally I think he should have been. The CO has played the best I’ve seen in long time. They have fights and yet keep they group together. They’ll make TE. They have three evictions to go not including this week.


DX put her up as a pawn. And, if you have to ask why $5000 matters….


I’m thinking from her point of view. Pawn doesn’t take away the fact he put up two kings. She made. Her $5000 doesn’t make sense to HER when there was no way she would get Veto Brit would have take. It’s on DX for not taking it. To think not taking it as leverage is not smart. I don’t think SB needs to be hated. She doesn’t know DX is America’s favorite. When does America ever pick a winner?


She knew she was a pawn. She also passed over the POV, while on the block, to take the $5000. SB took advantage of DX’s kind heart…she was crying and begging him for it. NO ONE does that! It only shows her to be greedy and self-centered. It speaks of her character. DX did not take it for leverage. At that particular time in the game, he had no reason not to take it. Other than maybe Azah and Z, I don’t think anyone else would have let her keep it. Though, I do not believe she would have placed Azah and particularly Z in that circumstance.

Kathleen Kelly



“I understand no one has figured out CO.”

Zero chance that nobody has figured out the CO. BB19’s Raven would have figured it out by now. The kittens and puppies on the feeds have figured it out by now. But I agree with you 100% that the CO has played a fantastic game and that they have been faithful to stay together despite personal arguments.


Of course they figured it out.
But afraid to speak out about or acting on it for fear of being judged outside the house, just as CO had stuck together so well as they also dont want to be judged outside the house if they didnt, in order to get this landside win. This is Big Brother where there are no rules. So fair or not fair its all part of this game and its bigger look into society and personal relationships. It is what it is, just like every season.


“…he was never a member of CO. Personally I think he should have been.”???

What are you even talking about?

The CO was formed based on all of them being black. That was it. Race. Period.

Derek X is not black. So why do you think he should have been or could have been a member of the CO?


They will not make it to the final 6. Tiff, X, or KY won’t want to give up their +1. My bet is Tiff will go to bat for Claire over the jokers when time comes. Or Alyssa wins veto. But in the end it won’t matter. X and KY are in a great position to win this game.

This is 3 seasons in a row where this game isn’t worth watching down the stretch.


Agree or disagree, I always think it’s worth watching because it shows a definitive microcosm of our world today. Look at the big picture & how it reflects society as opposed to these few people in a house.

The Beef

This comment has me LOLing! The best you’ve seen in a long time? So what exactly is it that they’ve done strategically that is so great? With all due respect, name ONE good player they’ve removed from the game! Go ahead. I’ll wait.

The best player to leave so far is Christian. He left on….Ummmmmm….DX’s HOH, and IIRC several of TC members fought strongly against that move. Now DX is most likely leaving – on SB’s HOH – also NOT a CO member. So if that happens, the two strongest players to leave so far have left on non-CO HOH’s.

Only two members of TC have won HOH so far, and veto’s too for that matter. Looks to me like the strongest thing about that alliance is the secrecy of it, and we all pretty much know why that’s the case don’t we? TOS is afraid to call them out on it for fear of being labeled as racist themselves, so they are sitting back and being picked off one by one, and the CO will waltz their way to the final 6, which was by design since before the season ever started.

Hell, TC members themselves are scared to death of going against the alliance for fear of being labeled as “Uncle Toms”. Isn’t this a great way to play this game? No strategy – no big moves – just vote as a block against all non-black players and look what we get in the end! The first black winner of Big Brother US! I guess the end justifies the means. I hope they still feel that way in future seasons.


Sarah Beth is literally the least liked person in the house and not too bright either.

Amanda chandler

She was bright enough to BACKDOOR Derek X and avenge Christian & the KINGS.


Was she? Or was Kyland bright enough to persuade her to do what he wanted? And she was stupid enough to do his bidding?

Puppets are not bright.

How is it bright to back door Derek X when there is a six person alliance which she and Derek X are not part of?

Wouldn’t it be brighter to target the 6 person alliance?


Wait. Is the Veto ceremony happening now? If so, when did they move it from occurring on Mondays


No, we think they might have been getting more BB bucks..


… or some maintenance work.


Maybe 🙂

another name

Are they using Have not room for solitary confinement Wednesday, or is there a separate space they are prepping?


Yeah it will likely be the havenot room. He’ll get a bucket of slop and a corner with a curtain for a bathroom.


Okay – so feeds have been down over two hours — SIDE EYE …

Is this to set up the narrative/script for the day where something gets exposed about Claire & leads to SB putting up Azah or Tiff instead of DX?

Just saying – why on earth would feeds be down for over two hours mid-day on Sunday?


This season is awful!!!! It’s painful to watch. DX was the only one that truly played the game and now he will be gone! Sara Beth and Kyland make me cringe. I think Sara Beth is a mean girl in real life! Her mouse voice And her little cute girl act is fake just like her! Tiffany Jesus shut up!!! Can’t stand her either. DF and Azah huge floaters! Df sleeps and eats all day. Worst season I have watched. DX will always be the winner in my eyes! I hope he gets America’s favorite. To the rest such a snooze fest!

another name

Logistics for Week 8 I’m trying to process

Lots of questions, So help me out here.

X and Ky want to throw to Alyssa. Since the probability is high that the coinflip is used, this move is just to protect Alyssa from being an invisible HOH nom.
So X is automatic 3rd nom.
Couch or possibly Hannah (?) and a third option that wins bucks in the HOH (it’s coming) are invisible HOH. Everyone assumes it is only Couch able to play?
Does invisible HOH get to vote? Does HOH? Questions.
nom pool is down to : SB, Cl/Dx, Tiff, Ky, Az, Couch, H.

arguments sake: Alyssa noms Cl/Dx and Tiff. the noms are X, Cl/Dx and Tiff.
Invisible HOH comes in. Do noms get changed? likely.
Who goes on the block: so either X, Tif/Ky, SB/Cl/Dx are on the block.
Are the removed/changed noms now safe for the week? Uh oh.

So my big Questions:

  • Does original HOH get to vote?
  • Does invisible HOH get to vote?
  • Are the ones saved by the invisible HOH Safe from renom?

It isn’t smart to throw to non cookout for this hoh especially with a third nom being cookout.
It’s short sighted, and depending on the answers to my questions, ill advised.
There is a possible outcome where with Alyssa safe, invisible HOH making a second non cookout nom safe for the week, and the last winning veto or being saved by veto…. that a cookout member must go.
THIS is Why the plan to throw HOH to Alyssa is stupid for X and KY.

If they don’t throw the HOH to a non cookout, the Cookout steamroll continues.
If they throw the HOH to non cookout, probability that the Cookout breaks completely is currently at about 40%.
If they throw the HOH to non cookout, there is even a possibility a cookout member is evicted.

The Beef

Why would either Big D or Hannah as invisible HOH take down a non-Cookout nominee? I’m assuming this Coup d’etat power allows them to change any or all of the nominees, with the possible exception of the third one (X), since his was related to the veto punishment, but I don’t know that for sure, just assuming. And if the “new” HOH is invisible, how could they NOT let them vote and that person remain invisible? They would be telling everyone who the invisible HOH was (as if everyone won’t know that anyway if Big D is the only one with enough BB Bucks to play).

I do think X wants to throw, so that he can go ahead and get his 3rd nominee time on the block out of the way this week, while the Coup d’etat is in play, while the numbers are higher, and while he knows the CO voting advantage is very much in his favor, but mostly because of the power and the CO’s ability to control who he’s sitting next to.

As for all the other permutations and who is safe, they should be able to control that with the right use of the power, assuming there are no big surprises in the veto competition.

another name

The reason I think it’s important to know who is voting out of the 2 HOH’s (the original or the Invisible… or neither) is because if X throws to Alyssa and she can’t vote, or if the other HOH can’t vote, that possibly leaves cookout members that have discussed turfing him early as the majority.
The reason I’m saying remove a non cookout is because Couch has been saying he’d remove a non cookout to get rid of SB. Don’t ask me why. He’s the mastermind.
Hannah? nobody knows she could be eligible and it’s invisible. That means she can, without impunity, take a shot at anyone and the cookout still has the numbers. Couch would get the blame.


Sb really the dumbest bb player in the show

Not Sorry

Wow, it would be great to see a battle back with Derek X. Assuming that he will be on the block and sent out the door? I think they have enough time to do so? Please ?

Kevin Souser

If Derek x goes home this week than xaiver needs to start winning more comps. He has the cookout and alyssa. And after Derek x there’s not many comp beats left so he can win some comps and make it close to the end. But I don’t see him 4 to 5 more weeks if Derek x goes home. Some one out of pure luck can win the hoh not nominate him so he may not play in the veto if he doesn’t get picked. Then can has the opportunity to get back doored. And he’s out same with kyland but he’s won some comps already. I love xaiver and kyland two of the nicest dudes this season and in seasons past. But for their own personal game get rid of Claire