Tiffany “If I win I would probably have to put up Whit and Brit. Sorry Brit!”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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4:40pm Bedroom – Azah and Brit
Azah – I don’t think you should be making any promise. I think making a promise is going to screw you over. I really do. We have no idea who is going to be in power next week. And what people might say to whoever is in power is that Britini promised that she is going to go after so and so .. you know what I’m saying?! Brit – yup! So my points are I was up here as a pawn since the beginning. You said there would be the potential of taking me down so that I don’t have to sit up there the rest of the week. I don’t feel comfortable sitting up there next to Brent because he is a master manipulator at this game and there is a possibility that he could swing the whole house to get me out. Do I have any other reason to take me off? Azah – I think what you’re saying is good. Then you ask is there a possibility of taking you off. Honestly, we’re at the mercy of them. We have no collateral. Nothing that we can give them. If Big D had the veto or I had the veto or somebody else that is with us it would be different. But the people that have the veto are the people in power. The HOH and Christian. So coming to them.. can’t be .. because we don’t have anything. We’re at the mercy of them. Do you get what I am saying. Brit – You know what though.. I can’t believe this thought crossed my mind but it did.. after last nights comp I could very easily put Kyland and Tiff up if I win. Azah – you could and its something you would be able to consider. Brit – I could say Kyland, you put me up on the block and I am returning the favor to you. Tiffany, I didn’t even think about putting you on the block until ____ wildcard and then did the exact opposite 10 minutes later and you made me look like a damn fool. Azah – its true. I think its focusing on you staying here this week and then focusing on the HOH after. Brit – what I can do is talk to Christian by himself and promise him safety next week because that I firmly intend to keep! Christian is not my target. He is not who I want to go. Azah – I would recommend no game talk about promising this or promising that until we see who is HOH. Everyone wants Brent out. I have not heard anything otherwise and I would tell you if I did.

Bathroom – Tiffany talking to America.
Tiffany – Brent is going home. He is trying to work his case but the kings and the queens and 1 ace up our sleeves which is ultimately our royal flush are like this (fingers crossed). And Whit she is cute and all but she is probably next to go and of course we’ve got our six and we’ve got to keep them together as best we can to make sure one of us gets to final two. I don’t know if I should win HOH… I mean its a game and we all have to show our cards at some point however I am trying to be really low key. If I win I would probably have to put up Whit and Brit. Sorry Brit, I wouldn’t want her to go home but she would probably be pretty upset with me and I would have to fix it later. I’m the fixer. I can fix anything so .. I don’t like hurting peoples feelings but its the game and somebody is going to be mad.

5:35pm Backyard – Big D and Whitney.
Big D – even when I talk to my teammates they’re all like Brent and Christian. Whitney – they like Christian? Big D – no out. Like that is why I am surprised your name.. Whitney – I am going to be honest because I love you. And I am all for being honest with friends.. I was told that you considered myself or Derek X as somebody potentially and somebody else out of the queens. Saying that you would put up myself or Derek and then also put up someone from the queens. Big D – I didn’t even consider you. I considered Derek but that was a long time ago .. that was a long time ago that conversation. Whitney – that’s why I wanted to talk to you about it. I think this person is trying to put ideas in my head because in my head that doesn’t make any sense. Big D – I had that conversation week 1. Whitney – I know when he (Derek X) said and did sh*t. I know. Big D – they’re going to try and make scenarios to make another target.

5:50pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Christian.
Alyssa – it makes sense for me to take out Azah because she is not a threat and is not a big teammate of someone else’s that are going to come after me. No one is going to be mad about Azah, other than Big D. No one is going to be mad if I take out Azah. Two, I don’t want Azah in jury. She is a very emotional player. I would rather take her out before jury. Three, Azah has never talked game with me once. So if the team wants me to be the person to do it, then I think everyone should respect for my personal game its better if I take out Azah first. Then the Queens take the next shot and take out Whitney. And we’re still good with the Aces. Does that make sense? Christian – yeah. Alyssa – If I have to be the one to take the shot at someone first out of our alliance then it should be what I want and I think that is fair because no matter what we are taking out someone outside of the alliance. Christian – true. Alyssa – I would still put up Whitney and say that she is the pawn. Christian – do you think she would be cool with that? Alyssa – no, but she’s the pawn.

6pm Backyard – Christian and Big D
Big D – a guy has to win or we’re f**ked. We’re in trouble. I’ll tell you that. I haven’t heard your name and I’ve only talked to X and Ky so of course we’re not talking about us. A girl has to go up. And here is the thing would you rather keep Alyssa or would you rather keep SB (Sara) it they’re going for your team? And you’ve got to take the feelings or whatever out of it. Christian – I will answer this question and justify it. I think Alyssa is better to stay because SB already won a comp and Alyssa hasn’t. SB is seen as the sweet old thing and she is and Alyssa and if I get put up most likely its me and her together and she is a potential shield. Big D – so I need to win that HOH next week .. or you do. Or X or Ky need to. Or Derek X. Christian – I can guarantee if my team wins you’re not going up. If anyone on my team wins. Big D – no that wouldn’t be smart. Christian – if my team wins you know you’re good. If your team wins, I know I’m good. Big D – if Brit wins she is going to be mad at the people that put her up. Christina – so that’s X. Big D – I am going to try and stop her from putting him up.

7pm Derek X is going around with the camera asking questions and taking videos.

7:15pm – 7:30pm Bathroom. Xavier, Christian and Alyssa.
Xavier – so did you guys come out to the camera as a showmance? Alyssa – nope, because we’re not one. Christian – because we ain’t. Xavier – okay?! You’re right. Alyssa – it doesn’t really F**king matter at this point. Honestly I was really annoyed yesterday. Xavier – what happened yesterday? Alyssa – I was just annoyed about it in general. Christian – if anyone else lays in the hammock its not a big deal. Alyssa – but if I do this on his feet ..its suddenly a showmance. Its just not fair. Xavier – to the extent that I can, I will keep down playing it. Alyssa – everyone still wants to make the jokes. Everyone else can do it but if we make lunch together… oh my god. There is really no point to give a f**k ..we’re still going to downplay it but I am not going to worry about it at this point. Alyssa – it makes sense for us to win it because if the queens win it they’re going to show that they’re working with us because why aren’t we up but again who cares, sooner or later people are going to figure it out. I am fine winning it, only if Azah is the target. If we get out Whitney, it starts where I’m the target and people will come after me. Kyland joins them. Alyssa asks do you mind who I put up as long as its not someone in our alliance? Kyland – no.

7:38pm Havenot room. Kyland and Xavier
Xavier – ..Bri, Big D and Azah. Like her logic behind it is very valid. And I am like how do we streer.. Like she doesn’t want to take a shot at Whitney because her and Whitney are good. Basically she wants a guy to take a shot at Whitney. Like if she wins she doesn’t want to take a shot at Whitney she wants to take a shot at Azah. Kyland – but no one in the house trusts Whitney. Xavier – that’s what I .. if we can maybe steer the conversation to get her on board. I don’t know what changed but at the beginning of the week people wanted me to put up Brent and Whitney. Kyland – here is what is happening.. Whitney is running to everyone to try to find a life boat. Xavier – Big D said that Whitey said if she won HOH she would target Alyssa. The thing is I don’t know how long ago she said that. We need to figure out who she would target. Kyland – 100% Whitney would target the kings. Xavier – so if she is targeting the kings, Alyssa you need to go after Whitney. Kyland – exactly. Brit and Whit are the two leading voices in the house. Xavier – that are things that we need to know because right now Alyssa is hell bent on going after Azah. Kyland – the most imperative thing this week is that an Ace or Joker does not win. As of right now Claire and Derek X are fine with Azah going to jury. As it is right now she should absolutely not trust Whitney. What it comes down to is who is the bigger threat, Azah or Whitney?! The best kept secret in the house is us, the other best kept secret is the flush. No one knows about that. Kyland – Brit said day one that her dream wasn’t to be here, it was to do what her grandfather told her and get her masters and be a teacher. She did that. Let her go live her dream. Xavier – I feel that. I think she is getting more and more incentive to come after people. Whit or Brit need to go next.

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This is the first time in years that depending on who wins HoH, we may see so many different pairs on the block next week. Even within alliances the targets are slightly different. The boot order is really just a guess until we at least see who wins the HoH.

I also think the easy boots are gone. I believe Alyssa, Christian, DerekF. and Azah are probably the weakest players left but people have uses for them in the coming weeks as the stronger players start to look for ways to weaken the competition.


I think Derek F would be out of the house before Azah. I am trying to still trying to figure out Christian’s worth to the other houseguests. He seems to be the most expendable of the people you have mentioned

Paul Sucks

My money is on Brit/Whit on the block next week.


I think it’s big mistake to underestimate Alyssa. I think she’s the brains of the Showmance and Christian is the muscle of the group. This season in many ways more interesting.


Okay – a little Sunday Brit rant for you all…

So THAT nomination speech is why Britini is all up in arms over Xavier & wants to demand a public apology. Are you kidding me? B/c he said I worry you would nominate me? Come on.

As it was she had a shot to take out Lil D in the WC standing there with the card in her hand to eliminate him & couldn’t figure out which card to switch. Earlier today Ky asked Tiff how things went down & she cleared up that before it started Brit was the one who said “let’s get DX” & she just looked at her & said nothing. Ky told her you know she’s playing it the other way right and Tiff essentially said “shocker”.

Tiff would tell Ky if the situation was different b/c he wouldn’t care & she has no reason to lie to him. But just like that simple nomination speech Brit is trying to make mountains out of moe hills. Similar to how X should apologize & Brit thinks she should get a 21 day block exemption pass. Brit acts like a spoiled child (and it’s getting really annoying – as are her repeated DR proclamations she’s about to win).

Perhaps the more concerning part of the equation is now Azah & Big D are realizing by playing along in their outrage & feeding into Brit’s rants it’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle. Brit has shifted to saying she’ll put up Kyland & Tiffany or Ky & X if she wins HOH. Great work you two- that trio are doing the heavy lifting but the alliance could end b/c you needed to whine about losing a potential TEAM shield. And NEWS FLASH teams will end in a week or two. Brit also has a major crush on Christian so will never put him OTB & is best buddies with Whitney (though she’d be okay putting up Hannah, DX or Ally but the latter only if she had to).

Azah is someone I really liked at game start and still find humorous but she is close enough to Brit that some of this could’ve been abated. At worst, giving her Cookout allies the heads up this was headed south so they could step in and give Brit the attention she is so clearly craving would’ve been a start. Even though I’m not a fan of Big D at least he’s trying to back Brit off some of the things she saying. He also tried to make Azah recognize the bigger picture. Ky spoke to her too as did Tiff but the latter conversation didn’t go great.

For Azah not to nip the Ky/Tiff or Ky/X nominations immediately shows she either doesn’t care if they both go up or isn’t capable of playing her part in the alliance. Either way, I’d call her a liability.

Which brings up another point – Ky sort of gave Tiff the heads up that Claire & Azah could end up sitting OTB as soon as next week. Tiff said I wish we weren’t on camera & Ky said me too. My read on that situation is while T/K want to get all the Cookout to jury they really would rather bring SB & Claire with them deep in the game rather than keep someone like Azah (Big D?) around who aren’t loyal, can’t be relied on to win & won’t do anything to protect them.

Let’s keep our eyes on this dynamic as it heats up. To that end, SB told Ky she’d love to do a F4 with him, Tiff & Claire (Tiff out at F4). Meanwhile, T/C are figuring out which guy they should add to that same F4 to make Ky comfortable noting they still don’t know how strong X is as a competitor. If they knock out Ally before Christian I could see Tiff pulling him in b/c he’ll be great in physical comps but I doubt would do well in the end game date related comps.

And just as I finish typing this – we see X filling in Ky that Ally wants to target Azah & that Brit is becoming a problem.


Good read of the game! If Azah and Brit don’t start making real moves, they are going to walk out of the BB house soon.

j w

Azah isn’t going anywhere until all the white people are gone! Haven’t you been paying attention to the show?


I thought the same thing regarding tiff and KY but my thoughts are why does it matter if the cameras are on? Are you afraid our community will disown you if you say you would rather take out azah then Claire? Come on better your hand in the game regardless of skin color. Or is it because their is an agenda being pushed behind closed doors and big brother is telling them all to play into the cookout alliance and she can’t speak out how she really feels.

The Beef

I think there’s not a possibility but a probability they will face a backlash from the AA community if one of them takes the first shot at “one of their own” in this game! Did we not all see the vitriol on twitter, instagram and facebook last season, when there was conflict between David, Day and even Kevin about supporting each other, and not voting each other out? I totally agree they should do what’s best for their game, but it’s pretty clear some people in this world think they should support a “bigger agenda”, and by not wanting to talk on camera, it’s very clear they are aware of that and afraid to say how they really feel about things “on the record”. That’s really sad to me for a couple of reasons, but the biggest one is it could cost them $750k simply because they are afraid to play their own game!

Vivian Rodgers

Tonight’s episode would have had a pre show public service message had some of the comments been made by those not in the cookout. It’s kind of appalling the words and tribalism being pushed without being checked. The one thing I did change my mind on was Azah, she showed that she’s actually there to play the game the right way and not try to protect those simply because of the color of their skin. She earned so much respect in my book.

The winner each season should be based on skill, gameplay, social skills, alliances, making the right moves at the right time, keeping mental notes, etc. This seasons trajectory shows that the winner will be none of those things, rather pushing a person of color across the finish line to check off a box.

Vivian Rodgers

Overall I just find it weird that cbs allow for this and I know I can’t be the only one who reads the updates and watches the feeds/show who feel the same way.


It’s so crazy to hear you say that because for 22 seasons when POC were voted out in the first few weeks so many of you were saying that it had nothing to do with race and that they should have had better game play or they should have won more comps. Now that there are more POC in the house that are actually playing the game and have won comps CBS is rigging it for a POC to win?! Sounds like double standard to me! Maybe they think them sticking together as POC is the best strategy for them and nominations have had nothing to do with race.


I agree with you Chance 100%


Lol this comment is like a double negative.
“Maybe they think them sticking together as POC is the best strategy for them and nominations have had nothing to do with race.”
You say strategically it has been best for the cookout to get/stick together with other people of color but their decisions on who to vote out have nothing to do with race? You see the hypocrisy in that right? You can’t bring up the fact they are people of color as a reason to band together then turn back around and say color has no bearing on who is being voted out.

Full disclosure I’m team tiff all the way and if I were in the house let’s just say I would be invited to the cookout but your comment is asinine.


I think your reply to my comment is more asinine honestly. My point was that just like in previous seasons when a group of the same race banded together they stated that their nominations were not based on race but gameplay and they were doing what they felt was best for their game at the time, after all they are playing Big Brother and in the end there can only be one winner. I never said strategically I think it’s best they stick together. I said maybe THEY think sticking together is the best strategy for them at this point. I assume everyone is upset because Xavier didn’t nominate Azah as a pawn and that’s fine but the first 2 evicted were voted out based on gameplay. Frenchie nominated Travis, then Frenchie was voted out because he was playing crazy. Just saying.

The Beef

People have said plenty of racist things in that house over the first 22 seasons (season 15 especially), but I don’t recall anyone ever saying “Let’s vote them out because they are black.” I also don’t recall anybody saying “Let’s make sure we protect all of the white players.” or “You’re one of my own.” unless it was a black player talking to another black player. Now you may be able to prove me wrong (I’ve been wrong before), and if you can, I’ll admit it and apologize for being wrong, but I truly don’t remember anybody SAYING anything like this, as far as white’s voting out black’s go. You can say an all white alliance voting out a black player is the same thing, but it’s not unless you can prove they did it simply because of that persons race, and/or we know they formed that lily white alliance based on race alone, as it has been stated the Cookout alliance was formed.

What I don’t get is why they left Hannah out of it? What, she’s not black enough for them, kind of like Kevin last year? They seem to like her well enough to consider her as a replacement (if they NEED her), but just not a full fledged alliance member from the get go, but she seems to think she IS a member. I wonder how she would feel about them if she found out some or even most of them don’t consider her to be in that alliance? Wonder if she might blow the whole thing up to the rest of the house?

j w

Well said.


I thought Hannah was in the cookout? They kept mentioning the “6” so I assumed the 6 included her, but the last episode only mentioned BigD, Azah, X, Tiff, and Ky.


She was brought in later than the core. At one point they wanted to cut Kyland for her.

j w

Those POC you speak of in past season were awful players. I agree this year the POC are strong players except DF and Asah. The cookout is very obvious in targeting race!

Vivian Rodgers