Hannah “He was like Alyssa is in my back pocket. I can tell her to do anything and she will do it for me.”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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12pm Backyard. Big D and Whitney.
Big D – let talk game! Whitney – you want to talk game? Big D – yeah! So nimwad goes home, what do you want to do about next week? I like to assess situations because that’s just my street mentality.

Bathroom. Brent and Claire.
Claire – They’ll probably start campaigning after veto or something. We have good, strong people. Brent – we do. And we’re keeping it so discrete, that’s perfect. People don’t really see us talk a lot.. so we can’t start talking too too much because everyone will be like Whoa what’s going on? Claire – I know. Brent – and you did this to yourself because you used to run away all the time. Claire – we were telling people we didn’t know each other.. so we don’t know each other! Brent – so we can’t really change it up now. Claire – I will let you know when the campaigning starts. Brent – yeah, I just want this to go as smooth as possible and then move on and then just start taking control of the house. Brent leaves. Claire’s face (see below image).

Bedroom. Alyssa and Brit.
Alyssa – me and Christian feel really good about you and we would not do that to you for a third week in a row. We would not do that to you. Brit – I appreciate that! Alyssa – as long as you have my back next week if you and your team wins, I have you with my team. I know that X put you up and he is being very vague.. and that is not what I would have wanted. Brit – that’s the hardest part too.. and I know X and I are cool. I know I was never the target but that still was hard. Alyssa – of course. You just got down! Brit – exactly. I hadn’t even been safe for 24 hours. I definitely am going to talk with.. I guess he (Xavier) is going to talk to your team and our whole team? Alyssa – he is doing our whole team with the other team but I am sure he is going to do one on ones with you and Brent and Christian as the veto holder. Alyssa – I just don’t know if I want it. Brit – I think if you win it, you are in a very good position. The good thing is pending if I stay on.. I don’t know X’s plan.. depending on what is best for his game.. I will respect that.. but that means I get one on ones again. So that for me is basically what I will use.. what in the world is going to happen for next week. My name has been in Brent’s mouth for almost two weeks. That is the reason why I am here. Alyssa – I think it was Frenchie in the beginning because Frenchie told me you were in the alliance. I know its not true but logically it made sense. Brit – it was so funny that I wasn’t there but I was pegged as the leader. Alyssa – Imagine me, I f**king made slop with Christian once and we were lovers. One time and I was on the block because I am in a showmance f**king day 3. I am opening up my legs day 3! That’s what is frustrating. Everyone can hug and cuddle and flirt but if he (Christian) makes me breakfast in the morning.. people are going to over think it. He is my own teammate and I have to watch how much time I spend with him. We don’t even flirt!

12:30pm Bathroom. Alyssa and Hannah.
Hannah – 100% he (Brent) would blow up your game. I think he would possibly lie about you and Christian. Alyssa – oh 100%! Honestly it sucks but he is going to have to be completely blindsided. Hannah – yeah, no yeah.. I agree. Alyssa – what I told little D was he is blindsided but in your goodbye message just explain yourself but I don’t really even want to explain myself because he could come back. But at the same time you don’t want to pull a Paul where Josh was saying everything that was going on and Paul was saying if you’re gone, I don’t know what happened. Hannah – yeah. I am planning on being honest in my goodbye message. I am planning on only talking about the game and not about him on a personal level because I really don’t like the guy. He makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Alyssa – really? Hannah – yes in the kitchen we hugged for like 20 minutes.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Alyssa – I feel bad about blindsiding him but its a game and we have to lookout for our game. Hannah – to be honest I don’t feel that bad and that is going to suck because he is my teammate. We were eye to eye last night and he said I sole heartedly trust you and I hope I don’t look like an idiot but I trust you. You’ve never lied to me. And I was like yup. Hannah – He was like Alyssa is in my back pock et. I can tell her to do anything and she will do it for me. Alyssa – you’re lying! Okay, you need to tell me this more because now I don’t feel bad. Hannah – its going to suck for him but I don’t feel bad because I don’t like the guy.

Bedroom – Tiffany and Kyland.
Tiffany – I am going to have to stay close to Big D because he does understand me. He does understand me and I can get to him. Kyland – next week, Azah and Claire Thursday (Friday) night on the block. What are you going to do. Tiffany – from who? Kyland – doesn’t matter. Tiffany – oh my god! Oh my god! Can I say something .. I wish they would turn the camera’s off. Kyland – I know, I’ve thought about that a lot. Tiffany – oh my god. I want to cry when I say this. Kyland – hold my hand. Right here and you can squeeze on the one that you would vote out. Tiffany – I would really need to think about it because right now they are super loyal to me. Claire joins them. Kyland – we get Brit to tell us her targets and I bet the answers she gives to you two will be way different than the ones she gives to me. Tiffany – wow, I am interested to know.

1:15pm Kitchen table – Hannah, Brent and Whitney.
Hannah – Whitney couldn’t you see Brent being a doctor? Whitney – no. Hannah – why not? I think he has the personality of a doctor. Doctors are very I know this, this is the way. Whitney – not the arrogance. Brent – I’m not arrogant. Arrogance is way different than confidence. Don’t mistake cockiness with confidence. EVER! Hannah – there is a fine line. Brent – there is a fine line. I don’t walk around saying my sh*t don’t stink. I just say my sh*t stinks but I know it. There’s a difference. You guys think I am arrogant. Hannah – I think you say and do everything with conviction and its your way or no way. So maybe arrogance isn’t the right word. Brent – conviction is confidence not arrogance. But we’re in a team game and I feel as though I’m a team player. So if I was going to say its my way or the highway I would give you guys ultimatums, no? Hannah – not necessarily. I think I can be arrogant. Its not necessarily a bad thing. You just have to own it. Brent – Christian would you say I am arrogant? Christian – Arrogant no, confident AF.

1:30pm Tiffany in the bedroom alone talking to the cameras. Tiffany – I have a final two with Kyland. We are called “The Connect”! We the connect. I feel really good about that. He could very well have a final two with someone else too. I don’t know. I kind of trust him and I know in this game you should not trust people but you have to kind of trust them to a certain extent. And at least that is one final two I have but I have loyalty issues where I will be more loyal to him than anyone else. I love Claire to death but I don’t know if I can be her .. I want to keep her, Ky and Derek X close to me. I don’t want to show my cards, I don’t want to win HOH. I don’t want to win HOH. Although this would probably he the HOH that I win.. and unfortunately Whitney would have to be the one to go. I love her as a person but I don’t trust her so she has to go because I don’t trust her to be loyal to me. We will figure it out America.. pray for me and my brain. It take a lot of brain power in here.

2:10pm Kitchen Table. Derek X and Alyssa.
Alyssa – I think I am fine with everyone. Derek – I personally don’t want to win it because I don’t want the jokers to have my name as a target. Christian joins them. Alyssa – would Whitney go after us? Derek – I don’t think so. Christian – they can’t break us all up. They can only take out one person. So if they go after us next week.. they’re f**king gone the next week. Derek – they wouldn’t go after you because that’s blowing their entire game to go after you. Christian – the only people that can’t win are the jokers. Alyssa – so if the jokers are out, should we just drop? Derek – I’m going to drop. If the jokers drop, I’m going to drop. Christian – I want SB (Sarah) to win it. Alyssa – so maybe we persuade SB to win it. Christian – its not that easy though, it depends on the competition. They move the to bedroom. Derek – lets say you win HOH and you put up Whitney would you put up Hannah next to her? Alyssa – I don’t think that would be smart. I would put up Azah. I do not talk game with Azah. I would not put up Brit and I feel good about Big D. I don’t want Azah in jury. Christian – what about Bid D? Alyssa – I don’t want to do Big D. He would blow us up! Christian – he is going to blow anybody up when he goes on the block. Alyssa – I talk more game talk with Big D. I have never talked game with Azah. Christian – yeah its good to have these conversations to be on the same page but there’s no point otherwise until we know who wins.

2:12pm – 2:30pm Backyard. Tiffany and Brent.
Brent – I don’t know how this is going to go. Tiffany – do you think he is planning to use the veto? Brent – I don’t think so, I think the nominations are staying the same but you never know. Whatever happens is going to be catastrophic to the game regardless because if I get eliminated he is the only 4 person team left so he is going to get destroyed. If I stay then their team is not the primary target because my team is 4 as well. The mafia thrives with numbers. Me going home blows up everyone’s game. It really does. I’m not saying I’m special. If I go home the only other 4 person team is going to get attached by the three other teams. So their team is going to be destroyed! It wouldn’t work for X and them .. the kings. And if I go then the mafia no longer has the numbers because most like the Jokers and Kings would align because they don’t have leadership. If Brit goes home, it only strengthens ours. You, Claire and Ky we trust you whole heartedly.

2:45pm – 3:10pm Havenot room. Tiffany, Big D and Ky
Tiffany – he is good! He even got me thinking. Big D – yeah he is good. He got me and Azah. We were like he is right .. but. He is telling me and Azah that we need to let go of Brit and keep him. Ky – he thinks he is staying. Big D – he said this team sh*t isn’t going to last long. Tiffany – he is right. I f**king hate him. Damn, he is smart. F**king playing with my head. He is like the kings are the only 4 player team and if his team stays the same it will make them both threats of the three player teams. If he stays then we can all join together ..then there are two jokers left and the Queens and the four aces. That will give us all the numbers. I do think he is loyal. Big D – he is not. Not as loyal as us. Tiffany – he did not expose Frenchie. Ky and Big D – he exposed Frenchie to us. He won’t expose Frenchie to you. Tiffany – what happens when Brent leaves. Big D – the next two targets would be Alyssa and Christian. Christian is a threat, I’m sorry. Tiffany – I understand. I saw him out there with his tutu. He don’t give a f**k.I need your team or our team to win. I am hoping its me. I am going to have to put those two up. What if one of us gets HOH, what if not to show our cards we have to put one of us up as a pawn against the person we know is going to go. I don’t want to do it, I am just thinking. Big D – if I win HOH and we’re down to final 9, I don’t care if they know we’re working together. Who give a sh*t at that point.

3:30pm Bathroom. Hannah and Whitney.
Whitney – I can work on Claire more and I can work on X more. And then you’re working on Tiffany and Christian. And then Derek X has Azah and Kyland. Hannah – I think its just Azah because I don’t think he has Kylands ear. Whitney – I feel like he would. Hannah – no because I think he sees him more as a little brother. Whitney – We have people each group to cover. Hannah – exactly so just keep working on those relationships.

3:50pm – 4:10pm Hammock. Kyland and Sarah.
Sarah – you know what we should do in a double, I think we need to get rid of Christian in a double. Kyland – I legitimately haven’t .. I don’t know. Sarah – His personality is great, I could see people voting for him. I also feel that Christian feels really loyal to the kings. He wants the kings to be final four. So I worry once we get down if he wins HOH, he is going to take a shot at you and I don’t like that. Kyland – I appreciate that. Sarah – I think Whitney wants to get closer to you. Kyland – yeah I’m sure she does. Which Tiffany was already worried about. I’m like oh my god Tiffany. I’m aware of what she is doing. Is America and this whole house looking at me like is he falling for that because I am going to be pissed. I am going to be pissed. Sarah – I don’t think that. Kyland – I know what she is doing. Sarah – I don’t know, she’s real cute. She single. Kyland – oh my god. I’m so mad right now. I’ve been thinking about that. If people are watching and thinking that I am unaware of what is happening I am going to be pissed.

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Tiffany is good but Derrick X is underestimated… get him and Sarah Beth out now and let all the snakes fight.


I agree about Derrick X but Tiffany is the worst. She thinks she is sneaky but people are onto her trying to manipulate the noms.


The thing is, having watched that one on one, Tiffany didn’t manipulate the noms at all this week; this is all Xavier


They didn’t show the numerous conversations that occurred prior where Tiff & Ky (?) or Tiff & Claire figured out DX had to play and throw it b/c the Aces were talking about doing another draw which meant Whitney could’ve played and that would’ve meant needing to get out both pawns in the WC.

That said, DX is super intelligent & is picking up the game nuances quickly. He still makes minor mistakes (like after the comp he said something to Azah/Britini that added fuel to their fire and required both him & Tiff having to go back).

Feeds Gold

another obvious error in the edit this time in the sunday ep intro

“2 aces threw it(the hoh comp)” with a shot of derek x and hannah

ffs get it right, stop deliberately misleading the audience

3 aces threw it…derek x, hannah and whitney

so that brent could be an option to be a nom


That being said, having actually watched the Wildcard Comp now, Azah and Britini had no reason to be upset; Tiffany and Derek X were fully in their rights to do what they did

Feeds Gold


The Beef

You’re right about that of course, but it doesn’t fit their “narrative”, because Whitney isn’t in the Kings + Queens + Derek X alliance (Royal Flush), plus they had that cute shot of DerekX and Hannah to exploit (several times), of him doing the peace signs and her doing the thumbs up, with both of them having huge smiles on their faces when they LOST! SB on the other hand, look totally crushed when she missed the question, even though she was safe as a member of X’s team, since he won. Maybe she’s just a bigger competitor then they are, or maybe they are just more into the whole scheming/gaming/planning aspect of how things are done. Who knows? In the end, all three of them were safe anyway, and that’s all that matters in this game – unless you are production, which has to worry about the casual fans who only watch on TV, and believe all of the spoon fed crap they feed them 3 nights a week as to what is “really” going on in the house.

Feeds Gold

epic whitney side boob in that black swimsuit!


It looks like it is going to be a female winner this season.


While there are definitely more strong female competitors than there have been previously in a single season, don’t count some of the guys out


I think both DerekX and Kyland are in good spots and are doing well managing the moving parts. It’ll be enjoyable watching things unfold. Although they may want to remove a strong female just to even things a bit. Although they need to be careful not to make it too apparent.

I love the fact that almost anyone has a good chance at earning the win.

The Beef

Yeah but who’s doing the voting? The way men are getting voted out this season, it appears the jury is going to be mostly women, and we all know that means they will likely vote for someone who looks like them. Since it’s inception, there have been 15 male winners of Big Brother and only 7 women, and more recently, men have won 7 of the last 9 seasons, so it would not be unreasonable for the woman to think it was “time” for another woman to be crowned, especially in a season with so many good players from both sexes. That’s why these early evictions are more important than some people seem to think they are. Jury make-up IS a factor in who wins, no matter how you slice and dice it. It always is and always will be.


It will probably be a black female who deservingly wins too.

Judging by your username I just know you will be upset (you’ll be mad if a female or POC male wins too…SAD!) and I’m thrilled!

Go cry about it on Parler.

Cee Dee

Love this season so far. These people are actually playing the game and not sitting around waiting around to get slaughtered.