Brit “I did my due diligence, why am I still up!?! I was your threat! I did my job!

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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7:52pm HOH room – Sarah, Xavier, Alyssa, Christian
Xavier – I just want to get a general idea of how to proceed with these meetings so we have the jokers up first. And I want to start off that meeting by publicly apologizing to Britini. Christian – you know Derek F is probably going to drop some attitude on you. Xavier – oh yeah. Alyssa – I am going to zip my lid for that one and for the Aces because Brent will be in here. Xavier – I think all of us will zip our lids when Brent is in here. Let him do the talking because he’s our leader. Alyssa – I also found out that I do whatever he wants so … Big Brother blocks the feeds. Xavier – I am already planning to talk to all the Aces without Brent. I’ve already talked to Whit and Hannah. Alyssa – and we are keeping them (noms) the same? Xavier – yes. But technically we can’t disclose what we’re going to do yet. Alyssa – I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page? Xavier – yes, its staying the same. Does anyone have an issue with that? Alyssa – no. Xavier – does it benefit anyone to tell them that? Alyssa – I would feel better knowing in her (Brit) position to not feel like there is any hope or paranoia but that is not really our problem. Xavier – I will tell them that we are still considering it until we have met with every team. Then after I will tell Brit one on one that its not being used and I’ll just deal with her on that.

First meeting with the Jokers.
Xavier – first and foremost I wanted to apologize to Britini. I know this week has been miserable. This is not something that I enjoyed doing or that I was happy to do. It was just something that I felt to get the real target out of the house .. it was something that I needed to do. I do want to apologize for any stress or emotional stress that I’ve caused you this week. I promise you, nothing is going to happen with you. You’re not going anywhere. It was to keep the intended target off the scent of what I had planned. I just wanted to say it in front of everyone. Big D – so that is the plan for Brent to go .. if something happens and he doesn’t and Brit goes home… expect me to be coming. Xavier – I would expect nothing less. Everyone knows Brit that you’re not in any alliance and that your loyalty lies with your team and that’s likely it. Everyone knows except for the target (Brent) that you’re not the target. It should be a unanimous vote. We will meet with everyone and then decide what we do with the veto. Brit – I wanted to talk to you (X) and you (Christian) because I wanted to talk to you two specifically. Xavier and Christian agree to meet with her after the meetings. Xavier – everyone knows you’re not the target I just had to present that so that he would feel safe but he is going to get a rude awakening on eviction night. Christian – he is prepared for a unanimous vote for you to go so when he sees … yeah its going to be insane! The jokers leave.

8:10pm Bedroom. Brit, Azah and Big D.
Brit – Why am I even going to go talk to him? Big D – you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Brit – Oh my god it literally just hit me right now that they’re not using it. They literally just said its going to be a 12 – 0 unanimous vote to send him home which means they’re not using the veto. He doesn’t want to put anyone else up which means I’m staying on the block for the next three days and I have to pack my sh*t. Like F**K! Come ON! Like I am going to tell him straight out the veto isn’t getting used. Like what!? Like I didn’t just hear that!? No, No, NO! Now I’m HHHHHMMMMMMmmmm.. I am going to be like you just said in the team meeting that you did not decide what is happening with the veto but then one of your teammates said its going to be a 12 – 0 vote. And he is thinking its against me. SO your not using the veto and I am staying up! Is that what you’re saying? Even though I don’t feel comfortable being up against him, he’s had my name in his mouth in the past two weeks and he’s said nothing nice about me and will continue to say nothing nice about me for the next three days and the fact that I was used as a pawn. I did my due diligence, why am I still up!?!?! Why can you not put someone else up from his team and just be honest with him about how this week is going to go!! Like why are we trying to hide this outcome? Azah – Girl that’s the thing I’ve been trying to figure out. Brit – I don’t get it! That means I’m going to be on the block for the next three days. Big D – I think people are not good dealing with confrontations. Brit – you know what!? Too damn bad!!!! Grow up! If you’re 28 years old and you’re not good at dealing with confrontation, then you’re screwed!! Like I am sorry!! No like!! Damn!! Azah – you hit the nail on the head .. people aren’t good with dealing with confrontation. Brit – I don’t care if your speech was true or not what I have a problem with .. the issue that I have is that you were able to say my name and all of that in the same sentence … because that has never been said about me in my life. So the fact that was said about me, you were able to put my name with that speech .. that is alarming to me! That is not okay with me!! No one in my life would say those kinds of words about Britini D’Angelo! That is not a thing that gets said about me. Big D – I understand that. So what do you feel would be best if you win HOH? Brit – I’m going for the kings! I don’t care, I’m going for them. My nominees are X and Christian. Alyssa is the person going up if one of them come off. Or I go for X and Ky and Christian is my backdoor. I don’t care. People joke about being on the block all the time and all I want to tell them is SHUT UP because none of y’all get it! Why is this hide and go seek war! I was your threat! I did my job! What you did was call my character into question and that I am not okay with!! That scares me! I’m like Damn! I am not okay with this! I feel so uncomfortable with being on the block with him. It really feels like my feelings are expendable.

Second meeting with the Aces:
Xavier – I know you guys are probably confused and shocked so I wanted to clarify all that. With the veto competition – obviously Brit was going to choose Brent first so that he couldn’t pull himself off. After that I picked Brent for multiple reasons one – you were dying. The sooner you get out the better so you could chill. You already knocked out Brit so you did your part. Two – why would I go for someone I am working with. This keeps people off the scent that we would ever work together. We’re still meeting with everyone to decide what to do with the veto. Even if you do stay on the block you’re not going anywhere. I hope you feel comfortable with that. Brent – yeah. At the end of the day the Jokers are just going to keep getting picked a part because of Frenchie association. So the radicals still have 8 people and if we just stick to the game plan lets still have 8.

Third meeting with the Queens
Alyssa brings up how annoyed she is with being called out for being in a showmance. No matter what we do, people are going to say it. Tiffany – it doesn’t bother me that you guys hang out. Alyssa – its fine. I was just venting. Claire – well should we start calling out a new duo?! Tiffany – like you and Whitney!? Xavier fills them in on the other meetings. We will all keep playing it up until he walks out the door. Everyone can come clean in their goodbye messages. That’s what I intend on doing.. like no one likes you! You don’t have to be d**ks, I don’t plan to be. Alyssa – I think Brent thinks that he was his (X) target ..because he was talking to me and I’m his final two.. he does think he is not an idiot and that X wants him out but regardless he knows he has the numbers so he is playing it off as X made a really stupid move… we’re still good with him but X won’t be. He is not an idiot.

8:50pm Britini comes back to talk to Christian and Xavier.
Brit – how did the meetings go? Xavier – they were good .. they were meetings. With everyone but the Aces I was able to publicly say that we all know that Brent is the target. Everyone is still on the same page and that you’re not the target. You being up this week was not to damage your game in any capacity. Brit – I appreciate that.. the first thing that I wanted to talk to you about was the speech because obviously I was made aware of the plan ahead of time .. but I never expected the speech to go the way it did. Only because that has never been said about me in my life and on the block you only have so much to go off of. Its just that fact that it was said in the first place. Starting off the week, that is why you saw me in tears. I knew I was going up but I never expected that to be the speech. And obviously I know that the house knows that its false. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Brit – I’ve been thinking about your situation about using it or not using it.. I understand both sides. Its just the whole thing is makes it harder when the person you’re sitting on the block with for two weeks has been trashing your name. It makes it harder and I know he has no problem saying anything about my name. That to me is the main fear of.. Xavier – he is not going to get to anybody. Brit – I don’t know if there is a possibility of it getting used or if your plan is to have me stay up there the rest of the week. I would definitely like it if I could get a heads up on what is happening. I see both sides with not wanting to get more blood on your hands. I see you keeping me there if everyone already knows I’m safe and there is no target on my back .. I see you keeping me there. I also see that there are 8 people that haven’t touched (the block) and it would only be 3 days and if you wanted me to avoid having to pack my bags again that would be cool. I am telling you all this because I trust you. Xavier – right now we haven’t been persuaded to use the veto. So right now it won’t be used. It wouldn’t benefit me or my team for it to be used. Also next week if you were to win, and you were going to come at my team, it should be me that you come after. Brit – To be honest I haven’t thought that far ahead.

10pm Nomancing Shomance…

10:15pm – 10:40pm The house guests are in the living room playing improv..

10:47pm Tiffany – you should cuddle with me because no one cuddles with me. Brent – I can’t cuddle with no one, it’ll put a target on my back.. because I already have a huge target on my back. Tiffany – every time I try to cuddle with someone you tell me no. F**k that. We’re f**king cuddling! I don’t f**king care! This is my first cuddle! Its day 19!

11:15pm Hammock – Alyssa and Christian.
Alyssa – that was the most awkward DR I’ve ever had in my entire life. (About them kissing) Christian – really!? Alyssa – yeah. Christian – what is going on? Alyssa – well you know what it was about. The veto encounter. Did he talk to you about that? It was so awkward. Christian – that’s what I talked about a day ago, two days ago. Did he try to make you say anything? Alyssa – no, he would ask me how it was. Christian – the experience overall. Alyssa – how you were. You better not have been saying something bad. Christian – I said all good stuff. Alyssa – yours was technically bad. Christian – not on you on me. Alyssa – why are they just asking me that. They make you look good and me look bad. Christian – I enjoyed it. I don’t think they asked me if it was good though. Alyssa – it was so awkward. He said the situation in the HOH room. What do you want to tell me? You know!? It was so awkward. Christian – did he ask you about the extra incentive to win? Alyssa – He was like did you congratulate him and I was like yeah we played an extra game of got it under the covers and then our dad caught us.

12am Hammock – Brit, Alyssa and Christian.
Christian – that’s crazy, he (Brent) is really going to think its unanimous for you to go. Alyssa – Yo he is going to be f**king pissed! Like the fact that his team too. Christian – he is going to hear 11 – 0 and think its you. Alyssa and Christian tell her she is doing great. Alyssa – Azah is more upset than you. Christian – I’d be freaking out. You’re doing great.

12:15am Whitney Pranks..

12:15am Brent talking to the cameras. Brent – hopefully it works. I’m in the mafia. That is Kyland’s team and my team. I don’t wan’t Xavier to use that veto because I know he’s going to use it. Take Brit down, put up Derek X. Make them choose.
I am going to have Kyland’s team go up there and try to betray me.
Telling them to keep the nominations the same. And they’re going to go up there and say that they’re going to vote me out. But we’ll actually have the numbers and the vote because the Mafia will win the vote and I will stay. Keeping the noms the same and keeping the alliance strong. Once that happens X can no longer compete for the next HOH. We have the numbers to win, we have the numbers to take out anyone else in the competition. Then we put up Christian and Xavier and we control the house. Make them pick and get out one of them. Then we control the house. I cannot allow them to use that veto because it will screw up everything so I need Kyland to really pull through and make them believe that they can vote me out if they keep the noms the same. Fingers crossed, stay tuned.

12:30am Hammock – Hannah and Brent.
They’re talking about scenarios for next week. Brent tells Hannah his plan. This will tell me if Alysssa is really with me. And if she doesn’t that would tell me that she really isn’t with me because she is getting super super close to Christian. I would not really be shocked. Then I can use her thinking I don’t know, gain her trust and then just betray her. I am tried of having so many sure things and then people just trying to go on their own and make a move that makes no sense. Hannah – that is the game. Brent – its such a stupid f**king move because we had the numbers and now its working in X’s favor. Brent – yeah, its just annoying that I’m always the target.

12:55am Alyssa and Sarah talk about how Whitney is wanting a showmance with Xavier. Xavier – she is very attractive. I didn’t want to get into anything romantic while I was in here. Alyssa – why not in here. Xavier – it seems dangerous. Getting in a showmance sets you up for heartbreak.

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Keep announcing your targets Britini, that way the Kings will hear about it and Claire and Tiffany really can flip the vote against you this week, lol

Also, Alyssa’s protesting sounds more desperate every day – “No matter how much we make out, people still talk about a showmance! Pfft!” I honestly don’t think anyone mentions the showmance as much as she does


You know what, I’d be perfectly ok if Britini got the boot. She SUCKS!!! All she has to do is sit on the block and keep her mouth shut, but instead she acts all crazy and paranoid. Brent is a ginormous douche, and he definitely needs to go, but the way Britini is acting is so freaking annoying. If I were in the house she’d be on the block every week until it was her time to go. Britini acting all high and mighty, like being a pawn is beneath her, if she wants to stop being a pawn she needs to start winning some sh*t.


Britini is still going on about how X attacked her character (there must’ve been something else said in the nomination meeting b/c this makes no sense — then again it’s Brit).

She’s also angry Claire joked during her yoga class “anyone bending over can go OTB”. Seriously this girl needs a reality check. I get she’s upset being OTB but the fact she expects everyone to tippy toe around her is annoying.

The other annoyance is this constant revisiting about having done her part. She figured out she’s staying up there & is furious believing X should put up someone from the Kings & stop pretending. AND AZAH AGREES WITH HER

Ummmmmmmmmm ladies, this is Big f**king Brother – you just want X to blow up his game so you both can feel more comfy laying in your beds while everyone plays the game? Sure make Whitney mad at him – give her a reason to gun for him. What game do they think they are playing?

Both Azah & Brit proclaim to be fans so I wish someone would remind them about one of the best game plays ever made was Dan putting up Memphis (his F2 partner) OTB. Get with the program — I’m so annoyed I want to see Azah & Brit taken out before jury – I know Whit is dangerous but there are far too many great gamers in the house this season & the longer these 2 remain in the house the greater the chances are for these two girls to ruin what should be the best season in years!

Which brings me to the convo between the Jokers & then after between Azah & Big D.

Brit/Big D & Azah convo reveals Brit shifted her nominations again – now saying Christian and Xavier, with Alyssa as the re-nom but also told them she’s considering Ky & Tiff.

Big D responded by LAUGHING – then telling her she couldn’t send his man (Ky) home b/c he loves him & he’d rather she return to Chris/Ally as noms but they could revisit. Neither said a word about protecting Tiff but meanwhile Tiff winning that WC was to protect Azah & Big D too (I can’t).

Now the really revealing conversation (just Azah/Big D in room) where Azah gives every reason to cut her ASAP

Azah: Let them duke it out. Christian and Alyssa are huge targets. If we don’t get Whitney out now, that girl is gonna find a way into jury, just watch. Don’t tell nobody. Tiffany is giving you the best option for her game.

Big D (BD): No Tiffany said Whitney should go up.

Azah: She said Christian and Alyssa.

BD: No. no no (he tells Azah about how he said Ally/Chris in convo & after talking to Ky Tiff said she doesn’t trust Whit.

Azah: It’s apparent no one trust Whit and she needs to go. If we don’t get her this time, get her next time.

BD: Tiff is willing to go with whatever we decide. She’s just saying what order are we doing. Are we doing Whit or Chris

Azah: Whitney first

BD: Okay so I’ll let her (Tiff) know

(CHECK THIS OUT) Azah responds: No, we don’t need to let her know anything. I don’t wanna give ideas about nominations out to anybody.

BD: But I’m talking about for the Cookout.
Azah: Look, I believe in the Cookout, and the mission, but none of them came to us before nominations, we don’t need to tell them shit, I’m sorry.

BD: You’re right, you’re right.

So here’s my thing – Xavier was the one who made the unilateral decision to put up Brit & not tell Azah/Big D or Brit beforehand so why is Tiff the one taking all the heat for this? Azah is TELLING Big D what to do & who to speak to & not shutting down Brit which has me thinking she also won’t try to convince her NOT to put members of the cookout OTB & it seems like Big D will protect Ky but not Tiff. Could my girl be in trouble?

Let’s see if Big D goes back to X or Ky & squeals. But I have to say Azah sure isn’t acting like someone who wants to be part of the Cookout – their protection is great but her nose gets out of joint if she loses people she deems to be on her team even ones like Frenchie & even though Brit was safe all this nonsense has come out of it b/c Brit thinks she deserves the hall pass. Sort of makes me hope Azah ends up on the block & someone makes a move that puts her beside Brit (wonder how much she’d be willing to work with them then) or beside another Cookout member b/c she sure as hell won’t be the one they save!

So disappointed in Azah & I’m surprised Big D stepped up to speak honestly about Tiff (he must have rethought working with her). Big D has been a thorn in the side & very self motivated but I REALLY HOPE he squeals about this – b/c I’d love to see Azah’s ass OTB since she’s so worried about protecting Brit. If it does leak it means the Royal Flush will gun for HOH given the circumstances (and YES once again there’s a good chance Brit will be back OTB — but of course Azah could ask to be the pawn & this time I think they should do it!)


To be clear, I appreciate Azah wanting to protect her ally Britini. My issue is other than holding court on the couch awaiting DX or others to come tell her information Azah rarely makes an effort to play the game. She lies in the room, on the couch or outside, often saying she’d prefer to be alone or not talk game. But, she also wants the other members of the Cookout to keep her informed and protect who she wants in the game.

Recognizing this week caused issues due to a lack of Xavier communicating his plan the rest of the Cookout alliance is trying to get all of them on the same page in agreement & instead of being happy her concerns are being addressed she wants to withhold information from them.

To reiterate — she wants to be protected along with the people she wants in the game (outside the Cookout), wants them to keep her informed of everything happening in the house – but doesn’t want to return that courtesy. It’s the actions of a petulant child.

Maybe Frenchie messed his group up from the start but Azah was more forgiving of him than some of the people actually protecting her.

The Beef

Clearly Azah is a little princess, who is used to getting her way, lying on a chaise lounge, while being fanned and hand fed grapes! I never saw anything in her that some of you did, and her game play these past two weeks has confirmed my “non-player” designation of her from the very beginning. She’s a waste of good oxygen in that house, and the only thing that will save her from going home pre-jury is apparently her race, as nobody on her team is going to win anything to get any power (SmokingD or Britini? Please!), so she’s reliant on Ky, Tiff and/or Hannah to win this week to save her from herself and her overloaded mouth, and/or their and X’s influence in the alliances they are affiliated with.

Her biggest saving grace is that they have “bigger fish to fry” than her, and that they don’t want to deal with the social media backlash of voting out “one of their own”. But if she keeps that mouth running on overload, while people are only trying to watch out for her best interest (which she is apparently too blind to see, or too ignorant of the game to understand), they may decide it’s easier and better for their games to just watch her exit out the front door, and let Julie explain to her why they were doing what they were doing.

Vivian Rodgers

Tonight’s episode would have had a pre show public service message had some of the comments been made by those not in the cookout. It’s kind of appalling the words and tribalism being pushed without being checked. The one thing I did change my mind on was Azah, she showed that she’s actually there to play the game the right way and not try to protect those simply because of the color of their skin. She earned so much respect in my book.

The winner each season should be based on skill, gameplay, social skills, alliances, making the right moves at the right time, keeping mental notes, etc. This seasons trajectory shows that the winner will be none of those things, rather pushing a person of color across the finish line to check off a box.

Overall I just find it weird that cbs allow for this and I know I can’t be the only one who reads the updates and watches the feeds/show who feel the same way.

Miss Impression

How many times do you need to post about your fragility?


These are clearly “all lives matter” type people.

Fletch loves BLM

And you are clearly a racist.


She is not a racist. You don’t see the white players plotting to get all the black players out.


We certainly Have! Since season 1


I am not an all lives matter type person I am agreeing with miss impression. Don’t know what you didn’t understand?

DJ in FL

Can you please stop with that repetitive post already? I personally like the Cookout alliance and think they are playing a great game. They are ALSO seeing things about 2 of their members (DF and Azah) they are worried about and will probably cut them first. That being said, they all also have side alliances. That is how you play the game.

Not so Impressive

So guys, your censorship of non offensive comments is no better than what’s going on in general. Being that your both Canadian, I can understand this from you OBB given your PM, but seriously deleting posts on those who are actually providing financial support to you. I’m outta here….


HUH? what exactly happened that is making you mad?

It is tough keeping up with everyone’s outrage when we want to do is watch the feeds and talk about BB. Year after year it’s outrage this outrage that.. how about we watch BB and leave the culture wars for the MSNBC, FOX, reddit, and Twitter comment sections.

Miss Impression

Hey Simon,there are a lot of trolls on this site that keep posting the exact same posts about race and are accusing you of deleting them even though you can clearly read them on multiple pages.


Get over it already!!! You’ve made your opinion abundantly clear. Most of us disagree and are sick of reading your stupid comment over & over again. Get a grip!


Whitney just buried any shot she had of convincing Ky to wait to take her out in order to break up the showmance.

They discuss who she would want to leave in the next two evictions (pre-jury) and Whit names Alyssa for next week followed by Sarah Beth (BIG mistake Whit).

First, the fact she doesn’t list any Jokers hints she’s arleady tight with Brit & feels comfortable with Big D & Azah to not name them. Instead, her choice is to keep the Queens & Jokers intact to target the two females on the Kings – I mean it’s not that surprising b/c Whit uses the flirt game so in her mind keeping X & Christian safe works better for her strategy.

The problem is she doesn’t know Ky & SB are super tight so by stating Ally or SB can leave next week only works if it’s Alyssa. As for order Ky would prefer Christian out before Ally and SB sticking around until late in the game.

Watch this intel find it’s way to Ally who was prepared to target Azah & Hannah ahead of Whit but now that target will shift back to Whitney. What I want to see is whether Big D shares the intel that Brit wants to target three Cookout members, Hannah & Ally and although she’s willing to put up Christian doesn’t want him leaving. THAT should be an even bigger red flag for the Cookout who seem more concerned with Whit.


Good God I wish next week was an Instant Eviction and Britini was evicted.

As her annoying loud @ss was walking out the door I’d straight up say, “Well at least you weren’t on the block that long this time…”

As for Alyssa she needs to stop. Who is she lying to about not being in a showmance with Christian? She kisses him all the time, they hold hands while they sleep, and they are inseparable. So stop the lies. Doesn’t everyone know? I mean I know Xavier for sure knows so the least they can do it not lie to his face.


Another little tidbit & perhaps some insight on why the hamsters have issues with Britini in general. We’ve heard several people say you can’t tell Brit anything b/c it travels through the house (ie: she can’t keep a secret).

So SB put a plan into motion planting seeds with Brit (and Azah) to make them think that Whitney and X were working together? In less time than SB expected Brit went & repeated this information to Tiff/Claire without revealing who she discussed it with. And b/c T/C/SB are all working together they immediately asked SB if she thought it was true.

Ky & SB were laughing about how predictable Brit is. The funny part of the equation is Azah has been spouting similar comments about X/Whit so she’s equally gullible & also doesn’t keep information to herself (b/c it was definitely discussed with both Lil & Big D from Azah).


Please put Brit up every week.

double d

NO I can’t stand any more of her rapping


Brit’s meltdowns are fantastic


Yes! I love them Simon




Haha, her rapping is horrendous. I felt so embarrassed for her Thursday night, so cringeworthy.

Ms Taz

I agree…


Is Brit a recruit?


Yes, Britni, your feelings ARE expendable. No one cares about your feelings as much as you. Time to grow up. They are YOUR responsibility, so DO SOMETHING instead of just whine and expect to be saved.
Her entitled expectations are so over the top. Want someone to bring you warm milk and cookies and tell you a story where you win the game with your fine athletic ability and razor sharp mind too? She is exhausting!