Tiffany “I could put some paranoia in DX to make him think she is going to backdoor him & make him play..”

HOH: Sarah Beth
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7pm Bedroom – Tiffany and Azah.
Azah – I don’t know how we’re going to get out of this. If Ky is down for the cause he needs to show his F**king cards and do it .. do what he needs to do. He sat there and played Dr. Will Smith all last week with people he didn’t need to. I am not playing with this girl. Oh my god she needs to get out. Tiff – I don’t believe she is as colourful as she plays. I don’t believe she is as meek as she plays. I don’t believe she is as emotional.. I don’t believe SH*T! Azah – Big D has been saying that for weeks. Tiff – I don’t believe it. Azah – I know, this B***H got 5K too! Its not a lot. Tiff – I don’t care! Did you get 5K!? Azah – no. Tiff – we’ve been in here thinking like a motherf**ker .. she hasn’t done nothing and she get 5K!? Azah – I told Brit last weekend can you throw the veto to me? Big Brother blocks the feeds. Tiff – I know it! I feel it! And I ain’t wrong. There is always one. Azah – if a member of the Cookout leaves this week.. Tiff – then f**K it! F**k it! We not hiding no more! Then F**K it! Azah – I agree. Tiff – that is not the plan. Now you come messing up the plan Messing up sh*t .. and we got this.. NO! Because it ain’t going to be Ky. You could have rolled final 2 with Britini. She would have always had your back. Azah – yup! Tiff – I could f**king ride to final two with Claire. We could all be playing our own game. No matter what we’ve got to fight and make it impossible.. So we gonna have to trick some people. DX gonna have to stay off the block for the first two noms. He gonna have to play that money. We’re going to have to pull someone off and win that veto… and she is going to have to nom.. its going to be Claire! F**k it! I would hope Claire ends up on the block. He is going to have to talk her into putting Claire on the block. Azah – now or later? Tiff – later as a replacement nom. Two of us on the block to start .. hopefully DX plays and pulls one of us off. Azah – is he going to want to play. Tiff – with her as HOH and two of us on the block he is going think he is going to get backdoored. I am going to tell him that he is getting backdoored. Azah – okay. Tiff – he gonna have to play.. If he plays he could pull somebody off. He is going to have to convince her to put DX or Claire on the block. She is not goin to put Alyssa on the block. Azah – no she won’t. Personally right now I like Alyssa. I don’t mind her. Next week SB got to go! Tiff – I am trying to not get emotional .. if I got emotional you would have holes in all these anchors all over the wall.

Bedroom – Sarah and Azah.
Sarah – I know this is really rough for you and whatever happens its not because you took time to yourself. I completely get it. You do it and have no worries about it. Azah – thank you! I appreciate it. Sarah – of course.

Storage room – Tiffany and Kyland.
Tiffany – you, me and DX .. ya’ll want to be in an alliance. Ky – Yeah, I’m good with that. Tiff – okay. Ky – DX literally said that two of us shouldn’t go up to start. Tiffany – I think that might be the best case scenario. I think the two of us going up at the start might be the best case scenario. Ky – at the start? Tiff – yeah, the only reason why is because .. she told me that last night.. she said she ain’t doing that. I could put some paranoia in DX to make him think she is going to backdoor him and make him play the game. Ky – he said he would play .. he would play to take me off. Tiff – the only reason why I wouldn’t mind going up in the beginning is because he could pull off me or he could pull off you.. but then X or somebody could play in veto and I could come off.. But if I go up as a backdoor or as a replacement.. KY – you don’t get to pick.. Tiff – no. Ky – we need to figure out if she is more concerned about Claire and DX or X and Alyssa. Tiff – she ain’t going to put them up. Ky – I think my ideal scenario is that she does me and Claire. Tiff – would she do that to Claire? Ky – I don’t know right now. You know what she told me last night .. she would put up the Jokers .. Azah and Big D. Ky – I know and that is what I don’t want her to do. I was talking to myself last night and ..The coward in me is scared for this to happen but the me in me is excited for this to happen. I like the pressure of being able to show what I say I can do.

Bathroom – Ky and Sarah.
Ky – another thing that I was thinking about is the ah .. is the.. what’s its called .. making sure this power gets used in a way that eliminates anybody having $250 next week. Does that make sense? Sarah – yes. Ky – and I think there is a way to do that. .. I think there are a couple ways to do that. Sarah – I think the only way Baby D would do it is if he was nominated. Ky – no he just said that he would do it for me.. and that way it is being used and I am safe. Sarah – oh my gosh!! You really trust him that much!? Ky – I trust you. Sarah – I trust you. Ky – I would say right now you’re the only person that I do trust because everyone else was flip flopping on this vote.. so I don’t love that. Sarah – but just imagine I put you up and no one ends up playing for you and then you’re stuck on the block. Ky – then I win the veto. Sarah – are you that confident you can win the veto? Ky – I am that confident I can win the veto. Out of everyone in the house outside of me who do you feel the best about. Sarah – no one!

7:30pm Kitchen – Derek X and Tiffany.
Tiff – what do you think is going to happen? I think that she lied to me last night. Derek – I think she will try to play it safe. I don’t think she wants to put a big target up. Do you think she wants to make a big move!? I think she will do an easy nomination like Big D and Azah. Tiff – what if one of them comes off? Derek – yeah that’s what I am saying. I don’t know. Tiff – so do you want Ky to try and run this HOH or do you think she will do it all on her own? Derek – I think they will do it together. Tiff – you don’t thinks she is coming after you? Derek – I don’t think so.. I would be surprised if she came for me.

7:50pm – 8:13pm Havenot room. Kyland and Sarah.
Sarah – I don’t want to get too comfortable because that is not how my brain works. This is what I am thinking .. just take it one step at a time. Right now my game plan is how do I run my one on ones. What am I looking for and how do I run them. This is what I am thinking. I am thinking when I meet the kings I’m like YO KINGS! We’re in this! And make the plan with them. Jackpot walks in .. and I am like YO Jackpot .. what are we doing? And see where all their heads are at and make them all feel like they’re included. With everyone ask them do you want the power used this week .. and ask what would be the path for it most likely to be used. Ky – the cool thing about the competition is that right before you can ask if I ask you to will you play this for me? And then they can’t say yes if they’re not willing to because there still is the veto and there’s a chance they could go up if they don’t do it. Sarah – I’ll ask do you want it used? I think everyone would want it used. Then ask if you’re not a nominee would you play it?

8:28pm – 8:36pmThe live feeds switch to the kitty pound.. When the feeds come back Sarah tells them she wants to start one on ones before it gets too late.

8:37pm Havenot room – Sarah and Alyssa
Alyssa – how war you feeling? Are you excited? Sarah – I’m excited. Obviously there is a twist this week which makes it harder for me to decide what I want to do.. when I think about it I definitely want the power to be used. Do you want it to be used this week? Alyssa – I think it would make sense. Sarah – then we don’t have to worry about it going into the third week. So I need to think about who putting them up would be most likely to getting it used but then also like wouldn’t end up accidently sending someone home that I am working with. So like you, Ky or X… I don’t want to send any of you home. Alyssa – I would want to play it because I would hate being put up on a spin. Sarah – that’s what I was thinking .. I wanted to get a feel for who would be willing to play this week if they had the money. So if you get $75 or $100.. Alyssa – then I want to play it. Sarah – okay. Alyssa – yeah if you want me to I will. Sarah – I think I would because I know I trust you and you would take down who you think is best and that means you don’t have to worry about going up through the roulette wheel and it makes sure it gets used. Alyssa – I got $50 last week .. so if I got $50 again .. I couldn’t play. If I get $50 then I can tell X to play. Sarah – yeah. They talk about how if Alyssa can play, then X should save his. Sarah – I am not sure where I stand with Big D.

8:55pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Xavier.
Alyssa – she said that she doesn’t want me X or KY on the block. She wants me to play it. She thought of the idea of you saving yours because her and Ky are at $0 and if I play I’ll be at $0 and I got $50 last time so who knows what I’ll get the next week. She wants it to be used. Xavier – so one of us needs to play. Alyssa – but it makes more sense for me to play if I get more than $50. She wants to target people that have a lot of money that could potentially play the week after. I don’t want to throw people under the bus. I said what I would do. She is thinking Big D. Xavier – why? Alyssa – I don’t know. I don’t know why she is not thinking Tiff and Claire. Xavier – Big D and who? Alyssa – I don’t know.

8:54pm Havenot room – Sarah and Tiffany.
Sarah – I was really hoping someone from the Jackpot would win it. Tiff – well you did win it. Smart girl. Sarah – I think I definitely want the power to be used. Next week I can’t play and I would hate to go into that week with both powers. Are you on board with that? Tiff – I am on board with it… because at best I could ensure my safety. Sarah – so if you were not nominated would you still be willing to play it? Tiff – absolutely. Sarah – I am trying to figure out my nominations .. I want to nominate people that makes it most likely that the power is used and then also one of those people needs to be someone that I am comfortable with them coming off. Tiff – so I would have to get enough money to play it. I am hoping to have enough money to play. My goal is to play it. Sarah – that is good .. I am still back and forth what I want the ultimate goal to be at the end of the week. I feel like I can’t even decide when I do even know who one of the nominees will be. Tiff – right the replacement. Sarah – as far as the Jackpot .. who do you think the biggest threat is to us? Tiff – there are so many girls and so few guys but the guys are so strong with the exception of one (Big D). I don’t know who would be targeting us specifically but I do feel like out of all the girls in the house Claire and I are most vulnerable. I think anyone not in the Jackpot is a threat to us. It would be nice if there was a house target.. I don’t know maybe one will arise. At this point I would just like to know if I am going on the block beforehand but I understand that you got to do what you got to do. Sarah – I would want to know too. As of right now you are not on my radar. I want to genuinely want to work with the Jackpot. I think that no one would expect it. I definitely want to avoid either of you going on the block unless it was to get the power to be used. I would definitely give you the heads up though.

9:11pm Havenot – Hannah and Sarah.
Hannah – our first female HOH! Sarah – I know if another guy had won it.. Hannah – and you were the first female to win a wildcard. Sarah – yeah! So with the power I want it to be used. Would you rather it be played this week or next. Hannah – I would rather it be used this week. Sarah – if you did play and you won would you be willing to work with me on who to take off? Hannah – I would assuming I had enough money. I would do it. I am a pretty go with what the HOH wants kind of player. Last week I respected Ky’s decisions.

9:25pm Havenot room – Claire and Sarah.
Sarah – I feel good for the Jackpot. Claire – yes I do as well! Sarah – Obviously I know I am kind of tight to Kyland but I really see myself working with the jackpot. It feels like a better decision for me long term. Ky I would love to keep him around as long as possible because he’s not coming after me or you guys as far as he’s told me. He is great to keep around for now but do I want to sit in the final two with him.. no. Claire – I like Ky too and don’t see going after him for now. But I also wonder if he wants to take guys to the end? Jury votes and looking at the end so that worries me. Sarah – that worries me as well.. they’re not stupid. They see how female heavy that jury is going to be and that is not good for them. Sarah tells Claire about how she wants the power used this week. I know you don’t have the money to play. Making sure the power is used .. who do you think would be best to go up. Claire – If you for sure want it used.. then put up someone that you’re sure they have enough money. OR you put up someone you would want to be safe who has someone that has enough money who would safe them. You could put up Big D and someone you know has the money.

9:46pm – 10pm Havenot room – Derek X and Sarah.
Sarah tells him that she wants the power to be used this week. I do have people that are willing to play it already. They talk about how much each of them got. Derek – Do you think a lot of people would definitely play in the roulette? Sarah – a lot of people are saying they would if I asked them to. Derek – wouldn’t it be better to ask someone not to. Sarah – that’s true. Derek – I don’t think it would be Sus if I played. If I get $50 this week I will play but if I get $100 I won’t play because I’ll save it.

10:27pm Havenot room. Azah and Sarah.
Sarah – I don’t have a target this week. I don’t know what I am going to do. I think I want the power to be used because ultimately I am going to be putting up someone that I want to come down. I definitely don’t want to blindside people so if for some reason it does look like I am nominating you I would let you know before. I don’t know what I am doing but if you did go up it wouldn’t be as a target. Azah – thank you. This conversation helped a lot.

10:36pm – 11pm Havenot room. Big D and Sarah.
Sarah – congratulations. I am glad you stayed. Big D – I want to get to that top five. I just want to answer whatever you want me to answer. Sarah – how do you feel about the power, do you want it to be played or not played. Big D – I would like for it to be played because I would not want it floating out there for another week. This is going to be a crazy freaking week. Sarah – I am on the same page as you, I would like it used this week. So you feel like you would not have the money to play this one? Big D – no, especially from the week I’ve had. If I do, I will let you know. Sarah – someone I nominate is probably going to come down. So this week because I want the power to be play I will likely be nominating someone that I know will be coming down. Big D – You know what its like to be on the block. I don’t want to be the designated pawn and if I feel like I am I might just check the f**k out to be honest because I just lost Britini and I feel like there are so many other people here that are moving targets in front of everybody. If we are all here to play, then just play the game. Sarah – I do plan on whatever I decide to do .. to give people the heads up. Whoever I put up will not be blindsided.

11pm Havenot room. Xavier and Sarah.
Xavier congratulates her. Sarah – I think I want the power to be played this week. I have $0, and will probably get $50 again. I would rather eliminate one so I don’t have to worry about it when I am not HOH. I’ve asked people if they will play if I asked them and I’ve gotten a lot of yeses. Xavier – are there any people that you would care to avoid from pissing off? Sarah – no, no one other than you guys. Xavier says he is willing to play if she asked him to.

11:30pm Havenot room. Sarah and Kyland.
Sarah gives Kyland the low down on her one on one’s with everyone.

12:06am Sarah – Who wants to see my HOH?! All the house guests head up to check out Sarah’s HOH room. Sarah’s HOH letter is from her girlfriend Shelly. Hannah – I feel like they (Production) put way more effort in to SB’s than any of the guys.

12:30am Bedroom – Big D and Kyland.
Big D – I could have won that. Ky – you were close! Sh*t you were close. I wanted you to win that one so bad. Big D – I wanted to win it so bad. When I came on here I wanted to be a big dude that wins stuff. I am going to sit down with Azah and study these days so I know them like the back of my hand. Obviously I am not going to get a chef comp. There is not going to be a strength comp where I hold something over my head. Or f**king anything… I am not going to get the comps I want. I am going to push my brain to the max. Ky – your brain doesn’t have a max. If you say that, you limit it. Big D – I just don’t want to be a pawn again. Ky – I would say at the current moment it doesn’t sound like it. Ky – just don’t freak out.

12:50am Kitchen – Hannah and Claire are doing the dishes.

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another name

Current House stats deals, understandings, alliances real and fake.

bb23 WEEK SEVEN.jpg
another name

Some interesting takes I’m getting.
The SB that was heels dug in arguing with the entire Royal Flush… she might make an appearance.
Tiff… gonna face crack 100 when she goes to offer Claire as a sacrifice and finds out SB wants to keep the Jackpot off the block.
Ky, who has quite seriously said that SB will do whatever he tells her… is going to say I meant to do that no matter what SB decides.
There’s still a chance SB follows the Ky script… but only if Grod’s flying monkeys also push her in that direction.

Might have to change my at risk list…. because at the moment I have no clue what SB is going to do….

Remember that FB group I was mentioning yesterday? The don’t watch feeds group?
They honestly don’t know Couch from Dx. They are getting them confused when talking about who to vote for.

SB’s currently learning from Alyssa that Tiff was rooting for Dx to win HOH. It doesn’t appear to have made much of a dent on SB, who has been told Alyssa would nom Tiff and Claire to bd DX. SB has asked Alyssa if she’d play in roulette? She’s thinking of putting Couch on the block to make sure he plays? Hmm. Let’s see where she goes next in her train of thought.


Thanks for chart

another name

I forgot to put Couch in Brit’s place in the plus one plan part. I meant to do that and got sidetracked. my bad.


Its tyler crispen for me ?

another name

I couldn’t find my Grod pic, or my ants pic. so Tyler stayed for a second week.


SB is awesome because finally a woman and she thinks on her own. But she may try to impress CO unknowingly. I know people love DX but I’d like to see him Backdoored.


Sorry third post reading feed post. Has Tiff realize roulette could pick DX

another name

I thought that the roulette wheel had everyone BUT the HOH and 2 noms on it.
So that even if someone played, there’s a risk it could be ANYONE.
Is that how it works?


If a nominee wins they come off the block & if someone plays who wasn’t nominated & they win they pick who comes down plus they are also safe.

For example: say SB nominates Big D & Ally. He has $50 so if he get $75 or higher he can play but if she gets $50 again she won’t be able to play. In that case she asks X (or Hannah possibly) to play. My impression is they learn in the room so it’s hard to control who plays b/c how would X know how much money Ally got?

I’m already expecting Big D to go up & play b/c that will be so easy to clock him on his lies to SB. If X wins it’s even more laughable b/c would he take down Ally or Big D?

As for how they determine who goes up in replacement it’s a wild card draw – my guess it’s a roulette wheel with hamsters names minus SB & her two noms & if someone other than those 3 win their name is removed too. They spin the wheel & wherever it lands that’s who goes up. (again — that’s a guess).

It’s some sort of balance comp that costs $125 to play & next weeks Coup d’etat costs $250.

Based on chats I feel SB has far more trust in Baby D (although she’ll keep the option open to back door him) but I think it’s going to be Big D/Ally OTB. The tricky scenario — I think part of the reason SB said she didn’t want X playing is she wants him & DX both available as a back door options.

Going into this week:

Ky, Claire, SB have $0 (won’t be able to play regardless)
Tiff has $25 (needs $100 to play this week)
Big D/Azah/Ally have $50
X, Hannah have $75
Baby D has $100

Social Media site – poll for Big Bucks voting:

Notably this was a poll today but — like I noted the other night the casual fans & FB fans are the ones droning on about Big D so either their votes or Grod’s heaving production hand are determining things.

Baby D: 45.6%
Claire: 15.5%
Hannah: 13%
Tiff: 8.2%
Ally: 5.6%
SB: 3.7%
DF: 3.6%
Azah: 2.1%
X: 1.3%

Of note, this site had similar voting last week with Big D & Brit listed closer to the bottom than top (side eye – Grodner!)

If the votes are closer to what the daily polls are I’d say it’s: Baby D, Claire, & Hannah BUT instead it will be Big D (UGH — for a variety of reasons) with $100, Hannah, Tiff, & maybe I’m wrong but I think Azah’s tears could lead to her moving up to $75 (if not it’ll be X) leaving Ky, SB, Ally (or Azah/X) at $50


anoth name, I think it has everyone but the hoh, noms and the person that won the roulette

another name

Thanks. I’ve forgotten most of the logistics since the roulette wheel was the first one listed, but the veto was the first one they used. That and forgetting the amounts to play has thrown me bad.


Hey Simon and Dawg! I have been a big fan of you two for your BB blog I have been on this from the beginning always donating but never comment but I always read the comments to see other’s intake on the show. However I may have to drag my self away some of the comments are so disgusting. One has never complained when the final 10-9-8-7-6 etc are all White people but now that this season is different it’s a problem the last few people are black. Who cares! Everyone is in there to play a game. Please can you block out nasty hatred comments. It is so uncomfortable to read and it makes myself and properly other people not wanting to come back on this site!

Let’s Play Fair

So next season, if there are more whites in the final 10-9-8-7-6 etc., we can ignore/block the nasty comments that the minorities are being targeted? From your prospective, it appears that it is acceptable to have a racial divide among the players. And you want to ban any comments pointing out that the participants themselves have openly admitted to targeting solely based on race.

How about contestants and alliances shouldn’t target based on race? How about game play, physical abilities, personal relationships, etc. being the deciding factors? Otherwise, you have racial hypocrisy at its finest being reflected on national TV!


Whites have been attacking blacks base on race for generations and to come. Only difference is whites do it secretly and deadly. Blacks are more open and will let you know to your face we are going to target you. Whites feel so entitled. How many alliance only had white people and who was evicted first. The black person. Foh with all that nonsense.


Victim noises


To quote you Dee:
“whites have been attacking blacks base on race for generations and to come”
“whites do it secretly and deadly” “blacks are more open”
“whites feel so entitled”
That’s the most divisive and racist comment that has been posted so far this season.
— And then you have the nerve to turn around and ask that offensive comments that hurt your feelings to be removed.
While also reminding S & D that you tip them, in hopes that this gives you clout in their decision when you ask: “please can you block out nasty hatred comments.”
–you’re a walking contradiction full of hypocrisy. foh with all your nonsense.
A black person will win the 750k no doubt, I’m just happy that it isn’t you.


Totally agree BB Fan!
Whether they want to admit it or not the cookout alliance is a racist alliance solely based on skin color! Their number one goal is to get all of the white people out of the house. White people are not & have not played based on race. That’s why they are not seeing what the cookout is doing. Definitely setting a precedent that it’s OK to team up based on skin color – never been done in the history of BB!


At least SB one on ones are lots shorter. Since she will have to nominate by 12:00 eastern time, make short meeting and a goodnight sleep a good plan. We have to wait and see how next High Rollers game plays out and who plays. Though noms I hope are interesting ?

another name

Narrowing the field…. aka Kyland might get frazzled? I can hope.
Thus far, It appears as though the field has been narrowed a little.
The Jackpot appears safe at the moment. Claire couldn’t play roulette if she wanted. Claire was most concerned with X. Good meeting. Tiff was too busy collecting her cracked face learning the the Jackpot is still a thing. KA-ching. Tiff looked bad. If she’s safe she has to count her blessings.
Dx might be safe unless it’s a backdoor ruse. SB might be using him as a coup d’etat parachute…or doesn’t want him to win safety so he can be a backdoor.
Hannah... good one on one, but didn’t get a total safe vibe. not offered safety.
Alyssa... asked to play in roulette. not offered safety.
Azah… not a threat. Told by SB she wants roulette played. not offered safety. Does say this is HER HOH and not a Kyland HOH.

Ky and X are currently dumbfounded that telling SB what to do makes her want to do the complete opposite. The two yahoos praising their ability to control their womenfolk just this morning are surprised. raised eyebrows, mouth pinched to one side.. sideye into a long slow full eyeroll ending in crossed eyes for extra difficulty points. Yeesh.
So Hannah and Xavier are telling the Couch to push Tiff Claire noms. What could go wrong?

Couch… asked about the power this week. Couch lies about getting 100. The house knows he got 100. don’t make me the season pawn….emphatic hand gestures. Wants to play but wants everyone to just leave him alone and never nom him… eep. Yup, get ready for bitch tirades whether he’s nom or not, because she’s calling him on lying to her without saying his name it sounds like. This is pretty absurd. If she buys this she’s being stupid. Hmm. could she actually Buy this crap?

Claire suggests to Dx that he ACT like he played roulette but got nothing if he gets 100 again, like Tiff got nothing the first time, so that the house doesn’t see him as a threat for coup d’etat. They are operating under the premise Dx won’t be a nom due to his meeting.

X…told him not to play. told him alyssa need not play. X pushed for Alyssa to play.
X pushed Claire nom pushed Dx a little, but all of his arguments were based on Ky, not on SB.

Gut: Alyssa, Dx, Couch, outside shot Tiff are not looking hot. Azah and Hannah have pawn potential but not serious pawn potential. Not sure about X… he might fall somewhere in that field as a possible bd option.
Safe: Claire and Kyland are safest it feels.

Weird feeling: she is targeting Alyssa with a Dx possible back door? MAYYYBE?
I’m confused. It felt like she was aiming at Al/X with Couch as a pawn for a while. But would SB aim at X knowing how Ky is so in love with X? Dunno.

Miss Impression

Bad things happen when you let the womenfolk think for themselves,Ky will put a stop to that.

another name

He tried vaguetalking her with a dash of nonsense ambiguity…
then she got called to D/R.
Maybe if he had 6 more hours and a closet to lock her in, she’d be willing to join the Symbionese liberation army.

Hopeful for a Good Season

If X is a backdoor option he won’t get voted out no matter who he sits next to. He will get all votes from the cookout and Allyssa. He would only need 4. Then I think he will stop throwing comps knowing people have his name as a backdoor option. He is playing a good game. My fav currently.

another name

Oh I agree he wouldn’t go. Doesn’t mean she wouldn’t possibly try.
For that matter, I believe the only person that can sit next to the couch in order for the couch to be evicted is X, anyone else, the cookout turns on them.

Game fan

or azah.

Game fan

you know what. i think tiff and hanna can stay next to big D this week. if they are staying 5 against 4 they need those 5 to win hohs and big D cant help them.. also.. tiff and hanna can work with claire and dx to keep the cookout safe

another name

Checked my prediction board for high roller 2 adding in the amounts each person has.
If my prediction is somewhat accurate…
not as many people playing high roller as SB wants.
if it is 125 to play… is that right…. i keep forgetting the amounts
only 5 houseguests maximum will be eligible to play:
Hannah, Dx, Couch, X and maybe Azah. If, beyond expectation Tiff gets 100 she is eligible, but the edit doesn’t support that happening.
I don’t see Claire, Ky, Alyssa, or SB having enough money, nor do I see Tiff getting 100, so she won’t either.

Who agreed to play: Alyssa, Azah, Tiff, Hannah.
Who wants to bank: Dx, X.
Who lied about their amount: Couch.
Of the ones who agreed, who will have enough bucks? Hannah, maybe Azah.

At least according to my prediction. OOPS.

Game fan

wow .
and they would also need to win the balance game which azah would prob suck at

Game fan

i would actually love the power NOT to be used cause we have a week where we can get 2 CO OTB . and it should stay that way. next week the CO would also sweat having 2 powers around and it wouldnt even matter if they win hoh next

Chadda’s Rubber Lips

Ky stuck to SB like glue and she looked a tad annoyed;?would love to see 2 CO members stay OTB this week to shake things up bc it’s becoming a borefest……best yet, someone play roulette & Ky’s name comes up and goes home on SB HOH…haha


Ummm. What did I walk into? I turn on the feeds and see an early morning conversation between Kyland & SB where it seems like Kyland is saying he should be used as a pawn. Is he outplaying himself ?


The Kyland/SB conversation happening now is thoroughly enjoyable. I can’t help but laugh during part of it