“for me priority number one is getting a target out Priority number two is getting the power out”

HOH: Sarah Beth
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Big Brother Spoilers – Sounds like Sb will nominate Claire and BIGD. The target sounds to be DX but it’s still too murky.

1:30 am Tiffany and DerekX
Tiff – whats the plan DX
Dx says he’s letting SB naturally work through her options if Tiff and Hannah push Alyssa Sb might start asking where they got that from.
DX – We need to stay off her radar.. I’m not saying anything

DX – I think I’ll probably play. She told me she will put up someone that is the target and someone that is the pawn. I’ll take down the pawn.
DX – she doesn’t want to put up Kyland but Kyland wants to go up
Tiff – Kylands wants to go up so he can be safe. I almost want to go up so I can be safe
DX – it’s the better position to be in especially since I am playing
Tiff – you and BIGD are the only ones that can play and it’s balancing..
DX – If I play I’ll win
Tiff – what if she nominates me and CLaire.. you play who do you pull off
DX – we’ll talk later
Tiff – if Ky goes up Claire and Ky he’ll pull himself off with Veto. that is why he wants to go up. what if it’s me and Ky in the beginning.
DX – SB will really pressure me to use it on Ky but I am already safe for the week
Tiff – if you play yeah you’re already safe.
DX – I don’t think she’s targeting you
Tif f- whos her target?
DX – Azah or BIGD. Sb might be scared to take a shot. She’ll want to put up someone that doesn’t have money maybe Claire
Tiff – I screwed up I told her I don’t have money
Dx says it’ll be Claire and Kyland or Azah and BIGD. He’ll play takedown Kyland
Tiff -what if it’s me and Kyland
DX – there’s no way
Tiff – worst case you play take him down then play veto and take me down (how about you win veto)
DX – I don’t think you’re on her radar.
Tiff – I don’t know where her heads at that scares me..
Tiff – I don’t want you backdoored so you have to win that roulette or win Veto
Tiff says she’s worried about being on the block with Hannah she thinks that’s a bigger chance than her and Claire going up.
DX doesn’t think SB is looking at Hannah or Tiff.
DX – she knows if she puts up Hannah I’m coming for her she doesn’t know if she puts you up I’m coming for her
Tiff says she started this game with Ky she feels close to Ky
DX – if I win 100 dollars I might not want to play the whee;
Tiff – if you don’t play the wheel you might not be here next week.
Tiff – I don’t want her to have on her resume she got you out she don’t deserve that. IF you go out you needs to go out by someone that was a threat to you
DX says if he gets 100 it’ll be a tough decision for him if he gets 50 it’ll be easy
Tiff says if America gives her 100 she’ll play roulette for herself
DX says X, Hannah, and himself are the only people that are guaranteed to be able to afford the roulette this week. (It costs 124)
Tiff doesn’t think X wor Hannah will play they will save their money.
Tiff suggests he can say he played the roulette but didn’t score. the house will think he spent his money. “then you’ll still have your money to have the coup d’etat”

2:00 am – 3:00 am SB and Ky
Looking through pictures of Sarah Beth’s pictures.
Sb – If I win HOH again they’ll give me a picture of my other cat.. it’s the most gorgeous cat ever

Ky brings up how there’s a lot of variables this week with all the powers so there’s not the wrong play for her “things can happen this week that we never account for. Don’t put that sort of pressure on yourself to make the right decision”
Ky says it’s very possible if he hadn’t won the HOH last week she would have gone home. “You are more than capable you have my support”
SB – let’s get down to business. I don’t know what I’m going to do
Ky mentions people were worried about the Brit vote flipping
Ky says he saw Claire and DX gathering people for one on ones “I believe they mentioned Alyssa as well I didn’t see her with them”
Ky Says DX was “super upfront” about having conversations with people about switching the vote whereas Claire denies having any conversations with people about it.
SB – did DX say he had them with Claire
Ky – he did no I just saw them talking multiple times
Ky says Alyssa told him that DX was just exploring options whereas Claire was trying to sell her on keeping Britini.
Ky adds Britini’s targets were Sb and Kyland.
Ky brings up Tiffany telling him “Claire hasn’t turned on you”
Ky – she (Tiff) was like I want to work with both of you
Ky adds Tiff told him that Claire was saying yes to him in the HOH but was having conversations downstairs that weren’t aligned with what he wanted
Ky – that means a lot to me she wasn’t expressing I should go after Claire she just wanted me to be aware of it
Sb – how certain are you that their pitch was Britini is going after Kyland not us so they should keep Britini? as opposed to what Claire has been voicing her concerns about BIUGD for like 2 weeks now. He’s going to be the ultimate pawn people are going to take him all the way to the end. nobody has any clue what he will do he’ll be erratic and terrible HOH if he were to win she’s been on the train. It wasn’t surprised me that Claire would see this shot and want to take him out
Sb – why did BABYD tell you he wantted BIGD gone
Ky – he said there’s a chance to campaign against Brit there’s no chance to campaign against BIGD in his position
Ky – this week doesn’t have to be a big shot at all. Because of the power and the nature of that the two people don’t have to be targets.. they can be lots of different thing
Ky – she (? ALyssa) is the only person weirdly that has a logical reason to be loyal to you than any other person in the house.
Ky explains that bonds formed early in this game are stronger than ones formed late.
Ky – There are few things in this game that would surprise me as much as X turning on you or Alyssa
SB – you really think he would
Ky – he’ll turn on me before he turns on you
Ky says X breaking his loyalty is not in his “persona”
Ky – Alyssa is an island since Christian left and X is the opposite of an island.
Ky – babyD has expressed a lot of loyalty in terms of being willing of having difficult conversations
Ky – Do I expect him turning on me? no will he turn on us? I expect that before he turns on me
Sb – that’s how I felt about he royal flush it was too soon then he did it. When I see BabyD I see someone on the cups of freaking out all the time. He’s very worried about himself He doesn’t fully trust anybody and that’s probably because nobody should fully trust him.
Ky – he ended up here because he’s a fan of survivor
Ky – backstab actually gains you vote in survivor where they lose you votes here.
Ky says Babyd is closer to Claire than to him “Claire is closer to Tiffany than she is to me”
Ky – she might be closer to you it’s your HOIH I want her to be close to you
Ky – I have the least confidence in my ability to protect us one of them will come after me first one of them will come after you first.
Ky – I want to be supportive of you and right now Azah is in the same situation with you as she is with Babyd. BIGD I feel both of us can beat him.
Ky says he would rather Claire or Hannah take the shot at DX than the two of them.
Sb – this is what I think every single person on that wall other than you would put me up and I would not be surprised at any of them. I don’t think I can trust any of those people. Me and you are on every single person’s radar
Ky – I agree.

SB – I can’t trust anyone that’s not what I need to do in this HOH I have not doubt every single one will take a shot What I can do in my HOH is get rid of someone that is more of a threat to me. Azah I can beat her. BIGD I can beat him. Claire and Tiffany, I think I can beat them. Hannah, I can beat them. The people that Scare me are BabyD, Alyssa, and X (kraken)
Sb – Which one goes I don’t know I can think of a narrative for why I would go after each one of them at the end of the week. right now I don’t have to choose. I just need to pick my initial nominees so it sets me up so I have those options for a backdoor after the veto.
Ky – I love it and support it I agree with everything you said.
SB – Alyssa if she gets the money will probably play it and it has nothing to do about loyalty to me
SB – BIGD says he’s not playing because he doesn’t have the money. I don’t know if I’m gullible I almost believed him .. I don’t know
Sb – Claire doesn’t have the money to play it no matter what.
SB – babyD is saying he might play it he might save it.
SB – X is on the fence if she should play it or save it.
SB – I feel X was for the flip
Sb says in her one on one with DX he said Both Alyssa and Christian didn’t trust both of them.
Sb – he told me all kinds of things when I was on the block he really didn’t want me to trust Alyssa..
Sb says she doesn’t trust DX or Alyssa. “I have more distrust than trust”
Sb – I don’t want to settle on a target yet.
Ky – who do you think Maximizes the number of players.
SB – If I put BIGD up and not Azah if BIGD can play he’ll play if Azah can play she’ll play too.. if they can
SB – I believe Hannah that she will play I believe her that doesn’t mean she’s safe from the block. I think she has the money
SB – Claire’s not playing no matter what. Tiffany will play I don’t know if she has the money.
Sb – Maybe I put Hannah and BIGD on the block both of them will play top save themselves Azah will play to try and save BIGD. Alyssa said she will play if I ask her to. the only thing that concerns me is if Alyssa wins. If Alyssa wins one of my options for a backdoor goes out the window.
Sb – I don’t want to give BabyD a chance to save himself. I’m prioritizing having options.
SB – for me priority number one is getting a target out Priority number two is getting the power out. I would rather the power not used and getting target out than the other way around
Ky says only one person will win the game to spin the roulette
Ky talks..
Sb – What are you saying I lost you there? Put up babyD and Alyssa?
Ky says he’s suggesting she puts up 2 of the four strong duos.
Sb – I don’t feel good about it I feel like babyD if he’s up he’ll play and win and be safe for the rest of the week. Now he’s pissed he was up
Sb says DX is coming after her under every scenario if she puts him up.
Ky continues to push the target onto DX says he’s the highest threat for them. “DX has 100 and he’ll probably get another 100 I need him to spend money this week or be gone this week.. If he spends his money I only have to beat him once next week”
Sb says DX will win the power if he plays this week he’ll win. It’s a terrible idea to put him up first.
Sb says maybe Alyssa and X are smart enough in this game to see it’s better for them to work with her. Sb adds that Alyssa listens to X so even if Alyssa is thinking of coming after her SB believes X will “reign her in”
Sb – I don’t know maybe X wants to come after me and is really good at hiding it

3:00 am – 4:00 am Sb and KY part 2 (Ohh hurray the Kyland nightmare continues into this week)
Sb – what would really suck if I put TIFF up and she doesn’t have the money to play and nobody else plays.. then that power will be up for grabs next week. I feel like Hanna will play Hannah told me she will play I do believe her. hat is one benefit of keeping her off the block
Sb says Hannah told her she will take off who SB wants.
Sb says this is a tough week I don’t trust anybody.
Sb says by keeping Tiff and Claire off the block there’s still a chance to use this week to help them trust her.
Ky – I think that tiffany is willing to work with both of us and Claire is only willing to work with you
Sb – if DX was gone Claire will be much more willing to work with you
Ky – Claire will be the fastest person to put you and I up
Ky doesn’t think Claire will care who goes.
Kyland brings up putting Alyssa and Hannah up.
Sb – Alyssa is not stupid especially if she goes up against Hannah she’s going to think why are you putting me up against someone that can definitely afford to play. We all know Hannah got 75 or 100
Ky – we want her to play and win. (alyssa)
Sb – If I was Alyssa in that situation it would smell so fishy
Sb points out that the odds are Alyssa and X will be here next week so why ruin her relationship with them.
Ky – I don’t think it does. I think if we ask they’ll be open to it
SB – I don’t think so at all
Ky – who said they are open to it? (going up to allow for the roulette to be played)
SB – the only people that said are Tiffany and Hannah
Sb suggests they pull DX in and ask if he was working with Claire last week to flip the vote.
Ky says he didn’t hear Claire’s name from DX
SB – where did you get Claire’s name?

Ky – from everybody else in the house. every person on that board said one of our two names implied or directly
SB – they said that was her reasoning to want Britini to stay
Ky – yeah using that same logic Hey I don’t understand Ky’s move ..
Ky says everyone in the house said Claire was campaigning and mentioned either his name or Sb’s name directly or indirectly in the conversation.
Sb – why didn’t they bring that up to me in their one on ones
Ky – same reason they didn’t bring it up to me in their one on ones it’s the game we’re playing
Sb – yeah but don’t people want to save themselves?
Sb – I’ll throw anyone under the bus if it gets me off the radar.
Ky says the reason he didn’t put DX up last week is it would have spread so much distrust at that point he hadn’t acted against him in any capacity.
Ky – since we’re all working in duos that instability it would case it would make it harder for us to pay the strategic game we want to play at this stage.
Sb – I am fortunate because I have a reason to get rid of any of these people I’m not worried about have who I target coming up with a reason
Ky – I’m not worried about coming up with a reason I’m worried about impact. It’s about impact.. what’s going to make the ground we have to transverse more steady
Ky says if he put DX up last week people would be suspicious of why he did it after DX did nothing to him. He adds that people would not want to work with Kyland anymore they wouldn’t trust him.
Kyland says this week it’ll be pretty tough to avoid lines being drawn
Sb – I’m not worried about hat
Ky – that’s what I’m saying I’m down to draw f***ing lines
SB – I just don’t know what lines to draw
Ky – we don’t have to know
Ky – “you have more of issues with Alyssa than I do with DX”

Ky says the only time that Alyssa was working with people that weren’t for them was when Christian was on the block
SB – that’s not true if she really wanted to flip the vote against me if I was up against BIGD if that’s true then she has never been on my side. She’s been lying to me since week three.
Ky – what are the odds
Sb – it’s likely
Ky – no.. what are the odds babyD Is doing something also..
SB says she trust DX and ALyssa equally “which is not at all”
Sb – I would be not surprised at all if they put us both up
Sb – I have to be open and flexible which won I want out.. I can only get one of them out.

Sb – I just don’t want to overcomplicate it. I just need to figure out who I want to nominate that gives me the most chances who I want to get out
Ky – who does that now
Sb – I’ll just say who I don’t want to put up. You. I think it’s a terrible idea to put up BABYD, I think it’s a terrible idea to put up Alyssa and X there’s no way I can sell it to them. I know you think I can but I can’t they will see right through that
Sb – I could put up Tiffany, Hannah, or Claire. Or BIGD and Azah
Ky – if we put BIGD and Azah it would be bad that is the one thing I took away this week the moral side of it was a bigger deal
SB – you kept everyone in the dark.
Sb argues if she tells them she has a plan there won’t be as much drama from the nominees.
Ky says he told BIGD and Claire abou the plan so it’s not true.
SB – then they are both lying..
Sb says both BIGD and Claire told her they had no idea “BIGD said he was shocked he as up”
Ky – BIGD is saying that because I told him
Sb mentions again nobody told her that Claire used he rin pitches to get BIGD out.

Sb – why wouldn’t nobody literally say that to me not even Alyssa or X.. like C’mon I’m HOH I’m looking for a target”
Ky – **Words** people are pointing at targets. Claire’s no one’s target **Words**
Sb – nobody pointed me at anybody.. that’s not true Alyssa threw Tiffany under the bus and X threw Claire and babyD under the bus they’re the only two.
Sb – What if I put up Claire and BIGD?
They laugh
SB – hear me out. I tell Azah play it take BIGD down both of you are safe. I’ll tell BIGD play if you can.
Sb – I tell Claire I know you can’t play but Hannah can play Alyssa and Tiffany all COULD play
Ky – and DX
Sb – all would be willing to take you down if they won. I could really sell her Tiffany. Tiffany is able to win that challenge because she’s athletic and she will probably have the money. Both of you are safe for coming up on the roulette
Sb – I Tell Hannah play I tell DX it’s up to you if you want to play or not. I play X it’s up to you and I ask Alyssa to play

SB – if Claire gets upset..
Ky – what’s she going to do about it
Sb – it’s not like I’m going to turn her into an enemy

They talk in circles about swapping DF out with Hannah but SB settles on BIGD

4:00 am – 5:00 am Sb and Ky

Sb – babyD did seem open to the plan of putting you up and then playing and taking you off. Do I 100% trust him NO. I think he’s a player that likes Flashy moves he would be BEYOND himself if he was able to get me to put you up and then not take you down
Sb – Kyland if you are on the block you are going home
Ky – not if I’m up there with Claire
SB – Tiffany is not going to keep you over Claire
Ky – fair points
Sb – DX won’t vote for you over Claire
They continue to talk about putting Ky up to prevent the roulette spin from putting him up as a replacement.
They go over all the people they can ask to play in roulette and save Ky. Sb says she’ll talk to everyone eligible and see if she feels good about it.
Ky – I am feeling more and more good about it (him going up)

5:00 am – 5:55 am
Kyland – I think DX will play it and take me down but then he’s off the board
Sb – then I can’t backdoor him
Ky – You would have to go for a king.. ahh.. I would rather you take him out this week.
Ky – he would play it and he would win and take me down. Which is great for me but bad for the targets
Ky – he’s the one that is the most immediate threat
Sb now I’m scared even if I want to get him out this week I don’t have the votes.
They talk about Votes and what she is going to say to everyone about her nominations. Sounds like it’ll be Claire and BIGD still.
Ky points out that he won’t have to wear the jackass costume this week so he won’t be as hot as will be able to think better.
Ky – that is the plan it’s solid. It doesn’t involve putting me up. You don’t have to think about it as hard because the roulette will change everything anyways.. it’s a safe plan We have stuff we can say to people.
Ky – please remember if you wake up and are like F*** putting up Kylan dis best because X Y Z you have my support
Ky – not only do you have my support that is my idea Sb – I’m not doing that.

5:58 am
live feeds fun conversation over.

Shelly and Sarah Beth

6:00 am Sb practicing what she will say to Claire and BIGD.
“I do think there are people in this house that will play and take you down I know Tiffany will take you down. I know then that you and Tiffany will be safe. Unfortunately, I can’t do it the other way around because you don’t have the money to play”
“I’ve had several people tell me that they will play and if they win they will take down who I want”
“babyD said he would consider it, Hannah said she would do it, Alyssa said she would do it. So I have several; people that will take you down.”
“Tiffany has a good shot at winning this if it’s a balancing challenge”

6:30 am Zzzzzzzzz

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WARNING – very long post detailing chats tonight:

Row – Row -Row – Your Boat Sarah Beth version is back OR IS SHE?

At evening start the chameleon SB version who faded into the shadows the past two weeks appears to be gone & we’re getting Savage SB out of the gate. But a four plus hour Claire bashing session by Svengali seems to diminish what looked like it would be an interesting week.

Initially Svengali was in trouble:

At evening start Ky had ZERO control of SB with her looking very similar to the SB who was gunning to put the target on Hannah instead of Whit with Royal Flush. Unfortunately, (see bottom) all the positive gained in less than an hour with SB speaking to all the hamsters got erased via a micromanaging four hour plus session.

I had originally put the quote below down as shade at Ky but it appears he may be accurate.

Ky: If SB is looking at two members of the six, I can have her put me up. That’s what I’m willing to do. That’s what taking responsibility means for my person. I’m willing to bet my game on my ability to control this person

Still there is hope b/c SB is someone who holds grudges & is jealous – she’s stated the latter & we’ve seen the former. In her initial discussions with Ky she’s saying her preference is to go F4 with the Jackpot b/c her/Ky can beat Claire/Tiff (the prospect of a Fessy-level FOUTTE week made me giggle)

Big D’s “entertainment” isn’t appreciated by everyone!
Early indications were Big D was likely going OTB. She wants him to spend his money & she asked him TWICE if he really got $50 (and knows he’s lying).

SB holds grudges & he had her in tears over jokes about her/Ky’s relationship. Question is are we getting Savage SB or Svengali managed SB.
Azah – the truth will set you free:

Not much to offer here other than Azah marches up to HOH & tells her how mad she was at Ky. But instead of it putting a target on her SB seems please by the honesty, later telling Ky she was open & SB respected her honesty.

Ally: Too little too late?
Kudos to Ally for earnestly trying to adapt BUT it’s clear this relationship is fractured with little possibility of repair. Last week she told several people Tiff was the ONLY one who was honest with her about the votes. Now that SB is in power she downshifts to put the target on Tiff telling SB she was angry DX lost to her. It’s true – but DX & Ky both deflect that as incorrect. Ally doubles down on targeting Tiff (& Claire) by stating she believes DX back doored Chris b/c they (Tiff/Claire) pushed for it.

Ummmm BLIND SPOT? Ally really needs to get over Christian being gone & recognize that’s HER agenda not SBs. I mean does she forget SB was the OTB beside him? SB knows the showmance were prepared to take her out before Chris became the renom. So when Ally thinks she’s gaining points by saying I think Claire/Tiff were the reason Chris got back doored all that does is HURT HER & HELP them b/c SB will think her Jackpot ladies were trying to get a bigger target up to keep her safe.

The pupil applies the mentor’s mist?
Hannah has mentor Tiff teaching her the mist so she implies Ally was the person who planted the seeds with her that SB was against her. The following few exchanges between the ladies were telling:

Hannah: I know a couple of weeks ago we were in a really weird spot. I am not sure exactly who started those rumors. I was given a name. That same person said you were coming after me.
SB: I think I have a very similar read on what happened.

Tiff: Early bonding pays dividends & the MIST IS REAL!
Seriously, Tiff’s face when SB tells her she wants to reinforce the Jackpot — worth it’s price in gold. For as much as Tiff has been anti-SB for a while the truth is that occurred b/c Ky outed he knew about the Jackpot & told Tiff -SB was his little spy.

Credit where credit is due – by creating that bond early in the game while Ally played house & X ignored her could pay dividends now! Look I’m a Tiff fan (and I know most aren’t) but there is no denying her ability to read a room & adapt — immediately Tiff senses the Ally/X angle as well as the MEN gotta go situation.

For all those asking “what is Claire doing worthy of being a poll favorite?”:

If I’m giving Tiff props for early game management, her misting & ability to read a room I’m doubling down on the kudos going out to Claire. Prior to HOH/after SB won she was the person I feared was most in jeopardy (was I stupid tor buy into Svengali? — Not sure b/c this has vacillated with Ky PUSHING HARD for Claire to go up). As I noted recently Claire is kind & genuine & that resonates (at least initially) with SB.

In their chat the trust was evident …

SB: Who do you think right now is a threat to the three of us (Jackpot)?
Claire: I personally worry the most for my own game about X.
SB: That’s the hardest thing about X is I don’t think anyone knows where his head is at

In this convo we get the best hints that SB’s target is Ally with X as an option:

SB: The only thing that worries me about that is not about Tiff, it’s about Ally. I know she & Christ told me Hannah was coming after me and told her I was coming after her plus tried to convince her I was the reason she was on the block. (Adding this ditty) I didn’t say this to Tiff b/c I didn’t want to freak her out, but when she was in here (Ally) she said Tiff was upset DX lost & upset I won. I feel like Ally might be playing a game to get people paranoid.

Hardest convo to read initially – is he her ally or her target?

If SB is worried Ky would take a male & is willing to cut DX first that gives her a reason to keep him since he would would take her over DX every time. So wouldn’t it behoove her to keep DX especially if she believes he could use that Coup d’etat & keep her safe while taking out a big target?

SB: I do have people saying that they are willing to play it already (roulette), so there is potential maybe you wouldn’t need to. I want to leave someone in who I trust who could maybe win the coup d’etat.

DX confirms the showmance approached him BEFORE Chris went up thinking he was going to nom Big D saying they wanted to flip the vote & take out SB (more evidence burying Ally).

Baby D actually has a pretty decent chat with SB using “we” a lot (the Flop is real lol – NOT), & when she says she worries about Ky he says he’ll play if she does put him up but then WE won’t be able to win Coup & control things (masterful Baby D). And SB implies Ally is one of her main targets!

X left Ky to handle his +1 & that might cost him the game!
Notably, SB holds grudges — & is admittedly a jealous person – flash back to hammock & her telling Ky she’s jealous of Ally. SB also doesn’t fully trust X who has never treated her as an equal – arguably one of the major gaps in his game – b/c he left Ky to deal with her – he believed the showmance were the stronger Kings players & simply didn’t put enough effort into forging his relationship with SB. For the moment X is one of her backdoor options!

Speaking of Xavier that Ky/X convo from earlier (pre HOH) this statement stood out for me:

X: You (Hannah) showed this week that you cant control him (DX). Tiffany showed this week that she cant control Claire. These two are trying to flip the votes and y’all aren’t doing sh*t to change it. If you (Ky) and I hadn’t talked to them, Big D would be going home. I was able to get Alyssa 110% on board …I did my job. Alyssa is the most stubborn. Compared to SB, Claire, she’s a savage like that.

Ummm X – do you honestly believe you have control of her (she still considered the flip) & she spent all week being salty about Chris – the PRIMARY reason she had no issue taking out Brit was b/c of her lying to Chris (and having a F2 with him).

Also, for X or Ky to say they control their people is sort of funny – Ally & SB both had reasons to vote out Brit. But would they be as keen to vote out Claire (or one another) over Big D? I doubt that would be a simple you need to vote out “insert the non CO female” if they were sitting beside Big D.

And like we’ve witnessed in the first-half of this game when X doesn’t feel completely in control he tends to overplay which is what he’s doing now. Personally, I think it’s going to seem very suspect that X, Big D, Ally were all on a similar bus pushing THEIR agenda of Claire/DX or Tiff. Another notable was how different X acted with her – it felt very much like two boxers going in circles waiting to see who flinches first. I didn’t feel it was a comfortable or genuine conversations at all.

Svengali marathon 1:53 to 6:16 AM:

SB runs through her one on ones clocking Ky on a few things along the way. Right from the start Ky defends Tiff, Ally & X but goes in HARD on Claire even saying she was citing them as her noms to which SB is stunned & wants to know why no one told her that. As the Claire trashing & DX needs to go marathon continues Ky is relentless – and quite honestly the way he tries to flirt with her while pushing his agenda makes me nauseous.

Keeping it 100 – – Ky wasn’t leaving that HOH until he got SB committed to nominating Claire. He’s micromanaging her to the nth degree & if she listens her game is sunk especially b/c she’ll be going back on everything she said earlier. I’m anxious to see talks today to see if they return to her original stance.

Ky was like a dog with a bone. SB knows Claire can’t play Roulette even if she gets $100 & if Ky is beside her it will appear that Claire is her target. Ky fails in also getting DX up as target as SB notes he’ll view that as war & she’ll become his outright target. SB tells Ky she’d prefer to take out someone she can’t beat & do it via the back door (the trio she cites is Ally, X & DX).

After four hours of debating potential noms ranging from Big D/Azah, Big D/Claire, Big D/Hannah, Ky/Claire, & Hannah/Claire they appear to land on Ky/Claire with an outside chance of Big D/Claire. To reiterate SB told Claire she wanted to go to the end with the Jackpot (her/Claire/Tiff) & that Ky was NOT ahead of them. If she recants she’ll look sketchy AF.

SB made it seem to both Claire & Baby D that Big D was a lock to go up. Before the marathon started DX had it nailed down correctly that it would be DF/Azah or DF/Ally going up. So, if SB does this no matter what she says the trust with DX/Claire/Tiff & Hannah will be lost. As for Ky (if SB shifts this dramatically from what she initially said) it should be the final straw for DX.

Baby D was hoping not to play Roulette –this move will make him feel unsafe so he’ll play to save himself & Claire. Those who want a shakeup will hope for another CO member OTB beside Ky as the random replacement & personally I’d love to see it be X just to see the scrambling.

And in a perfect world – Baby D gets drawn for POV – & there is an opportunity to win Big Bucks which he does so he can play for coup d’etat next week too.

another name

When I went to sleep, Claire and Ky were the only safe ones for sure. I woke up, went out, came back just now and I’m so confused.


The conversation they are having is hilarious. Derek X is a threat to her game so I am hoping everyone gave him money and he truly plays. Kyland trying to get her to have multiple false conversations with people and her reactions have been hilarious


Another week of hell with KY and SB…These are two of the most repulsive players I’ve seen in a while! Frenchie looks like a pretty good option now, huh…


God bless ya Simon – chug that kraken you deserve it – these Kyland convos are brutal !


This was truly one of Kyland’s “multiverse “ conversations. If you saw the live feeds earlier you would have seen SB fight back against some things he wanted her to do; She said at one point “That would ruin my game” and she wasn’t happy with him trying to get her to say exactly different things to a whole bunch of people (If I tried that I don’t know that I would be able to keep track of what was said and I think she feels the same). I also think that she may believe that her face gives a lot away in terms of reactions because she had her sunglasses on the whole conversation


Fucking SB is so blind. How can she not see that ky is shooting down every time she brings up two POC (the cookouts definition of poc cause apparently neither Derek x or Alyssa are pocs to them) on the block. I truly believe the powers that be have set up this season for a cookout member to win and even though people like Claire and DX have figured it out (or like 80% of it) they are not allowed to talk about it. One because the powers that be won’t allow them to talk about it or 2 because they will face backlash if they start talking about how all of the black players are teaming up. They will be called racists when really the cookout is racist in its origin. I saw the cast and was really excited at thought of having our community represented with the first black big brother us winner, but i don’t want it like this. It feels hollow to me. I don’t want us handed shit. I want us to earn it and prove we belong. Being handed shit won’t do anything to help racism. The racist rednecks will just use it as ammo, but if we fully earn it they can’t say shit and maybe just maybe we will earn some respect from people who previously didn’t respect it. I’m not talking about winning big brother earning us respect. I’m using it as a microcosm of society in the US.

I was Formerly team tiff now im all team X but I want it earned and I don’t get the feeling it will be (second choice team alyssa)

double d

DerekX is real close in recognizing the Cookout alliance. He needs to get to SB and point it out and tell her she could be next.


SB is really getting bamboozled by Kyland — man the night started off so great too.

Soooooooooooo what SB isn’t considering is Tiff likely won’t be able to play unless she gets $100 (not likely). Claire I think will get $100 but still won’t have enough. Ditto for Ally.

The only people who’ll be able to play if things go similar to last week are Big D, Baby D, Hannah & X — that’s it.

X doesn’t want to play & I’m not sure he will b/c he wants money for the Coup d’etat next week. Big D will play if nominated – not if he isn’t is my guess & if he plays it proves to SB he lied to her.

Claire & Tiff are going to be go from the high of being safe to neither being able to play & save her so it will fall on Hannah or Baby D to play/win (and of course most will hope Baby D is the one to do it to guarantee his & Claire’s safety).

Does anyone believe that SB sells out Ky to ask Claire about the myriad of lies he told her? Such as Claire knew what the plan was when he put her up -that’s straight up bullshit. I mean his arrogance is beyond belief to me – he feels he has SB so under his thumb that she’ll never check. Why is SB not asking Ky WHO are all these people saying Claire said all these things? He’s walking a tightrope b/c he’s referring to the CO so he can’t call her out w/o causing MAJOR issues.

I’m getting the strong feeling there will be a house meeting this week & it could get very ugly – Ally will get called out, Ky could get called out, Tiff, X – the only people likely safe from true arrows are Azah & maybe Baby D unless Ky throws caution to the wind to risk totally destroying that relationship.

I’ve grown a distaste for how Kyland is playing so I’m sort of hoping Claire tells SB – you want to know why I don’t trust him- b/c he’s told us on week two that you outed the Jackpot & he called you his little spy. I was so thrilled we were still on track & then he locks you away & lies to you & look what happened! AND I hope Claire calls him out publicly for it b/c I really can’t stand how he treats the women in the house.


See next post as SB spoke to live feeders and isn’t feeling up to being the Svengali muse after all (happiness!)


Okay — a little levity — after Svengali leaves the HOHR we get a bit more insight from SB & I’m seeing glimpses of Savage SB & not Svengali SB. When she’s alone I feel stronger about her commitment to Claire.

She tells live feeders putting up Azah/Big D isn’t useful b/c they aren’t players people would play for & take down. She’ll imply to DF he’s the pawn & that she has a few “other” plans (read: back door). She knows ONLY Azah would play for him & isn’t likely to have enough money for it. I’d bet she knows he was one of the $100 so she expects him to lose Roulette & use the lie as a reason to take down Claire instead of him.

Ky was successful in convincing her to put up Claire but not with his intended goal of making her the target. Rather, his four hours & 16 minutes rant served to convince her putting Claire up initially was the best way to get her safety for the week. She’ll position this to Claire/Tiff as the best way to ensure all three jackpot members are safe this week (with the caveat of hoping Tiff isn’t the Roulette renom).

She doesn’t trust putting up Ky b/c she doesn’t trust people would play for him or take him down. And it seems pretty clear it was EITHER Ky or Claire going OTB (It doesn’t sound like she ever considered putting both of them up). That wasn’t clear when Ky was still in the room but that’s the impression I’m getting from her bathroom chat. Okay SB — you’re winning me back a bit here.

She’ll position it to Claire that virtually everyone has said they’ll play Roulette & take down who she wants. She’ll push Tiff, Hannah, Baby D all being willing & confirm Ally/X said they would too. I think she’s hoping Ally will play (but not win) & that X won’t play so he’s open to target.To wit, her back door targets appear to be DX, Ally, Xavier — & I think Ky did manage to get her focus on DX as the primary. Ally is definitely right up there & X seems least likely.

Of note there are a few scenarios to ensure a Cookout member leaves this week… One of Baby D or Ally wins Roulette & removes Claire & the other one wins POV. The other option would be the Roulette renom for Claire is someone from the Cookout & one of Claire, DX or Ally wins POV & leaves noms the same.


Anyone wondering if X was all-in on Cookout the fact he just threw Tiff UTB for trying to flip votes to take out SB to protect Ally is laughable. Does he forget that HE was the one who voted out Sarah Beth & Tiff/Claire were the ones who kept her safe?

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The Beef

Well what do you mean by all in? At this point, their voting advantage is substantial, both in the game and in the jury, so is it unrealistic for him to start maneuvering to improve his own individual standing, and does that mean he’s not still “all in” with the 6?

A black win is a black win, regardless if all 6 get to final 6. To remove one of your top competitors before then, without actually “removing” them yourself could be a very savvy game move IMHO.


SB might be a really dumb person, put up 2 cookout member and get them out


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