Tiff – “you know who he reminds me of? He reminds me of if Kaysar had made it further”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers

11:35 am Tiffany tells Claire she can count on her vote “I don’t give a sh1t”
Claire – yes I know I have you and I know I have Derek and Hannah .. (Yikes)

11:36 am Brit and Azah
Brit – Let me play in this veto.. I don’t understand he’s not coming after you so why are you going after him?
Azah – unless he has a bigger plan
Birt – he’s [DF] never said Ky’s name
Azah – he said yesterday’s actions we’re in danger of going up
Brit – I know
Azah – he doesn’t want to make an obvious move that is why
Alyssa comes by to chat about the noms Brit says she doesn’t think the target is one of the noms. Alyssa agrees then leaves.
Azah whispers to brit “be careful what you say she might tell somebody else”
Azah says few people she trusts in this house.
Azah – my theory is if he puts BIGD up he thinks BIGD will get a power because of how much BIGD is in the DR. He wants to Flush BIGD’s power out.

11:38 am Ky and DX
DX asks him if he’s got a deal with the Kings
Ky says everyone wants him up next to a King
Ky – Alyssa has no real allies besides Sarah Beth.
DX – Th thing about taking out BIGD I Get that there’s still a long list of people they can put up next to you.
DX says he told him he thought Xavier was the most influential but Alyssa is the most persuasive.
Ky says he’s never felt persuaded by Alyssa.
DX says Alyssa persuaded the house that she’s not in a showmance and she was snuggle with Christian all day on the couch
KY – who thought they weren’t in a showmance?
DX says she’s a good liar.

11:47 am Alyssa and Xavier
Alyssa – Brit, and Azah are so upset. They got slapped in the face.
Alyssa – they are all pissed I love it
X says if nominations stay the same and there are no powers he’ll laugh more
Alyssa says Brit thinks it’s a backdoor.
X – who
Alyssa – probably Britini because he thinks she’ll get a power
Alyssa – we should save ours right
X – yeah
X says again he’s not laughing until after the veto ceremony.
Alyssa – everyone was sacred to put him [DF] up because of the way he’ll act..
Alyssa – I just want to keep laughing this is too funny..

All four Feeds flip to Azah and Brit
Azah – if you win a power don’t tell anybody not me not BIGD. NOBODY. use it for yourself when you need it.

DF joins them “I can feel my inner self about to flip out I need to keep calm”
DF – I knew it I told you that last night. I knew it. I knew I was setting myself up when I cursed him out I can’t blame anybody but myself. I came here to play this game.
DF – I shot myself in the foot I cursed him out. I expected to see my name up there..
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
DF – it’s ok it’s alright you curse out people you should expect it..

A bunch of houseguests giving him hugs.
DF – it’s alight I’ll go for the veto there’s nothing I can do.. I told you last night it’ll be me cause I cursed him out after the HOH.
DF walks into the kitchen.
DF – I was going to call him a b1tch during his speech.. I’m gonna brush my teeth and get myself together.. I didn’t want to interrupt him during my speech and call him a b1tch.
Df says he hopes America gives him 100 bucks so he can win the power.

11:55 am Xavier and Azah
Azah says this is a backdoor plan for Britini because Kyland was pissed because during the HOH she picked Kyland and Sarah Beth
Azah – he thinks BIGD has a better chance to win the power and flush it out.
Z – what if Brit win is
They agree Brit has the biggest chance to win it.
Azah says BIGD has a big personality adds that Britini’s been on the block so much and had to fight every week
Azah – he said Claire and Sarah Beth were options
X – we’ll see what these powers do and go from there.

12:01 pm BIGD and Azah
Azah telling BIGD if he wins a power don’t tell anyone and don’t use it “He put you on the block to flush it out.. ” (ZOMG don’t use the power if you are on the block yikes)
DF – I called him a mother f***er, I told him he was wrong for picking me, I told him he was wrong to do what he did to you
Azah – when did you tell him
DF – 6 o’clock this morning.
Azah – he’s playing the game for himself and SB
DF – he might have checkmate me but he’s the one that taught me chess.. when I’m backed into the corner that is when the real me comes out. at the end of the say it happened. I did not like how he chose me. I thought it was not smart. I voiced my opinions at the end of the day I am never going to go plea and beg to the HOH. I’m not going to do that. Some people might do that I’m not going to do that.
DF – today my main focus is to relax and don’t let anything get to me.
DF – I’m ready to go..
Feeds flip to Tiffany and Xavier.

12:08 pm Tiffany and Xavier
Tiffany says she’s not going to take anyone’s emotions she’s not going to be sad when other people are sad she cam in strong and she’s going to remain strong.
Tiffany – now we have to do Jury Management. We can’t be emotional
Tiffany says the people going to jury have to retain their trust and respect their thinking because they may have to influence them inside the jury or they might have to vote for them outside.

12:11 pm Jokers
DF – Claire is not the target
Azah says it’s a backdoor for her or Britini
DF – Claire is not the target she’s on his team. I’m not on his team.
DF – Ky is a queen I got into it with Tiff what do you expect

DF – he better pray I don’t get a power and he better pray I don’t win HOH next week. If I win HOH next week he’s on the block for sure along with SB.
DF – I will send SB home. I want to hit him where it hurts
Brit says Kyland is the one person that won two HOH’s he’s the bigger threat than SB.
DF – mark my words he won’t win another HOH.
Azah – I might send him f***in home I don’t give a flying f** right now he’s a selfish mother f**er
DF – I want to hit him where it hurts.. let’s say I go home it’ll hurt you all too. if any of you go home it’ll hurt me.
DF – if magically I stay I’m going to hit him where it hurts.
Azah still going on about her or Brit being a target.
DF thinks him calling SB a “Conniving b1tch” and cussing Ky out is why he’s on the block.
DF – he’s going to have to watch her packing.. I’ll sit there and go How does that feel.
DF – at the end of the day I need you all to stay level for the sake of me. If you all start acting out it’ll cause me to act out. I need you to stay level headed continue to socialize
Britini – I think we both have a very good shot at the 1 hundred
DF – I need a power in order the f** sh1t up I need a power.
Brit leaves..
Azah – you don’t need to campaign you have 5 votes.. you have 4 and britini.
Azah says the two options she was told were Sarah Beth and Claire.
DF says they also talked about each member of the cookout wouldn’t have to take out their pawn. That is why if they don’t win soon they lose brit that leaves them with SB, Claire, and Alyssa.
DF – if you win HOH put up Claire/Alyssa or SB

Azah says Kyland is going to rationalize taking them out before the 6.
Azah – I don’t trust him he went back on his word
DF – listen I got put on teh f**Ing block how do you think I feel. At the end of the day I promised America I would not betray the 6.
Df says if he gets shot in the foot and get taken out early he knows he can hold his head up high when he goes back to his community “I did it for us”
DF – he’ll have to go back to his community.. he was selfish. you can be selfish when we get to the six.
df – we need to win next week send SB home and after that Britini will go next. then we’ll be down to DX.. DX needs to go before Britini
Azah – Alyssa needs to go. If you win Veto he’ll put Britini up
DF – then I won’t use it
Azah – he’s obsessed by her
DF – if I win veto I will use it on Claire..
Azah – NO it’ll show your cards use it on yourself (OMFG)
DF – I don’t want Azah or Britni to go on your block. I won’t allow Britini to go up there again
Azah – If I win I’m using it on you. If Britni wins use it on you let the mother f***er put me up let everyone seen who he really is (Jokers gotta joker)
Azah – I like that he’s afraid of her. She’s the only thing he’s afraid of in this house
Azah is back to saying Brit is the target. “that’s why I want her to win the veto if I go up the cookout can vote me to stay”
Azah – if Claire wins and takes herself off he’ll put up Britini. I’m telling you he wants Britini to go home.
DF isn’t sure
Azah – it’s personal this week is personal (Azah is a big nuts.. I like it)
Df – if none of us come off the block Claire is going home.
Azah – X can take out DerekX,
DF says he doesn’t think Britini will be the first one to go. His worst fear is when the time comes when Britni has to go on teh block against one of the cookouts.
DF mentions the scenario where they are 7 and the HO His thrown to one of them and they have to put Britni up. the emotional stress will be too much. “she’ll have a mental br4eakdown it’ll break her spirit”
Df adds her going this week would avoid that. “If we keep her around for too long we’ll end up breaking our promise to these people I can not do that. I would feel like I use them and I lied”

12:15 pm Claire and Ky
Claire – I don’t think BigD likes Alyssa at all.
Ky – the thing DX said about Xavier whenever I tell him ideas I feel understood but I don’t feel embraced.

Alyssa and X will pull SB in.
Ky – not this week
Claire – they’ll try to
Ky – they already have but it’s not… ah…
Claire -I can see the kings going after SB or DX
Ky – I see them going after me, DX, Hannah not me DX, Hanah, you, and Tiffany
Claire- I don’t see them going after Hannah
Ky – out of the 4 people I could be up against.. most risky I thought it was Derek but is it Xavier I never saw it all this time.
Claire – I was thinking yesterday how do I get X out and I had a really hard time getting the numbers
Ky – ohh
Claire – it would have to be X vs a pawn. X Vs a joker..
Ky – I just think Britini and BIGD would keep me over X.. (LOL no way)
Audio cuts out… around 12:23 pm comes back.

Ky – they are less likely to come after me should they win over us. If Alyssa is gone already.. it just felt like I had the most hedges here..
Claire – what will you tell BIGD
Ky – for him I would push up more you are going to be safe regardless of who you sit next to. I feel like he talks the most so if I can give him some sense of that.. there is a higher likelihood and if I can hang out with SB a little more there is more of a dissociation between me, you, and Tiff..
Claire – people would put you and SB up more than you and Me, Tiff
Ky – from yesterday they would put me and yesterday up (HOH knockout comp?)
Claire – I know that was weird

They hug it out.
Claire tells him even if she gets 50 BBbucks she will be playing for it not matter what.

12:50 pm Claire and Tiff
Tiff – Claire you need to get some rest..
Claire – I don’t think I can sleep yet..
Tiff – you drank 6 cups of coffee
Claire – I did
Claire – I feel only me and Derek will play.
Claire – He’s trying to tell me BIGD is the target
Tiff – what do you think
Claire – I think he’s fine either of us going
Claire says Ky wants distance between Ky, you, and Tiff.
Tif – it does
Claire – he said I made the most sense.. because you have recently made enemies
Tiff – with everybody in the house except you
Claire – I think the reason he put me and BIGD up is because he believes if you were on the block next to us Ky would go home. He thinks he has a better shot against anyone else
Claire – next week if Ky and Myself were on the block I think ky thinks I would stay over him and he feels lesser with you and he feels DX would go over him
Tiff – X would go over him
Claire – it really depends if SB is still here
Tiff – I’m only telling you what I get
Claire – I’m going telling you
Tiff says she was thinking DX but he’s so close to Ky she doesn’t want Ky to know.
Claire – I’m only telling you I’m not telling DX cause I don’t want Hannah to know
Tiff – I might have to distance myself from DX cause DX and Hannah are close
Claire doesn’t think the jokers will target them. It would be a combination of DX, Hannah, Ky
Tiff – BIGD I don’t know the way BIGD came at me in that room.
Claire – you made enemeies.. it’s good to have enemies in this game especially one that won’t win anything
Claire – not having an enemy is what got me on this block.
Tiff – what happens when you come off the block
Claire – that’s what I was trying to figure out. I don’t think he knows
Claire – next week ky thinks he’s getting put on the block
Tiff – Claire think about how we view Ky week one vs how we view Ky week six
CLaire – Ky is the best strategist in this house by thousands of miles
Tiff – you know who he reminds me of.. he reminds me of if Kaysar had made it further
Tiff – good talker very logical thinker very rational in his arguments
Tiff – I did not expect him to be him when we saw him on the block week one he’s way smarter and way stronger than I thought

1:00 pm Feeds cut to pound puppies (and kitties)
4:25 pm No feeds for you
4:45 pm Feeds down for High Rollas

Still kitty cam..
6:40pmFeeds all day, all night..

Please consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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I am assuming it is the Casino that is being played right now


I love the waiting game. NOT. 4 hours so far


From what I understand, DF volunteered to go on the block at 5:15am. Every compaint he is making is an act.

another name

Yeah, he already slipped up in front of Brit and said Claire is the target, then fumbled back into the lie.


I’m pretty sure Claire has already figured that one out and Tiffany is trying not to freak out. We’ll see how this personality will last. At least she said she won’t vote with the house. I’d like to see a tie and make Kyland get blood on his hands

another name

Possible math.
Everyone goes in one at a time to check what money amount they got, whether they want to play or bank.
Each person stays in the room for up to a half hour, or forty five minutes to cover the time for play if they choose to play, and reset of the comp.
All of this to make it “secret” about who played.

Feed block for 11 of them for up to 45 minutes each?
so up to 8 hours and a bit max possible outage.
A short to normal BBCAN veto worth of feed block.
assume your angry mob positions and ready your torches, or take a nap.

Huh. guessing the time didn’t bring feeds back to make me look like a tool. Drat.


I was wondering what was taking so long. Too bad we can’t view it on the feeds and pretend that we are in a Maltese Falcon/Monte Carlo situation

another name

For most of the additional twist comps, they leave the house and go to another sound stage. In order to maintain the ‘no contact with the outside world’ premise, they won’t show it on feeds is my guess.


Azah is giving me Tiffany vibes. She is obsessed with hating on Ky. And her accusation that Ky is selfish… How so? Because he didn’t throw the HOH to her? Because he’s targeting the non-CO member of his choice instead of the non-CO member of her choice?

Don’t get me wrong. Ky has made a lot of mistakes in this game. But he is in a no-win situation because his alliance wants to dictate the terms of his HOH (and whether he’s even allowed to win HOH). If Ky doesn’t acquiesce to the CO demand and nominate SB, then he’s accused of being “selfish” and not caring about “the greater mission.” But wait a minute… the greater cause was to get all 6 Black HGs to be the F6 and Ky has targeted a non-POC (Claire), so isn’t he fulfilling his duty toward the cause?

another name

The part of Her argument i agree with:
ALL of the cookout members agreed it was best for X and Ky to throw the HOH comp because SB was the agreed cookout target for the week. This was decided some time around Monday or Tuesday.
Ky can say he was not trying to save SB until he’s blue in the face, and considering how long he can jibberjabber about jibberjabber…. that’s a long time. Nobody is buying it.
He was 100% being selfish. He wants to have SB and Dx in his pocket to attack the other cookout members.
Any minute now she’s going to be griping there is no I in team.

(Do I knock him for being selfish? NO. there’s only one winner. But is her argument sound about agreeing to one thing, then doing the opposite for self interest instead of alliance interest? Yes.)

The part of Her argument I don’t agree with:
again, Azah is a bloody hypocrite because mention targeting Brit around her and watch what happens.


I’ve finally caught up on this week’s episodes. Did anyone else feel like Thursday’s show gave Tiffany a good edit (as in better than she might deserve)? Compared to what I’ve been reading here, I feel like people that just watch the show would feel for Tiffany. Am I off?

*All that said, I think Big D was extremely disrespectful and I really hope he doesn’t win.

another name

If the episode showed that Tiffany is aware that her communication style with the Jokers is abrasive, but she doesn’t even try to hide it
If the episode showed that Tiffany was in fact trying to push cajole and intimidate Brit into flipping, but the other Jokers crashed the party…
Then they showed it in the right light.
Anything else and they were giving her a bit of a golden edit.
That said… the Couch is a horse’s ass at the best of times.


They definitely gave Tiffany a good edit. As far as Derek F, given the context of it (of course live feeds were interrupted for a huge chunk), a number of us were rooting him on because he actually was standing for a while and went upstairs instead just hanging out and lying down in that 1 room


Another Name’s take on Ky not valuing the female’s perspective/game play as much as the males is valid. Although I think this entire play began as part of the Ky/Tiff power struggle but is quickly regressing into something else.

Ky’s absolute need for control isn’t just negatively impacting his game he literally just increased the odds of two Cookout members being OTB together next week (if Claire survives). Plus he can’t blindside DX or he’ll lose what he thinks is a guaranteed jury vote (and one of his two soldiers he needs to take out TC power players for him).

Neither would’ve put him OTB let alone beside X or Big D so all his lies & extra unnecessary cuteness will be hard to remedy. No one is going to believe DF/Claire were the greatest threat to target Ky or that they were voted most influential/greatest threat.

He spent so much time last week forging bonds with DX & the Detectives plus Hannah so why bother telling those two & Claire three different stories? He kept Brit off the block simply b/c she offered him safety & to be his spy — but this is coming from someone who was in on back dooring her F2.

I’m still struggling to see how taking out Claire in this manner behooves his game. He’s making so many BB 101 errors. An obvious one (another reason to buy his lack of female respect) is he knows SB is throwing comps & yet never pondered that 6′ yoga adept, intelligent Claire is doing the same?

Since winning HOH the ONLY people he hasn’t annoyed or pissed off are Brit & Ally and they’re the two most likely to put him OTB. So why make this move? Again – I buy stock in him wanting control & the power struggle however it’s one thing to weaken Tiff but quite another to sabotage your own game in the process.

And five hours plus into feeds being down — we wait— to learn who fans voted for and if anyone won a power. (I am hopeful DX/Claire get $100 so she comes off the block).

Wonder how the players will interpret the voting. Most think Brit/Big D will be $100 players but polls had DX, Claire, Hannah in top 3. Can’t wait to find out when feeds return —especially if those 3 did get the $100 and how Tiff & Hannah specifically will interpret that result.


He may recognize what a number of us see:Claire can get very far in this game; Kyland views her as an impediment to getting to the Final 2. As far as the rest of it, Kyland’s “sibling” fight with Tiffany has other people caught in the crossfire

another name

Ky was always down for the Butchers, all the guys teaming up, “We’re just like Detonators” (he really has an obsession with season 16). His main loyalty has shifted back and forth from Dx to his final three with Couch and X. I don’t believe for a second that his final 2 with Tiff was ever real, he recognized her game and was attempting to put her in check. As far as SB? Jury vote smitten kitten if he can’t drag her to final 2 for the easy win. In the mean time, she’s a weapon in case she wins HOH, or a pocket vote that he thinks will do whatever he says. He sees himself as Derrick to her Victoria.
His tendency to claim that every woman he speaks to is being emotional not logical is what started to make me ponder. That was week 2.


Yeah his male preference is obvious. Sooooooooooooo here’s the thing I’m wondering. We know he’ll believe he & Baby D can mend fences no matter what happens & that DX is a good person to have the $100.

We still haven’t confirmed the third $100 recipient out of (Hannah | Tiff | Brit) but most believe it’s Brit. Even though Ky wasn’t worried about Brit b/c of the safety promises I wonder if that stance could shift. Since Tiff, X both know she was completely involve in the Christian back door from the start presumably Ky does too.

With the potential for Claire & Big D both to come off the block it will add pressure for re-noms & X will fight tooth & nail to keep Ally safe. I’d expect they’ll tell Ky about Brit/Christian’s F2 & note how she had no issue betraying him (granted he was using her too – – semantics) but point to that being a sign she’s a wild card. Factor in her targeting him in the comp last night.

Azah/Big D have this irrational protection of her (like they seriously get loopy over her going OTB) but neither even realizes how she’s playing people. I wonder if at some point this week Ky/Baby D/X will discuss how she has the house buying the victim mode but in reality she’s learning how to get safety from the HOH & make deals which means that voting trio is staying in the house. The longer they let it slide & they stay intact the more dangerous they become since the others might prefer dragging a trio of goats to the end instead of a competitor. Plus a voting block of three is scary as numbers dwindle.

Back dooring Brit would open another $100 spot with three members of the Cookout sitting in the $75 range & one likely to move up giving them more of what Ky loves “control” over the powers.

Make sense? (Azah might actually be right – it just wasn’t the initial plan I don’t think)

another name

As someone that believes all of these little twist games to be complete and absolute contrived production determined storyline devices…
The result of this comp should tell us whether or not the inclusion of the three weeks of jury level manipulation is meant to aid the cookout or cause adversity for the cookout.

Don’t look at me that way. I’m a conspiracy nut. Says so right on my tinfoil hat.

Edited to add: so just over six hours and ten minutes (so about 30-35 minutes per person?)
and feeds return to nobody knowing how much money anyone got.
They know three people got 75….. but five people have claimed to have gotten 75. Oops.
So far according to various convos pieced together, Tiff and Brit didn’t play. SB did play (because Ky wants to control the prize and the veto).


CLEARLY it’s to help them — Big D getting $100 (please)

Kid Rock

The cookout didn’t need aid! This move will be to weaken the cookout! I guarantee it! It’s all production driven


Sorry but how the F did the couch get $100?

Thankfully Baby D also got $100 but a bunch of them are lying Big D told one person he got $50, another he got $75 (and NONE of them believe him lol).

When Hannah/X talk they both say they got $75 but mention each of Tiff, Brit & Big D also claim that amount & two are lying & assume it’s the 2 Jokers.

One reliable source says Tiff is the other $100 person but it’s not confirmed yet, while many in the house think it’s Brit & I’m still hedging Hannah may have got the $100 & isn’t telling. It would make more sense if Hannah got it then Tiff over Brit but given Big D got $100 wtf do I know.

That would mean:

$100: Baby D, DF, (one of Tiff or Brit — maybe Hannah?)
$75: X, (two of Hannah, Brit or Tiff)
$50: Azah, Claire, SB, Ally & Ky

I’m still shocked the couch got $100 (seriously – like wtf?) & I also confused by Claire being $50 when she is consistently 2nd, 3rd or 4th on polls. feels HEAVILY MANIPULATED BY PRODUCTION especially when Twitter was blowing up to help Claire last night.

I’m also VERY CONFUSED about this “betting” part of the comp — sounds like people can bet on a second veto (possibly who wins it?) – Not sure.

Not everyone played today Ky, SB, Tiff, Claire & Big D I think. It cost $50 to play And next week there is a roulette game. Claire/SB are talking & I’m not sure if it’s part of Ky’s plan or if SB is reestablishing a connection with Claire.

Big D has come clean to Ky & Azah he won $100 but refuses to tell anyone else b/c then they’ll get jealous of him (UGH – go lay down couch). Mr control freak (sorry I mean Ky) want TC to get together later to discuss what they got.

Baby D is PISSED at Ky b/c he’s being vague with him & b/c of the noms. He thinks Ky made a deal with X, Alyssa & is trying to form what they had with the detectives with that foursome & Big D.

That’s what I’ve deciphered so far.


Obviously a number of them are lying. Sunday we get to see who won what amount

another name

You know I don’t believe the votes, like, ever.

The people Grod wants get what Grod wants. If Grod is grooming Couch to be AFP winner, that’s what he’ll be. Look at season 17. The pervy letcherous asshat week 1-4 gets a dressing down in D/R that is spoken about on feeds, comes out and gets a weekly segment for pulling harmless pranks until finale and wins the Favorite prize. Look at BBCAN9, the mopey guy that tries to quit multiple times is given the first ever Favorite prize. It’s all about editing to the casuals and tipping the scales.

Q: how did they differentiate the votes for the 2 Dereks?

If i were to believe in the integrity of the vote, I’d be thinking voting for Couch was not a vote for him, it was a vote against Tiffany. There is a pretty big contingent out there that seem to have a heavier hate for her than the rest of the cookout.

The Beef

If the biggest waste of space on the show “won” the top reward, all I can think is production doesn’t like the fact that Ky put him up in the first place. If he “wins” some prize (like this second veto they mentioned) and can therefor take himself off of the block, that pretty much guarantees production “fixed” the voting to ensure he had enough money to play, and be in position for them to see to it that he “won” that prize.

We all know they do it. We also know they’re in on the agenda this season, which is why Julie has made no mention of the Cookout to any of the evicted players, even though there’s no battle back (apparently) this season. Why else wouldn’t she bring up the alliance that is totally running the game to any of them after they’ve been evicted?

MDW-Gilbert AZ

Why does DerekF think he is never suppose to be nominated to be evicted ? He’s all talk about let me stay calm, I don’t want to go off ? I’ll turn the house out ? Then he said Ky is on the block when he wins HOH, that will never happen, he has done nothing but lay on the couch every since he’s been in the house.

Now he’s begging for America to give him a power, WTF. DerekF and Azah crack me up with everyone is suppose to give them things, throw HOH comps so they can win. Both of them are the worst players in the house, and why is Azah still worshiping Frenchie? This just shows that she has no business being in the house, or carried to the end.

I hope Ky does not backdoor DerekX, I hope DerekX wins something in the high rollers that will help advance him farther in the game. DX deserves to be there, he’s really playing the game, I’d love to see him win the $750 grand.

Azah and BigD both think it should be given to them ?.


Is Tiffany delusional? I have not seen the KY that she is talking about. Best strategist, logical thinker and best arguments? I think he’s shifty, not strategic, and talks in circles a lot of nonsense. In this game there is a difference in intelligence and street smarts. Someone like X may be intelligent, he is a lawyer, but unless you have a good read on people and are prepared to lie and backstab, you will be gone before you know it.
DR and Azah are two of the biggest floaters in the game. They both need to go. To me, if you wanna stay, you gotta play. Some may say that it is a form of strategy…I say, get in the game and win something!
I think up to this point, DX has been playing the best game. I hope he wins!

another name

Forgive Me if I’m wrong. I’m trying to understand and piece together bits of different convos to make it make sense.
After veto players are picked, Those houseguests that chose to participate bet on who will win the power of veto. If they are correct, the person that bet the most on the veto winner will win a second power of veto. SOOOO. Why were feeds down for 6 hours if there was no fugging comp, just buy ins to bet on the veto comp results? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.
Oh wait. Multiple hours to go over storyline plot points. Riiiiiight.
EDITED TO ADD: so they played a comp to win points to bet on veto winner????? Tiff got 0 points.

Sounds like there is a possibility that Dx Couch and Brit (?????) won 100. The only confirmed 100 would be Dx because Dx doesn’t lie to Hannah (but REALLY REALLY SHOULD).
Sounds like Claire is being an idiot. Not sure if she should pick Dx to play in veto.
I said it yesterday, just pull the car to jury around front, Claire will be there shortly. She thinks she and Dx should distance themselves so that he is not the backdoor target… of Ky’s HOH? Sideye. Ummm. He already knows you 2 talk, you ninny. It’s almost like they pulled in an alternate last second, she didn’t fit with the storyline of the person she replaced, so they just told her to follow Tiff around and wait until she’s evicted, but promised her jury because it was so last minute.

Dx is thinking if he’s a backdoor target this week, he might as well just go because if Ky screws him his game is already done anyway. He believes Ky is pulling a fast one and double dipping with the Detectives and the Kings. He tells this to Hannah. X should know by tomorrow at the latest.

Azah is… shall we say mildly unenthused. First Ky breaks his word when he agreed last week to throw the HOH, then he doesn’t actually share his plan with her. Now he wants to meet with all the cookout to find out how much money they got in the bucks comp.
Yeah. She’s not enthused with Ky.