“I want to get some thoughts where everyone is at and I want to do it this way with everyone in the group”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – What a mess. Claire is going up probably beside a joker. I’m pretty much brain dead right now.

7:46 am Kyland Tells X because of the powers he’s going to have the house decide who to put up
Kyland says from the conversations he’s had he’s thinking they will say Azah, Brit, and Alyssa.
X – whats the reasoning targeting Alyssa now that Christian is gone
Ky – I am with you I don’t feel the need to target Alyssa
X what happened to Claire
Ky says he wants to buy time for them to find out about the powers.

Hannah joins them.
Ky – I know people put me up against SB next week
Ky – this week since Tiffany is open for Claire.. so if we would rather do Claire and Alyssa they are interchangeable. something that works for the 6.
X says Alyssa and Brit are the most likely to get a power if you nominate them and they do have a power they come down.
Hannah/Ky agree.
Hannah – you probably don’t want to nominate both of them
Ky – I do feel that I talked to BIGD in terms of him or Azah he said between the two of them if she wasn’t interested or felt it was too risky he would go up
Feeds cut.. When we’re back
Ky says Claire would be his preferred Back up is Alyssa came down or they decided not to.
Hannah- I question if sending Claire home this week is her time
X – so I would lose Christian and Alyssa on back-to-back weeks?
Ky says he’s ok with Britini going home.

Ky says he doesn’t have a good read on who DX’s targets are
Hannah – Alyssa
Hannah says since Kyland is the HOH this week only one member of the cookout should try and win the power.
Ky is saying that he’s thinking of BIGD going up with one of Claire, Alyssa, or SB. (SB.. right)
X leaves
Hannah – he would not be happy.
Hannah – sending Claire home this week does not make sense
Kyland says he’s not intending to send Claire out.
Hannah – I want Alyssa to spend her money this week
Ky – even if she goes home?
Ky adds he’s thinking of putting Claire on the block but not as a target.

Hannah says they will all lose their pawns at some point so Xavier shouldn’t worry if he loses two of his back to back.
Kyland says he’s thinking Claire and Alyssa if Xavier isn’t on board it would be Claire.

8:30 am Tiffany talking to the camera
Says she’s been in an emotional state these past 4 days the reason she didn’t win the HOH was because of this. If she got the pictures and letters she wouldn’t have been able to make the game moves devoid of emotion. Adds that Kyland will make the decision with less emotion. With that said SB is not going to see the block. Tiffany will lose one of her closest people Claire.

Kyland meets her on his way to the Diary room. Tiff asks if she’s going up. He says “You can’t send BIGD home if he’s on the block”

8:38 am Kyland talks to the house. “I want to get some thoughts where everyone is at and I want to do it this way with everyone in the group”

Tiffany first up
(I was hoping they would tell us their answers or show the grid but no dice)
Who is the most influential person in the house?
Who do you think is the biggest threat in the house for your personal game?
Who are the two people you would put up if you were HOH right now? (Sb was the answer)
Who is the person you would put next to them so you would feel your target would go home? (Kyland?)

Couldn’t catch her answers
Who is the person you would put next to them so you would feel your target would go home? (BigD was the pawn?)
Couldn’t catch her answers

Couldn’t catch her answers. After BIGD leaves “these answers are surprising as f** I gotta say”
Couldn’t catch her answers
Who is the most influential person in the house? (She answers Frenchie)
Who do you think is the biggest threat in the house for your personal game? (She says she doesn’t have an opinion on that)
Who are the two people you would you put up if you were HOH right now? (She says she doesn’t have an opinion on that)
Who is the person you would put next to them so you would feel your target would go home? (She says she doesn’t have an opinion on that)
Ky – no worries it’s not mandatory at all..

Who is the most influential person in the house? (DX)
Who do you think is the biggest threat in the house for your personal game? (Brit)
Xavier says he would put up DX and Brit his two targets.
Ky – it’s going to be Claire nobody is coming after Tiffany right now next week everyone is going to put up Alyssa, Sb or babyD

Ky tells him many answers he’s been given have been random.
Ky says a blonde is going up.
Couldn’t catch his answers I think he picked Xavier and Brit for some. TIffany may have been his most influential pick.
Who is the most influential person in the house? (DX)
Who do you think is the biggest threat in the house for your personal game? (X)
Who are the two people you would put up if you were HOH right now? (Alyssa, BIGD)
Ky – one person said Frenchie so we’ll leave that at what it is..

No idea how Ky is keeping track of these answers. He did say he’s going to falsify the results.

9:40 am Claire and Kyland (Feeds were not on them at the time but I think he said she might be a pawn)
Claire says she’s not a good pawn because she probably won’t be able to win the veto and she’s sure nobody else would use the veto on her
Kyland says if he’s going to put up a detective it’s between her or Tiffany because “Like you said” DX isn’t a good pawn.
Claire – we’re in an alliance what am I going to do make a deal with you
Kyland goes to get DX
Claire alone.. “F****”
When he’s back she says they are in an alliance if he thinks this is best then do it.
Claire – you must know what I don’t know.. I don’t see the point of it at this point of the game.
Claire – could I throw out another option for you?
Claire – I would throw up Hannah. DX has a better reason to use Veto on her than on me. She has been a pawn I know that is awful.. but you have your own reasons and I respect that.

9:47 am Kyland and DX (Sleep-deprived Kyland is next to impossible to cover)
Kyland says one person said Frenchie was the most influential person in the house
they laugh
Kyland says he mentioned to Claire that he’s looking at a detective for help.
DX – damn what did you hear in this room.
DX – What is the argument against Claire and Alyssa this week.
Kyland starts choking on his breakfast
Ky – things I’m considering.. I want to.. I guess what.. a couple of things.. a couple of factors. I don’t feel there were any revelations in terms of myself.. Jesus.. My position in the house.. WOW .. Umm… (yeah Kyland is a treat to listen to)
Ky – My main revelation was around my associations.. how those umm. perceptions of my associations and how that can impact.. not just my own safety in the game but how those factors relate to my value to our group..
DX says Alyssa is the best liar in the house.
DX says Alyssa almost convince the house to vote out SB says Tiffany and Claire were unsure if getting rid of Christian was good for their personal game.
DX – they had a strong personal relationship
DX – it was a HUGE display of trust they did this for me. It may have hurt their game (WOW so he either doesn’t know or is cool with Tiff and her shenanigans on Wednesday)
DX – I trust you I see you are an intelligent guy I see what you are going for here.
Ky – I think putting Claire next to someone that everyone.. that most of the people wouldn’t want to sit next to makes me feel. on the number side, we have the Numbers

DX – now you lost me again
Ky says he’s more of an option to go up than he previously thought. He wants to limit the number of people he can’t safely sit next to.
Kyland says Tiffany has made more enemies than Claire has.
DX – this is how I am viewing it if I zoom out I see last week I played heavy offense.. I see you are saying let’s play a little bit of Defense if our competitors do attack us we have more shields or more of a probability of going home.

10:15 am Kyland called into the Diary room
DX – I’ll stand by you no matter what the decision is.
(I have no idea what Kyland is doing anymore)

10:16 am Claire and DX
Claire – what is he doing?
DX – I have no idea .. likely you are going up I don’t know who you are sitting next to.. Kyland does not want to send you home. he wants to take out a floater.
DX – we need to win this veto I want to force his hand to put up Alyssa..
Claire – how many do we need this week
DX – 4 and Ky decides..
Claire – it has to be a floater
DX – has to be a joker
Claire – why not put up two Jokers
DX – he might have a backdoor plan..
Claire – I told him if you have a backdoor plan I’m the worst option cause I can’t win the veto.
Claire thinks she’s Kyland’s target.
DX – he’s given me a lot of rationale why he wants to take out a floater.
Claire – if I go out I’ll be the most bitter person in that jury
they laugh
They agree Kyland cut deals with Xavier and ALyssa.
DX says he’s worried Kyland is working on both sides.
DX – I think the person going up next to you is Azah
Claire – that would make sense.
DX says there are two people that would go after Kyland the better play would be to take one of those people instead of cutting the people that would stay if you were on the block against them.
DX and Claire are convinced Kyland made a deal with X to keep Alyssa safe.
DX says if he wins the power he’ll use it on her. “he has Sb in this pocket”
Claire – the jokers, X, and Alyssa cold team up
DX – then it’s just a tie.. they will team up. I don’t see any reason for Ky to take you out. You are on his side and you’re not a competitive threat.
DX – if he takes you out he loses me, Tiff and Hannah
DX – I was like BRO just take out Alyssa..

10:30 am Feeds are down for nominations

11:33 am Feeds return Nominations are Claire and DerekF

Please consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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camille curinga

It’s like fight club is going on in the house!!!
No one will talk about the OBVIOUS

Ray Rush

Kyland Everytime he speaks I zone tf out. He talks in circles. Everytime he’s on the live feed I turn to a different camera. I thought I was being mean but I heard Alyssa on the live feed say the same thing (she zones out). I’m not sure why his conversations are so hard to follow and understand. He talks alot but isn’t really saying anything. Having a conversation with him seems exhausting. You hope to have clarity after a conversation however after speaking to him your frustrated with a headache. I’m not sure if this is him in real life. Nice guy, cute smile but exhausting to speak to and understand. It’s a hard listen to hear him speak. Circles, circles, circles. I can’t.


He’s smooth. He deliberately talks in circles so that he can get away with not really saying anything…I would not trust him ever. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be his girlfriend.
No, actually I can. I dated a guy just like him and all I ever got was a headache!

Ray Rush

Lol you think it’s on purpose, yeah I guess so. I see him getting under Derick F skin and Azah with that mess. I was watching live feeds and apparently Derick F cussed Kyland out and that’s why he got nominated today. I can’t wait to see the footage.


KY talks in circles in real life. Check out his IG. I couldn’t get through one vid. Long-winded AF.

Ray Rush

Let l so true. He is really working my last nerves and I heard at the hoh comp that he got cussed out by Derick F. That’s what I’m gathering from the live feeds. These lol ve feeds are juicy.


I’m sick and tired of the tears ?


Claire – “it has to be a floater”

Isn’t Claire the ultimate floater? If not, who are the other floaters?

I’ve already donated to this site this season – ya’ll deserve it. But I feel like I should add more to have to transcribe Ky’s loquacious and often aimless ramblings!

Ray Rush

So true ky is very annoying. Also yes Claire ass is floating. She floated her ass right to a nomination. She’s on the block lol.


1) The only thing worse than trying to understand Kyland-speak is trying to understand Kyland-speak when he’s on two hours of sleep.

2) The CO will never agree on which of their pawns go in what order because nobody wants to lose their pawn. Azah doesn’t want to lose Brit, X doesn’t want to lose Alyssa, … Then you should have won HOH!


Sa·cré bleu!


Ha ha tres bien, you deserve a medal, better get some Kraken!

Ray Rush

Lol hilarious. Right. Ky is good ving them a run for there $

Ray Rush

Right omg watching him do one on ones with no sleep was annoying. Ky stfu please. I don’t understand nothing he is saying.

another name

That’s the logic plan Ky decided to go with?
That’s the noms Ky decided to go with?
And finally
That’s the explanation Ky decided to go with?

Shakes head, turns around and walks away.
So, he’s obviously decided that he’s going to play dumb about targeting Claire.
He’s obviously expecting the Couch to keep up the act, and couch has already slipped once.
The plan was never going to make sense with the way Ky has so many alliances.

In essence:
Ky is lying to Hannah? He doesn’t intend to back door Alyssa at all. And she’s cookout.
Ky is lying to Dx? Claire is the target. And he’s his final 2 number 2 or 3.
Ky is lying to Claire? She’s the target. And she is thinking she might be the target.
There’s a power (remove a nominee) and a veto.
What are the chances at least one of Ky’s lies blows up in his face?

Meanwhile: I’m noting that Brit (of all people) might be putting the cookout together? Maybe I’m just really confused. It felt like she was starting to put it together. Am I WAY off on that? Help.

another name

Processing My inner Ky (I don’t really have an inner Ky so bear with me)
Allow me to drop out the vague word salad talk to present what I think Ky’s Plan Really IS.
Why Claire? She’s Tiff’s number one.
Why go after Tiff’s number one? To weaken Tiff if/when the gloves come off and the Cold War stops being cold.
Why not just go after Tiff? Cookout.
But how to justify it?
Then he talked to the Couch.
Anyone ever noticed that for as enlightened and egalitarian as Ky presents himself, more often then not he is dismissive of the thoughts and strategies of women and deferential to the thoughts and strategies of other men? Keep an eye out for it: It’s real.
So he and Couch came up with what I can only describe as the Word Salad on the Couch plan.
His actual thought process though, is very much weaken Tiff.
He thinks he can word salad the rest of his non cookout allies (okay, basically Dx).

Ky’s game, in a regular season would be over at this point. The only thing saving him: Cookout.

Personal theory: I’m thinking anyone that breaks up with Ky HAS to be doing it by text… because who the fuq wants to sit and listen to him war and peace nonsense for four days straight just to stop dating him?

Berta Getty

Correction – The only thing saving Ky is he’s half Black.

Ray Rush

Lol this is true lol. If he wasn’t part of the cook out he would had been gone.

Ray Rush

I agree he seems super dismissive to woman. Azah put him in his place today.

Ray Rush

Your comment has me dying laughing. You nailed it. Ky nobody not even your mama want to hear all that mess you speak. Just a bunch of chatter and nonsense. I couldn’t even be his friend.


Just 24-48 hours ago, Tiff was public enemy #1 within the CO alliance. In that short amount of time, Ky has single-handedly managed to remove that target from Tiff’s back and place it onto his own. That’s impressive! LOL.

As for figuring out the CO alliance, I think that Claire sees it. She made a reference a couple of weeks ago on the feeds about seeing how this was going (Christian would be next, then SB, then her, then Alyssa, or something like that… don’t remember the order). She did not explicitly say who was in an alliance, but she said, “I see how this is going,” and identified non-POC HGs as being evicted in upcoming weeks. What I suspect is happening is that if any HG, such as Claire, figures-out the CO alliance, they are afraid to actually say it for fear of backlash.

P.S. – For anyone who is reading this post, I’m not looking to start a debate about race relations in the U.S. or in past BB seasons, rather I am making the point that HGs are editing their game observations to avoid the Twitter mob.

Big brother shadow

I agree wholeheartedly she has figured it out and is scared to call it out for fear of the cancel culture and retaliation.( funny enough I was just saying this today.)
It’s too late now to for a call of action or directly addressing this with anyone outside of the CO, since they don’t have the numbers at this stage in the game. It’s too far gone at this point.


Luck plays such a vital part in BB – I posted how frequently this season Tiff bordered on getting caught/blown up only for a timely occurrence to intervene. With her inability to control her emotions & overplays last week it seemed her luck had run out as she plummeted from her high perch to the bottom of the barrel.

Like you, I was fascinated by the turn of event in these past 24-48 hours — it was the dyslexic version of Murphy’s Law for Tiff – – everything that could go right — DID.

If I’d written down all the issues & fractured relationships she entered this week with it was as if one by one they were getting checked off. That the person who spent a good portion of last week trying to sully her placement was the catalyst for this shift is beyond ironic.

First that super uncomfortable chat between Azah – Ky served to remedy multiple issues. It gave the ladies a reason to do something they never do (talk game) & afforded Tiff evidence for why she wanted to oust SB last week. With Ky it opened the door for him to understand Tiff’s issues regarding Azah’s stubbornness.

Taking ownership of her SB jealousy & need to improve communication plus accepting Claire as the target & potentially being a pawn herself may not have completely resolved her & Ky’s issues but it was a 180 from the day prior. Granted I’m not buying it fully b/c I still think that power struggle has only been put on hold temporarily (& ousting Claire is really about damaging Tiff) — Perhaps that was why we got the f*ck, f*ck, f*ck response from him as soon as Tiff left the HOH.

And even though Big D is hip to the plan how long will it take for him to land on Ky cited winning HOH as necessary b/c he couldn’t risk going OTB with the powers in play but could risk Big D going up?

Surely, the next shoe to fall will be Baby D running back to her as his primary after these crazy noms & the lies Ky spouted to each of Claire, DX & Hannah (they’ve already uncovered variances in what he told each of them). AND— if the end result (after the powers/POV) ends up being Ally going up it could also pull X closer to her.

another name

Remember in season 21, around week 3, just after a feed block when the hg’s were talking about the production notes meeting and cutting back on talk that could be perceived as racist, and coming up with buzzwords to yell if someone is saying something borderline? This would have been just after 3 articles were published.
I feel like yesterday after feed cuts there was a production note meeting (those are not uncommon in the breaks before feeds return from hoh or veto comps), and it spooked some of the cookout about perception.

Jets jets jets

I vowed not to watch if all the guys went first. If Christian hadn’t won HOH he would nave gone last week. The fix is in just like I said it would be back when they announced what they’re doing as far as the composition of the house. It’s a shame that I don’t have my summertime pleasure. See you all next year. Maybe!!!

Just Sayin'

Wait there’s no guys left in the house?!?!? Lmao wth are you talking about? And that’s not even to mention how extremely offensive that statement is to women, please don’t come back

fairness and gameplay

I’m so nervous this season will ruin
Big Brother forever. This is a game !! It’s not about race, and they have tried to feed off of anything racial the last few years, NOW the way this season is going it’s going to push racial alliances to start right away every season. Thought we were all supposed to move forward not go back to the 60’s with racial devide. I AM

Ray Rush

What’s the issue how many seasons have all these white people linked up and the ethnic folks were the first to go. Name a person to f color who has won. I’ll wait


Celebrity BB–can’t remember her name
Josh beat Paul in season ?
Sorry I don’t have all the details, but I do have more than you.

No fave yet

I do not like watching when one/any group dominates the entire game. Too predictable.
Won’t get exciting till the 6 are left and they eat each other. :}
‘The sunglasses are annoying. Need eye contact to read people. They sleep too.
My 2 cents.

Miss Impression

Today I woke up thinking about what it’s like to live in the BB house.Imagine your short circuiting floor lamp bursts into tears and when you try to fix it your bed and couch attack you and call you a bitch and your livingroom rug keeps trying to trip you up.It’s enough to drive you crazy.I’d want to burn my house down.

Ray Rush

The live feeds have been down for hours, what are they doing. Are they doing that casino thing. I know there hungry. They been filming this comp all day.

Ray Rush

It’s funny how people have an issue with the cookout. But don’t have issues with past big brother cast predominantly white linking up and doing the same thing. Seems to me the ethnic people are first to go most of the time. What’s the issue, when was the he last time a person of color won ( I’ll wait) or was close to winning. Seems to me POC are the first to go . Cookout linked together just like white cast members linked together in the past. It is what it is. Go cookout.

Buh Bye

Totally agree. I was just saying this. Although I don’t think most past, large alliances formed because the players were white, there were all white alliances nonetheless. No one came to the boards to make a big deal about it. I’m actually looking at the CO just like any other former 6+ alliance. Can they pull it off? Will the CO go the way of every all female alliance? If BB is supposed to be this big social experiment, then this CO experiment should be fascinating to follow in it’s success or failure. It’s a TV show. Relax and enjoy the crazy!


If it’s just about a POC why not include DX and Alyssa? It would be firsts for either of them winning as well

Ray Rush

That’s true yes I see your point


Please. There has never been a season where alliances were forged on race. EVER. This show is pathetic and I suspect over for those of us who have watched all 23 seasons.

Ray Rush

I’m so tired of looking at the cats and dogs when I view the live. I need to know what’s going on . I’m getting antsy. The anticipation. I can’t wait till it comes back up. Ughhhh

Ray Rush

Awesome Big D got a $100 Big Brother Bucks.

Ray Rush

Well that’s what he said in the live feed unless he’s lying lol

Ray Rush

Why hasn’t Kyland jump in the shower. It’s been days and he looks a mess and hair is a mess. Shower and go to sleep Kyland. TF.