Tiff “Why does Derek think he could beat X in the final 2?” Kyland “He thinks he & X played the same game.”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Hannah and Tiffany
Power of Veto: Kyland
Power of Veto Ceremony: Kyland did not use the veto.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Tiffany most likely being evicted.

7pm The house guests are eating dinner and chatting about BBCAN. Xavier tells them about how this season was the first season BBCAN crowned a black winner. Ky – NO WAY?! WHOA! Big D – this year was the time I heard of BB Canada.

7:25pm Bedroom – Xavier and Azah head to the bedroom and lay in bed chatting about random things. Big D joins them with the BB camera. He rips the covers off them AHHHHHhhhhaaa! He talks about wanting to ask them super hero questions to go along with this weeks BB Comic theme.

7:30pm Kitchen – Kyland and Tiffany.
Tiffany – Azah and Chaddha will never work together. Azah doesn’t trust Chaddha. One thing that I have to let him (X) know is that Azah will never work with Chaddha the way that she will work with me. Azah doesn’t trust Chaddha.. so even if he has Azah You would have Chaddha and DerekF. He would only have Azah. Keeping me assures him that he would have somebody that would vote the way he wants me to vote. Keeping me would make sure you have somebody on your side. He said I am glad you talked to me. Ky – I think also ….I think either way if he.. doesn’t .. if he isn’t able to .. win at four then he is his most vulnerable moment. Tiff – I said if you keep me and you want to play at four, I can play at five. I play at five and I take him out or we take out whoever you want but at least you get to play at four. I told him, I am obviously his (Ky) target.. if I stay I am still his target and if he doesn’t want me here he is still mine. If I leave you’re the next target. So if he gets Derek to win the next HOH, they’re going to come for you. Why does Derek think he could beat X in the final 2? Ky – he says he thinks people will see it like him and X played the same game. Tiff and Ky laugh. Ky – I was like yeah!

7:37pm Bathroom. Big D and Hannah.
Big D asks Hannah what super hero power she would want? Hannah – teleportation. Big D – Now that you have made it to the final six, how do you feel and do you think you have accomplished any of the goals that you set coming into this house. Hannah – of course I want to make it to final five … that is my immediate goal. The one goal that I wanted to accomplish coming into this house was to ensure that a Black person wins this season. And together with the cookout all of us have done our part and because of the hand that each of us has had ..all six of us have been able to get to the end and we know for a fact that a black person will win this season. So as far as I am concerned all of my huge goals have been accomplished. I would love to win just because I love this game so much and I respect the game a lot but even if I don’t win, even if I don’t make final two. I still consider myself a winner because of what myself and what the rest of the cookout have been able to accomplish. Big D – Amen!

8:20pm – 8:40pm HOH room – Hannah and Kyland talk about the votes while looking at the memory wall. They start digging into all the info Xavier has told them to try to poke holes in his lies about his profession.

8pm – 8:40pm Big D is still going around asking the house guests questions.

8:55pm Big D, Xavier and Azah re-watch the videos on the camera.

9:15pm – 9:45pm Bedroom – Tiffany and Azah.
Tiff – it is really hard to campaign against Chaddha but I don’t want to say anything negative against her but I do want Hannah to know that we’re at the point in the game where nobody owes anybody anything. We all got here together. Nobody has had to save anybody. Nobody has had to do any favours for anybody yet. Nobody is like I owe this to you because you did this for me. I think the person that he has the most on his side is you. I don’t think anyone other than you have that kind of respect for him as you do. I think Chaddha likes and respects him but Chaddha really wants to win. She has told us from the beginning she is not playing an emotional game. I don’t think she will hesitate to pull whoever she can beat at the end. I don’t think its about loyalty / trust / relationships for her. I think its about winning. She is the one that told me that X is the threat and should go. I know she has something with Ky. If Ky feels safe enough for me to go and to keep her here. If I stay I would owe you. Who do you want to work with? If I stay Ky will always come for me. If I go that will be X.. if its not you. I think Derek feels I would target him .. which I am not.

10:45pm Kitchen – Hannah, Big D, Azah, Xavier and Ky are sitting around chatting and laughing about past events of the season.

11:08pm Bedroom – Hannah and Tiffany.
Hannah – I think its going to be the seesaw one (comp). X holds his cards so close. No one knows what he is thinking. Ky was like X probably won’t want to come after me because ..out of the two of us meaning me and him .. I would be more likely to keep him safe at final four. But he is probably assuming between me, Azah and Big D he is assuming he would win.. so I don’t think he is too worried about you. X can win that last veto. That’s what Ky doesn’t seem to understand that he doesn’t need you Ky. I feel like X’s ideal final three is X, me and Big D. Ky’s ideal final three is probably X, me and him.

11:50pm – 12:35am HOH room. Ky and Big D.
Big D talks with Ky about telling Tiffany that he will be voting her out. Ky – I would rather just tell Tiff so that she can just enjoy her week. I will try to tell her tomorrow by like noon. Big D – Aazh can’t win this HOH. It has to be Xaiver or me. Ky – and then one of us three have to win the veto. Big D – and then keep things the same. Ky – if the veto is used then one of us has to go up because there’s only five people. Big D – but we’re still safe no matter what. Kyland and Big D start studying the days / events of the season.

12:22am – 12:30am Hannah talking to the camera and using the chess board – Hi America, I am just trying to what I am going to do if I win next week. What my desired outcome is? How to best get there? And I don’t want to have to go back on any deals this week to ensure my safety and so I need to figure out how to best protect myself with these deals if I find myself in a position next week. And how I can work these deals in the event that I do become HOH I don’t have to break any promises. I can still honour those deals while still targeting someone. I am just going through different final 4, final 3’s. My ideal final 3 would be Azah and Kyland. Kyland would bring me. Azah would bring me because I don’t think she respects the way Kyland has played this game. I kind of figure that Big D doesn’t want to take me far in this game. X has never had to show his cards. That is the most dangerous player. If I win next week I want him to at least have to show his cards. I think I have a good chance at winning against anyone other than X. Azah joins her and they both go to sleep.

12:40am Tiffany, Azah and Hannah are all sleeping.

12:43am – 1am HOH room. Xavier and Kyland.
Xavier – we’re playing this game and its fun, we’re so close. Ky – I know I just want to f**king win this thing… and this veto. I was just telling him we have to put the girls (Azah & Hannah) up because if we don’t win this veto it could force two of us up. God it is so close. Xavier – then its you and I versus Big D.. which no disrespect to him.. I love him.. but either one of us wins. Ky – its there .. its in the chairs. Xavier – and truthfully at final 3 I know he is not going to be bitter when one of us cuts him. Ky – I agree. He is going to get more than AFP (America’s Favourite Player). Xavier – he is definitely getting AFP. Ky – but even if he doesn’t he is getting more than AFP. Xavier – facts. Ky – of 5 short. Xavier – we just have to win. Ky – we were just going over days. Ky talks about how Big D, Azah and he are going telling Tiff they are voting her out. They start studying the days / events of the season. Xavier then heads to bed.

1am Azah is now up again and studying with food in the sea bedroom. Xavier joins her and they go through scenarios together. Azah – are you dead set on Tiffany leaving this week? Xavier – yes. She gave me a pitch and I am considering it but I am leaning towards keeping Chaddha. Azah and Xavier head to bed.

1:16am HOH room. Big D and Kyland studying the days / events of the season.

2:30 am Zzzzzz

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another name

Wanna know how you can tell?
How you can tell that the season has had some… problems?
Look at the BBComics covers.
If you ask yourself WTF does that have to do with anything that happened this season… or with that hg’s personality…. you KNOW there’s problems.
There are MULTIPLE bb comics covers that don’t make sense.
This isn’t on the artists. This is on the prodo team that gives the photos and bios and game facts to the artists. Some of these are just bad.

bb23comics smll.jpg
Houka Inumuta

Whenever I looked back at this season I’m sad.

Ky is leaving next week which is the only person I like other than Sarah Beth.

At least Big Brother 24 is looking to be a promising season.

Vote Sarah Beth for America’s favorite or Kyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This season is going to get boring after he’s gone.


Sorry…gotta vote for DX. I may not have always agreed with his decisions, but I liked him best of all the houseguests.


Same here, I’m votong for DX as well.


gonna get boring?


boring no way, this will be exciting till Julie says so long see you at BB24

Tiffany's Sideburns

I’m sad too.
But I’m still hoping the Ky pulls out the win!
If he can’t make it, and walks out those doors, it’s either him or DX for AFP for me.

Lorrene Kohnhorst



Absolutely not!! DX for favorite player.


Unless Hannah/Tiff (cause we know A won’t) win next HOH…the men are just going to kick off the women like every other season.

Yay progression on skin color…but seriously on sexism? Hey BB…next year maybe throw it to a woman that doesn’t latch herself onto a dude to get to the top.


Didn’t a black woman win last celebrity big brother? I was rooting for Tom Green, that’s the only memorable thing for me from that season.


Only hope for women is if Hannah wins next HOH. She would probably put up two men. Azah would likely put up Hannah and Ky, certainly not X or Big D.


Couch is delusional. A little more than two weeks left to endure :-/


BIG D! Lol

The Beef

In this update we see that Hannah is almost as delusional as Big D! She thinks X’s ideal final 3 is X, Big D and her. She thinks Ky’s ideal final 3 is Ky, X and her. In reality, neither one of them want her anywhere close to the final 3. Oh, and she thinks she has “a good chance at winning against anyone other than X”, when in reality she also probably loses to Ky.

Why does she lose to Ky? Well to start with 6 comp wins to 2. Secondly, she’s ratted out every person she’s even pretended to work with (see DX, Tiffany, Claire, Alyssa, has she worked with anybody else?). Yes, she was strategic, but none of the CO members have the perception that her strategic work actually paid dividends to the group, other than possibly Tiff. Claire and DX may also recognize that part of her game, but she also stabbed them both in the back.

So, in a Ky vs. Hannah final 2 I think Ky would get SB, X, Big D, and Alyssa for sure. Hannah probably gets DX (puppy love) and Tiffany (Ky sent her home, so friend and bitter). She MAY get Britini because Ky sent her home. That leaves Claire and Azah. Claire may give her a friend vote, but not a game vote. Azah may end up being the swing vote in this case, and although she doesn’t like Ky, she doesn’t see Hannah as a full fledged CO member either, and that may be enough to swing her vote to Ky. OR her disdain for Ky may be enough to get her to vote for Hannah. Either way, it will be close, and Claire’s vote isn’t guaranteed either, especially since Hannah did NOT vote for her to stay in the house. She may have to be understanding of the CO mission, but that doesn’t mean she has to vote for the person who backstabbed her. In fact she may think it’s poetic justice to vote against someone she was working closely with who did exactly that.


Maybe when BigD gets to F2 he can win by
telling them all “This is the season that a black person finally wins BB. But why stop there? If we are all in for social justice, we can also make it a season where a big lazy guy wins. Vote for me!”

Just Sayin'

Lmao to kyland finding out that BBCan already had a black winner earlier this year, “no way!”. And Ty did it by playing a good, rounded game, not by forming a (I don’t care what way you look at it, excluding people based on skin colour is racism) racist alliance where everyone hates each other


Didn’t he vote out Tera to take another black man with him to final two? I think he actually said he “wanted to have two black men at final two” when he voted her out. I loved Ty, but don’t re-write history.

Just Sayin'

Lol he took Breydon to final 3 over Tera because…… it was Breydon haha and Tera could have beaten him but never Breydon. That was the right choice to make to win the game, he definitely was not talking about colour all season, and did seriously debate taking Tera to the final 2


So did BB Australia.

Enough said

Ahh poor little cry baby go cry me a river. How long until you stop whining and crying and writing the same stupid stuff again and again. Doesn’t make it true. Just saying.


Ok. DF is in mimic mode. He absorbed what Hannah told him and will be using it to describe himself later (I have known at least 1 person who did that to recognize the signs)


Come on now guys….I understand that some of you may disagree on how the CO did it but they had to do what they had to do in order to win the Sh**t ( except for BIG D AND AZAH OF COURSE) lol otherwise they wouldn’t have stood a chance just like the past 22 years! they’re definitely NOT Racist! Be real…and I’ve never seen much outrage by the white community!!!


I’m not debating you because you won’t change your mind and I won’t either but all 6 crossed lines. You cannot tell me that if positions were reversed and Sb and Whitney talked about Tiffany n Hannah like they did the hatred would have been off the chain n they would be fired. But because it was 2 black women it was funny.


Why do you assume people that disagree with CO are all white tho? Just a reminder, Don’t forget that there was outrage when OJ was acquitted.


I don’t assume everyone that disagrees is white but most of them are , i am not naive! Because If you’re a black person and you think these 6 particular black HGS are Racist then you’re mentally retarded. As for Oj Simpson, BB23 and the OJ case are two different things…but since you mention it, how many black cops do you know plant evidence at crime scenes in order to convict white defendants? Exactly…none! But white cops do it all the time! I couldn’t care less about Oj Simpson, I think his dumbass should have been convicted!!!


The CO couldn’t be racist b/c it takes alot more than a couple weeks in a house with a group of people to become racist. It took the white community hundreds of hundreds of years to build the Racist system in every aspect of society to keep black people under…so please cut the BS


Native Americans and Native Hawaiians were here long before anyone else. They, too, have lived under the same social environment as BLMs; I don’t hear them making a commotion demanding that their lives matter, they don’t demand that a Native American or Native Hawaiian win BB. California is finally taking steps to acknowledge Native Americans…Assembly Bill 855 proposes to make Native American Day a judicial holiday in place of Columbus Day, it was passed by both houses and presented to Governor Newsom on September 2.


So b/c the other groups don’t ask for something, Black people shouldn’t either? Very inspiring lol


“Other groups” don’t spread HATE, they are not racists.

Hoping you can explain, I am confused why Davonne while commenting on social media regarding Cody had to include “yt” man while speaking about him. Why did she have to include race?


I don’t know a race that complains more than white people. They have everything, specifically white men and yet they’re still complaining…Alot of them have no empathy , no sense of understanding other peoples struggles…In my experience, I find all other races can easily relate to other races struggles except for some white people. I wonder why that is…


Any discussion about sexism at this point is just dumb. It’s a majority female jury. The guys know that to win this season they have to be sitting next to another guy. The women threw their games away when they made the cookout a final 6. If they were serious about winning the game, they would have aligned with the women in the house. You cannot have it both ways. The guys have zero choice but to get the women out if they want to win. The women were undone by their own racism.

Hannah's 2 Hanging Hair Bangs

“It’s a majority female jury.” Because they were kicked out!


They were undone by their commitment to their cause. Had any one of the remaining house guests gone against the stated mission they would have been crucified in real life, which ultimately is more important than 750000.

The Beef

Says YOU, a person with NO SHOT at the $750k. Personally I think I could deal with a few Twitter trolls quite easily for a $750k bankroll, especially if I was black and I won (mission accomplished!). That was the goal anyway in the beginning wasn’t it? To have a black winner of Big Brother! So if I’m black and I win, screw everybody who says, “But you went against the CO!” So? A black person still won didn’t they? Who said the general public gets to change the rules once we get inside the house, and dictate who we absolutely HAD to work with in order to win? I’m black and I still won! That’s all that matters in the end! Not the CO and certainly not an all black Final 6.


So you’re saying the women in jury will only vote for a women bc she’s a women. Hmm


Claire for AFP all the way! DX deserves it as well! Claire, DX and SB deserve to be invited back and play a normal game but I’m not sure that will ever be possible again.

Houka Inumuta

Don’t forget Kyland too

SB or Ky for America’s favorite

The Beef

Why would we vote for two of the most hated players in the game? SB is only rated higher than Brent, Whitney, Frenchie (cough, cough), Azah and Big D! That whole group right there pretty much sucks ass, yet those are the only ones SB is rated ahead of in the OBB ratings. Kyland fairs a liittle better as he’s ahead of all of those, plus SB, Travis, Britini, Christian and Tiffany. But he’s a misogynist and projects his own shortcomings onto other people. He has the personality of a manure fly, so I don’t see other people voting for him as their favorite player, as favorites are usually popular, and Ky just isn’t that.

I see DX getting AFP with possibly Claire and/or Tiffany giving him a run for his money.

SB's Lisping Baby Voice

Oh please for all that is HOLY — Please do NOT invite SB back. I couldn’t take listening to her lisping (and manufactured – it went in and out depending on who she was talking to!) voice for another season. GAH.


I don’t think Tiffany will take being told she’s being voted out well. Time to get out the popcorn…


My favorite is still Derrick x
I quess no females,are going to win any prizes.
This game keeps changing and evolving, if I find I can’t adapt that is my problem, and I don’t have to watch!… but I will because I love Simon and Dawg and all you guys for your input and perspective, that what makes it all worth it.


DX is a weak player.

The Beef

Has there been a really strong player this season? Ky for sure has played the best game competition wise, period end of discussion, but other than him, none have played great, although a couple have played good to okay. X played pretty good, but his ass was covered six ways from Sunday for almost the entire game! I’d probably also put Tiff and Hannah in that category, and maybe DX, but he went out too soon. The rest didn’t even really play at all. They were just THERE, existing and being used, either for their votes or being picked off one by one.

IMO DX was a better player than most of them, which is why he was backdoored and picked off so early in the game. They knew that about him and were scared of him, so they got him out.


Hard to tell who played the best competition-wise since they were always throwing competitions tho…


The name of the game isn’t who won the most comps…Will and Boogie threw 99% of comps and are some of the best to play the game.

another name

A feeling.
So, this season saw a lot of plus ones that were in alliances with the HOH going on the block and being told they had limited options when there were still four or five non alliance members to choose from. This was a big thing starting with Ky’s second HOH.
Here is what was lost: no ‘pawn’ grabbed the other members of the alliance and went to the HOH to say, “these are the people you are working with. You don’t put them on the block. Choose from all the others. If you put one of us up, you’re a backstabbing liar that can’t be trusted by their own alliance and you have nobody when you can’t play in the next HOH comp.”
The fact that, at no point, was that made a big deal? That’s where I’m going to have to call bullshit. The part of the storyline that falls apart most for me is tied to the part of the storyline where nobody figures out the big secret alliance (they did, you can see it on their faces multiple times when denying there’s a big alliance after d/r).
The fact that final 4, final 3 and final 2 alliance members didn’t raise a fuss when being told they’d be a pawn on an alliance mates HOH. That’s a ridiculous stroryline thread that has never made sense to me.
If I have to convince myself it makes sense by denying my own senses, It doesn’t make sense. This is the HUGE problem of the season. The crafting of the big secret alliance was fragile enough that they had to leave a great big plothole of alliance mates not calling out their alliances for failing to put up 2 people from the OTHER SIDE for weeks.
Nobody does that. Natural reaction is why me when we are working together, and not one of the 5 people we aren’t working with? That’s bullshit.


So Hannah & Tiff are pitching and proving WHY they deserve to be in this house instead of the majority of the other CO members.

Big Brother isn’t just a game of competitions (kudos to Kyland for winning that portion). It’s about navigating a social game via various strengths to get to the end. Personally, I’m always drawn to the strategists, influencers, and manipulators as they’re what keep the wheels in my mind turning and occupy the live feeds. A great sense of humor, kindness, loyalty, leadership skills and grace never hurts either.

Of the six remaining there is no comparison who wins the strategy, influence and manipulation categories. Unfortunately one of those two masters will leave on Thursday and I fear it’s my favorite — Tiffany.

I’ve got some other posts coming (working on them on and off with NBA articles — a girl’s gotta eat lol) and in one it discusses what Tiff should do to set up the house for Hannah (and Azah) on her way out. One section covers what she should say to Big D about the jury so I started laughing at the Big D – Hannah chat.

Tiff touched on it yesterday with him, but he never takes anything she says fully to heart b/c he can’t see straight for his desire to get her out (he’s hated her since week one or two when she didn’t allow him to chirp at her in a derogatory way & gave it right back to him). But Hannah was able to get in his head so now he knows he’s in BIG TROUBLE. I mean it’s absolutely hilarious he believes he’s had any influence this season but Chaddah put it in perspective.

First she tells DF she has a better chance of winning against him than either X & Ky. He questions beating Ky and she definitively says NO! No one is beating him and she knows this to be true. Big D is taken aback asking again and she repeats NO. He seems incredulous asking her WHY, why do you think that?

Han: Ky’s had a target on his back since week 6 so if he’s there they may applaud that and notes Ky would’ve been out earlier if not for the CO. (ahhhhh see Big D there were other people navigating this game big fella).

Big D: Wouldn’t that sway the jury that he’s only there bc of the CO?

Han: Once the jury knows about the cookout they would expect Ky to then get voted out first or second and if not they will award him for that. (She goes on to discuss X, noting what people already in the jury have told her) Jury members told me if X goes to the end they would vote for him.

Big D:(scrambling) But that’s bc they think he’s running the house


Big D: But he’s not though (Still clinging to his DELUSIONS of being the mastermind)

Han: He’s not (b/c up until this past week her & Tiff were) but he’s like Derrick L from BB16, he was in such a good position all season and if you can’t see that and then target that person then you’re doing something wrong. So that person deserves the money.

Big D: (dejected) I see what you’re saying

Han: That’s how previous juries have voted.

Dying to see who Big D talks to first as now he knows if his plans continue Tiff/Hannah have both told him this & will push it in jury. And all this with Azah essentially getting in a row with him today over saying he’d put her OTB vs. Hannah. But Azah isn’t having it asking if they’re in a F3 then why should she have to go up? (tee hee — my thinks Big D’s other alliances are sticking out of his pants!).

Shortly after – Big D runs to X all panicked saying they need to get out Hannah. And X asks him if Tiff & Hannah are mindf*cking him LMFAO— NO — they are just telling him the truth!!!

But just like he has all season Big D reverts to his delusions of being the mastermind stating there are no weeks that he didn’t have a part in. I encouraged people. And of course X plays along with his goat saying the only reasoned he got mad was when they said he didn’t want to go on the block

I mean sure X you might’ve influenced Big D — but seriously was that really much of an accomplishment?

All I know is if Big D has to take three more days of this he might spontaneously combust — I’m just waiting for Tiff to learn she’s going & then to get some payback for his constant Tiff bashing. She should say — you know you’ve been hard core coming at me all season thinking no one tells me & you literally have no clue what was really going on. You’re mastermind stance has been a source of humor for us. Ky & X don’t believe you can win which is why you weren’t aware of their other copious deals like the F3 each of them had with me – or how often I had to stop one of them from going on the block.

Get them to speak in front of both of us. Ask them what they really believe and what they say will prove a point & that I will take it as gospel to jury …So if they claim they are worried they could lose to you & have always felt that way — and change what they’ve said all season — then fine. I suspect however that they either won’t answer & will get angry or will storm off.


Oh You have got to be kidding me! It is nearly 3 pm on the west coast and DF is still lying naked in bed?


Don’t laugh… he’s probably going to get $75,000 for doing that all summer!


Nobody should be hating on someone making easy money. If you can be on BB and float to the end then you deserve whatever monies you make


You know things are more boring in the house when they are playing cops & robbers meets hide & seek


moved to next page …