“These two are trying to mind f** me badly… I’m trying to make sure all three of us [GUYS] get to the end.”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Hannah and Tiffany
Power of Veto: Kyland
Power of Veto Ceremony: Kyland did not use the veto.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Tiffany and Hannah got their suitcases today and proceeded to campaign to everyone. From what I am seeing this afternoon the campaigning didn’t change the votes with Derek and Xavier. Tiffany will be evicted.

1:20 pm Hannah and DF
DF – I have to make up my mind and try to figure out things.. Figure out what is the best scenario
DF – it’s not this week I’m thinking about its next week.
Hannah – I think we are all stressed and pressed about next week. In the event, I stay. I’m in the same boat as you
DF – of course

2:35 pm Derek and Xavier (pacing)
DF – this is what I told Hannah .. In Hannah’s conversation, I let her know that once again you boys are definitely going to go at it because of that whole thing.. how y’all talk to each other.
DF – Hannah also let me know me sitting next to you, You win. Me sitting next to Ky, Ky wins. She said she’s not coming after me and Azah next week. She doesn’t know where your heads at. Ky didn’t take any of the deals she offered her.
DF – Umm…. She’s got a lot of respect for this game. She knows that umm.. she feels as though it’s best for her to be here.
DF – I told her the goal for me was to make sure the boys go at it.. If the boys go at it I sit there and look pretty. I did tell her I’m leaning towards her for staying. X, Y, Z that was my conversations with her. I told Ky, I’m telling you so you all know.

DF – Tiff just came to talk to me.. TIFF once again saying she is the target. Her staying would be better. She would owe me, she wouldn’t come after me.
X – did she give you an offer if you kept her she would give you her life in this game?
DF – YES YES. Also, she doesn’t understand why we would take Hannah cause Hannah is a mental threat she’s not a mental threat. She said 40 minutes 9In the bbcomics)
DF – I also told her you beat Hannah in NFT’s you also beat Ky bb bambinos
DF – I told her I’m leaning more towards Hannah, I haven’t talked to X. I don’t know where Azah is.
DF – these two are trying to mind f** me badly
X – Tiffany and Hannah?
DF – mmmhmmm.. my thing is this at the end of the day I’m trying to make sure all three of us get to the end.
DF – Azah this morning.. she wore me out this morning. She comes up here.. Number 1 I feel like you are ignoring me.
DF Azah I have made a deal with X and a deal with KY I have not made a deal with you and Hannah.
DF says Azah is worried if she is on the block then Ky will take down Hannah if he wins veto. Which he will not do.. She doesn’t know about us three. So she flipped out about that this morning
DF – She is telling me the only thing I have on my resume is I played an honest game this whole time.
X – you’ve never been nominated.
DF – She’s played an honest game and never been nominated.. OKAY. If we’re supposed to play this game fair how am I supposed to sit here and say… sitting next to her and at the end she played an honest game I did all the.. which is me, you and KY. we did all the manipulating and lying and JuJU to get here.
DF – led on people .. told them no to their face which allowed her to be the person to say No I’m not voting for you or this and that.
DF – I made sure she didn’t get herself in a situation where she had to lie because she’s not good at lying.
Df wonders if Azah would have made it in the game without it. “they could have put you on the block next to one of us if I didn’t do what I was supposed to do”
DF – there is no week I didn’t have a part in.
X says if they all played the same game as Azah they would have all been taken out except for him and Ky. ‘Because we can compete.. we would be on the block every single f**Ing week.. that is the only reason why Ky and I would be here.. maybe Tiff.. one of us would compete and win”
DF – the girls are playing a game.. they are trying their best. This is what Hannah told me.. “I don’t mind sitting next to you at the end because I know sitting next to you I have a fighting chance”
DF – now did she give you something different?
X – Different, her and Tiffany are giving me the same angle..
DF – she said to Ky if she sits with him in the end they would have it split down the middle.
X – they are tailoring it based on what they think of each of us.. They are making similar arguments.
X – I said Tiffany winning that Second HOH cost her 750000 dollars.
DF – Tiff.. ugh.. She.. Tiff going for.. if we kept Tiff..
X – NO
DF – I would know for a fact that two of us are ending up on the block.
DF – Azah explained to me .. I don’t know why we aren’t getting rid of Hannah because Hannah is the threat.
DF – This is what I’m thinking in my head. Azah if I keep Tiff then you and Tiff are going to work together. I then have to worry about you and Tiff.
DF – When I need you to focus on over here. Tiff will put me and X on the block.
X – Tiff is presenting something along the lines of me, Tiff, and Azah.
DF scoffs. “She is working it.. she just came up here and said Me, Ky, Azah, and you”
DF – Tiff has never wanted to work with me what would I benefit her for.
X – Tiff is under the impression that Ky had Hannah more than I do.
X – If Hannah were to win she’s looking at Azah and potentially Ky. I think one thing that is clear with all these discussions is Azah and Hannah are at odds. Which means if either of them wins HOH they will look at the other person first.
DF – that is what we need.
DF – Tiff told me to my face I don’t think you should keep Hannah. Hannah and Azah will never work together. Little does she know that is good for my game cause I don’t want them working together.
DF – if the goal is to take out all the girls why do we want them working together?
X – From the conversations I’ve had with the both of them, it’s solidified me that Tiffany is going. I never really wavered from that.
X says he had a conversation with Hannah and he’s thinking she will be looking more at Ky than the two of them.
DF – it’s you me vs Hannah and Azah next week. If Azah wins Cool. Mentally I know X you can beat her.
X says if Hannah wins the HOH they get her to put up Ky and Azah. “we know where we vote. So she’s not even in a position to split a tie”
DF – mmmhmmm
X – We don’t see the block. If Ky wins Veto one of us goes up. Azah goes home. The worst-case scenario is Azah wins the veto.
DF says he’s got things to say if he’s in the final 2 with X or Ky and maybe Hannah. “I love her but you’re female and I feel like the females are going to go more towards you”
X – you have to stop with that.
DF – sorry, how do I say that
X – say based on her relationships in the jury she will get more votes than you.
X says him saying that the girls will vote for girls in the jury “demeans” that women can think on their own.
DF – that’s not the case I just think it’s GIRL POWER
X goes to explain why DF saying the girls will vote for girls is problematic.
DF – I don’t want it to come off like you said belittling.. thank you for telling me that I don’t want it to come off like that.
DF adds he would feel the same if there were a lot of gay men in the house.
X – I hear what you are saying the same reason for the cookout exists.. we want a black winner.
DF – ok I’ll avoid that.

2:53 pm Tiffany to the camera
X has a great potential to win this game. I’m not mad at it at all. I never wanted X to leave based on emotion or anything personal. I just think that X is a HELL of a competitor. IF he keeps me in this game I will like to go to the end with him. Earlier this week I was hoping I could get Kyland to keep me. Kyland nominated me. Kyland did not use the veto on me, He did not accept the offer I don’t owe him anything. He might be trying to get BIGD to vote for me but as much influence as he’s supposed to have his influence is not great enough.
If I get the votes myself to stay here I don’t owe Kyland anything I think I will still be Kyland’s target. He thought initially everyone would be OK with me going. You put an animal against a wall. Back them up against a corner they will come off fighting. I am not different I just fight differently. I fight with my words. that’s why I read so much. I’m too small, too old, and too wise to fight with my body. I’ll fight in competitions I have to convince people that I am easy to work with and I’m better to work with.

3:28 pm Derek and Xavier
Tiffany was in with them chit-chatting about games they will play tonight after she leaves.

X – I’m about to vote your a$$ out I don’t care anymore..
DF – this f***ing actress.. I’m too comfortable right now..
X – I feel better with Hannah than I did before that is why I’m not worried about Hannah. I’m keeping Hannah
DF – I’m keeping her X I’m just worried Hannah is playing us
X – she may be
DF – She might be playing us because she knows she’s got no one else dog.
X – it’s good she feels like she has at least one of us.. If Ky sees the block and the nominations stay the same we have the votes. We can make it where she can’t even break a tie.. you see what I’m saying?
DF – I’m just hoping these nominations and HOH comp is tomorrow.
DF – Oh my god Azah came up here this morning.. Is X okay he was really really horny.
X – No I’m not okay
DF – I’m like he’s going through it.. she’s like interesting I was just taking it all in
X – what the f** does that mean
DF – I dunno she won’t let me that far BRO
X – I’m trying to figure out how to get people out of this f***ing house and I’m sexually frustrated.
X leaves to find out what the plan for games is.. comes back “BIGD at 3:45 we’re playing cops and robbers”

They talk about whether the eviction is tomorrow. Nothing official but they speculate because the suitcases have arrived for the nominees.
X – if we were are doing a surprise eviction would they tell us?
DF – no
X – they did say out of fairness because other people have been able to keep their suitcases that it was only fair that Tiffany had hers.. Hannah has had her since week 4.
DF – they wouldn’t tell us about a surprise eviction you know why? THE WORD SURPRISE

4:08 pm – 4:45 pm Cops and robbers

4:50 pm COp and robbers still going on this time X is the robber.
X – I ain’t telling you nothing PIG.. you ain’t getting nothing from me Straight up

5:30 pm Azah and DF
Azah – do you have a deal with Ahnnah
DF – NO where did you get that from? I don’t have a f***Ing deal with Ahnanh I’m trying to get her the f** out of here..
Azah – somebody told me that you have a deal and somebody told me that Kyland told them you have a deal
DF – with Hannah?
Azah – yes
DF – I don’t have a deal with Hannah I promise.. I ain’t stupid I don’t have a deal with her.
DF – I made a deal with Kyland I made a deal with Xavier and you and me have an understanding we’ve been together a long time. that’s why I can’t go after those two boys. I’m hoping they go after each other. I don’t have a f***ing deal with Hannah
DF – She’s very lucky.. I could vote her out this week but I can’t
Azah – Hannah is tricky at least with Tiffany you know what you’re dealing with.
DF – when Tiff talks to me she only talks about me, you, her, and Kyland working together.
Azah – she talks about whomever she needs to talk about. With me, she talks about you, me, and X.
DF – she’s gotta go next (hannah) and the reason why She’s probably dropping these little seeds is becuase….
Azah – I don’t know who dropped these seeds I’m not denying that it was Hannah.
DF – keep that suitcase packed.. don’t unpack it. Cause she’s next plain and simple. the only reason why Tiff is going out this week is because of the fact that I don’t feel comfortable with her, X doesn’t feel comfortable with her. If we sit there and keep Tiff basically we’re saying to C F*** you and I’m not going to do that to him and he wouldn’t do that to me.
Azah – I would never suggest that without you guys, you know what I’m saying.
DF – she [Hannah] just told me she’s not coming after you and me.
DF says Ky is on the same page the four of them are taking out Hannah next then the three of them with Ky or Xavier move forward after that.
Azah – did you tell Tiffany you had a deal with Hannah
DF – I told Hannah before the HOH comp that I wouldn’t get rid of her.. Yeah, I told Tiffany that.
DF – I told Tiff I’m leaning more Hannah’s way
DF – at the end of the day it’s Hannah VS. Three people and in veto four people.

DF – if these mother f**ers don’t clash they can take each other and picked between me and you and then we’re f***ed. When I talk to Ky he wants Hannah when I talk to X he wants Hannah.
DF – Hannah we can’t keep around.

6:07 pm Azah and DF
Azah – let’s talk about MR U [X]… I want to hear what he told you?
Azah – I’m lonely in this house I just want to hear things
DF – He’s very horny he just wants to F**** something. he’s ready for like.. he’s like whoever gets some of this is going to get it. He’s like it’ll be 24 hours.
They laugh
Azah – what did he say after that?
DF – he wants to be with someone he knows. We just had guy talk
Azah – did he say something else?
DF – no

6:36 pm Azah studying.
She’s joined by Xavier and Hannah who want to lie down.

6:44 pm DF and Tiffany Chit chat
Tiffany – America is not going to like you guys.. out of all the people seriously they got rid of Tiffany.. We liked the cookout until they did that.
DF – damn Tiff is taking all the fans.
Tiff – Y’all going to take some backlash. They already told y’all Hannah who?
Tiff – no one will be mad they don’t know who she is
DF – you’re right they don’t know who she is
Tiff – nope

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I had three posts prepared and made the mistake of cutting out a section & forgetting to paste it elsewhere so that Tiff post will be later now (MUCH LATER lol).

Anyway just popping in to note some activity from this afternoon tied to Big D and X — the Misogyny Brothers.

So first, Tiff gave X a great pitch & opened his eyes — unfortunately, X believes everything Big D tells him AND to be fair he’s looking for ANY reason to not keep her. Otherwise he would’ve asked Big D what she offered him — INSTEAD he plays his lawyer role with a LEADING QUESTION — did she say blah, blah, blah. X knows Big D is hot to get out Tiff & will bury her anyway he can. Even if she said I can’t promise to not come for you he still would’ve lied to get her out of the game. So X is staying on course with the MAIN reason she has to leave all tied to her winning that second HOH. Hold a grudge much X?

Anyway, Hannah also spoke to X — you know the guy who told Tiff — the CO men have been carrying you through the game so if you don’t like how something is going then win and change things! Or the guy who said “NONE of the females can beat me.” Yeah — that guy. The same one who has been commiserating with Big D for two weeks Tiff bashing calling her a selfish b*tch — I mean I’m sure his throwing games really was selfless and that action kept all six of the CO members safe right? (SIDE EYE).

So during Hannah’s pitch to X:

Hannah: “For my personal game, I don’t know how smart it would be to bring him (Derek) to the end because of his paranoia about sitting next to a woman, which in my opinion is disrespectful and insulting. I told him that.

X: “I told him that as well

For the record X had NOT told Big D prior b/c he was lying in the misogynist bed right beside him trashing the CO ladies in the house. But this statement by Han FINALLY awakens X from his misogynistic stupor to recognize – oh sh*t we’re on camera. Either that or perhaps the DR also said something about this situation to make him aware social media is not appreciating his comments.

The talk continues about Big D…

Hannah: If was a jury member, I don’t know if I would want him (Derek) to be the winner of this season, I don’t know if I would want Azah to be the winner of this season, I don’t know if I would want Ky to be the winner of this season.”

This is something Han has said to X for a long time about the perception of who represents the season & was a key reason why the F3 was formed between them with Tiff. In Big D’s case there is more to it than him just being a pawn — he’s not perceived as the fun loving guy he seems to believe he is.

But, in an interesting followup X makes this statement which if I’m Hannah I’d remember if he brought Big D to F2…

Hannah: “I think Big D honestly feels that he can beat everyone”
Xavier: “I know. I know Big D has played a good social game, or at least in his head, but I don’t know how much that people take that seriously. He has been JC!”
Hannah:He has been able to do anything cause people know that they can beat him in comps.
Xavier: “Big D, you were considered the ultimate pawn and everyone has incentive to keep you cause no one takes you seriously. I cant say that to him cause it would break his heart”

Either way, shortly after Big D comes in and goes on one of his typical diatribes….
Pushing HIS AGENDA that Tiff & Han have to leave & how Azah will have to suck it up & go OTB b/c it’s the men going to the end. And once again focuses on the “female jury”.

Big D: “Tiff made it clear to me,I dont think you should keep Hannah cause Hannah and Azah would never work together, and that’s not good for your game”. If the goal is to take out all of the girls, why would we want them working together”?

Xavier: (from his recent aha moment with Hannah…) “You can say based off of her relationships in the jury, you think she would get more votes than you. By making it because it’s a predominantly female jury, it almost demeans the idea that women can think on their own.”

Big D: “Me next to Hannah, she has a way different game. I love her but you are female so I feel like the females are going to go more towards you.”
Xavier: You have got to stop saying that.”
Big D: I’m sorry
Xavier: It seems like you are saying “we are only voting for her because she is a woman”. It kind of is slightly belittling them as game players. (kind of? SIDE EYE).
Big D: I don’t mean it like that.
Xavier- I know that. I’m letting you know how it comes across
Big D: I apologize to ANY of my DR sessions (right — not to the actual ladies in the house you’ve been calling b*tches and belittling as being dragged along by you for months) that have made it clear that if the girls make it to the end, us sitting next to the girls are going to lose…and I feel they would have a better chance of winning the game cause of women sticking together.” (even his apology has me shaking my head — so you apologize but are still suggesting the ladies in jury couldn’t separate who played the best game!

The other humorous point is Hannah already told him it was disrespectful and insulting but he ignored her. Therefore, it was no wonder Big D seemed perplexed initially by X whose been the one leading the misogyny march — but finally Big D gets that X is trying to make a definitive point and apparently b/c a man told him to stop belittling women he heard it. I won’t hold my breath that it lasts more than an hour.

I will say – now that X is woke to how this could be being perceived outside will it give him pause? Or will he just think – okay I’ve got something on the feeds now I can use to counter any negative press & just go right back to taking all the men to F3?

I mean we’re still not sure he wants to keep Ky but now with this revelation I wonder if he would look deeply enough to consider taking Big D to the end would forever link them as the MISOGYNIST BROTHERS of BB 23. Could this be a loop hole for him – if he thinks he beats anyone anyway why not bring Hannah and Azah to F3 since he doesn’t believe Azah would ever take Han or vice versa?


First and foremost, X comparing Couch to BB20’s JC is an insult to JC. At least JC had an actual hand in some game moves (i.e.- getting Fessie to nominate his own ally, Scottie, on his HOH). Couch is not responsible for a single game move the entire season.

Secondly, Couch’s inflated view of his gameplay has gone long past humorous, past insulting, past cringeworthy, and is currently at detestable. It’s one thing to have an inaccurate view of self, but Couch’s inflated ego rests on putting down the female HGs (mostly Tiffany). Couch is jumping out of his skin with excitement in seeing Tiff fight for her game life. His glee with rubbing salt in the wounds gives me BB19 bullying vibes and it’s a horrid look.

Thirdly, the DR definitely gave X the “heads up” that social media is not taking kindly to the guys’ hateful comments about females. For the past few days, X and Couch have been permanently camped-out in Ky’s HOH room, b*tching, complaining and whining that the “girls” are conspiring against them. But suddenly, X has taken changed his tune. His correction of Couch reeks of DR influence. We all saw how the DR warning Michie saved his reputation in BB21, so good luck with that, X. The Internet is forever.


I had just taken a sip of coffee when I read your first line & it spewed all over as I laughed out loud (yeah that is an insult to JC) & he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea – made some questionable calls too but for the most part I found him funny. And you’re right he did influence certain hamsters in the house.

As for couch (and X) I’m done with both of them they lost me weeks ago. I expected it from couch but when X got cruel that was the last straw. Ky is delusional on a whole other level. Did you see that picture of him staring into the camera as if to say “see, look where she is now” after her groveling session— again very cruel.

Tiff messed these guys up – b/c she was running that house. I don’t think X liked how close Chris was to her & Ky didn’t like how DX adored her or even SB wanting to work with her — I still think way back when Ky told Tiff that SB had spilled the beans on the Jackpot to him that was also all about control — he wanted to show Tiff I control you not the other way around.

I’ll give Ky kudos on his ability to brainwash SB & waterboard her with vernacular for hours until she caved but – that was about the only person he had much influence over.

What do you think Ky’s real reason is for taking out Tiff? Or perhaps I should say what is his REAL reason. He rants about ONLY wanting to play against “true competitors” even if he views X as the top competitor surely he has to see/know Tiff is right there. And it’s not just “keep one” b/c he already made the comment about Hannah being a “worthy competitor” too. And as per usual contradicts himself in the next convo that Hannah has to go. So he’ll drag the two goats plus the alpha to the end. Hypocrisy? Delusion? Control Freak? I say he doesn’t want to play with “true competitors” he especially wants to cut all the strong women from the house — he’s afraid more of them than X!

He also seems to enjoy inflicting pain far too much for my liking (Again, I can’t shake that image out of my head of him looking into the camera with Tiff defeated telling him “I’ll be a good girl” it literally made me cringe.

The Beef

Just a theory, but maybe he thinks Tiffany may actually vote for him over X because of all the extracurriculars that have been going on in the HOH bedroom between the two of them for the past two weeks. Wouldn’t that kind of thinking fit in with a man who thinks of women they way Ky does?

I don’t like the groveling any more than you do, but Tiffany is the one who decided to do that, and I think that too was strategy, trying to play into Ky’s ego – even the “I’ll be a good girl” comment, while sickening to us, I could see her thinking he might see her saying that to be the ultimate “surrender” to him, and maybe the final straw to get him to decide to work to keep her there vs. work to evict her. We’ve seen people “beg” before to stay in the house (even though Tiff calls it fighting, she’s basically begging to stay, which is humiliating to have to do, but that’s the position she’s in) but it sucks when it’s a player who’s game we have respected up to this point. Obviously since it’s not working anyway, I would have preferred that she had held her head up high, and basically ignored their asses, and then wreak a little havoc in the jury house when she gets there with the TRUTH! Then let the chips fall where they may.


If I was Ky, I would really get tired of looking at BigD’s lazy Azz in my bed all the time. I’m so tired of hearing him say he needs to win the next HOH, I wish Ky and X would look at him and say “BRAH, you have been saying that you are going to win an HOH” when are you actually going to win something ??

What makes him think that he has had a hand in every eviction from day 1 ? His big lazy butt was always laying in bed, just like he is now, how was he involved in every eviction ? Did he hold meetings in his room where he and Azah were in bed for the first 2 – 3 weeks.

I’m so tired of him thinking he has so much power, and that was really low that he told X Azah said that he was really horny !! No matter how Horny X may get, he’s not touching her LOL… She’s really looking very “Thirsty” when it comes to wanting to be with X.

I hope Hannah makes it through the next Double Eviction, and I hope she is the HOH after the Double Eviction, I think X will betray Ky, and vote him out at the Double Eviction. If he does, I hope Hannah wins HOH, puts up BigD and X, Azah will not keep BigD over X. I’d love to see him depressed all next week, lets see how funny he thinks it is when he is going around asking Azah to vote X out, I want BigD out, I can’t stand the thought of him making it to final 4, Final 3 and for sure not Final 2, he has not done ANYTHING this entire game. Please get rid of BigD ASAP, the dude is really annoying and thinks he’s got power.


Couch does not have a single redeeming quality. At least past HGs with gargantuan-sized egos and distorted views of their gameplay have been entertaining. But Couch has the combination of being really unlikeable and really bad at this game. The only action he’s responsible for is America hitting the mute button whenever he’s on their screens.


Is there enuf time left for x to clean up his misogyny? Not for me. I guess he’ll be able to mansplain when it’s over. Or he’ll have 750000 and won’t care. He’s a no. Sad representative

Houka Inumuta

Kyland is playing the best game right now!!!! Sadly Hannah is way too smart and is going to win the whole thing.

another name

Time to play a round of ‘am i the asshole?’
don’t worry, i’m used to the answer being yes, but surprisingly, this time… I’m not sure it’s me that is the human rectum.
So. lively debate with that friend that only watches the episodes and thinks i’m bullshitting when i point out the differences from feeds.
Topic? the legacy of the cookout.
For once I didn’t include my conclusion that the network will be quite happy to never have to field another racism complaint when the black players are targeted first with the new and improved unassailable ‘it’s strategic because of the cookout’ excuse. That one, to me is an absolute given for what production gets out of this season.
This debate was different. My friend extoled the virtues of the cookout, and went on about how Tiff is the backstabber that deserves her comeuppance.
I agree Tiff backstabbed, but don’t agree that she actually backstabbed the cookout. She considered it. She didn’t. X and Ky have been waiting for any excuse since week 2 or 3. They ran with and made more of the situation than it was with the help of editing.
What got me called the asshole, because that’s not so bad…
I said the legacy of the cookout is that final 4,3,and 2 deals lose all value as a testament of loyalty now because an entire alliance tossed around 4-2 deals like wetnaps at a fried chicken take out (yeah, that’s what i had for dinner, shut up). That’s what got me labeled the asshole. I pointed out the legacy of HOW the individuals in the cookout played the game beyond just cheering for a successfully completed mission. How that made me microaggressive and an asshole is beyond me.
So, I guess I need to ask…. Am I the asshole (for this argument only… in general i always assume yes to be the answer).

No No No Yes

You are absolutely right where their legacy lies. Loyalty? What loyalty. It’s evident they are leaving more of an impression in the final stages of the game, way beyond the completed mission.

The Beef

This is what I was talking about in my post several days ago when I said they were loyal to the mission but not loyal to each other, nor did any of them have a true “ride or die” person among the others in the group. They’re all basically working alone, trying to put together a way to get to a final two chair, without being able to work closely with someone they trust or really want to get there with, other than the fact they can beat a person in a final vote.

As far as the Cookout goes, there are 6 I’s in team. The only loyalty left is how can I get further in this game? Any of the 6 of them would cut any of the other 5 in a New York second, without even one thought of being dis-loyal, if they thought it would move them along in the game.

Now that in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, as there’s only one winner. But it is unusual to still have 6 players in the game and none of them have any true loyalty to each other whatsoever.


It’s so ironic that she DRAGGED Sarah Beth for doing the same thing…