Tiffany “Ky breaks your trust so he can earn it back.” Derek “I see why women hate men!”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Kyland plans to take Claire off and put up Britini. Alyssa plans to not use her veto. As of right now, Britini is the target to go this week..
*** AT the veto ceremony KYLAND will have to decide to use his veto first, then Alyssa will decide to use hers or not. Tiff “Alyssa won the real veto”

12:10pm Xavier and Alyssa are working out and talking about Big Brother 7.

12:20pm Kitchen – Big D and Hannah.
Big D – that’s why I get worried because you see how Tiff is. So I am like how am I supposed to feel safe on Thursday? And you’re the only one that talks to her… so how am I supposed to.. Hannah – to keep it in check? Big D – MmmmmhhmMM. So I get scared. Hannah – so maybe my lack of emotion helps. Big D – yeah I think that’s what it is.

Meanwhile in the bedroom – The other house guests are chatting about podcasts.

1:12pm HOH room. Kyland talking to the cameras.
Kyland – I am taking Claire off the block. She would have to say something crazy .. like I don’t even know.. I can’t think of what that would be so.. I mean I guess I could but it shouldn’t happen. It would have to come from DX basically. DX would have to tell me why we have to send her home. The three of us have had the power to .. and influence to make major decision in the house.. and the other three have not. And honestly what that comes down to is that some of us are looking at the greater strategy and others are only looking at what is in front of them. Whereas, others are looking at other peoples game. Basically what I am trying to figure out right now is how do I bring everyone together to show why not everyone should make decisions ..because probably decisions that I make are wrong but like I am checking on them and looking at options that a lot of people would miss.. And I am in the know of a lot of information that a lot of people wouldn’t be.. and I am out of the loop of a lot of information that a lot of people may know so I think a concern is that we should want to solve our problems and not everyone here does want to. When Azah says that she does want to work with me and then refuses to answer any questions to give me information to help me make a decision. It feels like conflicting. I think a greater issue is that I need to make sure that we’re all on the same page as the six. So what I am going to do is I am going to bring in people to review their answers to the questions on the board and then with the six I am also going to ask them .. actually I am going to have Chadda (Hannah) watch the clock. I want to make sure that no one is in here longer than 20 minutes… 30 minutes. So 10 people, 5 hours.. hopefully less. 10 people, 20 minutes .. 3 hours and 20 minutes. Big D understands sh*t, he realized that next week we can’t use pawns. Chadda realizes that there is a way to do it because she has influence over DX and that is a concern in the game at this stage because he is the one that can’t afford it. Alyssa will probably be able to afford it too. I need Xavier and Alyssa in the same room to chat about this.

1:30pm Bedroom – Tiffany and Derek X
Tiffany – the emotional aspect of her going up .. I mean she is so not a threat. I don’t want to pick a game move over how I feel personally. I mean that would require you to do a lot more cooking in this house. Derek – it would. I agree. I don’t know what Ky said to Big D last night but it really calmed him down he is cooking a full breakfast for everyone. Tiff – Britini is way more strategic. Derek – yeah I agree. Tiff – She has a lot more motive for putting up you and Ky. Derek – 100% 100%! Tiff – with those factors in place and her having that larger power .. she has a lot of power to do something next week that is out of our control. I think that is dangerous. Britini is a perfect pawn. I do think that. She is a little gullible. Notice that she has a lot of control over the jokers and they almost can’t function in the game … DerekF is always so concerned about her. Derek – I think if we get Brit out this week we could bring Azah in as a number.. not officially in any capacity. They laugh about how Ky breaks your trust so he can earn it back. Tiff – X is like we have trust, as long as we don’t break it we always have it. Derek – I see why women hate men!

2:40pm Azah is cleaning the boat bedroom. Meanwhile Hannah and Derek are practicing their multiplications with Tiffany. Alyssa joins them.

3:09pm Bedroom – Hannah and Derek X.
Hannah – SB, KY and Big D are in the middle. Derek – so X would definitely take a shot at me. He would have to. He has no one else to target in this house. Hannah – If X and Alyssa were actually working with KY and SB then yes. Derek – and if they’re not.. they would target Ky this week. Okay so they are definitely working against me. Ky asked Alyssa after he called her up for the veto meeting.. he said he was going to use his (veto) and he asked her are there any people that you definitely don’t want me to put up and she was like X and SB. So the fact that she said SB .. they’re definitely working together. Hannah – so X and Alyssa probably wouldn’t target Ky and SB right now but I think the link between X and Ky is entirely through Alyssa and SB. Like if SB were to go home, I don’t know if Alyssa and SB would continue to work together with Ky. And if ALyssa went home, I don’t know if I could see Ky and SB continuing to work with X. I don’t think X trusts Ky. WE have to start thinking about jury management so you can’t make another deal and then break it. Derek – yeah. Hannah – if I were to win HOH next week with roulette .. I would probably put Ky and Sb on the block because as of right now they have $0. I would then use the veto on Ky and backdoor Alyssa. Derek – damn. That would be a crazy vote. Hannah – next week you only need four votes. You, Tiff and Claire could vote out Alyssa. Derek – I don’t know if Tiff and Claire would. Hannah – oh right, maybe I would have to use the veto on SB. I really want to win next week. I really want to take that shot and make her cry. Just kidding I don’t want to make anyone cry.

3:10pm Backyard – Alyssa and Tiffany.
Tiffany is going on and on about the day she wanted to talk to Brit and Azah and Big D followed her up and wouldn’t let her talk alone.

3:55pm HOH room – Hannah and Xavier
Xavier – I have talked to everyone in the six with the exception of Big D and we want Ky gone first. Hannah – okay. And who would your idea final four be? Xavier – me, you, Tiff and Big D. Hannah – Okay, that is what me and Tiff are thinking too. And then at that point whoever wins that power of veto wins and gets to decide because there is only one vote. Xavier – Yeah I think Ky goes first, then Azah and then .. me you Tiff and Big D battle it out. And the reason I think Big D because any of us three could beat him. Hannah – watch him win the last won. Xavier – I think Big D is the only one that wants Tiff to go first. Hannah laughs – he is playing his own game.

4:10pm Bedroom. Derek X and Claire.
Derek – is this the first time a single white man did not make it to jury? Claire – yeah and its the first time winner of the game being a woman or person of colour or both. Derek – Wow! That’s incredible. Claire – its really cool. Its weird when you cast .. well its such a different game.

4:40pm – 5pm HOH room – Hannah and Xavier doing their Hot Takes show and talking game.
Xavier – best case scenario you or I win (HOH). That’s the way I see it because that way the powers would be under control and things would probably run the smoothest. Hannah – Yes! Yes! I think Azah would be all over the place. Tiff would be all over the place. Big D would also be all over the place. Xavier – and Ky as HOH is all over the place. Hannah – plus he can’t even play. Xavier – so one of us has to win. I know Azah wants to win but until I hear her plan .. but as of right now I don’t feel super confident with anyone else winning. Hannah – and see Azah might have a plan but based on her emotions and personal relationships with people she might be less willing to execute that plan even if she knows its the best for the six. Xavier – I think she may be too honest with people. Hannah – not even may .. I think she would be too honest with people. Xavier – If Big D wins what the hell is happening. Everything I know is a lie! Hannah – if Big D wins hats off to him! Xavier – I just know out of the six I can trust you the most. Hannah – that is how I feel about you too. Xavier – so best case scenario is you or I win HOH. We both need to gun for it. If it get down to you and I, I will throw it to you. Hannah – okay. I was just going to ask. Xavier – I want a woman of colour to be the first HOH this season. I think that would be great! Hannah – of just a female to be HOH before you can get two. Xavier – a female to be HOH would be phenomenal. So if it is down to you or I, I will give it to you. And then the next week I have to take out Baby D.

5:07pm Chess room – Big D and Azah.
Big D – I am protecting you at all costs. Azha – do you have to do that? Big D – I have to do that because I need you here and I need you to toughen up. Because when its time for you to be in charge and take some strikes, I need you to take those strikes. Okay?! That’s why I didn’t want you being a pawn. Because you being a pawn and being how you are … you are already HOT when the motherf**ker didn’t let you win. So can you imagine you being a pawn? ..After that.. NO! Our whole thing would have blown up. I never wanted you to be a pawn. I would rather put myself at risk for you so you can go further. Azah – you don’t have to do that. Big D – but I have to do that.. because if I don’t win this game.. I don’t want any of these f**king men winning this game. I would rather a woman win. That’s why I am trying to get it. And it needs to be a POC woman.

5:20pm Bedroom – Tiffany and Hannah.
Tiffany – I was doing something about the six.. Azah don’t trust Ky. She don’t trust you neither but she’s trying to. She told me that you were saying her name so she doesn’t trust you. Her and Big D .. she likes Big D .. but she probably doesn’t know how far he is going to go. This morning she was working out with X. I think she is trying to get close to X so that he can bring her to the two with him. Hannah tells Tiff about her conversation with X and how he said with out her saying anything he wants Ky to go first, then Azah.. I want final four to be me, you, Tiff and Big D. Tiff – you think he has a final two with Big D? Hannah – I think everyone has a final two with Big D other than me and you.

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War Of the Roses Big-Brother-style saga continues with Tiff and Kyland.

Big Brother 23 Fan

Donated to the hazard pay jar! Thanks for all you do.


Hey Kyland, what’s 5 x 5?

Kyland: Well, the thing about 5 x 5 is … ummm… well, let’s say that the first 5 is actually comprised of individuals that … uh… well, four of the individuals travelled via mechanized transportation to get to the other synthesized reality… ummm… and well, the second 5 is feeling overwhelmed and has an existential crisis about whether they are 5 entities or one whole being … ah … yeah … and so when you put the four that travelled along with the 5 that … uh… well, it’s really a simple answer of 2 + 2 equals 4, and well, yeah, when I talked to the 5 and the 2, then there was a mutual agreement of their validation, and, well, … I think the price of chicken has increased since we’ve been in here, so it’s not 5 or 4 … oh, and maybe it’s not even 2… ummm… well, anyway, that’s how I see it.


LMAO – Brilliant S-D-G!


Finally got around to sending you guys a tip. Sorry to be so late it has been a rough year.
Take care you both do a fantastic job!

No fave yet

Hannah is going to chew her lips off.

another name

Tiff basically spells out the cookout to Dx, without actually saying it, but imo HEAVILY implying it.
Claire and Dx joke about the possibility of (not the) cookout.
They both laugh like they don’t believe it.
Claire looks up at the camera while they both laugh.
*Dx has already figured out the plus one plan, but hasn’t been able to figure out what joins it together to make it a plan / whose plan.
*Claire has already stated that the next few evicitions are Alyssa, SB, Brit, Dx and herself but hasn’t openly stated why.

So… what do we think?
Do they NOT believe it, or do they believe it, but fear saying it?

Jaymie lee

Sounds like theyvare slowly figuring it out. But they both know if you say aloud what we saw tonight on tv youre a Racist. Its okay to have an all Black alliance im told but to have an all White one nope not allowed. And yet somehow its only Racist if its whites?!? The cookout def would be upset to see all Indians working together or all chinese and complain. But they get special treatment and somehow its not Racist. Crazy.


Ummm. Is Hannah volunteering herself to go on the block to X one week assuming that she would win veto? That is one “Marcellus-sized” flaw in logic




OMG. “Marcellus-sized” flaw in logic. LOL.


Ok. Just heard what the 3rd game is and the power associated with the highest cost game is VERY cool


Another Name – hope you are around ….

Looking for your take on this sudden shift by Derek F… it feels very much to be a manipulation by TPTB.

For weeks he’s been calling Tiff a b*tch even threatening to quit the Cookout b/c she had the audacity to play the game (discuss a vote flip with Brit – I mean come on this is BB). As early as week two his mantra has been “get out the females”. Hannah was NEVER considered a full member of the Cookout. And, he made a F3 with Ky/X (as well as F2’s with each).

When Azah got upset with Ky or didn’t like something X did he was quick to defend them but any MINOR infraction by Tiff he not only added fuel to – but often would instigate riling her up about it.

NOW suddenly he’s telling her she needs to make amends with Tiff as well as Hannah. He told her to make a F3 with both girls & that he’d rather a female win if he can’t.

WTF is this? Seriously what the F? If there was ever a production pushed narrative THIS has to be it b/c it makes zero sense.

Do TPTB recognize Big D could make it to F2 or worse have him end up in that chair with Azah sitting beside him & are scrambling? OR – is this a plot twist with Grod using him to push an agenda (read: she promises he’ll get to F5 as per his other constant request about needing to reach that point to make money)?

Even with the casual fans I didn’t buy he won the $I00 & have tried to figure out if it’s b/c his father was Joe Frazer (the boxer) or that he’s had more exposure in the public than the other hamsters, or the anti Tiff fans, or as someone suggested b/c fans who meant to vote for DX hit DF instead.

But THIS about face really makes me wonder if Grod is ‘handling’ him saying the producers will paint him in a certain light IF he helps push the narrative they want. That whole drama last week felt unnecessary b/c since when do the hamsters block each other from having a discussion (that Brit/Tiff still ended up having anyway)?

That felt scripted to me and now Big D’s shift to suddenly wanting TC females to form a F3 plus encouraging Azah to make amends with Tiff is so opposite of his prior opinion/game play I can’t see it being anything other than TPTB.

Early in the game you asked about who production featured in the initial episodes. I commented how Azah was featured in copious DRs when we’d barely seen her on live feeds and Tiff as well (but that was understandable given her activity in the game).

I’m not intentionally putting on my tin foil hat — but if it walks like a duck, and looks like a duck — it MUST BE A DUCK… right?


another name

While it could be from tptb… the initial conversation that sparked Couch to tell Azah to mend fences came from X to the Couch.
X has decided that the level of animosity in the females of the cookout is bad for the cookout (read, bad for him). To this end X wanted to mediate talks between Tiff and Az.
Here is what X is missing: the activities and secrecy and general sketchiness of the men in the cookout towards the women (due to the men’s final 3) is what is actually causing more of the strife. But that would mean they’d have to view their own activities with unbiased eyes.
X is currently mediating between Tiff and Azah. They should have called in episode recap voice guy… cus this has gone all the way back to week one and they are moving forward.

Do i think tptb have been saying stfu with all this crap? Yes. Until they want the double eviction to cause internal strife and betrayal. Remember i was saying i thought it would be week 7 or so that the cookout split? I was off by a week. I didn’t know they’d have 3 weeks of high roller. Anyway, they’re probably telling them to mend fences so that they don’t crack prematurely for projected storyline development.
So while yes, they’ve been doing some odd D/Ream room shit this week (ky just spent 3 HOURS in the D/R, and got called back to D/R twenty minutes later)… there is also the X realization passed to Couch (which may or may not have come from tptb).

My big problem with mediated talks and repeated long HOH talks before everyone goes to bed? Where do tptb lock the other houseguests? Because that’s some pretty obvious crap. Even Brit would wonder what is up (though she’d come to the conclusion that the Jackpot exists… since she’s currently up to the Royal Flush in terms of alliance tracking).
I guess they didn’t lock them up tight enough. Alyssa has walked in on the mediation.
Extra D/Ream Room Koolaid for Alyssa tonight!

RE: derek votes. if you just typed in derek apparently it asked you to specify with initial but not picture.
I don’t believe the fan votes are EVER real though. Just like veto picks are predetermined for storyline effect and production chooses the veto host.
Could the couch have special handling instructions from the Grod? She put an addict on the air going through withdrawal and then twisted the game so tight it broke in order for the addict to win. ANYTHING is Possible.

Kid Rock

Who was the addict going through withdrawals?

The Beef

Jackson Michie, the guy who won and the guy who routinely ate about two watermelons a day inside the house – the theory being this helped him deal with his withdrawal symptoms. Pretty sure he admitted after the show he had this problem and had to deal with it while there, so this isn’t just a rumor.