“I wanted to be in a showmance with KY but he chose Sarah Beth nobody chooses the Black Girl so I’ll just have to go home and Check my DM’S”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Kyland plans to take Claire off and put up Britini. Alyssa plans to not use her veto. As of right now, Britini is the target to go this week..
*** AT the veto ceremony KYLAND will have to decide to use his veto first, then Alyssa will decide to use hers or not. Tiff “Alyssa won the real veto”

1:33 am Tiff
Tiff – Ok First of all America I wanted to see if he was being honest to me and that he threw that comps to Alyssa
Tiff – I need to get Closer to Kyland to make him believe I am closer to him .. apparently his memory wall exercise made everyone expose what they are thinking and his questions about who was the most influential person in the house. Well I think I probably ranked very high,.
Tiff thinks it was her and Xavier.
Tiff – Miss Sarah Beth thinks I am the most influential person she feels I’ve been in the ear of every HOH well that’s true that is why I’m onto Sarah Beth she’s onto me and I’m onto her she’s gotta go

1:34 am Detective Meeting
They start off joking around.
Tiff – I wanted to be in a showmance with KY but he chose Sarah Beth nobody chooses the Black Girl so I’ll just have to go home and Check my DM’S.
Feeds flip When we’re back they are speculating about what the next HOH is going to be.
Tiff asks Kyland if Brit knows.
Ky – no, why would she know anything?
Kyland is justifying taking Brit out because she didn’t spend her BB bucks and she got BB bucks during OTEV. She’s saving her cash for roulette plays next week.
Ky – She said If I can get to 250 and they let me I’ll probably play it twice
Ky – she is the only person that wants to use it she’s unpredictable she wants to use it because she doesn’t care.
Ky – This week they got out a power and next got rid of the one person that will definitely use it is gone the other people that could use it I feel we know them.
Tiff – that’s not true the people that got 75 can play
Ky says next week to play in roulette is $125 so people that got $50 this week and $75 next week will be able to play

Ky says they should bring Hannah in closer with the Detectives. “is that something we are interested in”
They all Agree
DX suggests they just reform the detectives keep the alliance name and create it again with Hannah areound
Tiff – that’s bold
Claire – how do we explain to each other between the 4 and the 5
Tiff – let’s ask her if she has any names..

They go on about trying to make up another alliance name Tiff suggests “the Agency”
DX – Can I be Agent X ..
Tiff – Agent tip toes
Feeds flip. When we’re back there’s more round and round speculation of who will spin the roulette and you won’t. What order of people should go up.. rinse repeat..
Tiff says she can’t afford the roulette next week she only has $25 she would need to get $100.

(Ky confirms he’s using the Veto on Claire and Brit is going up as the replacement )

2:10 am DX and Ky (Azah is waiting outside to talk to Ky)
Ky – I feel like it’s weird.. not weird.. but Azah seems like more mad at me than BIGD or Briti
DX – that’s just Azah.. she’s not like Mad she just feels for her teammates
Ky – so do I
DX – as much as you can try to explain before the ceremony
DX says the people downstairs are confused.
Ky – what is she confused about?
DX – don’t know I thought she’s moved on
Ky can’t understand why Azah would treat someone angrily “a couple of days ago we had a really good personal talk so maybe she thought that personal talk was going to translate into me helping her with her game?”
DX – she’s probably scared she’s going up she doesn’t know if her or Brit will go up.
Ky – that makes sense. Fear makes sense.

2:18 am Azah and Kyland
(Kyland gets all his thoughts across in a way you can clearly understand)
Azah – you wanted to talk so that’s why I came up here
Ky – ohh uhh…
Ky – where did I get to downstairs..
Ky – do you have any questions
Azah – mmmmmm I do wonder moving forward is this the format it will go everyone will know more towards veto what the target is.
Azah – this probably means you are using the veto will you be using it on Claire or BIGD
Ky – Claire
Azah – from the beginning of the week you said Claire was the target. Is there some reason why that changed?
Ky – yeah essentially I didn’t have good enough information on her.
Ky speaks words for awhile longer about the limit targets and variables..
Azah Leaves “have a good night”

2:32 am BIGD and Azah
Azah – don’t worry about me
BIGD – I have to boo..
BIGD – how are you feeling?
Azah – I got the answers to the questions I needed
Azah – he’s going to use it and Britini is going home
Azah – he planned this from the beginning nothing will change that.
BIGD – I will say I mean next week..
Azah – if we don’t win one of us is going that’s a definite
BIGD – you think two of us are going up
Azah – yes with the power being used one of us has a huge chance of going home. He f***ed a lot of stuff up.
BIGD – here’s the thing the problem is we don’t know how much SB got
Azah – she got $75 or $50
Bigs – she played so unless she got a 100 she can’t play. Alyssa got 50 didn’t use it so if she gets 100 she can play. X isn’t going to play
BIGD – DerekX is the only one that we don’t know
Azah goes on about this was Ky’s plan all along and nobody can convince her otherwise.
Azah adds that based on Ky’s HOH questions on Thursday 3 people votes for Claire. His choices were between Claire, Alyssa and Brit.
Azah – if anybody said Brit would have been Tiffany. Hannah said Alyssa. He said that when doing the math he said Brit was the only option
Azah adds that Kyland made all this decision by himself but says it’s a decision for “US”
Azah – this wasn’t US it was never US. its fine whatever
Azah says that Kyland can leave the nominations the same.
BIGD says if Kyland is making decisions on his own then when they win they can make a decision on their own.
BIGD – I’m annoyed I never thought I would be on the block next to Britini. I was cool with being next to Claire, Alyssa, SB, and of these other b1tches. DerekX..
Bigd – you can tell he feels threatened by Britini he can’t control her (no one can.. lol)

BIGD – at the end of the day now we know when we win HOH whoever I want to put up I put up it is what it is. Put them next to one of us whoever you decide then that person goes home. He won’t have no choice like we had no choice
(they want SB and Ky up)

Azah – I’ve been mourning for three days already cause I knew it would happen (LOL)
BIGD – it’ll happen to each one ..
Azah – explains everything why he didn’t throw it to me.
BIGD says if they do this now (get rid of Brit) it won’t be as hard later on.
Bigd says maybe the other members of the cookout want Britini gone first “We don’t know”
Azah – X would have said something
BIGD – at the end of the day let’s say next week he wants Alyssa to go NO SB is going and you got no say.. so he’ll feel the same way we feel.
BIGD even though Ky “Smiles and all” he’s built like bigd “he’s got a black heart”
Azah – I know he don’t give a f**..
DF – ky’s going to try and convince me to get rid of DEREK and I’m not doing it. I want SB gone. SB or Alyssa.
DF tells her to vote Brit to stay so the vote is “1 to whatever”
Azah – he’s going to be gone when we get to 6
Feeds flip to hannah and Ky.

3:30 am Kyland fiddling with his veto and HOH key gets called to make sandwiches

3:45 am Ky and Tiff (Ky got called to make a sandwhich for himself)
They talk about their plan was to go to bed early but it’s close to 4am now.
Ky – how do you feel in general
Tiff – I feel fine
Ky – Tired.. a little but.. uhh you know.. umm.. Azah just came..
Tiff – you did good
Ky – thanks. She was just like.. BIGD said it was fine
Ky explains that BIGD recognizes that they lost the Veto fair and square the odds were 3-1.

Tiff – is she going to tell Brit tomorrow? It will be freaking hell
Tiff – everything is going according to plan we can’t be upset about that (Except for Tiffany’s pawns haven’t been touched)
Ky goes over some points of his conversations with Azah.
Ky – we knew we wanted to eliminate the power and we knew we wanted one of the non six to go home. We accomplished that
Ky brings up that Azah answered his first HOH questions by Saying Frenchie. (who is the most influential in the house)
Ky – she answered my other questions she said ‘I don’t have an opinion on that’
Tiff – Ky.. Kyland …
Ky – now I’m saying you know how you told me I don’t have an opinion on that I asked for you input you didn’t give me any
Tiff – I never knew that’s how it went with her
Ky – you don’t get to b1tch about what is happening when I ask for your opinion and you give me none
Tiff – yes

Ky says Hannah is close to Claire and DX “she super smart but sometimes she operates under the assumptions that her information is more right than everyone elses”
Ky – in general, I think she’s so smart about things in general but in this house though all we have is our best guess that could be wrong at any time
They agree DX had his suspicions but Ky has fixed it with him.
Tiff – I was hoping for you to pull Clair down I wasn’t sure DF had the votes to stay against her.
Tiff says Alyssa and Sb wanted Claire to stay and the cookout only had four votes. “she could have almost had 5 votes” (to stay)
Tiff – or we show our hands.. Claire has to come off or we risk losing DF
Tiff says he could explain that to Azah but she doesn’t think Azah understands the game.
Tiff – I have to be careful with our relationship with Hannah in front of Azah
Tiff – this happened a couple of weeks ago.. Azah came to me when Hannah was on the block with Wthiney.
Tiff – Azah came to be and said I don’t trust Hannah. I said Why she says because when she had her meeting with the Kings she had my name as somebody whatever whatever. she was giving them my (Azah’s) name.
Tiff – I was like Well Azah we all have to give a name. She said I wouldn’t give my name. I was like YOU BETTER GIVE my name if you don’t give my name it looks suspicious.
Tiff adds that Azah says Hannah was giving out her name but never came to her and said she was giving out her name. it was DX that told her they were giving out Azah’s name
Tiff – She said.. When we get down to six I want her gone first I do not trust her.
Tiff – Hannah is very smart and she can help us get far. hannah has helped us build upon this plan. I Do not think it’s wise to let her go at six. I did not say that to Azah.
Tiff – I did say to Hannah she might want to build with Azah. try to smooth it over with her.

Tiff says when DX and Claire were confused with what is going on she didn’t want them to come together and figure out the 6 so she tried to position herself in the middle. “so I can know what they are both thinking and saying to each other”
Feeds cut.. when we’re back Tiff and Ky are walking up to the HOH.

4:42 am
Ky – I basically would get less looked at Less people on my BAck if SB left next week So my preference.. that being said the most likely person in the house to win one of these powers is DX cause he has the money.
Ky – he’s the only person that has both the money and the skill to win. Those games in there.. the coin of destiny game he’s the only other person I talked to that checked it out as much as I did. To check on the measurements.
Ky – I feel like I won’t be getting any money.
Tiff says in the next HOH competition if there is an option for safety she’s going to take it. She’s not taking the HOH.
Ky – SB leaving would be helpful for me to my personal game. I would rather have DX here longer than SB
Ky – he is the most likely to get another 100 next week if he doesn’t go next week he’ll have enough to play the coin game the week after.
Ky says next week there will only be 3 non-cookouts left. “my fear is him winning the coin of destiny thing”

Tiff – he can win that game but the HOH still needs to flip a COIN so it’s 50/50
Ky says if DX gets that power he’ll for sure put up X and maybe him.
Tiff – it’ll be BIGD cause he’s good with Azah and Hannah.
Ky says the one person in the 6 that helps the least and has the weakest relationship with the rest of them happens to be close to Dx. Ky doesn’t know how deep that goes.
Ky – maybe Hannah has an idea.
Ky can’t tell If Azah has any influence on DX at all.
Ky – I would be better off with SB leaving next week 100%
Tiff – If Xavier wins next week what does he do?
Ky – DX
Tiff – who is next to him?
Ky – claire.. if he does DX and Claire and the wheel spins and the wheel spin puts up a 6 member
Tiff – IF DX is on the block he’ll play that wheel spin.
Tiff – X can’t put a 6 up there next to DX
Ky – he knows that and Hannah knows that
Ky says if X puts Claire and Dx up. DX spins Azah goes up in his place then Claire wins the Veto. “Who does he put up at that point?”
Ky – the only people that he can put up are SB or Alyssa and he doesn’t want to do that.
Tiff – so he doesn’t want to use that
They agree it almost makes sense for nobody in the 6 to win HOH (yikes)
Ky – Claire’s good because she’s targeting SB and Alyssa
Ky – if not Claire then Alyssa cause she’ll target DX
Tiff – she’ll put up Hannah and DX. Dx comes down and another one of us will go up.

Ky – If Claire’s HOH puts me up with Sb
Tiff – you can’t win veto
Ky – I would use it on myself I would be the sole vote. If SB somehow won the veto
Tiff – Oh my god
Ky – I know I can’t imagine her winning anything but would Claire put up Alyssa
Tiff – us as the agency or the detectives would convince her we would have to make Claire think that Alyssa is coming after her. I think I have good enough information to make Claire believe that
Ky – perfect. Claire is a good option
Tiff says if she won HOH she would put up Ky and Sb
Ky – if I am on the block we still have 4
Tiff – we only need four vote
Ky – we need all the four to vote out SB .. best case I win veto and we send home Alyssa

5:00 am Zzzzzzzzzzz *(Who would have thought Ky’s HOH would be as crack filled as Frenchies)

10:20 am Alyssa and Xavier
Alyssa – no one wants to talk game with me anymore and that’s scary.
X – you can’t be on my side and target you. At least they are talking to at least one of us
X – people are really sketched out with Ky right now. In the event, we didn’t win people would take a shot at him first. at worst it would be Hannah and Sarah Beth.
Alyssa – and if it was used I would go up and he would go home.
Xavier says what Ky did to the jokers this week put a bad taste in their mouths 2 jokers are still in the house they’ll likely take a shot at Ky.
He brings up even though Ky says he didn’t it really looked like he threw the Veto and that sketched a lot of people out.
Xavier says SB/Ky or X/Alyssa would be going up next week but seeing how “Sketched out” everyone is at Ky and how he handled his HOH they’ll pick him.

10:30 am Jokers
Brit is trying to strategize with them to get DF off the block. She wants them to get a target painted on someone.
Brit – I need you to ask people how they feel about this HOH. Anything they say bad about Ky you need to use to your advantage right now ..
Brit – you need to ask Hannah, Honestly, I would be curious to see what DEREKX would say to you because DerekX doesn’t know anything about this week. The one I’m really looking at is her [TIFF]. Tell me how Christian thinks he’s going home Wednesday night and Thursday morning she has one conversation with him and magically he has hope
DX – right.. my back.. my back is f***ed up from that comp.. continue
Brit- she has pull everywhere in this house.. (TIFF)
Brit – she’s going to skate.. she’s going to go (to the end)
Brit – at this point either you paint the target you need to choose right now who you need to have conversations with today and who you need Info from
Brit – BIGD the moment they say something that goes against him that is your next conversation. This is Big Brother we’re going to start manipulating in this house.
Brit goes on about having these conversations with people and agreeing with what they say then relay that back to Ky.
Brit – this is the kinda game we have to play
DX – no one cares..
Brit – the nice game is out the door. It’s time to paint some targets on people that are actually targets in this house. They are skating BIG they are going to skate all the way
DX – I know I know
Brit – I’m telling you right now. I know Claire’s biggest fear is Tiff goes up next to her [Tiff]. Unfortunately for us in order to stay in this house one of those numbers needs to go it just has to. That’s the only way he stays if one of them goes. The clique of the 5 of them Hannha, DX, Claire, Tiffany, and SB I would put Ky in that mix but he’s HOH.
BIGD leaves..
Brit – our best shot is to get BIGD down and Hannah in his place.. unless they made the deal. It’s possible (Yikes)
Brit – we need to make him scared of people coming after him next week (KY)

10:44 am DF and X
DF – last night I went to bed I was like ‘GOODnight guys’ Claire’s like Goodnight. Tiff said not one word to me.
X – she’s got to stop with that sh1t
DF – my thing is if she’s playing it up?
X – let us know that
DF – If she’s playing it up that doesn’t make me feel comfortable because I’m on the block. I wouldn’t do that to her. I have to trust I have your vote. Obvuisoluy I’m not going anywhere.. but I’m on the block.
Azah joins them.
DF says he’s making breakfast: Omelettes, Potatoes, and Bacon. He knows Azah and DX are making dinner.

10:56 am DX, Claire, Ky
They’re talking about Xavier getting tired at 10 pm
Claire – he said he normally goes to sleep at 10 or 9
DX – the bar he works at is Applebees (X told them he’s a bartender)
DX – is he our Donny?
Ky – I don’t think so
They talk about Xavier being some sort of undercover cop or FBI agent.
They agree Christian was only really around other people for 30 minutes a day. The rest of the time he was with Alyssa. Claire mentions how Christian was a delightful person with great energy in the house. But he was never around to show it.

11:23 am Azah and X
Azah – how do you feel about his decision (Ky’s)
X – it is what it is how do you feel about it
Azah – I can’t say anything. I can’t do anything about it
Azah – I don’t think it was a team decision that’s all I’m going to say. Do you?
X – umm.. truthfully I do
Azah – how?
X says Ky, Himself, Tiffany said britini. Azah said, Claire.
Azah said Claire because she thought that is what BIGD and X were saying.
X is certain that Brit and BabyD got $100. Says the fans always support the underdog and the two underdogs are Brit and BabyD
X the 100 is BIGD, BAbyD, and Bri the 75 are myself, Tiff, and Hannah
X says the people with the potential to get the 100 next week are not in the 6 so that is why he wants to take them out first.
Xavier – we have to make sure those powers don’t jeopardize our plan.
They talk about Ky having a lot of things going on inside and outside of the 6 and he’s sketching the whole house out.
Azah wants to really get the HOH next week she has a plan. They start talking about SB
Azah – one thing I noticed and I don’t mean to say this in a mean way I don’t know what Spell Kyland put on her she just not the SB I remember when she came in. Am I wrong?
X – not wrong
Azah – she’s a shell of what she used to be
X – yeah I don’t know. I thought when we made it to jury we would see her flip a switch and turn it up it’s been almost the exact opposite.
Azah – she’s like a scared little girl I can’t explain it. she wears her glasses all the time.
X says She’s getting paranoid after she went on the block.
Azah says she trusts X and BIGD in the 6.

11:45 am Xavier and Azah get to lifting

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another name

Ky wants to hold more meetings.
Somebody make the madness stop.
He’s already done the bbcan season 5 Tim “tell me your game or you’re going on the block” schtick. Now he wants everyone to answer five more questions.
So he wants to do meetings with each person for a max of 20 minutes each. THREE hours of more of his sanctimonious mouth diarrhea? God, he really is a Horse’s ass.

Good luck with that Simon and Dawg.


DX might have a fighting chance to make F4. It’s a long shot, but if Brit goes this week and enough CO members are still fixated on evicting SB next week, then DX can potentially win the coup d’etat. He’d need to rally the votes to send home X, which would not be easy, but if X is out, then he could win a few comps to get to F4.

P.S. – Just hit the tip jar. I joked earlier this season that you guys need “hazard pay” for transcribing Kyland. It’s not a joke anymore. You guys are going to develop PTKSD (Post-Traumatic Kyland-Speak Disorder).


The cookout, perfect name. They like to play with their food before tney devour it. Shudder.
Only thing is, no one wants to be the first to kill their “precious”.


“Azah – explains everything why he didn’t throw it to me.”

Like duh. I loved Azah at first (and kinda still do) but she is way too sensitive & empathetic for this game. Why would she expect someone to GIVE her an HOH? That’s not usually the game unless it’s predetermined & decided.

Her tears over Britini are a mystery to me. Why? I would cry from having to hear her gung ho hubris, outraged rantings, and then her poor pity lamentations. Go Britni Go.


Ditto. My take on Azah is that she is an amazing human being, but not-so-amazing BB player. The protection of Britni by DF/Azah is a mystery to me. Volunteering to go on the block, so that Brit does not have to bear the emotional trauma? Head scratcher. Also, there seems to be a disconnect with the Jokers that teams are over.

DJ in FL

My final 5 is Tiffany, Ky, X, Hannah, and Dx. Love Claire but you have to cut her at 6. Then you have the 5 craftiest players in the game and it gets real good!!


Agree, hopefully one of those win as those are the ones who seem to be playing the game.


My order of preference for winning, Dx, x, Hannah, Tiff, and moter mouth.

another name

the part where Azah says she’s been mourning for three days.

How could anyone tell?
She’s been in BB mourning pose since day 9.


I hope Ky isn’t secretly planning on putting up DX, my favorite. I do like pretty much the whole cast, least favorites are the three jokers with Brittany being the least of all. I hope Ky is telling the truth about back dooring the sob sister.
Also I hope a non TC wins HOH next time, somebody who is willing to put up Cookout members side by side, just to shake things up. I am honestly not sure who would do that. Probably Brittany, actually.

Hopeful for a Good Season

KY can’t you just put up Tiff and let the house vote her out. She gets more ridiculous by the minute. Wishful thinking. But would be nice.