Alyssa WON the VETO! “You just won OTEV and ZING-BOT. You’re a comp beast!

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto: Alyssa
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Alyssa and X are nominated. Alyssa is the target. Alyssa winning Veto could bring some drama.

1:45pm – 4:45pm Big Brother blocked the feeds for the Power of Veto Competition.

Alyssa WON the VETO!

– Since it was the tiny veto comp, Alyssa has a tiny veto as a bracelet instead of the regular sized veto.

They’re all in the kitchen talking about the competition. It was a relay type competition. It sounds like it was the tiny veto comp where you have to stack tiny items with tweezers. Tiff – I thought this was like my comp. She says that her hand was super shaky from the beginning. Hannah – I cannot say that, that was a fun comp but congratulations Alyssa. Well deserved! Tiff – hopefully you get a real sized veto. Alyssa – I don’t know if its supposed to be a bracelet but..

Bedroom – Big D talking to the cameras. Big D – So if I end up on the block that means she is trying to send me or Xavier home. So the only person that can go on the block is Claire. Azah joins him. She asks him how he is doing. Big D – I am just bummed because I almost had it. Are they going to put up Claire? Xavier joins them. Xavier – the way I see it she has two choices: She puts up Claire and if she ends up in final two she might still have 4 votes. She puts up another member of the cookout whatever four other people go to jury if she makes it to final two she just lost four votes. Think about it?! Big D – I know. Its just a lot of pressure because its like.. Azah – its a lot of possibilities. Xavier – I will talk to her and figure out if there is some way to twist it.. Azah – how?! Xavier – just let me think. I already had an idea before. Azah – okay daddy! Big D – if Claire goes up Alyssa knows next week she is next… for sure she is next! Alyssa is going to know she is next! Xavier – how am I the one on the block and I am the one that is the most calm right now. Azah – I am actually calm. Alyssa joins them and they talk about the comp and Zing-bot.

Kitchen – Kyland and Tiffany.
Kyland – we all know that the plan is to avoid it. Tiff – avoid her using it on him? Kyland – yes. I think that is where I would go with it. Tiff – you ask him. I won’t. Ky – you ask her. Tiff – well you got to talk to him first. Because y’all be like her person and so y’all don’t want anyone talking to your person. Ky – but you have to talk to the veto winner.

Bedroom. Alyssa and Xavier.
Alyssa – the only options for people to go up are Big D, Azah and Kyland. Big D and Azah do not want to see the block. If we tell Big D and Azah to go up to Tiffany and beg to not be put up and they will vote out you then she will put up Kyland because she knows she will have the votes regardless. And then she won’t get extra blood on her hands putting up Big D and Azah. If they both go up individually and say I really don’t want to go up .. I am not coming after you .. and now that we know that Alyssa is staying.. we have the votes.. me and Azah are fine with voting out X. If you don’t mind putting up Kyland. Its the best case scenario. Xavier – alright, I like it. You just won OTEV and ZING-BOT. You’re a comp beast! Alyssa – those are two really cool wins. We should tell them the plan tonight so that way they go on their own and they don’t see us talking to them.

HOH room – Tiffany and Hannah.
Tiff – Ky should talk to X about the idea first before so that maybe it would help X consider.. Hannah – X doesn’t trust Ky though. Tiff – so should I talk to them first? Hannah – do you want me to talk to them or no? Tiff – I am just going to talk to both of them about it. You said that X doesn’t trust KY so who should talk to him? Hannah – I’ll talk to him before you talk to both of them. Tiff – because otherwise I just have to tell Claire I made a deal that I would not put any of you guys up.. and I try to send Alyssa home. Hannah – yeah that would have to be your default unless we can pull this off. Tiff – Alyssa wants to keep X then she can keep him but she has to be convinced that he is going to leave. Here is the thing.. I think there is a lot of spite involved in people’s decision. I think there is still a lot of salt in the wound that Tiff jumped out there and won HOH. Nobody wants me to have what I want. Even if the plan is feasible. He does not want Alyssa to go. If Claire has to go, she has to go.. that is fine. If I tell her about a deal.. I don’t know if it raises her awareness about the six. Hannah – you could frame it like .. I made a deal with X, Ky, Azah and Big D .. this week .. that I wouldn’t send any of them home. Don’t tell Alyssa about the Cookout obviously in case there is a battle back. Or you could say I made a deal with those four people that I wouldn’t put two of them on the block at once and I plan on sticking to that because I do want to see my brothers and sisters get far in this game. I did want to send Alyssa home but with her winning we have to rewire that deal. I have to put you up because I don’t want four people coming after me.. Between Azah, Hannah and Ky, you (Claire) have the votes to stay. I wish we could get Alyssa to use the veto on X but she is a big enough fan of the show to know that if you win the power of veto .. you use it on yourself! Tiff – I believe if X was on board with that plan I think she would believe him enough to do it if she felt she had the votes to stay and we would send Big D home. The only rebuttal to that is if we are going to send Big D home why not just put him up next to X and send him home but X would never stay over Big D. Hannah – because Ky isn’t voting to keep X and Ky is the swing vote.

Bathroom – KY and Xavier.
Ky – as of right now she wants try to get Alyssa to use it on you. Xavier – that is not going to happen. That is bullsh*t. Ky – I am just telling you. She said that right now? Ky – yeah. I’m just giving you the heads up.

5:25pm – 5:45pm Bedroom. Xavier and Big D
Xavier – I am sitting up on the block and you’re still trying to figure out who to put up next to me because you don’t want to put up Claire. Tiff, you wanted to make a legendary move of winning two HOH’s in a row .. that came with the risk of exposing blowing your sh*t up. She told me that night that you would put up Claire if you have to. You Now have to! Now you’re pissing the rest of us off! I am telling you if you put up someone else in the Cookout and I am still here… she better make sure I am not here anymore. Big D – that’s how I am going to feel. Xavier – If you put someone else up you better make sure its someone I am going home to. Here is the thing, if she had put up Azah next to me.. Azah would be going home and then she’s got me, you and Ky all coming for her… and Alyssa. Big D – Mmmmhhmmm. If she pulls a selfish move.. BRAH! BRAH! Xavier – she just blew a part the whole culture. Big D – I would flip this whole house upside down and drag her every which way. Xavier – in my gut I think she puts up Ky next to me. And if she puts up Ky, Ky is going home. Big D – I know that.

5:52pm Bedroom – Big D and Xavier.
Xavier – what is wrong? Big D – I just came outside and Tiff was like I know you’re happy! Xavier – why is she coming out with that energy. Big D – like what are you talking about. I am not happy that you got to put your friend down. She is just being like a sore loser. Like you just made this whole speech like you are a team player. Xavier – she is upset right now because she is up sh*ts creek and she ain’t even got a paddle. But she brought this sh*t on herself. Big D – Like I didn’t say that I was happy.. I didn’t even do anything. That type of energy is not needed. I feel like I am her punching back and I can’t punch back. I just don’t like that. It makes me really uncomfortable. Kyland joins them. Xavier – any idea that Alyssa has involves putting you (KY) up. I already have a plan for who is sitting next to me that ensures they go home. I can’t say who .. but we know who that person is.

6:30pm – 6:40pm HOH room. Tiffany and Xavier.
Xavier – I am trying to figure out a way of you doing it without it biting you in the a$$. I don’t want your game being blown up in any capacity. I think I have an idea that could work. I assume that Claire thinks that you were cool with either me or Alyssa going. Tiff – Mmmmhmmm. Xavier – so if Alyssa comes down then I would be the next option for someone to go. In order for me not to go you would need to sit someone next to me who would for sure or more than likely vote against me. So to make it make sense for her (Claire) going up .. you would have to break down every other reason as to why everyone else is not an option. You might think this is stupid.. Ky has the idea that you made a deal that you wouldn’t put Big D or Azah up. They start going through the options. Xavier – I am sorry that you’re in this position. Tiff – man, I put myself in this position. Tiff comments on how she doesn’t want to say that she won’t put up others because of a deal. Xavier – it makes it easier to understand if you say you made a deal. Tiff – so this week I put Claire up and she goes home.. Next week what happens. Xavier – We send out Alyssa and I will probably have to see the block for the fourth time. Tiff – by me sending Claire home this week.. I don’t want to touch the block next week. Xavier – okay. If Alyssa needs to go out .. then I will go back up. Tiff – I don’t want to be the replacement nominee … if I have to suffer through this week of sending my person home. I feel that I don’t need to touch the block to send anyone else’s person home. Xavier – okay.. I wouldn’t lead with that. I can work on it for the other people in the cookout. Worst case scenario everyone has a reason to put up Ky.. so if everybody didn’t feel right about putting me up for the fourth time they could put up Ky.

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BB fan

Claire and Derek X need to wake up and not vote for Tiffany and even Hannah in the final two after they’ve been played by their secret alliance the cookout that lied to them about their intentions!

With Claire getting back doored on Tiffany’s HOH’s it’s almost for sure that she doesn’t vote for Tiffany in the end!

If Derek X doesn’t wake up after Claire was crying over him leaving and realize that he got played like a spade by Tiffany and Hannah then he just confirmed what I thought he was going to be since week three a puppet for Hannah and Tiffany wanting to target Alyssa and Christian and use SB as a pawn that almost went home on his week 5 HOH. Derek X screwed up the season by not targeting the jokers week five because Aza or Derek F would’ve gone home with Britini winning the veto. Derek X not Targeting The jokers and using the veto on Kyland screwed the season up and made it a landslide for Cookout. Derek now has his last chance to redeem himself by not voting for Tiffany and Hannah!

However, if Derek X doesn’t get out from under his ROCK and realize that Tiffany and Hannah played him like a spade all season and wants to vote for them. Than he just further proved what I’ve said in the past that he is just going to be a puppet for Tiffany and Hannah. If Derek X votes for them in the end after what Tiffany is about to do to Claire then he is just that “the puppet”

The Beef

You finally said something I can pretty much agree with (other than the third paragraph – we can agree to disagree about DX’s influence on the CO steam roll). If Tiffany put’s Claire up (which I believe she will), neither Claire nor DX should vote for Tiffany nor Hannah if they reach the final 2, which I don’t think they will anyway. Once they get Claire and Alyssa out, I think the men are going to dominate the remaining comps, or at least win enough to control things (with the help of the brilliant Azah), and we’ll end up with X, Ky and most likely Big D in the final 3.

I don’t see why DX or Claire would vote for the people, who were supposed to be their closest ally and confidant in the house, only to have those people stab them in the back in the end. But hey, it’s only a game – that’s what everyone says, after they do that to someone. Well, that’s what I’d say too as I’m casting my vote, for the OTHER person – it’s only a game, right? Here’s your knife back – you know, the one you left in my back?


Tiffany won’t put up Claire, mean 1 cookout member will gone, bye-bye


She is putting her up. She just told X that she would and stay true to the Cookout and for them not to put her up next week


Oh, but they will!


They most definitely will. I am really hoping that Hannah wins the HOH or at least Tiff wins the Veto if Hannah is not the HOH


She’ll put-up Claire. She’s said multiple times (in her talks to “America”) that the CO and the cause comes first. The only question now is if her fellow CO members will return that courtesy at F7 and evict Alyssa.


Get kyland and xavier out they will win

Tiffany would be so idiot because DF would take a shot at her quick


DF couldnt take a shot at her! He hasnt won anything and cant win anything. He can only bitch that the comps are unfair to him. Im SO OVER him!


DR is a total loser with no power. I think it would be hilarious if he got put up as the replacement and sent to the jury house! You know he would badmouth the Cookout to all of the jury members. Now that would be entertaining!
Too bad it will be Claire though…


Holy sh1t

another name

From the sounds of it, good thing Claire already packed, after mentioning something to Hannah last night about what if something happens and Claire is renom.

Carlito's Way

Claire knows what’s up. She needs to get to work and stop being shy about it. Stress to Tiffany how everyone loves X, protects X and NO ONE can beat X at the end. Take the shot and Kick out X. Screw “The Six.” Change it to “The Four.” Whatever.


We wanted drama and unpredictability. Right now we don’t know what we will see Monday.


Are you kidding. What have you been watching? Everybody minus Alyssa knows what’s gonna happen.

Robbed Tyler

Come on, Alyssa gave us the drama that we’ve been craving for this season with her Veto win. Tiffany is exposing herself!

another name

Sure we do.
What else would happen this season?
Tiff’s already been called to D/R. LOL.
Mostly because she just spent a while totally misleading Claire, who kept looking at Tiff like she knew the vibe was off. Should have ripped off the bandaid.


Let me clarify. Now we get to watch drama that’s acting and by Monday morning Alyssa can come off and Claire on.

The Beef

That’ some high drama there! Seriously high (not)!

DX fan

So they’ve said all season that they want a POC to win so they will be the first to do so. Wasn’t Kaycee a person of color?

another name

jun was a person of color waaay back in season 4.
They mean black. and Tamar doesn’t count, because that was shortened season celebrity.


When the CO say POC, they are referring to a Black person.

Not Sorry

You can’t be serious. ???


No, they said they wanted an African American to win. If it was just a POC then they would have gladly included DX and Alyssa.


Im noticing that a POC is different definitions to different people. Kaycee was light skinned though based on her heritage she is technically POC. Derek X can be seen as POC to some but because an Asian already won BB he didn’t count and wasn’t an option to stay and how they rationalized it.

Jaymie lee

Not the right skin colour or Preapproved for bb23. Whatever happened to actually playing the game not worrying about voting on skin colour. But its not Racist im told. As every single person that walks out doesnt have Black skin. Nothing To See here. Cant be racism im told. Blacks cant be Racist. The logic is laughable.


You might as well just say it…blacks perpetuate and keep racism alive in this country. Not the whites, or any other ethnic group. It’s always been that way and probably always will. They are proud of it. It’s pathetic in this day and age.


Are you kiddling!?! I bet you wouldn’t trade your life with a POC (Black Person). ?

Gail Lessard

That’s a whole other argument BUT, despite the hardships and health problems and lack of $ I’ve had in life, I wouldn’t change places with any other person of any color!


Agree—It’s sad

Amanda Chandler

Alyssah is ALSO a POC.


Joshua Martinez POC. Whether you like it or not-he is a POC


Bye claire! I enjoyed your comp throwing and also your bad gameplay and your bad idiotic diary rooms

Robbed Tyler

Where is everybody at now that said Alyssa couldn’t do it? She should leave and go to jury where she belongs because she’s as worthless as Derek F or Azah? Where you at now beef??
Alyssa won the veto while she was on slop.
That’s what you get for when I told you that she was competent already had won a veto before and almost won other competitions. Instead you said that she was Inept! I told you even when you refered to me as another poster! After what you’ve said it’s karma pal because other people realize that Alyssa had self-worth and wasn’t a zero star rating that you claimed she was- Karma Jack! So yea you we’re ridiculous because you were well off base about Alyssa and your conspiracy theories. Alyssa did more to ruin TIFFANY’s game then Derek X ever did. Yes Alyssa played a better game than Derek X ever did, and this is just further proof of it! Now Tiffany is going to expose herself! For anyone to ever compare Alyssa to Derek F and Azah looks ridiculous now which is what I said prior to this.


You need to buy a mountain bike. They are a lot of fun.

Robbed Tyler

Thank you for proving my point and being just a fool about Alyssa.


Haha. You are too much.

Robbed Tyler

Funny that’s what your girl said to me last night.
Have fun poking yourself on your tricycle there junior lmao


Everybody should give Alyssa credit and realize that she was the one that would do well in any other season if it wasn’t for an alliance solely based on race!
You are absolutely correct in saying that Alyssa is a better player than Derek X.
The BEEF you have a lot of explaining to do! In addition to anybody that said Alyssa she leave because she complained about slop. Well she just won a veto while on slop and now Tiffany looks terrible backdooring Claire her Ally from the very beginning which means tiff toes is losing her Claire jury vote.

Gail Lessard

Wanna bet? I’ve seen lots of stranger things happen in BB. I think Claire would forgive Tiffany and vote for her if given the opportunity.

BB fan

If Derek X doesn’t wake up in Jury house and realize that he was played like a tool being waved around like a puppet by Tiffany and Hannah the whole time being lied to about a secret alliance then nothing else will do it. If DX was suppose really to care about Claire and Tiffany is going to back door Claire shouldnt Derek X finally get a freaking clue and realize that he shouldn’t have protected Tiffany and Hannah!! To all you want to be America’s favorite DX lovers if he can’t wake up and recognize seeing that he shouldn’t vote for Tiffany or even Hannah in the end then you just further prove how you condone somebody who wanted there to be a landslide for the cookout and who is completely spineless yes that’s Derek X is completely spineless if he is cool voting for Hannah and Tiffany going along with backdooring Claire.

Furthermore, Tyler don’t worry about the beef that guy is just crazy as it gets and he can’t recognize the difference between a sneeze and a wet fart which is why he’s the ass goblin he is hints the beef


You might wanna stop replying to yourself. It’s pretty obvious. While DX didn’t have a clue about the cookout neither does Alyssa. Alyssa is the type of player that has to attach her to a guy. She hasn’t developed a game relationship with anyone but Christian and X.

BB fan

You couldn’t be any more clueless. I just replied one time to this thread for robbed Tyler. Letting him know not to worry about somebody that has no idea what they’re talking about.

Robbed Tyler

Thank you for having my back and saying that about the beef. That was just totally bogus what he did I’m not bbfan Beef!!
Where is the beef now??
I was right to call him out and say that it was ridiculous to say Alyssa was a zero star player being compared to Derek F and Azah who are just worthless coasters.

Buh Bye

Alyssa is a zero star player just like Azah and BigD.


What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things that I have ever heard. Everyone is now dumber, because of what you just said.

Buh Bye

Yes. You’ve posted this about 100x this season. Your hatred of DX is stunning. ITS JUST A GAME!

BB fan

You couldn’t be any more clueless lol
Let me ask you this and seriously let me know Why do you want someone in Derek X to be America’s favorite? Why do you support someone like him Derek X who constantly screwed up his game as well as the games of other players who would’ve provided resistance against the cookout!
But in your mind it’s plausible to support Derek X who constantly gave the cookout this game. It makes me human to realize that Derek X was wrong to constantly support unlikable characters in Hannah and Tiffany who are completely petty/ jealous women who are making decisions solely based on race. That’s is hatred and not standing up for what’s right!

BB fan

Seriously listen to what I’m saying and think about it? There is a reason. You’re good as the company you keep, and look what Derek X is doing! I’m serious.
If Derek is still OK with wanting to vote for Hannah and Tiffany to win the game after what Tiffany’s gonna do to Claire in backdooring her. Remember Claire was the one who was crying her eyes out the over Derek X leaving. That will speak volumes about Derek X. There’s no way Claire is not going to vote for Tiffany her closest ally since day one backdooring her with eight people left!
Claire is going to feel completely betrayed by Tiffany and probably her closest Hannah as well because she knows those two (tiff & hannah) are the closest in the house. Especially since Claire was always going to do more for DX than what those girls ever were since she at least wanted to take him to the final 4! Hannah and Tiffany were never going to do that and cut him prior to 6. If Derek X votes for them in the end. Derek X will then prove that he basically was chill and condoned all the nasty things that those women have said; let alone basing decisions on appearance. That is not someone who should be voted for as America’s favorite!
I mean for god sake Alyssa (openly admits) she would never vote out Claire and look what Claire’s closest allies Hannah and Tiffany are doing to her?! If Derek X votes for them Tiffany or Hannah. That’s just further proves that Derek X condones gameplay of back stabbers Who are cold hearted and nasty Tiffany and Hannah and if Derek X does that. That is not somebody who is America’s favorite everybody!
It’s very simple; The hatred is on the people you like!


Fair enough. preach man.


Based on that rationale – nor should he vote for Ky — b/c Ky was the one who pushed him to back door Chris (a week prior to him winning HOH) and the one who talked SB into switching her target off Ally, X & Big D to him.

I get the Hannah part of this b/c he specifically told him NOT to play Roulette & lied saying she would & did (then didn’t)

Tiff at least tried to help him – she walked him through the board asking him to answer questions based on his view, warned him taking the strike at Chris might be removing his shield, & repeatedly warned him about Ky. She was still with the CO through it all but she didn’t try to force her choices on him like Ky did. AND she was the only one of the 3 (Ky/Hannah) who tried to flip the vote & helped him come up with arguments to give to Azah/Big D & Ally.

Hannah complained about it to Ky/X who shut it down so she wasn’t able to push the flip but she gave him ammo (her advice on Azah almost had her flip until she spoke to X)

The Beef

I wasn’t sure which one of the four “you’s” I should reply to here, so I chose to reply to the one and only original “BB Fan”, rather than one of your other aliases. I’m certainly not going to reply to ALL of them, as that would be a waste of time and effort, since you’re only one person.

Congratulations to Alyssa for apparently finally winning a competition! As I do with all competitors in the game when they actually do something, I will revise my evaluation of her performance accordingly, at least until I see the competition and determine that it wasn’t somehow “given” to her by production (as in some individual timed competitions). I do NOT think Tiffany at least was throwing the comp, nor probably was Hannah (X very well could have been, and we all know Big D and Azah are not much competition).

Are you really so insecure you feel the need to support your self with phantom people to post and support your position? Dude, you need to seek help. Seriously.


BBFan, is that you?

Robbed Tyler

I can see why you refer to yourself as a dog because you can’t open up your mind and learn how to talk! Did you not see what I commented previously to this? I’m not BB fan what is wrong with you people. In America there are millions of people that watch this game ! Other people have a similar opinion that I do as well and just because I say something that might be contrary to what you believe doesn’t mean I’m BB fan!


Alyssa ruined TIff’s game by happenstance, bc she won a comp. She is just as duped by the CO as DerekX. Actually worse. She has no one but X. Derek had Claire, plus Tiff and Hannah. He had a much better social game and at least as good a comp game.

Robbed Tyler

There is no way you can say that Derek X, was a better player than Alyssa. It is a forgone conclusion that Alyssa, outplayed him even with Derek X taking out her number one ally. I know you all love Derek X, for whatever reasons but you have to just get over him and accept that he was an awful player strategically! I mean sweet Jesus Tiffany and Hannah we’re always going to cut him well before six people; Tiffany just talking to Hannah tonight just said it’s always been about the six.
So if your Derek X why do you want to protect them so damn badly and then want to throw Claire under the bus to keep yourself and Hannah safe to SB?
Just because other people might mention positives about Alyssa and mentioned that Derek was poor strategically doesn’t mean that they are the only ones that have this opinion. To you all that think that by winning your argument is to just say it’s one person posting under several different aliases? Just stop, it’s as clear as day that Derek X was completely horrid as a player that he screwed up the complexity of this season. He did the cookout a huge favor doing their dirty work; targeting the two white people from the kings!

Not Sorry

Can’t wait to see. Maybe this comp was the first one Alyssa actually won, and didn’t have thrown to her. Or not being the only one who actually played, which will declare you the winner. Lol.


Well she’s smarter than DX to actually seize a moment, because she knew to play for safety in HRR haha Come on if you’re going to use that as an insult against Alyssa then your are sorely mistaken and look completely absurd. When DX was the one that looked like a complete fool with all those big bucks not playing . While Alyssa, has now lasted at least three rounds longer than him. So don’t play yourself like DX did son.


Tiff please nom KY or Big D, God please. I’m a minority and it will absolutely cruel to nom your girl Claire, f*ck the co at its point, a minority will still win. God I want Big D to scramble and panic so hard!

Carlito's Way

Tiff put up whoever you want. They are all conspiring to kick you out next week anyway.

Lorrene Kohnhorst

When Claire went up to the HOH room just for random talking she really did have a worried look on her face. I was so happy to have Tuned right at the right time, now Tiffany thinks everybody is conspiring and happy happy dancing… she is paranoid all around and I love it

another name

Okay. silly me… but why is X still going down the can’t expose the cookout road?
It’s the house v. Alyssa during the double. So the exposure at this point is moot, and the minute Tiff puts Claire on the block Claire knows she’s screwed.
So, if X is saying don’t expose the cookout when there is only one non cookout staying… why?
That’s the question i’d be asking.
The entire jury battle back excuse has been debunked in the house, and only crops up as a fear tactic (usually by X and Hannah).
Again. Why keep the secret?
To me it’s time to rip off the bandaid, unless X is indeed planning to have Alyssa take out Tiff at 7, and can’t do that if she’s equally pissed with the entire alliance.
This is the question I ask myself. Why not reveal the cookout this week now that an HOH is putting their plus one on the block and Alyssa is going to know some shit is screwy anyway.

Then again, X just said that Claire has to be made to think she’s the perfect pawn to send X home. Hear that D/R, get a jug of grodberry koolaid ready for Claire to make her extra bubblebrain and agreeable to that one.


Right? Wasn’t he the one who said F it – put them both up & say we’re the Cookout?

Oh right — but that was when he was sure Claire/Tiff would be OTB & he could spin that ridiculous you’re in this b/c you’re a POC to Ally but now that he’s got a shot to have Ally win & take out Tiff it’s switched again. Notice – he agreed for Tiff not to go up but danced around “I’ll try to convince others” but wait — weren’t you the one who said Ally would do WHATEVER YOU TELL HER TO DO? & wasn’t that why you wanted her staying instead of Claire?

I think he started in too hard on Tiff & now has to reel it back b/c he’s given everyone a reason to go against him if he still won’t take her out next week or the week after. Problem is each of Azah, Ky, Hannah & X have stated “I’m throwing it next week” only Big D has committed to playing – just like when that was the case against Claire in Big Bucks & he rolled in ONE coin – So I’m expecting an Ally F7 HOH.

Wonder if Tiff should’ve put up Azah/Big D hoping Ally didn’t pay POV so they could backdoored her.

Noticed your earlier post today & I’ve felt for a while (based on show edits) TPTB expected a F2 of X/Ky or X/Big D (hope I’m wrong)


Bet Tiffany is wishing she talked Claire into nominating 2 CO members last week.


Yup! Agree!

Jim lee

Alyssa is very bright. Alyssa know what going on with the cookout.Alyssa call it. Alyssa noticed all the while people being vote out. Alyssa said she will be the last White people left in the game. Now alyssa won veto. Alyssa will use veto to save herself,and force trtiffy put clarie on the block and show clarie the trtiffy played her and she never a friend to herm


Alyssa would be the only hispanic there. Either way, she’s leaving soon.


Kyland is hispanic too.


KY is half hispanic


Wow. Hoping for a wall-yeller ASAP.

Earth to Tiff: X hates your guts.. You need to put up Ky and get the girls to vote Xavier out now.


I am SHOOKETH that I see the little green Veto tag on Alyssa’s picture!

Good for her.

Now the ball is in Tiffany’s court. Is she really going to backdoor Claire her top non-Cookout ally and OG team captain?

Or is she going to break The Cookout’s Final 6 plan and put up Big D (and does he become the target or will people in the house WISE THE F**K up and take out Xavier?)!

Wow I can’t believe this.


Seems like I missed some really weird action, lol. Alyssa won’t use the veto on X; she would be a fool to do it. Unless something miraculous happens, Claire is going home this week and then it is all out war because somehow Alyssa will avoid being eliminated in the 1st double elimination


She will avoid it because CBS/production can still have their POC winner, but with one CO member going first then next week Alyssia , claim it wasn’t about only being Black to get to the end of game and use the….. Seee Alyssia made it passed a Black POC so it was not set up by us at CBS to seem racist.
Its called plausible deniability!!!!’

Jaymie lee

Its good reasoning. But theyll explain it like everyone tries with me. All Black alliance = not racist. All white alliance=racist. And Blacks cant be racist.


I hope future Big Brother seasons don’t become “battle of the races”. ?


This is why Tiff was supposed to throw the HOH. She got so caught up about Ky that she dismissed the worst-case scenario.


Agreed that this is why the original plan was to throw the HOH to Azah, but is it really that big of a deal that Tiff has to put-up Claire? Tiff can just tell her that she has an agreement to not put-up a Black HG. Claire won’t even be upset. If Tiff makes it to F2 (unlikely), she’d probably still get Claire’s vote.

another name

I’m not a Claire supporter. She’s done next to nothing, and she’s put her game aside at every turn in deference to Tiff. Tiff, who in week 6 Claire was convinced was in an alliance with X, Ky and Hannah. She’s been saying since week 2 that she thinks Tiff would be the one that would screw her and play her, but she hopes she’s wrong. She’s been saying since week 4 that her time in the house was limited and named all of the non cookout members as the targets going out, almost in order (she had Dx out of order). She did nothing, and she totally “forgot” all of that during week 7 when she was on the block with Dx and got that really weird D/R call, that had her leaving completely stupid to all house dynamics.
I’m not a fan of Alyssa. I don’t really respect her much. Her whining about her situation matched with her complete unwillingness to be proactive. Remember in week 4 and 5 when she totally cut herself off from the house to spend cuddle time with Christian? Did she ever actually re-integrate, or has she spent more of her time being bitter? Her game plan? Whatever 2 men say separately from each other. She’ll view that as penis shield consensus.
Either can go really, because I wouldn’t care for either to win. Each has so many things I consider game errors in their list that…. yeah. It would suck for either to be the winner.
How their departure affects cookout… also pretty much a meh.
Let’s be square here:
There aren’t many house guests I actually like. LOL. sorry. I’ve only noped one, but I could have noped four of them easily. I just figure one nope to loathe is good enough until i hit another mood swing and one of them pisses me off.
Do I think goldenchild manbaby X is being coddled by production and given everything he wants? Oh shit yeah. So am I at all surprised by the veto? Not AT all. Because it’s exactly the same veto from last season where I rolled my eyes and said oh, that was…. ok, that was some grade a bullshit. It just happened a couple weeks earlier last year.
So either Tiff would get her way this week and Claire would take a shot however Tiff wanted, OR, X would get his way this week and Alyssa would take a shot however X wanted. Either way… the 6 doesn’t make 6.

Currently Couch is telling Ky that Alyssa wasn’t after Ky. Um. Ky knows this is untrue. Couch doesn’t because nobody told Couch.

It seems to me that Tiff is walking out the door in the double anyway.
If X wins, he’s not putting up Alyssa. Who cares if Tiff shot herself. He won’t.
If Alyssa wins, X is making sure Tiff is up and out.
If everyone throws to Couch, bye Tiff. He’s already saying the only reason Tiff has made it this far is because the men have saved her…. whu?
If Ky wins? he’ll bow to pressure and pretend it was his plan all along.
So Tiff’s actual choice is to go out loyal to the cookout, and getting robbed qween status from social media, or go out backstabbing a cookout member and thinking of herself. We haven’t seen Muffy or Buella in a while…. but I’m thinking she knows she’s screwed either way.

The plan X proposes to Tiff is Tiff lies her face off to Claire, totally misleads her, and in her gbm says oops, somebody backstabbed us Claire. Ky’s gbm and Azah’s gbm and likely X’s gbm will really screw Tiff totally. Hell, the rest of the cookout will TOTALLY sell her out. FOR SURE.

another name

Tiff’s camtalk is 100% horse manure. She’s trying to not look bad to anyone on feeds and social media for playing Claire? She was planning to get Claire out anyway. That’s the cookout mission.
She’s trying to say she tried to save Claire as long as possible… SHE wanted Claire evicted instead of DX. She’s been trying to get the cookout to take out Claire since week 6. She’s said it on feeds one million times (hybperbole but a lot).
She says she made her bed and now she has to lie in it. No, she made her bed, and now Claire has to lie in it. That’s the fact of the matter. She isn’t optionless. She’s bowing to the threat of what the cookout breaker gets from the outside world.
I have no sympathy about this for Tiff. She chose Hannah with the screwed up wrist from the hammock thing to play in veto instead of Claire. Another set up. Come on, if you are trying to keep someone safe… why exclude them from playing in veto? mmhmm.
Sorry Tiff, sell the bullshit somewhere else.
Do I think it’s screwed up? Sure, but it was always screwed up to be running a long con. That’s the game. That’s part of the cookout plus one plan she devised.
Do I think it’s smart for Tiff to get rid of someone that won’t turn on her to keep 4 people that WILL turn on her, or have already turned on her? And she knows it? No.
Will she? Of course.
Will we feel bad for Tiff when she’s betrayed in 4 days? Nope. Well, I won’t. But there’s plenty who will. And she WILL be betrayed in four days, I have zero doubt.


Yup — I’m annoyed — she’s been my favorite. So X, Ally, DF are votes against Tiff regardless but presumably it’s DF or Ally HOH —

A few reasons why I’m not 100 Tiff is the one who’ll go next week:

  • Will TPTB want to lose the best entertainment in the house after losing DX? (NONE of the guys fair well on polls)
  • X threatened her that she’d lose four jury votes if she didn’t put up Claire which was unnecessary, offensive & not received well by Tiff who told him she was putting up Claire even before he threatened her!
  • Hannah’s game is F’d (maybe Ky’s too) if Tiff leaves next week so won’t that shift them to wanting to beat Ally/Big D in F7 HOH instead of throwing it now?
  • X told her he CONTROLS Ally – so if she goes up at all she can pull him in a room & say so you made me feel like sh*t but all along it was you who was pretending to be all-in with the Cookout but never intended for us to get to six — THAT’s why you lost it over Ally having to leave one week early — b/c it was never about one week. Okay if I’m going to jury good to know why I threw away my game for a cause that was only real for some of us. (scare the sh*t out of him!)
  • With everything X said this week – already I noticed some of it is leaking back to Tiff (from Hannah today). There’s lots of time now for Ky/Hannah to share more & Azah may get a crisis of conscience with Tiff sticking with CO — & bolstered by Zing Bot. So far the hints are Zing Bot called Azah desperate (her attn on X wasn’t being received) & Ally’s implied she is dumb. Will Azah think X is making fun of her in DR?
  • X is an arrogant, self centered, man-baby but he’s not stupid. Does he really want Tiff leaving in a DE with no time to try to massage the relationship? Seriously, out of everyone you want to unleash Tiff of all people on the jury to set up what the Cookout is! WORSE to tell the jury he USED the CO to get to F6, threatened her that if she didn’t put up Claire he’d make sure she lost four/five POC votes & then stabbed her in the back the very next week.

If she is voted out I hope she BURNS the men on her way out the door not allowing them to give her fake hugs. Just walk near X & say – nice of you to threaten me with Azah, Big D, Kyland & Hannah’s votes — it’s good to know you own their votes & control their minds & game & this image you put on is a big act. My bad I threw away my game for a cause that only 3 people I’m convinced believed in now. I can’t wait to get to jury!!!

F*ck Derek F, Xavier & Ky — & I said that sh*t!

another name

X getting Tiff out in a D/E means he doesn’t have to look into the face of the person he is betraying for days. That’s exactly what X would do. X is the one trying to come up with semantic logic for the jury speeches so they don’t have to own their game.
We haven’t had a robbed queen this season yet. That loses it’s cache at top 6 if all that’s left is her alliance. Then it’s oh well, they made it to six, someone had to go.


Kyland beat everyone to it by outing CO in his goodbye messages. Smart!


IF Claire really knows the deal, she should tell Tiff that she should nominate a real threat because she or Ky will be first out of the CO.because she overheard a conversation between X and DF. She can add that if the other CO member are serious about the CO Alyssa and Claire will always be shield for next couple of evictions. That’s top 5

another name

Claire thinks the renom is Couch because Tiff and Hannah both told Claire that Couch is the big threat.
So, the plan where Tiff says she made a deal with Couch and Az? Shouldn’t fly.
The plan where Tiff says she made a deal with everyone but Claire… who she has a final three that TIFF AND HANNAH pushed for… also shouldn’t fly.
It’s going to take an awful lot of D/R magic juice to make this make sense and keep up the storyline that all non cookout are clinically braindead.


Wow wish i guy went up next to x smt


Azah cooking on two cameras and Hannah lounging outside on two cameras, come on BB! A big Veto and new drama and that’s all you got?? You can’t tell me there’s no juicy convos going on??


Good for Alyssa. She earned this veto and saved herself from eviction. I must give credit where credit is due.

Tiff will put-up Claire. She’s said enough times that she is playing for the CO and not for herself. Sadly, at least 3 of her fellow CO members will go for her at F7.

Jaymie lee

I wish someone would let these ‘Smart’ people know 6 people cannot win 1st place. So what good is going for a cause instead of playing for yourself.


Wow, I can’t keep up with all the ways they are trying to spin this. Sorry but I don’t see a clear way out for Tiffany. Claire thinks Tiffany is her ride or die. There’s no way to sell this to her without just telling the truth. Own your game people! You have the numbers now. Might as well come clean and try to garner respect for your game. I’m really not seeing why you would try to keep the CO a secret anymore?

another name

This is the same alliance trying to figure out how to not own their game to the jury.
They discussed prolonging announcing the cookout so that they didn’t have to look anyone in the face and admit their game. They also talked about how to avoid admitting their game to the jury, instead just saying we just agreed not to target each other, we didn’t target you (semantics that actually don’t work when the duo plan is a known factor).
Realistically, They don’t want to own it because half of them are relying on Alyssa thinking she’s included because they voted out the last white girl (she said it last week), and then X can get her to shoot at Tiff.


I agree. Time for Tiff to just tell Claire the truth.

Cee Dee

Hmm, I wonder did X and the others throw the comp to put Tiffany in this situation. He definitely talked about it.


It sounds like the same comp Day’Vonne won last year – they each have to build something with tweezers — so it’s very hard to see what anyone else is doing. Big D was upset he lost, X was chill (so I could see him not really trying) but it makes no sense that Azah, Hannah or Tiff threw it.

That comp is geared to small hands & someone with a steady hand (that also rules out Big D & X b/c of the sheer size of their hands).


In case we needed more evidence the three Cookout males are all very unlikable they provide ample evidence today…

First, Kyland who does more to bury Tiff in X’s eye’s and it’s a DUMB ass move b/c if X actually believes him it’ll give X more reason to target Tiff next week & then Ky can go next!

First he tells Tiff his idea for the re-nom…

Ky: I think it’s like we all know the plan is to avoid it if possible.
Tiff: What avoids it? Her using it on him?
Ky: Yes. I think that’s where I would go with it.

So HIS IDEA but….

Ky: As of right now she wants try to get Alyssa to use it on you.
X: That is not going to happen. That is bullsh*t.
Ky: I am just telling you.
X: She said that right now?
Ky: Yeah. I’m just giving you the heads up.


I can see partly why Ky wants to try this b/c he’s questioning how tight Ally is to him vs. Claire & shifted to believing the latter has his back for now. And once Ally pitches putting up Ky it’ll get back to him.

Next we get paranoid Big D who panics after every HOH & POV is doing his typical freak out…

Big D (to X): If she doesn’t put up Claire, I’m going to flip this whole f*cking house upside down. I’m going to pop the f*ck off. You were f*cking selfish, you should never have took it, now your plan backfired. We’ve come too far to f*ck over any of us

Okay Big D — and as soon as your ass doesn’t touch the block is that statement still relevant next week when you intend to target/evict Tiff AHEAD OF ALLY? AND won’t put up X or Ky with Ally if you do win? (yeah STFU)

And I’m right — as soon as Big D confirms he’s safe he tells X:

“She (Tiff) is like “I know you are happy”. What are you talking about? I am not happy you have to put your friend up. She is being a sore loser.”

And shortly after he’s saying I’m going to win next week and NO ONE IS SAFE! Yeah, yeah, you actually have a shot couch since only Ally will try to win & will beat you unless TPTB are listening & it’s an eating comp. Like I said – NO MATTER what Tiff says or does Big D will find a way to spin it to the negative – he’s no longer in danger so right back to ripping her.

Finally we get X up to chat with her & back to pretending she’s his friend & ally. Umm buddy – you don’t think she’s noticed how you’ve been acting the past 48 hours? How everyone looked at her with a side eye b/c she didn’t bend over & do what the master wanted? That he actually threatens her with four or five jury votes is out of line in so many ways. First, the fact he thinks he controls everyone’s vote is very telling & second that he needed to say that speaks to how he looks at women (I dislike him more each day).

Xavier: You putting Claire up is a way, in the event that you make final two, that you won’t automatically lose four votes.
Tiff: I am not debating not putting Claire up. That’s not my concern
?(yeah dick – she TOLD you she was always with the CO so stfu – she didn’t need to be convinced & you thinking she did only proves that if you’d been in her shoes YOU WOULD”VE).

Tiff is quite possibly the best at reading people so IMO her winning this HOH while not ideal was helpful as much got exposed. Based on the convo’s of past 48 hours she is now fully aware of Azah & Big D’s deals (she has them ALL nailed). She also knows X has multiple options with everyone – is lying to everyone. THAT ^^^ threat was a BIG MISTAKE though b/c it gives Tiff ammo to use against him in jury if he goes back on his promise or alliance with her. She can spin it that X USED the CO to get to F6 with every intention of never honoring it & even threatened her if she didn’t put up Claire!

X may with some help from TPTB shift back to wanting to work with Tiff once Claire is up b/c he’ll believe she’s sullied any chance of winning now (but I won’t hold my breath). Although his PUSH on lying blatantly to Claire is equally suspect & just proves he really does believe everyone is there to get him to F2 with the best possible argument.

Getting past DE is the key or Tiff — if she can then her position becomes much more secure. After the events of this week it’s clear Big D, X & Azah have to go before Ky ideally & hopefuly she recognizes X needs to go first! While she’s far from safe it becomes much more difficult to vote her out at F6:

DF HOH: puts her up beside Hannah (Azah/Ky keep Tiff – X Hannah)
X HOH (in all 3 scenarios DF votes her out & she has two votes to stay) beside Ky Azah/Han keep her | beside Azah or DF — Ky/Han keep her | & beside Han Ky/Azah keep her
Hannah/Ky won’t put her up
Azah is the only scary HOH & only in re-nom scenario b/c X will keep Han & maybe Ky over her but her initial 2 noms should be Ky/Han.

Game fan

ky might put her up . espically if hannah wins veto


BIG D is all bark and no bite. He’s not going to win HOH; plain and simple. So, it’s major cringe when he talks “hard” and says he’s going to do this and that IF he wins HOH. lol ::facepalm::

Now, as for Xavier: the guys a total doofus. Body language says it all. Like you stated Ttotambz, the last 48 hrs has been a giveaway.

If I were Tifanny, I’d put anothher CO member up. But that won’t happen.

Xavier is on a super high pedestal. That’s why I can’t stand him at this point.

But let’s see how the remaining weeks follow.

They should not underestimate anyone at this point. They need to expect the unexpected.


All the talk about if she puts any of cookout up she is not getting votes. Well did they not just talk about putting her up yesterday. lol. X true self coming out


Tiff and Kyland best strategic players. But I feel Hannah will go far—she so smart.