Alyssa “It’s sucky that she [Azah] is still here. She f**King played us like fools!”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini Christian and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony: Britini used the power of Veto. DX nominated Chrisitan in her place

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Big Brother Spoilers – Christian is the target. Alyssa and Christian are working hard campaigning but it’s not going anywhere. This vote won’t flip unless Tiff has another dream tonight. Feeds are being blocked a lot again today.

7:15pm Hammock – Xavier and Azah.
Xavier – whoever the group feeds is the best to take out in the best interest of the cookout.. then that’s who needs to go. If its Christian.. what have you guys been telling him? Azah – the same thing I said before. He has a yes from Big D and Britini and I told him I’ve got to think about it. Xavier – okay, gotcha.

7:55pm Hammock – Britini and Azah.
Brit – Alyssa brought up a really good point this morning .. that keeping Christian is best for her game. Azah – yeah. Brit – but we need to.. Big Brother switches the feeds. Britini – its crazy to think about .. like Covid, I don’t even know what its like in the outside world. Azah – exactly. Brit – like in here we’re fine, we can roam around. Its like we’re living normal lives again. They we’re going to leave here and be like what!? Azah – its going to be the world has fast forwarded 3 months and we were frozen in time. There could be some crazy stuff that happened by now. Like Beyoncé had another baby!?

8:20pm Derek X has the camera and is asking Brit, Claire and Azah questions in the backyard. What their catch phrases are? He asks them their favorite comp? What they would do with the money. Azah – build her hot sauce company and buy her parents a house. Brit – Buy her dream truck, take her family to Disney Land and get her masters degree. Hannah – I would invest in a mansion to perpetually sleep .. no I would pay off my education and my sisters grad and undergrad education.. and then I probably wouldn’t have any money left.

8:32pm Living room. Xavier and Alyssa.
Xavier – literally everyone is waiting to see what the jokers will do .. what the jokers do is what Tiff and Claire are going to do. Alyssa – but its not even the jokers, its literally just Azah. That is all we need. Like if he goes.. its not even that it will upset me .. it is sucky that she (Azah) is still here. She f**King played us like fools! If her or Ky win .. then its probably me and Hannah going up. Xavier – yeah possibly. Xavier – if she puts us up then no one can trust her after that. Alyssa – they’re just going to be happy with taking me out. Xavier – What benefit do they get by taking you out? Alyssa – because if I win then I would take a shot at them. And I think they know it. Alyssa – when you or I win HOH .. that is going to be s f**king funny. I will tell you right now if I win that duo is going up. Xavier – Ky and SB? Alyssa – yes.

9:46pm Hammock – Alyssa and Christian.
Christian – Honestly if I go home with everything I’ve tried .. there is nothing else I could have done. Except that little coward could have let me play. I’ve been calling him a coward in the DR for a few days now. Alyssa – really? Christian – He took me out on a week that I couldn’t even play. Alyssa – its like you couldn’t even show or do anything. Christian – I said honestly smart because I would have kicked your a$$ if I did play. Honestly I hope that he doesn’t accept the deal and I stay.

10:28am Hammock – Brit and Christian.
Christian – anything from Azah? Brit – we talked but I don’t want to press her. She still said that she is thinking about it and wants to take the next couple of days really think about it. Christian – the next couple?! Brit – like, like tomorrow. She said that she would think about it and then talk to you more on her one on one. Christian = that is fair. Do you think it would help knowing.. I figured she would want to vote as you guys. Just because it could potentially be a bad look. Isn’t it a bad look to not vote as a team? Brit – for sure. Azah is someone that is very big on voting on her .. if it aligns with the team that is great .. other she will vote how she wants. Christian – since she is the swing vote .. I was going to ask if it is okay with sharing so that the Queens are on the same side of the vote as the majority. Brit – The last couple votes have been house vote stuff .. I think you have a better chance of getting that information from her. Christian – I am happy she will vote how she wants because there are way more benefits for me to stay this week. I just have to wait to here her say it.

11:14pm Bedroom. Brit and Azah.
Brit – I need to have a conversation with DX because she (Alyssa) does not want me here. But also we can’t let a powerful duo go in jury. And we don’t want the noms changed this week because the enemy is up there. I get both sides, I get it but if she wins, I am here target. I just can’t see bringing him to jury. Apparently he has a plan Z going into place tomorrow .. that will egg on Tiff’s paranoia. Azah – its just a game remember that. d

12:27am HOH room. Brit and Derek X.
Brit – they are fully convinced .. which works in your favor ..that SB is the reason why Christian is up and not you. Derek – let them believe that. Brit – oh yeah, I am egging it on. They high five. Brit – Yes of course she was! Derek – I think we are good. SB is not looking at you. I think if Alyssa won she would target me. Brit – I was thinking .. there is NO WAY I don’t vote him out. The plan worked way too well. I feel like these next couple days I am going to need to hide. Derek – you can hide up here. We can play chess.

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another boring house target week, 5 in a row, worst season ever


Ever? Really? EVER?! When did you start watching?


They are clearly a drama queen.

And I hope their dislike for the season isn’t because of some other factors…….


I started watching BBUS during season 1. I’ve seen all of BBUS seasons including BBOTT. All CBBUS. All BBCAN. All BBUK, including Ultimate BBUK, Teen BBUK, Celebrity Takeover, and All CBBUK. All BBAUS, and CBBAUS. And Couple seasons of BBAFRICA…. yes I have a BB obsession!
Of course I love this season because it’s BB, but I’m bored of the first 5 weeks of house targets, I’m still waiting for the game to start.

another name

This is very wrong.
As Brit repeatedly told her itinerary and route at Disneyland, I shuddered,
If she ever says “One time, at bandcamp…” I am soooooo out of here.

Anyway, Gollum is having Assistant Assassin doubts now, and is having problems dealing with losing her precious.

I blame this on Dx actually, more than on Ch/Al’s discussions with Brit. He did very well before the veto ceremony with reeling her in, making her feel like part of a team… then dropped practically all communication with her after the veto ceremony.
Poor toy maintenance.
Azah is trying to get Brit back on task.

This is problematic. This is problematic because Azah gets resentful when others leave her to keep Brit on track.
Me? I’m thinking Azah chose Brit as her secret weapon… so sucks for her, but what did she think was going to happen after week one? It would get better?

Christian has now pulled Claire. He says he has the numbers, she says she doesn’t know that for sure. A meeting is suggested without Christian’s presence to discuss the numbers. Tomorrow.
And just when Brit was back on course, he’s pulled her away again to put her in charge of getting him the votes, because as his final 2 he trusts her.
Oh Azah… clean up on aisle four.


You’re spot on that DX failed to coddle Brit after the veto ceremony. He had her completely on track through Monday, then relaxed his focus. Meanwhile, Christian has failed to fully exploit Brit’s feelings for him. If he had pen/paper, all Christian would need to do is send Brit a “Do you like me? Check the box” love note, and he’s got her vote.

another name

And yeah, soon after i type that Dx is dropping the ball in maintaining his toy, Brit talks to Dx.

The late night meeting of Christian’s supposed votes is going on:

It was going quite well to a point. The beginning meeting that was mostly Claire and Azah sharing their thoughts was going pretty well.

The continuation of the meeting. That’s where i started feeling vibe.
Tiff started Tiffing and making it about her and her game add a bit of victim noising (sorry, I’m not in much of a Tiff makes it about her and her game mood at the moment). The tone she uses with the Jokers is not the tone she uses with anyone else in the house. And she knows it. And she knows it’s a problem. And she does absolutely nothing to change it.
As soon as it felt like Tiff was giving what felt a little like orders (I just know that’s how Azah is going to feel about it), I thought to myself, well, if a vote flip is going to happen, it will be this conversation that is going to cause it. Let’s watch:
Brit is being apologetic for hurting Tiff’s game.
Couch has joined…. that’s not going to make things better. Couch is certainly going to feel like Tiff is giving orders and making threats.
about 15 minutes of blahblahblahablah

The frustration is noticeable on more than one of them.
Here’s the current result:
Tiff has left frustrated. Brit has gone after Tiff to people please.
Azah isn’t hyperimpressed but thinks Tiff is mad at Azah for encouraging Brit to win veto, thereby denying Tiff’s wish of getting rid of SB. Couch… yeah. couch was there for just over fifteen minutes, and is already in the place where he wants to keep SB just so he can get Sb to take a shot and take Tiff out.

Tiff feels she’s being put upon and her game is risked because the Jokers are leading Christian on and lying about their votes.
Couch feels how he plays his game and what he says or doesn’t say to Christian is none of Tiff’s fuqing business.
Df is pulling the I want out of the cookout routine on Azah. This is the opening salvo to an it’s Tiff or me, i’m guessing?


Oh pretty please Big D I dare you to DO IT — I’d love for couch to be the reason why The Cookout blows up. The same guy that EXPECTS five people to drag him to the end.

He’s literally so damn annoying b/c he talks as if he’s running the house but flash back to DX winning HOH & he ran immediately to Hannah to tell her she HAD WORK to do in order to keep them (TC) off the block – to make sure two girls went up & for it to ideally be SB & Ally. YES the same Hannah he doesn’t recognize as being in TC & the same HOH he bragged about being able to last nine minutes on.

YES, the same couch who was CERTAIN he was going OTB when Brit won the veto and immediately was on Ky, Tiff, Hannah X saying they needed to make sure Chris went up. The same DF that wouldn’t even let X suggest he go up as a pawn to take out SB so he could save Chris. I mean seriously wtf is he good for other than a vote – which apparently he won’t discuss with anyone & will throw as he sees fit anyway.

So yeah……….if he pulled that “I’m out of the Cookout BS” I’d tell him GREAT – everyone can pin it not working on you. THANK YOU BIG D – you have no idea how happy you’ve made me!

Little does he know how thrilled Tiff & Hannah would be. Then the trio of Tiff/Hannah/Claire could decide to gun for HOH with the goal of putting up Big D & Ky (X or Azah could be the re-nom).

Big D walks around the house making threats about going off if he’s nominated & being a dick if he wins HOH to the point everyone is afraid to nominate him. Although I’d be targeting Ky ahead of him b/c that would pull SB back to the girls if he left and remove the Tiff-Ky constant drama.

I’d only put Big D up so he could actually have a reason to be scared & get all the girls (except Azah/Brit) to buy-in to using him EVERY WEEK as their pawn until they were ready to boot him. I’d make sure in my nomination speech to say I’ve been listening to your daily rant about females needing to go & how you’ll make a scene if nominated or put us all in our place if you win. So here’s your chance – but just a heads up – you’re currently a pawn but if you want to be the target instead knock yourself out.