“This would have been the perfect twist. to give anybody the opportunity to take a shot at you and Jed with no Blood “

Head of Household: VIC
Nominations: Breydon and Austin
The Power of Veto Players are: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin, Ty
POwer of Veto Winner: Ro
Power of Veto Ceremony: Rohan did not use the veto.
Have nots: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin

Big Brother spoilers – The plan is to evict Austin on Thursday.

10:16 am Ty and Kiefer
Talking about how they played Vic.
Both are glad Tera didn’t win the invisible HOH.
Kiefer says Tera would have told Tina and Tina would have told him.
Ty – we picked the perfect spot
Kiefer – we did
they laugh
Ty – who would have known..
Kiefer – all four of us
Kiefer – this is Big Brother and you haven’t even touched the block once.

Kiefer – I don’t see you and Jed as a duo I see us as a four
K – you guys don’t really spend all that much time together. Jed works out alone.
Kiefer says Tina and Tera are the last duos left in this house.
Kief goes on about how Tera and Jed are just seen as a duo because of optics
Ty – we’re just two big guys.. there are four people that go deeper than you would ever know
Ty says he just hopes Big Brother doesn’t through a twist at them that “F*** us”
Kief – this would have been the perfect twist. to give anybody the opportunity to take a shot at you and Jed with no Blood
Ty – and they didn’t that’s amazing.. WOW really?
K – if it is Vic it’s because we showed her loyalty last week and fought for her. that was F***ing clutch
Kiefer – it would be a great scenario if she won again
Ty – Oh my god she’s ruthless.

10:35 am Jed and Victoria

Jed – we are thinking “ghost peppers”..
Vic – I love it I love it..
Jed – we have the spice.. ti’s hot..
Vic – you are looking at 50% of the ghost peppers.. Wait is Kiefer part of this
Jed says Kiefer is on the fringe it’s more Jed, Ty and Vic.
Vic – The ghost peppers, Who came up with that
Je d- me and Ty..
Vic says “Live feeders do your thing”
Jed leaves..

Vic jumping around “We’re going all the way.. Ghost peppers”
Vic – I was really worried yesterday that I made the wrong decision.. final 4 baby it’s all working out..

Vic loves it

12:50 pm Feeds are down.
3:43 pm Feeds down
7:39 pm Feeds down
10:33 pm Feeds come back after 11 hours…

11:00 pm Feeds Breydon, Austin and ROSHOW
They talk about how loud Beth and Jed are when they are making out. They told Beth this.
Breydon – she said that is so embarrassing ..

Austin still thinks Ty is the Invisible HOH.

Feeds down again….

11:35 pm Just cams 1-2 showing. Feeds on and off. Hard to piece together the 12 hours we missed.

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another name

Episode Review aka feeds were off so long maybe you’ll buy this load of manure
preamble: i doubt it. Invisible week is turning out to feel like a spin doctored farce because they’re cutting 25 to 60 percent of feeds a day.
play up the invisible HOH. eyeroll. Create a legend.
only if they can keep it hidden line to add suspense like: is there a catch. HINT: she told practically everyone.

More invisible power wow talk.
Lots of d/r all circlejerking.
TEMPTATION. House rewarded for feast if 3 turn around for one minute. nope. no dice.
TEMPTATION 2. Slop pass. Green light wins slop pass. Victoria got it.
TEMPTATION 3. Red light tells the person furthest from HOH. Tina is furthest, take the letter and reset to zero. Tina takes the tempation.
Adjust score. You get a chance to adjust your score? mm okay. sus.
Chance to adjust. Tera adds her lucky number to get to 688.
Houseguests we have a tie. Tera and Victoria.
Invisible tie breaker. All participate for secrecy. How many minutes first to last rock.
42 minutes is the answer. FEEDS WERE DOWN FOR HOW MANY HOURS?
Victoria wins.

Edit playing up the suspicion.
The entire house campaigning to each other talk.
Hope an Oddball won talk. Yeesh.
Of course everyone is denying they are HOH. So who are the best liars in the house?
Should have been a pretty quick decision. Sunsetters all quivering in fear. Oh. the drama. eyeroll.
Vic celebrates.
Rohan d/r is… something. okay. It’s complete horse poop.
Tina got the letter. Tera came in second reveal. Her disappointment edit.
Tina hopes the invisible HOH sees the opportunity. Ugh.
Vic revelation to Kiefer. Don’t tell anyone. Kiefer pumps her tires. Gawd i’m so close to muting him. Vic then goes back and forth on win/lose.
So… can we go back to that “only if they can keep it hidden” line from the recap?

*I know I should be excited. Knowing how the edit has been off from feeds, and feeds have been down so much… I’m just not because I’m not prepared to call the episode edit gospel.* Sorry if the review suffers because of it.

Baseball. That was yesterday? Vic gets Wendy’s as a have not.
Oh. They haven’t revealed have nots. sideye.
Rohan is going to investigate. eyeroll. Rohan of course has no ability to actually read people.
Not even if they had subtitles.
Jed and Ty Talk Candidates: Austin or Breydon. Let’s strongarm them is the first thing Jed and Ty say. I hate that. They ALWAYS go strongarm first. ugh.
Austin doesn’t trust the pitch. So the five pitch is on again… until noms.
Vic pushes Beth is HOH to Ty.

Talk between Vic and the boys. D/R that she might target the boys. Okay. BULLSHIT.
Come on. Really Prodogremlins? BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP.
Vic talks to Austin. Bossy Glossy Bullshit talk. Austin fears it’s Vic and Austin as the other big move. Vic keeps saying Austin didn’t talk to me. VIc was busy tossing Austin under the bus and avoiding talking to her as well…. so…. grain of salt that false justification.

Have Not Reveal.
Breydon Austin Victoria and Kiefer. VIC Strategic Move D/R that was read off of cue card in tone. WOW that was a BAD d/r clip.
Kief is pumping Vic’s tires AGAIN.
Austin Breydon wonder is it Ro or Beth?
The FRAME talk saying it’s VIC
The FRAME talk tells US the trio won’t be noms. D’uh.

Edit talk of NOMS in D/R.
It’s complete crap. VIC was ALWAYS going to go AUSTIN.
She reviews everyone. And it’s sooooo produced by D/R.
Don’t trust the D/R in BBCan as actual diary. IT ISN’T. Confessional Days have been gone for years and years. It’s now a plot device of the Storyline Department.

the garbled voice names AUSTIN and BREYDON
Nominate for very good reasons that are a mystery.
Austin doesn’t want to be touched.
Breydon: coward move. mean person. double dipped. Karma.
Austin: double dipped. don’t want to be touched.
Vic: laughs.


Feeds Gold

yesterday at the hot tub after ro doesnt use veto ty brings him a smoothie and aus/brey say to ro “thats a good boyyyyyy thats a good boyyyyy” like he got his treat for doing what ty/jed wanted him to do, and aus/brey/ro laugh that ro looks like ty/jeds b!tch, i thought that was pretty funny

Feeds Gold

its the perfect time for a golden ball in the pit to save one or both, cause chaos and ignite the season…

another name

Gee. It’s Vic’s every dream come true.
Week two we learned that Vic had been thirsty to work with Jed and Ty. We learned that Vic had been in a final 2 with Julie, and blamed LaToya for ruining that. Then we learned that Vic considered LaToya her impediment to working with Jed and Ty.
Week two’s flip failure? That’s not why LaToya had to go. The flip failure was yesterday’s hair elastics. Breydon and Austin? The Oddballs? They were never the goal for Vic. She can talk about loyalty being the issue as hard as she wants. It’s crap. The Oddballs were always a necessary lie to Vic in order to get rid of LaToya and hopefully pin it on Beth so that Vic could get Jed and Ty to herself. She wanted to ride with the cool kids that were doing the shunning Brey and Austin talked about that was occurring day one, rather than be one of the shunned. Look at how Vic responded to the alliance propositions. The pig in shit grin this time with the jumping and dancing? We didn’t get that before.
We’re back to highschool cliques in order to psychoanalyze Vic’s game.
So, are we surprised that, when given the opportunity, she could make a big move to cement herself to Jed and Ty, that she did it? We shouldn’t be. She’s been broadcasting it since WEEK TWO.
Do I hate her game from a tactical standpoint? No. Do I hate her game from an ethical standpoint? ffs YEAH. This is my dilemma. I would pity Vic that she’s being gaslit, but her game is such that it’s fitting karma, and therefore I don’t. She’s been building her ego based on Pride and Envy, and that makes the fall almost popcorn worthy. IF it happens.

Dear Vic, quit calling for Marsha. Marsha mostly only shows up for the comedic foil guys in the house to increase their likeability, and I think stopped making appearances (i don’t remember season 7 Marsha, I remember season 6 Marsha was dead and buried in the coffin in the have not room, replacing a major twist advertised from episode one).

Austin has taken to being blunt and forthright. The house is unamused that somebody has dropped their see no evil mask. They think she should be happy and friendly and a good sport and take the L.
Keep being bitter Austin. But go back to Vic is the HOH, then go for broke. I’ve never quite got the “let’s just have a good time bygones, it’s just a game” mentality of the people staying in the house. The person that’s leaving is under no obligation to pack their bags and sit by the door.
They SHOULD make everyone uncomfortable and SHOULD call them out. At least it’s more entertaining than ‘oh i love you guys even though i’m going.’
Call poor sportsmanship all you want, I’d rather see her call them out, knowing she has 0% staying, rather than do whatever she thought that was when she ‘campaigned’ last week.
Calling out Beth and Jed, who are under the delusions that they haven’t been playing a dirty game… Totally fair. Actually, any time anybody calls out Jed for anything, I’m going to think it’s totally fair, because, I really dislike him.

BBMATH: if Br/Ro TNT win the next HOH and only one of Jed or Ty are on the block post eviction, Everyone’s game is exposed.

Feeds are being cut any time someone says anything about April Fool’s day being Eviction Day.


EXACTLY Another Name —

Last week they were burying her “for looking too comfortable about staying & not taking campaigning seriously” — this is just Austin laying it on the line – so be careful what you wish for JBT– campaigning IS NOT about ass-kissing –it’s saying what you want – to whom you want. LOL

AND — I’ve said it from the start – this IS NOT a real HOH — it is a do-over week. If Wikipedia is accurate including this week there are 7 evictions leading up to the finale. If they proceed with this week being real that would mean NO double-evictions — NO triple-evictions -that’s untenable. BB wants to make coin off the sponsors & the best way to do that is during a double and/or triple. If (WHEN) this week is Happy April Fool’s Day — no one is leaving — then there are six evictions to take out seven players (or one double). Makes perfect sense — right?

I made a similar observation about the “Ghost Peppers” & Vic on the previous page & how they are using it to paint the target on her to take the fall as a re-nom instead of Beth.

Question??? Do you know if they told Keifer? — b/c when Vic asked Jed implied “he’s on the periphery of it –its mostly you, Ty & I”.. so she might not share it with Keifer either. BUT — will they tell Keif to cover their bases AND will that worry Keif b/c Vic is his F2?

The reality is Jed, Ty, & Beth have repeatedly discussed going to F5 with themselves & maybe Tina/Breydon over both Keif & Vic.

I’m waiting for the “fool’s day” to come & Brey or Austin to win HOH & watch how that side of the house implodes b/c WHAT will Vic, Beth & Keifer do in that scenario? Will they throw Jed/Ty UTB? Will they throw each other UTB — more importantly how will Jed & Ty navigate if for the first time all season they are OTB & ON SLOP which they most assuredly will be.

Personally, I think they get Beth to expose Vic was the invisible HOH & try to bury her in the hopes that Brey/Austin seek revenge to save themselves. — I mean it’s all semantics at this point — but the most fun I’ve had in days with regards to this game that was looking like another “cool kids – run the house” boring ass season.

another name

What we have to be careful of:
How petty is production.
All of these feed cuts.
All of these ‘secret power’ twist to ruin a twist week thoughts,
Is it production playing a long con april fools joke on feeders?
Production is pretty petty when it comes to feeders, let’s be honest.

The problem with Beth exposing anyone:
Nobody believes Beth. About anything. She’s known as the house bullshitter.
So Beth exposing anything… is a non starter.


Yeah – I’m always cognizant that TPTB is driving the plot line but it just seems silly to me BB (even for Canada whose had some crazier twists) would do something like this HOH where the noms never have a real chance to look the person in the eye that is targeting them — and likewise, the other hamsters can’t discuss it with them.

Even their holy trinity gets somewhat screwed b/c at this point ARB all believe it was Ty — (TJB knows it was Vic, as does Keif) while TNT is leaning heavily toward Vic too but could be convinced to believe it was Ty or Beth.

I used Beth as the example — but it could just as easily be Keifer they task with telling on Vic – & test his loyalty in the process— (would he?) — my guess is even though she’s his F2, he would b/c he’s so desperate to belong. I’m still not convinced we hit Thursday w/o it being disclosed that Vic IS THE HOH. If the Jed/Austin talk gains traction – even though that trio feels safe Ty might start to worry about the after-effects of ANYONE thinking he was the guilty party.

And, while your note below about Austin doing this to herself by not winning is on the mark she’s also been unfairly painted by copious made-up lies by Vic, Keif & Beth. I guess I cut her more slack b/c while your point is spot on – (that she should’ve gunned for the HOH) – Ty/Jed are able to just sit back as are TNT so I get the inclination to not want to create an even bigger target on herself.

If I’m being transparent I typically pull for the underdogs anyway (but not always) & usually b/c of TPTB’s heavy-handed assistance which is distasteful to those of us who pine for the messier OG BB days ;-)

At this point it won’t matter if she stays – she has no choice but to go guns blazing — but I’ll still hope one of ARB or maybe Tina wins — but ideally someone other than Austin so she’s free for the double.

another name

While i’m also more of an underdog person… unless someone is on my nope list (and therefore inherently in the wrong because i admit my bias), I attempt to weigh houseguests on the block according to what they bring to progression of the game.
When it comes to Austin herself, the entire Jed incident and subsequent blameshifting annoyed me beyond. I really resent blame the victim, it’s a hot button in my head.
The fact that Jed and Ty use a flirt strategy, without repercussion, that would have any woman employing it painted as a ditchpig harlot annoys me. It annoys me greatly. I mean, Beth is doing what Ty is doing what Jed is doing. Who is the skank? Beth. And i am not fond of Beth. But to me: all three is the answer reasonable people should come to.
Flirtation has always been a strategy. I get that. Okay. But societal observation of how the genders are received by the public when employing flirtation as a strategy has always pissed me off. I’m saying slutshame equally or don’t slutshame at all. But don’t slutcelebrate one, and slutshame the other.
To see that the shift to Austin being manipulative came after it was revealed she’d clocked their manipulation flirt strategy annoys me as a person. Not from a game perspective, but from a human perspective. There is a line in my head for that. the line is go ahead and win the game, but do i RESPECT your win?
I’ll never respect a Kiefer win, or a Jed win (forementioned NOPE BIAS). At present I’d have less respect now for a Vic win than even last week. And i’m not letting Ty off the hook anymore, and putting it on proximity to Jed wiping off, so he’s slowly going down in terms of respect as well.

Win at any cost is great, and yes, a win is a win. Doesn’t mean I respect the game the winner played, just means I acknowledge they won.


Beth already told Austin that Ro said even BEFORE the POV there was NO WAY he would use it… then told her afterward I’m here to ask but I 110% don’t intend on using it. (and that is true – although Ro hasn’t shared that with AB)

Then Beth delivered a VASTLY DIFFERENT take on what her/Austin talked about (SHOCKER) to Jed. I laughed out loud when she said “I told her she was dillusional” (sure you did Beth). Shortly after Austin came into the room & Beth ran away.

Jed/Aus had a fairly decent exchange explaining where her head was at, why things spun out of control & why she was thinking Ty was the invisible HOH — noting several times it could only be a few people.

Jed made some valid points that should get Austin thinking – For example – reminding her of how stressed Ty was the night after the HOH & then the day of noms. (Ty WAS STRESSED — so that was a very valid point) & when they revisited it Austin said it clearly wasn’t Brey or me, I don’t believe it was you or Beth, couldn’t be Keifer or TNT– Jed asked why couldn’t it be Tera & Aus reviewed how Tera came in and told everyone there was a tiebreaker & told her total – “like she told everyone” — they both laughed.

Austin said so it could only be Ty or Vic — Jed threw in “well, or Ro”. I think Jed is being a bit facetious saying Ro b/c Austin never admitted to having an alliance with KyRo so that’s a bit of a shot — BUT the overriding takeaway is someone who put Aus/Brey on slop & OTB is someone who is “SAVAGE … and would go out of their way to hide it even harder” — he’s leading her down the path to who it is HELLO — it’s Vic!

Jed landed a solid hit saying so Ty wouldn’t have put you & Brey on slop. We discussed who it would be (they had said they were going to take it if they won & shared that) – “like he wouldn’t be that cruel, nor would he set himself up to look so guilty” —

Just as the feeds cut they were circling back to what Ro told them about the POV (darn it) b/c I think Jed will reiterate the fact Ro was never going to use it… It was a good convo & I wonder if the longer it goes on if it might get Austin refocused on Vic again

The other thing — I previously noted I wanted Austin to win Skip the Dishes just to rub into Vic what we thought of her BS noms… BUT now — I’m wondering if her & Breydon will put 2 & 2 together if Vic does not win the pass what message that sends the house… b/c everyone expects Vic to get it since she’s on 2nd week in a row of slop & is constantly complaining about being on it — so could Austin getting STD cause them to stop and recognize — wait Canada is telling us something? Hmm — maybe.

STILL sending out into the universe that this week doesn’t count & instead will be a repeat HOH – (next week a double or triple I’m guessing) — I’d LOVE for that to happen & b/c Vic has secured her spot with the trio if Aus/Brey stayed it could serve to split the house again:

Austin/Brey/Ro/TNT versus Jed/Ty/Beth/Vic/Keif — five versus five — sure there are overhangs but in essence, those are the two groups b/c TNT already know Keif/Vic is more dedicated to the trio than they are to TNT — they’d PREFER going deep with TNT but won’t ever be disloyal UNLESS the ARB TNT side wins HOH.

Here’s what I’m wondering — IF (when) I’m right & Aus/Brey both stay, will JTB & ARB have another sit-down? — I mean probably ONLY if Aus or Brey wins HOH — & at that point, AB could simply say kick rocks you didn’t help us but now we’re supposed to save you? At that point, I think JTB throw Vic UTB hardcore & even call her out publicly with all the things she said that essentially confirmed she had it (she did tell Jed outright so there’s that!) I’m all for this 5 versus 5 house split – it was what we were headed toward before this hinky HOH happened anyway.

So universe — give Austin the STD slop pass — say April Fool’s Day on Thursday so both Aus/Brey stay & then one of the two wins HOH — then let the fun begin!!


The live feeders watched Beth mastermind the snare oooops alliance called the ghost peppers Vic so good luck with that.

another name

Unpopular Opinion.
Why I don’t actually care from a game perspective if Austin leaves.
She’s the architect of her own demise.
Rather than take the HOH last week, she threw the comp to a non ally. NEVER throw a comp to a non ally. Season 6 pressure cooker taught us that.
That caused the halt on the Oddballs taking control of the game.
That caused Vic to hasten her jump to the other side (that was always going to happen).

Her go to in the game was to try to be invisible.
Instead of taking a comp that was hers to win (it was a game she played with her sisters as a child), she threw it so she wouldn’t be called a comp beast. She’s already being called a comp beast, so that ship had sailed. She threw it to avoid being a target… when she’s already a target. Fleet of sailed ships.
This foolish decision altered the game trajectory and saved all of the season’s golden edit recipients. Almost like it was planned. sideye.

Because she is the architect of her current situation: I don’t, from a game perspective, see the point.

That’s the game perspective. The fact that I enjoy her as a person? Oh well.

IF she stayed, she remains the target of the other side because she’s been outspoken about how they’ve done her wrong.
IF she stayed, she deflects Brey from actually playing the game.
IF she stayed, it wouldn’t be for long, and her edit time wouldn’t increase very much.
I mean… editing is already doing the Pilar/Kevin segment for Beth and Ty… i mean Jed.
I already thought that segment in season three was toxic sludge. Now that it’s actually toxic sludge houseguests… barf.


That’s a fair assessment — I just prefer her to many in the house.


My take on the season…it is the BEST EVER!! I am team Sunsetters (Ty, Jed, Beth and Kief…with a leg out to Vic and maybe Tina) I want Kief to win :)

IMO from the start there have been two clear sides. The Oddballs, was always only (Kyle), Ro, Breydon and Austin. The Sunsetters are Ty, Jed, Beth and Kief. (used to have/include Latoya/Tina).

The middle people are, and mostly always have been, Tera/Tina and Vic.

Both sides seem to have always thought Tina and Vic are with them. No one ever seems to really know where Tera’s vote will go! haha Tera is loyal to Tera and since it is nice to have a friend, she is letting Tina play that part, but would cut her if she had to. Not a Tera fan.

So as numbers go the Sunsetters have been in the lead, with the three one off votes (Vic, Tina and Tera) and have managed to come ahead each week, except for the week they lost Latoya. Kief and Vic are great at making people think they are all alone…making the houseguest to feel safe to open-up and give info to both. However, in turn they run back to Jed/Ty with the info.

The Oddballs have never had a chance. If they would have won more HOH’s, since that is the best way to secure Tina or Tera’s vote, then maybe we would have seen an Oddballs lead. Last week they were calling Kief, basically an idiot, for not being on there side, well he NEVER was. The Oddballs just looked silly and like mean people. This week we have Breydon and Austin (both Oddballs) and they (well mostly Austin is mad) are mad that Jed/Ty broke an alliance!?! WTF!? Like minutes after they had that conversation with Jed/Ty in the ball pit they said to each other they would put Jed/Ty up next week if they won…and this week she is telling them they are hypocrites and liars…like please. Girl, bye! I get it is a game and she is young, but totally annoying to watch her try to make people feel bad. What kind of game move is that!? Breydon sees it and is a full-on social butterfly this week and ‘friends’ with all…haha It is a game, and EVERYONE have been doing the exact same thing. If she were playing a good game, she would never had thrown the HOH to Kief!?!? and this week she would be doing like Breydon. Her loyalty has always been to Brey, Ro and Kyle, all other alliances she made meant nothing to her. However, at this point the line is drawn and I don’t really see that changing much. The Oddballs have never had the numbers. The only time they had the numbers was when Vic was HOH and her mission was to get rid of Latoya…sadly that made the Oddballs (and me…lol) believe that Vic was totally with them, but she never was.

Vic has a great chance of winning and if she does, I say kudos girls! She is kicking butt (all be it in a VERY sneaky/sketchy way…) and is a good contender for the win. …but I am still team Kief and feel he wins comps and somehow people still do not see that he is, and always has been, with Jed/Ty and Beth. So he also has a chance!

All the haters of Jed and Ty, it will surprise me if they make it to the end…they do not seem to have the ability to win a comp. They are moving forward since they are good looking and nice guys. Come on, they are great to watch and the drama that is caused is off the charts!

All the Beth haters, why!? Why care that her game is to make connections and flirt with everyone? I think Beth is great and find it fun to watch her being all sneaky and such…haha Also it was hilarious to watch the two hot guys of the season be best buddies and both go for the same girl…haha Beth is a free spirit and for me it is entertainment! I do not see her winning, but this is Big Brother so who knows!
I hope there are no twists or flips and that Austin is gone this week… If she and Breydon somehow manage to stay this week they better start to play the game and realize they have never had the numbers or admiration they thought they did.

All in all, this is an amazing season with an all-around great cast! I am rooting for a Sunsetter win but would be just as happy for an Oddball to win! …and I do not remember the last time I felt this way about a BBCAN or a BBUS season!


You lost me at ‘I want Keif to win’


WHY the heck are the feeds down?

another name

Feeds down practically 6 hours and counting?
Gee, i wonder how long they’ll be down for the long weekend?

What we’ll come back to: everyone saying that’s the most fun we’ve had all season, and retells getting cut off on feeds.

The more they cut feeds this weekend / week, the more I feel like they are having production talks with the houseguests about storyline plot points they need to hit, and language / behavior they have to avoid (bb21 really showed us a lot of what lengths prodo will go to for storyline to be met).


Simon, I know we see major production interference in BB US & the comps (especially POV) have always been questionable for both countries – but have we ever witnessed this much direct production interference in Canada?
*specifically plot-driven/relationship shifts?

another name

Season 7 TTOTambz.
The plot changes that occurred on feeds every Saturday night until Monday morning that MAGICALLY disappeared after Monday morning D/R calls.
(that was the skeleton crew on weekends season where no storyline writers were on shift after the veto was played until Monday morning).


yeah remember – I wasn’t invested that year AT ALL lol

another name

I was saying something similar a couple of days ago. They came back from a feed break and i was in between fishy in the state of Denmark and Dr. Penfield I smell burnt toast in regard to the shift in conversation and tone.
The dynamic shift that keeps flipping back and forth really isn’t right in my brain.
I mean, let’s face it, Tera suddenly deciding after the last 3 hour feed break that it would be better to put up Jed and Beth, when she’s the one that’s been saying both have got to go up, or they’ll save each other? Nope. That’s a strategy shift that doesn’t work in my head.


It was never a great season once Kyle left for no reason whatsoever….JV BBCAN

another name

While the feeds are down because production is really trying to turn the feeders interest in the season Invisible this week….

  • Vic and Kiefer got into a physical fight over who will get the secret power and the Marsha visit and the canada’s favorite houseguest prize that doesn’t even f***ing exist.
  • someone stole Tera’s smokes and she went straight up Karen at Starbucks on their asses. Some furniture may or may not have been destroyed.
  • Vic got cocky and straight up told Austin she was the HOH and Austin was going home. Rohan still refuses to believe it.
  • there was a secret power reveal. the winner won… a wendy’s gift card, and a bottle of Muskoka hootch.
  • midway party. Ty flirts with Vic again. Breydon says ‘he’s mine tonight, back off him’ and now Ty is in a corner wishing he was dead while Vic screams at him for two timing her while Breydon’s head pops off chirping ‘Okur’.
  • They played a video of all the times Kief has snuck food as a have not. It’s a nine hour tape. What, you think while he’s cooking for them he’s not taste testing?
  • Beth’s test came back. Maury Povich showed up.

LMFAO — you’re the BEST Another Name

I was actually wondering if Austin got the Skip card — & Vic snapped (but I don’t think that would’ve been today). But that ^^^^ was better than the feeds (still giggling).


Right? I was invested this morning (not something I often am with this group) It was during an Austin – Jed convo –that felt important and then mid-sentence “snap” – -blackout – gone

I kept checking back even though I knew it would just start back up if it feeds returned but nada – annoyed the f out of me, lol

Feeds Gold



Ya right Kief. This lame invisible HOH will make the history books. Ewwwwwww history made by evicting the pretty girl. What a resume move. ??


And last week was the harmless token hetro white dude, now no mo white dudes left…..Yay for wokeyness?


Hey —

Have we ever had wall yellers in Mississauga at the BB studio?

another name

The old studio once. while two people were smoking. they didn’t understand.
the new studio once. while nobody was in hot tub area, and they still got indoor lockdown.
this season they had a drone fly over hot tub area.

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Feeds return to…
the Summer’s Evil Douchemance talking about cellphones.
they then discuss Tera… who… has Tera been so long without a dart that she’s melted down? Sounds like Tera is having some difficulty. But realistically, when ISN’T Tera having SOME difficulty.
something about Beth wanting to ask Tera about it and Tina running interference. And Beth trying to get past Tina to keep asking.
who knows.

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We’re being punk’d.
after a 12 hour feed block,
the first hour brings us

  • No skip the dishes vote between Austin, Kiefer and Vic
  • talk of a Tera meltdown
  • talk of Erin in prodo coming over the loud speaker
  • Austin saying diamond power of veto randomly.

We are definitely being trolled.

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From what I gather (please forgive if incorrect) it sounds like Vic has potentially offered Austin her vote if she can get three more. So, a trap.
Austin is campaigning a final 2 to Rohan.
They are thinking they can get the votes with Vic.

IF i’m understanding correctly.

Feeds Gold

vic has been jealous of the aus/brey connection for weeks and for me her targeting aus so heavily is shades of lovita targeting cass as she was jealous of the tim/cass connection…in a convo yesterday vic mentioned to aus one of the reasons they were targeted is likely jealousy of how close they were…choosing to specifically use the word jealous i think is truly how she feels

i think fluky vic has been the luckiest houseguest since perhaps snakeole bb18

i see why ro/brey/aus dont think vic is hoh, because not many people would be dumb enough to piss away multiple likely jury votes and send home a loyal ally the week before jury…plus jeds trio have put in such a weak effort trying to convince brey/aus the hoh isnt them

so if theres no skip the slop, thats production desperately trying to protect their pet vic from potentially losing a head to head popularity vote with aus(and preventing us sending the house a message), to help with their pro vic narrative

Feeds Gold

i like brey, hes funny, but in terms of overall entertainment/liveliness/feistiness and ability to impact the season i would rather aus stay, she is more likely to win comps and much more potential to get in clashes with the likes of beth/vic…if aus leaves alot of potential drama leaves with her…i also really enjoy the humor and banter between ro and aus and i would enjoy seeing them team up as a f2 pair, win some comps and make a comeback, but its a shame that highly likely is not gonna happen unless production step in or if jed/ty would rather her stay as brey is closer to beth than them, and also so theres less of a target spotlight on them with aus still around as a target…and sitting next to brey on the block or f2 youre likely going to have a tougher time of surviving/winning due to likability, and jed may see his best f2 win chance as sitting next to tina, tera or aus

whatever happens roshow’s side must win hoh…they will be 4 v 5 in the hoh, but if they win it and evict one of jeds crew then its 4 v 4 overall, it seems hard to believe things could be even again so quickly with just one comp win, especially with how things have been going, but that appears to be the case